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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪♪ tonight on "the reidout" -- >> after our last hearing, president trump tried to call a witness in our investigation, a witness you have not yet seen in these hearings. >> liz cheney drops a bombshell in the closing moment of today's january 6th hearing alerting the doj to a fresh round of possible witness tampering by donald trump. plus -- >> what it was going to be was an armed revolution. i mean, people died that day. law enforcement officers died this day. there was a gallow set up in front of the capitol. this could have been a spark that started a new civil war.
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>> more testimony from the indicted leader of the oath keepers jason rhodes. we begin tonight with trump summoning the mob, a memorable line from liz cheney laid out exactly what happened. president trump assembled the mob and lit the flame of this abeing at all. today's hearing spelled out exactly how the mob was summoned that day and as with most things donald trump can be traced back to a tweet. in this case on december 19, 2020. as the committee showed it's important to note what happened in the frantic final weeks of the trump administration leading up to that tweet. today's hearing filled in those blanks focusing on everything that happened after december 14th, the critical date when the electors meet and the election is finally over. in fact, here's what mitch mcconnell said the very next morning. >> yesterday electors met in all 50 states, so as of this morning
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our country has officially a president-elect and a vice president-elect. many millions of us had hoped the presidential election would yield a different result, but our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in on january the 20th. the electoral ledge has spoken. so today i want to congratulate president-elect joe biden. >> so, did the former president follow the advice of his advisers because they were certainly sending a unified message? >> if your question is did i believe he should concede the election at that point in time, yes, i did. >> i conveyed to him that i thought that it was time for him to acknowledge that president biden had prevailed in the election. >> i beloved at that point that the means for him to pursue
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litigation was probably closed. >> and do you recall was his response, if any was? he disagreed. >> what trump did instead was to assemble a gathering of his inner circle four days later on december 18th. a mix of the usual motley crew of personal lawyers pushing fraud and a collection of white house and other lawyers telling trump that what his band of misfits was pushing to do was nuts, including this claim from former white house counsel pat cipollone. >> can the federal government seize voting machines? it's a terrible idea for the country. that's not how we do things in the united states. there's no legal authority to do that, and there is a way to contest elections, you know, that happens all the time, but the idea that the federal government could come in and seize election machines, now
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that -- that's -- i don't understand why we would have to tell you why that's a bad idea. >> in the meeting the former president watched up close as cipollone and others lawyers batted down the increasingly ridiculous claims and legal arguments from people like rudy giuliani and sydney powell. the latter he actually considered naming as a special counsel to investigate voter fraud. >> i don't think any of these people were providing the president with good advice and so i didn't understand how they had gotten in. >> i would like you to claim that the democrats were working with hugo chavez and the venezuelans and everyone else. >> yeah, the three of them were really sort of forcefully attacking me verbally. >> i think that it got to the point where the screaming was completely, completely out there. >> i'm going to categorically
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describe it as you guys are not tough enough or maybe i would put it another way you're a bunch of [ bleep ]. >> it's a meeting that white house aide cassidy hutchinson described as unhinged so, of course, trump doesn't listen to the rational lawyers or fringe lawyers. instead, he turned to a new plan, reillying up his supporters with the 1:42 a.m. tweet on december 19th, quote, big protest on d.c. january 6th. be there. it will be wild. he knows the rest of it is a loirks but what happened after that explosive invitation was that the planning and marketing of the rally for january 6th completely changed as did the effort to sell the big event and his wording of his planned speech that day. today we heard the inevitable conclusion, predictable in hindsight from one of the many individuals who went into the january 6th -- into january 6th believing that he was following his leader, the former president. steven ayers, an ohio man works
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has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for his actions that day. >> during this review we identified you entering the capitol as we see in this video. mr. ayers, why did you decide to come to washington on january 6th? >> you know, i was, you know, pretty hard core into the social media, facebook, twitter, instagram. i followed, you know, president trump on all the websites. >> so why did you decide to march to the capitol? >> well, basically, you know, the president, you know, got everybody ride up. >> joining me now is the former fbi assistant director for counterintelligence and matthew dowd, political strategist and founder of country over parliament thank you both for being here. frank, you know, i thought that this was another dynamic hearing, but what it boils down
