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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  July 29, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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♪♪ tonight on "the reidout" -- >> it is despicable to continue to use america's men and women who are fighting for this country as political pawns for anger you have about separate issues. there is no pork in it. it is a kosher bill. i would say hilal but i know how that would play on this network. >> jon stewart tells it like it is to fox news after senate republicans openly celebrated broadcasting a bill to give veterans critical health care coverage. also tonight, more missing text
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messages that could shed important light on the plot to overturn the election. john wood who is a senior investigator for the january 6th committee joins me. plus, it's not just disney, ron desantis is stepping up his fight against so-called woke companies which stands to benefit the companies that help him out politically. we begin tonight with a republican party gone off the rails. what was once a self-described grand ole party advocating small government and national security now seems to be actively rallying against the very issues that just 5, 10, 20 years ago were their top priorities. first, you have the majority of republicans voting yesterday against the bipartisan chips bill that would create high-tech jobs and make the u.s. more competitive against china who republicans keep telling us is the big threat to america's future. republicans also in the main are declining to support the respect for marriage act. okay, family values party, or
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the inflation reduction act of 2022 that would, on top of helping to save the planet from impending climate disaster, reduce prescription drug costs and fight what republicans keep telling us is the boogieman, inflation. make it make sense. then you have the de facto party leader donald trump facing major backlash from 9/11 survivors and victims' families for hosting a saudi-funded golf tournament at his new jersey golf club. when asked about the criticism he said, and i quote, nobody's gotten to the bottom of 9/11. really, donald? i mean, you were president and you do know who the cia is, right? at the same time right wick republicans win viting hungarian autocrat viktor orban of anti-race mixing theme to speak at cpac next week because america first, right. wait a minute? is the republican opposition for the respect to marriage act which would codify interracial as well as same-sex marriage as
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legal? is that related to their love of orban? say it isn't so, republicans. whatever the source of the affinity, orban who like his american tv sponsor tucker carlson is big on the whole white replacement theory, he'll be speaking alongside trump and some two dozen republican lawmakers at cpac. should be fun. on top of all of that, perhaps the most egregious and unexpected 180 from the republican party this week was tanking what's being called the pact act, a bill that would provide health care to hundreds of veterans who were exposed to burn pits. on wednesday 41 republicans blocked the bill's passage including 25 who had support it had just one month ago. immediately upon doing so video from the senate floor shows the very senators celebrating, shaking hands and fist bumping after denying health care to sick veterans. the outrage from several veterans groups was immediate and completely understandable.
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they included the mother-in-law of a sargent the bill is named after who slammed the hypocrisy of those republicans outside the capitol yesterday. >> every single one has pictures with veterans on their facebook pages, on their websites. well, screw that. they don't support veterans. if you vote no on this bill, you do not support veterans. >> joining me now is susan zeyer, mother-in-law of sergeant first class heath robinson and advocate of the pact act. condolences of your beloved son-in-law, but i want to show you this video again. i played it a second ago and want to show you again. i apologize for having you make you look at it. these are senators, high-five, celebrating the fact that they blocked this bill. that 25 senate republicans had previously support. when you see that, these
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senators high-fiving, fist bumping, how does -- what does that say to you, and how does that make you feel? >> well, first off, joy, thank you for having me tonight. that's the first time i've seen that video, and i'm losing my composure right now because i felt that fist bump right in my gut. that was a punch in my gut, and i don't understand how anyone who is sitting on capitol hill working in the senate or the house could have the barbaric audacity to celebrate -- to celebrate and denying va benefits and disability and surviving benefits to the men and women who willingly went off to war and served our country. it's unconscionable.
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>> tell me a little bit about your son-in-law and what he went through. >> heath was an ohio national guard guardsman. in 2012 and 2013 he was the army national guard soldier of the year and it's a pretty competition and quite an honor. he served in kosovo in 2004 and 2016 he was deployed to iraq. he was in the baghdad area, camp liberty, camp victory. he was a combat medic. and he was posted for guard duty for iraqi construction workers and he -- at that time he had to stand guard and he was 20 to 30 yards from burn pits all day long for about three months, and
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he came home safe and sound. everybody is happy. he come back for your more and you're health and safe. step years later he started noticing he was very physically fit, never smoked, very health conscious and he just felt like when he was working out he didn't recover well. he was tired. he started developing these gushing nose bleeds in late 2016, and it took over a dozen doctors going back and forth. they couldn't diagnose what the problem was. eventually it was discovered he had a rare mucus member bray autoimmune disease that affects 80-year-old women who work in a toxic environment like a factory. there was no case where a 35-year-old man has this autoimmune disease, but were optimistic.
