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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  April 24, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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this is the katie fang show. live for miami, florida. we have lots of news to cover with lots of questions to answer. so let's get started. high level visit? presents a lynskey says he is meeting with secretaries of blinken in austin today in kyiv. when a possible face to face with these topping u.s. officials could mean, amid concerns that russia has ambitions beyond ukraine. plus, why specific comments in kevin mcarthur's leaks are -- all eyebrows. one suggesting that the minority leader thought trump may be in legal trouble over
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his role in january six. reaction from the panel. later, only the lid's when it backfires. gop governors are driving up costs for their constituents. all of that and much more coming right up. a great sunday morning to you. i'm katie fang. potentially major news in the war on ukraine today. president volodymyr zelenskyy saying that he is going to meet with united states ecuadorian state anthony blinken, and defense secretary lloyd austin and kyiv today. the white house, national security council, and state department have declined to comment. and the pentagon will not confirm zelenskyy's claims. but this would be the very first visit to ukraine by senior members of the biden administration since the war began. it comes as the u.s. has ramped up military aid and training
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for ukrainian officers. but perhaps not to the level that zelenskyy would like. at a news conference in kyiv on saturday, zelenskyy said the visits from ukraine's partners in the west are important to help. what's his country is asking for is more important. >> you cannot come to us, now, with empty hands. we expect not just the presence of some cakes. we expect concrete things and concrete weapons. this is why i believe that we will be able to receive from the united states some commitments. or parts of the package of weapons for ukraine. which we agreed on earlier. that is why i think this is a positive. positive signal. >> late friday, zelenskyy warned the new comments from the kremlin show that putin has bigger objectives in mind than just ukraine. the invasion of ukraine hulu
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the because. they may want to evade other countries. is a quote. we are covering every angle of this big story this morning. starting with raf sanchez, on the ground in lviv. >> for the last two weeks, there are nearly daily visits to kyiv by european leaders. now zelenskyy says that for the first american officials will make a highly symbolic visit to this war torn country. he says that secretary of state blinken and secretary of defense austin are coming to ukraine to discuss america's support for the ukrainian war effort. we know very little about this trip. it has been, planned as you can imagine, in utmost secrecy. the state department, the pentagon, we know it confirming nor giving any details. president zelenskyy says this will be his first face-to-face meeting with senior american officials since the war began. he hopes that one day president biden will come to keep
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himself. now, a presidential visit at this point is still considered too risky. and that risk was underscored yesterday with that deadly russian missile strike in odessa. city officials there say that eight people were killed. including a young woman named valerie -- and her three month old baby daughter kira. if you do the math, kira was born on january 4th. the war broke out on february 24th. and she died on april 24th. for her short life more than half of it spent in vladimir putin's war, until it was ended by one of vladimir putin's missiles. now, 18 other people wounded in that missile strike. which really shattered the sense of calm in odessa. a city that has largely been spared the worst of this war, so far. strike coming after a senior russian general said that his military aid is not just to take the donbas in the east of
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this country but also to capture the entire southern coast. no, it is orthodox eastern ukraine. people have been out in churches all morning. president zelenskyy himself has been at the cathedral in kyiv. he says that his entire country is united in one prayer today. great lord, save ukraine. >> thanks to raf sanchez. that is the latest on the ground in ukraine. but i want to know, what happens next with the threat of putin's ambitions beyond ukraine? coming up, i'm going to ask retired colonel jack jacobs. turning now to ohio, we're once again former president donald trump is flexing his mid term muscles. campaigning for deviance in the gop primary, despite protests. -- was at the rally. >> this is trump's seventh rally of 2022 already.
