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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  July 31, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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today from msnbc world headquarters in new york. welcome to alex witt reports. i'm lindsay reiser. developing this morning, senate democrats preparing for a busy week on capitol hill as they work to advance a major spending bill before august recess. the inflation production act includes key climate tax and health care provisions. majority leader chuck schumer and senator joe manchin reached an agreement after months of negotiations. today, we moderate democrats in west virginia won all five sunday talk shows, promoting his support of the bill, republicans gave their opposition. >> this is a piece of legislation that is an investment. we have taken 3.5 trillion dollars in spending that was aspirational spending, that my colleagues want to do on the democrats side, and we have taken that down to a 400
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million dollar investment. we are not sending a truck to anybody. we are going to basically produce. >> it'll make inflation worse, actually. we have a corporate talks increase it is probably going to make this recession that we are in worse. all of the spending is unnecessary, it is going to exacerbate inflation. it is not going to reduce the deficit. and what did senator manchin get for this? >> i'm a big fan of joe, manchin but i think he got taken to the cleaners. >> senator manchin's interview and meet the prosecuting live interview today after he was pressed by host a sharp talker for the upcoming midterms. >> do you hope democrats keeping troll the house and senate? >> i think people are sick and tired of politics, chuck, i really do. i think they are sick and tired of the democrats and republicans fighting over pieces of legislation, cause i didn't get with they won it, i need credit for something. when it we start to be something for our country? >> where results you want?
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do want the democrats to keep control of the united states and in the house of representatives? >> i would love -- i'm not making the choices or decisions on that, i'm gonna work with whatever i've had. i've always said that. i think the democrats have great candidates there, running their good people i work. with and i have a tremendous amount of trust in friendship for my republican colleagues. so i can work on either side very easily. i've no problem. >> you don't care about their come this year the election? >> whatever the voters choose. >> those comments come as we are hundred days away, and we are special coverage with reporters taking a look at key races across the country. and a rematch for governor in georgia, between stacey abrams and brian kemp, what is different this time? gonna take a dive into that race later this weekend. >> but first joining us right now is nbc's allie raffa at the capitol. more there at the white house. we are gonna begin with ali. how likely is this inflation reduction act going to pass the
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senate this week? >> yes, lindsey. with that coming down to one lawmaker here in capitol hill, senator kyrsten sinema, who we know has opposed that carry interest loophole, that this morning senator joe manchin defended, keeping in this deal that he brokered with senate majority leader chuck schumer earlier this morning, this week. and all five sunday shows, manchin defending his decision to keep that inside this bill. and capturing republican attacks that this bill only raises inflation and on republican americans. listen. here >> we should not increased taxes, and we did not increasing taxes. truck. that is why we scored it from that thursday when we shut down, and we started talking again on monday. the only thing we have done is basically say that every corporation of a billion dollars of value or greater in america should pay at least 15% of minimum corporate tax. >> taxes will be raised almost 70 billion dollars in the first, year on those who are making
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less than $200,000. . and the percent of texas raised for individuals increases overtime for the middle class and the lower income. they are raising taxes on people who make less than $10, 000, according to the joint committee on taxation. >> and remember, sinema has the power to pass or saying this bill in this 50 50 evenly divided senate, despite what manchin says that he is faith that he will eventually support this deal that he brokered, that she will eventually vote with all senate democrats in favor of this. as still a big question, mark. we still not heard from her publicly since this bill was announced. >> ali we, we know that part is underway at the capitol, the pact act. what can you tell us? >> there are been dozens of people gathering outside the steps of the capital, for a fourth day now, after republicans, over two dozen of them, reversed their support for a bill that would provide more resources for veterans who
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were exposed to toxic burn pits in war. those republicans are being accused of flipping their support as payback for that surprise manchin schumer deal. but they say was because of a budgetary dispute. this vote is scheduled for tomorrow night, but john stewart, who is been an advocate for this cause for over ten years now, coming to capitol hill and having meetings about, it he told tract of this morning but that is just unacceptable. that they cannot wait that long. that veterans have been dying waiting for this bill to pass. so this issue, we know, is very personal to president biden. we know that he has said that he believes that these toxic burn pits possibly played the role in his son beau's brain cancer diagnosis. biden actually faced timing in spending out pizzas to these veterans groups and protesters are in capitol hill. as they really wait for what happens next. they are eagerly awaiting this vote. they say they will be outside the capital until i vote passes. >> ali raphael, thank you.
