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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 23, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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get to tonight. some breaking news here, in new york 17th congressional district nbc news now predicts that sean patrick maloney, chair of the dccc has defeated state senator, alexander biology. msnbc will have election coverage through this very exciting. right now, it is time for the last word with my friend lawrence or donald. >> >> i've had my eye on this house race that is the house race of my last guess last night, 25 year old maxwell alejandro frost. he has won his primary. it is a highly democratic district so this is one of those, those new york city primaries. the winner of the democratic primary is very, very likely the next member of congress throughout this week. we have a new youngest member of the house representatives in january. he was on this program last night, we are going to try to find him somewhere in the
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celebration at the end of the hour. see if we can get a couple of minutes with him on the phone at the end of this hour tonight. >> it is a good news story. i love it, jen see in the house. it is time, this is what changes democracy lawrence. >> it really is. >> find that maxwell frost. >> that age group good that win. >> have a great show. >> thanks alex, thank you. well, donald trump's continuing unsolvable lifetime problem is that stupid attracts stupid. that is why don trump has always been surrounded by stupidity. now that donald trump has painted himself into the corner of the first ex president under multiple criminal investigations, donald trump is surrounded now by nothing but stupid. that is why the trump
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sycophants decided it was a good idea to make public a letter from the national archives to one of donald trump 's lawyers written three months before the fbi obtained a search warrant for government documents at donald trump's florida home. releasing that letter was a profoundly stupid thing to do. the person who made the letter public is john solomon who was dumped by the fox propaganda channel because he was a bit too reckless even for them. since john solomon no longer has guessed privileges on sean hannity show, he decided to reveal that letter in a podcast conversation with steve bannon who is so not smart he is awaiting sentencing for criminal contempt of congress. here is donald trump in the last year of his presidency introducing the person who wrote that letter and who in effect called in the fbi to go after the trump documents.
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>> debra, deputy of the united states. that sounds like a very big job. that's a lot of archives. how many buildings does that take up? great, great job. thank you very much. >> yeah, it is a very big job and she does do a great job. as her letter shows. and the archives take up more than one building. but don trump's hotel in florida is not one of them. debra could never have imagined that she was going to become the most important archivist in american history. if you've never known the name of the archivist of the united states before now, welcome to the club. it is not the place where attention seekers go to work.
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it probably was not with debra was dreaming of when she was a college student at a graduate student at american university studying film. if she ever had fantasies of fame, it may have been of the hollywood variety. but, in 1991 during the republican administration of the first president bush, deborah seidel wall went to work at the national archives as an archivist trainee with a specialty in film. 20 years later, deborah seidel wall became deputy archivist of the united states in 2011 and after archivist david ferreira retired in may of just this year, deborah seidel wall became active archivist of the united states.
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instantly, she found herself in the middle of the most serious problem any archivist has ever had with a former president in her very first days as acting archivist. debra seidel wall sent a four page letter to one of don trump 's lawyers that the trump team decided to make public last night and that reveals that in may, donald trump was knowingly violating the wall by possessing government records and asking the archives not to tell the fbi all about it. the letter describes the ongoing schoolgirl to get the documents from donald trump quote, the national archives had ongoing communications with the former presidents representatives throughout 2021 about what appeared to be missing presidential records, which resulted in the transfer
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of 15 boxes of records to the national archives in january 2022. in its initial review of materials within those boxes, the national archives identified items marked as classified national security information, up to the level of top secret including sensitive compartmented information and special access program materials. the letter points out to don trump lawyer quote, there are important national security interests in the fbi and others in the intelligence community getting access to these materials according to the national archives. among the materials in the boxes of 100 documents with classification markings, comprising more than 700 pages. some include the highest levels of classification including special access program materials. the important thing to remember is that this is just a description of the first batch of documents that donald trump handed over. that first batch included 700 pages of highly classified
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material and that wasn't all of what donald trump was still keeping at his home in florida after he handed over the 700 pages, he still had more. the archivists letter to don trump's lawyer explains that this is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation. this isn't may. the letter says, access to the materials is not only necessary for purposes of our ongoing criminal investigation, but the executive branch must also conduct an assessment of the potential damage resulting from the parent manner in which these materials were stored and transported. don't trump lawyers had asked the archives to not hand over all of those documents that they found at his home to the fbi for their investigation so that donald trump's lawyers could quote, ascertain whether any specific document is subject to privilege and then to consult with the former
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president so that he may personally make any decision to assert a claim of constitutionally based privilege. the archivists letter informed on trump's stunningly stupid lawyers that there is no such privilege for a former president. the letter said, the question in this case is not a close one. there is no basis for the former president to make a protective assertion of executive privilege. debra seidel wall answer letter to don's lawyer saying, i have therefore decided not to honor the former presidents protective claim of privilege for the same reasons, i have concluded that there is no reason to grant your request for a further delay before the fbi and others in the intelligence community, begin the reviews.
