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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  August 13, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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felt they needed to act. this is the former president now claiming he declassified it all, it's not an issue. claims being met with skepticism with legal experts and democrats. >> there's a really elaborate documented process for declassification. it often takes months, by the way. so of course he's gonna say that. it creates a little bit of can fusion and throws a bit of math into the water. i can tell you, as somebody who also sees the most sensitive information this country has, its editor baloney. >> republicans meanwhile using the search to take aim at the department of justice. >> the fbi and the department of justice are going to give trump a fair and impartial firing squad. >> the doj resembles the gestapo more than a justice agency. we're ready for battle >> every american should be upset about
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this. you should never use the justice department on the -- >> gland out of the boxes of material, but they won't put things in those boxes to entrap him? >> one man is already targeted a fbi office before being killed by police. the violent rhetoric online has reached a fevered pitch. plus democrats and the president hailing the passage of the inflation protection act, hoping it will translate to votes in november. >> today the american people one. the special interests last, finally. the final passage of the inflation reduction act act in the house of representatives, people to see lower health care, -- those that are paying zero dollars in federal income tax will now have to pay a minimum
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tax. >> we can recover all that this hour. we're gonna begin with the unsealed search warrant from mar-a-lago. hunting for people with knowledge of the document, who tunes reporting that at least one term provider signed a statement in june and serving that all material merit is classified and held locks this in the storage area and mr. trump's mar-a-lago hair tantrum, have been over to the government. the new times going on to say that the exhibit of the sign declaration which has not been previously reported, it is possible indication that mr. trump's team are not forthcoming with federal investigators about the material. we should note that nbc news has not seen this document. joining me now is mark caputo. mark, what do we know about the new york times reported, have you heard anything about one trump lawyer saying they sent a document serving the between the stock commit material?
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>> to folks that i know in the epsilon in trump we heard this as well, but they were unable to confirm it and that and see the document themselves. the report doesn't specify which one of trump's attorneys signed. it certainly seems, in their view, in the new york times piece, and the source of the spoke to them, but the document was signed. this caps a long process of the justice department and federal government trying to quebec documents from trump. there is the property of the american people. once they went to this extraordinary level, to go down to mar-a-lago, and meet with trump's attorneys and say, give us everything, and once they give them the stuff, makes sense that they said, this is everything? and the lawyer said yeah, and someone signed on the deadline. >> i want to talk to you about the search for itself. so we've been 24 hours since
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we've known about this. there's some really interesting documents and. some of the sensitive documents. binders of photos. information regarding the president of france. we've had some time to look into this and adjusted. all stands out? most >> withstand state is a mishmash of things. but her really know what's in there. part of the problem dealing with the national security state and classified documents, and top secret records, is by nature were not supposed to know what they are. it's difficult to explain without relying on anonymous sources, one of them not knowing what's in there either. and also raises the question if trump has prosecuted, but documents will be shown in open court? i don't think a former president has not -- i can put it -- i can say that former president has not been put on trial for this kind of thing, it would be
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novel trial for america to watch. you're guess in the last segment discuss this, weather, normally search warrants are means tune and to see if they can indict and ultimately prosecute and convict. the question is whether the search warrant was in and of itself. that is, the federal government wanted this documents, and they got their documents. that said, if there are crimes listed in search warrants. those are crimes, presumably, if the federal government decided there is enough evidence, they could charge president trump with. it's notable in those federal statutes -- or the atomic energy act. there's been a lot of reporting whether there was nuclear secrets here. the search warrant doesn't indicate that. maybe some documents were sought. but the man act governing the nation's atomic energy program wasn't listed in that search warrant. >> he wrote this week,, merck
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about how trump declassified these documents, he said. we heard one of those -- casting doubt on that to muddy the waters. none of these depend on whether the documents or classified, right? >> and as she. we are seeing from the president's defenders on social media, they're saying whether it's classified or not, if you're his top secret, topsecret clearance depends on the president, and the president can declassify documents, it doesn't matter. i'm not saying it's my argument. that's what the president's defenders are racing. you could see the former president raise that is well. it does muddy the water. that's what defense lawyers do. if it does wind up in a criminal court, the point of a defenses to say, look the sick but the prosecution says it's clean clean, it's not so clear and clean. we have to reserve judgment and