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it was truthable. possibly curable, and then about a month later in 2017, in march of 2017, he developed other symptoms not consistent with the autoimmune disease, and it was determined that he had stage four lung cancer and a very rare form because he did not have a primary tumor, so he was given six to eight weeks to live in march. however, they did find a -- a treatment that worked, an immunotherapy treatment that did work, and they extended his life for three years, and he died on may 6th of 2020. >> yeah. and, i mean, i am so sorry. i mean, the thing is, that you know, your son-in-law did what those members of congress for the most part didn't have the courage to do. it's easy for them to sit back and say no to something that
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would help families like yours take care of themselves, take care of the children that are left behind by these wars that they decide on, for the most north they don't fightist just want to apologize to you. i didn't -- you know, i'm not a republican senator, but i think that the nation owes you and your family an apology. we should be able to get this done. jon stewart is out there fighting. we're with you. we're going to get this done. thank you. >> yes, i no. >> thank you. god bless. >> take care. >> let's bring in rick wilson, former republican strategist co-founder of the lincoln project. you know, rick, there is little that is more repugnant than sending a young man off to war and then refusing to help him or help her when they come home sick because they went to war.
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i can't manage anything sicker than, that and i wonder what you think of the high-fiving senators. >> i have to tell you, watching the fist bumping and the high-fiving at the end it was nauseating. these people, they -- you know, my old party loved to say oh, we back the blue. we support our troops. you know, we saw how much they backed the blue on 1/6. we saw how much they support the troops in this heinous vote. this is repulsive at every level. their excuses for it ring completely hollow. they have no reason to do this. they have taken a shot at our troops as effectively as an armed enemy. they want these young men and young women who were exposed to chemicals in the war zones of many many different engagements overseas, they just don't give a damn, and it is -- i find myself angry and disappointed and disgusted in equal measures, but there is nothing that these families can do except stand up this november and eliminate this republican majority, send mitch
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mcconnell packing and brick this bill back, because these folks deserve this, and a few month ago the senate voted for and it now they decided to politicize it and use it as a ping poll ball and especially susan collins who is ever so upset about it. she voted against it because of another bill that made her angry. these people should never claim the patriotic imprimatur of supporting these people. >> they figure out how to work with so manchin and susan collins have to punish members of the united states military. they are not punishing joe manchin and chuck schumer. they punish people like the z o'yer family. the whole iraq war debacle began with a lie from the bush administration that connected it to 9/11, and so 9/11 also still
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burns like in the spirit of the american like psyche. it's still painful what happened to those 3,000 people, the horrible way that they died, and the fact that the saudis have gotten a clone bill of health for it, clean bill of health. they get to have a golf tournament. donald trump is now -- they are literally lying and saying nobody really knows who -- yes, we do. the same people -- your thoughts. >> look, trump becoming a, you know, basically a street walker for the saudi golf tournament does not surprise me in the slightest. he is conveniental, repulsive and morally vacant in every way. the idea, however, you're right, there's a long arc of exposure to volatile chemicals and plastics that are burned in an uncontrolled way that cause damage to people who are around them. this is not a debatable thing. the science is absolutely done and settled on this matter and the people that believe that the
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fire fighters who served on the pile on 9/11 should have been taken care of and the people who were around burn pilings in iraq and afghanistan and even on u.s. bases, while they were in service to this country putting their lives at risk it's absolutely repug fact, and i'm sorry the fact that they went on the floor and thought it was a great thing and they are fist butching and high-fiving and laughing, it's a display of the absolute moral collapse of the republican party as it used to be and it's been replaced by something grotesque and conveniental. >> republicans like to say oh, it's just trump. trump is just the bad guy, but trump is golfing for money, as you said, street walking for cash from the sawed, but can you put that up again, i'm sorry, my friendly director. they are celebrating these senators stripping needed medical health care resources from the men and women who had
