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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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wallace. the special will raise funds for those impacted by the ongoing war in ukraine. featuring appearances by aly shah keys, paul mccartny and more. watch is 7:00 sunday. and 10:00 p.m. eastern here on maria butina. you can also catch me on the katy fang show. and stream new original episodes of the show thursday and friday. on msnbc hub on peacock. please enjoy safely your holiday weekend. the "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. tonight on the "the reidout." >> i would have wiped the floor with the guys that weren't loyal. which i will now do. which is -- i love getting people. >> slow down. you love getting even with people. >> absolutely. if given the opportunity i will
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get even with people that were disloyal to me. i had a group of people -- >> how do you define. >> they didn't come to my aide. >> long before he was president, trump was already acting and talking like a mob boss. and after this weeks explosive testimony from former west wing aide cassidy hutchinson, we're learning about the mob like tactics team maga is using to try to keep people quiet. florida distoep yan don't say gay law takes effect. causing havoc in school and stoking fear. we talk about a major television event she's leading this weekend to raise money for the victim of putin's aggression in ukraine. we begin tonight with the journey back in time. to an era when a republican actually took on mob style tactics. like most americans you probably don't know a lot about thomas. other than the infamous photo. declaring the then governor of
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new york president over harry truman. he made his name as a special prosecutor targeting the most notorious figures. a bootlegger and name they may found familiar to board walk empire fans. >> nukky thomp son. waxy gordon. they have problems they come to us. >> exactly why we don't need them. >> in 1933, waxy's problem was that he was being prosecuted for tax evasion by thomas due wi. he told the court most of the witnesses. we call have been thoroughly intimidated. he won the case presenting more than 100 witnesses to put gordon away for paying just $10 in taxes in 1930.
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evading hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes. so why is it his prosecution relevant today? well, the house january 6 investigation is not a mob prosecution but the way that it's playing out is a revealing lots of mob style tactics. including allegations of possible witness tampering and intimidation. at the end of cassidy hutchinson's testimony last week, vice chair liz cheney gave two examples including this one. >> this is a call received by one of our witnesses. quote a person let me know you have a deposition tomorrow. he wants me to let you know he's thinking about you. he knows you are loyal and you are going to do the right thing when you go in for your deposition. >> lots of journalists including myself wondered who the witness was. who was being tampered with. since it was not stated at tuesday's hearing. confirmed that that vailed warning was sent to hutchinson. two sources say she was
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contacted by someone attempting to influence her testimony. a source familiar with hutchinson deposition says the person referenced at the beginning of the message was former white house chief of staff mark meadows. meadows has denied that he or anyone in the camp attempted to influence her testimony. but a reminder, he could always just answer the committee subpoena and say that under oath. there's also the question of why we even received this public testimony from cassidy hutchinson. former trump white house official revealed on thursday that she is the one who put hutchinson in touch with liz cheney. >> trump world was assigning lawyers to a lot of the staffers who themselves don't have big -- >> assigning lawyers? >> covering the costf lawyers for people who don't have big legal defense funds to themselves. >> paying cassidy hutchinson's lawyer? >> that's my understanding. she had someone who had been in the white house counsel office,
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still aligned with trump world. she did her interview and complied with the committee. she shared with me there's more i want to share that was not asked in the settings. how do we do this. and in that process, she got a new attorney of her own. >> in fact, msnbc confirmed according to financial disclosure, the trump save america political action committee was making regular payments to the firm of the lawyer representing hutchinson. until she changed attorneys about a month before testifying. her current lawyer is by the way a long time ally of former trump attorney general jeff sessions who trump chased out of the job for refusing to fire robert mueller. the new attorney served as sessions chief of staff. joining me now, professor at the university of alabama school of law. former u.s. attorney. along with tim, senior columnist for bloomberg opinion. explain where the line is between reaching out to a witness and saying, hey, our
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client really loves you and is following what you're doing and trump reads those transcripts. where does that become witness intimidation and a crime? >> well i like off things it's a matter of degree. the federal statute that makes it a crime to intimidate or tamper with a witness is very broad. it covers for instance an unsuccessful attempt to keep a witness from testifying. it covers any effort to have a witness not fully disclosed or disclose false information or hold back relevant details. so when you look at this in context and think about whether that e-mail or those communications constitute a threat, you don't have to look just at that single communication alone. you can lock at the entire course of conduct in regard to how witnesses have been treated, how the inquiry into january 6 has been treated by mark meadows, perhaps by the former president. and doj will have every
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incentive to take a close look at this situation. because ultimately the justice system is about getting to the truth. and when you have people who engage in this sort of effort to intimidate particularly a relatively young witness to remind her that she need not cross a line that she might get in trouble in she crosses that line, even absent some sort of explicit threat, this could amount to witness intimidation urn the statute. >> the her former employer or somebody associated with her former employer paying for her lawyers. that is not a crime or improper. but do you see something suspicious in the fact that she came forward only after changing lawyers, away from the maga lawyer to a different set of attorneys and that prompted her to come forward. do you detect that -- it sure did feel like liz cheney was implying that there was something criminal going ton.
