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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 3, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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here we go i am stephanie rule. there's big news on this big primary night. nbc news projects voters in the state of kansas have overwhelmingly voted to keep the protection of abortion rights in their state constitution this was the first test of the right to choose at the polls since the supreme court ended roe versus wade. kansas is one of five states picking nominees for the november midterm elections, which is now just 98 days away and the polls have now officially closed in all fiv also on the ballot tonight, the former president and his falsehoods about election fraud. hect is backing several republin candidates who are outright 2020 election deniers, who fully
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endorsed the big lie that donald trump should somehow still be president. again, that's a lie. so let's get right to it. you know who i'm talking about, steve kornacki back at the big board. where do things stand right now? >> the biggest story of the night this one, kansas. constitutional amendment that would say the constitution in the statet of kansas does not provide for the right to abortion goes down tofo defeat, goes down to defeat, overwhelmingly. this is a tremendous surprise what happened here. a lot of people did not see the fact of no winning coming nor the magnitude of it. ite will be significant politil repercussions from this result. also the potential here just in terms of you see where the no vote, a lot of energy in the suburbs ofin kansas city. democrats have been saying, hey, that's the area that those are the kinds of voters who will turn out in november, too, for f democrats. we'll see if that happens. this is the biggest headline of the hour certainly.
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also right now playing out is a very close house race in western michigan. and a very significant one, too. it's the third congressional district here, now more than 60% of the vote is in. peter meyer is a freshman republican congressman who one of his first votes as a member of the congress was to impeach -- vote to impeach donald trump following january 6ruth. he has drawn a trump-backed challenger, john gibbs here. and meijer has taken the lead. he was t widely considered the underdog coming into this race. meijer has just taken the lead. most of the remaining vote is in kent county, meijer's political base.r' he has a chance to pull this out. that would be significant. of those ten house republicans who voted to impeach ten, a lot retired, one defeated in a primary, one got through a primary but trump didn't haveou anything to do with that primary. this would be the firstth time he wins the first time you have
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a house republican who voted to impeach trump actually survive a primary where trump endorsed his rival. that's ado huge if, but meijersn the game. that a surprise. you come on the air just as the numbers start to come in in arizona. and what we are waiting on here, let's see here. start with the governor's race. we have one tiny county reporting just scattering of vote -- oh, we just got votes. here it is. this is okay. what just happened, this is how it works in arizona. maricopa county, where phoenix is, by far the biggest county in the state. about 55 to 60% of all the votes in the republican primary in arizona are going to come out of thisom one county. maricopa county. maricopa does this, within minutes of poll closing they release, youin saw it here, loo what they just released hundreds of thousands of votes here. and you can see what they just
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released. karrin taylor robson leads kari lake 50 to 40% with this giant batch of votes that just came in from maricopa county. now, what are these votes? here is how it works in maricopa county. extensive mail voting, early voting inin arizona.vo every ballot that was received by yesterday is what maricopa said it would release within minutes of poll closing. i believe we're getting all the votes that were cast through yesterday. we'll get people who showed up to vote in person today. those votes will be added in as well. then won't be for a couple days the votes that arrived today that were delivered and arrived today at polling places will come last. but what this adds up to, statewide here, again, because maricopa county is such a big part of this equation right
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here, karrin taylor robson right now, again, every county is kind of doing what maricopa does, all those votes that had come in by yesterday or so are all being released in one batch here. and you'retc seeing kari lake trail. take a look here. >> steve, can i jump in? kari lake is a name a lot more people know. hard core election denier. if she doesn't like the results she won't be accepting them. but taylor robson, what should we know about her? >> she's running with the endorsement of doug ducey, the outgoing governor. she has been a political consultant. she's also running with the endorsement i think very notably of mike pence. mike pence, the former vice president has come in and has done rallies for her. so, there had been a bit of a campaign here from some republicans, nationally some republican voices i should say nationally, who were trying to say that maybe lake was a step
