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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  April 14, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. we start this very busy thursday, with a major blow to russian forces. ukraine is saying it's damaged russia's leading worship in the black sea. also breaking this morning moscow making new threats to the baltic region if finland and sweden join nato. former ukrainian president will join us. in new york the man charged in the mass shooting in a brooklyn subway station is to appear in court today. newly released video of police shooting of an unarmed black man barked new protest overnight after his family said he was killed execution style. style.
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we begin this morning with dave 50 of russia's invasion of ukraine and breaking overnight ukrainian forces claimed they struck the coast of odessa with neptune missiles. the crew has been evacuated. this morning moscow is warning a nuclear region would no longer be possible if finland and sweden go through with joining nato. the threat comes less than 24 hours after biden spoke with zelinski pledging another $800 million in aid to support the resistance. investigators are on the ground looking for evidence of war crimes. russia is building up for a major offensive in the east. 70,000 troops being mobilized in my region. right now i sent civilians grappling with devastation and
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communities that were bustling with everyday life less then two months ago. >> i have a close friend who is in occupied territory. she's been terrified every single day from the invasion. she can't leave. she spends time in the basement with her husband. they sleep interns because there are armed people robbing houses et cetera. i know this can get really bad. >> joining us from ukraine gave good taras. what are you seeing on the ground today? >> you just reported the
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developments in the black sea with the russian warship. that's seen as a significant boost to morale for the ukrainian. no matter what ends up being the cause ukrainians are claiming responsibility with missiles hitting that warship with russia not giving cause for the fire just yet. it is seen as a significant blow in the south. you can see behind me this is what residence are dealing with. another kindergarten we visited two thirds of the school in this city are obliterated. students can't come back here. thankfully they were not inside at the time it was shelled. they were evacuated at the start of the war. earlier today we saw a residence picking up pieces. this is what strikes me is how close this explosion was to a playground. you see a swingset over there. this is an area resident wonder
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how this could be confused as a military target. early this morning we saw what used to be a bakery several years ago. several troops had been there when there was an explosion. 50 of them killed. we spoke to a soldier in a village that was occupied. the ukrainian men were searched by the russians. phones were taken. searching for anti-russia messages. they were executed at a school. behind a school and a football field. >> did you expect this type of brutality? >> nobody here expected this to
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happen. they thought it was all bluff. i knew. >> the residence of kyiv are trying to process this. forces are going around the neighborhood going through the area for landmines, tripwires, booby-traps. we heard several explosions here presumably from some missiles. >> just to give us an idea how close to the capital is the power. you are surrounded by complete and utter devastation. >> this is something we have seen repeatedly in many communities west of the capital.
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45 miles west of kyiv. not too far from another community that you are familiar with. the atrocities there are repeating themselves. on a smaller scale of communities. another suburb have found more than 130 bodies in this community. this is an effort that will continue for quite some time. there is a lot of hunger in this area. a lack of water in some cases. we've been able to get some communication from here to transit our signal. this is an area when you think about the united states the disaster was a tornado ripping through an area. this is happening on a massive
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scale and ukraine. these folks have been dealing with this for several weeks with barely any food, electricity, water. they don't know where to start. two thirds of the schools are destroyed. the children have nowhere to go to school. many of them -- it's a traumatic experience. they are starting to pick up the pieces. russian forces retreated from here we are not convinced they want to come back. >> a horrifying situation. biden pledges $800 million yesterday. where is that money? >> it's going to the next phase of this invasion with military operation in ukraine. in odessa. there is two things announced yesterday.
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$800 million. it's a large package. when you look at the last few it's the size of the last couple packages combine in one. what it's made up of. it's tailored to this next part of the conflict in odessa. for the first time u.s. is providing artillery. talking about some of these areas born on the ukrainian military and ukrainian people by russian artillery. the u.s. is providing ukrainians with the ability to strike back. they are giving new radars that should be able to give a heads up before artillery comes in. providing a defensive mechanism . in addition to that u.s. is going to provide more drones.
