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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  August 11, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm jose diaz-balart. this morning new fallout after former president trump pleaded the fifth more than 400 times in front of the new york attorney general on wednesday. we'll break down where the civil investigation into the former president's business practices goes from here. some relief for drivers filling up their tanks today. gas prices have not fallen below $4 a gallon for the first time in months. americans are still paying much higher prices for groceries and other essentials. also this morning, new details about the alleged iranian plot to murder john bolton and secretary of state
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mike pompeo. in uvalde, texas, a new investigation that uncovered a local of majority officers never had active shooter training. more on that this hour. we begin this morning with new details on the investigations facing former president donald trump. we start in new york where during his deposition before the state attorney's general office, the former president took the fifth over 440 times as part of the state civil investigation into trump's business practices. in a lengthy statement, trump slammed the probe as politically motivated and said he had no choice but to plead the gift after the fbi searched his florida home as part of an unrelated investigation. also this morning, new details emerging about the fbi's efforts to obtain documents with classified information allegedly
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taken to mar-a-lago from the white house after donald trump left the white house last year. according to "the wall street journal," prior to the search someone familiar with the stored papers told investigators there may still be more classified documents at the private club. after the national archives retrieved 15 boxes earlier in the year. people familiar with the matter said. nbc news has not confirmed that report. and after exkuling that search warrant at the former president's florida residence, they are graping with threats to the law enforcement. christopher wray said violence is not the answer. ken dilanian, susan craig, nbc's vaughn hilliard is at mar-a-lago and paul butler, former prosecutor and professor at georgetown school of law, also an msnbc legal analyst. ken, what do we know about the
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former president's decision to plead the fifth more than 400 times? >> we're told trump only answered one question in that deposition, his name. and then he read a statement calling the inquiry the greatest witch hunt in our country and accused letitia james on a campaign of policy of destroying me. the assistant attorney general asked about the valuation of various properties and golf club and about trump signing various documents and loans. even about the size of his apartment, which james believes was misrepresented in certain loan documents. we're told the mood in the room was polite, not tense. the attorneys were professional. the a.g. was there for about half the time and the dynamic between trump and james was professional and cordial. as you said, he took the fifth on every question asked. what that says, jose, obviously he just thought it was too dangerous for him to answer questions under oath, even though his children did do that in the same case a little while
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ago. given there's a parallel criminal investigation by the manhattan district attorney and all these other criminal inquiries swirling around trump, he just decided he could not subject himself to questioning under oath, jose. >> sue, i imagine investigators in new york factored in that trump could plead the fifth. where does the investigation go from here? >> well, i think there's three stages we'll be watching with the civil investigation. one is the attorney general, first of all, has to decide, will she charge? and then from there, two things are going to happen, either there will be settlement talks can happen before or after, and then potentially it could go to a trial. those are sort of the three things that are going to happen. and there's just no question whether his decision. i think yesterday to take the fifth. he just doesn't want to ignite that criminal probe that is going on in new york, that was looking at him and seems to be on the back burner. that's specifically against him. there is a trial that will -- that is coming up against the
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trump organization and his cfo. but right now, it looks like the manhattan da is standing down on charging him personally in anything he said yesterday could have potentially sparked interest down in new york in the criminal arena. >> and, paul, if you're new york attorney general letitia james, what do you make of trump deciding to plead the fifth in his deposition? >> you know, it's quite common when politicians are under criminal investigation that the defense attorney says, you got to take the fifth, but the political advisers say, you can't take the fifth. and trump has tried to appeal to his base with the same old unsupported claims about witch hunts and persecution, but letitia james knows that's not a defense in any of the civil or criminal investigations that are closing in on the former president. and i agree with sue, this is not a case that trump wants to
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take to a new york juryjury. i'd look for a settlement. >> vaughn, trump said he had no choice but to plead the fifth because of the search at mar-a-lago. how is this playing out amongst trump allies? >> reporter: the issue for republicans is they don't know what they're defending at this time. that's where you've seen several of them, including ken mccarthy, as well as multiple u.s. senators, mike pence as well as florida governor ron desantis, they've called on the department of justice to be transparent about what led them to go forward with this search warrant here, because in the meanwhile, there are documents that we know, materials that existed by the box loads here at mar-a-lago, that the former president had refused or was unwilling to turn over until this search warrant was ultimately executed here. that is where you see the likes of senator lindsey graham say they're tired of the fbi, yet at the same time, nobody is defending him on the merits of