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too far. maybe taylor robson would be more electable here. again, the thing i want to caution with this here is this, taylor robson, this is a good development for her to be in the lead right now. if lake jumped out into the lead innt maricopa county and lake jumped out into a lead statewide, i think it would be hard to see her losing. so taylor robson is getting what she wants right now in terms of thesein results. but i want you to think back to the 2020 election in arizona, if you can. because remember how that one played out. it was days long to get all the results in. and thes upshot of it was bide jumped out to his biggest lead right away on election night in arizona back in n2020. and the votes that were counted up as the week went on were much hr w trump friendly. so if that pattern holds here, there's still going to be -- this process is probably going to take a couple days or at least a day in arizona to play out. if the more trump-friendly votes are the later votes, that would
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also translate into the later votes being the kari lake votes. there could be room for lake to grow. there could be room for taylor robson to fall. see maricopa county come in as ten points for taylo robson over lake, you know, lake wanted to be winning in this batch of votes. if she was winning this this batch of votes, it would be game over. instead taylor robson gets a ten-point pad here from this big giant batch that maricopa reportsth out early. just giving you a quick look at the other counties reporting ou some of those results now here. what it adds up to is results statewide that looks like that maricopa result so far. this is about half the vote in arizona. taylor robson with the advantage over lake. let'san see by the way those otr statewide races we have been talking about with samera early
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votes counted up. okay. here in the senate race, blake masters jumps out -- this is the trump-endorsed candidate in the senate race. hedi jumps out to an early lead here. it's five points over jim lamon tried to run as just a trum pi candidate as masters. he just didn't get the trump endorsement in this race. the attorney general who earned trump's ire during the 2020 election running in third place right ihere. we could also just take a quick look. the secretary of state's race. this one has attracted a lot of attention. finchem, the trump-endorsed candidate leading early in the race. the question had been finchem -- it is finchem, masters and kari lake, do they all win their primaries here. noticeable -- notable, i believe, the difference here. kari lake running about nine points behind taylor robson as this big early batch of votes gets counted up.
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kari lake behind where as masters is close,he but running ahead with that same group of votes. there's a bit ofsa a disconnect between theof two of them there. that's interesting. but this is the way it goes in arizona. we get just this massive, massive batch of votes from all these counties just after 11:00 p.m. eastern. and it's going to slow down. once you get that initial batch from all these counties. a big one still to come. pima county, second biggest in the state where tucson is, let's look to see that light up. i think that will add a little more clarity here. but once you get these initial batches in arizona from all these counties, we'll get some more as the night progresses. that will be votes that were cast in person today. and then i think it's really tomorrow, there's a pause there. and you're going to get more ballots released tomorrow and maybe in the coming days after that. so depending on how close this is, again, it's a process that may not wrap up tonight. but i think just looking at the early -- the initial votes that we get right here, that's very
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good news for karrin taylor robson and concerning early number for kari lake. the lead she had in the polls, if you looked at maricopa county where 60% of the vote in this republican primary will come from, that initial batch had lake ahead, she's not going to look now she has to make up ground. this is an interesting twist that was just thrown at us by this big initial batch of votes out of maricopa county. >> as long as we're thinking back to arizona election night, 2020, even though there were a of developments, things change over time, despite what seemed likede countless audits d cyber ninja efforts biden still won. steve keep crunching those numbers and i want to bring in our leadoff panel, claire mccaskill, phil rucker, tim miller, who wrote the new book
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"why we did it" and jeremy bash, former chief of staff at the cia and the pentagon. he joins us at 30 rock and even wearing kornacki khakis. claire, i have a feeling you're wearing your ruby sleepers when it comes to talking kansas tonight. what is your reaction? >> girl, i wish i had some ruby slippers right now. i was raised in missouri and taught that i kansas was not a great place. but i don't feel that way t tonight. something extraordinary happened, stephanie. this was not expected to be this kind of result.f they had a record turnout. what this shows in a state where republican registrations eg outnumbered democrats two to one, that women are really upset that a fundamental right and freedom has been taken from them. and ien think it is going to be very motivating issue and i think this should be a big,
