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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  June 2, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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the gun violence endemic claiming more innocent lives with another mass shooting. this threat of gun violence is hanging over us in our workplaces, in our grocery stores, our theaters, our schools, our churches. it is becoming a terrifyingly normal part of our everyday lives. this time it's tulsa, oklahoma, at the center of the tragedy after a gunman open fire at a hospital wednesday, killing four people. police say the gunman appeared to have taken his own life as well. authorities say the attack was not random, but not provided any further details so far. there is a press conference in the next hour on the investigation into the shooting. we'll bring you that when it happens. according to the gun violence archive, the tulsa attack marks the 20th mass shooting in the united states since last week's massacre at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, that
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left 19 students and 2 teachers dead. in uvalde families continue the excruciating task of burying their loved ones, their children. today three little girls murdered in robb elementary will be laid to rest. all between just 10 and 11 years old. during the shooting, 17 others suffered life-threatening injuries. the tribune reported five of the wounded are still being treated in the hospital, including a 10-year-old girl who remains in serious condition. the gunman's own grandmother shot in the face before the school rampage, now slowly recovering. meanwhile, rear hearing from the uvalde mother who ran into the school to rescue her two children, her sons, after being handcuffed by law enforcement. >> nothing was being done. if anything, they were being more aggressive on us parents that were willing to go in there. as i told the officer, i don't
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need your protection. i need you to go in there with me to go protect my kids. if anything, they were being more aggressive on us. they were more pertained on keeping us back than getting into that school. >> not the first time we've heard this from parents recounting what took place outside robb elementary on that day last week. just a heartbreaking scenario there. meanwhile, the suspect in a racist mass shooting at a grocery store in buffalo, new york, scheduled to be arraigned. he's accused of killing ten people. the 18-year-old has pled not guilty. we're covering all of these stories but starting in tulsa with vaughn hillyard. talk us through the details we're learning this morning. >> reporter: yasmin, you and i crossed paths at 30 rock
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momentarily and you were sharing how you came back from uvalde and the stories of 19 kids, 2 teachers and the human stories behind each of these individuals. we made our way here and it's today that we anticipate getting those stories out of oklahoma. there were four civilians shot and killed by a gunman on the second floor of the st. francis hospital in tulsa. the motives of this gunman are not known at this time. we expect authorities to provide a press conference in the upcoming hour with hopefully more details. from the knowledge we do have at this hour, this particular gunman went to the second floor here. there's an orthopedic wing of this hospital. he was carrying two firearms, a got gun as well as a rifle. the exact aspects of that rifle are not clear at this time. that's when he began opening fire. authorities say that he was not
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a random act of violence but intentional. exactly who he was targeting, though, it's unclear. atf is here at the scene. at least one other individual was injured. we do not have an update at this time. but upon the 911 calls coming in at 4:51 local time, about three minutes later authorities said is when the first police officers arrived. in stark contrast to the events that unfolded in uvalde, the police outlined their timeline of those police officers making their way to that second floor where they heard those gunshots within a period of four to five minutes. as they work to open up a particular door, that is when the gunman is believed to have inflicted gunshot wounds upon himself. this male is 35 to 40 years old. is the gunman we are told. we do have an update that there was a bomb squad down the road that was sent to a particular home in the neighborhood. we have an update, though, there was no bomb found at that particular site. the investigation is squared up
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right at this hospital here in tulsa. >> how is the community reacting that this gun violence, mass shootings has now arrived in tulsa? >> reporter: you know, when you're talking about law enforcement here, we were hearing from authorities last night that after uvalde, the response of law enforcement was at the forefront of everybody's mind here. the images that our local affiliates and local teams were capturing outside were individual family members talking to loved ones inside of the hospital on lockdown. one woman was telling our local affiliates that her husband was in the basement with no cell signal. all he left her a message that there was an active shooter here. she came to this hospital frantic. those are the type of stories, four civilians dead in tulsa. we're awaiting their stories and the human face behind who those individuals are. >> vaughn, one more question before i let you go because i
