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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 12, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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accounts says he was sympathetic to shia in extremism and iran's revolutionary guard corps. he was taken to a hospital near pennsylvania for surgery. a few hours ago, his agent release leased a statement that he is currently on a ventilator, unable to speak and likely to lose an eye. it's terrible, terrible news today about one of the world's finest living novelist, and he is in our thoughts. that's it for tonight. rachel's back on monday, and alex wagner tonight starts on tuesday. i am always grateful for your time. and the time that i get to spend with one of the best teams of journalists in the business. time now for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. lawrence, it has been one busy week. >> it has been highly. i was literally at sea today literally when the news came about what was in the search warrant and we turned the boat around and came right back here. and there is so much to report
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tonight. >> i'm looking forward to it i'm glad you're back enjoy our show. >> thank you thank you. the united states of america versus donald j trump. [inaudible] legal title of the case if there is a criminal prosecution of donald trump based on the results of the fbi investigation outlined in the federal search warrant of donald trump's home that was made public today. donald trump's 76-year-old knees will it weaken if he ever stands in a federal courtroom and here's the title of that case announced the united case of america versus donald j trump. every federal criminal defendant feels crushed when they hear those two things announced, the united states of america versus john dough. john joe collapses. when he hears that.
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whoever the john doe is. donald trump has just suffered the worst legal week of his life. the only way his legal life can get worse from here is for him to actually be charged with a crime as he may be, in georgia as we will discuss later in this hour and in washington by the justice department in what we now know is a multi-pronged federal criminal investigation of donald trump. this is the week that we learned that the ripest of the federal criminal investigations of donald trump is the one we now know the most about his misuse of government records including classified information. think back to one week ago tonight at this time. we had no idea that this investigation was underway. but one week ago last friday in
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a secret proceeding in a florida federal court a florida federal judge approved a justice department request for a search warrant of donald trump's home. and so at this very hour last friday the fbi had their search warrant. they had what they needed to go search a former presidents home. in the search warrant released today it says that the search warrant was signed an approved by the court on august 5th 2022. that is last friday. the fbi spent the weekend preparing for the search, which they quietly began monday morning. and as the sun was setting over mar-a-lago on monday night, donald trump decided to publicly reveal that a large number of fbi agents executed a search warrant at his home that day. that's how we found out about it on monday night. from donald trump. on tuesday rudy giuliani's
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lawyers demanded to know whether he is a criminal target of the fulton county grand jury investigation of election fraud in georgia. and on tuesday the house ways and means committee when it's case in a federal court of appeals to obtain donald trump's tax returns. on wednesday donald trump took the fifth amendment 440 times in under of questioning in an investigation by new york state attorney general. and also that day too much of the news media fell for donald trump's false framing that the search warrant story would somehow be good for him politically. on thursday a crazed trump supporter who is at the capital capitol on january 6th decided it was time to go to war against the fbi after hearing so much republican condemnation of the fbi this week including from donald trump. that trump supporter fired a male gun at an fbi field office in cincinnati injuring no one. then led police on a car chase that turned into a six hour standoff at the end of which the trump supporter wielding an
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ar-15 was shot dead by police. republicans and donald trump did not tone down their hate rhetoric aimed at the fbi after that. well that standoff was going on on thursday attorney general merrick garland made a formidable incident saying he personally authorized the search of donald trump's home and that he was authorizing federal prosecutors to ask the judge in the case to make this search warrant public. and today donald trump decided not to oppose the justice department's request to make the search warrant public. and so late this afternoon a federal court in florida released the search warrant. the search warrant says that the fbi was searching for material that was quote illegally possessed. was quotthat was their phrase, illegally possessed by donald trump. including quote national defence information or classified material. or any evidence of the knowing
