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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  April 17, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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o e which chew provides the longest-lasting flea and tick protection. bravecto's the big winner. 12 weeks of powerful protection, nearly 3 times longer than any other chew. bravo, bravecto! bravo! >> this is the katy franco, live from miami, florida. we have a lot of news to cover, and a lot of questions to answer. so let's get started. dramatic developments in ukraine, russia claims its forces have taken most of the key port cities on mariupol. the fighters were given a last chance to surrender, we have new reporting on the ground. texas governor greg abbott's publicity stunt, feeling an increase in speculation of possible potential runs. even amidst the criticisms from his own party. and a new twist in the elon
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musk twitter saga. the billionaire reportedly bringing reinforcements, in his bid to buy twitter. what does that mean for you? all of that and more, coming up. i >> a good sunday to you, i am katie fang. we are seeing a new level of aggression in ukraine. overnight, the russian defense ministry demanded by 6 am eastern, the surrender of the remaining ukrainian troops, defending the city of mariupol. the city has suffered intense damage. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy called the situation, inhuman. as we first told you yesterday, there's been new bombing in the capital city of kyiv, as people try to live their lives and go to easter services. this comes after russian media announced that yet another russian general was killed in
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combat, nbc has not yet confirmed this information. the u.s. does confirm that ukraine sank and russian warship last week, a historic loss for the country's navy. as putin faces these international humiliations on the battlefield, u.s. defense officials warn that the next phase of moscow's military campaign can begin any day now. we will start this morning with the very latest on the ground in ukraine, here is raf sanchez. >> katie, this morning troops in mariupol may be making their last stands. they're outnumbered, outgunned, and hold up at this point in the remains of one of europe's largest steel plant. we've been hearing all week that they are running critically low on supplies and ammunition. now, the russians demand that they surrender by 6 am local time. that deadline came and went. but it is not clear how much longer they will be able to
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hold out. mariupol, the strategic port, would obviously be a major victory for vladimir putin. it would be a chance for him to reset after the humiliating loss of the moskva, his black sea flagship. two ukrainian vessels earlier in the week. they've put out a video that says the head of the russian navy meeting with the crew of the moskva, nbc news has not independently verified this video. what is interesting is that russia insists all 500 members of the crew survived, and this video shows far fewer sailors than that. russia is acknowledging the death of another, yet another, senior general. this is the deputy head of the eighth army. he says he was killed on the battlefield in ukraine. this is the latest in a long line of senior russian officers killed in the fighting. one theory from military
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analysts is because russian troops are performing so poorly, russian generals feel they have to go to the front lines, and in the process, they end up being very vulnerable to ukrainian attacks. now, this country is bracing for that long awaited assault, all across the east and south. and to u.s. officials telling nbc news it may now only be days away. these officials saying the russian troops who are treated from kyiv two weeks ago are being fast-tracked back on to the battlefield. and we may see them soon in the donbas region. ukrainian military short of many things, but especially artillery shells. the white house says they are sending 40,000 rounds of ammunition, to help them. but at the current rate of fighting, that may last a little more than a week. katie? >> thanks, raf. on >> capitol hill, though it's crunch time for the january 6th committee. the hearings are said to begin
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next month, and there's a lot to unpack. the bombshell text exchange between two gop lawmakers, and former chief of staff mark meadows. nbc has not verified these texts. the panel spent eight hours questioning stephen miller, a top advisor to former president trump. nbc's aly rafael, is live on capitol hill, with the latest. , ali thanks for being here. what are the recent developments for the committee's investigation and where it's heading? >> first off, katie, i should mention that these two gop lawmakers, senator mike lee and congressman chip roy, have reacted to these text made public, it's really showing how these two went from being eager to help trump and his lawyers overturn the results of the 2020 election, to becoming skeptical about. it sounded really threw a spokes person in a statement said he has been fully transparent about his feelings.
