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tv   MSNBC Prime  MSNBC  August 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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eric greitens. and in washington state, the votes is still too early to call for two publicans running for election who both voted to impeach donald trump. congresswoman jamie herrera butler's leading right now against trump endorsed candidate joe can't. and congressman -- dan newhouse is leading a tremendous candidate, lauren colp. steve kornacki with us all night, let's go over to the big board and see what's going on right now. i see you've chosen to talk about arizona first. tell us what you are looking at. >> a bit of a potential surprise here in arizona, kerry lake, the republican backed by donald trump, former newscaster up there in arizona, had led in the polling in this race, and i think came in today as the favorite. you can see we got a lot of the vote, this is what happens in arizona, wasn't more than an hour ago that we had no vote, now we got about 60% of the vote in. karrin taylor robson actually with a lead here of eight and a half points over kari lake. the way that this in arizona is, they got extensive early voting, mail voting, and basically what these counties do is they
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released right away in this first hour, all the votes that were received by about yesterday. that's basically what you are looking at here to start. so what was expected that vote would be the most favorable vote for karrin taylor robson so she needed to take the lead, she needed to build a little bit of a pad, because it was expected that the vote that was cast today, and then the final votes that will be kind of not till tomorrow, would be more favorable to kari lake. robson succeeded and getting a pad here. a pad of eight and a half points. it may well end up being enough to hold off lake. we are going to see some of the same day votes getting added here. like its number take up a little bit here. but robson came in today as the underdog. right now at 60% in, has a real shot at this. over the next couple hours, we're gonna see a trickle of the vote that was cast today get added to this. but that is basically gonna stop, and then maricopa county
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is the biggest one. here they say not till tomorrow will a tally up votes that were about for today. and we process and all that. it can take time in arizona who remember this in 2020, took a few days. but i think a little bit of a surprise that taylor robson really in this, game absolutely has a chance to win. this lake is the one -- >> however, it doesn't matter, because if taylor robson comes up tonight and tomorrow in the lead, kerry lake is already said the election has been stolen from her. >> well that raises all sorts of issues that. because if you she takes, if she loses, and take that posture, she has been running as a team with blake masters. blake masters, the other trump back candidate here in the republican race for the u.s. senate, masters, this additional batch of votes is close but he is ahead. so if that same trend sort of obtains here, where masters improves as the later votes get counted, then masters could end up winning this primary, lake losing the other primary, and
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if she does follow through on which we're talking about, that could certainly negatively affect blake masters going into that general election kind of democratic mark kelly. i should add by the way. the secretary of state's primary as well that we've been talking about, then, finchem candidate for secretary of state. he is also leading by eight points, substantial lead with this early batch of votes. going on the expectation that the later boats will favor the trump candidates. he certainly looks like he is in the best position right now, of those three trump backed candidate. but i think he is in the best position, then you look at masters, and i think there is a real question mark right now about kari lake, and a bit of a surprise. >> she is an interesting candidate, trump back candidates, and then there is her. an entire election denier, someone who said that she would not want to a biden certified as president. she doesn't believe you election was correct. she believes also the things. she sticks herself way out of the right of even many trump back candidates. >> and that was -- this is the interesting thing
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when you look at arizona. this november. because it's gonna be so critical that arizona to that race to who controls the u.s. senate here. and the potential here, if blake masters, if he does get the republican nomination for the u.s. senate, would he be be running on tickets to be running a ticket vs robson? versus running on a ticket with lake? how voters in arizona perceive that. might be a little different. >> what else are you looking at? >> as you mentioned, kansas is the biggest surprise tonight. sitting at 60 40. the biggest suspense right now, still is in the third congressional district. let's see if we can get it up here, in michigan. this is around grand rapids. here it is, peter meijer, voted to impeach donald trump. freshman republican, that was one of his first votes casted as member of congress. now this one has kind of swung back and forth all night. but this has got to be discouraging what's been happening now in the last 15 minutes here. for peter meijer. his opponent, john gibbs, as you can see has opened up a lead of 2. 1 points. what's happened is that there
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has been a big split here in terms of the mail votes, and the same-day votes. meijer was absolutely cleaning up in the mail vote. he won by more than 20 points. gibbs has been winning by double digits with the same day vote. and it looks like especially in kent county, where is grand rapids's, the same day vote has been counted up here kind of late, and has been boosting gibbs, and is now moved ahead by 1500 votes. i'm just gonna take a look here, at exactly where kent county stands. this is meyer's base. this is the biggest part of the district, and now peter meijer is about even in that district. meijer needs to be winning cannes county. he needs to be winning it by a couple points. and is the problem is that same day vote for him in kent county has just not been there. it allowed gets to take up and can't as a lot him to take a districtwide. so meijer looks like he's gonna come close, a lot of folks thought he was gonna get wiped out. but it might be tough for meijer to make up that difference.