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flashing signal to every democratic candidate out there especially in o states where th have done theseal very extreme things like no exception for rape oron incest. and even in states where they have just banned them after, you know, any time after six weeks, this really needs to be a motivating issue in the midterms and could really make i a difference. >> so, prerow-v wade when we looked at the midterms seemed like it could be devastating fod democrats. numberti one issue for american voters was caeconomy, inflation inflation, inflation. after looking at tonight, is that going to change? is this a moment, as claire points out for democrats, to push on what matters to americans andat that's reproductive rights? >> steph, certainly could be a clarifying moment for voters around theen country because it thery first electoral test we'v had of abortion since the supreme court dobbs decision. andt senator mccaskill pointed
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out so many women were angry and came outme and voted but i bet lot of men came out and voted, too, in kansas. youo, might see that in states november when you look at places where democrats are running hard on this issue. michigan, for example, where governor gretchen whitmer was seen to be endanger in her bid for re-election, has really embraced this abortion issue as aon galvanizing force for voter there. you're seeing that ing a lot o these key battleground states around the country heading into the fall. >> tim, i know it's still early, but what do tonight's results tell you about trump's political influence? because it's kind of differenti things in different states. >> you know, look, i think some things to be encouraged about. right now in michigan we have peter meijer one of the ten republicans who o voted to impeh trump, running neck in neck in his race.k he's up just a hair right now. we'll see how that turns out. that is encouraging. another thing we're seeing in a lot of these states, i said on these shows, the ultra maga and
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the magalites. you have this karrin taylor robson in arizona, she wouldn't say -- she says she still thinks there's funny business in the election and won't speak full truth about what happened. eric schmitt senator mccaskill i'm sure knows more about, spearheaded the lawsuits to overturn the 2020 election. none of 2 these folks are exact doing anything in the ballpark of what meijer or liz cheney is doing. it's interesting they're beating in the case of schmitt and robson the extremely bat unit insane republicans who are running to challenge them in eric greitens in missouri and k ari lake in arizona.d kari lake has been pretending or had a psychotic break in her 50s. buter she has been a lunatic, running vaughn hillyard has been on this in arizona running how
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we need tori arrest people over the last election. she's calling joe biden illegitimate, really guilding the lily and all of these conspiracies. and it would be interesting if arizona republicans b looked at her and said, that's a step too far for us. because we haven't seen a lot of those encouraging signs. so this is not to say that robson or schmitt deserve any praise for whatrv they've done, but it's noteworthy the most extreme candidates are notth having a great night on the republican side tonight. >> and whilean donald trump endorsed eric we don't know who, it was don jr. and kimberly who endorsed greitens and vicki was endorsed by josh hawley and absolutely nowhere. jeremy, besides what we're seeing in the polls tonight, we cannot ignore the investigation into january 6th. what do we get, another development today. lo and behold, more text messages deleted. this time trump officials including theof defense secreta. at this point, can any sane
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person say this was all standard operating procedure that people from department of homeland security secret service and the pentagon just deleted messages on maybe one of the most security breaches in our country? >>s certainly not with respecto presidential appointees at the department of defense and probably not with respect to anybody at dhs. still willing to cut a little slack for the career secret service officials who take a bullet fort any president of a party. right now this merits a lot more investigation. the january 6th investigation will get emboldened by these deleted text messages against the backdrop of a pretty good week for joe biden. the guy should get covid more often, i think. killed the world's number one terrorist, the chips manufacturing bill passed, the burn pit legislation a big, big, important bill for veteran's passed. he has this deal that you'll talk about later in the show with joe manchin and chuck schumer on tax cuts, health care and climate and navigated the