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congressman roy said he makes no apologies for what he said in these talks. to his question about this committee, it shows this eight month long investigation is finally in its final phase. despite these significant developments that you mentioned at the top there, there are still missing pieces to this whole puzzle. we know the biden administration last week actually waved the former presidents a claim of executive privilege, to get another trench of documents from the trump administration that the national archives has to the january 6th committee, to further this investigation. but there are still some big things on the committees to do list. specifically you mentioned how the panel has spent hours and hours with members of the former president's inner circle, even family members being questioned voluntarily. but members have to sometimes realize if they should poke the
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bear and dig deeper. committee members have still not called on the former president or vice president pence, to come forward and answer questions, whether voluntarily or under a subpoena. and the committee's chairman has said that numbers will consider this, trump himself as even said that he would consider talking to the committee depending on what the panel asks about. there are also several other members who have been tapped to come in, speaker nancy pelosi said -- senate minority meat leader mitch mcconnell could have great insight on what happened in january six but we still don't know if that committee is really pursuing any further information before public hearings begin. >> ali, that is a lot of information that you've impact for us. , how realistic do you think having these public hearings is going to be on the timeline that the committee says it's going to achieve? >> well, just the fact that we are having this conversation about the hearings in mid april,
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is undoubtedly a disappointment. these were supposed to begin and winter, and as i said, it made april. there's nothing officially on the books. yet the committee has said they want to finish the entire investigation before they go to public hearings, which they say should last a couple weeks, so the pressure is definitely on numbers to finish up this investigation to come to terms with what they want to include, what they don't want to include, to just get this done. >> thanks, ali raphael, live on capitol hill. we also have a record high number of migrants, attempting to cross into the u.s. from the southern border. the governor of texas is pushing a controversial new plan, sending them all the way on buses to washington d.c.. the white house calls it a publicity stunt. kelly o'donnell has more on this immigration showdown. >> a long bus ride, ended in washington d.c..
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passengers met with cameras and curiosity now for busloads of migrants have been sent here by the governor of texas. with pending immigration cases. >> in what has become a showdown with the white house. >> joe biden is not securing the border, the state of texas has to step up. >> the white house called the bus trips a publicity stunt. >> it's nice the state of texas is helping them get to their final destination, as they wait on the outcome of their immigration proceedings. >> attempted crossings at the southern border hit a 22 year high in march. homeland security found more than 221,000 non citizens trying to enter. under a trump era, public health tool to limit covid spread called title 42, more than 123,000 of those migrants were barred from the u.s.. but that rule as of may.
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>> title 42 is a inappropriate from a public health one of you, to lift the restrictions. >> concerned about a way that the, border senator marco rubio on twitter claimed that mere speculation about biden ending title 42 -- and it's about to get much worse very soon. governor abbott is trying another tactic. ordering the state inspections of vehicles, at ports of entry, looking for smuggled people and drugs. but slowing commerce. >> texas will not call tolerate the stream of illegal immigrants crossing the border, we increase our border security. >> that was kelly o'donnell at the white house. , now i may be stating the obvious when i say conservative news outlets ate these abbott moments up, gobbled them up this week. that is a lot of valuable airtime for the texas governor. do his strengths signal a possible 2024 presidential run? my panelist fernand amandi and
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adrian el dorado are standing on the side to discuss. here's derek brown breaking news out of pittsburgh. >> yes, police are investigating a sunday shooting in pittsburgh, at least 11 people were shot and two people died at what appears to be a house party. we just got dramatic videos from someone who escaped the shooting. it shows people panicking and running to get out of the way as shots are being fired. we want to warn, you it is disturbing to watch. >> [noise] >> as many as 50 rounds were fired. police say that they are gathering evidence at multiple crime scenes. more with katie fang, after the commercial break. commercial break ar. it all begins with the most
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a fascinating conversation with my guests about ron desantis and his big power trip. the florida governor making a series of gop red lead moves to where all of his base, all in one week. not to be outdone, texas governor greg abbott says hold my beer. carried out a series of his own controversial move this week. abbott has been spending recent days busing undocumented migrants from the southern border to d.c., to protest the biden administration's move to end title 42. a policy that allowed the government to turn away nearly 2 million migrants due to covid concerns. abbott also added extra inspections of commercial trucks crossing from mexico, resulting in massive log jams that experts say made the supply chain even worse. the governor's order moves this week ended up prompting backlash from members of his own party. the states agriculture commissioner criticize the truck inspection measure as political theater, and a gop