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to in my mind thus far is that trump had three options for staying president. option number one, go the legal route that a lot of candidates do who lose elections. you do lawsuits and you try to win. he lost all of those by december 14th. option two, try to get the department of justice to play ball to pretend that there was something wrong with the election so he could convince state legislatures to throw out their own legislators willingly. option three is what we learned about today. get the fake electors, get pretend ones. get those electors somehow to washington, give them to mike pence and use violence to make him, make him certify them. what did you make of the hearing there? just to throw one thing in there. before option three in my reading of it, donald trump's goons assembled, right, like a bad marvel movie the leader of the oath keepers. she put a facebook message on december 19th saying this. this week i organized an alliance between oath keepers,
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florida 3%ers and proud boys. we have decided to work together and shut this "s" down. your thoughts? >> yeah. i don't think can claim anymore that there was a spontaneous riot that developed out of a peaceful rally on january 6th. we're done with that misperception, but you're on the money here, joy, with regard to those three options. what happened today is we were taken behind the scenes as close as we may ever get really to kind of the thinking of donald trump because by behind the scenes i mean we understand the chronology that got him to that option number 3 which is i've got to appeal to the masses now because i've gotten nothing left here, and, you know, i can't take credit for this great description of that meeting in the white house with people just waltzing in and people asking who are you? you know, pat sip loney is sitting there with other official people, and here comes this nare do well cast that was
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described as the bar scene from "star wars" with rudy giuliani and sydney powell. you want see any starker contrast by the rule of law and the rule of trump and by the rule of trump, if you can't get what you want get there by any means necessary so we saw then the next step is the tweet, you know, that says be there. it's going to be wild, right, and we also heard that white house call logs show two calls on january 5th with steve bannon, and what does steve bannon do after call number one with the president? he gets on the air, and he says all hell is going to break loose tomorrow, so about as close as we're going to get to a smoking gun. not the smoking gun showing direct knowledge, but when you combine it with the secret service telling him don't march down to the capitol, and he still wants to. he wants that march to the capitol, that rally cry to be kept secret just among a few people because he says i don't want to get in trouble with the national park service, right? i'm not buying, that so where i
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come from, where i'm at with this now is there's clearly enough predication for doj to have opened a case if they have not that includes donald j. trump's name in the subject line of the case. do we have a successful indictment and prosecution and conviction? i'm not there yet, but we've got a solid predication to open a case on the former president. >> right. matthew, what trump has in common, you know, with people like stuart rhodes in addition to the penchant for violence is their sense of entitlement. it doesn't matter what the election said, doesn't matter that we could prove any fraud. this is stuart rhodes on december 12th, and this is him giving a speech about what donald trump needs to do meaning in his mind use the insurrection act to stay president and here he is, stuart rhodes. >> he needs to know from you that you are with him, that he does not do it now while he's commander in cheap, we'll have to do it ourselves later in a
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much more desperate, much more bloody war. let's get it on now while he is still the commander in chief. >> and not to use his stage name, elmer stuart rhodes, a guy who shot his eye out with a gun he dropped. your thoughts, matthew? >> i'm going to pile won what frank said and you said. not only was this not a spontaneous rally at the capitol, it was an insurrection, organized insurrection. that meeting that occurred, the "star wars" bar meeting that occurred wasn't a spontaneous meeting. donald trump was like a mob boss who goes in and loses a bunch of money at a casino and then he's mad that he lost a bunch of money at the casino and then wants to blow up the casino, and then a number of people around him say that's a bad idea. you shouldn't do that and then he goes out and finds a bunch of cruel and craven and crazy people and say why don't i do that. that's what he did. sydney powell, rudy giuliani and
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all those others that were in that crazy meet were there because donald trump wanted them to tell him that this is a good idea so you can't -- as frank knows, part of the law is you can't just keep acting this willful knowledge. i've got people to tell me. well, he went out and searched for people to tell him crazy stuff to do and then he with enout and did it. that's the fundamental problem. i'm not a lawyer in this. not only do i think they have enough to open an investigation, i actually think they have plenty to indictment him at this point in time. whether or not they could get a conviction. i actually think opening an investigation and indicting him is in the best interest of our democracy at this point in time, to have a case that goes to trial of donald trump for what he did and what happened at the capitol. >> and, you know, frank, i'm not a lawyer either. i just watch lawyers like you on tv, right, but i think anyone who has watched "csi" once can put this together that donald trump by midnight, rudy giuliani is being escorted out of the