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nowhere to go to the white house where biden's plans are on pause after a second positive covid test. nbc's maura barrett is there, monitoring the president's condition. mora, biden had a busy week ahead of him. what happens now? >> well lindsey, the president had intended to make travel to both bloomington delaware and michigan this. week now that he is stuck here isolating at the white house, those trips are obviously not happening. in the last hour we got an update from his doctor, writing a letter saying that the president continues to feel well. given his positivity which we reported yesterday, he continues daily monitoring. this, morning and surprisingly, it is sars covid 19 antigen testing remained positive. the president will continue his strict isolation, measures as previously described. so anticipate to see something similar as what we did when the president was first isolating, working remotely. we saw a video posted on twitter today, of the president of face timing some of those protesters outside the capitol.
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expressing his displeasure with the fact that republicans blocked that bill. he had one of his colleagues deliver pizza to them. and so we can anticipate seeing some of that type of activity as he continues to work remotely. it is important to note as you are covering it, 100 days until the midterms, that the white house had said previously that they were eager to get the president out on the trail, that he loves being out and talking with people, and engaging with voters and hopefully working for some of these winds for democrats. this legislation around the inflation production act, the chips bill that we saw passed this past week, to elevate democrats in the midterms. but, now since he has tested positively second time in the first time, he has had to cancel travel to states like pennsylvania, florida, and now michigan. all key states that we are watching in these midterms. and so while the president has this very low approval rating, he is not able to even help democrats in the slightest while he is here isolating. >> we know house speaker nancy pelosi has officially announced your trip to asia.
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no mention of taiwan, though. with the latest on that in the white house position? >> we know that senior pelosi left for her trip overnight friday. and she did lay out some of the countries that should be going, to like singapore and relationship japan. as you noted, the list did not specifically say taiwan. a source who was familiar with her itinerary said it was originally listed as, taiwan could be a tentative stop. this is something the president told reporters at one point, that the military said was not a good idea. a chinese saying that after president xi and biden spoke on thursday, that president xi told him that one should not play with fire. if one place with fire, they will perish by it. a warning seemingly, torn to pelosi's trip. because china does not recognize taiwan's independence. so that could be a marked change based on her official statements. we'll obviously to monitor her trip to see if that includes any unknown stops. lindsey. >> all right, maura barrett,
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thank you. right now, rescue teams in kentucky are searching for the survivors of the devastating floods there. at least 26 people have died, including four children. and those numbers are expected to rise. search and rescue efforts, which could take weeks, will be hindered by heavy rain and flash flooding. that is expected in some of those already hard-hit, area is through tomorrow morning. nbc's maggie vespa joins us now from jackson, kentucky. what's the situation on the ground there, especially with this flood watch? >> especially given that forecast, lindsey, rescuers as you can imagine are working as fast and as hard as humanly possible. going house to house. this is an incredibly rural area, there can be miles in between. also trying to find houses that were frankly, swept away by the fast-moving floodwaters. and officials get, no rescuers can't, know where those houses were taken to. this really is just a chaotic effort. but is being bolstered by these hardworking first responders.