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while he's not in the white house he is trying to use his global capital to sway the outcome of some of these major republican primaries. first one here in ohio. matt. eric u.s. senate race. still five major candidates in play here. j.d. vance, one time self-described never trumper here. the question is over the next week and a half, is his endorsement of j.d. vance enough to put his preferred president over the top and win the race here? a question to republican voters about the extent of how potent his influence remains for the republican party. as he flirts with the 2024 presidential ruling himself. there are several major primaries coming up. pennsylvania, alabama, missouri, arizona. but this one here in ohio will be a major indicator for him. about whether j.d. vance is able to ascend. >> nbc's ivan hillyard, thank. you trump has railed against the january six committee, but
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he did not mention kevin mccarthy at all. the minority leaders on tape are raising questions about whether he believes trump committed crimes. my panel is going to weigh in on that and more ahead. all eyes on france today as, well or voters have been heading to the polls in the presidential election. incumbent president emmanuel macron is once again facing off against far right leader marine the pan. in what is expected to be a very tight race. here, you can see le pen casting her ballot a little earlier today. the plan is a vocal admirer of russian president putin. she is focused her campaign on pocketbook issues, while macron's been consumed by issues in ukraine. for more today's a vote, here is nbc news correspondent peter symonds. >> good morning. we have seen a steady stream of voters here in the town of docking ville, about an hour outside of paris. you can see people voting right now. that is important because there
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are fears that there might be a lower turnout. there is a real sense of not knowing who to vote for, among the many people that we have spoken to. people who don't like maria le pen, and don't like a manual lock craw. it is a very divisive election. and the pen is described as far-right. there are questions about her ties to russia. she is against large amounts of immigration. she says that she will cut taxes. on the other hand, macron side five years in power and there are those who described him as we just, part of the establishment. who say they want to change. this election could have profound implications globally, because of le pen's connection to russia. we will see whether the unity we've seen between -- the west, in america, whether that will be sustained if le pen gets into power. at the moment, though, it does
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look as though she will lose this election. we will know later tonight here in france. around the afternoon for you. >> coming up, a russian commander has hinted that kremlin ambitions beyond ukraine. but they have to get past zelenskyy's army first. pumped up by a huge influx of heavy weapons from the west. i'm going to talk to retired colonel jack jacobs about that, and the message a possible visit from top u.s. officials would ascend to putin. plus, i know this my come as a shock to you, but did you know that jfk is actually alive and well, thanks to the healing power of a magic that? stick around, we are going to break down in the book some of the most wild conspiracy theories of the week. before we go to break, here is darren brown with some of the top stories you may have missed. >> thank you, katie. former republican senator oren hodge has died at the age of 88. he was the longest serving
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senator in utah state history. he held the second most powerful position in the senate, and help pass the children's health insurance program in the americans with disabilities act. in the 90s. he also leaves behind a wife and six children. in florida a baby girl is saved this morning after an orange county sheriff's deputy rescued her from an apartment fire, while evacuating people from the three story building officer saw the -- on the third floor. they grabbed the baby in carried it to safety. the mother and grandmother were later rescued by firefighters. wildfires are raging across the southwest, in new mexico. states of emergency now in five counties. hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. now, two fires are marching into one just northeast of santa fe. only 2019 wildfires are coming in 16 of the states. 33 counties. more with katie fang after the break. break.