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see what's out there. and indictment doesn't equal a conviction. >> i want to bring in now former federal prosecutor -- in d.c., and as an assistant -- david maria, just to you, actually. there's a problem for numerous people, not only this trump lawyer who says -- >> and homes that the declaration was, discuss neulasta? >> they santa saying everything was turned over. new york times suggesting that maybe they were test forthcoming as they should have been. >> sure looks like there's been a dialogue that's been going on before the search warrant was
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executed. i believe there is a subpoena issued back into. i would see at some point the government felt they weren't getting what they thought they'd be getting. if there's something signed that certified step, under oath, or whether it's just a sworn declaration or an avid david, it can prevent a problem for the attorneys, or if president trump signed it himself -- as more likely that is attorneys did so. they have shown it was woeful, and that's a problem. >> want to tack to the complaints we've been hearing out there about how this was done, have the search warrant was executed. in the early morning hours, but chinese weren't allowed to be president. trump wasn't there. they said a typical to have the fbi would typically operate? >> not at all. in terms of the aberration, it would be that this is a former president, and terms of how it was executed, it's typically done in the morning hours. the whole purpose is to do it
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to get whatever records you're seeking. without having the ability to move them or alter them. i've never seen a situation where attorneys led to be present to oversee a. if a person has that to be there, they would make them leave, or they can find them to one room with a nation watching them. and different types of cases, sometimes they're handcuffed. that is not oversight by the person, there's not oversight by the attorneys. the timing of it was normal for a search warrant. >> i want to ask you more about the timing, here. that where it was signed on august 5th, the searches was down on against a. some of pointed out, if this is so urgent, why wait the three days, but are your thoughts on that? >> under the rule of criminal procedure 41, he comes to fame in 14 days. from the time it signed, they have to do within 14 days. they have to say when during that time period to do it.
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in terms of whether there is merge and see, we don't know as your previous guest said, what's in the affidavit. down the road, we may have questions and answers, but the affidavit would set for the private they have, by the believe the materials are there, specifically what they're looking for, and what their evidence is to show this probable cause to take a crime was committed. the timing of it it is typically done, it has to be done within a two-week period. >> excuse me. i sneezed. as you know reason to believe that eventually will get our hands on that affidavit. is the defense likely to see it anytime? >> not unless and until there is an indictment in a typical case. in that instance the statistics and of this produced. if the agent of the sand it is gonna be a illicit trial, it will be required to be produced. a lot of times it is turned
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over regardless because it's gonna be arguments by the defense that certain things were and improperly seized money to see the affidavit, that's with the little used as the basis either to challenge the warrant, or both the -- csis part of the weren't. >> all right david murray, and thanks for your time. >> we're gonna move to the politics of all, that we've seen from republicans. let's bring in david jolly, former florida congressman an msnbc contributor. we've been seeing david, that trump's been trying to spin this to see wet sticks. it's gone from, they planted material, to everything is declassified, to now obama did two. heavy expect supporters of his to react to be shifting defenses? >> i think there is a tele-very leon, that looked like
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republicans were rushing the defensive former trump, they were hugging him closely. very condemning the biden administration and the garland doj. that's a safe place for republicans. they're not speaking to the broader country, they're speaking to republican voters. anytime they can be beating upon them deep space state, they're feeding man to the base. that's the constant threat throughout all of this. how do you defend donald trump? that is the trip he is sitting from republicans. largely because you don't know it's coming next. this is a president with a history of lying and shifting the stories. we just trying to convey to the supporters and alternate reality that gets very hard to defend. that's why the safe spaces to be tip of the politicized asian of the department of justice, even that is now evidence to support that claim. >> we have a range of people
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from lindsey graham, who says where's the affidavit, knowing full well that we're not likely to, to people like -- basically say that this is the politicization of the doj and the fbi, it's the gestapo. but it's the rhetoric, without any information, these influences, it must be a witch hunt, what does that say about the state of the party? >> one of the things i learned in congress is there is a bell curve among members when it comes to ethics, to intellect, to political immorality, if you will. i think you're clearly seeing a large land of complete and under-nonsense. you're seeing a large lane of conspiracy theory. you're seeing a large man of denying reality. we are not seeing is the acceptance that donald trump did something in violation of federal law. that merrick needed a magistrate to affirm a request
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for the warrant. he will not see republicans touching it. that is the cheney, kissinger lay in the doesn't have an out in today's republican party. it's an indictment of where the republican party is today, but it's a reflection of where they've been going. >> republicans are aiming a lot of their fire at the fbi. going beyond of wet even some fox news host can stomach. i want to play in exchange between steve doocy and -- >> whatever happened to the republican party backing the blue, and in particular the 35 members of federal law enforcement that at the fbi? >> frankly, we're very strong supporters of law enforcement and it concerns everybody if you see some agents go rogue. if you see an agent that doesn't have the right checks and balances that the top? >> who went rogue? they were following a search warrant. >> we want to find that at.