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know you have a lot of reporting to do on the ground there. do we know how long it took for the police to respond to the shooting from when he entered the hospital to when he took his own life? >> reporter: from the official timeline authorities provided, the initial 911 call came in at 4:51 local time. authorities said the first police officers arrived on the scene here just three minutes later. it was within four to five minutes that the -- they were able to reach the second floor where the gunman was. authorities say they were attempting to enter that doorway is when they believe that gunman inflicted gunshot wounds upon himself and killing himself. >> yeah, comparatively, and i ask that question, of course, because we're still looking into the police response on the ground in uvalde, texas. obviously, four to five-minute response time in tulsa, oklahoma, when it comes to the police. in uvalde, texas, it's however an hour, hence why we're digging
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into the investigation as to why it was that happened. vaughn, thank you. appreciate you reporting on the ground there for us. want to bring in now nbc news correspondent gaud venegas standing by in uvalde. every day we lerp more and more about what took place last tuesday. there was the idea that the shooter was barricaded into room 112 and 111. steve mccraw holding the press conferences outside, the school said, listen, he was barricaded, there was a negotiate, a negotiator. now we're hearing the mayor was, in fact, with that negotiator as he was trying to reach out to the shooter inside the funeral home, which is just across the way from the school. talk us through some of these new details we're learning. >> reporter: yasmin, good morning. right, we have different bits of information regarding this investigation. some coming from the press conference, other we learned from city officials like the mayor.
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the mayor spoke to telemundo yesterday. he says he arrived at the funeral home right over there. he arrived minutes after the first 911 phone call was made. he describes standing next to who would have been the negotiator, talked about the negotiator trying to get ahold of the gunman through a cell phone and gave more details about what was happening those minutes after those first 911 calls were made. he also addressed the talk about local authorities, specifically the school district police chief not cooperating. reports he wasn't fully cooperating with the state investigators. this is what the city mayor had to say yesterday in part of the conversation he had with telemundo. >> some source, according to the report of dps, said the uvalde police department and the ucsid are not coordinating or will not talk to dps on this matter. if that was the case, why wasn't
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i called to tell him my officers wouldn't talk? because that's a no go for me right off the bat. we're going to be as transparent as we need to be. >> reporter: now, that report, there was a statement from investigators saying that the police chief, pete arredondo, had not responded to a follow-up interview they had requested days before. now there's even more details. the new york times now reports a senior county official says that the second teacher who was killed talked to her husband on the phone. her husband, who is a police officer with the school district police, they had spoken on the phone and he was not allowed to enter the school, waiting outside with the rest of the police officers. so, every day we learn more details about this investigation, yasmin. >> speaking to the credibility issue that police force is facing, not only a local police force in uvalde, but the police
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force that heads up the school, pete arredondo the chief of that. tell me what we're learning from the superintendent from when they return to school, i believe in 74 days or so, they won't be returning to robb elementary. instead they'll be going somewhere else. what are we learning about this? >> reporter: there's been a lot of discussion about what would happen with the school. a lot of the parents and local officials saying they did not want the students to return to the school, so as you said yesterday the superintendent sent the message saying they won't be returning. we spoke with local state senator roland gutierrez who told us, he's going to make sure that the federal funds that are available for tragedies like this one, that those federal funds are used to build a new campus here for those students. meanwhile, the superintendent says they will invest and make sure they accommodate other schools so that after the summer the students can go to other schools in the area, yasmin. >> gaud venegas for us.