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crisis with nancy pelosi in china i think we're also going to talk about. this is a big setback for the former president. >> a lot of these achievements that you just laid out were done on a bipartisan basis. people have been laughing at joe biden for the l last year when calls himself bipartisan joe. look a little closer. want to talk chip act, infrastructure, gun safety, that was done on bipartisans and burn pits. claire, reporting that donald trump was interviewed by the new york attorney general last week. i want you toor put on your attorney hat.rn just how much legal jeopardy is the family in with regard to that civil case? this is a case where basically the whole family was supposed to be mideposed a few weeks ago. that was delayed because of the passing of ivanka trump. boom, don jr., he was asked some questions. >> yeah. i don't really understand why all -- i know they delayed the trump family. they tried to delay giving any information or talking to -- in
1:18 am
the discovery process, giving depositions, but this needs to move along, folks. both doj and the state of new york. they've either gotf the eviden at this point, specially documentary evidence in the civil case in this matter of they're lying about their net worth and they're playing games with charities and taxes and all of that. it's time to put the pedal to the metal and read some conclusions on this stuff because trump is still huge in this election. let's not make any mistake. january 6th committee hearings have changed the way a lot of americans feel about this guy. i'm in a state where i watched these grown men gravel for scraps trying to get any voice of approval from donald trump in a u.s. senate race. >> you wonder why claire spends a lot of time in new york. senator claire mccaskill, phil rucker, tim miller thank you all. i do want to talk about speaker
1:19 am
pelosi's trip to taiwan. it took a few more days than expected, but the senate has finally passed jeremy mentioned it the so-called pack act with the help of some people like jon stewart. that's the measure that provides millions of veterans who were exposed to toxic substances from the burn pits with expanded access to health care and benefits, this time with plenty of help from jon stewart and veterans groups the measure passed, ur86-11. the measure now goes to president biden's desk for his signature. and i am quite sure he will sign it. when we come back, we'll have more on primary night election coverage. just ahead, we have a big night. stick around. ov ahead, we have . stick around turns out, some wishes do come true. they'll never know. and it turns out the general is a quality insurance company that's been saving people money for nearly 60 years. for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years of quality coverage- go with the general. i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insuranceverage- through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85,
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♪♪ for the first time since the supreme court overturned roe versus wade, they sued the state of idaho over its restrictive abortion law and in kansas the issue was on the ballot. voters turned out in a big, big way to reject a state constitutional amendment that could have restricted abortion access. msnbc anchor and senior national correspondent and my dear friend chris jansing joins us from nearby, kansas city, missouri. you've been there all day covering these primaries. i just read the kansas secretary of state just said a few moments ago talking turnout, it is looking a lot like the 2008 turnout for the obama
1:25 am
presidential race. august 2nd in kansas for primary? >> these numbers are wild. absolutely nobody predicted this. earlier today when we started to see long lines, there was a number being bandied about, maybe 36% turnout. that secretary of state just said it's looking like it's going to push 50%, as you said, first term obama numbers. what happened here? well, a lot of people thought that -- and particularly people who are on the abortion rights side, that actually the other side tried to bury this in the heat of august when people don't turn out and they thought they could push this through. obviously they turned out to be wrong. couple of key factors i think that will be seen over the next couple of days. one, unaffiliated voters. we already seen a trend, this is a very red state but we have seen a trend away from the
1:26 am
republican party. their numbers down a little bit. unaffiliated voters up. but unaffiliated voters almost never, ever turn out for a primary because they can't vote for candidates if you're not registered as a democrat or a republican. but this got so much attention. and that's the other part of this puzzle, stephanie. $12 million poured into this race on television ads. $12 million in a state where there are fewer than 2 million registered voters. and so, you couldn't turn on your television without seeing these ads. it all got to be just very confusing for people because of the way it was worded. that meant more money was being spent. people were developing campaigns to explain to people exactly how this was working. and so, in the end, i think what we saw was a huge victory for folks who said, we are not going to give up our abortion rights in this state. and i just got a statement from
1:27 am
the susan b anthony list, major players on the anti-abortion side and called this a huge disappointment, steph. >> chris jansing, thank you so much, live from kansas city. appreciate it. coming up, back to the big board with you know who, steve kornacki, the senator in the thick of what could be joe biden's biggest wins. i go one on one with joe manchin when the "11th hour" continues.