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we had national guard members here for the first three states, kentucky of course, west virginia and tennessee. plus we had many first responders, many of whom their own homes damaged or destroyed in these floodwaters. we are showing boats drones trying to get help. search for the missing, in this case too often to recover the. dad just stole standing at 26, the governor saying in a press conference earlier today the absolute expect that to decline. listen. >> we know their bodies we are still processing. when you see a devastation of this flooding that has carried houses hundreds of yards if not more, you know we will still be finding people, sadly, in the days to come. but as we work through, it we will make sure that we locate
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everyone that is missing. >> and the governor putting a phone numbers to kentucky state police yesterday. we posted it on social media on facebook and twitter, asking people, do you know if somebody who is missing? call the number this tie to basically where they lived. where you believe they would be missing. some numbers have two counties attached to them, but they are trying to organize the account of the missing, giving our scores a better idea of who they should be looking for and where. and of course these efforts are complicated by the fact that tens of thousands of people at this point still do not have electricity, running, water and cell coverage is getting better here but a lot of it was marked out by these storms. the governor sent it to some of the hardest hit areas later today, to speak to people on the ground who have already lost so much. and in many cases, lost loved ones. just unimaginable grief here in kentucky, with more rain on the way. wednesday, i will send it back to you. >> so tragic, elizabeth, thank you. 100 days from today americans face one of the most
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consequential midterm elections in generations. in a moment, we will take you to states holding primaries on tuesday. and one, a scandal played republican candidates, republicans in name only in the campaign ads, which is yet to get a trump endorsement. another, state trump endorsed republicans are hoping that the big lie brings a big win.
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elections than my capability balance of power on capitol hill. in the takeout models. we're keeping an eye on critical races across the country and five states. in michigan, former president donald trump has officially backed tutor dixon in the gop governors primary. right now, if she leads are competitors by seven points. her refusal to deny the 2020 election was stolen as made a target for democrats.
10:17 am
this morning she dismissed the backlash as fear. >> it's interesting to see them coming after me. i think that we can tell that they're very nervous about question what we're. she is vulnerable. her policies from michigan have been terrible. the covid policies were terrible. but they also know that me as a person who comes with the manufacturing industry will be able to expose what she does to our job creators today. and how she's treating them regularly policy is bad for michigan. it's bad for families. it's bad for students. and it's bad for job creators. and they're afraid of me. >> in missouri, the leading candidates for the republican seat have all pledged unwavering loyalty to trump there. competing for his endorsement. those include kern missouri train general eric schmidt and former governor eric greitens -- house representative vicky hartzler. throughout the day, msnbc reporters will be on the ground in these key states that are the primaries. let's go first to ms -- in phoenix arizona.
10:18 am
and vaughn, tuesday's gubernatorial senate primaries are putting trump endorsements to the test. >> that's exactly the case when you're looking at this u.s. senate primary. at the top of a crowded field, you're looking at two candidates who were both to sold over who is closer. more closely aligned with donald trump. you have blake masters who ultimately earned the endorsement of trump. he is a longtime right-hand of peter thiel, detect billionaire. who is donated $50 million of his own money towards the super pac to help lift masters campaign but also you got jim lane here who is backed by the likes of ted cruz. an individual who is a solar company tech executive here in town. in you're going head to head. i think it's important that both of these individuals have the potential to face incumbent democratic senator mark kelly. i wanna let you hear porn main reason both of them because they put the question to them about whether they had been, if they had been in the u.s.
10:19 am
senate on january 6th in 2021. whether they would've objected to the certification of the 2020 presidential election. take a listen to what they told me >> i think would holly and i believe cruz did was right. i think their constituents had a lot of concerns. i think for my to people look at all the regularity zone before certifying the election. you've got to make sure that it was all legit. so i think they were looking for some time and that was what they objected to. and i think that was a fine thing to do. >> we were extensive in that audit. we're the only seeing the country. and unfortunately, -- >> would you have objected? >> i would have absolutely ejected because you gotta go back and find out what went on. >> now of course, lindsey, joe biden legitimately won the arizona 2020 election here by just over 10,000 votes. but jim laymen or blake masters, trump acolytes, one of them will most likely be the republican nominee to take on mark kelly. and then you look at the governor's race.