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to pay the price for decisions that were made in that very body, political decisions, decisions on where to go to war with political, and they think it's just funny and hilarious and wonderful and something to celebrate that they are saying, you know what. screw those people. >> i'm totally unsurprised to see ted cruz and josh "sprinter" hauly in that crowd. these people are -- and, again, what do they have to celebrate? do they have to celebrate some 30-year-old former, you know, soldier, some former enlisted man or woman dying of exotic lung cancers or exotic respiratory diseases? is that what they are celebrating? are they celebrating the fact that they owned the livs in some way? are they celebrating the fact that they will show joe manchin a thing or two about how power works. there's something broken and sick and wrong with these people, and, again, joy, the only solution for this is to raise the political cost of doing this kind of cruel and horrible thing and vote these
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son of a bitches out. >> by the way, when you see their ads touting how much they love the troops, how much they love the veterans and how much they love the soldiers and the troops, just know that it's bs. call bs on it. >> it's totally -- it's a scam and a lie. >> it is a scam and a lie. rick wilson, always keeping it real. i appreciate you, my friend. >> i do my best. >> you do indeed. thank you very much. up presentation on "the reidout." well, surprise, more text messages are missing. oh, you wanted me to keep those messages about everything i saw and heard on january 6th? who need. "the reidout" continues after this. who need "the reidout" continues after this finding the perfect designer isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in austin between a fresh bowl of matcha and a fresh batch of wireframes. and you can find her, and millions of other talented pros, right now on
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well, first the secret service. now top former department of homeland security officials. we are learning that more potential evidence for the january 6th committee has coincidentally gone missing. new "washington post" reporting reveals that text messages from former acting homeland security chad wolf and acting deputy secretary ken cuccinelli from the days leading up to the january 6th attack on the capitol are missing. much like those missing secret service texts that the dhs inspector general was notified about in january, the text messages were wiped as part of an agency phone reset when wolf and cuccinelli left their jobs in january 2021. despite being informed about the missing texts five months ago, the inspector general did not
4:21 pm
inform congress about the information and as "the post" reports notes the texts could have shed considerable light on trump's actions and plans in the weeks before the attack on the capitol that trump had been pressuring both men to help him claim the 202 election was rigged and to seize voting machines in key swing states to try to re-run the election which is not a thing you can do. for their part both claim they followed protocol and blamed dhs this. comes as committee members are hoping to speak to the members of the former cabinet. discussions are being had with john ratcliffe as well as chad wolf who resigned days after the siege on the capitol and has continued to join forces with the justice department investigation, the spokesperson for the committee told "politico" that the panel intends to share 20 witness transcripts. joining me now is john wood, an independent candidate for u.s.
4:22 pm
senate in missouri and, you know, mr. wood. coincidences, as my friend malcolm vance love to say, take a lot of planning it. sure does seem weird that text messages from the secret service who were with trump and always shadowing trump wherever he went and now these text messages are suddenly gone, and the secret service alerted secretary cuffari's office that is the agency deleted thousands of agents and employee text messages in an agency-wide reset of government phones. cuffari did not notify congress for months. do you think it's coincidence? >> it might be. it's hard to know. i don't want to jump to the conclusion that someone intentionally deleted information and evidence that could be valuable both to the house select committee and to the justice department. if they did, that would be a
4:23 pm
crime, maybe multiple crimes, but with the government you can never rule out the possibility of incompetence, but if it was incompetence it was on a grand scale because this is information that's extremely important to both the house select committee and potentially to the justice department as well. >> can you think of a benign explanation for why major event, this is like a 9/11-style event. we've never had our capitol sacked and never had an attempted coup take place in the united states in our history. a lot of crazy things have happened, but not that, so if something that big happens, can you think of a benign explanation for any agency resetting their phones to wipe information that could -- that literally is contemporaneous incredible thing, can you think of a benign reason why any government agency would wipe their phone with that thing having have happened? >> it's really hard to imagine.