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that's why we're asking these questions. >> another exchange, i see you shaking your head there. the host reminded the member of congress who's on the program that christopher wray was appointed by trump. do you think that this anti-law enforcement rhetoric can backfire? >> it should. like, i served with -- that's a garbage moment from steve scalise, not only because he knows he's putting federal agents in danger, because the sticking a conspiracy theory based on absolutely nothing. not -- somehow within the fbi there is a rogue agent? that is an absolute conspiracy theory with zero evidence, it's a garbage statement, that it's been repeated -- >> but back to calls for a conspiracy of voter fraud that there is no evidence found. >> it is a denial of reality. a denial of truth, but in this
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case, steve cookies are putting federal agents in danger. we saw that in cincinnati. we'll continue to see that. listen, i think it's very telling that donald -- trump got a little bit of a glimpse at the powder cake that donald trump might ignite should he ultimately be held accountable by the judiciary, or law enforcement. i found a timeline that donald trump did not issue a complete culture war, politically. he did hold back a little bit. i know i think he knows all it takes is one moment, where someone like donald trump says something like steve scalise says, and says to the american people, this is the time to choosing here with me, or you are with the deep state. that puts us in a very dangerous environment. steeply should be ashamed of himself, and so should his colleagues. >> we're gonna dive deeper into that rhetoric, david jolly, thanks for joining us.
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>> a clear speck to the violent rhetoric online, we're just talking about that with david, an attack on an fbi field office, all of it fueled by toxic talk on right-wing media, we're gonna dive into that. first the passing of the inflation production act has democrats hoping that action on the economy, health care and climate change can convince voters to keep them in power. o keep them in power
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nays are 207. the motion is adopted. >> amid all the trump chaos, democrats clinched a major victory this week after the house passed inflation reduction act, yesterday. the sweeping package to lower its producing -- fights climate change and raise taxes on some large companies. also reduces the deficit. president biden is currently vacationing in south carolina, he says he'll sign it into law next week. and then hold the celebration at the white house on september 7th. he tweeted this video last night trying to do in the win. >> this is a historic moment. democrats sided with the american people. the republican sided with special interests. that's the choice we face. whether to protect the already powerful, we have the courage to build a future where everybody has an even shot. that's the america i believe
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in. >> joining me right now to discuss is washington post opinion writer, jennifer reuben. we know that inflation reduction act isn't a magic pill. a lot of americans, according to experts i've talked to say the average person won't feel much of a difference before the midterms. how did democrats still work this to get their messaging out for november to encourage voters to support them? >> it's really interesting. i've been talking to a whole series of democrats. and when -- one from washington state, nevada, and minnesota. they all say the same thing. there's so much in the bill. there's literally something for every constituent in their. many of them have a large number of retirees, so they're gonna benefit tremendously. hundreds and hundreds of dollars from the new caps on prescription drugs, the ability of the secretary of health and human services to negotiate
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drug prices. if you are a taxpayer and you think corporation should be paying more so that the government can reduce the deficit and fund our government, there's something in there for you. of course, the enormous investment in climate change and green new technologies. it was interesting, one of the congresswomen from washington state says she's hearing from firefighters, now, how important this is, because what she has to deal with now is just the immensity of these wildfires that are, of course, part of the extreme weather that we're facing. there's a lot in there for a lot of people. it's also in the context of this whole series of winds that they've had. the pact act that was passed. semiconductor bill that was passed. i think the democrats, for the first-time, feel like they have a lot to run on.