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alteration destruction or concealment of any government and or presidential records or of any documents with classification markings. the search warrant indicated that the justice department is investigating possible violations of three laws against hiding, removing or destroying classified material gathering transmitting or losing defense information instruction alteration or falsification of records in federal investigations. the inventory of the completed search a copy of which was given to donald trump lists over 30 items including quote miscellaneous top secret documents miscellaneous secret documents info where the president of france and executive grant of clemency regarding roger jason stone junior. leading off our discussion tonight is neal katyal former acting u.s. solicitor general andrew weissmann former fbi general counsel and former chief of the criminal the
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vision of the eastern district of new york and professor of practice at nyu law school. they are both msnbc legal analysts. also joining us is bradley moss a national security attorney. and andrew weissmann let me begin with you and what you have found in this search warrant that tells us -- that might tell us -- where we are going legally here. >> there are a couple of things that are quite notable. i think before we saw the information today there are a number of people including myself who thought that what was going on in this search was the justice department simply retrieving information that is vital to the national security of the united states. and very secondarily concerned about a potential criminal case meaning that we use was more of a retrieval operation than
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anything involving a crime. however the information that was set out in the material that was unsealed this afternoon suggests that this really could be the subject of a viable and i think very strong criminal case, for which there is precedent for bringing such a case. and that's because not only did they allege that there was serious information that they wanted to find in mar-a-lago of a classified nature -- but this was the top secret compartmentalized information. that was the most sensitive information that the government has. and it was found. not only did they seek it but it actually was found. and there was lots of it. furthermore by charging 15 19 the obstruction statute that is
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a huge aggregating factor meaning not only did he possess the most classified information that the government has but he obstructed justice. so those are both very serious crimes. and all you have to do is look at let's say general petraeus was charged for i think offenses that pale in comparison to what appears to be the case here. >> we have a defense tonight issued the fox from a trump spokesperson a statement. and it is -- bradley moss tell me what your legal reaction to this is. this is the statement. president trump in order for to prepare for work the next day off and took documents including classified documents to the residents. he had to standing order that documents removed from the oval office taken to the residents were deemed to be declassified
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the moment he removed them. bradley moss that is the defense as of this hour tonight. >> yeah well first let's [inaudible] about this lawrence. the idea that donald trump was going to the residents with things to read at night, if you believe that, i've gotta breaches all you in alaska. but there's no evidence that there was no a standing order and even through was we have no reason to believe that the white house would be enforcing it. that would be insane to try to enforce. that would mean staff officials would have to follow him to the residents every single time he brought those documents with him to make sure to cross out markings and stamp it declassified so that other officials, when they saw it nude could be handled as unclassified. there is no indication any of that happened. he's flailing about. he is throwing everything he can at the wall. he's previewing a defense he might have if it's a criminal case. none of this is going to hold up. >> and neal katyal it strikes
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me as well, nothing short of madness. first of all, let's just not insult the audiences intelligence. we know this isn't true. but for the moment let's pretend that it was actually true. so donald trump good student that he is of all the homework he has to do, takes this classified homework with him because something important has to be done about it tomorrow. that's why he is taking it home tonight to study. but in the process he is the classifying this material that was a minute ago incredibly carefully protected material. and now won't be. that that's the theory of the behavior they are describing. >> it's ridiculous lawrence. because you don't get to declassify something just for yourself. you declassify for everything. is the claim that every time he brought something home and now just allow the entire federal government you and me to see
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our nation's most sensitive secrets? we are talking about sensitive compartmented information. he's a covert operations. these are electronic intercepts, all sorts of stuff. it's ridiculous. and also i will point out that the three crimes that were at issue in the warrant today that were named don't rely on classification at all. in fact some of them predate our classification regime altogether. so even if he did even if he brought this bogus defense, it's not going to get him out from under these three crimes. and that's why to me lawrence just to put a finer point on what andrew was saying the headline is the former president of the united states is now under an investigation for violation of the espionage act and other federal crimes. and things are looking very serious for donald trump far more so than -- it's far more likely that he will face a criminal trial than at any point in his life. we have already known since monday he was the first former president to ever have been searched his home. and now it looks like the fbi