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♪♪ we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ >> back now to the war in
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ukraine. some potential major developments in that country. as ukrainians are celebrating their orthodox easter, president volodymyr zelenskyy says that united states echoed area state anthony blinken and defense secretary lloyd austin will visit kyiv today. msnbc has not been able to confirm that information, but it comes amid growing concerns that russia has ambitions beyond ukraine. this weekend, zelenskyy jury tension to what a russian military leader said about trans me street. that, is a part of moldova. he claimed, without any evidence, that the russian-speaking population there is being oppressed. russian forces have been stationed there for decades, and kyiv is warning that the kremlin could stage a false flag operation to justify an invasion. after hearing that, zelenskyy warned the world that ukraine is only the beginning. saying, quote, it's us who became the first ones on this
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path. but who is next? if those who could be next want to remain neutral today in order to lose something, in reality it is the riskiest bet. because you could lose everything. but of course the immediate issue is ukrainian troops are trying to hold off this new russian offensive in the south and east of the country. zelenskyy said that at least eight people were killed, and at least 18 hurt in a missile attack in odessa on saturday. , so what's next? and just how big of an impact would this visit by top u.s. officials have on the war in ukraine? for that and much more i welcome my guest this morning, msnbc military analyst, retired colonel jack jacobs. colonel, thank you for being here. let's start right out of the gate with this potential visit to ukraine by u.s. secretaries of state and defense. senior biden administrative officials have said, as well as military experts, that the next four weeks will define the outcome of this war. if that visit occurs, what kind
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of message is that going to send to putin about where the united states and its allies think the war is heading, colonel? >> yeah, we should make no visit mistake about this visit if it should occur. it's a morale booster, and it's a message. that we're going to continue to support ukraine. i don't think anything substantive will come out of the meeting, even if it does occur. we've already made contributions to ukrainian defense, we've made commitments in the west and europe have made commitments to send more arms, more ammunition and support to the ukrainians, so that they can repel the russian invasion. or at least slow it down. but if this visit does occur, it should be a message to russia that the west will continue to support, in every possible way, the ukrainian attempt to reverse the russian they shun. katie? >> colonel, biden himself has said speak softly and carry a
4:18 am
large javelin. do you think that united states, at this stage in the war, has done enough to provide support to ukraine? because it sounds like zelenskyy needs more than just a morale booster at this point. >> well, all the west has been very, very slow to react, really. it looks like we jump right into it, but our allies, particularly france and germany, were extremely slow to respond. and we still, none of us, have still sent sufficient amounts of material to ukraine. to make it easier for them to resist the russian advance, they need ground to air aircraft weapons. they need surface to surface weapons indirect fire, rocket launchers, missiles, artillery. we are finally sending significant numbers of artillery pieces and ammunition. and anti tank weapons. because the russians are going to use tanks to spearhead their invasion in the east, and to
4:19 am
continue the attack in the south. so, anti tank weapons are vitally important. but we have been forthcoming with material, it hasn't come fast enough. and it's been at the risk of ukraine getting cut in half and russia preventing the resupply of ukrainians. so, we need more weapons and we need them faster, katie. >> once again, zelenskyy publicly has warned that putin has more in mind beyond just ukraine. but, colonel, this is a refrain that has been repeated for months now. the russian military, by all accounts, isn't a weekend state and are in a re-constitution in preparation mode. it's putin really at the point where he could back his words with actions? >> yeah, don't forget that the russians have always been stronger on the ground than the ukrainians. when you make an attack, however, do you need a ratio of 3 to 1 on your side if you are
4:20 am
making the attack. so, on the ground in defense, ukrainians have a little bit of an advantage. but the russians have always focused on taking all of ukraine. don't forget that their plan a was just a march right in and take the entire country with and without a shot being fired. that didn't work, because of the ukrainian resistance. now, they're focusing on tasting the east, where the attack is probably going to come sooner than later. but part of the entire operation has always been, and will continue to be, the seizure of the ukrainian coastline along the sea of azov and particularly the black sea. that's to open up the corridor, as we've heard before, between the crimean area and moldova. so that russia can control all of ukraine's black sea coast. that's always been a part of their objective, and now it will be a bigger than ever focus of the russian attack,
4:21 am
that is sure to come in the next few weeks or so. katie. >> retired colonel jack jacobs, we are so grateful for your time and your insight. thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up, different rally, same old refrain. >> -- our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister and evil people from within our own country. >> donald trump, using some choice words to describe the january six committee at a rally last night. just days before his own senate set to meet with them. my panelists are standing by, and we're going to talk about the mounting pressure on trump and others to come clean about what they knew in the run up to the insurrection.