4:24 pm
possibly, you know, on the secret service side, they say they had a pre-planned migration of phones, but if that's the case, how is it that nobody thought after the inspector general specifically asked for communications on january 5-9-and 6th, why did nobody say we need to stop this pre-planned migration? each if it's something they had planned before january 6th or for reasons related to january 6th, it's hard to imagine why nobody realized we need to stop this because preserving the evidence is far more important than whatever technological reason they had for giving up the migration and the reset in the first place. >> do you find it suspicion that people's memories seem to be going. kevin mccarthy says i don't remember talking to cassidy hutchinson. you don't remember? she's probably the only 23-year-old that you probably ever talked to when you were working in congress? hutchinson testified that mccarthy, she answered the phone, he sounded rushed and says he's marching to the capitol, and you said why are
4:25 pm
you lying to me because he's not supposed to be marching to the capitol, a pretty big deal. seems like he was very opposed to trump marching to the capitol and now he doesn't remember. if you're in the doj right now, do you believe any of these benign explanations, or do you start if you were in the do jwoww start subpoenaing these people? >> i think they want to know at least what he does refreshes and i'm sure that he remembers having talked to the president of the united states on january 6th, and he refused to share information with the house select committee about that, but i would think the justice department is going to want to know what did trump say to kevin mccarthy as the attack was going on, so even if he doesn't remember specifically talking to cassidy hutchinson, he should remember whether he had a view about whether the president was going to go to the president or whether he was concerned about whether the president was going to go to the capitol but absolutely he must have remembered talking to the president on the 6th itself. the last thing he wants to do is talk to anybody, but the justice
4:26 pm
department might compel him to do so. >> well, i want to just quickly for our audience, ken klukowski who led the questioning in jop eastman's theories, he's now cooperating. what do you think of that? >>ia. i think that's certainly significant as far as the department of justice piece. as you know, president trump came very close to appointing jeffrey clark at acting attorney general and jeff clark had september a letter to several state, including georgia, saying that the justice department had found fraud in their state when in fact there was no evidence of widespread fraud in any of those states and kept cluksky worked directly for jeff clark and we understand he may have been involved in drafting the letter so this may be an important piece of information for the doj part of the story. >> let's talk about your story. you're running for the house in
4:27 pm
missouri and your opponent is kept greatens. who do you think about in? is he beatable in the state of missouri? >> it is very conservative. he's very beatable. it looks like someone who is an extremist whether it's eric greatens or somebody else and while missouri is a generally conservative republican state and i am a common sense conservative and lifelong republican, i better represent the views of most missourians and while i'm conservative i'm within the mainstream and i also believe in defending our constitution and our democracy, and the republican candidates mostly seem like they want to overturn the 2020 presidential election. there's nothing in our constitution or our democracy in that. >> john dan fort is a big supporter of yours. is your strategy to run as a third party to give basically republicans an alternate
4:28 pm
opportunity, somebody else to vote for instead of greitens because you would be the third person in a three-way race. in a sense that helps the democrats. >> i'm not sure who it's going to help. >> i'm in this to win it, not to help our hurt the major parties. what voters in missouri would be presented with if i was not in the race, two sets of extremes, extreme left from the democrats and the extreme right -- >> you think the democrats that are running in the state of missouri are extreme left, you mean, the heir to the bush fortune and the other gentleman? i don't think they are extreme. >> i think coons is going to get the nomination in. >> he described himself as a hand grenade and roll me into the senate and blow me up. said senator wellstone was the mold el for him and he was perhaps the most liberal member of the u.s. senate when he served in the u.s. senate so he's at least maybe sincere but
4:29 pm
they are very out of step with the average missouri voter. >> i think -- i would hesitate to allow you to call him extreme. he's a pretty general democrats that believes we shouldn't have assault weapons in a fourth grade classrooms. i don't think that's extreme. maybe we can have the two of you on and you canny did bait. former january 6th committee investigator john wood. >> thanks, joy. new york health commissioner dr. mary bassett joins me to spain why she believes monkeypox is an imminent threat to public health. be feared. we'll be right back. c health be feared. we'll be right back.