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300 more of them. these were munitions. it's like a drone. the size of a backpack. it's powerful enough to take out a tank. these are anti-tanks. u.s. is going to provide c drones. unmanned craft that go out on the water and provide coastal events. they can search out mines and stop mines. this may be another indication of this phase of the campaign which may have more of an
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effort at sea. there hasn't been a whole lot of the maritime campaign here. there's been speculations they will go after odessa in the southwest. that hasn't happened yet. the u.s. is providing unmanned sea craft. they believe russia may have more effort from the black sea in the next phase of the campaign which will be focused on the south eastern part of that area. >> one thing that struck me in that list is some things included in the $800 million package is the last one. 17 helicopters. russian helicopters. they are mi 17 helicopters. i don't know if this is the first time they are giving ukrainians air support vehicles like these. >> it's not.
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we don't know a whole lot about any that may have been provided. they were supposed to provide five of these. these were earmarked to go to the army more than one year ago. that's not going to happen now because the taliban is in charge. there was 11 of them. it's unclear at this point where those helicopters are, and what state they are in. the military is trained on this capability. unlike the artillery the ukrainian military has to be trained on those. the helicopters are not the case. they are old soviet helicopters. they've been provided to afghanistan. it's a capability the u.s. gets ukrainians and use much more quickly. they are supposed to be provided more than one year ago now is
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not clear what state they are in. >> good questions. when you see this is their scenario where russia continues to say if nato expands into sweden, finland all how could break loose? is there any scenario where they can expand and not have russia react? >> great question. we are going to have to expect russia to react every time we talk about the open door. sweden and finland are testing the theory. we are sure now after the press conference it'll be shortly joined. putting in the applications before the june summit in madrid.
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one thing they always do this. they use deployment of russian nuclear weapons closer to a place they are upset with as a way to rattle the -- it doesn't matter at the end of the day in terms of nuclear weapons or they could be loaded on a plane for whatever target they are shooting at. the idea of moving closer to finland in this case is more rhetorical. trying to scare people. there is not a real practical advantage to that proximity. they are just trying to cause trouble. >> thank you, for being with us this morning. the last time i spoke with
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you, you warned any conversation and compromise with russia would lead to more ukrainian fatality. what goes through your mind when you learn what been happening these last 50 days? >> thank you. it has been extremely difficult. it has been painful. i went to kyiv and had to pass the village. my heart was broken . that was the first time i actually left the city during this time. i stand by what i said last time. i'm glad to hear our partners in the west will supply us. that is what we need right now. the longer we wait for the weapons more ukrainians will die and occupied territory. that is essential. >> officials including the president is accused of using sexual assault as part of this war. what are you hearing about that? >> i've heard accounts of dozen
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of women -- none of them confirmed pregnant. the ukrainian security service has intercepted a call between a russian soldier and his wife were she openly allowed him to sexually assault women. obviously it's weapon iced in this war made to scare ukrainians -- it may sound, one saying this. i may sound like i don't have a motion. this has been one of the more terrifying parts of this war. not just because i am a woman. it's disgusting. it's representative of what this war is. it is their method. it shows there is nothing human left for
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>> thank you, for being with us. i appreciate the opportunity to hear your voice. let's continue our conversation. protest overnight after police released a video showing the shooting of a black man in michigan after a traffic stop. the latest on the investigation. the former president of ukraine will join us to discuss what he's seeing on the ground and what the country needs desperately right now. now.
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the man charged with opening fire and injuring at least 10 people in a new york city subway is yet to make his first court appearance. he's arrested in manhattan one day after the attack. they believe james is among those to call the tip line to say he was at a mcdonald's leading to his arrest. we are learning more about the moments before the incident. new york obtain this new video showing a man police believed to be the suspect entering the subway two hours before he opened fire on commuters. ommut what can you tell us about what we can expect to take place today? >> we are expecting this court appearance to happen around
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noon. it could happen around 2:00 here that's influx right now. we know for certain the judge has him pointing the federal public defender to be the attorney for, james. we are in the process of reaching out to see about a comment on behalf of their client. we are expecting they would appoint at the hearing. because it's artie happening the only other outstanding matter at this time appears to be the issue of bail. he does not think it slightly frank james, would be granted bail. we are waiting for the initial appearance in federal court today. >> what charge is he facing? >> there is no way he's going to get bail. this is a crime of violence. it's known as the train wrecking statute on the books for quite some time.