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she keeps on making the implication. i did notice that last week. that was one of the things that happened. she switched lawyers. >> it looks like what you see in organized crime cases. where you'll see someone who will not cooperate with the government, who will stick to a story that doesn't make sense. and then sometimes you'll see them sort of having awakening. the new lawyer comes first and sometimes there's some signaling they'd like to have a new lawyer and that's arranged. so this feels familiar to me and i have to tell you that the context makes me very uncomfortable to think that i would compare this sort of situation to something that i have seen in cases involving organized crime. but it's tough to draw any other sort of conclusion. >> it's easy to do it if you are familiar with donald trump. who has a long history of sort of being around sort of mafia style people. let me play michael cohen quick.
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describing the way that trump behaves and the way he behaved including towards him. he was trump's lawyer at one time. >> i was looking at the text messages and the communications that liz cheney put up. and the words were all the same. you are loved. you are in our corner. remain in our corner. we will take care of you. >> what's he saying when he says he's on you, thinking about you. looking at you. >> he's trying to be like a mob boss. throwing his arms arnds you and telling you, you are protected. i'm the president of the united states of america. the most powerful man on the planet. stay on my side or you will suffer from my ire. and that's exactly what happened to me. >> in this case, at least the reporting is indicating it wouldn't necessarily be trump, but it's meadows sort of acting in the guise of trump saying the boss he reads transcripts. he knows what's dwoing going on and it's a allegedly meadows who
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denies it. and there's also this sort of maga attack. on this 25-year-old woman. it sure does feel mob like. >> donald trump's case, it's not just metaphor cal. his original business partners in atlantic city were mobbed up. he intersected with the mob quite literally throughout his entire business career. he told me he openly admired mobsters like john gotti. he talked on a number of occasions about how when he came under pressure, he made sure everyone around him walked the line and he didn't flinch in court. and never cried. trump spoke glowingly about that. and he has a long history of trying to intimidate anybody who doesn't allow him to get his own way. he went after various mayors of new york when he didn't get zoning he wanted. in atlantic city, his lawyer
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there was the uncle of his white house counsel. who was plugged in to the regulatory structure in atlantic city. and would pound away at that when trump wanted his way. remember when he began running for president, he went after judge in the trump university suit. impugning his objectivity because he was an immigrant. which he wasn't. during the impeachment process when testifying, he began tweeting directly at her during her testimony. robert mueller investigation was replete with instances in top trump was publicly signaling through his twitter feed what he expected out of his minnons. you should be like roger stone and keep quiet. don't be like michael cohen and spill the beans. at the time it was directed at pall manafort. under investigation and in prison. he rolls into this situation
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which he's never faced before. he has gotten away with trying to strong arm people and corrupt legal and regulatory processes his whole life. but now he has the full force of a congressional committee. scrutinizing this behavior. and i think the distinct possibility o. department of justice weighing this evidence and coming after him for obstruction of justice and witness tampering. at a minimum i don't know how they don't go after the people around him fairly soon. this is tea leaf reading. i have been aggressive in suggesting there's ample evidence for the justice department to take action. i think what's happened with cassidy hutchinson's testimony is you have more and more evidence linking trump directly to the instances. and if mark meadows was acting as an emissary for trump and signaling he expected someone to toe the line for trump, i would be curious as to the extent to
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which he was operating independently and not at the direction of trump. and i think filling in those blanks, flushing out the fact pattern and really figuring out how this operated is going to be a core thing. for someone outside of the january 6 committee to take on. it's a justice department issue. >> exactly. here's the thing. there's a lot more at stake here, first of all the young woman security. she has to deal with her own security issues. a young person. you have people like pat cipollone who makes decisions about going under oath. he indicated he's willing to speak behind closed doors. what does he say under oath vs. what he might trump might want him to say. you have the two secret service related folks that cassidy hutchinson told a story about something that happened in an suv, they could come forward and people around them are saying they're going to refute it. under oath are they willing to lie about it? lie to congress under oath which is a crime.
