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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  August 2, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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numbers as votes are counted. now all eyes are on kansas today. where abortion rights are on the ballot for the first time since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. kansas are voting on whether to allow the republican legislature to wish tricked or ban abortion in the state. now we are gonna have much more on that vote including some last-minute dirty tricks and some impressively high turnout numbers. polls close and just over an hour ago in missouri where the marquee race is the republican primary for the senate. and they see says it's still too early to call which is 4% of the post reporting. two of the top contenders for the nomination of missouri scandal plagued former governor eric wright guns and the current attorney general eric schmidt. two guys named eric. and that's not on the eve of the primary, donald trump announced that he was endorsing eric. not a joke! trump endorsed eric and did say
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which eric. could have been eric greitens, could have been eric schmidt. could have been a little known erik mcelroy, a third eric who happens to be in the same race. in any case, brightest and mitt claimed that they and trump were endorsing them. can't make the stuff up. meanwhile polls are still open in the state of washington where to republican members of congress are facing primary challenges over their votes to impeach donald trump. jamie herrera butler and that new house are still of the ten house republicans who voted to impeach trump after the january 6th attack on the capitol. republican voters in their district are deciding today whether to toss them out for it. congressman herrera butler's primary is also worth keeping an eye on because her trump backed challenger has well documented tied to white when extremists and white nationalist. he told an interviewer quote, i don't think that is anything wrong with there being a white people special interest group. and quote. and another republican congressman who voted to
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impeach trump is facing a primary challenger, backed by the former president today. in the state of michigan where polls have also just closed. nbc news has chakras they're caught up with peter meijer after he cast it is on about this morning. >> i mean i definitely had some folks who said, listen, i didn't like that vote. but in the end they also say i don't want the sea to go to a democrat. >> you are not a sackful, how does that say about the future of your party? >> i think that will be a breach we cross when we go through. that i don't to get ahead of the poll results, right now we are feeling very confident with the support that we have been seeing. >> also in michigan today the republican primary to determine who will take on democratic governor gretchen whitmore in november. this was a race that at that we had hiccup a couple of months ago when several of the republican candidates were disqualified. i turn at the petitions that they submitted to get on the ballots were filled with fraudulent signatures. one of the remaining candidates, donald trump made it an endorsement of them a few days ago getting behind the front
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runner, tutor dixon. but it must have been a hard choice because one of the other candidates, ryan kelley, was indicted in june for his involvement and the january 6th riots. must of thought he had a lock on the trump endorsement after that. but if there's one place that might really give us a sense of the state of the republican party tonight, and maybe even the state of american democracy, it's arizona. polls close and hours on and less than an hour and the republican primaries there have really been something to see. arizona has kind of been the poster child for the gop's retreat from democracy for a while now. arizona, you will recall, was one of seven states that joe biden won in 2020 in which the trump campaign worked with local republican officials to create fake electoral certificates, claiming that in fact trump had won. just tonight, dinnertime is obtain emails showing that the chair of the arizona republican
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party raise concerns at the time that the whole scheme might seem well quote, treasonous. but then she went ahead and did it anyway. arizona republicans then led the charge for calling the 2020 election fraudulent, setting up a months long circus that they called an election audit where they shined uv lights at ballots and look for bamboo fibers to prove that fake ballots were shipped in from china, or something like that. at one point, the republican state senate try to have the election leaders of largest county arrested for not sufficiently cooperating with they're supposed election investigation. and in the context like that, you are gonna get some, let's call them, unusual republican candidates in these midterm primaries. like the trump endorsed candidate for governor, who has made the 2020 election the number one issue of her campaign as governor of arizona. she says the election was stolen and joe biden is not
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actually the president of the united states, and if she becomes governor, she is gonna eliminate mail-in voting as well as all voting machines. plus she has been saying for weeks up to and including today to our own bon hillard, on the left of the screen there, that's her primary election is already being stolen from her. ahead of time. she wrote off any evidence or say how she knows this of course. then there is the republican primary for senate in arizona. and that race trump's preferred candidate is a guy who is almost entirely funded by the billionaire, peter thiel, a man who says that does not believe in democracy and america really started going downhill when women were given the right to vote. goes without saying that that set of candidates, blake masters believes the 2020 election was fill in the blank, stolen. he also says the january 6th attack on the capitol was a false flag operation which was actually carried out by the fbi. when it comes to gun violence,