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the actual search warrants here, because we do know there were boxes of documents taken from the white house in the closing days and brought here to mar-a-lago. i think the other issue, though, is when you're looking at other republican allies, from marjorie taylor greene to rand paul to donald trump himself that have suggested that there was potentially plants by the fbi, material that was placed by the preeminent law enforcement agency in the united states here to frame donald trump. yet there is no specific allegation and no such evidence of it. yet in the meanwhile, until we have a fuller understanding or a potential indictment of the former president or somebody else or exactly what this investigation was into, a lot of the republican allies of donald trump are filling that void with conspiracy theories or propaganda. i think it's important to know as part of this, donald trump is the leading contender to be their party's nominee in 2024. >> paul, why do you think we haven't heard from garland or
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the doj on this? >> because that's the policy of the department of justice. it doesn't comment on investigations unless and until there is a prosecution. remember the trouble that former fbi director james comey got into when he made comments on the hillary clinton email investigation. jose, merrick garland is an institutionalist. it's a bedrock policy at the department of justice. yeah, trump supporters are going to whine that they don't know what's going on, but i think they're setting the trap for garland. if he were to comment, then trump supporters would say he's being treated differently and claim there's selective prosecution. >> ken, meanwhile, on the fbi raid, we have new reporting on what the a.g. garland should be doing next. what are you hearing? >> he's under a lot of pressure, even from inside his own
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department. there are people, we are told, who wish he could say more, at least give a statement, push back on some of these outlandish claims. paul is absolutely right. as i check in with department of justice sources on this, what i'm hearing is merrick garland is standing firm on this policy because he believes it's the right thing to do. what happened with james comey was the wrong thing and the department of justice inspector general chastised comey for doing that, about speaking out about a pending criminal investigation into hillary clinton's emails. he said it cast a pal over the fbi and merrick garland doesn't want to fall into that trap, jose. >> vaughn hilliard, meanwhile, there at mar-a-lago, what's the situation there today? >> reporter: there's only a few people that remain outsidemar-a. we saw hundreds of folks there wednesday, folks flying in from around the country in supposed defense of donald trump. mar-a-lago has shut down over the course of the summer through
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hurricane season. that is why donald trump and his family have been living in bedminster, new jersey, at his national golf club there. this is the scene, i think our ben collins has reported so extensively on, are those threats we saw percolate online. we know there is a segment of the country that is willing to use violence. we saw that on january 6, 2021. there are organized group from three percenters to oath keepers to proud boys waiting on donald trump's word. we have see key prominent people on youtube with millions of followers who have suggested this is war here. i think this is a dark time for this country, and we have seen a willingness and an eagerness of defenders and supporters of donald trump to ultimately take action in defense of him at this point over the last 72 hours, we have seen no actual acts. of course, there's a lot of attention being paid by national security at these potential threats. >> ken, let's talk about that because as vaughn says, there has been an increase in the
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online threats to law enforcement. what's the reaction been so far there? >> yeah, i spoke to a former dhs official who said that in the course of looking for threats against election officials, which is another disturbing trend right now, he has detected a huge uptick in specific direct violent threats against fbi agents and fbi facilities since the mar-a-lago search. it's a remarkable thing. the fbi is generally republican conservative organization. but you have a group of people in this country now expressing hatred and -- threats of violence towards the nation's foremost law enforcement agency. and i think we'll hear more about that, possibly even from the fbi, very soon. >> paul, i mean, it is remarkable we're seeing this huge increase in those violent actions, or at least plans or thoughts towards law enforcement. >> and ken is absolutely right.
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these threats to law enforcement are not just idle rhetoric. on january 6th the insurrectionists attacked police officers and called black cops the n-word. remember on january 6th, trump refused for so long to call off the insurrectionists. i don't expect him to tell his supporters to stop with this rhetoric now. remember when trump was all blue lives matter and support the police, but apparently he only means that when the cops are going after black and brown people. >> paul butler, vaughn hilliard, suzanne craig and ken dilanian, appreciate your time. still ahead, a special investigation into the uvalde massacre. the stunning discovering our nbc affiliate in texas made about the training local police had prior to the school shooting. plus, there is finally some relief from the pain at the pump, but other costs continue to climb.
