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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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mr. frost of florida gets tonight's last word, the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts right now. >> tonight, primary night in new york and florida. ron desantis and marco rubio got their opponents in a rare special election in a swing district could tell us what is motivating voters. our best experts and steve kornacki are all here.
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and we know that some of the government's most classified material was recovered from the former presidents beach club, so says the national archives and now the question, who got to see the documents? plus, the shocking admission in the breonna taylor case. the former police detective admits she misled the judge to barge into taylor's home. the no-knock warrant that ended her life. as the 11th hour gets underway on the tuesday night. good evening, once again, i am alicia menendez in for stephanie ruhle. with just 77 days that goes until the midterm elections, this is a big primary night in new york and florida. the polls closed a few hours ago in both states. nbc news projects that former governor and congressman charlie crist easily won a democratic primary for governor. he will take on ron desantis in november. in new york congressman jarred
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nadler is projected to win the new 12 congressional district. among the candidates he defeated was his fellow incumbent carolyn maloney, we are also following the latest developments in the trump classified documents controversy. we will have more on that ahead. first, the results are still coming in, and our own steve kornacki is back at the big board where he belongs. steve, where do things stand right now? >> we have been focused like a laser beam on the special election and in new york nine district getting the final special election test heading into the midterm election. you can see right now that the democrat pat ryan continues to lead the republican mark molinaro. the margin is about five and a half points here. we have been getting closer, and we still have votes to come. we have been getting closer and closer to all vote soon. this is extremely suspenseful
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right now because of the dynamic tonight has been ryan jumped out to a big lead because counties released their mail votes and their early votes first. that is the type of vote that democratic candidates typically do their best with and then after that, they began releasing the same day votes, voters cast in person today. that is where republicans send to their vest, by far. we have been watching this dynamic of the right number coming down throughout the night. the molinaro number going up to the night. the question is, at what point does this stop for both of them? is it enough for ryan to finish up just above 50? can molinaro get above 50 and win this? where we stand -- there you go, another update right there. that brings us insight five points now. the margin between the two of them -- what we have gotten in the last couple of minutes of note is this, we not think we have all the votes from duchess county. dutchess county is the second biggest part of this district. and it's the political base of mark molinaro.
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he's the county executive of dutchess county. this is interesting because the duchess county portion of his district actually won for biden in 2020. molinaro, having the own county advantage here, improved by basically five points over donald trump's performance here in a very big chunk of the district. this is the biggest single positive thing you can see for molinaro tonight. and that just county, he will end up winning it tonight by about three and a half points. that helps molinaro molinaro. if you go next door, this is almost all in. we are waiting on six precinct here. this is boston county, the biggest county in the district. it is at least a quarter of the vote. i will tell you that the turnout here, relative to other parts of the district, the turnout has been an almost a day compared to other parts of the district. it is the most democratic part of the district. and joe biden got 60% of the
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vote here. pat ryan is the executive right now, he's getting 62. 8. as i said, there are six precincts left to report here. it is the same day vote. i spoke to 6. 8 to come down, but i think it is possible that ryan could end up getting 62% of the vote out of ulster county, improving by a couple of points on how joe biden did in the largest county in this district would potentially the county making up a bigger share of the overall vote of this district because the turnout is so high here. so mola nero is getting good news out of his base of dutchess county. ryan is potentially getting good news out of his base in ulster county. the backdrop for this is that biden won the district -- i was just going to county. biden one of the district by two points. where else are they're outstanding votes in this district? there are some but not many potentially here in columbia county.