10:20 am
i think that's even the more fascinating one. because you essentially have two candidates going mano a mano. both of them are new to statewide electoral politics here. carrie lake who has endorsed donald trump. fellow election denier. on the other hand, you've got to hurt karen taylor robeson is a former real estate consultant. she's endorsed by the likes of former vice president mike pence. and swift current governor doug doocy. this is ultimately going to be for republican voters to decide which path they want to go down. there is folks can say, desantis, pence, name off -- other republicans in 2024 who they like to see their nominee. but ultimately, it comes down to voters. i think this is going to be a strong indication of where republican voters at least in the city of arizona still live because you've also got a secretary of state race with the trumpet candidate. you've got an international race with the trump backed candidate. there is a strong potential that trump's picks for each of these offices could run away in
10:21 am
a complete sweep and it really sat down a strong foundation for donald trump to make the claim that republican voters at least here in arizona still want his folks at the forefront of this. >> real quick, vaughn, has mike pence weighed in on the senate primary for gop? because he wasn't cameras yesterday in a different state thing assad to move on from 2020. >> no, he is not. that's where you don't see a good option quite frankly for mike pence type candidate. the doozy hasn't endorsed in this race either here. this is still very much a trumpist, trump candidates, trump's options here at the front of the senate pick. that's why i think the governor's race, we're talking about the future of the republican party. i think the governor's race here is the one to -- heavily close attention here. >> proxy war there. ivan, take you. we want to turn out to the crowded field running to replace senator roy blunt in missouri. nbc correspondent -- joins us from st. louis. she's also moderator of
10:22 am
washington week on pbs. so amy, when we know about these candidates. >> this is really a three-way fragmented race. it's also very interesting race. you have three republicans in particular who are vying to show that they are both loyal to former president trump. even though he has not endorsed in this race. you have eric schmidt who is the missouri attorney general. he is someone who i've been described to me as a moderate republican who is tacked -- met with former president trump a number of times. those will come out in recent days. against having mitch mcconnell as the senate majority leader, as former president trump has been criticizing mitch mcconnell. then you have the embattled former governor eric greitens. he is someone who is accused of sexual abuse. he's someone who is accused of having extramarital affairs. he is someone also who has had a lethal support of donald trump jr. but not the father. so there is a lot of talk there whether not he might at some point get the endorsement of former president trump. but i've been hearing from sources that that's not likely.
10:23 am
then you have the key hartzler, she's someone who is also trying to get the attention of former president trump. trump has already said that he is not going to endorse for saying that she is not have what it takes to be the next senator from missouri. even though she voted not to certify the 2020 election and has talked about election integrity at length. listen to what one voter had to tell me about sort of all the things going on here at. this is a democrat who is acknowledging in largely that a republican is likely gonna be the person who goes the u.s. senate for the state. take a listen. . >> you sad to see roy blunt having left i never cared for waste politics. but compared to the politicians that are coming to replace them, i would rather have roy back. >> why do you think roy is retiring? >> honestly, i think he's tired of where the republican parties going. he didn't support the trumps, that it was soul in. and he decided that there was
10:24 am
no place in him for politics though it is now. >> now i've heard that same sentiment even from republicans who say that this race is gotten so tight and really so competitive that it's also forest this candidate to go further and further to the right. if you put up some 0.4 republican -- it shows you just the state of this race and this poll that was conducted in june, it shows that vicky hartzler at the moment was up. eric rains was second and then eric schmidt was third. a lot has changed and how most people that i talked to see eric schmidt is actually the one who had the upper hand here. so we'll have to continue to watch this race. it's a tight one. it's an interesting one. i also should say it's a microcosm really of all the issues going on in the gop because there's election integrity. there's coastal issues. and of course, there's the ads attacking all of the candidates at this time. >> all right. my thanks to both of you. there is trouble for trump endorsed candidates in the state of georgia. we're going to show you why when msnbc's 100 and days