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17 past the hour. this morning another sign that inflation may be slowing. the producer price index, a measure of the money retailers pay, rose at a much slower rate in july than in june. and for the first time since march, the national average for gas prices is below $4 a gallon. it's a long awaited relief after a summer of record-breaking prices at the pump. while inflation shows signs of letting up, groceries, they're up 12.2%. higher now than they were last summer. we spoke with people saying they have to skip meals because they simply can't afford it.
7:18 am
>> one retired person said they eat in the morning and once at 4:00 p.m. they don't eat in the evening because it's not possible. ron is with us. ron, it's always a pleasure to see you, cnbc senior analyst and also, of course, an adviser at schroeders. thanks, ron, for being with us. gas prices are down, but prices for other essentials are still sky high. i mean, we're seeing what some people are having to do. how is that reality -- or is that reality going to change? >> yeah, absolutely. i think we're seeing solid evidence of that. as you pointed out, wholesale prices declined last month for the first time since the pandemic hit. a lot of xhotty prices are
7:19 am
coming down, including food prices. delivery for goods is also declining. we're seeing more businesses have access to goods than in prior periods. to underscore what you were speaking about and the people who spoke to your reporter, look, inflation is what we like to call regressive tax. it hits middle and lower income, obviously, quite a bit more than it does people who have spare money to spend. the good news is most indicators of inflation, whether it's commodity prices, gasoline prices, oil prices, and a number of other things we keep an eye on, have turned south. and while inflation is still a problem, it's down a full percentage point on a year-over-year basis at the consumer level and likely to go lower still, particularly if gasoline continues to decline now for more than what has been 55 days in a row. >> ron, how does that happen? we've all heard the whole thing of it's putin's tax and the price of gasoline is because of
7:20 am
the invasion in ukraine and that inflation continues, unfortunately. still killing and trying to destroy the ukrainian people. but talk to us about the price of oil, how is fluctuates and why it fluctuates. what are the things that are taken into consideration and not? >> well, so, oil is a global market. there are many variables that influence its price, not the least of which you described, the invasion of ukraine prompted sanctions against russia. it disrupted the supply of variable energy products, whether it's crude oil or natural gas, which europe uses quite a bit of from russia. ukrainian supplies also disrupted. that was true for food, too. ukraine exports over 60 million tons of grain every year, and it's only restarted that process in the last month or so. so demand has begun to fall for energy products, particularly in the united states, because the price was so high. we're coming towards the end of the summer driving season, which
7:21 am
takes some pressure off energy prices. and u.s. production is edging higher as we move through the area, so supplies are becoming slightly more available. that has an impact on the price of oil, which peaked out at about $127. we're now down in the low 90s. we even touched 85 a few days ago. it's a multi-variable environment which you talk about energy prices. the good news is, at least in the united states, more than anywhere else, prices are coming down. europe has an entirely different set of problems than we do. >> yesterday we got a report on what the consumers are paying for goods. now we're getting a look at the wholesale side. what do you see there? >> that decline was important, half a percent decline in producer prices was the first time we've seen that since the pandemic started. again, we're just seeing pipeline pressures, if you will. i mean that in the broadest sense of the word, are beginning to show that inflation as a
7:22 am
phenomenon, economic phenomenon, is beginning to ease. we're seeing a lot of things happen. shipping costs are coming down, delivery times are getting shorter. i was on the phone yesterday with someone who runs a luxury recreational vehicle company, and he noted two very important things. one, they're getting parts for the first time in a while to complete the building out of their vehicles. and, two, they're negotiating prices back down with some of their suppliers. if we continue to see this at the wholesale level, that means consumer prices for a wide variety of goods will continue to fall. it will be a lot more helpful if we get computer chips and other inputs to manufacturing flow this way in greater numbers as well because that will ease the constraints we have on the auto sector and will also help to bring down prices elsewhere. so, the news is getting better. we're not anywhere close to where we want to be but we're going in the right direction. >> ron insana, always a pleasure. i appreciate you explaining
7:23 am