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don't like that at all. we need so it is pro trump. >> i think it would be good to get some fresh blood in there. i don't know. i don't trust. and >> they are saying they do not trust mccarthy. those trump supporters are not happy with kevin mccarthy after he was caught on tape saying that he would tell trump to resign over his role in the insurrection. for now, the former president has giving mccarthy a pass. but there is another line in a leaked audio obtained by nbc news, of gop leaders privately criticizing trump after the capitol attack. and that line is now raising legal eyebrows. take a listen. >> this is one personal feeling i have. i don't get into any kind of conversation about pence pardoning. the only discussion i would have with him is that i think this will pass. and it would be america mendacious you should resign. >> that part about a possible trump pardon by pence? it is sparking speculation about whether mccarthy thought
4:27 am
trump may have broken the law. greg sergeant asked, why we departed have been in mccarthy's line, unless he thought trump may very well have committed criminal acts? let's bring in my panel. former florida congressman -- he is also an nbc political analyst. and -- burke. i'm gonna start with you. does mccarthy's comment put pressure on him as well as the gop to voluntarily come forward to tell the country exactly how trump broke the law? >> well katie, good morning. yes, this was big news when we heard this audio. but really it was not such a surprise to those of us have spoken to kevin mccarthy. almost every congressional republican who understands, number one, that donald trump is responsible for what happened on the -- that criminal acts were committed by trump and people around him on the six of
4:28 am
january. this is a big deal. this reveals to the public why almost every republican in congress believes. that donald trump inspired, perhaps is the cause, of this insurrection that we had on the six of january. and that donald trump is just dangerous and bad for the country, for the republican party generally. the public can now hear whatever republican says privately all the time. >> you know carlos, what value is that if it aids is down privately? we need something public. i'm gonna turn now to dave ehrenberg. they said in a washington post op-ed, quote, it just seems clear that mccarthy like other people who lived through these events understand that donald trump had committed grave crimes against the -- we know that the 16 committee is an investigative body. it is a fact finding body. they are not going to prosecute crimes. it is a very open way for --
4:29 am
raskin to say, why do you guys doing, you have to prosecute these crimes. >> a lot of people are wondering which is taking doj so long. they've taken four months to make a decision about whether to prosecute mark meadows for thumbing his nose at the committee. it is hard to enforce subpoenas when the gop doesn't have your back. so i can understand the frustration of raskin. as far as -- they have this dysfunctional relationship going on, but it works for trump. and right now he knows he has got the possible future speaker eating out of the palm of his hand. kevin mccarthy knows it all it takes is a few sentences from donald trump, and his dreams of being speaker will be snuffed out. this is a great thing for donald trump. that is why he is not going to let this go. he is going to keep mccarthy hanging on by a thread. >> so carlos, trump slammed the january 6th committee last night and that rally in ohio. let us take a quick listen.
4:30 am
>> despite great outside powers and dangers, our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, and evil people from within our own country. there is no threat as dangerous to democracy as they are. just look at the on selected committee of political hacks and what they are doing to our country while the radical left murderers, rapists, and insurrectionists rome three. >> conveniently, carlos, no mention of kevin mccarthy at that rally last night. do trump's words sound like somebody who is nervous is that the noose is tightening? or is this just more air from donald trump? >> look, donald trump is a serial liar. he is committed to dishonesty. that is why he has a january six. the january 6th committee has help in finding and publishing
4:31 am
-- that is why he feels so threatened by the committee. in terms of the leader mccarthy for now, it does seem that trump is at peace with him. but i remind people, trump is somebody who demands absolute loyalty. not to the republican party, not even to his family, but to him. eventually he is going to find an excuse to lash out against leader mccarthy, the way he has against all people around him. so, just a word of caution for kevin mccarthy, who i know well, who have generally had a great relationship with for many years. this is a very difficult situation that he's in right now. >> i feel like he put himself in that situation. so there is no sympathy for me for him. as we revealed recently, don jr.'s was strategizing with mark meadows, ways to keep his -- in power. we know that don jr. is supposed to meet with the january six committee sometime in the upcoming days. my question, is how significant
4:32 am
