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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  August 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5 pm eastern, for another live hour of politicsnation. my lead guest will be the head of the democratic national committee, jaime harrison. there are a lot of questions we want to ask him. that is tomorrow. but now, it's time for american voices with alicia menendez. >> thank you so much, reverend sharpton.
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i know we will all be tuning in to watch that interview. hello to everyone at home. i am alicia menendez. we kick things off with the latest maneuvers by team trump to avoid accountability to hold on to power. aided and abetted by republican leadership. according to new nbc news reporting, trump believes the search of his florida home will help him clinch the 2024 republican nomination for president. team trump is relying on and exploiting existing resentments within the republican base to maintain his position as the leader of the party. nbc news reports, quote, trump seems to be consolidating republican support since the unprecedented search at his home. in retrieving the records, the fbi tapped into deep seated grievances among many republicans in that government institutions are trustworthy or prosecuting their alone defender, that is according to multiple gop operatives who spoke to nbc news. the search at mar-a-lago, also helping trump rake in cash, the political committee raised millions of dollars, fundraising of the criminal
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investigation. as for the investigation, the federal judge says he's inclined to unseal some parts of the mar-a-lago search affidavit. however, the justice department argued releasing the justification for the search could jeopardize its case. doj now has until sir thursday to submit proposed redactions. meanwhile, cnn reports trump is considering releasing surveillance footage from mar-a-lago of the search. this comes as trump threatens to sue the federal government over what he falsely calls a, quote, illegal break in. his legal team now saying trump wants a special master to reveal evidence taken from his home. joining me now to discuss, jill wine-banks. she is a former watergate prosecutor and co-host of the hashtag sisters in law and i jen politics podcasts. and now, investigative reporter for the washington post, carol landing. and both are msnbc contributors. it's good to see you. joe, drop attorney told a right-wing radio host quote, we do think that one of the benefits of the special master,
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which is the term i want you to define, which is if the master agrees with us, we can stop a doj in their tracks when it comes to inspecting these documents. i mean, it seems they're making it pretty clear while they're making this argument, chill. >> yeah, and a special master is not unheard of. there was a special master, judge -- i am forgetting her name, and she was a friend of mine from the committee of the pentagon. she was appointed in one case previously involving either michael cohen or rudy giuliani's files, because there were attorney client conversations in there with other clients, not just donald trump, but also with donald trump, because they were the lawyers for him. but there is nothing in what has been seized that we know of that's important, that is attorney client privilege or
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executive privilege. it is not unheard of to have a special master, which is an independent person, usually a former judge, a retired judge, appointed to review the documents, to make sure that nothing that should not be seen that compromise. those are teams sometimes used, and those are members of the fbi, or even the department of justice, i will not be on the trial because if anyone on the trial team or the grand jury presentation team sees something that they shouldn't see, it could compromise the entire case. so that is why you use either a special master, or a filter team. and i would trust either the filter team or a special master. it's not a big deal. it's not an unwise thing, and it shows that they finally have a genuine lawyer, who even thought of doing this. they should've done this immediately, but it took the hiring of jim trusty to get to
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this point. so, it's a good thing and it want to make a difference in the ultimate outcome of what is released. >> i mean, carol, you have people arguing that revealing the justification of the search at trump's home would jeopardize the investigation. they keep reminding us this is still in development, they worry it will pit witnesses at risk. what are you watching for, as the government works to submit proposed redactions to this judge? >> you know, i think it's really important, alicia, to remember that the government is going to want to err on the side of not showing any of its cards, for how it came to justify an unprecedented search. the goal will be to block out almost everything, and to please the judge and his inclination to release this, i think the government will show a little bit of lag. but that little bit of lag will be something as insignificant as on april 12th, we
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interviewed blank, blank, blank, blank, and learned that there was likely going to be classified information in donald trump's storage facility. i think that is the kind of material you will see revealed, and you'll see a lot of blocked reduction boxes. and i don't think the judge will actually want to do anything that puts witnesses or sources and methods of the government in any kind of jeopardy or peril. >> jill, do you agree? >> i do. and i just want to add, it was barbara jones, former judge barbara jones, and the michael cohen case that was the special master that i was referring to. i also want to point out that it is very unusual for some of this stuff that's being asked for to be released at this point, while there is an ongoing investigation. and so, the redactions, while, they're going to be extensive in this case couldn't let us