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seen this ad? it's not paid for by california tribes. it's paid for by the out of state gambling corporations that wrote prop 27. it doesn't tell you 90% of the profits go to the out of state corporations. a tiny share goes to the homeless, and even less to tribes. and a big loophole says, costs to promote betting reduce money for the tribes, so they get less.
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hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. we have some good news today in the war against covid. new booster shots are on the horizon. a reform late vaccine that targets omicron ba.had and ba.5, the most contagious variants yet. they could be available in early fall. meanwhile in the other outbreak news, we have monkeypox. not nearly as widespread as the covid-19 and rarely fatal but still officially a global health emergency and gaining more permanent foothold in the u.s. there are now more than 5,000 confirmed cases, most likely an undercount, and today the indiana department of health announced two cases among kids along with dozens of other cases
4:35 pm
among adults. public health agencies for new york state and san francisco are sounding the alarm. officials have declared a public health state of emergency in response to the growing spread of monkeypox, cases across san francisco, and new york state's health commissioner marion bassett has declared the disease an imminent threat to public health. dr. bassett joins me now. dr. bassett, please explain what that means, imminent threat to public health. that sounds very worrisome to me. what does that actually mean in practical terms? >> well, first of all, it does highlight the fact that we, as you've just outlined, have a serious public health issue evolve is with the monkeypox outbreak. the practical thing it does is mobilize financial resources to counties which have the burden of delivering these vaccinations to the population and -- and we at least want them to know that -- that they will get some financial help from the state to do that.
4:36 pm
so that's what this declaration does. >> so, you know, initially the way that public health professionals talked about monkeypox, the way we heard about it in other media, it sounded almost like it was an std. the conversation was about it spreading primarily among men who have sex with men, gay and bisexual men, but now it doesn't seem like that. we have two cases of children, one of whom i think was infected in the nation's capital. the associated press is reporting that people can catch monkeypox from touching items that previously touched an infected person's rash or bodily fluids such as towels or bedsheets. that is thought to explain the infections of kids. that scares me. i stay in a lot of hotels. should be worried about doing things like staying in a hotel? >> monkeypox is not new. it has been epidemic, as i call it, in about a dozen countries in central and west africa, and
4:37 pm
there children got monkeypox, adults got monkeypox, and as you point out people got monkeypox, mostly from skin-to-skin contact, but also from sharing beds, sharing bed clothes with somebody who has monkeypox. it's not casual talking and the hygienic practices of hotels should make you assured you won't catch in the hotels that i suspect you stay in, but people who share beds with somebody who has monkeypox are in fact at risk, but the vast majority of transmission identified in this current ongoing global outbreak has been through skin-to-skin contact related sexual activity, intimate activity. >> if you can just explain because i know people who are very nervous and have worried about it not because they are sexually active. can you get monkeypox if someone
4:38 pm
has it and they have sweating hands, for instance, and you touch their hand and then you touch your eyes or other or physicals where that fluid could get into your eyes our touch your nose. can it spread through that kind of contact? >> let me just make clear that this is an evolving outbreak, and we're seeing it transmitted in ways that we haven't seen before, so we're all learning about monkeypox, but everything that we know about monkeypox suggests that it is not that sort of casually spread, not a brush of the hand, you know, rubbing shoulders on, you know, public transport. it's more prolonged skin-to-skin contact, and the main way and what we really have to talk about is that it's being transmitted through skin-to-skin contact is through sexual encounters. so i think everybody is at risk for getting monkeypox.