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white house by mark meadows who later gets in on the plot but he's escorting him out to make sure he doesn't circle back to the west wing, right, and then at 9:49 donald trump sends out this rage tweet after he had been told that had his other cuckoo plots like taking all the voting machines knocked down, he sends a tweet. i want to know who he talked to between midnight and 1:49, who he spoke to that might have been able to assemble the crowd because donald trump ain't calling kelly meggs. let me call three people who are potential people donald trump could have reached out to and what they said on january 5th. >> we will win this fight or america will step off into a thousand years of darkness. >> the members of congress, those of you that don't have the moral fiber in your potty, get some tonight because tomorrow we the people are going to be here, and we want you to know that we
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will not stand for a lie. >> these degenerates in the deep state are going to give us what we want or we're going to shut this country down! >> it's 1776. 1776! 1776! >> there were people that were on the responses to donald trump calling for january 6th to be wild who were using the term red wedding. if you watch "game of thrones" that means bloodshed show there was obviously violent intent by people at the capitol. frank, if you were investigating this case, which of those guys do you call first to try to find out who might have been on the phone with donald trump from midnight to 1:49 a.m.? >> so you've got to connect those dots as close to the president as possible, right. what diddy he know? we all tend to agree, right, look, he should have known, many people, including his own attorney general and white house counsel and own daughter were telling him you don't have it
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here. the fraud is not there. we're done, right? who is convincing him about a potential violent plot and why does he say it's going to be wild? why does he know he has to march people by the thousands to the capitol? so i would start approaching many of the people, of course, who the commit has already got ahold of. i'm more interested in people who don't want to talk. steve bannon, his trial starts next week for contempt. he's not talking. he claims he wants to volunteer to cooperate with the committee. don't buy that for a second. that's going to be a circus, so mark meadows is critical here. mark meadows has to -- has to tell what he knows, and then you've got to, have and i think it's happening, joy. you've got to have proud boys leaders and oath keepers leaders flipping. we've got a dozen of those at least on both sides charged with seditious conspiracy. they are going to prison for 20 years to life. somebody is going to flip about who knew that trump was organizing this or his associates.
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i think that's where the case is going to rest. >> yeah. somebody needs to talk. you're going to go to jail for life for donald trump or get relief from talking. >> "the reidout" continues after this. relief from talking. relief from talking. >> "the reouidt"e iphone 13 pro with 5g. that's the one with the amazing camera? yep! every business deserves it... like one's that re-opened! hi, we have an appointment. this at&t is giving new and existing business customers our best deals on every iphone. ♪ ♪
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position could disregard that information and reach the opposite conclusion. >> okay. gangsta lady. today the committee laid out in great detail how donald trump knew exactly what he was doing. on december 18th he sought counsel with mike flynn, rudy giuliani and sydney powell, people who whether pedlipping his big lie even though they knew it was a big lie. >> one of the other things that's been report that had was said during this meeting was that president trump told white house lawyers, mr. hirshman and mr. cipollone that they weren't offering him any solutions and miss powell and others were so why not try what miss powell and others were proposing. do you remember anything along those lines being said by president trump? >> i do. that sounds right. >> trump rewarded thatted about behavior by offering powell a job as a special counsel with top level security clearance when his white house lawyers including pat cipollone and eric herschmann pushed against it because powell was pushing
4:22 pm
unhinged conspiracy theories. >> shortly before we left and totally blew up is in cipollone and/or hirshman and whoever the other young man was you can name her whatever you want to name her and no one is going to pay any attention to it. >> how did the president respond to that? >> something like you see what i deal with. i deal with this all the time. >> from december 14th through january 6th trump continued to surround himself with coup sympathizers including ten congressional republicans who were tasked with deploying his plan on january 6th. on december 21st trump spearhead at ming with those members to make sure they were all on the same page. >> we've asked witnesses what happened during the december 21st meet, and we've learned that part of the discussions centered on the role of the vice president during the counting of the electoral votes. these members of congress were discussing what would hater be
4:23 pm
known as the eastman theory. >> the committee provided evidence that as the rally date inched closer, trump had in fact coordinated with rally organizers about having his supporters march to the capitol. >> the organizer says, you know, this stays between us, we're solicitor general a second stage at the ellipse. poet just going to have us march there/the capitol. potus will call for it, quote, unexpectedly. >> on the eve of january 6th a jubilant trinh talked about pressuring rinos and joining the crowd while fully comprehending the volatility of the situation. >> he did look to the staff and asked for ideas of how if i recall he said that he could make the rinos do the right thing. >> the president was making -- talking then about how we should go up to the capitol. what's the best route to go to the capitol?
