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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  July 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> tonight's last word is a name. james murray, director of the secret service who presided over the illegal dilation of all of the secret services text messages on january six. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. ary six. >> tonight, it's the eve of the most consequential january six hearing yet. zeroing in on trump's inaction during the critical 187 minutes, his violence erupted at the capitol. and the damning reporting tonight about those missing secret service text. then, prominent conservatives investigate and debunk the big lie. building the case that confirms the 2020 election was lost and not stolen. one of them, here tonight, live. plus, democrats try to push
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forward their priorities despite republican resistance. they're actually trying to get some major stuff done. as the 11th hour gets underway on this wednesday night. good evening, once again, i am stephanie ruhle. front and center at tomorrow's highly anticipated primetime hearing, will be donald trump's apparent refusal to stop his supporters from storming the capitol. but according to the washington post, the committee has damning evidence of the former presidents actions the day after the riot. tonight, the paper reports, the house committee expects to show portions of outtakes from a trump speech that was delivered on january 7th. that day, aides have urged him to speak to the nation and clearly condemned the riots. and he struggle to do so. the video trump tweeted on the six when he told supporters to go home, and that he loved them. we'll also be part of the hearing.
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earlier this evening, committee member, jamie raskin, was asked about it. >> hours had passed wet he could've simply took an a walk for ten or 15 seconds, over to address the country, and address his followers, and tell them to go home. and people were beseeching him, begging him, to do that. and he refused to do that. so that he finally went over and made some comments then at the end of the day, when it was clear that no thanks to the president, our police forces had turned the tide. it's extremely revealing how exactly he went about making those statements and we're gonna let everybody see parts of that. >> tomorrow's hearing begins at 8 pm eastern. you can absolutely see it here on msnbc. chairman bennie thompson was tested positive for covid will lead the hearing but will do be doing it virtually. we expect to hear from former trump white house officials, nothing pottinger and sour
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matthews. both are in the executive mansion during the insurrection. one committee staffer says we will hear much more about trump's former to the staff, mark meadows. these hearings have raised questions also about the justice department's investigation into the efforts to overturn the election and what's attorney general merrick garland might do regarding don trump himself. today garland insisted that the doj does not do investigations in public, but he also added this. >> no person is above the law in this country. i can't say it any more clearly than that. there is nothing in the principles of prosecution, and any other factors, which prevent us from investigating anyone. anyone. who is criminally responsible for an attempt to undo a democratic election. >> and then there is this a monster story. as the committee prepares for tomorrow's hearing, there is still growing controversy over
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those missing secret service text messages. in the washington post tonight reporting, the homeland security watchdog learned back in february that the secret service had purged nearly all itself on text from around the time of the january 6th attack, but they chose not? to tell congress. and today, nbc news heard from a senior official who says, agency employees had been sent three separate emails, at least one before january six, reminding them to keep records in their cell phones including text messages. so far, the secret service is scheduled to have turnover one single text message conversation. today in a statement, the committee chair and vice chair, suggested the agency may have broken the law when those texts were deleted. there is also news about two of trump's most vocal supporters of his election lies. a judge's order rudy giuliani himself to testify before the
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georgia granary, that is investigating trump for possible election interference. giuliani was subpoenaed last month, he will now have to testify on august 9th. and the government has rested its case in the contempt trial of steve bannon. the defense is expected to begin making its case tomorrow. we've got a lot to cover salt let's get started and smarter with the help of our lead off panel. jeff bennett joins us tonight, chief washington correspondent for pbs news hour. and msnbc political contributor. kyle cheney, senior legal affairs reporter for politico, who is reporting focuses on january six. and harry litman is here, former u.s. attorney and former deputy assistant attorney general. kyle, expectations clearly are high, high, high, for tomorrow's hearing. tell us what you know? how damning can this evidence be against trump? >> well look, every hearing is produced new details, so we know a lot about what trump was doing or not doing during the violence on january six.