things. i'm missing your poodles. how are they doing? >> thankfully, they're outside. good. thanks, man. >> thanks, ron. up next, former nine-term congresswoman jane harmon joins us on iran's plot to kill mike pompeo. we'll see you in a moment. l mike pompeo we'll see you in a moment. and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can... astepro and go. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. so, for me and the hundreds of drivers in my fleet, staying connected, cutting downtime, and delivering on time depends on t-mobile 5g. and with coverage of over 96% of interstate highway miles, they've got us covered. (vo) unconventional thinking delivers four times the 5g coverage of
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ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. 27 past the hour. the u.s. is accusing iran of plotting to assassination former top american officials. the justice department has charged a member of iran's elite revolutionary guard with offering $300,000 to kill former national security adviser john bolton in retaliation for the 2020 assassination of revolutionary command sulimani. the justice department says the suspect, who is believed to be in tehran, also had an additional job for $1 million to target another american. two sources familiar with the plot say that person is former secretary of state mike pompeo. the u.s. says iran was also plotting to kill former defense
7:28 am
secretary mark esper, former iran negotiator brian hook and robert o'brien who succeeded bolton as national security adviser. iran says the allegations are baseless. with us to talk about this is jane harman, former president and ceo of the wilson center. it's great to see you. let's talk about this alleged plot points to the islamic revolutionary guard, which is especially the iranian government. >> the terror group sanctioned by the iranian government, right. it's the iranian government. during the trump administration, the head of the guard was assassinated and this plot was borne then. on the first anniversary, late last year, a number of these people became targets. what's interesting, first of all, seems to me is not only the
7:29 am
justice department indictment carefully drawn and explained by assistant attorney general in charge of national security, but also the people who have been criticizing the justice department the last 48 hours over the trumpgate, the boxes from mar-a-lago, are silent here and are realizing how careful both the fbi and the justice department have been in this case. i think the danger continues. i doubt there's only one person cited in this indictment who is responsible for this. again, carefully he was tracked and the information seems to me very solid that he offered an fbi informant $300,000. ongoing and something to watch as, perhaps, the nuclear agreement with iran comes back online, which has also been reported in the last couple of days. >> so, how do you think the u.s.
7:30 am
should respond to this plot? >> what we're doing. we should carefully monitor what's out there. we have been monitoring it. i was aware that one of the senior officials you mentioned has been under security protection this entire year. i mean, these threats started late last year, i believe, or maybe even earlier, around the first year anniversary of the takedown of suleimani, the head of the irgc. during the biden administration, security protection has been offered to members of the prior administration, which is appropriate and necessary, and i commend the biden administration for focusing on this, and for showing, which i think is the case, that the justice department has excellent trade craft and knows how to do their job. >> jane, as you mentioned, this alleged plot comes as all the parties involved in the iran nuclear deal are looking at a draft proposal from the eu to resurrect that 2015 agreement.
7:31 am
we've heard in recent months that iran has enough uranium to make one or more nuclear bombs already. so would restoring this agreement make much of a difference at this point? >> well, it's not clear what the terms of the new agreement would be, but things have changed, you're right. in 2015, the deal was very controversial. i suspected it because it contained iran's nuclear capacity. but that was then. now iran is much more advanced, as you say, jose. iran is at breakthrough. it has the know-how. it hasn't shown the intent yet but it has the know-how to assemble a weapon. it has enough enriched uranium. the parties negotiating this are interesting. it's the eu. iran won't negotiate with us. i've heard china and russia are in the negotiations. they were part of the 2015 deal. everyone has to sign off. what i'm concerned about is that
7:32 am
if we go back to the old deadlines for things, that iran will get a pass -- could get a pass to doing things that it's very capable of doing now without violating any laws. and i don't -- i worry about that. i may not fully understand this. the other point, however, though, is iran was insisting that we remove our terror dig designation from the irgc, the revolutionary guards. we have refused. iran is not objecting to the fact that we have refused. so, that's progress. it seems to me in everyone's interest to have the right deal with iran to curb their -- their capabilities there, but their intention to develop nuclear weapons, which will destabilize the entire middle east. not just israel, which views iran as an existential threat, but the sunni arab countries who are now allies and who are also
7:33 am