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this is more than about just what they're doing to cassidy hutchinson. and the justice department must be taking a look at all of this and the way people ultimately testify. >> you're right and i think it's smart to divide this out into the two separate buckets. one is this witness intimidation bucket. but one is the narrative that cassidy hutchinson tells in her testimony. she's a really interesting witness, particularly when you are talking to the court of public opinion. when you are the january 6 committee, she really casts a broad narrative that gives us more insight into the way the former president behaved around january 6. than anything else we have seen. when you get to doj and you are thinking about prosecutoring a case, a lot of the testimony is hearsay, it puts pressure on the other guys like pat cipollone to come in and testify. it will be awfully interesting to see what they say. >> very much so. under oath. you may not want to lie under
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oath if you don't want to go to jail. thank you both. up next. what can be done to protect reproductive rights. president biden meets with democratic governors on that critical issue today. one of the governors, michelle of new mexico joins me next. ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ (burke) a new car loses about ten percent of its value the minute voltaren. you drive off the lot. or more. that's why farmers new car replacement pays to replace it with a new one of the same make and model. get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, my dental health was so bad i would be in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease.
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i'll be watching you. the internet doesn't have to be duckduckgo is a free all in one privacy app with a built in search engine, web browser, one click data clearing and more stop companies like google from watching you, by downloading the app today. duckduckgo: privacy, simplified. the supreme court decision to strip women of their constitutional rights continues to send devastating shock waves
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throughout the country. this morning the ohio supreme court denied an emergency request to block that states ban on abortion after six weeks. before many women even know they're pregnant. the republican attorney general made clear women's rights to liberty and privacy are not guaranteed in that state constitution. it doesn't look like ohio republicans will stop there. republican state representative who earned the mean jean for her attacks on a veteran during her tenure in congress and calling childbirth due to rape an opportunity for women. told a radio host it is time to consider outlawing all contraception. so you know where they're going with this. president biden hosted a round table discussion with democratic governors on how they're protecting reproductive rights in their state. they called on president biden to deploy federal resources. >> we'd ask you consider your ability to use federal facilities. what am i talking about? veterans hospitals, military bases, and other places where the federal government controls
4:21 pm
the jurisdiction in some of the state that are hostile to women's rights. >> unlike governor in new york, our republican legislature will not mend the constitution. this democratic governor is going to hold the line to protect women's reproductive freedom in our state. >> i think that our indian health service clinics could be another effective vehicle. i will tell you that i have been reached out by a number of sovereign nations who i think would be very supportive and interested. >> progressive democrats want him to be more aggressive in defending the rites. he reaffirmed had the support for nuking the filibuster and pass legislation to inshrine roe into law. a problem caused by two people. >> congress is going to have to act to codify the roe into federal law. i said yesterday the filibuster should not stand in the way of
4:22 pm
us being able to do that. right now, we don't have the votes in the senate to change the filibuster at the moment. the choice is clear, we either elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe, republicans who will elect the house and senate will try to ban abortions nationwide. nationwide. this is going to go one way or the other after november. >> a new associated press poll finds a growing percentage of americans calling abortion and women's rights, priority for the government. in the wake of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade. in a new development, both women and with pro-choice and antichoice views on abortion are equally likely to prioritize the issue. that's not been the case historically. with me new new mexico governor. thank you for being here. the polling is all one sided here. there's a new all in together college poll that shows women younger women, hispanic women and black women, pretty significant shifts towards
4:23 pm