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you laid it out very well in your opening, there's a lot of interactions he had, who was reaching, who was pleading with him to do something, and how did he rebuffed them. correctly, that we may learn of him very clear and explicit ways that we did it before. and the question is to, who was he calling? we know for example, he called a couple of lawmakers to try to get them to continue to prolong, delay, the session of to continue challenging votes. even as the violence was underway, or winding down. so i think the committee is gonna really zoom in on some of those and provide new details about that. and as you pointed out to, they are gonna look at what happened at the january six, what was trump doing in the aftermath as people were cleaning up the wreckage, and he was still resisting making any sort of conciliatory statement. >> harry, i want to show you what we heard today from former white house impeachment counsel, barry berke. >> it's important for the american people to be reminded
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that this is not politics. these are facts and evidence. and when i think the political has done so well which i admire, as a trial lawyer, and i think we do this and tried to those in the second impeachment. get away with political speeches. don't talk about sort of big issues. talk about the evidence. who is responsible and why it matters. >> harry, do you agree with that? and is there more the committee needs to do to make the case that trump himself is responsible for what happened at the capitol? >> yeah. look, it's dead on. i'll add one more thing to what barry said. not just facts but who says them. again and again, and again, they are giving us these back from the mouths of trump insiders which makes them all the more powerful. that is going to hold tomorrow, we have to folks who were, excuse me, republicans working for trump, and they resigned that day based on what they saw two weeks ago in the administration.
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their careers to thank about, they don't go home and talk it over, they just we are out of here, that's how repulsive it is. i think we're gonna get a hold any of that, the committee promises they've got it minutes by minute. and i think that we are gonna hear phone calls, people who were just wandering in and out. a president is essentially never alone. and they are gonna construct what i think is a horrifying portrait of -- as the violence is raging, he is doing nothing. and i think there will also put into context the big communications. the 2:24 tweet that says, hey hang mike pence, basically, the 4:00, when all the dust is settled, anyway, and what you just said at the top. is it enough to convict him? i wrote an op-ed on that today, not quite, on the most serious charge. but that isn't what they are trying to do. it is a comprehensive picture up his guilt for history and the american people. that remains to garland and the
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doj to stick together some important criminal elements. >> but jeff, let's get out of the newsroom, and go to the american people. it is the middle of the summer, we don't even know if fox news is going to air tomorrow night hearings. they have been a airing previous ones during the day. a primetime on fox is a different place. do the american people know? do they realize this is not a partisan attack? we could stay in more blue in the face, the majority of these witnesses are trump employees, or appointees. if i got paid $1 for every time i saw that, i could retire yesterday. did the american people realize this? >> it's a great question you ask. and i really honestly don't have a great answer for it. and the fact is, we might not know, stuff, we might not know for years. the real impacts of what this committee is doing. in part because yes, the committee is speaking to us in the present moment. but they are also speaking to the history books. and one of the reasons why this committee is holding these hearings, and the dead of the summer, is because of so much
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of the obstruction at the front end of the they encountered. thank counter from trump allies. and because, as they piece together their investigation, they realize that this was a deeply coordinated effort, a conspiracy, on the part of the committee says, donald trump, and his allies. not just overturn the results of the election, but when all of their efforts failed, when they tried to lean on every lever of power available, to the white house, and the executive branch. then they resorted to violence. and so, one of the reasons, the main reason why these hearings are happening, now in the summer, is because of that. the time it took to do the investigation, the obstruction they encountered on the front and, and whether or not pox chooses to air it, i think speaks volumes about what that network sees as its value to the american people. and what they make up their viewer base.
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>> say what you will about the hearings, they are absolutely a major national news event. kyle, let's talk about these missing text messages. because this story is ballooning. it feels like it's mushrooming into an atomic bomb. okay? secret service missing text messages. now january six committee is raising the possibility that the secret service may have broken the law. and tonight, the washington post says that the secret service watchdog knew back in february that the taxed were purged, but they chose not to tell congress. at this point, is there anything the committee can do about these actions besides putting out the statements? >> well it's a good question. you know, look, the hearing tomorrow is going to be sort of the finale of sports. i think one thing that we know is that the committee is nowhere close now to winding down. one of the reasons is things like you are talking about, the secret service, controversy, just came into their purview.