7:22 am
recently updated. it's a crime of attacking a mass transportation system. that normally carries a ,20 maximum sentence. charged with an enhancement under that statute. like a trainer airplane, or ship and there's passengers involved with intent to kill the maximum sentence is life in prison. there is a potential maximum sentence in this case. to advise the defendant of the charge against them. there will be some discussion of bail. there may be a separate detention hearing to follow in the days to come. i don't think there's any chance he'll be released on bail. this is fairly routine. they can certainly move forward with this.
7:23 am
the mere fact the single charge has been filed doesn't mean that they couldn't come later on file additional charges. we are not sure whether the state of new york is going to file separate state charges. they certainly could. because things move more rapidly in the federal system it's understandable why they decided to go with these charges. >> think you. in michigan protest are demanding accountability after the police department released video showing the white officer shooting, killing a 26-year-old black man during a traffic stop last week. the video is disturbing. it shows a fatal shooting. during the stop -- got out of the car. after they exchanged words
7:24 am
about why he was pulled over the officer tried to restrain him then he runs. the officer pinned him to the ground and appears to un- bolster his taser. they struggle. according to cell phone video of the incident you see the officer could be heard telling him to drop the taser five times. the video shows the officer with his knee on his back and grabbing his gun, and shooting him in the back of the head. portions of this video were blurred. michigan state police investigation into the officer's actions is ongoing. what we know about the investigation? what is the family thing? >> you just mentioned it. this is an investigation being led by the michigan state police, and it's very active
7:25 am
and ongoing. once the state police finishes with their investigation they all turn over to the prosecutor's office, and determine if charges will be filed against a seven year veteran of the force currently on paid administrative leave. the chief of police said it's charges are filed who won't be releasing the name. he released the video we've seen. four pieces of video in the interest of transparency. we have that dash cam video. talking about the body cam video and video taken by a passenger inside that vehicle. doorbell camera video. at the conference the chief was pressed on whether or not based off what we need not but it if this officer followed protocol. at this point that's not something he's willing to answer. >> what happened before, how, why the pursuit -- when cpr was started. how long -- there is a range of
7:26 am
questions. i don't have all the answers. it's not a grand rapids police investigation. >> certainly a lot of questions and frustration by members of the community. we've seen hundreds of people taken to the streets protesting and demanding justice. we know patrick, and his family immigrated to this country from the congo. with the help of a translator they've called this killing and in execution. they are represented by civil rights attorney ben crump who released a statement i want to read to you. the video clearly shows this was an unnecessary excessive fatal use of force against an unarmed black man whose confused by the encounter and terrified for his life. the family is asking for justice for charges to be filed. in a couple of hours at 1:30 local time trumpet his family
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inflation on the rise are the latest numbers from the bureau of labor statistics show prices of more than 1% between february and march. 8.5% higher than a year ago. sharpest increase in more than 30 years. the real-life impact of these numbers food up almost 9%. take a look at this. gas up nearly 50%. black and hispanic americans spend money on those essentials. inflation hits hard. take a look at clothing up 7%. we've been speaking to the
7:32 am
communities throughout all of this. this is having such a big impact on our community. >> it absolutely is. it's impacting how they are planning to vote in the upturn coming midterms. this impact is very real. i shows latino inflation is their top concern surpassing covid-19. you can see the impact on the ground. here in california the population is 95% within income of $30,000 a year. this issue is top of mind. >> how has the prices recently been affecting you? >> a lot. >> in what way? >> i mean, everything. not just groceries. especially gas. >> houde do you make things work? how do you get by?