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state rep called abbott's blessing move a gimmick and a stunt to grab a tough on the border headline. i want to bring my panel. msnbc political analyst and pollster -- also with us, adrienne elrod, the former senior aide on the biden harris campaign. thank both of you for being here on easter sunday. fernand, going to start with you. this looks like typical gop political tier theater. but isn't working? >> first off, katie, happy easter. great to be here with you. i don't think political theater does justice with this actually is. when you think about what governor abbott has done, this, katie, is out and out sabotage. understanding the very precarious situation the nations economy finds itself in with the specter of inflation, which we know is dictated more by world events than any actions by this particular administration. when abbott has done here, in turning a routine supply check of trucks bringing produce and agriculture and merchandise
4:18 am
across the border, into a 30-hour wait, has resulted in hundreds and millions of dollars that get passed on to consumer, get passed on the supplier. that, is by design it on purpose. it's not just political theater, this is sabotaged by a republican governor who is purposely, now, trying to exacerbate this inflation crisis. i don't think you can look at this and just call it political brinkmanship. this is deliberate, this is having a destructive effect on the economy and now, whereas before you could not blame the problem of inflation on the biden administration, you can blame it on republicans like greg abbott who are making it a lot worse by design. >> but, fermand, the that's like lying down and spinning up in the air, right? it's gonna hurt his people, obviously, his own gop party members and texas are saying what a game, it won a stunt. did he just not get it right? did he outmaneuver himself? >> there is no question that
4:19 am
his very quick decision on friday, to end this protest, meant that he was feeling a tremendous backlash. but it's not a surprise to see many of these republican lawmakers overextend of solves and overreach and faith the full fury of the reaction. but i think this is the type of effort that needs to be capitalized by the democrats, by the administration, to point out and say hey, you want to see why prices are rising? look at what republicans like greg abbott are doing to purposely make a sensitive situation that much worse. >> adrian, i want to turn to you now. does seem like both desantis and abbott, sharp elbows and all, are they angry for a 2021 run to the white house? and if so, which one is doing a better job to see if they can gain those valuable votes? >> it certainly looks that way, katie. i think these guys are trying to compete against each other. not just them, there are the republicans of this vote to who are trying to see who can get more air time on outlets like fox news, oan, newsmax.
4:20 am
these conservative-leaning outlets. who can get the most air time? i did check out fox news this week, just to see that there are covering. as they were imagining, katie, this abbott story was front and center, they consider to be breaking news. they had it on almost every segment throughout the day. this is certainly a play by abbott to get more airtime on conservative outlets. whether or not he has presidential ambitions, who knows. i think, fernand made a great point, we have to put this on the republicans and say, listen, democrats have a plan to address inflation. republicans are not only obstructing at the federal level but then we have governors like governor abbott who are trying to make the problem worse by intentionally keeping goods from coming across the border and stifling traffic, making the supply chain even worse. is very important for us to flip this on them, show that we have a plan and they're trying to make it worse and certainly not trying to improve things. >> yeah, but adrian, i haven't
4:21 am
heard a lot of traffic about this on networks like ours, for example. right? i haven't heard a lot about this. is it just because there's so much going on that we have to be cherry-picking when we're talking about? or is it just were not getting the messaging right? we has and not me, but the democrats, being able to get this messaging across. >> yeah, look, it's really important there's a lot going on, obviously, with ukraine and other issues that are driving the news. i think something like this, that is a political stunt, we have to be careful not to give it too much oxygen. but yeah, overall, it's important for democrats to flip, this to make it very clear that, while we have a plan, we want to pass the build back better agenda, whatever that looks like to get money in the pockets of american families. we are trying to do what we can do address inflationary costs. by the way, katie, another point we have to make an inflationary cost, this is not just a problem that is beholden to us in the united states. this is a global global problem. president biden has done an excellent job so far trying to handle this, trying to do what he handed executive level to
4:22 am
address inflationary costs. but this is something that has resulted globally from an epidemic that we have not faced in multiple generations. we also have to make the point that we have a plan as democrats to address this, and this is something that we're facing on a global level. >> fernand, i want to shift gears for a second ago to something that's in our backyard. it's on the you and i have talked about before. i want to get your reaction about this new spanish language conservative radio and television network called, i want to get this right, america no. right? mark caputo, who i had on the show last week, he was talking about how we're at this crucial inflection point in terms of information. as politics are going, with hispanic voters showing signs of drifting right, apparently this network has actually recruited michael pluto. no relation to mark, who worked with donald trump. a pretty big name. gopers locally in florida, for that to be able to do this.
