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tv   Ukraine Answering the Call  MSNBC  July 3, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tonight. we are trying to make it easy to give to this cause. even without spending [inaudible] consider this meaningful, designed by ukrainian refugee. oksana, we have the special q r code on the screen. right now to download and sign up, and then, they will donate $10 on your behalf. each time it is downloaded up to $500,000 so easy to answer the call. and a digital collectible are not your thing, that's okay too. what matters is that you answer the call, and get from your heart. scan the qr code on the screen. or head to the website at w w w dot ukraine answer the
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more than 14 million people are thought to have lived, since bush and the nation of ukraine. more than 6 million have left for neighboring countries. 8 million people are displaced inside the war torn country itself. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ we need your help, you can learn more about the ongoing crisis, at www. answering the call for >> hello everyone, i'm adam sandler, and i would like to personally think organizations like the irc that are doing incredible work for ukraine and families. we are about to meet one family who like so many others, had to leave their home, and all they know and love. because of this war. but this story has a twist, because the dad, who was american, made a painful sacrifice. he kissed his wife and kids goodbye, sent them to the united states. and stayed behind in kyiv to
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support the troops, and help them fight back. [noise] these have been some of the most searing, and heartbreaking images of the war. mothers and children leaving their country, fathers staying behind to fight. none of them knowing if they would see each other again. that feeling is all too familiar to katya. >> i didn't want to separate with my husband, i cried of course. >> katya, and her two daughters -- her two daughters, reluctantly fled their home in kyiv, and found refuge in ohio. >> it is very important for me, to know that my daughters are in a safe place. >> everybody was really friendly to us. >> i made a lot of friends. >> katya's husband grew up in ohio. but decided to stay behind in kyiv. >> it's a beautiful country.
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and we don't want to abandon it now in this time of need. >> andrew is a 51-year-old entrepreneur, who has lived in ukraine since graduating college. months of intense shelling and -- have disrupted water and electricity services. and he saw an opportunity to help. >> yes. >> he supplies generators to towns without power. >> we take a generator and send it to these areas. so that they can get back on their own two feet. >> he gets laptops for frontline troops. he's also buying them flak jackets and other supplies with money he is racing, in part, from americans. >> i want to do my tiny little point, do my percentage to help ukraine win. >> his daughters messam, but they know what he is doing is necessary. >> hi dad. >> i. >> we are really waiting for
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our dad, we miss our dad, like a lot. a lot, a lot, a lot. >> i am proud of my husband, because he is staying in ukraine. and he is helping ukraine, i miss him very much. but this is the only option we can accept. >> i love you guys. >> by. >> by. >> [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] 're binging the l [speaking for] [speaking foreign language you're remembering how to tie a windsor. and while your washer is getting out those grass stains. you're practicing for the big leagues!
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tremendous joy, and have given me on either even more sense of purpose. as i reflect on this crisis, my heart and mind immediately go out to all of the mothers. so i want to take a moment and speak directly to them. i know there are no words to ease your pain the horrors of this war are your new reality. and the burden weighs heavily on your shoulders. instead of words, and lip service, what we offer you tonight's action. doing what we can to help your burden be a little later. i stand in solidarity with you, and opposition to the crimes against your humanity. i salute you for your sacrifice. on behalf of mothers around the world. tonight, all of our hearts are with ukrainian mothers and their children. many who have had to flee their homes with all of their possessions in their backpacks. and yet across the world and
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here in the united states so many are doing what they can to ease the burden and suffering of ukrainian refugees. [noise] ♪ ♪ ♪ bucha, ukraine, the killing field. hundreds of men, women, and children, murdered in cold blood. this happy family was devastated. >> they just shot, bomb all of our houses. some people that i knew were friends they are not here right now. i'm sorry -- >> maria and her two children --, ten, -- eight. ran for their lives. >> killed young people, killed kids, moms, pregnant, just babies. why? i am shocked.