7:33 am
>> honestly, you know what i do , i come every day. i buy whatever i'm going to cook that day. >> do you do that so you see the price fluctuate? >> interesting. if i go today maybe i'll get a lower price. have you noticed the difference in price? >> everything has gone up. meats, gasoline. what do you do now with prices so high? >> basic necessities. what you need the most. >> to buy a lot is very expensive right now. even if you went somewhere else the price would be high, gas is
7:34 am
so high it'll take you -- to get there. >> what do you think the american government should do? just lower things. >> it's worth noting if republicans are really hoping to leverage and rise this issue towards democratic spike in latino support they may have to wait longer. latinos are twice as likely to vote for democrats over republican. the polls show the gap is in fact narrowing as we speak. you can watch anytime on nbc/now. mines of trucks carrying food and other essential products are delayed along the texas border with mexico. truckers coming from mexico protesting. after texas governor greg,
7:35 am
ordered to inspect all commercial trucks after the usual inspection by custom and border officials. the governor is trying to stop drug trafficking and the crossing of undocumented immigrants. the inspections are unnecessary, and could cause food shortages. food shortages. >> at five dollars a gallon it's really hurting us a lot. >> it's creating disruptions to the supply chain. >> yesterday, the governor agreed to stop the additional inspections with one entry point after reaching an agreement. in washington d.c. a group of undocumented immigrants arrived. telemundo captured this video yesterday. activists say this is a political stunt by governor
7:36 am
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>> good morning the biden administration says they've extended it with the cdc now taking it from april 18 to may 3rd for the mask requirement. they want to dive into the sub variant. this accounts for 85% of all new cases in the united states now. the biden administration says they are hoping to use this extension of several weeks to learn more about the sub variant and its potential to spread even as cases in the u.s. continue to stay relatively low compared to what we've seen in the past. we understand what it could be going forward. we've already heard from several airlines including the ceos with delta and american on washington. they believe supports the ending of the mask mandate.
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the ceo saying they believe it's at a point where the individual can decide whether or not they want to mask up. having flown over the last several days it almost sounds like it's part of the script onboard the airlines when they say, we know you don't want to do this necessarily, but you are required to put the mask on. at the beginning it was black and white. there is an understanding there is some fatigue and travelers are having to mask up. all that said that will be required until may 3rd for planes and trains and public transit right now. happening this hour reports that twitter's board is meeting to discuss the new offer by the
7:43 am
tesla ceo to buy twitter for $41 billion cash. he became twitter's largest shareholder. he says he doesn't have confidence in management. twitter needs to be a private company to ensure free speech as a public company. we take a close look at some of the similarities between the russians in syria and ukraine now. the former president will join us live. pe, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns. you're pretty particular about keeping a healthy body. what goes on it... usually. ♪♪ in it... mostly. even what gets near your body. please please please take that outside. here to meet those high standards
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contact your doctor immediately if you have sudden vision loss. most common side-effects are headache and eye redness. ♪ ♪ there's been a lot of comparisons in ukraine right now and what we sow in the syrian civil war starting, 2015. russia is carrying out a ground campaign operating the air support in syria. let's take a look at similarities between the two. russia attacked a number of places in syria. the most intense bombing was in
7:48 am
the country's largest city. in 2016, russia carried out a month-long campaign targeting rebel in the eastern part of the city. hundreds of thousands of people were trapped. they were severe shortages of food, medicine and fuel. russia used cluster munitions and incendiaries to target civilian areas including factories, hospitals and schools. the group says hundreds of civilians were killed during that campaign. over the past couple weeks a similar scene unfolding in ukraine port city. the russian forces have besieged that city and cut off communications, water, gas electricity blocking aid, convoys are not allowed into bring supplies. food supplies are dwindling as hundreds of thousands are believed to be trapped. russian forces have attacked civilian areas including schools, hospitals. as well as theaters where thousands of people were taking
7:49 am
refuge. hundreds are believed to have died in that attack alone. the mayor says 10,000 civilians have been killed. not only are these sieges similar the general believes to be in charge of the operations and oversaw the campaign the help the syrian government. tactics he may now be using in ukraine. russia accused of committing war crimes in syria like it's been accused of war crimes and ukraine. russia denied targeting civilians in syria just like it's denied targeting civilians in ukraine. conflicts lead to huge humanitarian crisis. the united nations says more than 4.7 million ukrainians -- 10% of the population have fled their homeland. more than 7 million internally displaced. more than 6 1/2 million syrians had to flee their homeland. just as many are internally displaced.