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and they now want to devote resources to understanding what happened here. this could be something that carries way beyond this committees lifespan. interviewer congresses, because it sounds like there is something very deeply problematic here. the committee, every time we talk to members, and staff, they can't express enough how unsettled they are by what they keep learning about the fate of these text messages. given how much interest there was and them even before they were deleted. given how obvious it was that you want to preserve anything from that time period. let alone start erasing things within weeks after the attack. and then you find out that the washing the watchdog reported this to congress knew about it months earlier. so this is something broken there it seems, the committee is now just scratching the surface on what happened there. >> okay, but besides being in scents, upset, outraged, other going to be consequences here, harry, because for four years,
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four years during the trump administration, of the four things happen. and we said, this is unprecedented, the shouldn't happen. but it did, and there weren't consequences. so if there was misconduct, or on the leading these text messages, could there be legal fallout? last night andrew weissmann said heads could roll. >> big time! they mentioned one little regulatory crime. but at these guys and know the individual asian snow, and the brass knows, you have to preserve them. we are talking about potential obstruction. and there are ways to get at it. they have some hail mary passes forensically, but also they get witnesses in. to the rank and file. each of the agents was supposed to preserve, even under their standard protocol. did they or didn't they really nobody didn't? and then there is all kinds of finger pointing between the oig and secret service itself. and then there is the facts of what lies behind it. the text could well have shown
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trump's, get the violence and even the possibility of some kind of nefarious coordination, against mike pence, he was scared to even drive with them, so there is a real possibility of some bad stop there, absolute dereliction, and denying it, and ways to get adults if they are serious basically with witness hearings. i don't think we have learned a lot and i agree with andrea, heads could roll, and people could wind up in the pokey. >> the vice president of the united states was uncomfortable riding in the car with the secret service, why he is unwilling to talk to the american people about why that was the case is astounding. >> jeff does it not seem strange to you that the secret service that was reminded repeatedly, and new the official protocol, do not allow these messages, that still, they chose to do it. is that not telling that the
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context of what was on those text was worse than what they would face by the the leading them? >> >> i tell you what steph, committee member jamie raskin told reporters today that he smells a rat. congressman adam schiff said that he is concerned that something nefarious happened because the secret services story just does not add up as he put it. and they have maintained all along, that nothing regarding the investigation, nothing pertinent to the committee's work product was destroyed. how would the committee know that? add to all of that, the fact that the secret service has the reputation of being the best, most sophisticated, most highly regarded cyber security, cyber investigative agency in the world. that they have the best cyber forensics team on the globe. yet, they cannot find texts from 24 agents over two days? january 5th and january 6th. it streams credulity. that's the point you are hearing from committee members. not to mention the fact that
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you pointed out, they may have broken the law. the secret service, just like every executive branch is required by law to preserve records. whether it is a no written on a post-it note or cell phone tax. whether or not this migration plan was planned for three months or three weeks or whatever was. so yes, there are certainly more questions and the fact that the dhs expected general sat on this information for 5 to 6 months and did not notify congress until a couple of weeks ago, it is insane. >> why, why, why. when i worked in banking, you had to keep your books and records for seven years. but the secret service, no big deal. i'm just going to power dollywood is ever on my phone on the day of the insurrection, give me a break. harry, i know you've also been writing about the doj investigation and how that connects to investigations presented by the committee. what do you make of merrick garland's comments today? he sounded very serious, saying that this is the biggest, most expansive investigation we have
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done. >> i agree, you saw it. the words were little prosaic, but it was sort of a music if you will. he chose to say, he kind of leaned forward, was very in fat ick. every person, accountable. there is no mistaking what he is talking about. no mistaking it. he did say investigation. but it is a definite promise. and he is a man of his word. that they are going to be investigating trump for the most serious, readily probable crime within the words of the department of justice. no less than obstruction and up to seditious conspiracy. they cannot and will not just go down the road and let trump take a pass. if i take that as the clear import of his words. >> might be hard for jim married a show up at his big flashy new job at snapchat if he gets charged with something. quick, before we go kyle, steve bannon's case, obviously on