4:24 pm
>> did he give you any picture of how he knew that the crowd was fired up or angry? he continued being reference being able to hear them outside. >> the same night january 5th trump was legally individuals against attacking vice president mike pence in his speech. the next day after pence informed the former president he would not be a part of a coup a visibly angered trump decided to ignore his legal counsel by attacking pence a number of times. >> a single scripted reference to real growers became four with president trump ad libbing that he would be joining the protesters at the capitol. added throughout his speech were references to fighting and the need for theme have courage and to be strong. the word peacefully was in the staff-written script and used only once? joining me now is charles coleman and jill winebanks,
4:25 pm
co-host of the sister-in-law so jill i'm going to start with you because you've got the popcorn pin on. keep that in mind, charles. there are a couple of puzzles for me hereby and one of the biggest ones is mark meadows. he not ted cruz who is a faux intellectual who sees himself as a 1777 era figure. he's a schucky former congressman from north carolina whose only notable thing was that he was a birther during president obama's presidency and he was a tea partyier. cassidy hutchinson testified about how he seemed to change in the days between december 14th and january 6th. let me play that. this is cassidy hutchinson. >> i perceived his goal with all of this to keep trump in office. you know, he had very seriously
4:26 pm
and deeply considered the allegations of the word fraud and when he began acknowledging that there wasn't enough voter fraud to overturn election, you know, i witnessed him start to explore potential constitutional loopholes more extensively. >> you know, during the watergate hearings, jishlgs i mean, the key were people like john dean when briefly turned state's evidence. it wasn't a criminal trial, but i am fascinated by meadows. are you, because this is one person who to mesa puzzle. he's on the phone with some unknown person during the real while trump is out there speaking. we still don't know who that is is. as cassidy hushinson testified. he turned from being one of the normals to being in on the conspiracy. what do you make of that? >> it's one of the strangest things because i have tried to talk to trumpers, and they don't
4:27 pm
have facts. he had the facts and i think he's smart enough to have understood what was true and what was propaganda so it's hard to imagine that he isn't complicit in all of the crimes that are being commitment. it's what sucks everyone in in a conspiracy in the presence of the president. i saw this in watergate where one of our defendants was an outside lawyer who was only briefly involved who had an impeccable record, but in the presence of the president and the top aides he started doing things that i know he would have never done but for the pressure of being in that environment, and the only thing i can think of is that mark meadows simply loss his moral compass and was willing to do whatever it took to make donald trump happy to let him have his way.