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found of the goods. and before i was acting solicitor general i was national security adviser at the justice department. and i can tell you this is incredibly serious stuff that they found. and yesterday when we were on the program and we learned about the nuclear revelations that the fbi was looking for nuclear information and signals intelligence i said we have to be cautious. that is just what they are looking for. we don't know what they will find. but now we know today lawrence it's not just the warrant. if the documents that the fbi seized. and the documents on that list include sci sensitive compartment information are most sensitive information. and that is why donald trump, since monday, has been pointing the finger at everyone saying, oh, planted evidence, this and that. and it makes no sense. if the fbi planted this evidence, then what in the world are you talking about about the classifying this information? how can it be declassified information if the it's stuff
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that the fbi planted? it doesn't make any sense. >> go ahead. >> the other thing is if you didn't -- why in the world are you bringing this stuff to your home in mar-a-lago now? you are not the president. with nuclear secrets evidence about foreign leaders, all sorts of things about classified information. none of this makes any sense. he is scrambling. it looks very, very bad for him. >> and to game out the trump defense here -- and in fairness to donald trump look we all know he does have the stupidest most incompetent lawyers in america who put the statement together form tonight. but to gain this out, if you have donald trump on the witness stand, under oath about this, you ask him, so when you brought the documents into the oval office in the morning with a automatically reclassified? with their standing order to automatically reclassify them? because apparently they were such serious important documents that you had to spend the night doing homework on them for the big important meeting the next day.
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andrew weissmann do you want to add anything to this defense advanced by donald trump tonight? >> yeah i just want to reiterate and sort of stress something that neal said which is defense number one that we heard was that these documents were planted. in other words, he didn't know anything about them, this was the fbi just surreptitiously going in there and putting the documents there and they did it without anyone being president, even though we now know his lawyers were present. but defense number two is, i declassified the documents. those are fundamentally inconsistent. so now it's not planted at all. his second defense, which is these are the is actually not a legal defense. it is as a relevant to the charges. so we now have a person who by all accounts, has committed a serious felony.
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a serious felonies plural. there is precedent for people who have done lesser crimes being charged. and remember, merrick garland is somebody who was a former judge is going to be looking at precedent. and this hard to see what the defense is here, because we have heard to completely inconsistent defenses, one of which is not actually a legal defense. in fact it is much more of an admission to say i declassified them, because that would mean he actually knows about them and saw the contents. >> bradley moss there is an event in the timeline that we don't completely understand yet. and that the search warrants documentation does not illuminate. and that is after a meeting that the justice department lawyers had at mar-a-lago in june, about this, where they were in that storage room looking at what was their, and
7:17 pm
deciding what to do next one of the things that happens after they leave, in addition to telling them a few days later, you should put a good lock on that door, is, they subpoena the -- >> trump resort surveillance video. that would presumably show may show, who is going in and out of that room may be that video actually includes that room. we don't know. but for some reason, they subpoenaed that video. after the subpoena of that video, we then get to a search warrant. what might they have seen? what might that video be telling us about the road to the search warrant. >> >> i can point to it can point to a number of things. a number of things how many how many people people were coming in were coming in and and out of that out of that location and location and had access access to those to those boxes boxes. typically typically documents documents that that are sitting at that location in those are
7:18 pm
that are classified the federal question there was, he sci, top secret, sensitive department information. those are what is sitting in a scif, a sensitive compartmental information facility. these have very special locks. this is a basement door with a padlock on it. with amy have seen who is coming out with documents being removed and more concerning where trump's lawyers in there which trump himself going in there what exactly was happening at that room and why were they not able to get the documents over the last few months? this comes back to that obstruction charges i referenced. was there an effort to resist turning over all the records to justice and to norah. >> christine above, one of donald trump's lawyers who was up until recently an anchor on a right wing propaganda channel was asked tonight on the fox propaganda channel about the
7:19 pm