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>> for democrats, this is an interesting race to watch because a lot of people would say that a meijer is a rebuke of donald trump. on the other hand, meijer for mainstream viewers, might be more electable that gives in the long term. so it's not clear what some people want to happen with peter meijer. >> the other interesting story is that democrats weighted into this race. they spent big money trying to promote gibbs with republicans. the theory their theory being hey. get gibbs nominated for redistricting in michigan, change the third district, make it winnable for democrats. democrats are saying, we can beat gibbs, meijer is saying hey, look, you are seeing gibbs as a threat to democracy. you are saying that people that back trump's claims by the 2020 election our threat to democracy. why are you spending hundreds of thousand dollars trying to get them nominated? he can go win in the fall and then in office. you had a role in that.
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so it's a tricky one. if gibbs wins this thing by 1500 votes after the democrats. >> there may be democrats who were involved in his victory. >> it's a very interesting story. >> it's a ploy unless he becomes the member of congress. >> yeah. you look at the nature of this district. potential the nature of 2022. he might be less electable then meijer, but i wouldn't say in a year like 2022 in a district like michigan, he is unelectable. it's very possible he could. when. we are gonna >> watch it closely, we are still watching the fallout from what's happening in kansas. also even though we don't have poll results out of arizona, we're gonna get more information over the course of the next hour. you and i are gonna spend a lot time together. thank you as always, the kornacki, by the, way where in the same, room as you, know how it, is steve shouts, does hansen, knows and that's us know if he's got anything else. i want to bring in timmiller writer at large with bulwark. msnbc political analyst. he is also the author of why we did. it a travel law from the republican wrote to help. maria teresa kumar is the founding president of voter latino and an msnbc contributor and personally very grateful to her because she often system for me when i have to be on the
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road. so i appreciate that. anat shenker-osorio is the founder of the progressive research communications firm, a s o, communications, and jonathan alter author and msnbc political analyst with the institutional memory about politics that is unmatched by anyone else. thank you to all of you this evening. tim, let me start with you, because i sort of want to try to make sense of how people are thinking about both arizona, which is sort of ground zero for, hey let's let dismantle democracy. and this gives, peter meijer thing in michigan. which is like steve said, confusing to some democrats. because some democrats want the more extreme trump backed republican to win the primary so that he loses the election. but they really think that they said if they had the choice, rather happier with meijers.
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what are you making of what you have seen so far? >> yeah, they see having. we i was on the last hour. maybe a little bit bullish on the democracy candidates in some of these races. we'll see even in the last, hour gibbs as kornacki just talked about, has taken the lead, in that race. i'm not so sure that robson is in great shape there, obviously she is winning, there's a big gap, but we see what happens in this election day vote. michigan, same thing could happen in arizona where lake could catch up. that is something to keep an eye on. which you have here and the michigan race i think is a more clear cut situation. in meijer might not be on the issues that liberals cup of tea. but he voted to impeach the president. he has been very clear about that. he has not at all played footsie with the conspiracy about the election. gibbs on the other hand has. and i think kornacki is right. look, i didn't love the strategy of the democrats to boost gives in this race. we don't know what things will look like in 2024. we don't want a house at a senate chamber made up of people that would be willing to overturn the election if donald trump ran again and lost again. and so i think it's concerning that somebody like gibbs could get it. even more concerning would be
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kari lake in arizona. so i don't know want to compliment carrie robson at all. she has played footsie in this but she is not anything like carey like, who has promised to not certify the next election. and who has said that she would try to uncertify the 2020 election. having carey like in arizona and doug mastriano in pennsylvania, would be a disaster. it would be a threat to democracy. so i think that is very interesting to watch. it's kind of bad versus very very existentially bad. in that arizona race. so i think we will see how that -- >> thanks for drawing that line because they're much out of the who is the republican governor for pennsylvania, went to arizona to watch how they did this election audit which by the way for all the efforts and all the grift involved, still couldn't find donald trump a victory in arizona. but there are birds of a feather. if you are concerned about democracy, it's worth watching. thank you. marie teresa, what is your view on what is happening tonight? i will, say kansas which we are gonna talk a little bit more