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i will let you go. i know you have reporting to do on the ground. want to bring in cedric alexander, now an msnbc law enforcement analyst. cedric, thanks for joining us on this. let's talk through a couple of the details because i do have a lot of outstanding questions as we deal with this rash of gun violence and mass shootings in this country, at an all-time high, it seems. let's talk about details we're learning in uvalde as we just spoke with gaud. one we're learning from the maude, he was in the funeral home, directly across the street from the school, kind of two blocks away from the memorial in which you've seen a lot of our reporters outside of. i want to be clear here, what we know about this is, the negotiator actually never made contact with the shooter, right? so, despite the fact this detail is now being shared, there was no ongoing negotiation, even though we heard steve mccraw from dps saying it was a
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barricaded situation, correct me if i'm wrong, but when you have a barricaded situation, that means there's no immediate threat and there may be a negotiation, neither of which was true? >> clearly, that's the case. here's the problem here, yasmin. this entire event in uvalde involving the state police, local police, and the school police, we've been receiving misleading and confusing information right from the beginning. and we're still in that space. so every day we're hearing something different, but trying to put it all together just doesn't make any sense to anyone. it becomes even more conflicting to people who live in that community who have lost their loved ones. you know, the issue is here for that community and we have talked about this before, they're just going to clearly have to be an outside independent investigation. but anything coming from the state police at this point, who fumbled a great deal of
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information, gave up a lot of misleading information, even to their own state governor, and then to come back to try to walk it back just has not worked. every day we're hearing something different. so, at this point, we kind of -- up, i can only imagine people in that community and across the country don't really know what to loo believe. we're trying to report out as best we can, but the reporting is just -- it's just so spotty. and there's no credibility in terms of -- from anybody that's coming from that community, even from the law enforcement community. people are just not trusting anything that's being said. it's like everybody trying to cover for themselves. the fact of the matter is, hopefully the department of justice will get in there and make some sense of this to people who live in that community and this country, because nobody on the ground in law enforcement, in my opinion, really have the credibility at this point with the community to be able to really help anybody
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understand what really took place. it is really sad. >> yeah. incredibly sad. before i let you go, cedric, all these gun -- all this gun violence, all these mass shootings, are police departments prepared for something like? you see a five-minute response time in tulsa and over an hour response time and neutralizing the shooter in uvalde, texas, a huge difference here. >> well, you're talking about 18,000 different police departments in this country, yasmin. we have to keep that -- you know, we have to take that into account. certainly, you have departments out there that are well trained and ready to act and engage in an active shooter situation. and i truly believe from my own speshs that's going to be the majority of your departments out there. i would hope the general public doesn't take this one incident there in texas and try to blanket it to other departments across the country because i can tell you, what we just saw unfortunately there in tulsa,
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and many other departments across the country, they will engage, they will seek and find and hunt down that shooter in a mass shooting incident. that's what they're trained to do. that's what they know they have to do in those situations. what we saw in uvalde, quite frankly, is very atypical of what generally would happen. >> yeah, we're looking at a couple minute response time in buffalo, new york, the last three mass shootings we've seen in this country over the last three weeks. just astoundsing to even think about the timing of all of that. cedric alexander, thank you. coming up, we have live pictures of the house judiciary's emergency meeting on capitol hill to mark up gun safety legislation. we'll talk to congresswoman madeleine dean about what the package looks like. first up, new questions about when president biden knew about the baby formula crisis and why he was not told sooner. you're watching "jose
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recall chesa boudin now.
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welcome back, everybody. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon saying americans should, in fact, brace themselves for an economic hurricane. he predicts that the war in ukraine could actually send oil prices even higher. that warning, by the way, is coming as gas prices are shooting up. aaa saying the national average for regular rose another five cents overnight to $4.72 a gallon. up ten cents in the past two days. new york for its part trying to give drivers some relief, suspending the state's 16 cents gas tax through the end of the year. meantime, the president saying planes filled with thousands of pounds of baby formula will, in fact, arrive in the united states in the coming days. the news came as he met with executives from companies that