possible presence of nuclear documentation there at mar-a-lago. she said, i have not specifically spoken to the president about web nuclear materials may or may not have been there. i do not believe there were any there. neil catchall, that is the state of the trump position on exactly how much nuclear documentation's he had in his home. >> it's not just the nuclear information which is some of our nation's most secretive things. it's also every time there's a classified document of this nation, it could be reverse engineered, lawrence, to discover the sources that produce that document. if it's information for example about nuclear powers of some foreign government maybe produced as a result of human intelligence and spies, all
7:20 pm
sorts of americas technical capabilities, that's why this information so important and that's why there's such serious penalties. these three crimes that are enumerated, two of them are really about that in about the protection, you cannot grossly negligently handle classified information of this nature or national defence information, even if it's not classified of that nature. but there's also this third crime that surprised me in the warrant, that's which governs the destruction alteration or falsification of records in a federal investigation. what that's about is saying there is some ongoing investigation and, you, the target of the search, are doing something to interfere with that by destroying the documents or something like that. that's a hard thing for the fbi and justice department to alleging a warrant without some
7:21 pm
inside source a, here's what's happening as a result of your investigation. documents are being flushed, or bridge in the fireplace, or what. that to me is stood out. that's a sentence with a up to a 20-year punishment, and i suspect we will be hearing a lot more about that in the weeks to come. >> the republican critics attackers of the justice department and the fbi this week move the goalposts today. they had been demanding show us the warrant, we need to see the warrant, show us the warrant, they got the warren today, so now lindsey graham who is been the chairman of the judiciary committee and knows better, and is an attorney said, okay, now you have to show was the affidavit that convinced the federal judge to issue the warrant and that affidavit, of course, contains with the judge decided was probable cause and each one of these crimes that
7:22 pm
is listed in the search warrant. can you explain to lindsey graham why we did not see the affidavit today? ? >> sure, but i would have to say, be careful what you wish for. frankly, that's the last thing they want to have in public, that's just going to be more evidence that is going to bury the former president. we know that because the judge signed the search warrant. look, they are good and sufficient reasons why the underlying affidavit typically is kept under seal, that is because it's an ongoing investigation. you don't want to give all those details out, and very often you are identifying sources in that -- and the real reliability, and sometimes identifying them by name, to the federal magistrate.
7:23 pm
obviously, you're not gonna want to make that public. that being said, there is a pending motion that various media outlets have made to the magistrate judge, to have that alpha david unsealed. and i personally think that the justice department, obviously without having seen the underlying affidavit, should try to see whether they can reject the information, protect classified information, that would protect sources and methods and means, and once again head, sort of called the republicans bluff because that information has to be incredibly damning. and lawrence, one final thing i want to say is one of the things we're assuming it is the federal government retrieved all of the classified information, you can be sure what is going on right now is to see whether that is the case
7:24 pm
because, this is speculation, but the worst possible thing is during that 18-month period, donald trump has disseminated that, and you can be sure that the fbi's grievous in combing to see what they can account for all of the ts a sihai information. >> quickly before we go, an item like the number one item in the inventory of all things which is the executive grant of clemency rate, rodgers stays and stone junior. why would that be in a list of possible criminal evidence? isn't that just a piece of paper that -- it wouldn't be classified anyway? >> you're right that that wouldn't be classified, but it's still government property. so one of the things we've been talking, about its the national security side, which is obviously important. but the fact remains, donald trump absconded with the
7:25 pm
property of the united states government, and brought it all to mar-a-lago. you don't get to do that as former president. so sometimes criminal statutes are in play in these things. obviously, that doesn't have this aliens of nuclear secrets or intelligence intercepts, or things like that. but it's just part of a pattern, a troubling pattern, we've seen with donald trump over the last years. he just thought everything was his own for the taking. and those of us, all three of, us our guests tonight have the privilege of having national security information. it's not our information. it's the privilege -- it's property of the united states government. that's the way every intelligence professional season. it is just unfortunately not the way that trump saw. it >> neal katyal, andrew weizmann, bradley mosque, thank you for joining us on this very important historic night here. we appreciate you. congressman eric swalwell will join us next. join us next
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today completely debunking the lie that donald trump's home -- it turns out, he was watching the entire search of his home on close circuit television according to his lawyer. >> the folks at his home, trump
7:31 pm