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in america, blake masters says he blames quote, black people, frankly. then there is the republican primary for arizona secretary of state. that is the official who runs the states elections. the trump backed candidate there is an election denier who says he will only accept the results of the primary if he wins. he was at down to a six himself either white. he says he is a member of the right-wing militia, the oath keepers, members of which are on trial right now for seditious conspiracy, because of their role in january six. remember, seditious conspiracy is the most serious thing you can be charged with, it's a tradition, we have to be working for the other side in a war for it to be treason. suspicious conspiracy. guy says he's a member. again the polls close in arizona and less than an hour. we're gonna have to see how these primaries are playing out. we got plenty to talk about from the states where we are already getting results. so what does one do on a night like this? it's obvious. we go to the big board for msnbc national political
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correspondent, steve kornacki, steve my friend, good evening to you. we are getting results and from kansas. was influential onto wet levels. one because of the elections that are going on. but to because they have got a referendum in a primary, about abortion. it's the first time in america people are going to the polls after roe v. wade has collapsed. >> this is the first one of these that we have seen in the statewide level. we will see some more this november. i think we will see many more in the years to come. here it is and kansas. the proposal is a constitutional amendments that would say that the constitution of the state of kansas does not allow for, does not provide for, a right to an abortion. that with then if this passes, that would open the door to the legislature enacting a ban, if it wanted to, a severe restrictions if it wanted to. it would open the door to that. so what you are seeing here with 11% or so, more than 10% of the voting early. no is off to a good start here in terms of where it is positioned early.
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i'm seeing the number, it has come down and at the china figure out on the fly here with the vote just came in from that would've done that. but i want to explain the basic trend here that we are looking at. in fact i think i see it here. yeah, this is almost certainly, acts want to target my producer can get me in my ear here. this is where lawrence kansas is. i believe the numbers have been transposed here. lawrence kansas as one of the most, one of the more -- >> that should be where -- >> university of kansas. sometimes what will happen is that when we get the numbers, and the 87 a 12 will get flipped. i believe, i suspect strongly that's what happened here. let me table that for a moment and just see if we can get that resolved. because otherwise, if you get outside of lawrence, kansas, the story that has emerged here and all of these counties right now is that they are counting up first and reporting out first their vote by mail, and they're early voting numbers. and as we have seen in election
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after election, those numbers are the most friendly for democrats because democrats just tend to vote by mail, republicans don't. it's the same day vote, the in person election day vote that tends to be much more republican. in that in kansas, what's gonna happen here, these counties are generally going to report out first the mail vote and the early vote. we are seeing is that probably gonna give no its best numbers of the night. and then throughout the night, the counties are gonna begin to report out the same day votes. and that is gonna be much more favorable to yes. so i think we are gonna see at the county level, is that with these and show reports, no matter what you are looking at, you are gonna say no to ask it as it's gonna do, and then throughout the rest of the night, you are gonna see the numbers come down. you're gonna see that happen at the county level, and then you're gonna see that happen at the state level. so i'm just taking a look at some of these counties right now know is putting up some enormous numbers in some of these big counties. democratic counties. a good example here, shawnee county, this is where the
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capital is, this is where it topeka. as you are looking at the mail vote, early votes, and no is at 70%. to put that into some perspective, joe biden carried this county but only by three points in 2020. a good benchmark here for the no side is, they generally want to be running about ten points better than biden did. because biden got 41% in kansas in 2020, so generally speaking, if no is running ten points better than that, it could position no for a victory here. so the county like shawnee, if the number lance, if the no number lands at the end of the night, at about 60% or so, that is probably a good showing for now. but 60 or above is a good showing. so the question now is, we've got the mail vote, we've got the early vote, we are gonna get the same day votes in shawnee county. how far is that no come down? this is just come down to the mid 60s? low 60s? that will be good for now. does it come down under 60? so the high 50s? to the mid 50s? that will be good for yes. so that's the story that we are