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♪♪ we are watching some very interesting returns coming in from arizona at this hour. let's head back to steve kornacki at the big board. what do you know, steve? >> yeah. this is the way it works in arizona. sort of explosion of results in that first 20, 30 minutes or so after 11:00 p.m. eastern time. and you can see by 60% now of all the vote in this republican gubernatorial primary has been counted up and released. karrin taylor robson with the lead over kari lake here. it's about 8.5 points just in the last couple minutes. we got a big piece of realize here, a big chunk of pima county, where tucson is. a few more big geographically
1:33 am
but won't be huge in terms of population and votes. there will be some more votes from these counties that are reported out tonight. what's going to happen is over the next -- over the next couple of hours they're going to report out votes that were cast in person today. but it's also going to turn and pill over into tomorrow. the ballots that were dropped off by people today have to be processed, have to be validated, signature verified. it can take days in arizona. i think the bottom line in trying to understand this race is that taylor robson was expected to do better with this initial batch of votes than the votes that will be later reported out. so she needed in this initial batch to get a pad over kari lake. she's done that. now we're going to find out is that pad big enough to with stand the remaining votes that are to be counted. the other marquee race in arizona, you could see the republican senate race. this is for the right to run against mark kelly, the democratic senator.
1:34 am
again, same big batch of early votes. you can see here the trump-backed candidate blake masters, is slight lead but does have a lead with the early vote. if those trump-favored candidates are doing better with the vote that's yet to be counted, that's a notable difference. kari lake is down nine points in the initial batch of votes. she's backed by trump, down nine points. masters is backed by trump, up four points with the initial batch of votes. he might be sitting in a much better position right now than kari lake is. also there's that secretary of state primary on the republican side. the trump-backed candidate with the initial batch of votes already ahead by eight points there. so i think the bottom line is two of those three trump-backed candidates are probably encouraged by this early batch of votes. kari lake has work to do. this one some folks were saying the polls had her well ahead. they did. there was one late poll that showed this might be tightening and does look like a tight race
1:35 am
where robson has a real chance potentially to end up winning this. >> right now my dad is watching saying votes for lake may be drying up. dad joke. steve kornacki, thank you. there's another vote count we're keeping a very close eye on tonight, the number of votes senate democrats need on that huge tax reform and climate agreement that was pulled together by chuck schumer and joe manchin. i spoke with senator manchin shortly after he had a very critical conversation this afternoon. take a look. i know how busy you have been on this reconciliation plan, but you need one more democratic vote, senator kyrsten sinema. i know you're scheduled to speak with her today. is she on board? >> we did have a nice conversation and exchanging papers back and forth to make sure we understand everything and she understands where we're coming from. and she's always -- she's a friend and always done her due diligence and she'll look at all of this and make her own
1:36 am
decision. so hopefully there's a lot of good things in there and she's working very hard over the past on a lot of the issues that we're talking about. so, we'll just have to see how it goes, but we're talking. >> well, when you spoke to her, is there anything standing in the way? carried interest, for example, is that something that she is willing to work with you on? this is -- >> well, there wasn't -- >> something we have heard from democrats and republicans for years that they want to close this loophole but yet it's still hanging out there. >> you know, even the people that receive it have thought it's run its course. the only thing i talked about with carried interest and you know better than anybody, stephanie, is that it's based on capital gain rates. if you don't have any capital at all in the game, how are you getting the same reduced rates since you have nothing at risk except your services that you're performing for a fee. doesn't make any sense at all how that -- it doesn't seem like a fair system. so with that, over the years, they said enough is enough. and even the people that have
1:37 am