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i'm healing a lot of optimism. that i certainly didn't hear a month ago. the other issue that they're clearly running on is dobbs and abortion. they really think that republicans have gone too far. they're extreme, they're cruel. even people who may not be tried and true pro-choice people understand that this is really gone too far. they feel like they have a whole handful of issues that they can now go out and talk to voters with, whether students, whether it's people of shutting their careers, whether it's retirees. so i think they have something to work with now. >> one of your latest pieces you're right where congressional polls have swung towards democrats in recent weeks. you read about one particular race in washington that you mentioned, it's a toss-up, it could give the congresswomen -- how much do you think this will
12:25 pm
potentially change the trajectory of the midterms. the -- you mentioned all the accomplishments. how much of a wildcard does this make november? >> it's definitely in the democrats favor, whether it's enough to hold the house is a different matter. certain races are going to be bellwether races. i think you're gonna look at the same states we've always looked at that tend to be really barometers of the national mood. they are critical races in michigan to, in washington state, in wisconsin. i think we're gonna see over the next three weeks the degree to which these democrats are not only running on the accomplishments, but they're delighted to explain to voters that their opponent voted against, for example, 35 dollar insulin caps. their opponent voted against climate change investment. their opponent voted against
12:26 pm
all of the stuff. so it's not simply that they say, hey, we've done these great things, it's that the republican party wants none of it. they have no ideas. they voted against your interests, mr. and mrs. voter. that's why the mood is so much improved now. >> jennifer reuben, thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> up next, new reporting on the investigation surrounding the documents seized at mar-a-lago. ized a mar-a-lago our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online.
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12:31 pm
classified briefing on the conduct of the damage assessment it is possible. even as the justice department's investigation proceeds ensuring that we take all necessary steps to protect classified information and mitigate the damage to national security done by its compromise, it is critically important. joining me right now is nicholas rue of politico who is working on this newly-released information. just released, in fact. nicholas, what do we know here, and how significant is this? >> well this is the most first major oversight step by jurors by jurisdiction of the. matter congresswoman maloney's panel has overseen many things including the laws governing this kind of documents. chairman schiff's committee of course overseas national security and intelligence matters. it is worth noting that maloney's panel actually had an investigation going into these documents of trump's handling of them earlier this year. until doj yay and that's taking the lead on it. and so, we want to see exactly what the office of the director of national intelligence asked to say in response to this
12:32 pm
request. this is clearly something that the hill wants answers answers. on >> wouldn't averages as much? oh >> so a damage assessment is something that the dni's office initiated to basically figure out what's potential security issues result from the handling of every may shun. there's still a lot we don't know about what exactly president trump had at mar-a-lago. what we do know is that he had documents that were marked top secret. the highest levels of security classifications for documents. and if this were something that, say, had been passed around casually at mar-a-lago or somehow ended up in the hands of foreign adversaries, that would be very serious indeed. >> given that the doj has material, do you think that these documents are something congress will get their hands on? >> it is unclear if congress will be look at their hands on it especially since this is very much an ongoing about to geisha and, but it is worth
12:33 pm
noting that the former president and his lawyers could also reveal what was in these boxes in these documents. to a certain degree, they know a whole lot here and they could disclose more but so far they haven't. this request you mentioned that committee's oversight and intelligence. would you expect the january six committee jack also be interested in this? >> it is something that the january six committee actually hasn't taken much interest in, up to this point. since you have these kind of parallel investigators in the house. the january six committee was of course looking at efforts to subvert the 2020 election, and the direction itself. it has the house oversight committee had really been looking at this issue and it ends up being kind of where part of their jurisdiction in the house. >> nicholas, all the attention was on donald trump this week. there is another key republican figure getting new attention from the fbi, and that is pennsylvania republican congressman scott perry.