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columbia county, one of the other counties that voted for biden. here is ryan still a couple of points above the butternut number there. i think the most outstanding vote is right here, rensselaer county. take a look here, donald trump in 2016 one run slur by 16. that was cut to ten in 2020. you're looking at the early and the run serve, in rensselaer county, that's all we have right now. the question is when we start getting the same day vote out of rensselaer county. how close is molinaro to getting to the trump level. can you get to the trump level? can he exceeded? can ryan improve on joe biden's performance here? that might be the deciding question in the district here. where we look overall right now, just checking in again, that is a four 4. 8 margin, 5400 votes, believed for ryan over molinaro, a little bit more to come here out of ulster and i think that
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rensselaer same day could end up being what decides this election. extremely close. >> extremely close, and we will count on you steve to bring it all to us. i will watch opposing the hallways when we have updates. let's get into the other big story at the night, still more revelations about the white house records trump took to his florida home. the national archives today released a letter sent to trump 's lawyers back in may, which confirms that the former president brought more than 700 pages of classified documents to mar-a-lago when he left office in january 2021. some of those had to do with the nation's most sensitive intelligence operations. the letter was first made public by conservative publicist john solomon who published it on his website last night. trump and the allies seemed to want to apply without evidence that joe biden was somehow involved in efforts to retrieve
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the documents and was trying to tarnish trump without evidence. the archives letters bell out the alarm within the government about the missing documents and draws the lengthy struggle to get them back. the archives retreat 15 boxes back in january, just as department and fbi investigators apparently did not see their contents until may after extended negotiations from trump's trumpers and it ifs. trump is now suing the justice department over the fbi search that netted even more classified records just two weeks ago. he is asked for a special master to sort through was seized. today, a judge said she will need more details and was asked to re-filed suit by friday. that judge is a trump appointee. today, investigators in another controversy involving the former president heard from one of his former cabinet members. january six house select committee just interviewed trump's wartime national security adviser, robert o'brien. the new york times reports that
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the panel interviewed him for several hours, according to two people familiar with the committee work. let's welcome philip rucker, pulitzer prize deputy national editor at the washington post, melissa murray of nyu law law school, she was a law clerk for u.s. and the mayor on the federal bench. before the nomination to the supreme court, and jill wine-banks, she is a former assistant watergate special prosecutor and former general counsel of the army. it is good to see you all. jill, here is when a former director of national intelligence said tonight about the revelations and the national archives letter. >> the classification descriptions that have been assigned to them is very concerning. we'll could an adversary glean from them, particularly about sources, methods and -- this could potentially be a very serious, particularly if it puts human intelligence assets lives at risk. if these documents are not under officially sanctioned
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control, which they weren't at mar-a-lago, then you have to assume the worse. >> jill, let's talk about the stakes here. trump left office 19 months ago, much of it with a drove of highly classified documents, which have been taken away from mar-a-lago since day. the trump put the nation security at risk? >> he did put the nation at risk. [inaudible] and thus they will pull a grave danger to our national security. if disclosed, they were left in a place that was not secure. they are the condo documents, some at least, that you should not root outside of a scif, somewhere that is completely secure. even the president should not have it while he is president. they had to be kept secret so
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that lives are not put at risk. we know he's very casual would intelligence. he disclosed intelligence to the russian ambassador in the oval office. this is very, very dangerous. everything that we are learning now is worse and worse for him. the things that he is disclosing do not help them from the perspective. it is getting very frightening that he would passively find lawyers who will buy all these papers and say things that cannot be true. he had lawyers filing saying that there is nothing left there. the 700 pages that you are referring to where the first set of documents taken from him in january, 25 additional boxes have been taken more recently, which included 11 sets of classified information. we are in very serious problem, and we know from his admissions that he knew about it. he says, i was going to cooperate, he didn't have to use a search warrant, when in
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fact, a letter that's revealed shows that despite great efforts and deference paid to him, he did not return documents that the government knew he had. >> to that point, phil, you have new reporting tonight on how the fbi began to zero in on classified documents at mar-a-lago, after months of delay. your paper reports trump, quote, ignored multiple opportunities to quietly resolve the fbi concerns by handing over all classified material in his possession. phil, are the feds typically this patient? just how unusual is all of this? >> it's highly unusual. my colleagues at the washington post tonight have this new reporting about the timeline that goes back to early april of this year, when trump was first notified by the national archives that the fbi would be asked to review the documents that they had obtained from mar-a-lago earlier in the year to review them for classified
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materials and really, this is the beginning of what had become a very serious federal law enforcement investigation, and our reporting, as well as the court filings and other documentation that have surfaced this week paints a picture of repeated weeks-long negotiations between the national archives and the fbi trump legal team with trump trying to prevent the fbi from reviewing those documents. ultimately, he felt in the attempt, and it was the national archivist acting at the direction of the sitting president who deferred this decision to the archives, who effectively said, time is up. you have had the opportunity to review these and to contest this, and the fbi is going to get these documents, and in fact the fbi did look at the documents, and what they found was so sensitive and so alarming, and they realized more documents were missing.