10:25 am
coverage continues in our next half hour. he's under investigation by u.s. lawmakers. a state attorney general and the justice department. so what's the status of key investigations involving donald trump? a coauthor of a new washington post reporter joins me next. w washington post reporter joins me next. post reporter joins me next. moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including lymphoma and skin cancer, death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach
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prepares for a new round of hearings in september, a new washington post article reveals the investigations currently involving donald. trump before resident not only under investigation from the house panel, and now we, now the g doj. but also the grand jury in georgia looking to overturn trump's election losses in the state. the justice department is investigating how 15 boxes of classified white house records ended up in mar-a-lago. 's business practices are under legal scrutiny new york, and the west chester new york golf
10:30 am
club is also part of the district attorney's probe in his property tax records. joining me now, when all is a journalist behind that post. she's also the -- are of the two out who -- and an msnbc legal analyst. jacqui, you look at the status of all these parallel investigations. what seemed to put the for president in most peril? >> really good question, lindsey. i think that there are two different types of peril that the former president is facing at the moment. there are the political consequences of these investigations, and the very real criminal consequences. i think willis against probably speak to that better than i can. at the end of the day i am a little bit biased since i am covering the january six select committee. and i do know the inner workings of that committee inside out, better than the rest of these investigations. but i do think that it can have the most consequences for the former president based on the amount of evidence that they have so far collected, and their ability to present this
10:31 am
information publicly. that is ultimately what differentiates it from the justice department a permanent probe, which also has a very serious criminal consequences for the former president, especially in light of the recent development we have seen over the course of this week in last week. but, unlike the doj, the select committee has a much of the same evidence, they talk to many of the same witnesses who are now appearing before the grand jury. and they are in a position to put all of this evidence out there. they are also able to show evidence of things that would not sisterly rise or merit criminal investigation. but is just as important for the knowledge of the american people. for, example the fact that the former president did not fail to act on the insurrection on the day of january 6th, but the fact that he chose not to act. the fact that this is extremely important for voters, going into the ballot box potentially,
10:32 am
especially as it appears increasingly likely that trump is going to declare reelection again for 2024. >> when we talk legal ramifications, not just political winds. tim o'brien in the last hour, he thought georgia could be the most worrying for trump. what's say you? >> i think georgia is certainly something that the former president should be worried about. fani willis has managed to convene a special grand jury, they're to proceed with our investigation. that seems to be something that will bear fruit. i don't think we can rollout the doj is stepping in here, and the january 6th select committee in the hearings that have been protected over the course of the summer has, as jacqueline said, allow the public to see all this information that it is a matte. but it has also put some pressure on the burden of justice to connect these dots, in holding individuals who had been surfaced wasn't players who are accountable for their actions leading up to january 6th. that is an important one as well. and then there are the other investigations that are happening. westminster county da, me rocha
10:33 am
has one going on in the trump golf course in west chester. also the criminal probe that seem to stall under -- leadership. also the parallel civil proceed from an attorney general in new york. and again with a civil probe you do not necessarily have to prove everything beyond a reasonable doubt, which is the standard for criminal investigations. a civil investigation might have a lower standard of proof to establish, and could yield some significant consequences. financial, and not necessarily present time, but significant nonetheless. there are a lot of different avenues that could be pursued here, but the point of all of this is that the former president really is in the crosshairs. >> jacqui, the january six committee now seems to be focusing on donald trump's former cabinets. we have as former chief of staff mick mulvaney, former treasury secretary stephen mnuchin recently testified. the committee is also in talks with former secretary of state mike pompeo. and former director of national