12:34 pm
he says his lawyer told him he is not the target of investigation, even though he was saying the fbi seized his phone this week when he was traveling with his family. and when he person ounce the seizure of his phone, he compared it to the search at mar-a-lago. but then towards the end of the week, at the same time we learned that the house freedom caucus which he chairs, canceled a scheduled news conference. are we to read into any of that that may be as details trickled out here about the mar-a-lago search that they became more quiet? >> yeah, so far as we know the seizure of congressman perry's vote is a separate issue from the mar-a-lago search. a source familiar with the situation told me that, congressman perry's phone was actually seized by the fbi as part of an investigation by the department of justice's inspector general. which is actually been leading much of the departments investigation of the subversion of the 2020 election. that is a separate issue from
12:35 pm
what was going on at mar-a-lago it where it appears the fbi was investigating trump or and this whole issue and it's relation to potential violations of the espionage act. and obstruction of justice. but they are separate things. but, what happens next with periodic will be the more telling part. this first warrant, the federal agents obtained was for the seizure of mr. perry spoke. but next, they are going to have to go back to a judge if it is anything like what happened when federal agents seized john eastman's phone. and the federal agents are gonna have to ask a court to gain access to the contents of perry's phone. and if we learned anything about what exactly agents are asking for, that will be very telling as to the arc of that investigation. >> all right, nicholas wu, thanks so much for your time. coming up, the right-wing media uses the search of mar-a-lago to go to war with america's top law enforcement agency. to law enforcement agency short of the new color codes being written on these documents and walk behind
12:36 pm
closed doors, i just really don't understand how a document could warrant this kind of words. >> some of the stuff wasn't even documents, it was like golf balls, and oval office raincoats. >> this is a witch hunt. this is a stalinist hunt. stalinist hunt stalinist hunt it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. it didn't take long after
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donald trump's reaction to the fbi search of his home for his base and right-wing media to echo his are outrageous and behind him. >> the way our federal government has gone, it is like we forgot about the gestapo. >> the secret police we've seen a totalitarian regime. >> if you are associate with donald trump in any way, you had better across all of your eyes and dot all of your t's because they are coming for you. >> it is the declaration of war against the american public. >> we have to defund and make cuts in the department of justice. >> they use the tools at their disposal to defund the fbi. >> the next president of the
12:40 pm
united states needs to prosecute everyone. >> must bring in angela kherson, political media expert, and president and ceo of media matters for america. what did you see in the reaction on right-wing media that struck out to you the most this week? >> two things. one that they immediately started by poisoning the well, which is to de-legitimize the entire operation itself into tap in to that sort of cauldron of conspiracy and concern and van dam that the right has sort of manufactured around the fbi. that sort of deep state conspiracy. that was the first thing. and the second thing that stuck out of me was actually kind of really disturbing and scary, and that is that they were using the word tyranny a lot. and that is not unusual, to generalize it. but they kept pointing to the fbi specifically as the tip of the spear of bringing about tyranny. and when you think about one of the big narratives, if you are right-wing media consumer, part of the reason that they push this idea that the second amendment is so important, you need to get as many guns as you can, is that it is the one way that you defend yourself
12:41 pm
against tyranny. and those are the things that stuck out. poison the well, tap into that cauldron of deep state denim, but that second thing, that tyranny argument was kind of like a preparation to a call to action. and that is the thing i think that i am pretty concerned with. >> one thing that stuck out to me was these calls for the releasing of the documents, even though trump and his lawyers had them and could have done that at anytime. and there was so much, so many questions about how legit this could be, and we need more information. do you get the sense though, that the rhetoric cooled at all after ag garland came out? nobody thought he would come out and have a press conference. but he did. did the rhetoric cool at all, after that? >> no. it got hotter, actually. they sort of used that, they used his own presence now they put in front and center. that allowed them to keep playing that clip on a loop and, to your point, just taking all of the questions that they had initially and just pushing them back on him saying that he was running damage control, he was the face of all of this.