4:28 pm
i mean, he's the one who said, well, just let him go on and rant right now. he will turn over peacefully the reins of power which, of course, he has never done to this day he hasn't done it. maybe mark meadows actually believed that if they sort of treated him like a 12-year-old and let him rant and rave, that he would give up this crazy nonsense of staying in power by any reasons possible. you had loyal people like rusty bauers who said i wanted him to win. i just didn't want to cheat to do it, so some people said the constitution matters. my oath matters. somehow mark meadows lost that and was willing to do. john dean got hooked into being part of the conspiracy and then he woke up and went what i'm doing is terrible. i'm going to cooperate and i'm going to tell the truth. first i'm going to tell the president the whole truth and then i'm going to tell the president that i'm going to the
4:29 pm
prosecutors and that what he did, and that was a real break for us. >> you know, charles, to the point of committing a felony. i mean, mark meadows got -- got part of the $250 million scam money that donald trump raised off of the big lie, but $1 million isn't enough to go to prison for. it's very hard for me towns why he is resisting the subpoena, why he is refusing to talk, what could be in it for him. i know it's $1 to the pac. but just as a lawyer, what do you make of it? >> well, you know, joy, the thing that i've been trying to wrap my brain around this entire time is how president trump or former president trump is still able to influence as many people within the republican party and within his circle as he has been able to. he can't offer them anything. >> right. >> so for me it's baffling that these people still feel this endearing sense of loyalty to him because if he were president
4:30 pm
and could offer them an executive pardon, for example, that might provide some incentive not to cooperate. he's a political pariah for all indents and purposes so i'm wondering what is it that you are offering or what do you believe that -- you're will to jeopardize your own freedom by not cooperating with the committee. i wish i had the answer. that's the million dollar question, the million dollar question in terms of it's worth so much for so many people that they won't cooperate with the committee >> the justice department went after bannon, went after some people who refused to -- bannon blanked. i'll come and testify live, i'll do a tv show for you and the judge said no. on the dov not come ghaun on
4:31 pm
meadows. what does that tell you? >> i think they are trying to be as -- as pressure continues to mount on merrick far land when will go going to it and sflrp it's how are you going to deal with the references for president trump and with mark meadows that's what the question is. there's a lot of pressure coming on a lot of different people and groups. not only pressure on merrick garland and the doj, pressure on the house democrats to turn this into something. there's now pressure down the road. what we saw today with respect to the different extremist groups happened groups that we learned puts the pressure on the american elect.
4:32 pm
we've -- there's a growing militancy around militias and violence that after ever had today's testimony is did no longer be involved. merrick gar and -- which is executive privilege not being as bulletproof. >> if pat cipollone doesn't have it. how does mark meadows continue to float out there? >> don't go anywhere. former oath keepers former spokesman and witness jason van tonight move joins me next. we'll be right back. n n tonight move joins meturned frog of the possibilities ahead. ♪♪ where your dad waited for his dad to come home from the factory.
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today's bombshell hearing offered real insight into the far right extreme groups involved in the capitol attack featuring a former member of one of these groups, the oath keepers. back in to 14 jason van tatenhove joined members of the anti-government militia organization to document their support of cattle rancher cliven bund who initiated an armed standoff with federal and state law enforcement over defaulted grazing fees. he would go on to work for the oath keepers as a national media director. van tatenhove said that the best illustration for what the oath keepers are happened on january 6th and though he did get out his fears remain.
4:38 pm
>> i do fear for this next election cycle because who knows what that might bring. if a president that's willing to try to instill and encourage, to whip up a civil war amongst his followers using lies and deceit and snake oil regardless of the human impact, what else is he going to do if he gets elected again? all bets are off. >> joining me now is jayce on van tatenhove author of the forthcoming book "the propagandist, the oath keepers and the perils of extremism out in february. jason, thanks for being here. really appreciate you taking the time. you were very eloquent today, and i can recall reading "the denver post" and i grew up in colorado. i know where those places are. i know where this guy is from, and these are not communities that are extreme.
4:39 pm
they are conservative, you know, but they are not extreme. so how does a tattoo artist, an artist, a punk rock guy wind up -- wind up with the oath keepers? >> well, you know, when -- when bundy ranch first kicked off i knew that there was going to be a story there. and one of my biggest influences in life as a writer has been hunter s. thompson and had his breakout novel with the anaheim angels and i thought this might be an opportunity for me to do that and i went and covered the bundy ranch and got involved with stuart rhodes as he went down for the second part of that. i wanes vited back to that and given unprecedented access to the -- to the sugar pine mine standoff and then the white hope mine standoff, and -- andch at that point my -- my name got used on a press release so that was the end of my day job and -- and stuart offered me a job as
4:40 pm
the national media director and -- and an associate editor for the website so that's really what kind of kicked it off and i will say and as -- admit, you know, i did get swept up in it for a bit and part of why i'm speaking out is the i want to communicate to other people that may have been swept up in similar rhetoric that there is an exit ramp. there's a way out. >> you know, for a while you got so close to stuart rhodes you lived in your basement that he actually lived with you. when you got to know him that way. >> yes. >> did he show inklings of the megalomania. let me play a little bit of him. this is stuart rhodes on december 12th of 2020. take a look. >> he needs to know from you that you are with him, that if he does not do it now while he's commander in chief we'll have to do it ourselves later in a much more desperate, much more bloody war. let's get it on now while he is still the commander in chief.