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accordingly, the national archives will provide the fbi access to the records in question. so, debra steidel wall, who is now the most famous archivist of the united states in history of that very obscure office. she has shown beyond the shadow of a doubt that she, who has a graduate degree in film and did not go to law school, understands all of the relative law for better than any of donald trump's lawyers who are as lost in the trumpian fog of stupidity as their client always has been. and that is a problem that donald trump cannot solve. leading off our discussion tonight is mark, attorney who represents, who specializes in
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national security and security clearances. also the former federal federal prosecutor, and harry lippman, former u.s. attorney and deputy attorney general under clinton. mark, let me begin with you. from the defense attorney's perspective, let's assume that somehow donald trump found his way to a competent criminal defense attorney in this situation. first of all, would you have made that letter public and secondly, what does that letter tell you about the challenges facing donald trump's defense? >> i didn't understand from the moment i read the letter why this was being released by the trump team. as you and others have been describing, not by the legal team but by his supporters like john solomon. there is nothing in this letter that, as you just have laid out, that puts the president in any positive light whatsoever.
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i don't particularly get it. i agree with the legal analysis that is in this letter, i will tell you, i worked with the national archives many times over the years, i've help them recover stolen property, i have sued the national archives many times, in fact i think i met a couple of court lawsuits against them right now. their top leadership that has been there for many years or experts on classification, in fact a former classification czar is in the leadership. their general counsel mentioned in the letter, has been there for decades. these are people who know what they are doing. they are neutral, they are nonpartisan. this is a damning letter against president trump and his legal team. glenn kershner, we've heard from the defense [laughs] that's as good a defense lawyer as you can get. he's not saying exactly where you go with this on the trump defense side. >> there really is nowhere to
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go. there is no safe haven for donald trump. no matter what his attorneys trying to throw into the mix, lawrence. it only makes matters worse. you know, as bad as that letter from the national archives is for him, it discloses that there are some of our most important national secrets that apparently were residing at mar-a-lago, being rummage through by who knows who. i read something recently that i think is even worse for donald trump. and you spent a lot of time on this, but the new york times reported that mr. trump went through the boxes himself in late 2021. now first of all, that means he was concealing these documents on the property at mar-a-lago for a very long time. from late 2021 until the search warrant was executed by the fbi in august of 2022.
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but even more importantly, that has both legal consequences and even more importantly, practical consequences. the legal consequences are, when your crime that involves possession like mishandling of classified documents or national defence information prosecutors have to prove that and defend it. and mishandle them. and you know, the law has two kinds of position. actual possession, when you're grabbing hold of something, and constructive possession like when donald trump said hey, put those boxes in a storage shed. he may never have touch the boxes, but he directed that they'd be placed in a location over which he had control and access, that is the very definition of constructive possession. we prosecutors are a conservative bunch. not necessarily politically, but we don't like to take risks, we like to bring really strong cases and lawrence, the once i saw the reporting that donald trump went through the boxes himself.