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learn things like what kind of conversations happened with president trump, and with his lawyers, to get this, to avoid having to have a search warrant? it seems to me, from what we know, that there were extensive discussions to avoid the extreme step of a search warrant. and that is very persuasive to me, and i think it would be even to trump supporters, that he refused to give back documents that clearly, probable cause was established to go with the search. and if you had any doubt about it, you now know that the probable cause was accurate, because when they left, they had top secret, special sensitive compartmented information in those files. so the top secret information was in fact there as set forth in the search warrant and in the crimes indicated in the search warrant. so, i think that redactions are gonna take a lot of information that will jeopardize the investigation and the lives of
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the people involved in both the performance and the agents involved. >> carol, i want to go back to something that jill referenced, and that you have been reporting on. quote, trump rushing to assemble a team of respected defense lawyers, but the answer he keeps hearing is no. what kind of challenges is he running into here? >> well, donald trump, as a client, is a problem, for a lot of lawyers. in fact, we learned in the course of our reporting that there were people who had previously been trump advisers, who were contacted by lawyers, considering this work, considering representing trump, and that they were discouraged to essentially, up on what they heard. what is donald trump's reputation as a client? you and i both know that, from reporting we've done in the past. one, he doesn't listen very well to his lawyers, when they say you will do this. he has tweeted things out
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immediately upon leaving meetings with lawyers where they said don't talk about this. he is not particularly -- he doesn't have an excellent reputation in terms of paying his bill are on time, because he's angry if somebody didn't do what he wanted, and then he would use their work as therefore less valuable to him, and maybe he's not gonna pay the bill. and the other probably worst thing is a lot of lawyers have left the employee of donald trump being fired by him unanimously and without particularly good cause. and their reputations are harmed harmed. and then at one thing, if i can, and echo something that jill mentioned, which is jim trusty. there are some lawyers on this case that have actual real experience and are serious people. jim trusty is one of them. so, he's in core current -- visit recent addition to donald trump's stable of lawyers who came to him through steve
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bannon, you may remember, he represented steve bannon an unsuccessful attempt to avoid prosecution. both of them have federal prosecutorial experience. they know the job. but evan gorka is now in a bad spot because he was part of the group that said, you know what, justice department? we've looked at the records, and it doesn't look like there is any more classified information. that is going to be a big, big problem for people who made that claim. and whether or not they will be able to be as forceful and an conflicted in this case. >> carol, thank you so much for getting us started. jill, you are staying with me. next, it does not stop with mar-a-lago. from new york to georgia, trump's legal troubles, they are all over the map. what is next in those key cases? plus, trump endorsed candidates, they are winning their primaries, but can they win a general new analysis about the midterms? and why a florida judge dealt a major blow to the senators stop
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woke act, and compared to the state to the upside down from stranger things. but first to richard lui who is standing by with a look at the other big stories we are watching this hour at msnbc. which are? >> alicia, good day to. you abortion remains illegal in michigan. a judge is blocked enforcement of a 91 year old man on that procedure. the 1931 law would have made almost all abortions a felony, with no exceptions. islamic militants stormed a hotel in somalia. they called it least 20 people. the militants engaged in a gunfire with police for several hours, many of the victims are believed to be civilians. and fears of a nuclear catastrophe. in ukraine, prices as fighting near major power plant continues. both ukraine and russia believed the other will attack the nuclear plant. and then say the other country did it. also called a false flag attacked. more american voices, right after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and its aftermath is not enough, we are also following the latest development into another potential legal and. the manhattan district attorney mastication into the trump organization. this week, allen weisselberg, the former chief financial officer of trump org, and one of his closest confidants, pleaded guilty to 15 felony counts, including tax fraud and larceny. prosecutors say he failed to play millions in texas and helped top trump executives do the same. he's facing five months in jail and millions of penalties and will testify against the trump organization in an upcoming trial this october. so far, weisselberg refuses to turn on trump still. legal experts no weisselberg's agreement to testify on the trump organization could hurt the company's defense. joe one banks is back with me. there is so much news that we are being asked to process that i want to make sure that we took some time and talk about this separate from everything else that we are talking about.