probably had a better view than they did because they had the cctv that there were able to watch. they're actually able to see the whole thing, so they actually have a better idea of what took place inside. >> joining us now is congressman eric swalwell who's a member of the house and intelligence judiciary committee, he served in the second impeachment trial of president trump. swalwell thank you for joining us tonight. when you hear things like that, you see that there are so many lies being told by donald trump this week about the search of his florida home that even his team can't keep up with his own lies. >> and he was checkmated yesterday by attorney general garland, who called his bluff and put donald trump in the position of having to agree to have the search warrant in the inventory released. by the, way if you're keeping track of crazy here lawrence, donald trump is alleging, essentially, that he
7:32 pm
declassified this information which congress was never notified of, which the public has a right to hear about all the classified information, he declassified this information. but the fbi planted it there. so you have two competing theories that don't even align and again, it's just somebody who was based with indefensible -- quite frankly, lawrence, this is where it was always going. we clinton predicted that donald trump would take the country. this is where -- adam schiff predicted donald trump would take the country. and this is where the trump train is headed. >> sultan shelter -- white house >> mishandling classified information putting a target on the back of line for spent. >> senator sheldon whitehouse said today he outlined the procedure that anyone can follow if they believe the fbi has conducted an unfair and unreasonable search and seizure
7:33 pm
if her home. if there's a litigation route to follow that. but if donald trump did that, then the affidavit would be made public. the affidavit outlining exactly why the fbi wanted to search his home. ch his home and >> the affidavit on the trump side his attorneys would have to -- that's never going to happen. but what is happening from donald trump to kevin mccarthy to a least a fonda curlier today is they are putting targets on the back of law enforcement. and by suggesting that the fbi planted evidence by suggesting that they have gone rogue as steve scalise said earlier this week they are inspiring individuals who are armed to the teeth to take up arms and go after law enforcement. it happened yesterday in cincinnati. thankfully that individuals taken down by police. whatever law enforcement officer is more vulnerable today because of the target
7:34 pm
that donald trump and his supporters have put on their back. >> congressman eric swalwell thank you very much for joining us on this important night. thank you. and coming up presidential historian michael beschloss will join us to put this week in perspective as only he can. that is next. that is xtne are go for launch. ♪ um, she's eating the rocket. ♪ lunchables! built to be eaten. ♪ there's a monster problem and our hero needs solutions. so she starts a miro to brainstorm. “shoot it?” suggests the scientists. so they shoot it. hmm... back to the miro board. dave says “feed it?” and dave feeds it. just then our hero has a breakthrough. "shoot it, camera, shoot a movie!" and so our humble team saves the day by working together. on miro.
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leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. our next guest, michael stand with us. beschloss join the group of historians last week in a meeting with president biden to
7:39 pm
give the president of the united states and historical perspective on where america is today and where american democracy is today. we will once again call on michael beschloss to perform that trick for us to put the president in an historical perspective. this is of course unfair to michael and any historian because historians are allowed years and years and years of deliberation and study to find the right way to describe periods in our past and in our distant past. so asking an astoria into explain the president he's more than a bit unfair. but michael does it so brilliantly that we can't resist. so at the end of the day that we learned that the previous president of the united states is the subject of a criminal federal investigation of possible violations of the espionage act and that that former president publicly defended himself by falsely claiming that his predecessor
7:40 pm
barack obama committed all of the potential crimes described in the trump search warrants we turn to michael beschloss. joining us now is michael beschloss nbc news presidential historian. his most recent book is president of war. michael i don't even know how to frame this for you. [laughs] i just tried. but this is the roughest seas we have seen in the post presidency of any president. >> that is for sure. and could i have a word on your earlier conversation? about the stuff for trump supposedly had to standing order to have declassified all those documents that he took home and studied i soon by candlelight? the question i have got and maybe i shouldn't ask this for legal scholars -- does that mean that all those documents about nuclear weapons
7:41 pm
that we have been hearing about this week that were stuffed into the basement of mar-a-lago are those declassified as well? that is great news for people in my business. because i will go and get a sleeping bag tonight and sleep outside the national archives waiting for it to open so i can get to read those documents if they are open to everyone and declassified. shows a little bit how farfetched this explanation is. back to what you spectacularly raised lawrence we went to see president biden eight days ago on thursday. he still had covid so he was setting up in that office upstairs that used to be the treaty room. presidents now use as an office they sit at the table used to be that of ulysses grants cabinet. and we were down below him two floors below, so we talked to him by video link about four or five of us for about two hours.