8:18 pm
trial. what happened today and what do we need to know? >> prosecution rested its case after essentially one full day of testimony. making the case that steve bannon knew what he was doing when he decided not to appear to testify before the january 6th select committee. and he will get a chance to defend himself tomorrow, whether he testifies personally is still to be determined. but, this could go to the jury if not tomorrow, then friday. and so we may get a contempt of congress verdict this week. >> we will be watching. jeff bennett, kyle, cheney thank you all for joining us. tonight, coming up, one of the conservative authors of the lost, not storm report that examines and refutes every single claim of election fraud made by trump and his allies. in six critical states. and later, as some republicans start facing the january 6th followed, democrats are pushing forward with their ambitious agenda. we will get reaction from al
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agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out the stuff, which i told the president, was bullshit. and you know, i didn't want to be a part of it, and that is one of the reasons i wanted to
8:24 pm
meet deciding to leave when i did. >> despite that from his former attorney general, part trump and his allies are still pushing those 2020 election lies. and a report released by a group of providence conservatives has now reviewed every single election fraud raised in six crucial swing states, and here is what they found. quote, absolutely no evidence of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, on the magnitude necessary to shove the results in any state, let alone the nation as a whole. we welcome one of the co-authors of that report, david poppy. he has a wealth of experience on capitol hill, and was once chief of staff for than speaker paul ryan. david, we knew that there was no widespread voter fraud. you saw it right there. trump's former attorney general confirmed it. can this report convince anyone who is still insisting otherwise? because there is no side of him stopping the big lie. just yesterday, we found out,
8:25 pm
this month, he urged the wisconsin assembly speaker to overturn biden's win in 2020. >> well, while we looked at, as you, that was all 64 cases that were brought by the trump campaign. and, in none of those were they successful. they had one success and that was not of pennsylvania case and did not concern enough folks even come close to turning around things in pennsylvania. so we have a process and if people have concerns about the votes, they have a way to take them to court to get the courts decision, but we looked at all the court decisions and we looked at all the studies and many of the six key states that were done by the legislatures or other hoots. >> but david -- >> and the conclusion that there is not anything that would have turned over the election, that the electors the joe biden won, was sufficient for him to be elected president, and he was legitimately elected president. we are hoping that people will look at this supports, and go see the depth that we went to,
8:26 pm
to try to go into a deep dive and everything, to show that, there's not a say that the word places that things went wrong here or there that happens in every election. but there was nothing. >> but that's not what i'm asking david -- >> there's nothing proven by the trump people to say that they actually could turn and over any state. they just didn't have the evidence. >> that's not what i'm asking. i'm asking, who is listening? do you believe this report is going to change the minds of those who are pushing the big lie, or influential republicans who know it's a lie, and have been silent about it. >> you have to start by talking to people, and where you come from. all of the people who are the authors of this report are conservative republicans who have served and republicans administrations, have been republicans. is it gonna happen in a day or two days, or a week, or a month? people are gonna start to look at this? probably not. but in overtime, we are hoping that because this is a report
8:27 pm
that can be easily digested by people who are non lawyers, like me, we think that this is a report that will build overtime, the opportunity for people to take a deep dive, and, say what happens? was there a fair election? and was it true? that vice president biden was elected president of the united states. it's gonna take some time. but we continue to work on it. we continue to talk to conservative groups, we continue to talk to conservative publications, conservative radio, people conservative tv stations. we're trying to do this in a responsible way to get the information out to conservatives who are concerned, who believe that there -- for most of december, of 2020, and i look at things, i wasn't sure that the election hadn't been, there weren't things are wrong on the election that the results weren't right. but as i look at it more and more, as i came to work with this later on, we looked at all the cases. and there just isn't the
8:28 pm
evidence anywhere that president trump had enough votes to be elected in any of these states. >> i believe. you i believe this report. have you spoken to your former boss, paul ryan about this? i know he has urged republicans to look at other candidates, other than donald trump, but he is also on the board of fox. you can show this report to paul ryan, there is a big chance fox news isn't even going to air the hearing tomorrow night. he has an awful lot of influence for people who sucked down conservative media night after night. >> i've talked him about the report, and he has seen the report, and delivered a copy to him. so that he could look at it. we've had people, one of the phrase and abuse that we had frankly, was on a box special report. so, we have done that with other conservative groups as well. and we will continue to do that. because our audience is, as you point, out primarily,