4:23 am
is it a valid concern that there is a disinformation campaign that it is targeting hispanic, spanish speaking voters? >> katie, it's not just a valid concern, it's a valid fact. we have seen this by design effort to create information bubbles, now targeting, really, what the republican party wants to create as their conservative base. to isolate them from mainstream, fact based news than information, so that they are being given, if you will, state propaganda or republican propaganda that only conforms to the elements of the discourse they want their voters to hear. what you see now, in this america no media, which is not too dissimilar from some of the efforts we've seen by other conservative groups to create entities built on, if you will, fox news. like oan, newsmax, other organizations, to create that information bubble and keep them captive to the information they want out there. i think there's another element here that folks are missing.
4:24 am
we saw this week, katie, that the rnc, republican national committee, voted he panama city to say that we are out of the presidential debates. the reason for that, also, is to get, literally, those debates and their viewers from watching mainstream networks and to keep them isolated in their information bubble. if you're worried about disinformation, if you're worried about the effect of this being done on in this case spanish voters, i would call this something akin to a defcon one moment. you have to be very careful. unless the fcc steps in and regulates this false disinformation speech, i think it's going to mean more problems for information discourse in this country. >> adrian, really quickly, i've got less than a minute. but i want to get your case on this, because this disinformation is not a new concept. so, how are we supposed to get ahead of this and make sure that the elections are free and fair and that the right information is disseminated? >> yeah, look, i do think that the fcc has to get involved here.
4:25 am
especially as we are doing more to live on our phones and get more information from our phones. and not getting information always from traditional news sources, especially when you have latino voters that are being targeted by the trump campaign, by other conservatives, to try and target them where they are, with disinformation. there's gotta be more regulation. i think that goes across the board, not just on some of these, i think this particular network was on gander which is the trump founded social media platform. but there's gotta be more regulation here. look, i will also say this. democrats have got to do a better job across the board targeting latino voters. not just waiting until three months before the election. doing it across the board, 24 hours a day, 12 months a year, to target these latino voters. we lost some of them in 2020. i think that will continue to be a trend, unless we really
4:26 am
figure out a better messaging strategy across the board, that is consistent every day of the year and not, again, just waiting until we're close to election day. >> adrian al rod and fermand amandi, thank you for being with me this sunday morning. before we go to break, i want to wish all who celebrate a happy easter and passover. 90% of you planted by some candy to celebrate this weekend. according to one survey and, right now, i want you to take out your phones because it's time for our twitter poll. i want to know, what is the superior easter candy. fernand, i think i know your answer. peeps? always a classic. or chocolate bunnies? a solid choice. take to twitter, let us know. because, still ahead, he invented the tesla, he's planning a crude mission to mars and now he wants to take over the twitter verse. elon musk wants to change the way we tweet, but could his obsession with free speech on the platform take us down a dangerous path? and, as we get a break, here are some live pictures from the
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in silicon valley, with arguably one of the month most powerful man in the world trying to get more power. elon musk refuses to back down after true twitter tries to thwart his 43 billion dollar takeover bid. with a so-called poison pill provision. the richest man on the world speaking with investors who could partner with him on the bid for the social media company. according to the new york post. what does this mean for the turnovers? a self described free speech
4:32 am
absolutist suggests he want twitter to mirror this philosophy, consequences be damned. and well twitter, like facebook, has done a pretty poor job preventing the spread of misinformation, the company did famously ban former president donald trump, citing incitement of violence in the wake of the capitalist attack. twitter has often been referred to as the global town square, so what happens if mosque is in charge of it? well the town choir reduce us to tears? joining us is lauren, at the new york times. what is the over under on whether musk is actually going to succeed in his takeover bid for twitter? >> there's a lot of obstacles standing in his way. you mentioned it. twitter put in a poison pill a couple of days ago, what that means is it becomes very difficult for musk to find more than 15% of the company. once he does that stake
4:33 am
immediately dilutes. it's like, quicksand, it keeps sinking and sinking, can't get it anymore. musk has been threatening to do a hostile bid. effectively taking barack -- offers straight to shareholders, and trying to get them on board, pressuring the bold to remove the poison pill. there is a lot of questions about his ability to finance the deal, and the evaluations. there have been a couple analysts who have noted in may, they might have undervalued the company, and not just in fear monetary value being a good value for the company. >> why does elon musk debated blew the richest men in the world, why would he want to buy twitter? a company with far fewer users on facebook, instagram, tiktok, and even pinterest. is this just about getting attention? or do you think it's part of a bigger plan that he wants to disseminate information? >> i would never claim to be the one who wants to psychoanalytic's in one mosque.