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that will give prosecutors a real comfort level about bringing charges that involve donald trump personally mishandling classified or national defence information. >> harry lippman, the times, when it reported that line, mr. trump went through the boxes himself, the sources -- i'm going to read the line again as they reported. mr. trump went to the box himself in late 2021, according to multiple people briefed on his efforts, before turning them over. so harry, that indicates that there are multiple potential witnesses to this piece of evidence that donald trump actually went to the boxes himself. assuming he did, and let's make one more assumption. let's assume donald trump didn't have any idea that there was any information at all at his home until december of 2021. that is a big leap into trump's
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favor just for the moment. let's pretend he didn't know any discovers them in december of 2021. as the times says, he went through the boxes himself. what is his obligation upon going through those boxes and seeing that they are government documents, presidential documents that belong to the government. that is set one. and set two, within that, there are plenty of documents, hundreds of turns out labeled classified. what is doldrums legal obligation when he looks at those boxes? >> well, i'll tell you one thing that it isn't, that is to conceal them and lie about them. this letter is so damning for the reasons that you have said. but two other things to really point out, the first is, he is brazen but he has a really small playbook. he's a one trick pony. he is doing the exact same argument now about executive privilege. his ally has just published an
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entire legal analysis, it's not just from the archivists by the way, she checks with the doj, the office of legal counsel so it completely trashes his legal claim. that is for starters. and now, second in this ongoing, what are things going to look like thursday. he has led with his chin in a way that now the department can come in and say, oh, well besides this letter, let me tell you what really happened and it will be now public accounting of the most important aspect that whatever come out in the redacted version which is, all the back and forth. remember, this letter is from may, four more weeks and then more and more and more. so he has given the doj an opportunity to just slap him around and make the magistrate
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come thursday say, this has been revealed, we can do it in a more electrical way. so, that is a long way of answering your question. the main point is, obligation, whether or not he needs to return it right away, and any of us would. you see documents like that, your heads bins if they're outside of a sciff. you may not continue to conceal them and i about them. if you do, you are looking at 20 years statute that they did potentially charge, that they found in the search warrant here which is obstruction. once you have his knowledge, the obstruction follows much more clearly. >> mark, another point on obstruction. this letter from the archives specifies to donald trump's lawyers that these documents need to be handed over to the fbi for a criminal investigation. this letter is dated may 10th,
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here is donald trump's lawyer holding this in his hands on the tenth. if he doesn't know it before, he knows now. the fbi is doing a criminal investigation of donald trump's handling of these documents. that is may 10th, june 2nd, fbi agents and justice department lawyers come down to donld trump's house in florida. the lawyers, the lawyer got that letter hands over more documents. but, he keeps some that are not handed over at that time. what does that do to this case? >> well, i think it shows for one, that there is more than just donald trump who's potentially facing legal liability. it may be some of the lawyers depending on what they knew when they filed this astetation that they were no longer holding classified documents at mar-a-lago. clearly, it wasn't true since we know by the fbi seizure. it brings in a lot of play. the other thing that this letter shows, people have been wondering this motion that
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trump and his team filed yesterday which is horrible quite frankly, i would fire anyone who rode it if they're working for my firm. but that letter people were saying, why did it take two weeks to file the motion? if you are asking for a special master to look at this information, we can talk about that if you want, it is a separate issue also. if you waited that long, why? this letter even shows more because here it is that they were put on notice back in may that actually the former president has the right to have representatives review the documents that are in its possession. to do its own classification review if they want to. as long as they have the proper security clearance, i believe that is even john solomon that is being referred to in this letter. have we heard, and kas patel, the other one who has been speaking of a this. i wave my magic hand and it is declassified. have we heard them say anything about getting access, no. i would like to know why that is. have they made an effort to get