serious concern over roe v. wade and more and more interest in voting in the midterms. i think that's happening. it's clear that voting in november is not going to do much for people right now. how did the president respond to some of your and your fellow governors ideas for things that the president could do administratively right now? >> i think he was incredibly proactive about that. which is why he was prepared to talk about federal resources, public health investment, highlighted the fda rule which upholds tell health access to contraceptives including plan b. those are important critical places for them to already be. to support states like new mexico. and democratic governors who want to make sure we're ensuring access to abortion and abortion care. also dealing with family planning in a productive way and
4:24 pm
protecting a woman's right to have access to contraceptives. i thought that was effective and he heard loud and clear, there's more they can do within the federal government and their power over any number of clinics, facilities and funding to make sure that women and families know where there are safe havens, where they can go and how we might pay for the travel costs and related support for women and families. >> other legal experts have said one of the things the president could do and you heard the governor of new york say it, making federal facilities, over which the administration has control, va homt hospitals and military bases to abortion care in states where it's illegal. is he open to doing that? >> i felt he was open to every idea. he indicated some of the early review indicated that they may
4:25 pm
have some barriers they have to overcome. he wasn't specific about that. i mentioned that indian health services yet another clinical space where we can provide access into other states like oklahoma. that have and that also protects minority women and states like oklahoma have several local rural indian health service clinics and hospitals. >> there have been some push back from indigenous tribes on calls to open abortion clinics. where most people go to get medical care. the banned from performing aborg abortions because of the hide amendment. they are underfunded and people are already sort of underserved in terms of what they're able to receive. is this something for which the administration indicated they are willing to add more money and how will triable sovereignty rights be protected given the supreme court just undercut them. >> absolutely.
4:26 pm
so making sure that sovereign nations particularly on this issue and with a reduction in sovereignty rights by the u.s. supreme court, here they would get to weigh in and decide as they should and when you pointed the younger women and minority women, i will tell you that native american and hispanic and african-american women in new mexico were critical to our ability to repeal a criminalization of abortion and abortion care services. just last year in anticipation of reductions to roe v. wade protections and ultimately what's happened is now no constitutional right to abortion and abortion care services. i think it actually highlights their independence in that way. and while i didn't get a specific endorsement of the federal funding concept here, he didn't say no. i think he did hear loud and clear, if we need more primary care dock access and more primary care services to women in general, putting infusion of
4:27 pm
money that should stay in the wake of roe v. wade, in the ihs clinics and services, is the way in which you would ultimately garner parody. long been an argument by sovereign nations that i would support and can't imagine that any democratic governor would stand in the way of that. >> is your state, which still has the right to abortion and hasn't gotten rid of it, prepared to absorb women from neighboring states. financially prepared and facilities to absorb women from the non-free states who will be pouring in potentially to new mexico. >> so far, we have been able to do that. and our private providers have done incredible job recruiting volunteers during private fund raising. and they're going to keep doing that. we're going to certainly weigh in in any way that we can with public health funds and state funds. we'll ask for federal funds. i can't guarantee that access
4:28 pm
safe legal unless we're willing to expands and deal with that influx of women. that was really the case that governors made today to the president. this is going to have to be a partnership between federal government and states to assure that access is real. we have a strong commitment to do that. >> i cannot believe that in the year of or lord 2022 we're talking about free and essentially state property states for women. unbelievable where we have retracted to in this country. thank you for all you do. new mexico governor, have a wonderful weekend. >> you keep making that statement. i got a 7-year-old soon to be 7-year-old granddaughter. she deserves that we fight like mad. to secure equal rights for everyone and we focus right now on roe v. wade. >> amen. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, republican officials in texas and florida
4:29 pm
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florida wasted no time making a sharp turn from pride month. today it's don't say gay law went into effect.