7:21 am
produce baby formula, who said they were aware in february there would be a shortage. the president saying he didn't know about the severity of the problem until april. let's talk about of this with us michele sindor and heather long, economic columnist for "the washington post." let's talk through some of these issues, first and foremost. i know there's this new effort by the white house, the biden administration to keep people abreast of updated on the delivery and/or availability of baby formula during this crisis. what are we learning about that? >> what we really know is the white house saying they'll be flying baby formula over from overseas and trying to stock the shelves. there's still a big question about where people will be able to get the formula, which shelves will be stocked and which won't. there's also this question about why president biden didn't know until much later about what was going on with the baby formula shortage. we heard from our colleagues who wrote that incredible piece for
7:22 am saying he's frustrated, he wanted to be briefed by his staff sooner. the white house staff saying, again, it's on us. somewhat mirrors what happened with janet yellen saying, i'm the reason inflation is something we weren't thinking of. you have a lot of people falling on different swords. but president biden says the buck still stops with the president. there's a lot of questions specifically for him, even though his aides are taking a lot of the flack for him. >> i want to stay with that for one moment. i'm curious about it. i can't help but think back before the pandemic, how long ago was that, and the issue of supply of ppe. there was a time in the trump administration that there was an indication we were going to have a lack of ppe heading into something like a pandemic if that's, in fact, something we faced. lo and behold and we have a pandemic and there wasn't enough ppe. and there was a conversation
7:23 am
about who the buck stops and command issue. i'm wondering if we're running into the same thing here with baby formula and supply chain issues. the president taking the responsibility, ultimately, but is there a chain of command issue when it comes to reporting something like this could be around the corner? >> i think it's definitely -- there's definitely a conversation happening about the chain of command. that's more when it comes to the baby formula issue and the idea of who needed to know what when. there was the issue of there wasn't a permanent fda commissioner so there's question whether this information was delayed getting to the president. there's the question of when people saw this as a crisis, which is what lands on the desk of the president. as you know, he's juggling so many challenges. there's a real question there. when it comes to the supply chain issue, that's something that's more an issue of president biden really saying, i'm going to be the one to try to figure this out because supply chain issues were happening when he was coming into office. he pledged he was going to figure out how to deal with all these things.
7:24 am
his pitch all along was, we are going to be the experienced team. we'll be the brain trust that have all these different people that have weathered crises and come together and weather this pandemic together. economy and inflation and supply chain issues go hand in hand with that. >> heather, let's talk about where we are in this economy and who's benefiting or not. the brilliant piece you wrote, writing about how this is all playing out in this economy right now. and it seems as if one of the ways in which to slow down this economy and also to avoid any kind of recession is, okay, people have to continue spending, right? we have some wage growth but obviously we're looking at supply chain issues. we're looking at major inflation as well. some folks are able to keep spending. if you have the money, you can keep spending. a lot of folks not benefiting from any of this and it's becoming incredibly difficult for them, especially if you're looking at gas prices. >> you're absolutely right. there is no relief in site right now on the gas prices, the
7:25 am
grocery prices and rent, which is the biggests item many people face in their monthly budget, particularlile many hourly workers struggling. we're trying to see, the hard truth is for this white house, the way to control inflation and bring it back down is slow down the economy. that's really painful. that could mean some layoffs. that is certainly going to be a lot of pain for people. what we're lsh seeing the top 40%, americans earning six figures or above, they are still able to spend. that's why you see air flights are full, disney world is packed, the beaches and vacation hot spots abroad are booming again. when you look at the walmart shopper, the people who are struggling, who are not able to afford any extras anymore, they are really cutting back. you heard the walmart chief
7:26 am
executive talking a few weeks ago how people are going back and only able to afford the basics right now. you're seeing that have/have not economy back in force. >> absolutely. some great points there for you both. thank you. thank you for sharing that piece with us. good news, everybody, for all those aspiring to work at the white house, the. the is announcing that white house interns will, in fact, be paid for the first time in history. d.c. is going to be crazy this summer, huh? the new intern program launches this fall. saying paid interns will help students and making sure it reflects the diversity of america. we'll go live to ukraine where ukrainian troops are suffering significant setbacks in the east. we have the latest from the ground. we have the latest from the we have the latest from the grounds you? what do you want to leave behind? what do you want to give back?