received it said i think this day has come. it's been a good run. so, we're hopeful that that is -- will stay there and just put fairness in the system. if someone can explain it better to me of why it has to be there and who is going to be harmed if it's not there, i'm happy to hear them. but i haven't heard that yet. maybe you have. maybe you can explain it to me. >> that's actually my question, sir, because for the last five years i have asked for any lawmaker, any private equity industry expert to come on this show and explain to me why that's an important provision. no one has ever said yes. so can i ask you behind closed doors, what do lawmakers tell you why they need to have it in our tax code? >> i can't. i'm having a hard time getting those answers also. and i just can't get a direct answer. i said, please tell me. i wouldn't harm anything and not punishing anybody, but if one tenth of the richest, wealthiest
1:38 am
people in the world that are taking this, then i think that trying to put the fairness to it. we need to have a strong country. we have to have a strong tax code and pay for all the services. 15% minimum is the same thing. went from 35 to 21 on net corporate taxes. stephanie, and i thought that was a tremendous win fall. i thought it would stop at 25, but people are very happy and ecstatic and i guess it wasn't enough. but on the carried interest, it makes no sense to me whatsoever. but i'm willing to hear those explanations and i'm sure i will and i'll exchange paper back and forth and see where it goes. >> what does exchange papers back and forth mean? either kyrsten sinema will vote for this with you or she won't. >> that i don't know. the bottom line is she asked some legitimate -- we haven't had a chance to really get into it and we have been trying to because all the text is out
1:39 am
right now except for the accelerating permitting. we believe it's absolutely the lynch pin, the whole piece of legislation. >> you did block build back better twice out of fears it was going to worsen inflation. much to the ire of other democrats. and now here you are with the reconciliation plan and republicans are furious with you. they want to go after your seat come the next election. are you prepared for that? >> they've always gone after my seat. that's never prevented them before. and you know what, it's still -- those are my friends. i understand. i understand this process. and i don't begrudge people. i understand it's like senator mcconnell says, joe, it's a shirts and skins game. well, i don't approach it that way. i approach it basically as a all unity game. we're all in it for our country. you know, i'm not worried if i said the best politics is good government. if the republicans have a good idea, i vote for it. i don't question it. makes sense to me, i can go home
1:40 am
and explain it. and if the democrats have a bad idea, i don't mind at all voting against it. because i can't explain it. but if it's a good idea, i don't care whether it's democrat or republican. let's support it because it's good for our country. this is a red, whoit and blue deal. it's a democrat bill, help the democrats for the 2022 election or 2024 this and that. that's not my purpose at all. i don't think that at all should be in the ekwigs. >> well -- >> and then on the other hand, stephanie, i know where you're going with this. but on the other hand, they're going to say, well, this is a green bill, a green deal. this is not a green deal. we have a pathway, aggressive energy from fossil and doing it cleaner, using all the new technologies, replacing the dirty fuels around the world, that's decarbonization. so this is a red, white and blue. a good piece of legislation. >> well then what are republicans saying to you behind closed doors? because publicly quite a few have said you double crossed
1:41 am
them. mitch mcconnell is somebody that you speak to on a regular basis. have you spoken to him since you presented this bill? >> sure. i haven't. just in passing we said hello and shook his hand. i'm happy to speak to him. they all knew, you know i'm not for any type of big legislation. never have been. this is a time we can't do that. but i can tell you one thing, if i can get a negotiation on an energy package that gives us the energy that we need for today, and if i can get it accelerating, permitting, which is what you always wanted and i always thought was needed, and we can pay down debt and i'm going to walk away from something like that then i'm here for the wrong reason. you don't need me. if you just want someone that says, well, the democrats are for this, the democrats are against it or the republicans are for it, or the republicans are against it, that's not who i am, stephanie. and i think they all know that. they might be disappointed because they're afraid that this could be a good piece of
1:42 am