4:34 am
i will say he has disliked some of the information that he has seen on twitter. it's interesting, he has been sort of both pro and against free speech. there was a twitter user who was tracking his language with what he was unhappy with, he's not in favor moderation. i think he just doesn't like to be told what to do. i think he told -- enjoys being the center of attention, he gets a lot of attention on twitter, and it's very possible that this is all just one big game for him. it's been a frenzy and it's been kind of watching it all unfold. and on the other end of the spectrum, he also has two of the companies that he is trying to manage at the same time. >> you know, lauren, for somebody who is maybe doing this for attention, maybe he does it because he is going to have another good time showing and controlling what's going on, why not just launch your own company? why not just launched your own social media platform if you are elon musk? >> it's a great question and
4:35 am
president trump has tried, that and it's been very difficult. a number of people have, you know, at one point in one mosque actually floated an idea. should i start my own company? and instead of that, he tried to buy twitter. i think ironically what's ice underlines is just how hard it is to build a competitor. at the end of the day, twitter has a ton of critics, but i think people also appreciate the power of twitter because that is the company of people are going after. they're not going after truth social, which is the company that president trump tried to launch. >> truth social looks like it might be time for the obituary for that one, and as an avid twitter user that i, am i'm a big fan of keeping that count square open and running, i've got some reservations, but lauren, you've got the answers so we appreciate you taking the time this morning to be with us. thank you. >> coming, up if you are still feeling a little sleepy this early in the morning, this might wake you up.
4:36 am
you confused? allow me. it's a trailer for a new documentary called the end of men. and it is produced by one of the most influential and well-known right-wing figures in and our country. i will tell you all about it. stay with us. h us ♪simply irresistible♪ ♪ ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. ♪♪
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mean hot, new movie trailer out this morning. i am going to show you a clip and we are going to bring in our guests for some of that movie trailer discussion. >> once society collapses, during hard times, hard iron sharpens iron as they say. and these hard times inevitably produce many men who are tough, resourceful who are strong enough to survive. the cycle begins again. >> yes, you saw that right.