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. some more breaking news this hour. it is 30 past the hour and breaking right now, the biden administration has just announced new sanctions against russia. cracking down on sanctions, evasion, tightening enforcement. the actions include targeting prominent russian officials and business leaders as well and
7:31 am
additional russian oligarchs and elites close to putin. this comes before president biden meets with nato secretary-general at the white house where ukraine will be a big topic of discussion. as ukraine's military released video of what it says is ukrainian ground forces destroying a convoy of russian hardware. nbc news cannot verify where or when this video was shot or authenticate what ukraine's military says. you have ukrainian forces struggling to keep the russians from capturing a key city in the eastern part of the country. let's talk through some of this with richard engel and retired four-star general barry mccaffrey. richard, let me start with you on this one. we love having you on and being able to pick your brain on this. what is standing out, especially in the city of severodonetsk? >> reporter: right now the russians do seem to have
7:32 am
momentum. they are almost finished capturing the city of severodonetsk. that would be an enormous loss for ukraine. but it also would allow russian troops to advance and advance their artillery and threaten other towns and cities here in donbas, including kramatorsk, slovyansk, another city. each city of 100,000 to 150,000 people. they're largely empty now. heavily militarized. some residents remain but the vast majority of the population has left. so, what ukraine is hoping for right now is the arrival of these new american weapons, longer range rockets, and artillery so that they can push the russians back because the russians using their artillery, using conventional tactics are grinding their way through ukrainian towns and cities. they're about 80% through severodonetsk right now. if they take all the city, and that does seem likely, then they
7:33 am
would be able -- or certainly in a position to take more population centers. that is, obviously, what ukraine wants to prevent and they want these long-range weapons in order to drive the russians back without having to send ukrainian troops right into the line of fire. they want to be able to fire back from 40 miles, 30 miles, the maximum range of these new weapons, about 50 miles, so they would be protected while trying to drive the russians out. that's what they're hoping for. we've spoken with ukrainian soldiers. they are counting the days until these weapons get pushed out to the front lines. >> richard, before i let you go, because i do know you have a lot more reporting to do on the ground, i don't want to hold you up, do you feel as if just seeing the way this is all playing out that moscow is literally trying to push the goalpost from 2014 slowly but surely as they're kind of concentrating in the eastern parts of ukraine? >> reporter: well, moscow has been changing the goalposts
7:34 am
several times. initially russia said it wasn't going to invade at all. then it said -- the purpose of the invasion was to capture this part of eastern ukraine to protect the russian speaking population of this country from some alleged oppression by ukraine's supposedly nazi regime, which is an excuse that's been ridiculed around the world. and then as we all know, russia tried to capture the entire country. when that failed, they pulled back the goalposts and say they are only now focused on the donbas region and want to capture the donbas region. this part of eastern ukraine. ukrainian officials do not believe that. they do not believe russia will stop here. they do believe russia is limiting its military objectives now but that once it has secured this part of the country, whether it's in a month from now, a year from now or several years from now, that the russian regime will continue to try and
7:35 am
take over the entire country. so, that's why they are fighting for every town, every village and are desperate for these new weapons so that they can push the russians back without having to sacrifice as many ukrainian troops to do it. >> richard engel for us, i'm going to let you go. thank you for your incredible reporting on this. general, let's talk through some of the stuff richard laid out. even more sanctions on moscow, on russia. some of putin's cohorts listed in that folks sanctioned. coupled with the add nounsment of the biden administration, we're sending long-range missiles as well with the commitment they won't be firing these missiles into russian territory. fingers crossed, that's not going to happen on a global scale. all of that being said, in your estimation, general, your wartime estimation, what is making more of a difference, the sanctions or should the united states continue to push and send more artillery, more munitions to ukraine? >> obviously, both.