8:29 pm
conservatives who are still concerned about this election. we want to show them that what we did, the evidence we gathered, the thorough way we went through it to probe -- and we didn't go it into it with a preconceived of whether it was right or wrong. we went in going in, what does the evidence show? and in our opinion, overwhelmingly, without a shadow of a doubt, that joe biden won the presidential election in 2020. he had the most electors. he had one of the most electors and was fairly elected united presidents of the 19th in 2020 election. >> it's a really important report. i really appreciate you doing this work. it is not about supporting joe biden. it's about supporting democracy. and free, and fair elections, and that is exactly what you are doing. and i appreciate it. >> thank you, appreciate your time. >> david hockey, coming up, mike pence heard a few thankyous and a little presidential campaign encouragement today from gop
8:30 pm
members of the house. his former boss is not going to like that. we will find out with our next guest will. when the 11th hour continues. with our next guest will when the 11th hour continues
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>> do you get the sense he will run in 2020? for >> he didn't say, that but occurred to me he would do so. >> today, former vice president mike pence received a warm welcome at a private meeting of house republicans on capitol hill. his former colleagues applauded his courage for certifying joe biden's 2020 election win. so let us discuss. with former minnesota democratic senator al franken. host of the podcast bearing his name and msnbc political contributor matthew dowd. also a former george w. bush's strategist and founder of country over party. matt, it is clear that pence got support from house republicans on the hill. but the hill is a far, far, far away from america. does he have support from the gop base? remember what those insurrectionists were chanting, hang mike pence. >> first of all, these are all the same people that will line up with donald trump the moment that he cracked his whip and does whatever he wants. so what they say when they walk
8:36 pm
out of a meeting, they say they love mike pence. is to me, basically meaningless. one, two, as donald trump's thousand 80, 85% favor ability rating among republican primary voters. he has a 95% success rate on who he endorses and who wins the primary. and every single poll shows donald trump with over 50% in a huge multi candidate field. in a much stronger position now than he was in 2015 and 2016 when you first ran and won the republican nomination and then won the presidency. i think that right now, mike pence is not even close to the top tier on the list. there is donald trump and everybody else in this list. and so, until you see these republican congressman stand up to donald trump, as i say, i take what they say with a truckload of salt in their support of mike pence. >> i'll, i am not even talking about who could be a candidate two years from now.
8:37 pm
i'm talking about, where is the republican party right now. because mike pence could get a round of applause in d.c., but at the same time, arizona republican house speaker rusty bowers has just been censured by the state party after he testified before the january 6th committee. so, where do you think the party is? >> well, i do not think that pence will be the nominee. a lot of people say that you should run for president, because they think that is what you want to hear. no one who is a trumpy, will want pence. because he did not have the courage to not certify. and anyone who is not for a trumpy, will not want mike pence anywhere near the presidency, because he was such a robotic suck up. to trump and so he is not on the rise. i have talked to some of my
8:38 pm
former republican colleagues and of late, they have been saying that there is a fading effect with support of trump. now, if there is a multi candidate field, maybe he does what he did and in the 16 and he gets the nomination. but, i think that the hearings have hurt him. >> i want to play a part of a clip of kevin mccarthy on fox news earlier tonight. and share what he said, watch this. >> once they polled jim jordan and jim banks, why didn't you replace him with other people? in retrospect, should you have? >> no, not at all. because nothing would be different. think of this, it is only the majority who has subpoena power. they would never allow republicans into those meetings when they interviewed the individuals. all they would be is the american people, they would sit up there, thinking that this is a fair process.
8:39 pm
>> okay, subpoena power, and then the people who were subpoenaed sit there and tell the truth. and they have told damning things, after damning things about donald trump. and trump allies who were subpoenaed matt, they did not defend him, they took the fifth. >> kevin mccarthy, if he actually believes what he said, that this was a smart decision. he is more delusional than i could've ever imagined in the course of this. to me, this is one of the biggest blunders in a liter position of somebody who is in the opposition of not putting their members, his members. on the committee. just let go of subpoena power, they understanding of he would know it was coming, his members would know it was coming and they would not be surprised at the hearing. his members could interrupt the flow of the hearing as the democrats have launched this and as liz cheney has launched on this. so i think kevin mccarthy knows full well, i would hope deepened his soul. this was a huge, major mistake of his.