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that is what's enough the decision to ultimately search mar-a-lago to weeks ago. melissa -- >> alyssa, as phil angel laid out, the six are so high. you have a judge in florida asking trump lawyers to resubmit his request for a special master for the search, saying his lawyers basically botched the paperwork. is his legal team underestimating just how serious this really is? >> it's hard to say. if they underestimated this, or this is truly the extent of their professional acumen, alicia. it is clear that judge cannon and asking them to submit their feelings about the kind of relief that they are seeking the evidence that they have and earn pedal to such relief and a case, so just how impoverished this filing was. barb mcquade last night basically equated to a press release. i think that is exactly right.
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it is a more than 20 page weren't without any of the common features that one might expect of a legal complaint filed by individuals who have been trained as lawyers and barred him license by a jurisdiction in this country. it really fills on a number of levels. i mean, it falls to the point about this being about pre-, are about to rent. as we mentioned this national archive letter was posted by conservative columnist, a trump supporter. it looked like an attempt to try and implied that president biden was going after trump, again, without any evidence. why would team trump -- why would trump world want this document released? phil? >> yes, the trump team seemed to have wanted this document released because they thought it might paint the picture of the fbi, the federal government and really the biden white house going after trump and unfairly targeting him. and yet, what they must have miscalculated is that the fact reveals a whole heap of trouble for a former president. it shows all of the opportunities that the former
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president and his legal team had to try and work with the fbi and to do the right thing in reviewing and getting these documents reviewed. and it also shows, frankly, the scale and the scope of what we are talking about. that first batch, more than 100 classified documents totaling more than 700 pages, that's an extraordinary batch of documents. and it is just the first of what would become free large batches of documents that have been recovered that trump was improperly holding at mar-a-lago. >> jill, and probably holding up the new york times, trump was believed to have gone through the documents personally before handing them over today in op-ed in the washington post says, quote, if the facts are as damning as they appear, trump's risk of
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indictment is quite high. jill, do you agree? >> i agree. i actually think, alicia, that it is almost essential. he cannot be allowed to get away with the blatant disregard of the law and the danger to the country. the evidence of his personal involvement is growing. just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. he was involved. he knowingly withheld. it the number of violations, there are only three listed in the search warrant, but i would say that there is theft of government, property that has now been added to it. there are many other laws that i think he could be charged with violating, and i think that any reasonable jury would feasibly fine, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he violated those laws knowingly and deliberately and without any reason for doing so. the new argument about a special minister is another delay tactic. is a way to prevent anyone doing the risk assessment that must be done to determine how much damage was done by the documents not being in a safe
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place. so, there is a lot that needs to be done to protect the country. and the accusations against the white house are as, you said tonight, they are completely without any evidentiary basis. there is no fact that supports that. and everything in the letter that solomon released, is to the contrary. it shows that he was not cooperating. that he had every opportunity to avoid a surge and deliberately provoking. >> melissa, one of the things that we're watching for this week, the doj's first crack at a redacted affidavit is due this thursday. could these new revelations from the national archives have any impact on the? >> i think that it's likely, i mean all of this is joined up an interesting way. and even the request to judge tennant, to appoint a special master to review this, will i think that he considered in light of what's just one heart is considering in terms of redacting particular information from that affidavit. but i think what we are likely to see, and what one hard as made very clear in some of his own words from the bench is
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that there is really sensitive information here. information about individuals in the field, intelligence operatives who might be made more public. the fbi agents whose names and identities could be made public. and i think all of, this together and all of the information that has already been unsecure may well council in favor of more redactions rather than less. >> melissa murray, jill wine-banks, philip rucker, thank you all for getting us started. coming, up we now know who will run up against ron descendants and michael rubio. we are live in both florida and new york. and later, the unexpected twist in the death of breonna taylor. a detective admitted to lying about the warrant that led to the fatal police raid at taylor's apartment. the 11th hour just getting underway on a tuesday night.