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gonna see in shawnee county, that's a story we are gonna see just about all of these counties as they light up throughout the night. we have by the way so far no numbers from this one, this is the mother of all counties in kansas. johnson county, right outside kansas city. a bit of the votes, a quarter of the vote, statewide, is gonna come out of here. i can i expect the pattern i am describing here is very much gonna play out here as well. so in fact, there i believe. >> yeah that is issue is resolved. they were transpose. that makes much more sense. this is the home of the university of kansas. again which were looking at here, this will be the high water mark for the night. you will expect no to carry douglas county kansas. but this is the mail in vote, the early vote, there will be some same-day votes. there probably is more favorable to. as this number will come down here i expect. but that is the pattern we're gonna see throughout the night here in kansas as we get down to about 20% of the vote counted. no is gonna be doing very well here. in these early hours. the question is can no stay above 50 when all is said and
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done. just quickly. >> i just want to remind, you have been saying it, but we're gonna throw my people all night, it's a little bit counterintuitive. no is to not make it unconstitutional. to have abortion health care rights. >> right, yes, this all started because the supreme court in kansas ruled that the state constitution provides for a right to abortion. so with the referendum here is, it's a proposal for a constitutional amendment that would say, actually, the constitution does not provide for a right to legal abortion. in kansas. so yes, would amend the constitution in the state of. >> to to say that there is no right for abortion. no would not do that. >> steve, you are moving them up there, you are showing us something else. >> yes, let's move over to missouri. i just want to check in on the senate of republican senate primary. we are saying to get more numbers in there. next door here, eric schmidt, the attorney general here, who was partially, if you want to,
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say endorsed by donald trump at the last-minute. the polls have shown schmidt surging. there have been by a lot of public and saying eric quite meant is that for their -- potentially integer the state for republicans. schmidt certainly putting up encouraging numbers up for his campaign early. and we do have some numbers and michigan. i do want to show you this race because this is the right here, this is peter meijer, one of the ten house republicans who voted to impeach donald trump last year. this is a small amount of voting but this is his challenger, john, gibbs backed by donald trump. we have both from one of the three counties that come in partial votes from ottawa county. now you can see my are down by about 2 to 1. there's not a ton of votes but so far the only house republican voted where to impeach trump, who's running a primary, that trump's gotten involved in, lost big. so this is a test. here >> meyer has not backed down once.
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this is a guy who has how to his position, he has not bet to political will or win. whether he wins or loses tonight, peter meijer will form a piece of history in the next book you're right. or anybody who writes about what it was like to be a republican in the 2020 election and beyond. >> there are three of us tonight. there are through a publicans who voted to impeach trump. in primaries tonight. none of them have walked away from that out. and after tonight, there is one more to come. it'll be two weeks from tonight. in wyoming. and i will be liz cheney. >> state, we will stay very close to each other this evening. take my. friend steve kornacki msnbc national political correspondent. we will be checking back with him. joining us now is ivan wingate sanchez, she has spent more than two decades as a reporter for the arizona republic. she is now the washington post very for supporters specifically spot focus on democracy it wasn't gonna interesting because i still like a bond, this is the work that we are all going we'll have lots of people coming out of -- schools with the specialty that
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you practiced. but it's important because you have been studying amazon oversaw long. arizona is to some degree, ground zero on this experiments to dismantle democracy in america. well, we have a false slate of election deniers who are pretty much singularly running in this notion of the 2020 election was stolen. in some instances, they launched their campaigns in the notion that it was stolen, with other candidates they were sort of playing footsie with the former president in an effort to get an endorsement which many republicans deem key to mabel the able to make it through a crowded primary. we are seeing competitive and very crowded primaries and a lot of these tight races in the u.s. senate race to the gubernatorial race and the secretary of state's race. this is a race that is very important over the next coming years ahead of 2024 and has
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enormous implications for whatever laws or changes to voting procedures that we may see in the future. >> i want to ask you because this is your beat. what is the distinction, a line -- arizona's got a lot of conservative history, it's got a lot of honest republicans there, but what is happening with some of these candidates who might win tonight is not about being conservative, it's not about being republican. it's not even about an election being stolen, it's about perpetuating a myth that has been disproved over and over again. where does that fit in with the democracy watch? >> well, for a lot of republicans and i spent last night i had a pro trump rally in downtown phoenix, i talked to about a dozen republicans who were there and many of them are true believers. they really do believe that