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access? they were even offered access to the unclassified information so that they could do an inventory. we haven't heard anything about that either. i think we can agree that if there is silence from the trump camp, it's because they actually think it doesn't help them, that means i really want to know what it was and what the answers were. >> mark, thank you very much for joining us and thank you for having gregory peck as atticus finch over your shoulder, i wish we could have him in this discussion. harry lippman, thank you very much for joining us. and we're gonna go right to steve who is covering tonight's primaries. steve, what is the latest? >> we've got suspense here. i think some unexpected suspense potentially in york's 19th district, this is the special election here for a seat in congress. democrat pat ryan right now, you see the advantage over the republican mark molinaro. keep in mind, the way the vote counting is taking place here in new york 19 is most of these counties are counting up the vote by mail and the early vote
10:21 pm
first that tends to be by far the much more democratic friendly type of vote. then what happens is they add in the same day vote, the vote that was cast today in person that tends to be a much more republican friendly vote. so we have been watching ryan has had the lead all night, you saw it happen again, molinaro has been creeping up as more votes have been coming in. but this seems to be, both seem to be on a collision course, a very, very close race. to give you an example here of one county that is basically says, it says 80% in but we believe based on what the county is showing us that this may be all of the vote. this is just to give you an example of what we are seeing here. molinaro wins this county 66 to 37%. compare that to the 2020 election results in this county. it is almost identical. trump won this county 63 to 34%. now, this district as a whole
10:22 pm
went for joe biden by two points in 2020. for ryan basically to be matching the biden number. if he could do that across the district, remember biden won it by two, if ryan is matching it in a republican county, that is about where he wants to be. it gives you an indication of how close this is shaping up to be. so the two key counties i think this really gonna start to come down to. number one is right down here. this is ulster county, this is the largest county in the district of all the votes in the district are going to come out of ulster county. this is ryan's base, he is the county executive in ulcer county. you can see, just compare again, most democratic county in the district, biden got 60% of it. that was in 2020. ryan currently is getting about 67% of the vote. largely what is still being counted up in ulster county is the same day vote. so this ryan number is going to continue to come down. we expect though, the question
10:23 pm
is though, can't land were all the votes are counted, can't rind the at orb of 60% in ulster county? that looms as a crucial benchmark. if he can get to 61, 62, 63, something like that anyway, back to you. >> steve, thank you very much. we are going to be coming back here. that is gonna be one we're watching later today tonight. thank you very much steve. when we come back, congressman eric swalwell will join us. an eric swalwell will join us
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reporting that the house select committee investigating the january six attack on capitol has conducted interviews with members of donald trump's cabinet. the times reports quote, the panel has been holding closed-door interviews with senior trump administration officials in an effort to uncover more about the period between january 6th, 2021 when a mob of mr. trump's supporters attacked congress, and january 20th, when president biden was sworn in. including talks about invoking the 25th amendment. joining us now is congressman eric swallwell, he served as a house impeachment manager in the second impeachment trial of donald trump. he's a member of the house judiciary committee and the intelligence committee. those concerns about possibly
10:29 pm
invoking the 25th amendment occurred reportedly after what those members of the cabinet saw donald trump do and not do on january 6th. it is very likely it seems to me that the justice department is looking at many of those same members of the cabinet to put under oath in a grand jury to ask them what they know and what they saw about donald trump's handling of classified material. >> we have every reason to be worried that we would not see a peaceful transition of power on january 20th. just 14 days. were terrifying, that's why speaker pelosi actually first try to make a deal before the impeachment vote to just have pence lead an invocation of the 25th ammendement because the transition was anything but guaranteed. it does raise the question, what was donald trump doing as it was likely that he was going to face a criminal investigation into january 6th, other investigations that was looming when he was about to take office.