10:34 am
intelligence, john ratcliffe. you know, again, we are naive okay same. again tomorrow in the last hour said, it is very late in the game. what insight could they provide, generally? >> tim is right. that is a concern we hear increasingly in private conversations that we have reported on that lawmakers are worried they are running out of time. they do not have enough staff to cover all of these bases in these loose throats that we will pull them in so far, but haven't really gotten to the bottom of, despite having investigated this for over a year now. but they are certainly going to, try and that is why they see them bringing in trump's former cabinet members. they are likely to invite some other names that you have not mentioned. but the investigation looking at now committed towards the question of the 25th amendment, and conversations that took place, questioning trump's fitness to see at the rest of his term, that is just one of the throws that they are focused on. the committee is also
10:35 am
interested in continuing to pull of the secret service cover-up that occurred. we know that there are missing text messages and secret service agents deleted them from their phones, and have not been able to recover looking into trying to recover, exactly what is in those text messages that might potentially shed more light on conversations taking place in january 6th and afterwards. but i think that taking a step back and looking a bit more philosophically, the rest of this investigation will be spent looking at the time period between january 6th and january 20th. over the summer, during these eight public hearings, that was really focused on the lead up to january 6th. and what's actually happened on january 6th. and now, the committee is trying to hone in on questions around what people did afterwards, in response to the former presidents actions, and how they have been pretty illuminating, especially as a party has moved off to try to cover up or at least paper over
10:36 am
and ignore the former presidents actions, and to show that the insurrection is a slow burn room are still at the root. a lot of these lies have been pervasive, have taken hold. and -- is now one of the most galvanizing issues in the republican party, despite being completely unsubstantiated and continuing to show the electoral repercussions of that going forward. >> alyssa, we learn from the washington post this morning that the doj is investigating donald trump is a part of a broader criminal probe. into efforts to overturn the election. it is not a criminal investigation into the former president. but could that change? >> anything could happen. these probes started off in one way, and it is evidence announces they development take on uconn tours. anything is really possible here. but it does seem to suggest that at least one output from the january six special hearings that have been conducted all summer is that the doj has managed to get a
10:37 am
hold of some of this information, they've asked for more information from the select committee. and they are moving forward in the number of different directions. >> all right, alemany jacqueline and melissa murray, thank you so much. police body cam video has been released in the case of a hang-up black woman who fell out of a police car and died. her family is demanding answers. and they say there is more video they need to, see next. to, see next keep your laundry smelling fresh waaaay longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters. [whistling] when you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things.
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mayo clinic. you know where to go. a georgia family is demanding
10:41 am
answers about the death of 28-year-old breonna career. she died after being taken into police custody when she fell out of a moving police car. georgia investigators released body cam video of the incident and a warning here. some viewers may find it difficult to watch. erin mclaughlin has details. >> the family of breonna curry are reacting to this newly released police body camera footage. showing the events leading up to her death. >> my heart was broken. and -- we don't have another one. >> as for mother, what was going through your mind? >> the 28-year-old georgia resident died july 21st. just days after falling out of moving police car. the mother of twins -- was a mental health emergency in the video you see the officers struggling to get courier into the police car. she's handcuffed in front of her body.