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later, turned out to be interesting on a couple of levels. the turnout, the number of people who turned out to vote and a primary election in kansas, kornacki was telling the numbers that sounded like they were almost double what you normally expect. >> so you hit the nail on the head, ali. what's interesting about kansas is that if you look at the results, it looks like roughly about 300,000 republicans that cast ballots, for the gubernatorial side, you saw an additional roughly 80,000 of them who actually voted for the to support the abortion issue in kansas. and that's huge. because it's saying that republicans are willing to go to the ballot, still vote for the republican candidate, but support abortion. and one of the reasons why this was put on primary, why this ballot was initiated put on primary is because they weren't expecting turnout. and that was actually the opposite effect that it had. it drove out turnout. the other thing that i am
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seeing which is also interesting is that arizona is also seeing record level turn out. something again that we haven't seen in normally don't see in the midterms. the last time we saw this high of interest in primaries was in 2018, but that was rare. we have been following the elections of the latino now from the very beginning. since january. people were not paying attention. but this could actually be a strategy for a lot of the progressives, and for a lot of the democrats to all not only did abortion, but also that recognize democracy is on the ball and they will continue to continue to turn out. this is reading those tea leaves, ali, saying that those midterms for the, for november is gonna be closer than to be expected. >> i'm glad that people think democracies on the ballot. that's always a good discussion and an appointed discussion to be having. anat maybe democrats or republicans are watching, maybe abortion should be on the ballot. maybe we got what we got out of the supreme court, we got through three supreme court justice. maybe nobody should say the word abortion, or no
11:13 pm
republicans to say the word abortion between now and election day, given what we just saw in kansas. where, i don't know how to describe, because the question was placed so weirdly on that referendum. but people who wanted to preserve abortion rights have voted well disproportionately higher than they voted typically for democrats. >> that's -- >> what was interesting -- >> my apolgies. -- no worries >> i'll get to anat, go ahead and not. >> my apologies, i thought he was addressing the. i think that the common thread is, and essentially once you open pandora's box, i would say that you can't put it away, they may not want to talk about abortion but boy howdy are we gonna be talking about it and the through line here between essentially conscious of how much interaction would you like
11:14 pm
in your political party a little or a lot the through line between that, and the abortion issue, is freedom. and not for nothing, was the no campaign called constitutional freedom. because essentially, the argument going down right now is do you want in essence, an authoritarian faction that wants to take away your freedoms from the most essential freedom to vote? and to decide for ourselves who governs in our name? to the freedom to decide who what happens of our bodies, our futures, our families, and that's nothing short of what is on the ballot. and we see in both cases, that voters are weary of that. of the taking away of that freedom. and in so far as democrats make a compelling case. that they are here to protect our freedoms. and compelling case, and there's plenty of evidence available. that republicans want to take away those freedoms. i think that we have a mobilizing and persuasive message for voters. >> jonathan alter, we look at missouri, kansas, michigan, arizona, washington state, a
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lot of places tonight, each of which tell a different story. peter meijer in michigan is one of three candidates tonight, three republican up for primary election. who voted to impeach donald trump. tim miller makes the point they are not liberals. these are not people who are not conservatives. they just did something there that may cost them an election up against trump candidates. kansas got the abortion issue, arizona's got the election legitimacy issue, and michigan has all sorts of things going on. take a nationally of all your experience, what do you make of what you have seen so far tonight? >> only i think the big news is choice quake. this issue is going to be huge and the election. if in a state like kansas, those who favor abortion rights came out in such numbers, and won by way more than expected,
11:16 pm
i mean by some polls they were expected to lose narrowly. it was a blowout! and this sends a big message nationally to democrats. now the red wave theory was already in tatters in the last couple of weeks if you look closely at the polling data. it's clearly gonna be a very competitive election. in the fall. there is no red way. that is history. but what we don't know is how much of a role abortion is going to play, tonight, tonight could be an indication that's gonna play a very large role. even if it's part pretty far down on the list of issues that voters say they care about well below their economy. it will relates and i major way to turn out. and if the turnout is closer to
11:17 pm
2018. when the democrats did really well. then 2014, the midterm before that, when democrats did poorly, the democrats will do much better than expected again. and it's even possible that this could be a 2002 type election. and by that i mean, 2002 and 1934 are the only two elections, midterm elections, in the last 100 years where the party controlling the white house efforts, for the first two years, gained seats. and so it is possible, now it's considered likely that the democrats will gain seats in the senate. and it is increasingly possible that they will hold the house. in 2002, just to remind people, the economy was not very good but 9/11 pushed the economy into a secondary category that became kind of a 9/11 election. which worked to president bush's advantage.