4:39 pm
skin-to-skin contact is something that everyone can experience but the main way that we're seeing this transmitted in some 18,000 cases that have been identified around the world so far and in new york state where we've identified close to 1,400 is a report of a sexual encounter, so, you know, i -- i understand that people will be nervous, but the -- the main message that we need to get out is that we are seeing it transmitted principally in a group that has been previously marginalized and, you know, has many bad memory, but we have to communicate that we need to support them in getting access to vaccine, to treatment and to preventing exposure so i sympathize with what you're describing, but it is not a -- it is not the way we're seeing this -- this outbreak spread. >> okay. well, thank you very much for disabusing me of my fears, new
4:40 pm
york state health commissioner, dr. mary bassett. really appreciate it. have a great weekend. still ahead -- >> thank you. >> cheers. >> welcome to the grip shot. do not be fooled by governor ron desantis' populism. all just a scam aim at punishing his political enemies and lining his pockets. i'll explain after this. d lining his pockets. i'll explain after this. she's in austin between a fresh bowl of matcha and a fresh batch of wireframes. and you can find her, and millions of other talented pros, right now on
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the governor of the free to do whatever ron desantis tells you to state of florida is at it again with america's sunshine state viktor orban taking aim at what he refers to as woke corporations this. times he's proposing new rules on which businesses can get florida investment, prohibiting those that take no account what is called esg factors, environmental social and governance, a common practice to screen a company's behavior for crappiness before investing in them. now, you see, desantis is anti-big business but only when that business does not agree with his policies and ideology. let us not forget earlier this year when he moved to strip disney of its self-governance privileges simply because they dared to push back on his hideous don't say gay law. he even went after the special olympics for requiring its athletes to be vaccinated prompting california governor gavin newsom to run ads in florida denouncing him. his goal is not only going after his adversaries but looking to
4:46 pm
donors as he looks at his re-election campaign in a likely run for president because his new rules would also prohibit banks from discriminating against customers for their right wing political and social beliefs. just so happens that daughters of the confederacy style activist group moms for liberty has complained that the organization and some of its members have seen their accounts frozen by paypal, a company desantis called out by name at his announcement earlier this week. joining me now is a florida state senator chevron jones. it's good to see you, senator jones. ron desantis wasn't too pressed about trying to get the money investing in companies that are dealing with russia and he's decided to pick through and decide you can get money because you are, you know, in favor of my policies and you can't get money if you don't like, you know, the moms for liberty that wants to get the black people books out of school.
4:47 pm
your thoughts. >> good to be with you all, joy. if governor desantis clear he's only focused on his own political ambitions and future and not the real concern of floridians, obviously, joy, big companies and employers, even small employers and companies, they are just like our families and offtimes have theological differences internally. with that being said the issues that we face right now as a state and as a country today are truly between life or death for millions of americans. i think we're seeing this trend constantly with governor desantancies, just like you said. if you don't agree with him, he's coming after you. he comes after disney. i'm telling you this. if this is the trend that the governor plans on going on, i think that we're going to see more businesses deter from coming into florida because of this and what the governor is doing and because their fear of who is next. >> well, i mean, the thing is he's micromanaging florida as if it's like a board game where he controls all the pieces, right?
4:48 pm
mean, he's going after a single restaurant in miami. he's going after a restaurant. this is the governor of the state of florida going after a restaurant because they had a drag show where kids were there. this is not. his thought i thought was to run the state of florida and has a fiduciary. he's targeting individual restaurants because he doesn't like the show they have. that is fascism on steroids. >> it's fascism and it's authoritarianism and at its best it's the same party who calls out for parental rights but yet you still want to dictate what parents can and cannot do, and with his attacks on this wokeness, it's clearly a play for his 2024 presidential playbook. he's decided to take a scorched earth approach in his quest for power and we have real issues that need to be addressed, and the governor is chasing boogiemen. joy, here's the clear thing. we have an affordable housing
4:49 pm
crisis with rent hikes of up to 30% that people can't afford. surging property insurance rates and we have thousands of floridians with disabilities on wait lists waiting to get the services and they can't because the governor is running for president and not running florida. >> he's running restaurant and making sure they don't have shows that he doesn't like. you have neo-nazis demonstrating and chanting vote for desantis. he doesn't say anything. he doesn't seem to be bothered by neo-nazis marches around, but he's bothered by school bus that might say slavery was bad or might make white kids feel uncomfortable because it talks about race. neo-nazis demonstrated out side turning point america conference and said this is desantis country. that's pretty specific. he doesn't want poem to be