7:42 pm
and interestingly enough with the big exception needless to say of donald trump presidents in recent times have tended to call on scholars and historians sort of in the same way. everyone except trump -- i have been at the sessions all the way back to bill clinton. and they would always ask the question about the subtle expectation is that we will talk to the president about what in these times reminds us of something in history. not to make my answer to long but most of us said some form of the same thing which is democracy is in danger reminds us of 1860 when we were at the precipice of a civil war. and also the 1930s when a lot of people in this country wear out of work and dissatisfied, looking for answers. and were fascists that had an awful lot of support. >> we saw this week one crazed
7:43 pm
trump supporter go straight at the fbi. he ended up dead as will all other and any other crazed trump supporters armed with firearms to go after the fbi. they will all end up dead. there might not be any more of them. the disincentive might have been established this week. but we haven't heard anything from donald trump about that, about his support -- >> of course not. >> we haven't heard republicans closing ranks around the fbi, going, for example to fbi headquarters, or republican members of congress going to their local fbi office and the standing there with them immunity. and that as well, outside of the presidential realm, that as well as something that we have never seen before, where the fbi's attacked. and no one in the republican party thinks they have to step forward and do or say anything
7:44 pm
about that. >> that is the scary part. because americans -- conservatives whether you agree with him on every issue or not they believe in three things. they supposedly believe in the rule of law they supposedly believed in protecting our institutions of democracy. and they supposedly believed in protecting our national security. and what we are seeing with donald trump and those republican leaders, which is most of them, who are kneeling at his feet, they are basically saying we don't care about the rule of law anymore. national security? you want nuclear documents in your basement? we are guest we will not criticize you. we will bless it has soon as possible. and as far as institutions, like the fbi and the department of justice or the defense department, let's just run those down as well and make sure the public has no respect for those, so that conservatives, or people who call themselves conservatives these days are oftentimes not
7:45 pm
conservatives but i would say members of the radical right, people who want to destroy, and in certain cases and a case. we are living in a world that's upside down. >> michael about schloss, thank you very much for joining us tonight, we appreciated. >> my honor, thank you. >> coming, up on top of the federal search warrant of his florida, home donald trump suffered a big legal setback in a criminal case in new york today. and the georgia grand jury is closing in on possible trump coconspirators rudy giuliani and lindsey graham today. that is next. that is next the year ♪ get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms. including nasal congestion. with powerful claritin-d. so you can breathe better. feel the clarity and make today the most wonderful time of the year. claritin - d. who's on it with jardiance? we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're hittin' the trails between meetings. and putting the brakes on fried foods.
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7:50 pm
hour tonight for donald trump is that all of the courts in america are now close for the weekend. the end of the worst legal week of donald trump's life today included a new york state court judge ordering the tax fraud case against donald trump's chief financial officer weisselberg to go forward and schedule a trial date for october 24th, and in fulton county, georgia, district attorney fani willis made her case for enforcing a subpoena against south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. in a court fry a laying saying, quote, in the midst of an ongoing recount for the election of senator graham's political ally, he called the official in another state charged with supervising the recount and suggested he change his methods.