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11:25 pm
this race, as you have been reporting on observers see it going to desantis. what are the dynamics in the state that are playing into that analysis? >> yeah, the dynamics are really tough, not only is the polling favoring ron desantis, but so is the money. he has a staggering 100 and $40 million, cash on. and cash in the bank. no governor has done that effort that we have seen. in addition to that, for the first time ever, this, year the number of registered republicans in florida -- the number of registered democrats. obama won the state in 2008, he had an advantage of something about 640,000 democratic voters over registered republicans. that's gone. republicans are now ahead. and then you just have the dynamic of it being a mid term. it's biden's midterm biden's poll numbers are bad. and that is also kind of an additional way, not to center any -- but nationwide just does donald trump's bad poll numbers during
11:26 pm
his midterms were a bit of a milestone around the necks of other republicans. however, in 2018, it should be clear that not desantis just barely squeaked by. it does look like desantis isn't a far stronger position now in 2022 than he was in 2018. >> there are analysts, of course who would argue that you can actually the couple some of what you are seeing from the president's approval, disapproval numbers. i want to look at new york, 19. tell us about that race. what you can potentially tell us. >> yes, it's a special election, and the sea of primary that we're seeing in new york and florida. it's a democrat versus republican race. it is such a tight contest right, now the democrat that ryan, i'm looking at the numbers -- >> that's of him saying, that's why you got the permission to bring your laptop on set. >> i appreciated. pat ryan is up by about three points, but nbc news has not called, this i don't to get ahead of, it is a very tight race, and this district, just up on the mitchell north in the hudson valley, it's a bellwether district. it won for joe biden narrowly in 2020.
11:27 pm
and one for donald trump in 2016. they won for barack obama in 2012. it was a republican held district in the house until the 2018 blue away when democrats flipped it. this is the kind of district that tells us about the national mood, and now this, race one whichever way goes, it is going to be a close race. which tells us that we are not looking at a red wave environment based on this race. now, coming into, this i will say that both party strategist from both parties downplayed their odds. because there are some meek dynamics here. democrats were leery of lights and, game by republicans, outside group came in with a pretty big ad buy. republicans were downplaying their own chances, because they know that it coincides with the democratic primary in the blue state of new york. and they say democrats turn up in bigger numbers. so there are those caveats. but regardless, this is a real test of the democrats use of the messaging on roe v. wade, the supreme court decision on abortion which pat ryan had been aggressively emphasizing to try to galvanize voters. that was the test of that compared with the republican message to use economic pain, inflation and make the election a referendum on biden.
11:28 pm
we'll see which one went out. >> marc, we talked about the gubernatorial race in your, state let's talk about the senate race, val demings is gonna face marco rubio for the florida senate seat. moving back to 2018, scott desantis, they won. but by fairly narrow margins. something as fundamentally shifted in the state. is their path here for demings? >> in the story i wrote about charlie chris fortune in the eyes of democrats, she is the bright spot for them. she is the glimmer of hope that they have. now, there has been some polling, a scam polling that some of, it most of it indicates that rubio was ahead. but there have been a few surveys, or at least one recently that had demings kind of marginally leading. so, that is going to be a race that we should watch much more closely in terms of kind of forecasting how it's going to go. there is, again, more of a sense of optimism from democrats there is also a belief out there that national democrats are going to come in with some money for her but, statewide in the governor's race there is a lot laid out. >> so, year ten, year 12, what are gonna be the lessons there? >> it looks like most democrats have survived the redistricting bubba, democratic incumbents i should, say there are some prominent exceptions in the new york. 12 which is where we are right. now, mid time as well as the
11:29 pm
upper and eastern -- -- lost her primary to jerry nadler, these two have served together, side by side for 30 years. they were put in the same district. one of them had to lose. karen maloney, the chair of the oversight committee is out. that letter, the chair of the judiciary committee is still in. just south of here lower manhattan, in new york 10, the incumbent congressman appears to be in some trouble. he is in their place for, now nbc has not called the race. but he is trailing two other candidates with 98% of the vote and there is a real chance he might -- >> because this wasn't it's his original district. >> this was not, he was shuffled in as part as the redistricting. the new map that was created just a few months ago. and, there is real tension between him and another democrat, sean patrick maloney, the chair of the campaign committee who decided to run in a district that kind of overlaps with his right now. that left him running here in a
11:30 pm
crowded field of candidates that doesn't look particularly good for morneau. >> so, marc caputo a treat to have you here in the studio sahil kapur, always good to have you. coming up, abortion, the economy, and protecting a democracy. there is a race in new york where democrat is facing a republican in a swing district. that race as sahil was just telling us could tell us so much about what is ahead this fall to have this network's favorite political experts are next when the 11th hour continues.