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talk us through this. how damning is this for trump and the trump organization? what does it mean big picture? >> let's go back to what the plea agreement is. weisselberg who was the cfo and knows everything. he's been with the company since trump's father, fred, started it. he is a longtime employee. as the cfo, he knows all the ins and outs. he has said that i am going to jail rather than fully corporate. eventually, it got to the point where, well, maybe a lighter sentence would be worth my cooperating against the trump organization. but then you have to ask what that means exactly. the trump organization is a small enough group. and who is the trump organization? it is donald trump senior, donald trump jr., eric trump and ivanka trump. they are the principal people behind the organization. when you are testifying against the organization, organizations
3:18 pm
don't go to jail for crimes, they are not people. people pay the penalties. who are the people who will pay ? if he lies, if weisselberg lies and testifying at the trial set for october 24th, not very long from now, if eli's, the judge who is going to send some is the same judge in the trial. he will know that he lied. he has said to him as part of the plea, i want you to understand that you could go to jail for 15 years. if you lie, this plea deal is over. it's done. there was something else missing from the plea agreement, which was that this was in full settlement of all other cases. it did not say that, which means that they may have something beyond the 15 counts he is already indicted on. some of those could be against one of his children, who got the benefits of this and also worked for the trump
3:19 pm
organization. so maybe to protect himself from an extended time in jail or to protect family members or whatever else is in his mind, he will come forward and testify. you cannot divide it between the trump organization and the trump family. while he says i am not testifying against the president, the former president. in fact, he will have to, i think. >> msnbc legal analyst glenn kirschner, who our audience is familiar with, said weisselberg got a sweetheart deal. that the da's going easy on him. your thoughts? >> it is. on the other hand, they are getting a benefit, which is that they have a live witness who pleaded guilty and who will testify against the organization at a separate trial. and they don't have to go to a child with him. it is a very lenient, favorable deal for him, but the
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government is getting something in return. i am not so concerned about that being a sweetheart deal. he had to admit to 15 felonies, and he is done. his life is over. his actual time in jail will be very short. it won't start until after he testifies at this trial. so he knows a lot is on the line. in a way, i will choose go to jail first, so he knew exactly what he was facing and how awful it will be to be in jail, which might actually want to make him testify more honestly. but i think he will testify honestly. but this means is that it is a guaranteed conviction of the trump organization. the financial penalties could ruin the company. so, with everything pending, this is very damaging to the former president and to his corporation. it could be the end for all of them. >> joe, as our audience
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wellness, you always pick a pin to where that is in some ways related to what it is we are talking about. i want to close out by asking about the penny just for today. >> the pen i chose today is a special one. it is a blunt golf player in an orange jumpsuit. it looks to me like he is about to throw a club. it is a double entendre here to the mar-a-lago. it is obviously a golf club. it seemed to me that i was saying something about what will happen to donald trump in the future? will he be wearing an orange jumpsuit and tried to play golf at a federal penitentiary? or will he go to records island, which is where weisselberg is headed, as soon as the trial is over for at least 100 days, maybe for five months, maybe if he lies, for a much longer time? i thought it was an appropriate one for today's conversation. >> one day, i am coming over
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and seeing the entire pink collection. i cannot believe that you have these things in your possession. jill wine-banks, as always, thanks for walking us over this. next, florida governor ron desantis putting his right-wing vision for the stay in place. why his efforts to curb free speech could backfire. senator mitch mcconnell, of all people, raising the alarm for republicans over their chances in the senate. how a celebrity sergeant and former football star maybe causing problems for his party in the midterms? in the midterms? ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and cibinqo helps provide clearer skin and less itch. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb.