4:34 pm
limiting lgbtq issues and gerund identity from being even discussed in the classroom. we're hearing reports of teachers being instructed not to wear rainbow clothing and told to take down family photographs of their husbands and wives. the chilling reality is part of the a wave of blatant attacks on education. such as new training also in florida led by governor desantis who spent nearly $6 million to train public school educators on how to teach his particular right wing brand of civics. several south florida high school teachers said the new initiative is infused with right wing christian nationalist ideology. alarm over the mission to sensor propaganda or sugar coat history. also reviewed hundreds of pages of training material from the first training at broward college. slides included president's george washington and thomas jefferson being critical of slavery. making no mention of the fact that each of the men held hundreds of human beings in bondage and bred them like cattle. doing nothing to bring the
4:35 pm
scourge of slavery to an end. joining me now florida state senator and representative. i'm going to let you start. senator jones, tell us how the first day of don't say gay and the new civics education in florida is going. >> thank you for having me. i think you can only imagine how it's going now. orange county currently has already set their rules and set them out to the teachers on how they should operate under this new law. the don't say gay that we have called it. what we're seeing is they told the teachers that they cannot have safe space stickers in their classroom. teachers can't have rainbow flags. nor pictures of their significant others on their desk. even to take a step further, we see what's happening as far as the civic education and you have the college which is a christian institution which training teachers and teaching from the
4:36 pm
conservative christian ideology and focus solely on the theory of originalism. a misrepresented view of slavery also does a disservice to students because they are not the whole truth or different perspectives. do we want our students to be taught a curriculum that misconstrues history? are we being honest telling them the same founders who bought and sold and owned slaves are against the practice? that's not factual history. they're trying to whitewash history and we have known that for quite sometime. >> this is from the same story. it says a 12th grade government and economics teacher in ft. lauderdale said facilitators emphasized most enslaved people in the country were born into slavery. and the colonies didn't buy nearly as many enslaved people during the slave trade as has been portrayed.
4:37 pm
essentially, they're saying the reason you shouldn't feel bad about slavery is they were born and bred into slavery. they weren't being bought from africa. that's better. >> well, i can tell you the institution of slavery proved to be a very difficult issue for the founding fathers and to navigate. they had been born to a slave society and morality of owning slaves was rare ri questioned. they never did anything about it. you misconstrue slavery and saying it was peaches and cream that black folks went through, involuntarily coming to the country and now you are sugar coating. that's not accurate history. we're doing right now within the state of florida and across the country is the republicans speak about socialism and speak about communism and but doing the same thing they blame democrats for doing. >> the name is called authoritarian socialism. it's roughly what they used to do in the soviet union. let me play michigan state
4:38 pm
senator, she describes it as happy history. >> i am tired of white legislators like the senator from the 15th district, the senator from the 22nd district, lecturing black people that the united states is post racial, we're done with race. the beeler bill is yet another in a long line of happy history bills. introduced by republicans across the country which are designed to terrify teachers into avoiding any meaningful discussion about racial discrimination on pain of losing their job or causing school funding to be with held. >> to give you examples of this state representative, wisconsin school board members dismissed a book about japanese american incarceration as being unbalanced. the member said including the book would require perspectives from the u.s. government.
4:39 pm
it didn't have enough perspective to talk about incarceration during world war ii. your state the big daddy of rewriting history in education school books, texas education board rejected a proposal to call slavery involuntary relocation. it's taught to second graders. they just narrowly missed that one. how did they ever say no. >> it is really sad what we're experiencing. and seemingly it's those states we're seeing a great growth in diversity. definitely there are a select few that say wait a minute we may end up in the white minority. white folks are minority in the state of texas. it's like let me change what the rhetoric is around exactly what happened here. doing it in the state of texas where we have more african-americans than any other state is that much more of a slap in the face. let me talk about one thing that you touched on a little bit.