4:41 pm
>> was it all that megalomaniacal or was there something different going on? >> no, no. we saw an evolution. they did start off much more like a constitutional book club or an educational outreach, but i think what stuart found as he participated in these standoffs was that he got a whole lot of camera time and -- and there was a lot of donations flowing in, and i think that really helped to cement, you know, and i think during bundy ranch during the week i was there i overheard between $30,000 and $40,000 was raised in week of course which $12,000 ever made it to the bundy family so it was a way, you know, that fed his ego and, you know, got him in front of cameras and got his message out and so, yeah, i think that all plays a part of it. now also to -- to your earlier question, stuart i really don't think, you know, believes a lot of the stuff that he puts on in front of the camera.
4:42 pm
i think that there's kind of two stuart rhodes, you know, the stuart rhodes that lived in my basement at one time was doing yoga classes and white fish, you know, while he was living with me, but there was certainly this other stuart that we see on the cameras and we see in -- you know, on info wars and such and -- and that's a real dangerous thing because he doesn't seem to care about the repercussions of that messaging. >> you know, we -- i'm wondering if when you are around him because he said that you broke with him because of some really anti-semitic holocaust denial and stuff like that. people like steve ban no, michael flynn, richard spencer, that type of person, roger stone, to your norms, you got out in 2016. did you ever see the richard spencers, that kind of person around him because we know that the oath keepers year after year did take part in the unite the right rally in charlottesville so they were getting involved in real violent ugly stuff. were any of those people around when you were around him?
4:43 pm
>> real, i had begun to dis"ncis endgame." there was one specific event that i referenced in my testimony today that led to my resig nation you know, and it was really, you know, rich spencer. when he got punched in the face on cameras, the oath keepers were providing security, but -- but i've -- i -- i -- i have never been a racist. i've never been anti-semitic. my cousin is jewish. my family members that are jewish. i'm openly queer, so, you know, there's a lot of things that just don't jive when you're off the cameras and the cameras are turned off when it comes to stuart rhodes. >> yeah. >> there are other employes that were, you know, gay couples. >> yeah. >> when we went out to kentucky to cover the county clerk who wouldn't officiate the gay marriages, you know. the story i wrote around that piece was completely dismissed by stuart, you know, heavily edited, because what it comes down to the oath keepers really
4:44 pm
is just stuart rhodes. all of the messaging, all of the decisions, all of it. it's stuart rhodes. >> let me ask you this because a lot of the people who have testified before the commit very talked about the threats they have received, the -- the threats to their families. you were involved with some pretty bad guys, and you've been out for a while. you've testified publicly, told the story. you're writing a book about them have. there been rope cushions -- repercussions for you? >> no. just dealing with the realms that i dealt, you know, i gained a thick skin pretty quickly. you know, i've got safety precautions and a safety plan put in place for my children and, you know, been very vocal in communicating like how to be safe with this as -- as safe as we can be, you know. we have really good communication with local law enforcement, local government in the small mountain town that i live in so, you know, we've tried our best to do it, you know, so kind of just -- the
4:45 pm
thought process that if you're not getting regular death threats you're not doing something right, and this is an important thing that we need to talk about as a nation. we're in a very precarious time, and we need to take action now. we need to start speaking out. i knew there would be a time where my story would need to come out and that time is now. >> yeah. >> you started off as a wapna be journalist and you're doing that now. i hope you'll come back when your book comes out. really appreciate you. thank you. coming up next, how social media and online chat groups made organizing an insurrection much easier than it should ever have been. stay with us. insurrection insurrection much easiesolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. have been. stay with us
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the concerns when former twitter employee book donald trump's use of the platform to specifically read it to far-right extremist groups who call them a loyal foot soldiers. actions that led to the permanent suspension of any of these are much sooner than trump's count was ultimately shut down. >> my concern was that the former president for seemingly the first time was speaking directly to extremist organizations and giving them directives. it felt as if a mob was being
4:51 pm
organized. after this tweet on december 19th, again it became clear not only were these individuals ready and willing, but the leader of their cause was asking them to join him. >> and you are concerned about the potential for this gathering becoming violent? >> absolutely. >> joining me now in person, ben collins nbc senior news reporter and the guy that i would like i text when things happen. it's great to have you on set. so when trump's sends out this tweet, this december 19 it's gonna be wild tweet, the response was immediate. let me read some of them. why don't we just kill? them every last democrat down to the last man woman and child? the average democrat it is a traitor. they do not collection. fraud the punishment for treason's death.