12:42 pm
in fact, one of the things that was disturbing is that they started to use that press conference as a proof point, which wasn't really. for their original claims, that this was sort of a joe biden, merrick garland, operating in court to take out donald trump on in a political way. so, they have actually attacked merrick garland more. and by extension they have made the argument that he has really got his hands on the rates here in a much more intense way. so they have ratcheted up, not down. >> what have we seen in terms of information that was released about the fbi agents involved in the search? the judge who signed off on the search? what was covered about them in the media, that have a direct impact on threats that were out there? >> definitely one of the things that the right exploited was the sort of extremely loose connection to epstein, which a lot of figures do. of course what they didn't talk about was that the judge was a frequent guest on newsmax that
12:43 pm
often criticized hillary clinton. that never got mentioned, as an example. but instead, they actually tried to make the argument that somehow this was again, another data point to prove into this deep state conspiracy. fox news even went so far as to air a doctored image of the judge on jeffrey epstein's plane. totally fabricated. it was a complete hoax. which was pretty obvious, but they are done anyway. so throwing more gasoline onto that fire. and that is all that they need to do. and i think that is the thing that i would impress that everyone. is that if you are a right-wing media consumer, you are looking through these events through a pretty foggy lens. but you have a fairly large amount of narrative to backup behind that. and that narrative is that there is a deep state plot to take out donald trump, all of these people are corrupt. so all of these little touchstones, they are getting used to reinforce that. >> angela kherson, thanks so much for joining us. fascinating conversation with. you appreciate it. the heated rhetoric on right-wing media and elsewhere can have real life consequences and it appears it has in this
12:44 pm
case. within hours of the news that mar-a-lago search breaking, extremist sites were filled with violent rhetoric. some of it posted by a man named ricky shiver according to sources and documents. on thursday, shiver went beyond just words. armed, and body armor, he tried to breach a fbi field office in cincinnati. his leader killed by innocent off by officers. we have now learned shiver was a navy veteran. he was at the u.s. capitol on january 6th, and posted on donald trump social network about wanting to kill at the agents following that search. for more on that, we are joined by intelligence extremism and disinformation analyst christopher goldsmith, also an iraq war veteran. and christopher, you wrote a 200-page imports and imparts dealt with the targeting of veterans for political misinformation. does schiff or sound like the type of person who becomes radicalized? do you think veterans are particularly susceptible? >> i used to work for a congressionally chartered veteran service organization
12:45 pm
called vietnam veterans of america. and at that organization, i was given the mission to write about all of the different ways that foreign entities target troops, veterans, and our families. with everything from russian style disinformation, and intelligence operations, to identity theft and romance scams? and one of the common threads through all ten of those chapters was the pushing of conspiracy theories of racism, and putting veterans against other communities. specifically immigrants, and refugees. now, one of the things that i had the opportunity to do, before twitter removed his account, was to look at ricky shiffer's accounts. and he looks like someone who is probably exposed to foreign disinformation, but now for years that foreign disinformation, the stuff i used to study, doesn't matter. it is the domestic stuff.
12:46 pm
we mentioned extremist platforms, he was using trump's company, truth social, to post about killing fbi agents. i mean, if these extremist platforms are run by the former president, and there doesn't seem to be any problem with garrett zeigler who is right now doxxing the fbi agents. he is a former trump lead. if that is the way that the truth social works, it is no different than the foreign born apps like calligraphic. christopher, this was a man known to the fbi. he was posting untruth social. how is it, i don't know if this isn't your purview, where are the preventative measures here. we always hear about someone going into -- and personally what happens at this field office, and then we find out they were posting, and then we find out they were known. clearly, lauren forsman is watching truth social, what
12:47 pm
work can be done? >> in my experience, the only thing that the fbi wants from an intelligence analyst like myself is clear evidence about a specific threat. not someone just saying we should kill fbi agents. that's enough that we can ask that person questions, those questions are intended to be a disincentive to moving further down the rabbit hole, but until i'm able to say ricky shiffer is going to the fbi office on this date, the fbi is not gonna move on and body. because talking about violence, there's no law against. it he was well within his rights to talk about killing people and, apparently within the services of truth social, up until the point that he brought a gun to the fbi. >> thanks for joining us. we'll be right back.