4:41 am
that is a trailer for the new tucker carlson documentary, called the end of men. the fox news host says it's one of the biggest stories of our lifetime. [laughs] sorry i had to laugh. the decrease of top dollars -- testosterone in american men. let me bring in my panel, i couldn't have done this topic with anyone else, danielle moody is the host of woke a f podcast, kurt bardella is an adviser to the dnc and the dccc. danya let me start with you, have you ever seen a steamer preview for a documentary? >> i, mean as he advertising for a spa? like i am so confused. what is going on with the raw egg drinking, and the tanning, is that what testosterone -- is that wet builds testosterone? katie, am i wrong? did i miss that in biology class? >> i don't know if we can talk about that because that might be verboten if you are in
4:42 am
florida classrooms currently. i'm going to ask you this question, were you aware that men had to be naked with -- in their ability to recharge themselves? >> i'm telling, you i learn something new every day. i didn't realize that was part of how to be a man. and i, mean that was, all tell you, the republican fixation with all things erotic is a little bizarre. and a little telling, i always think that when they go on these, you know, rinse and ravings about sex and gender it's like, you guys are projecting. and that trailer just shows that there's a whole lot of production going on in the republican party. >> daniel, all kidding aside of course, tucker carlson says this is one of the most important critical issues of our time. but of all the groups to focus on right now, what does it tell you that tucker carlson wants to talk about, in the end of men, and traditional mail-in, us versus all of the other unrepresented groups that are out there? >> i mean it's a level of white
4:43 am
male for jewelry that i don't think we get to see anywhere other than prominently on fox news, with tucker carlson. the fact is that we are in a culture that when we're looking at the world through a lens that isn't just white male, sis, and street -- that is terrifying for those who have filled their entire career and their lives of the top of their pyramids, and now we're at a place in our culture and world where we're asking questions like. why? why don't we experience other experiences that make the american project work? by virtue of us being able to want to expand that table, that so many people have been denied, and an opportunity to sit, at that looks in complete contrast to fox news, to tucker carlson, and what they would desire from america. which is a version of 1950s, or 1952. >> kurt, we always talk about
4:44 am
messaging and the democrats in their ability to message well. tucker carlson is somewhat of a banner carrying head of the traditional gop values, or whatever is left of them. you are a former member of the gop, so am i. what is going on though, that someone like tucker carlson can do this documentary -- we are talking about it, right? it's getting us to talk but the democrats always seem to suffer when it comes to being able to suffer -- getting a strong message across. i don't see that type of chatter about democratic messaging. >> i think part of it is that democrats don't message this way, because, let's be honest here, this is insane. i think what tampa republicans do incredibly well is that they play the media like a fiddle. they know that if they go out there and say obnoxious and ridiculous things, it will get covered. it will get discussed. it will take time away from other issues that are going, on
4:45 am
that have real impact on most americans. and it's a cycle that they just rinse, wash, repeat, over and over again. it's a real disadvantage for democrats, from a messenger standpoint, unlike republicans democrats do not have a propaganda megaphone, set up, that masquerades as a cable news channel. that masquerade as internet news. they have real legitimate news. people like to make the false equivalency that msnbc's amir on fox, they couldn't be more different. and this and does not set out every day to light american people. msnbc programming doesn't set out to mislead and troll misinformation. fox does. so without having that propaganda megaphone, democrats have a bit of a structural disadvantage. >> danielle, i do want to talk about your latest piece for the daily beast. i think your title says it all. if democrats are going to win, they're going to need to fight for the future.
4:46 am
you argue that democrats are at war against a party and an ideology, and if they don't get serious these midterms could be their last. if you're the coach of these democrats, how are you going to strategize and get them out on that playing field to win? >> you know, one of the things that kurt said is we need a larger megaphones. right? we need to be able to deliver our message in a way that the republican party has been able to do, because they don't allow facts to get in the way of a good story. i think that, here, we need to start appealing to peoples emotions, because that is where republicans play. so, we are facing a loss of abortion rights, we are facing transphobia and homophobia, a resurgence of that. racial injustice is not an all-time high. so, instead of bringing out facts and statistics, we need to start pulling at peoples heartstrings and having real conversations about the impact of a critical race theory witch hunt. that is having teachers flee the classroom for fear of being persecuted.