4:52 pm
it's time for the day of the rope that's the only solution. >> they actually brought a rope. let me bring this clear. and white nationalist literature, day the rope is the day that everything changes. they killed journalists, they go down the list, they kill everybody they think would be attributed to all the harms that have been done since nazi germany, that's what day of the rope is. that's what they were planning on and some of those faces. in those days is, this is five days before christmas. people are naturally not like this in this mood right now. it was incredibly variant late violent. it was talked about today as well. it was all plant. >> i was on reddit? right >> now they got kicked off of reddit. they had real plans. they talked about this in the hearing, for defying the stuff underneath the capital, the tunnels underneath the captain
4:53 pm
capitol, so people couldn't escape. that's what was going on. so the antisemitism, the racism, the violence. on donald trump's account there was a guy at the very top saying no keep going, go through the. singh >> just to show you how far right media responded to it when, we play you little bit of this. >> and now donald trump is calling on his supporters to descend on washington, d.c. january 6th. >> he is now calling on we the people to take action and of show our numbers. >> we are only going to be saved by millions of americans moving to washington occupying the entire area, if necessary storming right into the capitol. >> you better understand something. red wave, there's gonna be a red wedding going down january 6th. you better look outside,
4:54 pm
january 6th! kick that effing door open, look down the street, there's gonna be 1 million-plus americans. >> the social media platforms were pretty much always lit on fire this week. >> we don't know who salty cracker us, but that's a very good example of how down in the weeds every youtube and maga account. they all knew what he meant by that. go there in the sixth. that's we heard in the testimony today by errors. he said i knew from there to go to the capital. and he said go to the capitol and i'll meet you there. . this was an ambiguous from every extremist group and every extremist wannabe who showed up on the ellipse on the sixth. >> speaking of stephen ayers air this isn't talking about donald trump.
4:55 pm
>> i was, you know pretty hard-core into the social media. facebook, twitter, instagram. i followed president trump on all the websites. i was hanging on every word he was saying. everything he was putting out i was following. if i was doing it, hundreds of thousands and millions of other people were doing it, or maybe still doing it. >> multiple -- >> yes we've heard this over and over again. amen our colleague who did a story about the woman who died on the steps. this woman was just radicalized by the internet and she just had time in her hands. i'm not saying is no malice not person seoul but it was activated by what was happening in the two or three weeks before january six. there's no way donald trump didn't know this. we have to keep saying this. he brought in the five people in the world who thought this was actually happening.
4:56 pm
that thermostats were rigging the election. you don't happen upon these people. you find those people, because those are the people who are loudest in social media were given you an excuse to go through the sort of thing. >> ben collins thank you very much. do not go anywhere, i'll be back in a moment with my friends for a recap of tonight's dramatic testimony. you don't want to. misses dramatic testimony dramatic testimony a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. misses ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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day seven. >> american carnage turned a prophecy on what his rage would. visit >> the view from inside the oval office told for the first time by trump's own white house counsel. >> i walked in i saw sydney powell sitting there. i was not happy to see the people in the oval office. -- i looked at him and


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