11:18 pm
this, even though he wasn't all that popular on the economy. this could be a similar kind of thing where, voting is for congress, decoupled, from biden's low approval ratings, and you see a democratic victory. >> i'm surprised you brought up that 1934 the midterm elections, because you were so small then. i'm surprised you remembered. >> stick around, we have a lot of things to discuss, especially tense ports in the beginning that we do not have settled right now, after midnight on the east, it's whether the trump backed candidate have won or lost tonight. it's bit of a mixed bag. still more to come. i'm coming back to all four of. you, before i go to a quick break, show you this again, this is the third district and michigan. 95% and although steve kornacki knows this better than i do about why we sometimes take this with a grain of salt. but gibbs is the trump backed republican candidate, is the head of the incumbent, peter
11:19 pm
meijer right now. we are watching this one very closely, it's a very close race. but peter meijer did vote to impeach donald trump. we are gonna be right back after this, with continue coverage. if you have diabetes, then getting on the dexcom g6
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> tonight's vote on abortion
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in kansas was the first of its kind in an america where roe v. wade has been overturned. effectively, voters were being asked whether they wanted to remove protections to abortion rights from the kansas state constitution. as ballot measures often are, the language in this one was confusing. voting yes meant the constitution to change an abortion rights would no longer be protected. given the power to restrict abortion access to the kansas state legislature. voting no meant the constitution should remain the same and abortion rights should remain protected. and the no vote won. according to our nbc news production which means kansas voters decided to protect the right to an abortion. covering this for us tonight from kansas city is my colleague, chris jansing, chris, there were scat polling on. this wasn't clear, looked like no might have had a small edge just beyond the margin of error. nobody or a lot of people were not expecting this particular result. >> i think it's closer to
11:25 pm
nobody. nobody i talked to. do i just got a new number and and it gives you a sense of how unexpected this is. in johnson county, just ten miles down the road from where i'm standing, it's right on the border with missouri, the largest county in the state. the turnout on 100 degree day, in the middle of summer, was 53%. historically high. they've never seen anything like this. this is barack obama's numbers. the way the secretary of state put it. incredibly high turnout in fact, there was still so many people in line, in so many places, as polls were closing, the secretary of state actually sent out tweets saying, stay in line, don't go anywhere, you can still vote. there were signs, there were signs from the very day that the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, because in kansas, registration went up 1000 percent. that wasn't the only indication. the number of unaffiliated voters, which by the way, is
11:26 pm
higher than democratic voters here in kansas. they have been going up while republican registration has been inching down. and typically, you wouldn't see unaffiliated voters going out for one of these elections because they can't vote for republicans and democrats. they can't vote for candidates. but there was so much attention being paid to this abortion issue, to the tune ali, of $12 million. $6 million on each side in a state where there are fewer than 2 million registered voters. so when a lot of people have been asking the question, how much of a motivator would this be in this election? the answer obviously is huge. obviously huge! and as one person put it to me, this is just the start, i'm gonna quote, it's gonna be a major issue in every election for the foreseeable future. so ali, much more to come. >> choice quake is what jonathan alter called it.