legislation. they ought to embrace it the same way they embraced the bipartisan infrastructure deal the same way they embraced the mental illness for the gun bill, the things that we have been able to do in a bipartisan way. those are all good politics because it's good government. this is good politics and it's good government. take credit for it. a lot of the stuff in there is things that they've always touted. >> then are you trying to convince any republicans to vote yes for this? kyrsten sinema is the obvious vote. >> sure. i would love for that. they're all my friends. they really are. but i knew from day one -- >> hold on, it doesn't matter who is your friend. let's be honest. you need to get the votes. besides kirstin sin marx mitch mcconnell is your friend. can you trying to get mitch mcconnell -- >> i cannot get their vote because they won't change a penny of the tax code. if they believe that 15% should
1:43 am
not be the minimum, and corporations shouldn't pay anything in america, the largest have a billion dollars of revenue a year and won't pay anything, i can't convince them to change it. i know that. i don't agree. i respect their decision. i don't agree with their decision. i think it's wrong. but i'm not going to chastise them over that. so i know i could not do that. i can't get them there because basically there's a fairness to the system. we didn't raise taxes. we didn't do anything. we just closed loopholes. carried interest, they've said this, we talked about it before. but all of a sudden it comes down to i'm not changing a penny in the taxes. so, if that's their position, i accept that. this is what i have to work with and the best piece of legislation and most balanced piece we could possibly get, stephanie. >> all right. senator, thank you for your time. before you go, what do you think the likelihood is this thing is going to pass if you had to play odds? 50%, 75, 90? >> oh, i think that we're going
1:44 am
in a huge trajectory to get it done. i really do. i think we have to come together and look at it. so when kirstin, my friend is able to see everything, she'll make a decision. if she has some concerns, he'll reach out and tell me. we'll continue to talk. we always do that. but the bottom line is, people -- a lot of people were miffed because it happened and they didn't know about it. i will say this, i didn't want to disappoint people again. they get up and down and te the emotions and drama. you think i would go through this again because i like the first eight months i went through? basically i never gave up. i thought there was a pathway forward. and watching what putin has done to ukraine and watching how he's weaponized energy and for us to sit here and watch now what he's doing to europe by twisting the valve closed on the energy they need and we're sitting down when we can be helping and really get up and running as quick as we
1:45 am
possibly can to help them. that's just so wrong. so, that's really what motivated me to continue, to continue to find a pathway forward. >> west virginia senator joe manchin. thank you for taking your time to join us. coming up, china's saber rattling gets louder as speaker pelosi meets with taiwan's president. a lock at all that's at stake when "the 11th hour" continues. when "the 11th hour" continues
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♪♪ let's get another update from steve kornacki at the big board. steve, i know you've been following a couple races, specifically incumbent republicans who voted to impeach trump. how are they doing? >> yeah. three republicans who voted to impeach trump on the ballot in primaries today. here is the one we have been following the most closely tonight, western michigan, grand rapids best peter meijer one of his first votes was to impeach trump. he has now fallen behind. he pulled ahead the last time we checked. he has fallen behind by over 900 votes to john gibbs, his trump-backed challenger. still a very close race, three quarters of the vote in. here is the problem for meijer if we zoom in. parts of three counties that make up this district. the biggest is meijer's base, kent county where grand rapids is. that's the red shade for meijer. he is doing well in that county n that part of the district. that's keeping him afloat. the problem is this, though, if you break down the vote right now, when you look at the
1:51 am
absentee vote, the vote by mail portion in this by far the largest part of the district, kent county, meijer is winning the mail vote by 21 points. he is losing the same day vote by 11. so, as that same day vote has come in, it's given gibbs -- it's moved gibbs back into the lead. i see a few more votes came in and they were meijer friendly. the margin is down to 572 votes there. so very close here. the problem for meijer, though, same day he is running much worse than absentee. any same-day votes counted right now look like they're going to hurt him. we'll see what happens that final 25%. we just want to check in on those other two republicans out in washington state. remember, washington state was what they call a top two primary. so all the candidates, democrat and republican, are on the same ballot. top two regardless of party advance to the general election. key here is this is jaime herrera beutler, she is one of the republicans who voted for