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election results. let's get back to steve kornacki at the big board. steve? >> this has been a close one. we just got a major development and the special election and new york's 19th congressional district. pat ryan, the democrat, we saw him leading all night. we saw the margin shrinking all night. we have been asking when this thing ends. will ryan still be north of 50%? a big piece of the puzzle was a seagull county. we just had an outstanding vote here, now we have all the votes in from otsego county. you can see the republican mark molinaro ends up winning here, 51 and a half to 48. 3, essentially a three-point margin for molinaro.
11:36 pm
that is significant because for ryan, that represents an improvement over how joe biden did in this county in 2020. trump won this county by five points in 2020. molinaro will win it by about three points tonight. so ryan actually improves on biden showing when otsego county. that is huge because districtwide, joe biden carried this district by two points in 2020. with that leaves us with is almost all the votes are in right now. you can see that the margin, the lead for pat ryan disha quiet, three dozen 285 votes, that translates to two and a half percent lead districtwide. where are those the votes to come? there are seven precincts that we know of in ulster, the most democratic part of this district, ryan's base there. there are seven precincts that have yet to report here. we know that, we are looking to see if there is any other outstanding votes in the district, but that is what appears to be left in the district, that is an incredibly
11:37 pm
steep hill to climb for molinaro, to make up basically 3300 votes with what we know to be left in the district right now. pat ryan, the democrat -- and there it is. nbc news has just called it. pat ryan, the democrat, has been elected to congress in a special election for new york's 19th congressional district. he defeats republican mark molinaro. this is a significant victory not just for pat ryan in this district, this is a significant victory for democrats nationally because it gets to the heart of the question that we have been asking politically for the last two months, that is whether the political climate in this country as changed, specifically in the wake of the supreme court ruling that overturned roe v. wade. there had been before tonight to special elections, one in minnesota and one in nebraska in very republican districts where democrats had done better than joe biden had done in 2020. democrats had one either of the districts, but they have done
11:38 pm
better than biden in 2020. a decorated top to perhaps there was new energy on the democratic side, that they had overperformed in these republican districts. tonight though, we got a test in a different kind of the stick, a truly competitive political district here. donald trump carried new york's 19th district in 2016. joe biden carried, he flipped it by two points in 2020. this is just to marrying the country. if you want further back, obamacare in this district back in 2012. in a midterm climate that the republicans have been saying all year that we live in, in a strong republican bittermann climate, this special election would have been a lamp for the republicans and would have been a layup for molinaro. instead, the democrats had not just made it close, they are
11:39 pm
going to outright win the election. it is possible in fact that ryan will win the district by a larger margin than joe biden carried in 2020. i think this is the clearest, strongest piece of evidence yet, and there have been other pieces of evidence in the last few weeks to suggest that the national political climate has shifted away from a republican advantage towards a more neutral climate, initial climate that gives democrats a chance, certainly holding on to senate, potentially to holding on to the house of representatives. when you get a result like this, this is not the result that you would get, that you would expect to see in a strongly republican political climate. we have seen the generic ballot, those poll questions about which party would you like to see control congress? we have seen that tie in
11:40 pm
significantly over the last two months. it is now essentially tied. republicans have been leading all year. we saw democrats in nebraska and minnesota a perform joe biden in special elections. now, in a truly bellwether district, a district that both parties and both candidates went after heart, you have seen the democrats win. they have won it outright. as i said, potentially by a larger margin than joe biden did in 2020. politically, for democrats, you could not get more encouraging signs in a midterm climate that looked terrible for them a few months ago. it is still fraught with political land mines. joe biden's popularity is not good. the economy is not in a great place. the mood of the country is not
11:41 pm