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something suspicious, something funky happened in 2020 and it cost them big. there are a lot of people who are newly engaged and are coming out because of this issue, there are others who volunteered or worked at the arizona ballot review last year which by the way affirmed ballot biden's win. but they believe in a lot of these conspiracies and despite misinformation, social media, during conversations with their friends and family members, and they just truly believe it. there is certainly another portion of the electorate that is clearly working to exploit this issue and is trying to leverage it to raise money, to get votes and to just make it through tonight to get to november. >> one of placing tape of msnbc's when nbc news is vaughn hillyard talking to the trump
6:18 pm
backed candidate kari lake who want to get a reaction to that then we can talk about. it >> you are contending that there are irregularities in this election. i want point does kari lake stop and say, i'm undermining the american state. >> [noise] >> well you haven't even laid out any fraud or elect election. >> i am for america [noise] >> but what fraud is there? carry this is serious. this >> is about hours of >> the last person on the planet earth i would tell is you or msnbc. >> so you know about a crime and yet you are not reporting it to authorities? >> i'm not telling you about it. >> that's some weird stuff that just went on there. she entirely made it about vaughn hillyard because of she was a journalist before running
6:19 pm
for this. what's happening? here who are the people that think this is sort of mainstream republican thought and that she is going to get votes from it? >> there are a lot of people who think they can get votes from that. she could very well beyond the right path to winning the nomination, in part because of rhetoric like this. look, she has again singularly campaigned almost exclusively on the notion that arizona's elections need to be completely upended. she's talking about eliminating mail-in voting, she's talking about having voter i.d. on the back of mail-in ballots. a lot of people in the republican base who are hearing from here what they have wanted to hear from the so-called republican establishment, like arizona governor doug doocy for a long time. she's tapped into a base in an
6:20 pm
extraordinary way bringing a lot of her experience as a news anchor to connect with these people who feel like they are left behind or that something was taken from them. >> it's going to be an interesting night. ivan, thank you so much for joining us. even william sanchez covers democracy in arizona and america for the washington post. thank you joining us tonight. we are keeping a close eye on votes coming in from kansas tonight where the no vote on the question of whether to outlaw abortion is currently running ahead of the asphalt. still early though. a lot of those no votes or mail-in and absentee. we had a talk live with one of the activists leading the fight. and we'll check in with steve kornacki again. kornacki again
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but you're covered. with security that protects your company everywhere, on-premise... in the cloud... and right here too. comcast business. powering possibilities. justice department is going to use every tool we can to ensure reproductive freedom. we are going to enforce liberal law. >> two weeks ago the attorney general merrick garland promised to use the full weight of the government to use every tool they have to uphold federal law there requires hospitals that receive medicare funding to provide medically necessary treatment to emergency room patients. sounds pretty simple, but that includes some abortions. some people have to get an abortion at an emergency room because of some matter that's other related to the pregnancy
6:26 pm
or otherwise. garland threatened to sue states that violated that federal law and today he did it. the justice department sued idaho over the states restrictive trigger law which is set to go in effect august 25th. the doj claims that the law violates the federal emergency medical treatment and labor act. garland's justice department is seeking an injunction against a state of idaho to block it in forcing its abortion ban. now this is a very big deal. it's the first a lawsuit that the justice department has brought against a state over abortion restrictions since the supreme court overturned roe. and according to garland and his associate attorney general vedika, this is unlikely to be the last time they do it. >> we will use every tool at our disposal to ensure the pregnant women get the emergency medical treatment to which they are entitled under federal law. and we will closely scrutinize
6:27 pm
state abortion laws to ensure that they comply with federal law. >> we know that these are frightening and uncertain times for pregnant women in their providers and the justice department through the work of his task force is committed to doing everything we can to ensure continued lawful access to reproductive services. >> now both the attorney general and the associate attorney general echoed appointed garland made on friday during a white house meeting with barr associations public interest groups and law professionals. he said quote, it will take all of us, government lawyers, private pro bono attorneys, barr associations, public interest organizations to do all we can to protect access to reproductive health care and provide vigorous legal representation of patients, providers and third parties in need and quote. so today, it is kansas voters turn to protect reproductive health care.