8:40 pm
and i think that this committee as all of the polls have shown, has shown tremendous credibility. not on the trump or wing of the republican party, which is the majority of the party. but among independents and democrats, it has shown in astounding degree of discipline, in the course of how they've laid this out from hearing to hearing. kevin mccarthy made a huge, huge blunder. in not putting his members on this committee. >> an unforced error to remind our audience that there could have been more republicans on that committee. kevin mccarthy said no thanks. allen map, stick around, we have more to cover with you after the break. house democrats are making major moves on issues that matter. so, ones might actually become law and what it means for voters in november. when the 11th hour continues. voters in november voters in november when theby $50 or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day
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8:46 pm
climate! >> amid a record breaking heat, way president biden promising executive action to revive his sought climate agenda. it comes as democrats on the hill are making moves on other important issues. the house advance bill to protect abortion rights and same sex marriage. today, the house judiciary committee held a markup on an assault weapons ban, and the house is set to vote on protecting access to contraception later this week. al franken and that doubt still with us. all right gentlemen. let's talk about what actually can get done. will it earlier that republican senator, rob portman is going to cosponsor that marriage equality bill, and i want to share with democratic senator, chris murphy said about it. >> i think this bill will pass. i think this bill will get more than 60 votes in the united states senate. i hope that we bring it up for a vote very quickly. >> i'll, you know the senate, he seems confident, are you?
8:47 pm
>> i think he may be right. and i hope so. this is most americans are for same sex marriage. they just are. i know that matt was ahead of strategy for the bush campaign in 2004. they tried the use this. bush was had said that he wanted a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. and i think the results of that, i think matthew had said this, didn't really help you guys as all. as much as you try to do that. i think this may very well pass. and i have been urging that we put these kind of, on contraceptive shun, i want to make republicans vote, in the senate, on oh no, i don't think women should have the right to contraception. that's, i want to see that one on the floor. >> matt, do you agree with how
8:48 pm
important that is. because oftentimes, when the house votes on, something that they know won't get passed in the senate, people think about a waste of time. work on something that will get past. do you agree with aisles points? take it to a vote, show america exactly where you stand on these issues. >> well i defer to the senator who actually, point of personal privilege, missed in the united states senate because he was in my view, a servant leader. so i think the american misses and their. >> thank you. >> my view,. you're >> welcome. >> my view on this election cycle is that the democrats have to lead on the issue, not use focus groups and posts to determine what they think the voters are saying one matters. because every time you ask these questions, it's inflation, the economy, and all of that. but when you dig deeper in this, what's really is motivating people, what really matters, i'm more gut issues and more gut values. and that is really what i think
8:49 pm
the democrats have to make the dividing line on this election about. the threat to our democracy, the threat to freedoms across the board, not only is the freedom to live safely without gun violence, but the freedom to marry who you want. the freedom of choice and a health care choices by women. the freedom of health care choices of people that are couples that may want to pack this to have contraception. all these things democrats ought to leave, not to follow but group of strategist think and i take a poll and say they ought to lead the where the country ultimately want to go. and make this selection about who we are as americans, and whether or not we do support freedoms, and whether or not we do support our democracy. and anybody that they cast in the senate, that highlights that, to me, it's a positive thing. >> all right, then matt, why don't. >> oh al, yes? >> i'm just saying, i totally agree with that. and i also think that the january six committee is speaking to this issue of
8:50 pm
democracy. what could be speaking more to that? we are at a dangerous point in this country, and they are doing a huge service. these hearings have exceeded my expectations. i think that a lot of peoples expectations, although, nothing that i effort is actually shocked me. >> that is disturbing but true. matt, explain this one to me, something else that is hurting our country, all americans, and all 50 states, is the impact of climate change. why doesn't it seem to be even remotely be a priority, or even something republicans will admit to? in your own state, texas, climate change has impacted texas. your power grid is at risk of failing. because of the record heat there. i get why west virginians, coal mining there, why they might be reluctant. but why are more republicans getting on board? climate change is hurting us. doesn't matter what your political party is.