7:51 pm
the official, as well as other participants on the call, indicated that the senator explored options to discard votes in order to assist the president. to this, senator graham response that the other participants on the calmest all be mistaken, and he asks this court, to end the inquiry there. joining us now is tim o'brien, senior columnist for bloomberg opinion and author of trump nation, and still with us is andrew weissmann. tim, what happened for allen weisselberg and donald trump today in court with a trial date now scheduled? >> in addition to this being the worst week in the courts for trump, lawrence, it's one of the craziest weeks for bad excuses to get cases dismissed lobbying ignored by judges, both lindsey graham said the subpoena against him should be clashed because everyone else who is on the call was wrong. and allen weisselberg said that
7:52 pm
the new york -- manhattan district attorney shouldn't be allowed to prosecuted because was being prosecuted simply because it was associated with donald trump. and the courts well know, it's apparent that you broke the laws are gonna take this to court to make sure that that was the case. i think the issue now that i think is very interesting in the district attorney's case is whether or not this finally compels allen weisselberg, trump's longtime cfo collaborated and district attorney investigation -- so far he's been much more resilient than anyone thought he would be. i think there was -- i thought he would've cooperated with investigations sooner than he did. be a dozen, it's got a jury selection begins in late october, and weisselberg will have to decide whether or not he's going to want to absorb the full brunt of tax charges against him and the service of protecting donald trump. and i think he has a lot of
7:53 pm
thinking to do between now and october. and if he does decide to flip intensify against donald trump, he has -- trump organization. he was fred trump's accountant, he became donald trump's chief financial officer, he knows where all of the financial skeletons are buried in the trump's closet, and presumably i think he is going to think long and hard about this investigation, so of course this has to focus donald trump's attention on his own well-being. i think the manhattan district attorney's case had lost a little bit of steam in recent months. and i think it's gotten some renewed life. >> andrew weizmann, let me give you two questions. when you, york one. georgia the new york one, is, in your experience, when someone like allen weisselberg seized donald trump being weekend every day with this federal investigation that is going on, does that make him, island muscle, brick any more likely to collaborate against
7:54 pm
donald trump in that state tax fraud case? and in georgia, what do you make of lindsey graham's attempt to not testify and fani willis is saying about the evidence she has about but lindsey graham did? >> so on weisselberg, which i find quite interesting, i think it certainly doesn't help that -- when he sees is going on, but i think the more important thing is these are state cases. no one can hope that a republican president is going to come into office and pardon somebody. if he is convicted, that's going to stick, and it's gonna stick for good. he he could try to cooperate. the other thing that the manhattan district attorney's office can do is if he doesn't cooperate voluntarily after the
7:55 pm
trial, they can just immunize him and put him in a grandeur in for some to testify, and then if he lies then, he will face additional time. so they have a lot of tools up their sleeve and they don't have to worry about the 2024 presidential election, and weisselberg doesn't have a possible out. so they're sort of things to come there. i wouldn't count the manhattan district attorney's office investigation just yet. and fulton is fascinating. lindsey graham, tense your question, is making any and all arguments. to me, it wreaks when we are seeing the former president, do which is he will do anything he, cannot just show up there. the last thing he wants is to be a witness against the former president. but it may be worse than that. let's just get real. it's not just that he can have evidence that hurts the former president, it's that he can find himself being a coconspirator with the former
7:56 pm
president. and so, it will be interesting to see whether he is forced to testify and asked to show up, whether you take the fifth and does exactly what we saw the former president do in new york this past week. >> andra estimate anton brian, thank you both very much for joining us tonight. i really appreciate it. lee we will be right back. will be right back. ♪ got my hair got my head ♪ introducing new one a day multi+. a complete multivitamin plus an extra boost of support for your immunity, brain, and hair, skin & nails. new one a day multi+. open. it's a beautiful word. neighborhoods "open". businesses "open". fields "open". who doesn't love "open"? offices. homes. stages. possibilities. your world. open.
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in the final passage of the inflation reduction act, more on that next. week the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. hle starts now >> good evening once again i'm stephanie ruhle. this week began with the fbi search of mar-a-lago, now trump's home down in florida. and it ended with bombshell revelations that agents found highly classified documents down there. earlier today