is don jr.'s testimony compared to somebody like ivanka or even jared kushner? keeping in mind that they are appearing voluntarily. they have not been forced by subpoena to go to get there. >> katie, i don't think we should expect too much from don jr.'s testimony. even if we they are pairing voluntarily, and it is a good thing,, he can still expect protection. i think the good thing about his testimony is that it speeds along investigation. you don't have to go to court to get. and this will be sure that he will come with the report and even a referral to do eugene well before the midterm elections. but if we are counting on any real revelations to come from donald trump jr. in his testimony, i think his expectations are too high. >> what is the point? then if he is going to invoke the fifth, there is going to be no value at it. what is the point for the 16 committee to even be brought in? you are just going to hope that he's going to see something be life altering for the people of
4:33 am
america? >> this is going to be a full investigation. you have to find the people who sent testimony to mark meadows showing that the big lie was orchestrated in advance. these text messages were sent from donald trump jr.'s phone, days before the votes were counted. this undermines the whole thing with election fraud in the big line. that is why you have to bring him in, even knowing that he is probably going to use the fifth amendment. carlos, i only about 30 seconds left. quickly, i want to know from. you this six committee is going to have some very damning evidence. i believe that wholeheartedly. but there is a swath of people in america who are just not going to care. how would you get that message across from the 16 committee to those americans who maybe have just tuned out to hearing from that committee? >> well katie, i think the americans people have to focus on those swing voters. those in the middle. we do have people on either side in this country who are quite entrenched. obviously, donald trump is a
4:34 am
good third of the country who will probably always support him and believe his lies. but in the middle there is that 15% of americans who do pay attention to the news. who do try to make the best decision in every election. factoring in everything that is going on with their lives and in the country. those are the people who i think we really have to focus on. that is not to disqualify anyone. everyone should be exposed to this truth, it is fundamental to our democracy and our way of life. but in terms of moving public opinion, those who care about this issue really have to focus on those americans in the middle who make a difference, and you decide most elections. >> thanks to congressman carlos go bellow and dave ehrenberg. coming up, republicans have been pulling a lot of sense lately. all in the name of only only lips. what happens to these antics when they backfire? and end up with a multi billion dollar price tag.
4:35 am
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even when her bladder makes a little drop-off. because candice has poise, poise under pressure and poise in her pants. it takes poise. owning the labs, it's something we hear a lot from republicans these days. according to urban dictionary .com, it means to humiliate, debunk, annoy or assert dominance over liberals or
4:39 am
socially left-leaning individuals. but what happens when you end up humiliated yourself in the process? this past, week a couple of high-profile gop governors trying to pull some moves that ended up back firing. in texas, governor greg abbott ordered state to pursue inspect every single commercial truck crossing from mexico, as part of his strict border policy. his move not only resulted in zero migrate detentions or any illegal drug seizures, but it cost the state more than four billion dollars according to his own agricultural commissioner. starving his own voters to own the lives, according to this op-ed. florida, ron desantis has moved a strip disney of its tax status for daring to stand out of the so-called don't say gay law. it could leave taxpayers on the hook for more than one billion dollars on bond debt. he's also willing to let floridians taxes go up to own the lids, according to vanity fair. now look, we can poke fun at these moves but there are very
4:40 am
real consequences here, and i'm going to break those down with my next guest. joining me now is texas state representative jasmine crockett. representative, so happy to have you here. i know you had a busy day yesterday, but let's get started. the governor of your state pulled this border move with the trucks, it ended up with a price tag of about 4.3 billion dollars. billion dollars. what do you make of this? >> come on, first of, all good morning to you. i'm very excited to be on with you. but listen, our governor continues to play games. and he's playing games with real peoples lives. we can't afford, in the middle of trying to recover from a pandemic, to be losing money like this. it's just fiscally irresponsible. and it's all just for the purpose of making sure that his base is really excited, but i don't know what is exciting about losing this type of money. >> well, so, losing that type
4:41 am