11:27 pm
kris, good to see you my friend. our paths don't cross like this all that much, we see each other in the field, business astute there. kris jansing, of course with us in kansas city. joining us now is democratic congressman -- of kansas, who remains the only democrat in the kansas state congressional delegation to washington. congresswoman, good to see you, thank you for being with us tonight. >> it's good to see you too, thanks for having me. >> i want to just point out something that kris jansing was talking about. shock about johnson county. in kansas. johnson county is right, here basically a suburb of kansas city. it's big, it's highly populous, we got what we think to be most of the votes in, about 95%. the no vote is almost 60, above 68%. the yes vote is 31%. now when you compare that to how donald trump and joe biden did in the state, it's 15 points better than joe biden did. and it's 12 points lower than donald trump did. this is the steve kornacki math
11:28 pm
that makes it all very interesting. people came out to vote and to protect abortion rights in kansas. at rates much higher than they vote for democrats in kansas. >> yeah, well i think, first of all i have to say this. this is a win for kansans. this is a win for our families and our rights. and tonight, i would say what you saw is, what you are seeing as the numbers and getting close to seeing all the numbers but they are not all in yet. what we saw was kansans saying we are going to reject extremism. we are going to protect all kansans ability to make their own choices about their health care. their access to reproductive health care, without government interference. and i think this is a broad, diverse coalition of folks that
11:29 pm
came together to make that statement tonight. it's an interesting point you are making that this is not some kind of left-wing push, or liberal push. this kind of computers to conservatives the fact of the constitution protects certain rights in the state of kansas and lots of people 60% of cabins who voted tonight came out and said we want the constitution to protect certain rights we are not really interested in the government getting involved and taking away our right that we already have. >> right yeah i think here is the thing when i say a bride diverse of correlation of folks came together, i mean that we had people across the aisle. you heard just a few moments ago about the number of unaffiliated voters that we have here in kansas. kansans do not want politicians, they do not want the government
11:30 pm
telling us what we can or cannot do when it comes to accessing reproductive health services. i think that what we are seeing is that that path forward, particularly for kansans is one that goes through the middle. this is not a far extreme position and i think politicians who think that that is what is going to get them a win in november are sorely mistaken. >> congresswoman, good to see you as always good to see you, one day will be able to not just talk about politics, but we'll to talk about mix martial arts but, for now politics. >> can i say -- can i tell you how much work went into this? it's the same thing that happens in an mma fight. he can't stop until the bell rings and that's with the folks in kansas did today. >> good to see you, sherisse
11:31 pm
cherice david is a congresswoman democrat from kansas. >> former governor of kansas, governor good to see you thank you for being with us. i want to get your reaction to this, because literally everyone i've talked to and there's lots of things to react to across the country, everyone is fascinated by this particular result in the kansas abortion rights question. >> well ali, it's good to see you and it's terrific to have a chance to share the stage with the wonderful cherice david. she's a fabulous member of our delegation and does a great job. this is about kansas and we are a state which came into the union as a free state founded by abolitionists who came to make sure there was a free state west of the mississippi.
11:32 pm
those folks are who wrote the constitution, at the end of the day when the dobbs decision took away the federal constitutional protection on women's reproductive rights and made it clear that it was up to the state, kansans said we are not going to let the legislators make decisions for us. our constitution is strong. we have stronger language than in the 14th amendment in the kansas constitution and they voted overwhelmingly -- as i like to say, kansans not only voted no, they voted hell no change not to charge a constitution. >> it's a recipe for the rest of the country? that there are lot of people who want to protect reproductive rights of saying this is a great idea why don't we do this in our states? >> first of all i think it should encourage people not to shy away from a frank discussion about what the republican party has adopted. they've adopted a very radical
11:33 pm
agenda that says, we are going to strip away rights from women, we are going to make health care decisions on behalf of women, we are going to have forced pregnancies and forced births. it doesn't matter the way they get pregnant, it doesn't matter their age, it doesn't matter their capability, we know better. and i think for a lot of individuals in this state, republicans, democrats, independents, they say no. we trust women to make wise decisions for themselves with their own pastors and priests and rabbis, with their own partners, with their own physicians. and kansas had an opportunity to weigh in very strongly. should you let the state legislator decide your fate or should you trust the constitution? i think hansen said overwhelmingly, we trust the constitution. >> and do you feel confident that in many places across the
11:34 pm
country, there are people who would otherwise cast a ballot for a conservative or republican in days gone by said this abortion stuff, the overturning of roe v. wade, the dobbs ruling is a bridge too far when it comes to my rights. i'm voting this time on my rights. jonathan alter made a point that we think it's just the economy. guys like me who are business journalists like to think its economy all the time. tonight says it might not be the economy. >> well, i think ali what we have seen is that in the past 50 years with a national constitutional preotection that a lot of us frankly took for granted over time that set abortions are on the ballot, it's important to have reproductive choice but people say these are the issues facing me. once dobbs occurred, once a supreme court ruled at the end of june that there is no federal protection, that we are going to turn it all over the