7:36 am
but that was a masterful summary by richard engel on the ground. i couldn't agree more. this will -- the donbas will only be a phase one objective for putin. it is impossible to imagine that he won't condition to seize all of ukraine either through a continuous attack or waiting a year and then taking up the assault again. i think it's also clear that these sanctions are vital. the biden administration has done a masterful job bringing nato together, indeed the global community, orchestrating all of this. it's simply astonishing what they have achieved. all of it will be not if the russian army destroys the ukrainian elite forces in the east. right now there's a huge mismatch in air power and artillery. the russians are tactically
7:37 am
winning on the ground. our arms shipment to ukraine is inadequate. there were four himars missile launchers now being sent to ukraine. the poles are buying 500 missile launchers from us. so, we're metering this stuff out. we have extreme political sensitivities. you have to respect the president of the united states for not wanting this war enlarged, but we've got to get massive resupply of the ukrainians on the ground in the short run or they may lose the army and then lose the country. >> general, let me ask you this. as we talk about push, the goalpost, do you think, as was suggested by secretary kissinger, that ukraine should cede some territory to russia to end the war? would that even do it? >> oh, no. when you look at putin's lack of soul, the inner putin, he wants to reintegrate all of ukraine back into mother russia, along with georgia and moldova and
7:38 am
probably belarus also. the balkin states, that's rebuilding the ussr. putin is driven by his historical, cultural desire to enlarge russia, the russian speaking peoples. he's not going to stop. the ukrainians have, with their courage and their smart thinking and excellent tactical actions on the ground, have fought them to a standstill. but poor zelenskyy doesn't think he can surrender ground at all politically. so, they're not maneuvering. they can't shorten their lines, pull back and garner strength to attack in the south. he's really stuck. we've got to give them more technology. the tactical missile, 190 of my highly range, they should have it in a couple of weeks. >> general mccaffrey, we thank you. leaders from the western hemisphere will meet with the
7:39 am
president next week for the summit of the americas. why there is controversy over the guest list. that's coming up. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." diaz-balart reports. nice and quiet. hey, look! it's your mom! hot dog? (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) iphone 13 on us. on any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on.
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a-plus. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. it's 43 past the hour. right now you've got final preparations under way for next week's summit of the americas in los angeles. this is the first time the united states is going to host this gathering of western hemisphere countries since the inaugural session back in 1994. the biden administration's plans could actually be in jeopardy with mexico's president threatening to skip the summit unless all countries in the hemisphere are, in fact, united. nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli joining us. talk to us about the potential of the boycott, is the white house worried, and why aren't all countries invited? >> reporter: the white house says the summit is going to go ahead despite the invitation
7:44 am
list of who decides to attend or not attend. this is a potential embarrassment for the biden administration as they host this summit for the first time in nearly three decades. this is a summit that happens every three years. when you look at one of the major political challenges for the biden administration has been this migration surge at the border. what republicans have often called a border crisis under biden's watch. they had been looking to use this summit as what they called for a regional solution to regional problems. to try to get at the root causes of migration, especially in the northern triangle and central america. what we're also seeing now is a different issue has caused mexico and other countries to threaten to boycott this summit. that has to do with cuba. you may remember in 2015 i was actually at that summit of the americas when it was hosted in panama. then president obama had an historic meeting with raul castro, the head of cuba, as the obama administration was leading to a thaw of relations with
7:45 am
cuba. the trump administration redid that, closed that. the biden administration has moved back closer to where the obama administration was but not fully there. and what the other countries say, if cuba isn't invited, we're not going to attend as well. >> we'll see how this plays out. coming up next, right now on capitol hill, members of the house judiciary committee are writing up gun administration. we'll talk to madeleine dean, who's on the committee, about what's in the package. on the co on the co what's in the package. what goes on it. usually. and in it. mostly. here to meet those high standards is the walgreelth and wellness brand. over 2000 high quality products. rigorously tested by us.