strong. yet in the face of all that, you get this result tonight on top of everything else that they talked about that has been happening in the last few months. this is a very, very significant political development. again, pat ryan, the democrat, defeats mark molinaro, the republican, and a special election in the new york 19th district. this is the major last tea leaf we get, special lecture before november's election. i think all the questions about the political climate, the possibility that this midterm is a little bit different than the typical mid term, those will be underscored and will be talked about and raised to a new volume after the result tonight. >> steve kornacki, always bring us context and the stakes. now let's bring in msnbc political contributor matthew dowd, a former george w. bush's strategist and founder of country over party. and victoria defrancesco, the dean at the clinton school of public service at the university of arkansas and msnbc political analyst. france, good to see both. matt, i had sahil kapur a sent with me a few moments ago, even at this tips for the republican in new york 19th, it still could tell you something about
11:42 pm
where our national political climate is headed. what it tells you, he argued, is that there is no big red wave coming. what do you make that the race? >> i completely agree with that. i actually think we are not only at a big red rave, i think the results over all the pieces of data we have seen over the last 60 days shows that the environment is fundamentally shifted. you and i have had this conversation for weeks at a time that the president's job approval numbers are completely disconnected from where people are voting on about in this race. not only does 19, which the democrats picked up, that is a plus for republican district. when they write the district, that is a pass for republican district. the other district results in new york tonight are 23, which is a plus ten or 11 republican district that the democrats lost, but they only lost by 45 points. that means tonight, right now,
11:43 pm
there is a four or five point advantage that democrats have coming out of new york in this election. there is no red wave. there may be no blue rave, but we may have true cross currents going on where everybody will be tossed and turned and the two cross currents, that every race could fundamentally, like the u.s. senate looks like, is being decided on their own, and as republicans nominate people completely out of mainstream, it gives democrats a chance after chance after chance to buck the trend of a normal mid term. >> victoria, i don't need to tell you that there are political operatives in rooms are now watching the results come in, trying to figure out what they mean for them and their strategy going into november. if you are democrats and you are watching these numbers, if you are republican and watching these numbers, how does it affect and change the plan moving forward? >> first of all, i'm going to buck the cross current language, because i love as how matthew characterized it, because we seem to be in a standstill. even though you would expect that the republicans to just run away with a midterm election, because, traditionally, the party that is out of the white house will get sorted out. but because of the political pressure that we have seen,
11:44 pm
namely at the roe v. wade being overturned, you see this counter pressure towards that pattern, towards the political climate. in addition to that, what is also striking, is that we are also seeing a push up against the institutional strength of redistricting. we all know that after the 2020 consensus, that republicans were favored in terms of redistricting. not only do we see the truism of the term elections not helping the white house party, but also, the redistricting that happened after the census, we thought it would be a bloodbath for democrats. i think that we will see a temperament here, that it is a lot more moderate for democrats going into the midterm election. >> matt, given all the contacts, i want to ask you about rhonda scent this and this at that he is running in florida, take a look. >> good morning, ladies and
11:45 pm
gentlemen. this is our governor speaking. today's training evolution, dog fighting, taking on the corporate media. the rules of engagement are as well. number one, don't fire unless fired upon, but when they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force. matt, it is unfavorable comparisons to the 88 caucus photoshop. is it going to play better in florida? >> i don't think it will play better in florida, i mean the first thing i thought of and i actually worked on the benson in 1988 and i remember that happening in the course of that how much of a disaster it was in for the democratic campaign. i mean--i think what it does is desantis is trying to be like trump but he doesn't have the stick that really trump has to do things that are outrageous like that. i just think when people look at it, they are going to roll their eyes and say come on, come on. this doesn't fit the guy. this doesn't fit the guy in the course of this i don't know how much it will stick in that race because i think he has an advantage in that race but i
11:46 pm
think it's an unforced error there is no way i would've ever recommended doing an ad like that in a race on behalf of governor desantis but i think it's a faux pas, it's a mistake i don't know how much it sticks. >> vicky, of only got about a minute, left but there's a piece of news that we haven't gotten yet. and i want to speak about. at the white house expected to make a big announcement about student loan debt tomorrow how big of an impact that the president's decision on student loan debt than having midterms? >> it could have a huge impact. we know that in 2018, and 2020 we saw record new turnout. we were worried that we weren't going to see the same turn up because we were deflated [inaudible] this is the type of thing that the democrat from biden could take to use and say that i am working for you.