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unfortunately, i'm shocked. >> after a torturous two-week journey, they arrived at a camp in mexico. with thousands of others. bringing the ukrainian crisis to america's doorstep. >> just 20 minutes from where i live. >> a school therapist from san diego, headed for the border with food and supplies. she could sense a hidden emergency. >> trauma is an invisible wound. it's something that you can't just pick out on someone. >> she felt it as she drove a ukrainian mother and her kids to live with a foster family. >> how much heartache and pain, and all that stuff you have to be experiencing. to hop in a car with someone you don't know, with their whole family. i think that's what really just like -- filled my heart. and -- sorry -- >> -- >> it's unthinkable, but it's actually happening, you know. so it's a lot, that i can't
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even process. you know. >> maria and her children also found a place to live. their host is a san diego area resident named victoria bradshaw. >> how old you are? >> recently, kya who specializes in ptsd paid a visit to the children. >> you never see them so tall, as when you have been down to speak to a child. being concerned about what they are concerned about. being uprooted and taken out of your home, your lifestyle, where you live. it can be really confusing. >> but thankfully, kya the leaves they are adjusting. >> they are in a place of security, and safety. and when you have security and safety, and love, walls come down. that's why i wanted to help so much. >> i have two kids that are
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well aware of what's going on. they are watching a lot of interest in this. i am trying to teach them, the parallels between what's happening now, and on july 4th. we have a generation right now, that will be growing up in a word that's different than we grew up in. because this i hope it's a better one so it is going to be up to all of us to make you better win. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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going to answer the call -- for these days, phones are much smarter and we can only superheroes by donating to the lifesaving work of the international rescue committee just by scanning that q r code on the screen or by going to www. ukraine answering the call .com. listen, we know these are tough times were left people. there are so many problems to address in the world right now that we cannot let that stop us from doing what we can for ukraine. let's all answer le clos however we can. >> i, i'm kristen bell. i was incredibly moved by the viral video of the ukrainian
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girl, amelia singing in that bombshell tear. ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't think it was because of my connection -- i think it reminded me that one small gesture can make a whole world of difference. so, if you are up for it, scan the qr code on your screen or visit the website at www. ukraine answering that call dot com. give whatever you can. you can also text ukraine to 20222 to make a donation to the international rescue community and if you don't have any extra cash, there are many other ways depiction. -- she started a facebook group collecting donations for ukrainian refugees trying to make new homes. so, be a light tonight and help someone in need. i know i'm going to.
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>> sir paul mccartney has been answering the call to make our world better for well over half century. back in 2008, he staged a concert and he had central independent square. ironically, that concert was called independence concert. it's celebrated peace, love and unity. today, we are so thankful that sir paul wanted to answer the call again by sharing this moving performance from that historic day of john linens and them, give peace a chance. [give peace a chance] ♪ ♪ ♪
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[give peace a chance] ♪ ♪ ♪ [give peace a chance] ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause] no, it's an honor to introduce the president of ukraine, volodymyr zelenskyy. >> schools. who could be able to bomb that? residential districts? why destroy that with rocket artillery? shopping malls. who needs to hit that with missiles? the russian military are doing
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this in ukraine. for them, it's nothing. they just kill. more than 2000 cities and villages of ukraine are currently under russian occupation. millions of ukrainians have lost their homes. hundreds of thousands have been deported to russia. tens of thousands have been killed by russian strikes. we have already liberated more than 1000 towns and populated areas that were destroyed by russian shelling. so they have to be rebuilt, and those which are currently under occupation need to be liberated. can any country handle this all along? i want the snow to be a recurrent question for us. the russians started the war against ukraine, because it hates our freedom and seeks to destroy our democracy, but not only hours, hours is just in the first place.
7:39 pm
it's here in ukraine that we must stop russia. it's here that we must show that freedom is stronger than that. and tyranny, it's here. we must rebuild life after the war so that all aggressors in the world know that their time is up. every voice matters. you matter. i encourage you to do more for ukraine. tell the world about ukraine. our story deserves you're telling. we are fighting for our democratic values and democracy is always about joint action. do not delay it. use your platform, put pressure on all the politicians who can enhance the defense and protection. stand with ukraine and freedom will always stand with you.