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7:50 am
"morning joe." >> i'm confident in our negotiators and the question then is, are there enough votes in the senate to get this -- to get this passed? i don't know yet. i think i've got partners at the table right now who have a lot of credibility a lot of credibility in the republican caucus. that makes me feel good about our chances. >> get right into this. pennsylvania congressman madeleine dean sits on the house committee sits with me. congresswoman, thanks for joining me. i want to get right into it. we don't have a lot of time together. i wish we had more. let me just naught out there. first and foremost, the house is considering special conditions, raging the age limit to an all-out rifle ban. the senate is not. more incremental changes. knowing they have a slim majority in the senate, what do you make of that. not even weighing possibility of restrictions on assault rifles? >> well, i'm really here to tell you i'm pleased to be on the
7:51 am
judiciary committee and right now as you said we are marking up an omnibus bill around gun violence called "protecting our kids" act. in there is that's one piece of legislation you talked about, raising the age, which you could buy an assault-style weapon, as was apparently used in both buffalo and uvalde. raising the age from 18 to 21. it's a logical step. >> yes. >> so i'm very encouraged what we are marking up. it is a more ambitious set of bills to tackle this heartbreaking crisis that we are in, but i'm also heartened and i've been hearing from senator murphy that there are conversations. so while the senate is talking and having conversations, republicans and democrats, we here in the house are acting. we have to give people hope. i'm a mother and a grandmother. my eldest grandchild is 10 years old. i am -- it's soul crushing that
7:52 am
we as a society can't do more to protect our children. so we're going to do more here in the house. i take comfort and hope in the fact that the senate is also working, but this is going to be a long, difficult road, but the prize couldn't be anymore important. saving lives. >> congresswoman, i want to read for you from former secretary of homeland security jay jannon's "washington post" op-ed. in trying, in talking about addressing what needs to happen in order for change to come. especially getting republican senators onboard. republican lawmakers onboard. he says this -- something graphic is required to awaken the public to the real horror of these repeated tragedies. goes on to say -- certain images do more than speak 1,000 words. some actually are real to us. what no words can adequately convey. images have the capacity to shock the conscience into
7:53 am
action, galvanize a population and alter the course of history. what do you make of that? >> i have to admit, those are thoughts i have had all along. i was a state legislaor when sandy hook happened, and i wondered then if people actually saw the carnage, the loss, the devastation and destruction to a human life, to a baby, to a child, maybe that would do it. i thought that same thing when we talked about the slaughter in ukraine. if people saw the loss of lives, a member of parliament came here with a binder showing photographs of the children, but obviously, i understand the need to be as discreet as possible. but for these parents who have lost everything, some would agree to it maybe, the visual -- we -- i can't imagine the visual. i have not been on the scene of this kind of carnage, and, of course, i have nightmares about it. so sadly i have had that very
7:54 am
same thought. >> i tell you, i was on the ground in uvalde, texas, for six days, i believe. every single person i spoke to, gun owners, by the way, said there should either be a ban on rs and/or raise the age. a former armyman looked directly in the camera and said an 18-year-old should not be able to buy an ar. heard in washington and the work you're doing in the house and also in texas, specifically in the community of uvalde. congresswoman madeleine dean, thank you. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." we'll be right back. re watchin diaz-balart reports. we'll be right back. still got it. (whistle blows) your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. welcome back, everybody. this morning historic celebrations under way in london. marking queen elizabeth
7:58 am
cclxx-year reign. this on the balcony of buckingham palace following recent health issues. earlier we saw a break from tradition the trooping of the color ceremony. taking a royal salute on the queen's behalf. and keira, good to talk to you. talk us through all that's happening so far today. >> reporter: a little breaking news for you before we get started on that. prince andrew, who, you remember, was not set to attend many of the events through these four days, but was expected to attend a service tomorrow, and now saying with regret he, announcement made, tested positive for covid. >> oh,well. >> reporter: the palace confirmed he did see the queen in the past few days but not since testing positive. so prince andrew, therefore, because of that report from the palace that he's tested positive, he will not attend any
7:59 am
of the events for the jubilee celebrations. some in the royal family breathing a sigh of relief, quite frankly, because this morning things have set off very, very well. what a historic morning. crowds flooding the mile here behind me on the way to buckingham palace. the queen coming out on the balcony extraordinary composure from the queen there, as she looked out across enormous numbers of admiring people from britain and from around the world, but you know, there were three generation of royals on display here today, but three young royals, really, stole the show. i saw them as they came by on a carriage with kate here and you saw kate and camilla. as the carriage came by you saw kate's children, and they were smiling, they were waving,
8:00 am
looking like they were trying to behave themselves and then, of course, on the balcony, louis didn't quite manage to behave himself, didn't seem to enjoy the flyover and the balcony that launched 1,000. >> always incredibly amazed by the composure and behavior of those children. my kid would be jumping out of that carriage immediately. so good on that. and what day to be celebrating in london. as always, my friend good to see you. thanks for joining us. be sure to check out keir new bod cast "born to rule: when charles is king." andrea mitchell picks things up right now. good morning, everyone. this is "andrea mitchell reports" in washington with new details on yet another tragic and deadly mass shooting. we're expecting a press conference in


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