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i typed in grandma's name and birth year... and there she was, working at the five and dime. my dad's been wondering about his childhood address for 70 years... and i found it in five minutes. ...that little leaf helped me learn all the names from the old neighborhood... it felt like a treasure hunt. the 1950 census adds vivid new detail to your family story. and it's available now on ancestry. off angela's police say there
12:52 pm
are no longer investigating the crafts and haste legally dead. drugs were found in haitians system when she crashed her car into her home a week ago. she was in a coma. she is now being held on life support while doctors determine whether her organs can be donated. >> hollywood is saying goodbye to nhl.
12:53 pm
a rig -- week after a violent car crash -- her son home are writing after six days of unbelievable emotional swings, and left with a deep sadness. >> 53 year old first appeared in another world. she went on to make films like six days, seven nights. donny brasco, and i know what you did last summer. perhaps best known for her groundbreaking relationship with ellen generous us, one of the first -- degenerate saying, this is a sad day. i'm sending all of my love. alec baldwin who worked on her on a movie that hasn't been released, remembered her fondly. >> i love you and. i love you, you are very special. >> heche had two sons from other relationships, and spoke
12:54 pm
openly about her history of sexual abuse and mental health struggles. >> i talked about things that people weren't used to talking about. difficult childhoods, and i think people needed some time to digest. >> heche spent her final days in this hospital which specializes in severe burns. she made clear she wanted her organs donated to someone who needed them. heche was kept on life support during the donation process. >> video showing the final moments before the crash, speeding through the streets, before igniting into a ball of flame. a heartbreaking and two -- >> that was raf sanchez, reporting. still ahead the big sports news. a shocker involving one of baseball's hottest stars. plus --
12:55 pm
offers a apology at last, following his suspension from a sex scandal, did he go far enough? that's next. ough that's next. mfort and energy. find your relief in store or online.
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in three seconds, janice will win a speedboat. bingo! i'm moving to the lake... gotta sell the house... ooh! that's a lot of work. ooh! don't worry. skip the hassels and sell directly to opendoor. bingo! when life's doors open, we'll handle the house. one of baseball's rising stars
12:58 pm
just got handed a major suspension. fernando tatis junior has been suspended for 80 games for violating the mlb's drug policy. the star shortstop tested positive for a performance enhancing drug. last year he signed the 4th
12:59 pm
largest contract extension at 14 years, 340 million dollars. tatis apologized to the padres and their fans, saying he's completely devastated. he will not appeal. lush -- deshaun watson is speaking out followed his suspension. the cleveland browns quarterback spoke before the game -- >> i want to say i'm truly sorry to all the women i've impacted. the decisions that i made, in my life position. i would definitely like to have back -- but i would want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that it i am a true person of character, and i want to push forward. >> several women have a accused watson of pursuing sex with them -- >> that wraps it up for me this hour, i'm lindsey graham is,
1:00 pm
are in for yasmin the sioux ginn, simone sanders picks things up right now. greetings. you are watching simone. we have so much to get through today starting with the search warrant a trump's mar-a-lago home. we have details about the dozens of boxes by the fbi. i'm talking classified information, top secret documents. former cia director john vernon is here to break down a potential threat to national security. plus, the house passed an inflation reduction act. this is a major step for curbing climate change. improving health care, and lowering the deficit. frankly, it will be a dereliction of duty if democrats don't shop on the rooftops and the media apparatus has not ask about the importance of this bill. and today, in this simone spotlight, the mother of black hollywood, miss jennifer lewis. she is dropping jobs and how you can walk in your joy, and navigate the times that we are ling


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