7:50 am
let's look at what's happening on the ground in ukraine today. thank you, for being with us. russia, confirming its flagship in the black sea was seriously damaged in a fire crimea because the basis for the flagship is crimea. and they have many cruise
7:51 am
missiles onboard this ship and maybe a dozen, hundred ukrainian killed. by this missile attack we saved the lives of many civilian ukrainians, many children, many women. so congratulations. this is a great victory of ukrainian missiles, and great victory of ukrainian armed forces. >> it was announced another $800 million in support to ukraine, humvees and even 17 helicopters. what more do you want to see? >> we appreciate the great leadership demonstrated by president biden, congress and american people. what does it mean this volume of the military assistance? this is the game changer.
7:52 am
can't imagine that ukraine need for the game changer just 100 jet fighter, just 200 helicopter, just 300 tank and 1,000 armed personal carrier. and ukrainian soldiers, we have a long line of soldiers who want to be the volunteers in ukraine and armed forces. we don't have any difficulty with the mobilization. if they have these weapons, we can form three, four brigade and attack russia. this is not the assistance of ukraine, it's investment in your own security and help to us do our own job. help us to save the world and this is exactly what we need now. and if you ask me what else you need, i think three things. weapons, weapons, and weapons. more tank, more anti-aircraft,
7:53 am
jet fighter and ukrainian just demonstrate, including the neptune missiles case, including the anti-aircraft missiles because more than 300 jet fighter and helicopter were downed by ukrainian pilot and ukrainian operator and more than 20,000 russian troops were killed and stay here forever. this is how we ukrainian and ukrainian armed forces surprised the world. they underestimate ukrainian armed forces and overestimate of russian armed forces. with the assistance of the united states. and the other thing the united states is demonstrate the leadership that other nation join to this process and canada, some european, some nato member states also giving us anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles and
7:54 am
soviet tank and armed personal carrier, which increase the possibility. how i called it, this is exactly what we need, exactly like it happened 1941 and i know that the senate of u.s. has already voted and my request to the house, please do as soon as possible and give the power to the president to give us more weapons because, again, the -- this would be the shortest way to the peace. shorter would be the way to the peace. because if russia do not stop, it would be no ukraine. >> was the 1994 budapest memorandum a mistake? >> i think that any documents which not presenting the guarantee but only the assurance
7:55 am
of security is not working. ukraine with the third biggest armament in the world, this is right thing. that they did not receive nuclear guarantee, that is bad thing. what mechanism exist in the world that can guarantee the security? article 5 of the washington treaty. this is nato. and with this situation nato membership will be a nuclear sanction against russia. and, please, be decisive. please don't afraid putin. please don't trust putin and be together with ukraine. this is the only way for the
7:56 am
global security. >> thank you very much for being with us. >> it was a pleasure. thank you. >> be sure to follow the show online at jdbalart @msnbc. andrea mitchell will have more news after a quick break. mitche news after a quick break ecto's . 12 weeks of powerful protection, nearly 3 times longer than any other chew. bravo, bravecto! bravo! mission control, we are go for launch. nearly 3 times longer thum, she's eatingw. the rocket. ♪♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. homegrown tomatoes...nice. i want to feel in control of my health, so i do what i can. what about screening for colon cancer? when caught in early stages it's more treatable. i'm cologuard. i'm noninvasive and i detect altered dna in your stool
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good morning, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington. as ukraine says, they have dealt a major blow to russia's naval fleet in the back sea. ukrainian officials say the flagship vessel is sinking after taking missile fire. but russia is saying the damage was caused by an ammunition fire and officials say the ship is still afloat. this is how admiral stavridis characterized the blow. >> the first thing at annapolis, the first thing they teach you is never let your ship blow up. it's like the navy said, wait, hold my beer, let me show you what we can do. and the brooklyn subway shooting suspect frank james


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