10:30 pm
what was his motivation or intent considering the access to classified materials, the vast materials that he would be able to take with him if he wanted to? >> when you read this new information about the -- trump was on very much on notice by may, if not sooner. it could've been earlier communications referring to a criminal investigation. but by may tenth, we see from the national archives a letter saying this is a criminal investigation of what you're doing with those documents. and trump continues to do it. >> lawrence, the national archives showed remarkable patience for an individual who is not worthy of patience. someone who has priors and when i say priors, this former president, while he was president try to leverage millions of u.s. taxpayer dollars to have a u. s. ally in ukraine get dirt on his political opponent. you have to assume that he is also capable of leveraging the
10:31 pm
deepest u.s. secrets, that affect true protection, national security, on our technical collection capabilities, he would leverage that for his own personal gain. of course, the gun show deference because he's the former president. but they pushed him to a point, they had to seize those records knowing that there was nothing good that donald trump, hardly consumer of intelligence products, was going to do with that information. >> as a member of these intelligence community, you obviously know with real clarity the meaning and importance of these various classification elements that have been described by the letter from the archives. what are those classification levels mean, what do they mean to you? what can you tell us about them that we should know that those were the classification levels that donald trump was in possession of at his florida home? >> the code word classification is being used, even for top secret clearance that there is a limited universe within top secret clearance individuals
10:32 pm
who need to know. when i heard from reporting of the washington post and new york times that one of the documents relates to one of all most closely held secrets. boy lawrence, there was only a handful of times where i have been told by intelligence officials briefing us that this is something than fewer than 100 or 1000 people in the u.s. government know. if it was something like that, you can see why the fbi lost their patience and wanted to seize the documents. again, this is someone who is shown in the past that he would leverage the u.s. resources for his own benefit. he deserves no benefit for the doubt that he would try to do this again. >> eric swalwell, thank you so much for joining us tonight, we always appreciate it. >> coming up, we'll have more with steve kornacki and john will join us on this primary election night in new york and florida. that is coming up. is coming up.
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to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. new york and florida, let's go right to steve at the big board. steve, what is the latest? >> again lawrence, we've been following this drama in this special election for congress in the 19th district of new york. the democrat pat ryan, again we have been expecting these numbers continue to come down. the republican mark molinaro arrow, his numbers continuing
10:38 pm
to go up. they're gonna meet somewhere right around 50%. this thing is looking like it is right on the line. the key here, again, the backdrop is it is a district that joe biden carried by two points in 2020. if you go back to 2016, it was a district that trump carried by seven. so it was a trump, biden district, it kind of swung in the way the country swung. and the expectation a month out in this race was that the republicans, the national political climate a month or two ago looked very favorable for the republicans. typically in the midterm cycle, it will look very favorable for the out of power party. what that meant was, the expectation with molinaro, in a district that biden won by two, in a typical mid term where the out of power party does really well, usually translates in a win for the republican. watching these results come in tonight, what is been so striking in a lot of these counties is how similar the result ends up looking to the 2020 results.
10:39 pm
here is schoharie county, it says 80%, we actually believe this is probably all the vote in schoharie county. you can see a very closely mirroring cure the 2020 election results. this is a republican county, but under showing you this to show that it is not like molinaro. he is surging here, ryan is running at the biden level even in this republican county. there are some other small counties where we have almost a vote in, molinarp has made some gains on what trump did. but this is really coming down to, i will reset it so you see the phone, what's really coming down to here are potentially two counties, two next or naval counties, these of the two biggest in the district. this is ulster county, you see in blue, this is the biggest county in the district. it is the political base of pat ryan, he is the county executive in ulster county. it is also most democratic counting the district. right next door in red, easy dutchess county, dutchess county is the second biggest part of this district. molinaro is the county executive in dutchess county. so the two dynamics that we are watching as these final numbers start to come in we'll start here in dutchess county,
10:40 pm
molinaro's base. you see molinaro now has opened up a lead here of about two and a half points over ryan. there are more votes to come, it is same-day votes that are being reported out here. molinaro has been winning the same day vote in dutchess county. this is where molinaro has made his biggest gain in the district just in terms of raw votes. biden carried the dutchess county portion of this district in 2020. molinaro is on his way to carrying it tonight. so this is going to be -- just given the size of this county, it is about one sixth of the district in terms of the votes that it produces. so that swing, trump getting 47%, molinaro is at 51%. that could climb to 52 or 53. that is his biggest single gain tonight probably, anywhere in this district over what donald trump did. if molinaro is able to win tonight, this will probably be why. that leaves the big remaining
10:41 pm
question in ulster county. there are also votes still coming in. take a look at ulster county in 2020. joe biden got 60% of the vote, now matt ryan is at 64 and a half percent of the vote. so the other question here is, how much farther down does this vote come for pat ryan? if he can land this at 64, 63%, maybe 62%, something in there, then that might be enough to offset the gains that molinaro is making in his home county of dutchess county. how much better is molinaro going to do in the remaining vote in dutchess county and how much is ryan be able to hang on to what he has right now in terms of his lead in ulster county. there are some other places here, this gets really really close. we could be talking about columbia county, some other places with outstanding vote. it really looks in some ways here like there is a battle in between the two candidates bases here in the two biggest counties in this district.
