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tv   MSNBC Reports  MSNBC  October 5, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪♪ good to see you on this wednesday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian for you live here at msnbc headquarters in new york. all eyes on the state of florida with the president on his way there now to survey the catastrophic damage left behind hurricane ian. a trip that will include a face-to-face meeting with ron
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desantis. the massive search-and-rescue effort entering a grim new chapter. >> it's possible there are still people out there, possible. but most likely we're on recovery now and, you know, that's very difficult. >> we are live this morning at a minor league hockey arena serving as an emergency shelter. former president trump taking the legal fight to the highest point that it can go. the supreme court. his emergency request and how justice clarence thomas could be instrumental in deciding what exactly happens next. and then we got georgia. hershel walker doubling down on his denial of a major daily because report that he paid a girlfriend to have an abortion back in 2009. republicans now circling the wagons around the staunchly antiabortion candidate. will that be enough for the gop to flip that crucial senate seat from blue to red. we want to begin in florida
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this morning where president biden is on his way as we speak. starting us off is shaq brewster, and also dasha burns. shaq, let me start with you on this one. as i mentioned, the president heading to florida today. he'll arrive there within the next hour or so. you've been speaking to folks on the ground, folks who have lost everything, and hearing what they want to hear from the president today. what are they telling you? >> yeah, yasmin, they're saying they need help. and you get a sense of that at that disaster recovery center. it's a growing line of people. i was talking to some of the people there and they didn't know why they were in line. they wanted to know what forms they need to fill out, they wanted to get some of those basic questions answered and wanted to know those next steps after they cleaned out their
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homes. what should they do? there's that growing line there, growing need there and that's what you're hearing as you go around the state or around this area specifically. when the president gets in the area, they'll get an aerial tour of fort myers, but he'll be limited to one section. but i've been going around this city of fort myers, going to different neighbor neighborhoods, and people who lost everything in their home, all the contents of their home out on the curb, one question i've been asking is, what do they want to hear from the president? listen to what they said. >> reporter: president biden is coming tomorrow. is there anything that you would want him to know? >> help. with the insurance company. make them move fast. >> i'm thankful that the president okayed whatever -- i know they don't see eye to eye. but something like this, everybody has got to come together. >> reporter: you feel like everyone is coming together and it's working?
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>> i do. >> reporter: one thing i really heard from people is that they do feel as if there are signs of improvement. i was out in a neighborhood and the power turned on as i was there. that's good news. but that's also a sign they haven't had power for the past six days and we know there's still about 16% of the community here without power. so there's signs of improvement. those numbers of people without power are coming down but there's still a long road to recovery for so many people here. >> small steps crucial, especially for morale. i want to go to dasha. you're seeing people arrive there at the arena. what are they saying to you? what do they need? >> reporter: yasmin, look, nobody wants to come to a place like this, right?
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nobody thinks they'll ever need to come to a place like this. but my goodness, when there's a disaster, you really need to have a place like this for people to come to because there are about 500 people here right now. this shelter is at capacity. the red cross has 22 shelters in total and other places do have some room. but the majority of the 500 people here, they have lost their homes, they have lost everything. and they have harrowing stories of survival. i want to tell you one of those, i spoke to a woman named barbara. she is in remission from stage four cancer. her and her husband rented hotel rooms to try to stay safe from the storm. they got to the hotel. the hotel was closed. they ended up having to make their way to a neighbor's home through the storm surge. take a look to what she told me. >> the surge went on and kept getting higher and higher and then it stopped luckily while we
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could have a little breathing room. >> did you think you were going to drowned? >> yeah, i did. >> reporter: she suffered some injuries. she can't really walk right now and so many of the people here, they're injured, they need medical attention. they need mental health and spiritual services which the red cross does provide. they get here out of what -- it was called going from hell to heaven because they finally were able to get a respite there. once they get here, they have to start processing the fact that they're building their lives all over again. mental health services here, medical services, meals, showers, internet, cell phone chargers, some help for pets, people are here are their dogs and cats and prescription medications. a lot of people lost those in the storm. so many little things you don't think about until you have to. >> so many details there. important to provide these folks what they need right now.
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let's remind everybody it's been a week since the hurricane maid landfall there in the state of florida. people still reeling, of course, from the tragedy of that hurricane and what it has left in its wake. thank you. great to see you guys. i want to bring in dan watson, former fema spokesperson. ahead of the president's visit there to florida, we want to tick through a couple of things. first and foremost that is the timeline of all this as we're looking at -- we're a week out from where the hurricane made landfall and we're hearing from folks on the ground the mission has now shifted more to recovery. for you, does that track when it comes to the timeline of this storm? >> it does. in many ways now we're entering the most difficult part of a response and recovery phase. what we've seen so far is a robust and coordinated effort between state and local officials supported by federal urban search-and-rescue teams,
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the coast guard, that's the response phase and the life -- and life and safety operations that we've seen so far. now we're entering recovery. this is going to be about, you know, continuing to get power up, removing debris and then trying to help restore a sense of normalcy for those who are able to get back into their homes and coming up with solutions for those who have been displaced. >> here's a tough question for you. you talk about restoring the sense of normalcy. it doesn't feel normal when you're sitting at hertz arena, obviously, asking for supplies, prescription drugs, a blanket, right, to survive for the next couple of days. if you're tracking a timeline and you're looking at how people recover from this and rebuild, at what point can people expect really just to get a stable roof over their heads? the folks who have lost everything, their entire home, not knowing what comes next. >> this is going to be a long process. and this is something that the state will be very focused on right now, working with -- and
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this is not just fema. you're going to be talking to hud and other agencies looking for those long-term housing solutions. and i think that's an important part of the president's message today. we've seen this robust response. but showing that -- the federal government is going to be there long after the cameras go away to help people in what will be a long recovery. >> there seems to be -- dan, i don't mean to put you on the spot here -- a systemic issue when it comes to recovery and help in dealing with hurricane aftermath. and i've seen this from various hurricanes in the past. particularly black and hispanic neighborhoods. and we're hearing from our teams on the ground that they feel as if they're being left behind. they're not getting the attention necessarily that they need right now. i want to play for you a little bit of sound from some of those folks and then we can talk on the other side.