4:40 pm
that's our crt bill. and so in that bill, basically there was a fear for teachers about whether or not that would be incarcerated, whether they would be fined or could potentially lose their job. and so as this bill went into effect back in september, there were actually some school districts that end up in hot water because they said we're supposed to teach both sides of the holocaust. that's not what we were trying to do. we were just talking about black folks and slavery. they didn't specify slavery itself. because they did not want to necessarily just point out what happened to black folk, they want to make it seem like all historical things. it's interesting they continue to pick on black folk which to me tells me how much respect or lack there of they have for us. they definitely pump their brakes when it came to talking
4:41 pm
about the holocaust. >> let me -- the reason this matters is the texas florida and california. they're such big states. they are called adoption states for textbooks. nationwide fewer than half of states adopt textbooks at the state level. among those that do florida, california and texas. largest markets. it's typical to adapt material specifically for the states. sometimes editing text in response to critique from state reviewers. that's the reason that this matters. to come back to texas and state representative, the texas attorney general the things that happen in texas tend to travel. outside of your state. he's now saying that he would defend an old sodomy law. texas the plaintiff in the law that overturned sodomy laws. that used to exist in the united states until recently. he is saying he would defend that. and the supreme court clarence thomas said send me a law. send me a case. where we can overturn those bans
4:42 pm
on sodomy. are sodomy laws coming back in texas? >> if it's left up to certain people, they will. that's for sure. absolutely. you saw what happened in texas. they went after transchildren. we had a long standing fight going on in the state of texas. we talked about the translegislation this session. but if you go back, we were the beginning we started off with the bathroom bill. and so i absolutely anticipate they're going to go after lgbtq rights in general, that's one reason that i kept saying listen, you may not hear about rights. there's rights you care about and they will go after it and we all saw that clarence thomas was hinting at a number of different landmark cases that he was itching to touch. he didn't mention loving. but other cases. >> he wasn't hinting. he sent out a giant bat signal,
4:43 pm
send me cases so we can continue to take people's rights away. he has a long list of people he wants to go after. florida state senator, texas state representative, thank you both. who in the week is still ahead. my friend and colleague nicole wallace joins me to talk about what's going on in ukraine and a really big television event this weekend to raise funds for the people affected by the on gong war. very excited about this. we'll be right back. [lazer beam and sizzling sounds] ♪♪
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wnba star britney griner back in a russian courtroom today for the start of what could be described as a sham trial. she's been held since february after being arrested in a moscow airport. allegedly in possession of cannabis vape cartridges. fewer than 1% in russian criminal cases are acquitted. all pushing for president biden to increase pressure on vladimir putin to release her. meanwhile putin is having bad week with the announcement. by nato formally inviting sweden and finland to join the alliance. that will add more than 800 miles of land border with russia. more than doubling the defensive block existing border. all of this comes as russian continues its unrelent attack on civilian areas in ukraine. the latest assault on residential buildings near odesa. killing 19 people. including two children. and injuring 38 others according to to ukraine security service.
4:49 pm
joining me now any friend and anchor the cannot miss show. nicole wallace. executive producer of an amazing special this sunday at 7:00 p.m. called ukraine answering the call. that will raise money for the victim of russia's war in ukraine. so i already know the answer to all this. of course i watch your show earlier and saw your interviews about it. tell those who for whatever reason missed it because they're crazy, where this idea came from. >> so, listen, you and i have armchaired the demise of our own democracy. and for some reason, that made me feel more pain watching the war in ukraine. where they were living their lives, they were getting in their steps and juggling work and life. 126 days ago. and their heinous autocratic
4:50 pm
neighbor russia came in illegally. without any pretense. up ended the lives of the military and every civilian. every day there's an attack on a civilian target. we grope around for some area of consensus and we don't even agree on the importance of living in a democracy anymore here. so there was something about ukraine. and support for ukraine is in the 90s. there are not that many things that -- we don't even have that number of support in our country for protecting our own democratic traditions. so, there was something about working on this one thing that maybe unites people who don't otherwise agree. so i said to my husband, do you think i could do a we are the world? i don't know anything about music. i don't know anything about that kind of television. i started making calls and one colleague to another. and it miraculously came together.