10:42 pm
again, i'll just reset here to see if more vote is come in. you can see here that ryan is leading by seven points right now. still plenty of vote to come, by the way this is extremely high turnout, this shows there is extremely high interest. both parties are showing in this race here. again, we have been looking at this race as a bellwether, this is our last true special election bellwether heading into the november election. the question that has been posed this summer, the question that has been posed in the wake of the supreme court decision to overturn roe v. wade is whether the national political atmosphere has shifted in a way that is more favorable for the democrats than it looked earlier in the year. since the supreme court decision on roe v. wade at the end of june before tonight, there had been two special elections. one was in minnesota, one was in nebraska. in both of those special elections, the republican candidate won but in each of those special elections, the democratic candidate did significantly better than joe biden had done in 2020. so democrats were encouraged by those results because they had
10:43 pm
outperformed biden and it is suggested to them that they their own voters have become motivated in the wake of the supreme court decision. this becomes, and here we go, we just got a few more votes in, you can see that margin is doing right there at seven points for ryan. this becomes the clearest test we have had yet. a district that was trump, that was biden, it was only a two point margin in 2020. if ryan were ever able to finish tonight with an outright victory in this district, that argument that democrats are making, the national political climate has shifted their way post roe decision, would be strongly buttressed is he's able to win. that is a huge, huge if right now for all those reasons i just showed you. but you can see, we just did get a few more votes. that's where they came in from, they came in from ulster county, ryan's number is 63 and a half right now in all-star. remember, the biden benchmark is 60, ryan wants to be north
10:44 pm
of that by the end of the night. nothing more from dutchess since we started. so again, we're gonna continue to look. ulster, dutchess, a few other places. this one is shaping up to be quite a nail-biter here. stakes are very high, last big bellwether before november and the big question here we weren't expecting to be asking at the beginning of the summer about the national political climate and whether democrats might actually be improving their position. >> well, we're gonna be watching that district to find out. steve, thank you very much, we will coming back to you as it develops there. joining us now, john halman, the producer of showtime's the circus and host of the hell and high-water podcast. john, i have labeled this primary election night in new york and florida, which it is, except for that race where there is actually a vacant seat in that district in the house. so, this is democrat versus republican and steve kornacki is right, that is the one we're gonna have to watch tonight
10:45 pm
right down to the finish tonight. >> yeah, look, it has been as steve said, it has been one in the wake of what all that has happened i would say, in the wake of the january 6th committee hearing in june and july, and the wake of what has happened just in these last week in mar-a-lago with donald trump. obviously after the repeal and the overturning of roe v. wade, the shooting in uvalde, all the things have been counting to shift the ground and create momentum. it is obviously a bellwether. i think there's another question that -- after i get off here, he can answer this, i would be really interested to know, because the one question is, is the ground tilting towards democrats? the other question is, why? and you can cite these various triggers, these things that have happened in the national discourse. one of the questions lawrence is, what is it that democrats are doing better on the hole. is it that swing voters and voters in the center ideologically are more attracted to democrats?