allies of israel. so, i hope that this achievement can be reached. >> and, jane, yesterday i spoke with taiwan's representative to the u.s. about taiwan strategy when it comes to dealing with chinese aggression. here's some of what she told us. >> we do not intend to engage in an arms race with china. our ultimate goal is to deter, and so we have worked on an isometric defense strategy to deter china from actually utilizing military force to achieve their political ends. >> so, jane, you know, there's a lot of movement here in the united states. senator menendez is working on a bipartisan effort to support taiwan in new and more effective ways. what do you see -- i mean, china is clearly looking at taiwan every day more as a possible place for invasion. >> yes, but let's remember that
7:34 am
the chinese third-party congress meets in november. xi jinping is running for an unprecedented third term. and sabre-rattling and noise-making are a good way to get attention from the chinese people. i actually think he has used the pelosi visit very effectively to take some actions which hopefully are noise and not -- will not lead to more. she had every right to go there. i know it was a controversial visit, but in congress, i went to and probably you did, too, jose, but i certainly went to north korea, syria, libya, and i visited the leader of taiwan in her capacity as leader of the opposition when i was at the wilson center. so, she had every right to go. but my point is, and i think it's your point, too, that escalating tension could lead to miscalculation. it would not be a good idea, not for china to invade taiwan or for us to get in a war over
7:35 am
taiwan with china. and the very capable ambassador, taiwanese ambassador -- taiwanese representative, it's not an ambassador, it's not a country, whom you interviewed was very careful to say that. they're trying to take asmet rick measured responses. one other thing the biden administration is doing is build our economic relationships with the neighbor of china. unfortunately, the last president withdrew from the trade agreement that was carefully drafted with them. now we have a chance to resurrect robust economic relations and to use the so-called quad, which is australia, india and us and japan, as a better buffer to talk china out of provocative actions in taiwan. >> former congresswoman jane harman, it's a pleasure to speak
7:36 am
with you. >> thank you. we'll be hearing from john bolton himself about the plot against him when he joins my colleague andrea mitchell today, noon eastern/9:00 a.m. pacific. up next, an investigation by our own nbc news affiliate, austin affiliate, shows a startling number of uvalde law enforcement officers never had, never completed active shooter training. the day of the massacre at robb elementary school. we'll talk to the reporter behind the investigation next. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." t reports. meltin', breadin', bakin', shreddin'. slicin', dicin', spicin', ricin'. if you're swissing it, then you're missing it. fryin', flyin', savorin', favorin'. over rotini. inside a panini. egging, maining, siding, plain-ing. debunk the inglorious. one shape's victorious. kraft singles. square it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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7:41 am
investigative report found nearly 400 officers were on the scene the day of the shooting. and now an investigation from our austin affiliate, kxan, found the majority of uvalde law enforcement officers never received or completed active shooter training as part of their investigative project called stop mass shootings. we should note nbc news reached out for comment from the uvalde pd and the uvalde county sheriff's office. have not heard back from them. joining us, kxan reporter, digital reporter, dalton huey. dalton, what did your investigation uncover? >> yeah. so, we reviewed texas commission on law enforcement training records for every licensed peace officer with uvalde cisd, uvalde county sheriff's department and uvalde police officer.
7:42 am
of those records, you have six active peace offers had completed active shooter training, which is state-mandated for a school-based law enforcement officers in texas. however, when it came to uvalde police department and the uvalde county sheriff's office, that wasn't the case. about half of the police officers had not completed active shooter training on may 24th, the day of the robb elementary school shooting and 80% of the uvalde county sheriff's officers had never completed active shooter training. >> dalton, when we hear stories of up to almost 400 officers there, it seems as though, dalton, active shooter training is one thing. basic reaction to a hot situation where there is possibly people still alive would mandate that you take some action that none of them actually did. >> well, i mean, yes, you would
7:43 am
think so. we know that -- like i said, the uvalde ucisd officers had training. combined they made up 100 years of law enforcement training. for the other hundreds of officers, which ones were actually there in the school while the shooting was taking place versus responders in the aftermath of it, i'm not sure, but, you know, we do know that at the very least the uvalde ucisd officers had the active shooter training and the experience. >> dalton huey, i thank you so much more being with us this morning. coming up, the haitians giving up everything to make the trip to the u.s. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." ching "jos diaz-balart reports. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy.