6:28 pm
voters are cast their ballots in the first referendum on abortion anywhere in the country since roe was overturned. now as it stands now, kansas courts say that the right to an abortion is protected in the state constitution, but definite majority of voters vote yes to an amendment that would explicitly remove that right, the republican state legislature could pass future laws restricting abortion. so there is a lot riding on this vote tonight. it's not a primary. this happened during states primaries rather than during the general election in november when more voters were typically turnout, but this is actually a referendum. several voters have complained that the language in the ballot measure is confusing, and just last night voters received several misleading tax with language that added to the confusion. things like quote, women in kansas are losing their choice on reproductive rights.
6:29 pm
voting yes on the amendment will give women a choice. vote yes to protect women's health and quote. this is why when i was growing up in canada we would call a lie, because voting yes today actually means removing the right to shore of choice over abortion over the states constitution. yes is no abortions, no is protecting abortion rights. despite all the confusion and the fact that this is just a primary election day, kansas saw a surge in early voting compared to 2018 indicating very strong interest in this referendum vote. we are seeing even more early reports of strong turnout today. we know that recent polls show the s phones, meaning the votes to ban abortion in the state have a slight edge, but considering the turnout today, it's anyone's guess where this lands. polls closed in that state right as we came on air tonight. joining us now is an abortion
6:30 pm
rights supporter working on the no campaign in kansas. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you ali. >> it's early yet we are seeing early returns which tend to be male and returns, some coming from the cities. where we sort of expect there was also be what they are. about 20% 2% of the numbers are in in the state where we are seeing a no lead at the moment. which is fairly significant. but analysts are expecting that to flatten out as the night goes on. what are you expecting to happen? >> i think that we have done this. i think that kansas has turned this around. i am seeing lines around the corner at all of the polls today. and i am hearing from republicans and democrats alike, that this was not going to be good for kansas. and i think that we have done it. i am optimistic that we have stops at in its tracks. >> we know that there are several tactics that could result in stifling the vote no
6:31 pm
and it should've. tonight i was on the ballot measure is confusing. that text that i just described, i saw that in somebody said that to me to say well that makes it looks like if you want women to have reproductive rights, but yes, which would actually have the opposite effect. tell me what's is happening with that, whether there is anything to be done about it? >> you know, i think that people are so galvanized in their beliefs and their position on this, that one text message was not going to persuade their opinion. i've also heard, ali, that's at some of the polling places in wichita, they were pulled worker impersonators passing out handouts that we're giving people the idea that if they had felony, it shouldn't boats. we know that that is not the case in kansas. if there are no longer under supervision for that felony, they are allowed to exercise their right. people are pushing back. i think that's what we are seeing widespread here in kansas, people are tired of the status quo. they are tired of freedoms being snatched away and they are pushing back and showing
6:32 pm
today that kansas is more radical than people think. >> several states around kansas have recently oppose the abortion. bad abortions have increased in kansas by more than 13% in the past two years. now are you worried about what happens next for pregnant people all over this region? if they are success in this amendment, for the yes side? >> yes, i am extremely worried kansas is an island of access right now. and if we lose access in kansas, of course all surrounding states lose access. not everybody has the financial means to jeff on a plane and go to chicago, or denver. so we are going to see this impacts of black and brown mothers more than anybody else. and as somebody who specifically serves the black and brown mothers all through the state, it concerns me. i am tired of seeing my sisters die. it has to come to a stop. i think kansas by a large
6:33 pm
degree with that. >> we are gonna see this all play out. tonight sapphire garcia-lies, thank you for joining us again tonight. she is an abortion right supporting worker on the vote no campaign and kansas. we appreciate seeing you again. >> we got new numbers by the way coming in by the minute in kansas, and in michigan. polls are close at the top of the hour. we're gonna get to the latest results in those two states with steve kornacki, but islam we show you what is happening in kansas right now. this in the course of the conversation that i've had, another percentage point has come into that state and then no vote has increased. so we've got 60% on the no side. this is no to restricting abortion in the state. 37% on gas to imposing a bush and restrictions and kansas. we will have more with steve on the other side. o the other side plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+.