1:52 am
impeachment. this is a democrat here running in first place. this is joe kent, the trump-backed republican in this race. this is probably all the vote we're going to get tonight in washington. it takes them days to count. but jaime herrera beutler in the initial count the key for her to finish in the top two. she is in the top two right now. she is running ahead by about 5,000 votes over her trump-backed challenger. those are encouraging numbers for jaime herrera beutler in the third district in washington. the fourth district, there's newhouse, another republican who voted to impeach trump. same thing here, probably all the votes we're going to get tonight. he's running in first. the democratic candidate is running in second. this is lauren culp the trump-backed candidate running in third, significantly behind newhouse. newhouse has to be very happy with this initial report, too, out of washington. so meijer in trouble in michigan. these two republicans in washington state initially encouraging numbers for them, stephanie. >> all right, steve kornacki,
1:53 am
thank you. just before 11 eastern this morning, the speaker of the house stepped on to the tarmac in taiwan. and just a short while ago, she met with both taiwan's parliament and its president. all part of a visit that has inflamed tensions with the chinese who reportedly flew fighter jets over the taiwan strait just before her arrival. so why is she there? in an op-ed for the washington post, pelosi accused china of, quote, accelerating aggression against taiwan writing this, our congressional delegation's visit should be seen as an unequivocal statement that america stands with taiwan. our democratic partner as it defends itself and its freedom. back with us jeremy bash former chief of staff at the ci, and pentagon. >> the last year or two, important context, china has been acting more aggressively towards taiwan, sending naval ships. china threatened that island and said don't assert your independence. so for the coequal branch of government of the united states
1:54 am
under article 1, the leader of our legislative branch the speaker of the house number three in line for the presidency to go there and sit with the leadership of taiwan, sent a very unmistakable, important symbol the united states is resolutely backing taiwan. >> how about this important symbol, earlier today, mitch mcconnell of all people said he supports this trip. >> i think it was a bipartisan show of support for taiwan. the one issue that garners bipartisan support in washington is confronting china because china is trying to challenge the united states, assert itself, has a very aggressive military and diplomatic strategy around the world. the united states on a bipartisan basis and the biden administration is doing this as well is standing up to china. i'm glad the speaker stuck to her guns. she's smart for going there. she's smart for not backing down despite the criticism. good for president biden for not asking her to stand down. >> mcconnell issued a double-edged praise after the killing of ayman al zawahiri. i'm sure i'm saying his name wrong. i would love it if someone would help me. we're going to go with it.
1:55 am
he said the action was necessary because of the president's withdrawal from afghanistan. is that fair? >> well, al zawahiri, of course leading the organization since may 1, 2011, when bin laden was taken out the world's most notorious terrorist. >> either way. >> i think there is a question of whether or not al qaeda will reasirt itself in afghanistan with the taliban in charge. they invited al zawahiri in. they have an over the horizon counterterrorism strike capability. they developed the intelligence and struck with precision and made america and the world safer. >> as you said, big week for the biden administration. good thing for america. jeremy bash, thank you. very, very busy night. and on that important note, i wish you all a very, very good night. a very, very good night. 's up, little bro? turns out, some wishes do come true. and it turns out the general is a quality insurance company that's been saving people money for nearly 60 years. for a great low rate, and nearly 60 years of quality coverage-
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♪♪ i'm super proud to be from kansas tonight. i feel like my state just showed up and boldly told me they are going to take care of me and my female friends and everyone that can get pregnant in the state of kansas. we are protected tonight. >> an overwhelming victory for abortion rights in kansas. the first state to vote on the herb shoe since the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. we'll have much more from tuesday's top primary elections, including triumphs from big lie candidates. that will be just ahead. plus, house speaker nancy pelosi becomes the highest ranking u.s. official to travel to taiwan in 25 years. the visit is


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