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version of the real world. that is all make belief. it sometimes seems like our own political climate is a doctor step here that you cannot escape. that is exactly how u.s. district judge sees it. in a ruling thursday, he said, quote, recently, it seems like florida has seen the first amendment upside down. normally, the first amendment bars the state from burdening switch. while private actors may burden speech freely. but in florida, the first amendment apparently barr's private actors burdening speech, while the state may burden speech freely. the judge was discussing the decision to block the states so called the stop work act, signed into law by governor ron desantis. no doubt about it, the law is an attack on free speech, restricting how businesses and schools discussed brace during diversity training. but desantis continues to push asleep further to the right. as a new school year begins, floated teachers are working to navigate the don't say gay law, the law limits when teachers
3:28 pm
can say about sexual orientation and gender identity in florida classrooms from kindergarten to third grade. desantis has also pushed a complete overhaul of floaters teaching standards and civics. some of the new standards at besides religion, specifically christiane e.. nbc's alex wagner shot down with -- to see how there are treating teachers with the new standards. >> misconception, the founders desire strict separation of church and state in the founders only wanted to protect freedom of worship. >> this kind of misconception thing followed a sturdy out the entirety of all the sessions. they would hone in on these are things you might know to be true, but they are misconception. this was a big one for this workshop, where they legitimately said to us that the founders did not want the strict separation. they wanted religion to influence peoples values. >> specifically, christian
3:29 pm
religion? >> yes. >> because there is a long line about how it is christian tenets, and that is what the founders intended. when they talk about this church, they are really talking about the question church. >> right. >> this is the and the size of the whole presentation or this is the and conclusion that they want you to come away with? >> right. >> this does not feel like a training slide. this feels like to borrow a phrase from the governor, indoctrination? >> it can. it is definitely of concern. it does not feel like any other training i have been to. >> definitely of concern. our thanks to alex wagner. as for governor desantis, he's not testing his influence on the national stage, campaigning for trump backed election admirers in several states. new york times report reads, quote, as he aims to risk control of the conservative movement. -- desantis is appearing with some of its highest profile and most incendiary figures, midterm
3:30 pm
candidates who, unlike him, or have relentlessly pushed the fiction that the 2020 election was stolen. joining me now to discuss, msnbc fernando bondi, the host of these strange days protests. good to see you. before we get to pennsylvania and ohio, desantis takes a show on the road, i have to ask you about that clip we saw from my colleague alex wagner. we talked about a lot of this, you and i on the show, but big picture for someone who might be tuning into what is happening in your state. what is desantis up to? >> alicia, if you were to take the handmaid's tale, george orwell's 1984 and a movie scarf lace in a bender, you would come out with desantis's florida. it is the pizarro anti-america, fascist project. it is happening in action. it has been taking place over the last four years, but desantis is now scrambling and doing everything in his power
3:31 pm
to try to recapture momentum for the 2024 nomination for the republican party, you are just seeing him do whatever he wants. he is doing it with a sense of impunity outside of these court decisions. right now, it is the santas unhinged, and he is doing whatever he wants, despite what the constitution or public opinion polls say or what voters are looking for. >> feel free to disagree with me, but one of the things it seems watching this fall unfold from upstate is that if you look at the policies themselves, they are pretty radical. yet, somehow, he has worked in his messaging to make himself seem mainstream, to make a series of minor decisions in the way that he chooses to talk about trump, and the way he chooses to talk about what happened on january six, such that he would like to remain palatable to a broader section of the electorate should he decide to run for president. it is why i found it
3:32 pm
interesting that you have him now out on the road, stumping for candidates like doug mastriano. he is with him on friday. just to refresh everyone, mastriano's far-right positions include supporting abortion bans without exceptions, rolling back same-sex marriage protections and, of course, he's worked to overturn the 2020 election. i don't know if you can report to be a moderate, regardless of how conservative your positions are and then get on stage a stop for a candidate like that. >> alicia, he is such a moderate republican, quote unquote, he won the alex jones primary this week. i hardly think he is going to back any suspected rhinos. no, no, he is maga unhinged. this is all in the service of the base, based service work, if you will. that is why he has taken every opportunity to align himself with the extreme right wing perspective, even if it means
3:33 pm
aligning himself with some of these candidates who represent the most extreme position of the republican party and put him at odds what you might think would be a general election audience. it also doesn't matter how selectively he picks issues that he thinks might be more general election topics. it does not matter if the candy coated shell of the passes -- fascist pill he's offering. at the end of the day, he is one goal and one goal only, where there is a type of government where desantis is the unquestioned leader. anyone or anything that defies desantis will be carried out with punishment by the state, as he did this month to the state attorney from hillsborough, the duly elected state attorney, andrew warren, whose only sin was saying that he was going to wait until the constitutionality of the roe v. wade decisions came in place in florida. for that, governor desantis suspended him, alicia. that is in a line of action seize up to. >> we have had warren on the show discussing this very thing. i do have to ask you.