11:47 pm
giving them a tangible reason to turn. meaningful in so many ways. >> matthew dowd, victoria defrancesco, i thank you so much for being with us on this big night. there is going to be more primary coverage live. the top of the next hour coming up next, the death of breonna taylor captured the attention of people nationwide and, now we have a surprising admission in court the rationale for the police entry into her home was based on misleading information given to a judge. when the 11th hour continues.
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11:52 pm
kentucky detective pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of conspiracy. it's all about misleading information given to the judge that proved the raid that ended taylor's life. kelly goodlett it is not the first officer to be convicted in the botched raid that killed taylor. new york times reporter, nicholas bogel-burroughs has been covering the story in louisville. nicholas, you were in the courtroom this afternoon. explain what happened there. >> hi, yes. basically, the former detective, kelly good would who have been working with the department until just this month when she was charged basically admitted to three things. all relating to the search warrant for breonna taylor's apartment she said that when she looked at the search warrant application and nationally, which one of her
11:53 pm
colleagues had written, that she knew was false she knew that there was a lie in it about an ex-boyfriend who had been receiving packages at the home and she didn't do anything about it. and, then she also added false information herself. she said that this ex-boyfriend that had been living there, which he knew that that wasn't true. and, third when people started to ask the same questions about, it she lied to investigators about her role in the warrant. basically didn't come clean until today. >> nicholas, does this guilty plea suggest that the detective is now cooperating with doj? >> that is basically the assumption, she has pleaded guilty only a few weeks after being charged. obviously, you would expect that if the three other officers who were charged by gio go to trial, the prosecutors would want to color as a witness. she knows them and their work probably than anyone else. >> nicholas, it's to my understanding, that the taylor family was in the courtroom today, how are they reacting to
11:54 pm
this latest news? >> yep. brianna taylor's mother tameka palmer was there today. and for much of the proceeding, she was proceeding stoically and watching very intently what was happening. as kelly goodlett pleaded guilty, and the judge accepted her plea, miss palmer did begin to cry and wipe away tears. it's obviously hard to imagine going through that. >> nicholas does someone who has been following all of this closely, your sense of where it all goes from here. >> well, next is seeing whether this affects the cases of the three other officers who have been charged. do they end up going to trial? which could happen as soon as in the next few months. or do they look at taking their own plea deal. >> nicholas bogel-burroughs, thank you so much. coming, up special coverage of tonight's primary results in a swing district where nbc news projects the democrat has won. it tells us about november, when the 11th hour continues after this.
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menendez. this is msnbc special coverage of primary night in america. polls are closed in florida, oklahoma and here in new york. >> >>
12:00 am
tonight on all in. a five alarm fire at the national archives over donald trump's failure to return top secret documents. tonight, the newly published letter of the ex president. and andrew weissmann on each revelation keeps looking things worse for trump. >> president trump's legal team at quite requested the appointment of a special master. this is kind of a last resort situation. >> why a trump appointed judges scoffing at his attempt to slow down the investigation. and then it's election night. steve kornacki is here for all the results. from new york, florida and beyond. all in starts right now. >> good evening from new york i'm chris hayes. we do have a lot going on as you can see from the bottom of your screen there. it is primary election night three states, new york florida, and oklahoma. polls of just closed in florida and oklahoma, to be closing in for new york at 9 pm. new yorkers if he's still watching this 11 hour to vote. florida i can tell you that and d. c. news projects that former governor ankara


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