11:35 pm
states, and then we watch the states strip rights away from women across the country, i think it sounded an alarm bell, and a lot of people are saying wait a minute, this is very real. this is about me, this is about my child, my grandchild, i really am going to take back control over my own rights and my own health and that's what happened in kansas tonight. >> catherine, good to see you, kathleen is the former governor of the state of kansas. coming up next, we're gonna go to live to the state of arizona, checking in the campaigns of the two of the trumpian by candidates on the ballot tonight. that's next. stay with us. with us when hurting feet make you want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief
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tonight. we're just talking about kansas, earlier we're talking about arizona. we are still watching the results in arizona come in. a lot of the controversy leading up tonight's primary vote in arizona has been around the trump backed candidate kari lake one-time television news anchor turned candidate. here's her with the former president 12 days ago. >> for the record i do believe that superman is coming back and hopefully he's coming back soon. >> all right. there's a lot to kari lake a
11:41 pm
lot of layers to her. we have somebody covering this story for a while. i kari lake headquarters is vaughn hillyard. you've had some remarkable conversations with the candidate. where do we stand first with the results. kari lake not performing as strongly the last hours we expected. >> right i think this is the question that you have talked about. folks dropped off their ballots how many folks dropped off their ballots or voted in person. we have no idea. we know there is an overwhelming turnout in person but i am in touch with both candidates there long to question marks. she had to be taylor robson had to be contempt competitive can
11:42 pm
carrie lay close askap or side to say that was off not only tonight, but tomorrow, and the next day, among those voters that either turned in their house or vote in person. i want to note, though we are starting to get some results, from secretary of state is currently ahead, but how, monday attorney general candidates backed by those two individuals like carey like has also called for the disintegration of the 2020 election. they look like they're on their way to victory, and just heart to mark finchem, ali and i put the question to him and i said is your election fair? and he said, we will have to see, what comes out here in the hours ahead, because that's where it's complicated. if suddenly, mark finchem win but kari lake is on the brink of not winning what does that conversation look like? because we know that kari lake has already thrown out unfounded claims her and
11:43 pm
specific claims of fraud that she has not been able to backup, will they ultimately come to her defense if she loses? >> but even that von, think she might be accusing you throwing you the election. want to show the viewers just we've been talking about. this is the arizona attorney general race where hamadeh the the trump backed candidate is the spread here is 46 votes. look at the secretary of state election again. finchem ahead with only a quarter of the votes ahead by 183 votes. take a quick look at the governor vote race right now for the republican nominee taylor robson separating 44 votes separating taylor robson and lake. as we were saying we're not gonna get a ton of these votes today. more of them are coming in tomorrow. anyone who's submitted mail votes they are not getting counted today.
11:44 pm
this race is tighter than it was expected to be. vaughn hillyard thank you for that. and not to be outdone, the arizona republican blame masters has been sure a maga message in his own campaign ads. >> psychopaths are running the country right now. you've got a biden, pelosi, chuck schumer, mark kelly. this is an invasion. we know what to do. we need to finish trump's wall. we need five times more border patrol, and we need technology to lock this border down. if we don't do these things right now, we're not gonna have a country. >> and i just want to point out to you we have the same situation. this is the senate republican nomination. only 25% of the voters in right now. masters is winning but he's ahead by 111 votes. same situation across arizona. let's go to nbc senior national
11:45 pm
political reporter is at blake masters campaign headquarters tonight. what are they doing with this information sill? we are trying to establish whether these trump backed candidates are winning in arizona or not. right now the numbers are too close to call. >> hey alie, it is looking like it's going to be a long night in the republican senate race in arizona. like masters currently has a lead of four points over his nearest rival. that's not enough when there is so much more 40% of the votes be counted. his nearest rival being jim layman. and it certainly is possible that this election could go at least past tonight, and into the morning as more and more votes are counted. and of course it is a test of donald trump's power to push these candidates over the finish line. like matters awesome to be doing better than carry. lake partly because it was a more crowded field. and that's a trump suitors be able to push him over the line, a lot of stake here though, ali
11:46 pm
of course the winner of this battle on the republican side is going to take on the democratic incumbent, mark kelly, who cruised to renomination on a un apposed, and this is gonna be one of the most hotly contested senate races, and it could of course determine control of the chamber. look, there's been a ton to talk tonight about that abortion vote in kansas. that matters in this race too because congress would have the power. or does have the power i should say, now that roe v. wade is gone to inact federal boyden restrictions with like masters running on an anti abortion platform. mark kelly supports it. the likely contest here could make a big difference on abortion ali. >> suhil, thank you for your reporting. it's gonna be a long night for you and for ivan, and for everybody following this race and arizona. suhil kapur for us at the black masters campaign. we are back with more from our panel right after this break.