3:34 pm
after the 2020 election, you had dissent discreet and elections police force, despite no evidence of widespread voter fraud interstate. this week, he announced the arrest of 20 formerly imprisoned people. the first rounds of arrest, quote, focused on felons who illegally voted in 2020 by either not properly applied to other voting rights restored or a ineligible because of their severely other crimes. i wonder what you make of this? >> well, you may be shocked, but governor desantis is right. there was illegal felonious voting in voter, except it was done by trump voters in the villages and counties. what is interesting about the decision you lay out, alicia, is that he is targeting democratic counties. counties where there are only democratic majority votes, counties that joe biden won. it is selective prosecution or enforcement at best. what it really is about is an intimidation factor. he is saying, if you are an ex felon or anybody who lives in
3:35 pm
these counties, we will be watching like a hawk. if you made an innocent mistake or filled out a paper or acted in good faith to get arrests restored, we will get after you under any pretext. it is not surprising he is continue with this type of behavior. >> it is a long tale of what has been waged around returning citizens being able to vote in the state of florida. fernand, you are staying with me. next, mitch mcconnell thinks senate republicans -- the warning from the senate minority leader about the direction of his party. plus, america's gun violence becoming a political issue. mers across the country trying to fight crime and running into resistance from the gop. the mayor of phoenix will be here. will be here ♪ but i like it, i love it, ♪ ♪ i want some more of it ♪ ♪ i try so hard, i can't rise above it ♪ ♪ i don't know what it is 'bout that little ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i gotta say moving in together has been awesome.
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it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support, for all-day pain relief. find your relief in store or online. it is trump's republican party, and he is proving it at the ballot box. trump endorsed candidates, many of them believers in the big lie, they are awaiting gop
3:39 pm
primaries, sometimes driving conservatives who rebuked trump of office. this week, senator minority leader mitch because no trying to manage expectations around november. >> i think there is a greater likelihood that the house flips than the senate. senate races are different. they are statewide. canada quality has a lot to do the arc of. >> joining me now, msnbc political contributor and political white house reporter, eugene daniels, back with me, fernand money. so many questions about that sound. whose expectations is mcconnell managing? would he have said the same thing a few months ago? and who was he pinning candidate quality on? >> this is something that you start to see from republicans over the last couple of weeks and months.
3:40 pm
managing expectations but throwing shade at some of the candidates. you think of folks like herschel walker in georgia, and he is pinning it on donald trump. he is telling republican voters, who republicans have been saying for months that this will be historic, it will be a red wave, that they should cool their jets. that may not be happening at least on the senate side. and in the house side, you have republicans time me and my colleagues that we will flip 60 house seats. they are not feeling that way anymore. they feel that as in. for months and months and months during the primaries, we saw donald trump picking parent -- candidates who were far-right, picking candidates like mehmet oz in pennsylvania, thinking he is a carpet bagger, not really from pennsylvania without the pennsylvania roots they want. that is something that people like mitch mcconnell and other republicans have been worried about since the beginning of
3:41 pm
last year, when donald trump said, i am going to get in the middle of the primaries, this is what they were worried about. him picking candidates that we're not going to move to the center, as they know as they have to do in a general election in some of these places. -- who would be spreading donald trump's lies about the 2020 election, just so he can come and get them a good hug and get onstage with them. that is something that republicans are really concerned about. now there are starting to be concerned about that publicly, like mitch mcconnell was. >> you and i are old enough to remember 2010 and know those ways in which it's because no might be having a little déjà vu all over again. i wonder if you think that is an accurate comparison because, yes, some of this is about the specific candidates chosen, but as you and i also know, some of this is atmospheric, the extent to which covid is under control, the extent to which inflation is under control.