4:50 pm
vaccinated against covid. go ahead and get covid, i'm not going to have mask mandates but go to the pop-up shop because my friend makes the >> and i think we've been seeing this for the past two years. and i said, once i'll say it. again one governor desantis came up with hp, one when he wanted to measure how blacks went out to protest, i think that should've been our first sign to see the direction that the government of desantis was going in. >> and yet, a lot of national republicans are literally shoving donald trump over a bridge to grab desantis. he is leading -- he's losing ground to desantis. pull up to poll shows him gaining on trump. it seems like he's the replacement. is he acting, in this moment,, like he's already looking past
4:51 pm
the state of florida. ignoring his current job, managing with the rest of us are. doing is he running for president? >> he's definitely running for, president and he's already totally look past the needs of the state of florida. looking at the needs, the laundry list of needs that i made a list, of is the culture wars that he, in his -- that he believes works. because that's his base. they utilize the culture wars as a tool to distract from the bigger issues that impact people every single day and the fact that we're pushing back on this is really ridiculous. but let's take this a step further. you have a teacher shortage of 9000 teachers. 9000 teachers. it's what they want to do is exactly what is working. they want to create this confusion with our classroom. they want to create this confusion. with the teachers and parents, so children cannot put the
4:52 pm
children in private schools. this is all playing out now in florida and, we haven't even gotten into the real issues that we need to deal with. we have hurricane season but the governor has not addressed. we are not doing anything about it. but, still, we have this issue which is now the new issue for the state of florida. with governor desantis, in the free state of florida. >> supposedly the free state of florida. meanwhile, he is torturing the tourism industry, getting into lawsuits with the crush of industries. getting into feuds with disney. this is the bread and butter of the state, he wants to destroy because he wants essentially everyone to be white christian nationalists ideology, or at least pretend to, be because otherwise he'll get. matt and if he gets, mad that he just decides to hurt you. that is not being governor, ron desantis. that is not being governor, sir. you could be a pundit and do. that florida state senator jon, thanks for being. here it's a special edition of
4:53 pm
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friday, i would ask who won the week? but this week there is a pretty clear cut winner, and, no it is not every song about running purchase halle. it could've been beyoncé. that is a good guess, people on twitter were getting. beyoncé the rare good guesses. but, clearly the answer is a levy yeah julianna. who appeared on this very show wednesday night in her efforts
4:58 pm
to raise money for abortion rights groups after she was attacked by america's most juvenile and juvenile congressman. olivia! yes, the music. she joins me. now olivia, you won the week. okay, sister, girl, i will put the ticker up. but tell us how much money you raised. when did you start this fund-raiser? i think was tuesday, right? >> yes, we started this fund-raiser tuesday night. >> and there it is. there it is. look at that. >> yeah, i am in complete shock. i never realized it would take all this as much as it has. but i'm happy that it has. we've seen an outpouring of support from across the country and funds that have received funds are supporting us online. i'm extremely happy with how this has all turned. out >> when you started this, out you wrote that very adorable-y snarky thank you letter to matt gates for just being a jerk to you on social
4:59 pm
media. and really to all activists who actually believe that women can own our own bodies. did you expect the outpouring to be wet it has been? >> i absolutely did not. i thought we'd raised a couple thousand dollars. i had no idea that it would blow up as much as it has. 1 million was a big goal, but now we are shooting for two. so hopefully we can get there in the next couple of days. >> girl, you will be at two in an hour. you are at 1.686 million. by the time -- to tell us very quickly, where is this money going to go? you're gonna have a lot of people. where is the many gonna go? >> this money is going to go to different -- 50 different abortion clinics across the country, including indigenous rising which is the only indigenous find in the country. so they're amazing funds that are gonna be able to help the people who need health care
5:00 pm
because of these donations. so thank you so much for everyone who has donated. >> well, sis, i am so proud of. you olivia julianna, you are the woman. you won the week. by the, way next week, i know a lot of you all are talking about this crime bill thing that is sort of rolling through the house of representatives we don't know where it's. going next, week we're gonna do a little, i am just stoked bill, yes, i'm only a bill. we're gonna explain how the sausage is made and why this sausage might not be so tasty. but i'm going to leave you with that tees as i now pass you along to all in with chris hayes which starts right now. ts right now >> tonight, on all in. >> i don't know why everybody is texan emails were suddenly disappearing all over the place. so i assume it's not just a technological problem. >> more missing text leading up to january 6th. this time, from the heads of homeland security. tonight, carol leonnig on the
5:01 pm


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