of money, it's actually going to have an impact on the polls, and your opinion? it's there going to be enough of a pain felt in the pocket books for people to not have somebody like greg abbott stay in office? >> no. i absolutely have no faith that this will keep voters from doing the right thing, which is to vote for beto o'rourke. i mean, he is our only option at this point. the reality is that the governor has spent and wasted so many taxpayer dollars as that relates to going after the parents of trans children, this particular stunt, when we're dealing with record inflation right now. it doesn't make any sense. i don't know, really, if there is a bottom that he can go to that will stop people from voting for him. it's almost like when trump said he could go out and kill someone and still be reelected. it's that type of attitude that these governors are taking, that they can do anything and they will still absolutely earned the support of their
4:42 am
base. and that is what is going wrong, honestly, in this country. because we've gotten away with doing what's just makes good common sense. it's not helping us to have this kind of debt, especially when we're trying to look at the fact that we're still not paying her teachers as we should be paying our teachers. and we're losing teachers and record fashion. so, why would you do something like this? >> your state is still staying in the focus of our country, because representative, i have learned, and the reporting is, house minority leader kevin mccarthy is set to lead a group of fellow republican lawmakers to the southern border in texas on monday. this is coming as the biden administration recorded roughly 221,000 migrant arrests at the southern border for just a month of march. it was the highest monthly number of border encounters in two decades. we've seen prior trips to the border end up being failed photo ops, even for greg abbott. so, is this trip, in your opinion, just more political
4:43 am
theater or is this a winning issue? this border issue, is that a winning issue for the gop on a national level? >> listen, it's a field trip. okay? and i'm tired of the field trips to the border. i will say this, especially when it comes to the latinos, i have been hearing more and more of them down in the border area saying things like we don't want them here. it is the oddest thing to me. but i will say that they are making traction with some of the latinos as they, quote unquote, appeared to be strong on border security. now, the reality is a whole other issue about whether or not there is some strength. i've even had some conversations about why would you vote for trump, and they would say things like, because he's strong. and so, it's this appearance of strength. and that is what the republicans are doing. they are going out and they are trying to look strong on border security. so, it probably will net them some votes, but it's nothing
4:44 am
more than a photo op as the other situations have been. >> representative, i've got only about 30 seconds left with you. i just wanted to quickly ask you, is it just as bad in texas as it's perceived outside of texas? in terms of the state of modern politics. is that really as divisive there as we've all seen it be? >> it's kind of like performative politics. i will tell you, a lot of my republican colleagues behind the scenes agree with a lot of the things that we are fighting for. but they are not allowed to publicly stand up and say that they agree. i will say, it's a lot of performative politics. >> well, texas state representative jasmine crockett, thank you for being here. and thank you for all of your advocacy, we appreciate it. coming up, the internet had a fun time decoding footage released by the kremlin this week. a, quote, bloated vladimir putin prompting all kinds of router rumors. but what are the real world implications here? i'm breaking down this week's
4:45 am
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4:49 am
>> understand, it is not necessary for people to believe this information. in order to weaken democratic institutions. you just have to flood a country's public square with enough ross to itch. you just have to raise enough questions, spread enough dirt. plant enough conspiracy theorizing. that citizens no longer nowhere to believe. >> some choice words from former president obama there. who was seemingly taken on a new roll lately. a kind of disinformation czar. we are in dire need for when these days as conspiracies theories once reserved for some of the most fringe corners of the internet, they are making
4:50 am
their way into the mainstream. and while they can be funny to think about, we know that sometimes they can have a very real implications. welcome to a new segment on the katie fang. show the conspiracy corner, where we debunked the latest in the are you kidding me? here are three that caught my eye this week. first, loaded vladimir putin video heightens theories that russian leaders are sick. new video of him gripping a table has prompted lots of rumors that he has parkinson's disease, and is even bathing in the blood of deer antlers to stay healthy. the kremlin, of course, denies that he is sick. next up. new qanon conspiracy theory includes a magical bed for a zombie jfk. i will let that one sink in for a second. or maybe not. some believe the jfk is still alive and useful doubt due to his so-called med beds. he may also think that donald trump, you know, the vision of youth.