3:42 pm
obviously, it is all of the above, but i wonder what you make of the fact that all of a sudden, republicans are nervous? >> i just love that much because no, gop see why a clip, clearly, he is shuffling. you also see the republican senate funding, there is now 100 $76 million raised that is gone. republican senate candidates, as you mentioned, are far behind. whether this looks like a 2010 wave or a 2014 cycle, i don't think we can apply any other political rules. the republicans are counting on one thing, alicia. they are counting on american pardon -- this played landscape where joe biden can get anything done. gas is a $6 a gallon, covid was everywhere, and honor the promises from the campaign were being delivered on. the exact opposite is happening. biden has had an extraordinary two months. we see all of the economic
3:43 pm
indicators moving in the right direction and then, the elephant in the room in this case is the supreme court decision on the overturning of roe v. wade. that is the -- that is what has changed and upended the landscape of these midterms. it is why i think now the republicans are starting to act in open panic. for the first time, they are now seeing in the polling and in the fundraising that there are political consequences to this overreach on this issue that so many americans are impacted by. that would be headwinds that they are moving in the direction of with biden's quick couple of weeks, they are in real trouble in november. >> eugene, talk to me about the panic, with that panic looks like and understanding that they are not going to be able to run with the messaging that they thought they were going to be able to run with. it simply does not report with people's reality. they are doing it in the face of democratic legislative winds. but then becomes their message
3:44 pm
going into november? >> it's hard to see their message changed because they have been doing it for so long, they decided on the message and said this is what we will take all the way to november, no matter what the true feelings of the american people might be and also with the actual environment looks like. as we all know, when you have a simple message to saw the people, things going badly is a really simple message. things going badly is much harder when people are watching joe biden sign pieces of legislation that we promised would never happen, because of how close it is in the senate. it is hard to say that when you are seeing the economy get a little bit better. inflation is still high but it looks like economists think we have hit a peak or are hitting a plateau. gas prices are going down. all the things that republicans were hoping to continue, the, has changed. as they are back to the drawing board, the nra see, for example,
3:45 pm
had a call last month thinking, okay, with mehmet oz in pennsylvania, we will have to figure out a different way to turn the senate, because it does not seem like he is our guy. he is behind john fetterman by 11 points in that state. that is what you will start seeing, as fernando was saying. follow the money, as you see them taking money from places and moving into other places, that is something that is telling you that the republicans are trying to figure out what they can do and how they can flip the senate. we still have a lot of time left. as quickly as things have changed for democrats, they felt really good, and republicans are very nervous, especially in the senate, that could happen again. gas prices go up, anything can happen. the last four or five years, i think democrats are cautiously optimistic and republicans are hoping that they are able to drop the ball as they move forward to november. >> fernand amandi, thank you for staying with us. eugene, you are staying with me. next, the phoenix mayor on her
3:46 pm
mission to end gun violence in her city, and why she's not getting any help from republicans? plus, president trump fundraising off the fbi search of the mar-a-lago residents, breaking into millions. but will his strategy actually come back to haunt him? me back to haunt him we just moved. so there's millions of - dahlias in bloom. over nine acres. when we started, we grew a quarter of an acre. now i'm taking on new projects on the regular. there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn more at - i'm norm. - i'm szasz.