10:42 am
another appears to take out his taser. then puts it back into its holster and quickly moves her into the car. you see and hear the reorder on the driver side shut. minutes later, the officer stops the car. you face down on the side of the road having follow the passenger side of the patrol car. the officer checks for a response. investigators say they concluded the rear passenger side door was open by one of the officers. but the never closed. and that greer was not wearing a seatbelt when she fell out of the car. the officer proffering careers had often calling for an ambulance. she died six days later. in a hospital after slipping into a coma. >> where is that dashcam video? that should let us gleam her
10:43 am
coming out of the vehicle. and so we are demanding transparency. , we're demanding the release of all the video. >> greer's family says they're planning and independent autopsy. searching for their own answers. erin maclachlan, nbc news. >> my next guest is taking steps to dismantle systemic racism. he's an emmy award-winning sociopolitical comedian. he wrote the book on dismantling systemic racism, it's called do the work. an anti racist activity book. joining me now is w. kamau bell he's also has united shades of america. kamau, your book started after the george floyd murder more than two years ago. we know that the circumstances are very different between these two cases. but what comes your mind we've seen the latest case here with breonna career? >> would it mean that comes my mind is how a lot of people when they saw the george floyd video said i've never seen anything this awful before. as a black man in america, i
10:44 am
had seen many videos i'm not trying to compare and contrast but i've seen many videos that are awful including when he showed. it just shows again that there is a part of america who, black america who watches those videos because we need to know and see the truth and the support america often where people can ignore those videos and not see them unless they're showing them on tv over never gone. >> you wrote your book in a workbook format with puzzles and comics. who is this man for? >> i mean, so yeah, it was written by me my coauthor -- and it was meant for people who went through 2020 and thought they had done the work by changing their instagram square black war by buying all those in a's book so into the top the new york times bestseller lead but the not much in america streams we know it. maybe things have gotten worse. it was meant to inspire those people into action and because we are both parents without rooted in a way that we understood people our kids are taking knowledge. if you sneak the knowledge in three games and puzzles and comics that people might actually take the knowledge. >> how does your book help
10:45 am
someone talk about for example police reform? >> well, that's a very question. we actually went to professor nikki jones from cal berkeley and she says she was a top five things you need to know about policing in america. and i think the most important thing to understand is that policing in america started as a way to catch slaves enslaved africans. that's where policing in america was founded. so when you look at how police are often seemed to black people when you see these videos, it's no surprise we know the history of policing. i would bet that most policing academy so start training there are new records for talking about how policing sort enslaved catching. you >> make a lot of references to white supremacy. do you think the people who need to hear it or read it will? >> i absolutely think they. first of all, book was in the new york times for seller list so the book is out there. i think absolutely, this is from who suddenly fans wondering what can i do? it is not meant to go after mega americans or q americans. it's meant to go for the book americans. especially white americans to
10:46 am
go i know america's racist. i see it but i don't know what to do. and the book is really laden with things you can do to turn america to an anti racist society. it is not, even though it's puzzles and games. the book is funny but it's not screwing around. >> appreciate that. conservatives have weaponized that word, woke, it is a long history of black culture. and it's not generally use on talk radio and conservative tv as a dog whistle. to belittle advocates for any kind of justice, any kind of efforts to reform. how do you combat racist ideas when efforts get twisted like that? >> i think again, we have to be loud about the truth. those of us with the truth on our side. i think many times, liberals buy into conservative talking points. any of liberals argument wokeness with the reality the truth is that woke us just one of many ways that black people invented to say, america's dangerous place, let's be careful. and also, woke is pointing to it's better to be smarter than
10:47 am
what smart. i think if you bring it under that. it's hard to argue against wokeness even though it's not a slim term -- it's a better to be smarter or less smart? wokeness especially -- if you walk in with the truth and are clear about it i think we have better argument than if we adopt their talking points and arguing their definitions. >> education through books is one way forward. books like yours. how do you get your book in the right hands. when we see book banning across the country? >> you know what? i already have a plan to get a case of my books and start pushing sneaking them at the free libraries. i think free libraries in the country are on the most's revolutionary thing we have. i also librarians. that would be clear, librarians on the front lines of free speech every day. they are revolutionaries. and they look at the books of the people no matter what these book fans try to do. >> what's the one big takeaway you hope people get from your book? >> that anti racism is not a season, it's not a thing you do for one day on instagram. it is a every day activity.
10:48 am
just about those peloton's 2020. and we motivator could every day this pelotons. and terrorism is pelotons from racial justice. >> peloton for racial justice. it's called to the work and anti racist activity book. w. kamau bell, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> 100 days to go. we turn next to the key state of georgia from the race for governor and senate. plus, the impact of the states new voting laws.