10:46 pm
or is it what a lot of progressives think, i think there might be something if you look hard at these ulster county results and the dynamic of that entire race, what we are seeing is that this is going to be a bellwether that also says that what is happening is, enthusiasm, fear, anger, enthusiasm, however you want to add it all up, in the bluest of counties, the places where the core democratic base which turned out in large numbers back in 2018, you might be seeing that also. that is the nature of the change is about democratic partisans feeling motivated and energized and determined to turn out in the context of everything that is happening in the country. >> the drivers in his upstate counties today, filling up their gas tanks on the way to go vote, they were paying alot
10:47 pm
less than at the beginning of the summer. >> and look, for those democratic participants who would get angry at pundits who would say you know, the white house is worried about gas prices. gas prices, doesn't matter that the president isn't in control of it completely, it doesn't matter if is it is a world wide phenomenon, inflation is bad. you can fight with people who pointed that out back in the past. i'll tell you, one person who will never fight about you is rob clain, he watched that gas price every day. now, democrats may be benefiting from seeing the downward trend and there's no doubt there's a lot of people in the white house, and a lot of democrats across the country who are thrilled that what people think of as the bellwether marks of inflation. gas prices and the price of bacon, you have to make sure these things are going down. food and transport, if those things are stable and going down, that also is better for democrats and gives them a better chance to fight these
10:48 pm
historical trends that would say it was a big republican year. >> john, thank you very much for joining us tonight. we really appreciate it. coming up, 25-year-old maxwell alejandro frost joined us just last night on the eve of the florida primary. he is a winner tonight. he will join us next.
10:49 pm
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10:53 pm
maxwell alejandro frost, the former organizing director at march for our lives he joins us on this program just last night. he has won the democratic primary for the house seat in florida vacated by congresswoman val demmings who won her primary to challenge republican marco rubio in the general election. that florida district is a heavily democratic district and so mr. frost will very likely be the next member of congress from that district and joining us now is maxwell alejandro frost. i'm going to address you the way you sue me addressed on the floor of the house of representatives and in committee, that is mr. frost of florida. thank you very much, this is your third time you are here when your campaign began. you were here last night on the very last minute of your campaign. how did you do it? 25 year old convinces that congressional district, how did
10:54 pm
you do it? >> it just wasn't me, it was a movement that we built, the volunteers, at the end of the day it is our message it is a hopeful message, the one that says that no matter who you are, you deserve health care, you deserve a good job, you deserve a union, you deserve the right to an abortion. these are the things that we talk about in this district. the other thing is, looking at the context of this campaign. we won this in the midst of a dark year in florida because of governor ron desantis. it was hope despite that. i truly believe that is why we won this race and why we will win the general election. >> did the right wing approach of the governor actually help energize your campaign? >> you know, i think what it did is set the stage for this righteous anger that our folks have here in florida.
10:55 pm
what we did is, we want to transform that righteous anger into a love, it love of the people who have been oppressed by this governor. this governor has had any issue that you can think of is the problem and is the fault of gay folks, of our lgbtq+ community, black folks, of immigrants. he has scapegoated every vulnerable community for every single issue that he has failed to solve himself. and so that is part of the reason why we won this campaign. it's about the positive message despite what he has done. we are moving forward, looking towards november, we are going to elect congressman charlie crist to be the next governor of florida. we are going to remove ron from that mansion. >> maxwell, it has been a remarkable journey from your first time on this program to tonight. thank you very much for finding the time to join us tonight. we really appreciate it. >> thank you for having me, folks can follow us at frost for congress. com. >> thank you very much. we will be right back. will be right back.
10:56 pm
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tonight's last word, the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts right now. >> tonight, primary night in new york and florida. ron desantis and marco rubio got their opponents in a rare special election in a swing district could tell us what is motivating voters. our best experts and steve kornacki are all here.