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3:50 pm
meters in america. in 2020, there was more than 20,000. that is a 25% increase in one year. 2020 data is not incomplete. we know many cities have reached record levels of murder, putting philadelphia, atlanta and milwaukee. it is safe to say that there is a surge in crime, especially violent crime and murder across america. >> republicans love to talk about high crime and in doing so, blame it on democrats and democratic policies. the democratic members are pointing out that republicans are often the one blocking any efforts to curb it. the mayor of houston, tucson, cleveland and --
3:51 pm
wanted to hypocrisy of it all, writing in newsweek, quote, our state republican governors and legislators are putting our hands as we attempt to curb gun violence and keep our city safe. even while they blame us for crimes in our communities. they are doing this by repealing life saving gun safety laws and actively passing legislation that puts committee keys and officers in danger by flooding our streets with guns. now, more than 20,000 democratic most across the country are coming together and fighting back. they are taking part in mares stopping crime we cup action. one of them, join me now, the next mayor kate gallego, good to see you, thanks for being with us. i had to ask you, just about the fact that you are focusing on this makes me believe that when you talk to just achievements, crime is top of mind. when you are talking to people where you live, how much of an issue is this for them? >> people care anonymously about being safe. i am a mom, and like many other moms the day after uvalde, it
3:52 pm
was hard to drop my son off at school. you want our kids to be safe, whether they are at the grocery store or at school. it's a tough time right now in our country. >> in june, you and a lot enforcement and phoenix announced an initiative called operation gun crime attacked down from july 5th to august 15th. phoenix police seized more than 700 guns. talk to me about the goals of the initiative. >> we want to take illegal guns off the streets of phoenix. we have had some very rough incidents this year. we had an illegal gun used in an ambush against phoenix police officers. we had nine officers injured in that event. we have had multiple incidents like that, where illegal guns have been used against our officers or any crimes against our citizens. we are partnering with atf, the federal government, to be able to get the best possible data, to track down the guns that are involved in these. we had a shooting where a young
3:53 pm
person was at a phoenix parks facility, and in partnership with multiple agencies, we were able to track down someone who shot at that young person and then take other guns off the streets as well. it has been a successful operation, where we are saying, this is top priority for us, we want phoenix to be safe, we are acting quickly and putting an almost resources towards it. >> i had to ask you, mayor, when you talk about governors and state legislators really tying the hands of mayors, whereas that look like in arizona? >> the gun that was seized in the incident that harmed nine phoenix police officers, our legislation requires us to put it back on the streets. they are saying that all the guns have to be put back on the streets that we season operations. our legislator responded to very difficult gun statistics by passing a law saying we cannot enforce federal calmness. they are really trying to say, the gun lobby comes first over the safety of our residents.
3:54 pm
>> one of the takeaways i had, at least, from the newsweek piece was that bears were on the front lines of this. you know your community differently than someone who is not with them and the day today. when these acts of violence transpire, you are not just dealing with this in terms of government response logistics, you are often one-on-one with the people who are most impacted. talk to me about what it has been like to be with families through those moments and to absorb the pain that they are feeling as a result. >> a single gun incident can tear apart multiple family's lives. we have often someone going to jail, someone who will probably never be the same, either a loss of life for someone seriously injured. all of the people who are around the situation also experiencing trauma.
3:55 pm
i sometimes feel that if the lawmakers had to meet with victims and families so deeply impacted at the state legislator, they would be behaving differently and seeing how gun violence is tearing apart communities. >> well, mayor kate gallego, i appreciate you so much. thank you so much for making the time to be with us. when we come back, a new hour of american voices gets underway. so much to cover. the politics of the mar-a-lago search, new reporting suggests that team trump, things that could actually help them. i will ask a lawyer about that. plus senator lindsey graham tried to get out of talking to a georgia grand jury about the big lie, notice. where he and other big names at the testify? and later, can moderate republicans hold off hordes of conspiracy theorists and extremists. i will ask a republican who is leading the effort. ading the foefrt [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪
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trump versus the doj and in battle over classified documents. attorneys for the former president say they are mulling a motion for a special master to review evidence seized from mar-a-lago. this is trump uses a search to play the victim and rile up his base. that is not the only vehicle problem for trump. in georgia, he tried to get secretary of state brad raffensperger to overturn 2020 election. prosecutors want to talk to senator lindsey graham about a conversation he also had with raffensperger. meanwhile, some of the gop want to move on from the make about this. i will speak with the political director of a group of republican spending big bucks to try to dump trump and restore the gop credibility. plus, young mothers across the country forced to make horrible choices, as more states criminalize abortion procedures. but there are glimmers of hopes at least on defense, like in michigan, where a judge just blocked a 91-year-old ban on abortions.
4:00 pm
this is american voices. we begin this hour with donald trump's war on the justice department and how he is leveraging a criminal investigation to grow his support with the gop base. four presidents -- spent the day bragging on social media about how the fbi search at mar-a-lago is solidifying his hold on the republican party, as he eyes a 2024 run for president. new reporting from nbc news, according to a source close to trump, he is inclined to launch his candidacy after the november elections, in part to avoid blame, should an early announcement under mine the gop effort to take control of congress. if he runs, and that is a big if, at least one criminal investigation could follow's every move during a 2024 campaign. this week, the justice department looked into the investigation -- classified documents at trump's florida home is in the early


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