10:49 am
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10:51 am
some sad breaking news to tell you about. boston celtics legend phil russell has died. he started his remarkable career at the university of san francisco where he was a two-time all-american. russell also won two straight ncaa championships, and led the team to 55 consecutive wins. he won the gold medal at the 1956 olympics, and for his 13 years in boston he carried the
10:52 am
celtics to the endgame finals 12 times, winning the championship 11 times. he finished with 21, 000, 620 career rebounds. until michael jordan's accomplishments in the 1990s, russell was considered by many the greatest player in nba history. muscle tweet about his passing just a few moments ago, thanking fans for keeping him in their prayers. bill russell was 88 years old. we are now 100 days from the midterm elections, one of the key races we are following us for georgia's governor, with democrat stacey abrams is trying to unseat brian kemp. latest poll from the atlanta journal-constitution finds governor kemp leading a rooms, 48% to 43%. joining me now is msnbc political contributor greg bluestein, contributor for the atlanta journal-constitution. this is a rematch in which kempner of one last time but
10:53 am
what is different this time? >> the biggest difference is that the democrats can prove that they can win in georgia. in 2020, biden carried the state, first time that a democratic president carried the state since the 90s. and then -- in the january 2021 runoff. as the first week. difference second big differences that trump now has a record. that is a record you can use to mobilize the voters. but it is also a record that stacey abrams hopes will help and revise and mobilize not only democrats but independents that wraps up the ski insist on anti-abortion laws, on gun expansion, and other conservative measures he signed into law. >> that same atlanta journal-constitution poll, when it comes to black, voters stacey abrams has 80% support. brian kemp is 10%. but you wrote that abrams is underperforming with black voters. why is that? >> in georgia, black voters are the most important constituency of the democratic party.
10:54 am
democrats can usually rely on 90% plus black support. that does not mean the abrams won't get that. she was doing everything she can to energize the parties base. at the same time, there is concern among democrats that this faction, that there was not enough enthusiasm based on the gridlock, based on abrams's platform. right now she is unveiling policies it seems like every week to try to identify dries that base and talk about affordable housing, billion dollar tax rebates. suspending the gas tax to provide relief at the prompts. she is doing different, taking different actions to try to energize that base. but there is a concern that the parties base is kind of drifting away. >> the poll also gave us a new look at the base in georgia for the u.s. senate. according to this poll, raphael warnock is leading his republican challenger herschel walker 46% to 43.
10:55 am
that is within the margin of error. how much could these races impact each other? could herschel walker drag down brian kemp? >> we do not see this very often in georgia politics, or really anywhere these days. which is a split ticket dynamic. what we are seeing right now, is especially kemp supporters dropping away from republican herschel walker. either because of his, lies exaggerations, struggled on the campaign trail. right now, herschel walker is doing everything he can just to bring up biden, biden, biden. because biden's approval rating in georgia is just 36%. at the same, time senator warnock is trying to demonstrate his independently precedence, while also his report support for cory democratic policies and proposals. and his call for suspending the gas tax, capping the price of insulin, and other measures that he says will help the states economy, and the national economy, revive. >> renewing concerns about voter suppression, from the recently passed election laws there?
10:56 am
>> november is going to be the day task, because even though we have a state primary, we are hundreds of thousands of voters cast ballots. we saw a surgeon in person turnout. but that law was primarily directed that absentee ballots. and that is where the biggest changes are taking place, and that is where we will see, really, the effect of this law in full and vivid the tail. >> greg bluestein, thank you so much for your time. and msnbc coverage of the 100 days to the midterms includes a morning joe special on what is at stake this november. that is tonight at eight eastern. and tomorrow night at ten eastern, correct steve kornacki's look at what could be the most pivotal races of the midterms, only on msnbc. that will do it for me on this edition of alex witt reports. i am lindsay visor. up next, -- continues our coverage right here on msnbc. here on msnbc. the most eye-tingling virtual tours around? watch this: activate shrink suit. (kevin) ahh! (brad) start by getting that woodgrain. (kevin) capturing... (brad) oh, this one's also pet-friendly. apartments-dot-com. the place to find a place. (purrs.)
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