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our global food supply under threat. millions of people worldwide, will face life threatening food insecurity. i believe that food is at the heart of so many of the problems we face. national security, climate, hunger, health, the economy. food as we have seen is sometimes war. but food can also be peace. i know the difference that the simple plate of food can make, i have seen it firsthand in ukraine. the power of people, the power of ukrainians. helping one another. one plate of food at a time, we can feed the soul of ukraine. please, join me, and go to www. ukraineansweringthecall don't
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come. thank you, it's lava ukraine. >> creativity takes courage those are the words of the great french artist baptist, and there were never more true. then here, in 2022. i am brian cox, and i am here because it is an artist's duty to hold the mirror up. and reflect the truth. in times like these, it is an art that we will find hope, courage, and inspiration. whether it's to document the destruction, or strike the masses of the despair. some artists are using their work, as a form of resistance. while others are joining the fight onthe frontlin. i am here to stand with ukraine, and the power of artistic freedom.
7:46 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ukraine is admired for its historic cities. and it's beautiful countryside. but it's also known for its vibrant artistic community, with a rich tradition and film, and music. in much of ukraine today, the cinemas, and the stages, have gone dark. >> boom boom, if you don't -- >> his stage name is --, a well-known ukrainian rapper. who had big plans before the war. >> i was working on a full scale album, i was thinking i would be bullied released and april. i was planning to make a european tour, a ukrainian tour, a concert. >> those plans of course went up in smoke. but he didn't win in the disappointment. >> this war is my pain, and i am ukrainian, and if i am
7:47 pm
wrapping that i should fight, i will fight. >> so he joined a fighting brigade. and now he runs supplies to the front. >> of course i want to live, but i also want ukraine to live. >> a film director oh live, has been fighting for ukraine's survivor for years. >> fighting for my freedom, and fighting for beyond, and my nation and all ukrainians. >> it's not the first time he has gone to the front. in 2014, in the part of ukraine known as crimea, he was captured, and spent four years in a russian prison. where he was tortured. he went back to moviemaking after his release. he set aside the cameras again. >> it's very clear my position,
7:48 pm
i am a soldier, i am angry men with gun. >> no one knows if things will ever be as they were in ukraine. but these artists turn she'll soldiers, live in hope. >> when war will end, my war will end to. >> the thing that i feel i should do for now, is to fight on the cultural front as much as i can. i will continue doing that. >> when the war started i felt the most fear of my life. i decided to do but i can do the best. and i started to draw. ♪ ♪ ♪ i would be very happy if my digital art, could help it to get money for helping my country. and people who need help. >> hello i'm cheryl crow, as an
7:49 pm
american, as an artist, as a mother, and as a citizen of this planet. i am honored to be here to help answer the call, and stand with the people of ukraine, on the eve of our independence day. music has a unique power to speak to us, and speak for us. and right now, i am thrilled to introduce a great artist, and a great friend. performing this time tomorrow, this is brandi carlile. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i cofounded boucek ukraine, an ngo working to support you're gonna organizations on the ground in ukraine. providing critical humanitarian aid. now more than other, more than ever, you need to stand up to the horrors that ukrainians are being objected to every day. please, join me by doing whatever you can. >> my name is verify media, and i am a proud ukrainian american. this is a home called why while you sleep. it's easier for me when you sleep. because it seems to me that while you sleep, you can't die.
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your after all, asleep, you're already so close to the other world. where there is no shooting anymore. ♪ ♪ ♪ and also because while you sleep, i am not asleep. and so in some sense, i am standing guard. if not, guarding you, because you are so far away. then this day, this flight, six hours ahead, i carry this morning's son like a banner that waves. over the land of the living. and the land of the did. their border guards, they have hung their rifles in the trees, and lie down legally and the grass.
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these two countries, have not yet severed diplomatic ties. >> the world needs to understand, that ukraine may not be the last, find the force of many. and now, we are really defending, not just ukrainian independence. and not just our freedom. we are fighting for the freedom of all the world. all the free world. ukrainians never forget, how american supported. thank you very much. >> i feel so honored to be here in the heart of new york. to stand at this loving members, of our broadway community, for ukraine. because more than ever, what the world needs now, is love, sweet love. ♪ ♪ ♪
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[love sweet love] ♪ ♪ ♪ the supreme court's conservatives are trying to overturn american democracy. what are democrats doing to stop them? i'll ask congressman, -- jones. should the justice department be working harder to indict donald trump? alas former deputy -- looking at the state of our union on the eve of america's birthday. my conversation with schooler intellectual, cornell west. good evening. i'm mehdi hasan. let's be clear would help. and a democratic president was elected to office in the midst


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