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7:48 am
multiple cases this year, haitian migrants who stayed on board vessels were repat rated. those who jumped off were brought to land for processing. one immigration lawyer calling the u.s. practice disturbing for incentivizing risk. another material the herald, quote, it's really dangerous and it always has been. on monday 109 haitians who made it from a sailboat to the florida shore were allowed to stand on land while the 14 who remained on the boat were taken away by the coast guard. with me is monique, based in port-au-prince. how are things in haiti right now? >> well, things are very difficult. extremely difficult. economically very difficult, security wise it is terror that we are living in. there were recently two
7:49 am
massacres. and there are kidnappings going on. gasoline is almost impossible to find. so, it is extremely difficult situation. and he is still backed by the international community, including the united states. so people are looking for a way out. a lot of professionals are leaving, some are leaving by plane, some are leaving by boat, as you showed. we need another alternative, an alternative that can give results. we believe that there is such an alternative on the table. >> what is that alternative on the table for a situation which clearly is getting worse by the day? >> it is getting worse by the day. we have put an alternative on the table a year ago. it's going to be august 30th.
7:50 am
that's the name of the accord. that offers a transition of two years. one of the things that i think is extremely important to see is that there has to be a contrast. what is going on is the terror that has been put there by the government, including mr. moise and the result has been bad, the gangs are taking over and overwhelming migration. people leaving. d overwhelming migration people leaving wide consultation process is really to two years an interim government where we can bring some level of security, some level of stability so we can
7:51 am
have elections because don't forget, the people -- the government, there are a lot of reports. u.n. reports, human rights reports that say that reports tha government personnel has been used at levels. it is very important to draw contrast between what is going on now, which is criminal regime that is backed by the international community including the united states, canada, the u.n., et cetera, france, and an option that is a civil society. one with some political parties that we have worked on.
7:52 am
and we continue to work on to broaden the consensus. so, they have picked a loser, which is the criminal gangs, et cetera. and there is an option, there is a different option, which is an option that we can bring together. that we can bring together other people, civil society, different sectors of the haitian population around the table and we can say, let us build the trust, let us dialogue and let us go forward with two-year transition. we have even voted in a proxy election, of course, for president who is a former bank official. so, there are options there. so, that's why i totally reject this idea that haitians do not have the agency to find
7:53 am
solutions. we do have the agency to find solutions. and do not want people to trample on our sovereignty. it has to be the haitians that have the plans, that have the ideas to bring something different forward rather than the criminal elements that are associated with gangs, that corruption, that stole for more than $4 billion of -- so, it is a stark contrast between what is going on now and the possibility of something different, something clean, not corrupt. >> we would hope that that is something that could see -- we could all see in the future of haiti, a country that has been
7:54 am
condemned by having governments and international assistance of those governments that do nothing to help the people but, rather, use the criminal gangs all the way from pop pa doc and all the things we've seen since then have condemned the haitian people to a very difficult reality. thank you so much. >> and i think it's important what you just said because not only what you just said because not only is the international community doing a little mea culpa and shedding crocodile tears, but haitians also. we have had this regime for ten years. they have brought destruction, et cetera, to us. it time for them to go and for something new, the transitional government that is clean, that is not corrupt, that can get
7:55 am
things done. >> thank you, monique, for being with us from port-au-prince. appreciate it. up next, the cost to mail packages this holiday season is going up despite congress bailing out the postal service during the pandemic. what's going on? we'll get an answer to that when we return. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports." n. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports. new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go. tide pods ultra oxi one ups the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing? for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains.
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7:59 am
infusing with $107 billion. the postal master says that isn't enough. it is based solely on the services and the products it sells. the postmaster general says package prices have to go up. this can be an inconvenience for some people but this can be devastating for folks who rely on the postal service for prescriptions and for small businesses who rely on the postal service to ship packages. >> you're saying 30 cents to $6. that's a big increase. postmaster general lajoie was fired for slowing mail times. is that still going on? >> democrats have accused him of deliberately undermining the mail-in ballots. these are allegations he denied. people ask, why does he still have a job given he was a trump appointee. president biden has anamed all of his appointees to the board
8:00 am
of governors. the chairman of the board right now is a trump holdover, a republican named roman martinez. he supports the postmaster general. that is why mr. lajoie remains on his job. >> thanks very much. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm jose diaz-balart. thank you for the privilege of your time. lindsey roger picks up with more news right now. ws right now good morning. i'm lindsey reiser at msnbc headquarters in new york. new developments on donald trump's mounting legal troubles. from his deposition under oath in new york to reports that someone in trump world may have teed off the fbi search at mar-a-lago. first the deposition we're learning from his attorney that trump sat for more than four s


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