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break, we are getting a lot of numbers in from kansas. but you can just take these run on numbers and make something of them. we got steve kornacki for that, steve, literally as we, talk we get more and more numbers in, you are gonna make sense of it and determine trends. i spoke to somebody who is part of the no campaign who said that they think they've got a lock on this tonight. what's the making of it? >> no is putting up monster numbers early in this thing. exactly the kind of numbers that they want to be putting up. the one catch on this as a way of saying is that we are generally looking at so far here, on this map, is that mail votes, the vote by mail, and the early vote. what you are generally waiting on who saved a vote.
6:39 pm
the early, vote their vote by mail, in particular, is a heavy democratic type of vote. the rule of thumb in kind of these counties that are not at 100 percent completed is you are looking at the high water mark for no. then the same-day vote is gonna come in and be counted, and that is gonna boost yes, the question is gonna, bay does not start to take down and fall near or under 50%? >> and no are the folks who want to preserve abortion rights in kansas. the courts have said that abortion is protected in the state constitution. >> yes are the people that want to change that, so that abortion rights are not protected. >> correct in the. constitution >> so you've been making some interesting comparisons all evening. when you say you want to compare the no and the yes. so let's call this similar to democratic votes, and similar to republican votes during an election. and you're trying to compare that to what happened in the last election? >> exactly, so one way of interpreting this is, as i was saying, we've got that early mail vote in a lot of these counties, which we're missing a
6:40 pm
lot of them is the same day. here is one, a little small counties, but this is interesting. this is phillips county. the population here is about 4500. we've got we think all of the votes or just about all of the votes. in phillips county. so here is a place we got a male, early,. >> and you are view of this is that while the no group didn't do very well in this role -- >> you will look at this and say, yeah 2 to 1 victory. let's put that in perspective, in this county, in the 2020 present presidential election, donald trump won 87 to 11%. and remember, statewide, joe biden in the 2020 presidential election got 41% of the votes in kansas. so one rule of thumb, where you can get all of the votes counted, up in any given county, of the state, if biden is running about, excuse, me it's a no side is running about ten points better than biden, that is going to bode very well for the no size. well you see it, biden got 11% in this rubble heavily
6:41 pm
republican county in 2020. and no tonight has tripled that. get 33%. so i think the benchmark for no in a county like this would probably bit about 20%, looks like they are gonna get 33% here. so this is the second piece of the equation. if you start seeing this as other counties get all their votes counted in. if you start seeing anything even remotely resembling this, then your guest to say no it was on their way to victory. it's absolutely right. because that is what has to happen for no to prevail tonight. and again this is one very small county. >> and you are using it as an example because we got a lot of vote in. >> exactly, because we got that mix that we are talking about where you got the mail, we've got the early, we've got the same day, now you got something that you can compare to pass election results. again using that 2020 results that biden trumps about kind of as a benchmark, no has to build off that biden number. here they absolutely, much more built off it in phillips county
6:42 pm
there. so again we will see here as we get completed results, in other counties, as another thing i wanted to point out is right here, johnson county. this is the granddaddy of them all. about 20 to 25% of all the votes in the state of kansas are gonna come out of this county. this is the suburb of kin city of kansas. we haven't done anything yet. but again, biden carried his county. keep in mind, biden carried this county with 50% of the vote in 2020. this has moved dramatically in the democrats direction over the last decade or two. and again, if the no side which finished 65% or something here, that could be bald golf ball game. we don't have any of the numbers from johnson. >> something just popped up, something just popped up in johnson. okay! >> so this is interesting. it went to nothing to 95%. and when i suspect, yeah, would i suspect here, and i discussed my producer can confirm this. adam, is this, do we suspect
6:43 pm
that we've got the male and the early and we are still waiting on same day? >> right, so what's happened, one of the things happen here, ali, turnout is so high in kansas today, so unexpectedly high, i can tell you, we are now estimating that the turnout in the primary is gone about the 800,000. it's typical turnout in the primary in kansas is about 450,000. so it's that much higher. so what's happened here is we are what is happening johnson was we had an estimate at the side of the day of what we thought the total vote would be. it just hit that level, there's gonna be. more this is a good example. this is a very good example. >> but we are still outpacing at the moment where biden got in 2020. >> this is what i've been describing in these other counties. what you got here is the early votes, and the mail vote. this is not as good as it's gonna get d'arnaud in johnson county. but, johnson county, again if you looked up at the screen, was only 53% biden.