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why you don't less dave kornacki go to the bathroom because he left the room and i started playing with this thing and i gave you some bad information it was actually roughly the same except i was giving you a county as opposed to the statewide numbers. i want to quickly run through them this was the arizona statewide attorney general race for republicans. same thing, hamadeh is in the lead roughly 28 to 24%. secretary of state finchem also like hamadeh, trump back
11:52 pm
candidate in the league. 36% to 25%, 54, 55%, of the vote is in right now, and in the governor race for the republicans, taylor robeson is in the lead, almost 48, 49% to 40% with lake, from 60%, again expecting let's never lake may get better through the course of the next 24 hours as more votes comes in. about 65% of the statewide numbers are in. same thing, nobody's position has changed. the numbers are just a little bit different. i wanna bring our panel back with us. tim miller, marissa teresa, anat shenker-osorio and jonathan alter. tim, let's take it from you. we have a look at this over the course over the last hour and the last several hours. the arizona stuff we were just talking about is a little bit of a pause. we are not quite sure how this is unfolding and what you call a win tonight. yeah, a lot of pause. the maga ticket putting lake
11:53 pm
assigned the trump ticket is in the lead, before the election day vote comes in and that senate attorney general, and obviously very important secretary of state race. also would play a key role on certifying the next election. if you look at the lake race, at the top of the ticket, she is losing right now, but i think there is good reason to believe that is going to narrow, if you go over to michigan. every time i come back on, new update in michigan, gibbs, maga candidate, is widening his lead over meijer the congressman that's voted to impeach donald trump. that same thing could happen in arizona for like. we don't know yet. but even if robson wins, the election deniers have seemed to be in good position, not have one, but seem to be in good position to win for those other three positions there in arizona. another thing to note in washington, which has a different system, a top two primary. both jamie harrah butler, and dan new house who voted to impeach trump, they also are looking pretty good. which speaks get to a top two primary system versus a partisan primary. because all of the republicans
11:54 pm
who voted to impeach trump or in a partisan primary hapless, have lost and meijer was like he might be heading that way. >> 99% they say out that number in right now. we are looking at the three district and michigan, gibbs has 53. 1% of the vote, to meijers, 46 point -- a difference about higher than the 5000 votes. anat what do you make of it? >> i think what voters are understanding, first of all let's talk about the basic asymmetry of participation between the republican primary and the democratic party. something i think most casualties may not be aware of, and that is that in general participants in a prime area on the republican side tend toward the more right right extremist wing. where as democratic voters, who are in a primary, tend towards a more centrist position. that is a basic asymmetry. what you are seeing called out
11:55 pm
in primary voters on the republican side are the kind of true believers in this trump ideology. it's little wonder that with exceptions as noted, that is what is taken today. i think at this point, for most of these candidates, it's either a lot or a little bit of trumpism. all of them are embracing to some degree. >> thanks to you, you folks, maria teresa kumar, and jonathan, i'm gonna talk to you on the other side of this break. thanks to you ten and two anat shenker-osorio, for joining, us i'll see you in just a moment, msnbc's covering this primary net and is going to continue, i'm going to continue to consider when i tell you about it. right after this break. is break
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all right it is 1 am on the east coast. i'm ali velshi. this is msnbc special coverage of primary results in five states. arizona, kansas, missouri michigan, and washington state. voters of turned out to the determine their nominees for the mid terms elections to be held in 97 days. the biggest news of the night was in the state of kansas where voters voted to protect the right of abortion. this was the first electoral test for abortion rights since the supreme court overturn roe v. wade. around 60% of kansas voters voted no to removing the right for an abortion in the state


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