4:51 am
that he is one of these met beds. next up, a conspiracy theory about cobra venom in north carolina's water supply. one person says they keep getting calls about this. the rumor stems from a conspiracy theory that the -- planted snake venom in the water supply to cause satanic -- here is dean obeidallah, host of the dean obeidallah show. i just want that you are actually a lawyer. we are all recovering, lawyers i gas. what is your reaction? what is going on here. do you believe any of the stuff that you are hearing here? >> first, of all i love conspiracy corners. it is a great title. right down the street from donald trump on -- boulevard. this is what we are living through. you are talking about it now, katie. it seems outrageous. but things are happening in
4:52 am
real life that if i told you a year ago they canceled making us, i would say, no, get out of here. now we have republicans trying to cancel latin just to get back in business. this is what we are living. you want what putin one, the pictures look odd. he is in appropriately holding a desk there. like he has an affinity with a piece of wood. not sure what is going on. if he stays sick, or is the idea that during war we have to emasculate the leader, have a strongman leader on the -- side? the but there are people running with. it it looks like something is up. bathing enabler blood? to be younger or something? i would do it if it was real. i am not above that. but i don't think that is really going on. trouble being weighed down by the war. it is now manifesting and physical problems on some level. >> dean, though, as phony as
4:53 am
some of these headlines are, the disinformation that is behind them can be dangerous. that is why president obama is out there talking about it. he called it the rossi witch in the public square. dean, how do we keep this type of disinformation from spreading? >> i think just fact check it with. me email, me i will tell you if it is real. i am offering to the entire country to be the human fact checker for america. i will give it a check mark. criminal thinking skills is something that should be taught in our schools for the next generation, for the left and the right. i get emails from some of my buddies on the left, saying things like, there is no source here. you are spending me an email that you just want to believe. and on the right, you are seeing people who want to commit a january six terrorist tack. there are people who genuinely believe that trump won the election because they told him that. and they think they are patriots by attacking their capital. the -- wind of course is the qanon jfk
4:54 am
junior bed. but you have to wonder, you are the people who are falling for those emails saying, you won a lottery in a we have never heard of. these are the people they do. it is remarkable. people believe what they want to believe and actually act on it. that is hard. >> dean, you have your radio show, you are involved in the media. does it make sense to put guardrails and make them even tighter to prevent this type of spread of misinformation and disinformation? >> both of us being lawyers,, we are going to say how problematic that is. how do you have a legal standard for what you can and cannot stay? for me, the answer for information you don't like is more, words more language. it goes down to critical thinking skills. make people question how they get information. just because you like a politician like donald trump, do not believe everything he has said. look at his track record. there are people out there that want to believe in the qanon stuff.
4:55 am
if you want to believe it folks, i want to shell sell shares in my new unicorn -- jfk junior provides the unicorns all day, there is a special that where you go back in time and never age. it is remarkable. it sounds ridiculous, but if john f. cain junior was there, you might believe it, you might take advantage of it, and profit off of these lies. even doing acts of violence. that is where you see the beds that i think some of the people talk about in the article, having a financial incentive to lie to people about these beds being great. and they are not, they are alive. >> well, dean if you are in florida i think the next attack is going to be rhonda scientists on those critical thinking skills, so we are going to have to have you come back to remind us. dean obeidallah, thank you so much for being with us this morning. later today and msnbc, yasmin vesuviana has a story you will not want to mess. >> coming up shortly on msnbc,, defending the skies over
4:56 am
ukraine. one of the pilots saying? i am talking with ukrainian fire pilot known as -- on the challenges that he sees daily. that is straight ahead, on msnbc reports, with jasmine for syrian.
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of msnbc hub on peacock, every thursday and friday. ali velshi starts right now. >> today on velshi, new details about how much help a certain failed former president had from elected republicans in his bid to overthrow the election and american democracy. plus, president volodymyr zelenskyy says the u.s. secretaries of state and defense are expected to visit ukraine today in a show of support for the embattled nation. but he says they should not come empty handed. we've got eyes on kyiv, we're going to bring you the very latest. and, because fossil fuels are so key to vladimir putin's grip on global power, his unprovoked attack on ukraine has jump-started a crucial conversation about climate change. the washington state government jay inslee joined president bi


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