4:51 pm
>> it's really exciting. you are going to have the president of ukraine, volodymyr zelenskyy, is going to address americans during the special. you just mentioned one of my favorite things of all time, because i'm from the olden days. and we are the world was in when i was in high school. we are talking about michael jackson, all the greatest performers of this time. tell us some of the performers that are going to be there. because it just being a we are the world type of special makes it really extra special. >> so we want to -- first of all, everyone we asked is not in the show. but no one said no. we were working on an eight-week timeline, which simply just didn't work for everybody. but there is a stunning performance from jon battiste, a beautiful performance from brandi carlile, brad paisley was singing amazing grace. and it gives me chills thinking about it. there's a wonderful broadway ensemble. the music is really magical and then there are people from
4:52 pm
music, from phil, from television, who all come in and really deliver the messages and tell the stories the way we do on our newscast. but there's something about reaching people on a sunday night, when they are not sort of armored up for the news. we hope the stories -- we were in ukraine filming for about two weeks. there's some beautiful stories. there's a rapper now on the frontlines, a filmmaker on the frontlines. so just putting a face and a human side to the people fighting and, tragically, in many instances, dying to save their own democracy. >> yeah. ukraine has showed us balance in a way that we really haven't seen since images of world war ii. they are truly, valiantly fighting for their freedom. we hope that we can just get a little bit of that spirit here to fight for our democracy. and i think it's great you will highlight it. but i think it's fun -- did you come up with this idea when you are going through your drive-through with your kid?
4:53 pm
going to get food? is this true? >> i was at the chick-fil-a drive-through, on our way to baseball, game, for practice, and my husband and i called red paisley and he was on speaker, in the car, with dogs barking. and my son was protecting his chicken from the dogs in sort of shouting through the car -- hey, how would i do we are the world? and brad is one of the nicest human beings and he said, oh, call my friend david wild and just started making calls in the car. you know how it is, right? thwe are always juggling. [inaudible] >> fries falling everywhere. okay, very important question before we go to break -- which dipping sauce? this is an important question. >> totally. there's only one answer. chick-fil-a sauce. >> the red sox, the red sox is the only sauce that matters. we are going to hold up -- this is almost a kidnapping now. i am keeping nicole. we are going to have nicole, for the first time, play who won the week. i cannot wait to tell you who when, weeks a stay there, we'll be right back.
4:54 pm
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long weekend? i would like to be asleep for much of, it other than watching nicole special of my favorite shows an msnbc. but before we go, it is time to play -- oh, yes, who won the week? back with me is the great nicole wallace, host of deadline white house, must-see tv on msnbc. nicholas, please, tell us, who
4:59 pm
won the week. -- >> i picked, -- i picked liz cheney with a standing ovation after reagan library. that is like mecca for republicans. an outstanding oh i made a sea of republic any republicans is a bad omen for maga world. >> you know it's interesting, there are democrats who voted for obama care and then lost their seats. to me, they're the most heroic democrats, because they didn't care, they were like, this is good for the country, i'm going to do it anyway. and she has distinguished herself as saying, come for me -- you want to try to take my seat? do it, but i'm going to do the right thing. i understand that you might have a who lost the week. you are a game-changer. so, you might be a who won the week game-changer to. who was your who lost the week? >> i think the entire testimony of cassidy hutchinson was a swift kick in the rear end from liz cheney's sensible flats to pat cipollone. and i think his efforts to say trumpy will fail miserably.
5:00 pm
>> my is who won the week the january 6th commission. but also, i wore the jacket in honor, cassidy hutchinson, she has got more courage than every man she worked for. where the white jacket in honor. cassidy, young lady, you may be young, but you've got cojones, sister, much more than trump or any of his minions. nicole wallace, thank you my friend -- >> all of -- them >> cannot wait for your special. that is tonight's reidout -- be sure to catch ukraine: answering the call, 7 pm, all in with chris hayes starts right now. , 7 pm, al >> tonight on all in -- >> a person let me know you have your deposition tomorrow. he wants me to let you know he is thinking about you. the mob boss playbook exposed. >> attempting to influence witnesses to testify untruthfully presents very serious concerns. >> tonight, new details about the trump world figure attempting to influence testimony and new reporting


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