4:47 am
we're losing good teachers because of the republican which hunter witch hunt, right? their desire to whitewash america. we need to be telling those stories, not just rolling our eyes and saying this isn't something we should take on. because republicans are making something out of nothing. we did that in virginia, and we got glenn youngkin, right? because we didn't have a response for critical race theory that wasn't taught in k through 12 schools. that is still something that is taught at the post secondary level. but we didn't have a response, and we allowed republicans to run away with it and now they're just doing another version of that with don't say gay and other pieces of legislation that they are attacking our schools with. so, we have to fight fire with fire. >> kurt, i want to switch gears. some people may not know your role in a different world, country music. you publish a daily newsletter of at the industry called the morning hangover. but recently, you are at the country music awards, earlier in the week, and what do you
4:48 am
think about a white nationalist talking about -- actually, why don't you talk about with that white non-nationalists said? i know of something that definitely bothered you. >> yeah, it just gives the the portrait of what's the republicans traffic and day in a day. there is a white nationalist, i won't even justify him by saying its name, but he put out a tweet saying he didn't like the cmt awards because it was two black and that country music shouldn't be, as he put it, wakanda. first of all, let's be clear here, out of the 20 performances that have been at the cmt awards, three of them were by black performers. that's 15%. the republican propaganda paradigm, 15% is too much black. sounds like someone who would object to black people being designated as three fifth, because that's too much. moreover, the diversity of country music is growing. you have amazing artists, falling following the footsteps of the late great charlie
4:49 am
pride. following the footsteps of someone like darius rucker. people who have emerged and crossed over cultural boundaries, people like jimmy allen, kane brown, who performed the national anthem at the super bowl, second best i've ever seen other than whitney houston. you have these artist taking a seat at the table now, getting a lot of attention, their music is successful, they are getting millions of streams. i think that's good, when you talk about how to bridge the divide we have in this country, i've always believed that, this is a reason i love live music, music can help bridge that divide. you can say things in a song that maybe you aren't comfortable saying in real life. the way we get past this misinformation, this type of propaganda, is to normalize diversity, to normalize diverse voices. for audiences who don't usually maybe interact with diverse people, to become part of that conversation by hearing their music. by becoming fans of that came. take someone like jimmy allen, those guys on dancing with the stars, he thought all over every disney world, disneyland spot that they have. he's co-hosting awards shows,
4:50 am
he's doing duets with people like brad paisley. that's where we, need we need that crossover. because, in order to offset the massive impact and influence that propaganda outlets like fox news have, we've got to meet people where they are. music is a way to do that. >> next cmt awards, danielle and i are going with you, kurt. danielle moodie, kurt bardella, things are being here this morning. >> thanks for having us. >> coming up, we are launching a new segment very dear to my heart. please help me find a forever home for some of the cutest cats and dogs in animal shelters across the united states. united states (driver 1) it's all you. (driver 2) no, i insist. (driver 1) it's your turn. (driver 2) nope, i think it's your turn. (driver 1) i appreciate you so much, thank you so much... go. (driver 2) i appreciate your appreciation. it fills me. (burke) safe drivers save money with farmers. (bystander) just for driving safely? (burke) it's a farmers policy perk. get farmers and you could get a safe driver discount simply for having a clean driving record for three years. (driver 3) come on! (driver 1) after you. (driver 2) after you.
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head-scratching headlines. they make you do a double take. so, here is the first one. kindergarteners accidentally get margaritas at snack time, no one bother to i.d. the five year olds? a student brought in jose corriveau's ready to drink margarita mix thinking it was jews and passed it around to his friends. here's another one. behold, ryan philip gazing at a painting of his cruel intentions but. the story has no cruel intentions. sara michel geller, salma blair and ryan philippe be reunited and are distillation based on the 1999 film for keller's birthday. employees unwanted birthday party nets him 450,000 dollar after a lawsuit against a kentucky company. so, this guy asked of manager not to have an office party because of an anxiety disorder. the boss didn't listen and it triggered a panic attack. court orders show the employee was subsequently fired. he sued the company for lost wages and emotional distress and he won. our very last head-scratching headline for today, jersey man says he was trapped in dumpster
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for three days. i'm not going to do jersey jokes. but here we go. one man's trash is another man's treasure. and it said this man on a full dumpster dive. he's a chair in the trash that he wanted to save in the poor guy claims he got stuck. now, if you know me you know animals are very near and dear to my heart. millions of cats and dogs enter animal shelters each year, and each of them is in need of a forever family home. this morning i'm introducing a new segment, pick of the letter. we will randomly select the shelter a rescue from around the united states and every sunday i will showcase animals in need of a forever home. today we've chosen to feature a nonprofit shelter right here in miami called pause for rescue. it's one of only two notable shelters in miami-dade county. for over 15 years, the team of volunteers has rescued over 12,000 animals. let's meet today's picks of the letter. first off, this is chandler. a three year old labrador retriever. chandler is 66 pounds of friendly, playful energy.
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