6:44 pm
so if you use that role -- >> 63%, 60 to 63. it's gotta come down a lot for now to. >> do we have time to talk about michigan real fast? something doesn't cause a michigan. let's take a look at michigan. >> let's go to the national map here, i think you're talking about the race for governor. >> and i'm watching that michigan three as well the peter meijer race. >> yeah, you can see here, this race by the, way this is the public apartment for governor. gretchen whitmer is gonna be the democratic nominee. >> and this race will see it as the ball of -- the republican, the initial republican front runner was disqualified several republican candidates in fact were disqualified from the ballot because of signature issues. so this primary turned into an absolute mess. this ends up being a trump endorsed candidate who wins, also by the way betsy devos, endorsed candidate, who wins this primary, we'll see if she's able to make this competitive general election.
6:45 pm
not a surprise that it ends this way tonight. this was the public was suggesting. but yes, the other suspenseful but big piece of suspense in michigan is right here. their congressional district, western michigan, and i look at this. we've got close to a third of the vote in here where you're looking at john gibbs who is challenging peter meijer, peter meijer one of the ten republicans who voted to impeach donald trump. when we look at this last, gibbs laid was getting close to 20 points. it's now down as you can see to about four and a half points. and what is happening here, this is interesting, let's just zoom in here. ottawa county, you can see that this is a smaller part of the district. gives running up a score there. this is the bigger part of the district. cannes county. this is where grand rapids is this is peter meijer's base. if not a lot of the vote gets in for county, it's gonna be a lot more votes to come in here. so a big question mark here is it gonna stay this meyer friendly? but if the vote does stay this
6:46 pm
meyer friendly in kent county, he can rack up a lot. the other piece of it is the muskegon county, big of must-see can county's of district here. neutral for mayor. so i think what maya has got it too is just run up the score and can't, you can see a bit more coming in here. he's gotta run up the score and can't, because he's got offset where a problem's gonna be lost those other two counties. but it's interesting -- that wasn't supposed to happen. i want to reset on it, look at that, really now. it's narrowing. >> meyers is in the game. here >> you have been saying that all, day he's been feeling and sounding pretty confident that the reason people need to be interested in the story is that whatever happens to peter meijer, win or lose, this is a big american story now. this is a guy, a republican who said, i'm gonna vote to impeach donald trump, and now we watch to see what happens to his future. >> he would be the first, again, a lot of the republicans who voted to impeach. trump decided not to run this year. one did get through a primary, that was david ballot dale in california.