8:51 pm
>> well, i am glad you brought up texas. we've had over 40 days over 100 degrees. the average used to be 12 days over 100 degrees in texas. we lost our grid, it failed in the midst of an ice storm, which we never had before. so now we have an ice storm, and now we have a greater and greater amounts of over 100-degree days i feed in this, without infrastructure of a grid that anybody can rely on this. the climate change conversation that i don't get, because i think any logical person should start with, okay let's admit that man and woman, that climate change is man-made, and we are at fault and we have to fix that problem. letters admit that. okay, now the debate can be about what do we do about it. the republicans, no i'll tell you about this, i have talked to enough republicans, they know, and this is why they don't admit the truth, they know that if they admit that climate change is a problem, caused by man, caused by human beings, then they have to do something about it.
8:52 pm
so what they do is that they cover the, ears cover their eyes, and just deny everything a bit because they do not want to address the policies that are necessary. it's not an american issue. it's a global human race issue. this is not only going to face, it's not going to affect the temperatures, it's going to affect the economies of every major country in the world. and who we are, how we are gonna live our children. they are not gonna live in the same light that we do because of climate change. >> we can let those republicans -- >> my grandchildren, i don't want my gun children to saying to me, grandpa, you are in the senate, why didn't you do anything in 50 years? i don't want to say why did you do anything about climate? and also why are you still alive. because i'd be 100 hundred one. [laughs] >> i'll franken, matthew dowd, we are gonna leave it there. and a reminder to everyone out there who is saying i don't have to do anything about climate change.
8:53 pm
we already are. every year, when we have to spend trillions of dollars addressing the impact of the climate disasters that we face in this country, we are already paying. thank you both so much for joining us tonight. coming up, ukrainian first ladies a motion oh plea to america. as russia continues to strike civilians in her home country. when the 11th hour continues. home country. home country. when sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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8:58 pm
tonight >> rushes hunger games. you crave first lady, elena zelenska, delivered remarks to congress today, and pleaded for help to fight russia. ukraine has -- attacking civilians on purpose. most notably, after an attack on a city in central ukraine just last week. the startling surveillance camera footage provided by the ukrainian government, shows the moment a russian missile struck an area full of civilians, far, far from the front line of fighting. according to ukrainian authorities, the strike killed at least 23 people, and wounded more than 100. today, salons got called out russia for targeting civilians during her address to congress. she showed pictures and videos of ukrainians, including children like the one you saw a moment ago, who have died or have been injured in the war. she asked for more help and weapons to put an end to this conflict. >> while russia kills america saves. and you should know about it.
8:59 pm
we thank you for that. but unfortunately, the war is not over. the terror continues. i am asking for something, now i would never want to ask. i am asking for weapons. weapons that would not be used to wage a war on somebody else's land. but to protect one's home in the right to wake up alive in that home. >> she also spoke to our own peter alexander about how this what has affected her as a person, and as a mother. >> what's it's your side dream, up what does he want to be? >> he obviously wants to be a soldier. >> i want to be a soldier? >> yeah obviously. >> that's all ukrainian boys much dream of now. >> i think, yes. >> what does that make you think of as a mom? [speaking foreign language] >> before the, war my son used to go to the folk dance
9:00 pm
ensemble. he played piano, he learned english, he of course attended sports clubs. now i cannot bring him back to doing arts and humanities. everything, the only thing he wants to do is martial arts, and how to use a rifle. and that is what i really want to ensure is that the child who told my, sent is given back to him, and that he enjoys his life to the fullest. [end of translation] >> -- just like any mother or father, she just wants her little boy to enjoy his life to the fullest. and on that note, i wish you a good and safe night. from all of our colleagues across the networks of nbc news, thank you for staying up late with us. i will see you at the end of tomorrow. with us. i will see you a >> it was may of 20, 18 the pulitzer prize board was announcing that year's


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