6:47 pm
but trump didn't get involved and that's prime. didn't endorse anybody, bellagio just got through. meyer would be the first, we got two hours in washington state. but meyer if he could win this, would be the first to have trump commit, and your son apartment, and survive. but still, that is a huge shift. he is getting some encouraging numbers from his base and cannes county, kent county is the biggest part of this district. but he is still losing in ottawa, still i think maybe in some trouble in the skating county. this is an interesting race to -- >> we're gonna spend a lot time to see, thing steve kornacki is staying with us. we're gonna keep a very close eye on kansas and other results as they come, we have much more ahead on this election night. stay with us. stay with us who are positive for acetylcholine receptor antibodies, it may feel like the world is moving without you. but the picture is changing, with vyvgart. in a clinical trial, participants achieved improved daily abilities with vyvgart added to their current treatment. and vyvgart helped clinical trial participants
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and it's enamel safe for everyday use. better... faster... 100% whiter teeth. crest. the #1 teeth whitening brand in america. >> all right we are keeping a
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6:52 pm
very close eye on election results tonight. particularly on kansas. where early results show a referendum to get rid of a state constitutional protection on abortion is said to fail. we are want to take a look now again. 41% of the numbers and. it's running 2 to 1 for the group who want to protect a voice and writes in kansas. that is the no campaign. we are gonna be ranking a lot of references to knowing. yes the clock is ticking on another big story for the senate to pass a slim down but still a massive version of president biden's agenda that was dealing with health care, climate, and taxes. you will remember that deal broke down in the past, it was brokered this new one, by democratic senate leader chuck
6:53 pm
schumer and west virginia senator joe manchin. manchin support means that the party is now closer than ever that passing an economic package, which is focus on climate and health care. which would be major victories for democrats. but the senate goes into recess next week. and we do not know if manchin's colleague, arizona senator kirsten sinema's on board with this. this afternoon, the two can conserve democrats working together on the senate floor. and my colleague stephanie ruhle spoke to senator joe manchin late afternoon, about the deal, and whether he was able to convince sinema and republican senators to support it. manchin began by telling her that all of the republican senators across the aisle are his friends, which then led to this exchange. >> it is a matter who is your friend, you need to get the votes, besides kyrsten sinema. mitch mcconnell,. >> i can't get through i cannot get their ball because they won't change opinions of tax codes. if they believe that 15% should
6:54 pm
not be the minimum, and corporations shouldn't pay anything and america, that the largest have a billion dollars of revenue a year, and won't pay anything. i can't convince them to change that. but i know that. i don't agree. i respect their decision. i don't agree with the decision. i think it is wrong. but i am not gonna challenge the guys them over that. >> joining us now is my old friend and partner stephanie ruhle, host of the 11th hour who interviewed senator joe manchin today first of all. hi buddy, good to see. >> i like to point out, i always tell you my dear friend. you always tell me i'm your old friend. >> we're gonna chase that tonight my dear friend. >> i want to make that public. >> joe manchin, you are trying, he's got brands, he has spent all over the senate. but you are asking him, does that friendship converts into votes? >> well listen, he is talking to his friend kyrsten sinema, he did speak to her today. and he did send something interesting. we are sending papers back and forth. what it sounded like she was really wants to know more about
6:55 pm
is the permanent access he is asking for in west virginia. which is billy some pork for his state. some stuff that just west virginians what because he wants to go home and give them that. so maybe he is hinting that she is gonna be asking for something special for the state of arizona. we very clearly didn't say that he was she was an. oh my sure he did say that she was a yes. and he is running victory. last >> it's a big deal if it was a. yes >> sure would. >> let's talk about something that you and i talked about a lot, we asked conservative after conservative after republican about the carrying just global. and getting rid of it lost we will assure that they would get rid of it. trump tax bill is done and that they didn't get rid of it. now there's an opportunity to do something with it. carried interest is what people, woodbury which people, how they make their money. >> so basically, everybody likes a twin out of this, because it's so important. i'm begging people to pay attention. because it's basically how the private equity industry gets paid on performance fees, basically, they pay a whole lot
6:56 pm
less of taxes than anyone. else >> than anybody earns a salary for working. >> correct, and the reason why this is so ugly just an offensive, we talk about private equity a. we're not about -- 4500 zeroes on the mandates they get paid. we're talking about people that get paid hundreds of millions of dollars, who are quietly huge donors to lawmakers, nobody likes carried interest except them. miraculously, it always states and the tax code. you and i have asked endlessly, republican lawmakers, when are you gonna finally close this loophole? but now, it kyrsten sinema doesn't go for it, democrats are gonna be the one with egg on their face, they are gonna be the ones that didn't close. it bad. look >> you can take this opportunity to get rid of that one for. are there never letting me do the show again because you and i come on it and we start picking out over the stuff. >> everyone is excited to go all your my show any day to define why this thing should stay in place. >> 100%. >> and i never. do >> the doors open, thanks buddy, my dear friend, stephanie. role >> not all of. >> the 11th hour, you can have a full interview with joe manchin tonight. more election results ahead.
6:57 pm
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along with steve kornacki who's not going home tonight for a special live hour of the latest election results. time now for the last word really removes a leader maxwell in for lawrence good to see my friend. flag is so much ali thank you
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