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>> do you feel ignored here? >> yes, very much. >> no fema, no nothing. >> they work just as hard as the people on the beach did and they're not getting the attention here because it's not the beach. it's not a seaside home. >> because we have latino, black, poor people, working people, that's the way it is. >> so clarify things for us here, if you can. this is something, by the way, i want to reiterate, we have heard this before when it comes to hurricane recovery. one of the considerations that fema takes in when they assess where to address first is property value. if you think about property value in some of the more predominantly hispanic and black neighborhoods, it tends to be lower. how do you right side the equity here, make sure the folks get the attention that they deserve? >> i know that fema has hundreds of staff members that are on the ground in florida right now going door to door in communities to make sure that
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their presence is known and that they get to everybody. and, frankly, this is the information that fema needs to hear right now is if there are communities they haven't gone to, they want to know where the need is so they can be there and you mentioned housing values. i want to make something clear. fema is not taking that into consideration as they're going around and reaching out to folks to support. they're going to the areas with the greatest need. >> we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you, sir. >> thanks. coming up, everybody, we're just over an hour away from the launch of a historic space flight. we're going to go live to cape canaveral. how former president trump wants the justices to get involved in his legal back and forth with the doj and then georgia republican senate candidate hershel walker on defense. his new denial of the bombshell report that he paid for an ex-girlfriend's abortion and how georgia voters are reacting. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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welcome back, everybody. former president trump is now looking to involve the supreme court in his legal fight with the justice department. trump's attorneys filing an emergency request just yesterday asking the court to intervene in the case involving the 100-plus classified documents from mar-a-lago. trump's lawyers asking the court to essentially undo the appeal won by the doj last month allowing the department to continue its use of the
8:16 am
documents for its investigation. i want to bring in ken dilanian and an msnbc analyst. ken, let me start with you on this one. this is going straight to justice clarence thomas, first of all, because this thing falls under his jurisdiction, the 11th circuit. secondly, he's arguably the most conservative justice on the supreme court. so what comes next here? >> good morning, yasmin. justice thomas has given the justice department until next tuesday, october 11th, to file a response to this request by the trump team and in theory, justice thomas could grant a stay on his own. but that would be a pretty brazen act on the part of a justice whose wife has been caught up in the january 6th investigation. and it could be overruled by the full court. presumably the full court will decide whether to grant the stay and to take this case up and,
8:17 am
you know, the trump team has made some pretty novel arguments here. and it's important to understand that they are not asking that the supreme court prevent the fbi from using these documents in its investigation. but they're asking for the supreme court require that the special master get to review these documents which at the end of the day i'm not sure is going to have a huge impact on what the fbi is doing and, in fact, special master dearie may rule differently. he thinks they're classified. >> walk us through all of this and jumping off of what ken just said, i want to read for you trump's legal team releasing this statement on this request. this unwarranted stay should be vacated as it impairs the ongoing time-sensitive work of the special master. any limit on the review of materials seized in the raid of a president's home erodes public
8:18 am
confidence in our system of justice. as ken put it, it is a fairly somewhat limited request. that being said, how do you see this playing out? >> well, i think it's important, yasmin, to recognize that the trump team is likely operating on two levels. they are appealing to a court of justice, but also to the court of public opinion. so as ken said, they are not asking for the supreme court to stay the 11th circuit's order that allows the department of justice to continue using those classified documents in their criminal investigation. instead, they simply want the classified documents that were prevented from being reviewed by judge dearie to go to judge dearie for review. what's odd and unusual here is that you typically in order to get the supreme court to issue an emergency stay of this kind, you have to show that you are harmed by the stay from the lower court. there's really no showing of that in this over 200-page filing that the trump team has
8:19 am
submitted to the supreme court. and so one can really speculate that this is likely an effort to drag this out some more. they've already gotten a one-week delay because the justice department needs a week to respond to that and then after that week has elapsed and the papers are in, it's not clear that the supreme court has to act immediately to resolve this. it could go on for quite long and, again, judge dearie said he hoped this review would be completed by the end of october or the beginning of november. >> aye i'm not asking you to read a crystal ball. you have a lot of folks saying you have three trump-appointed supreme court justices on that court right now. however -- if you could talk to us about this, we have seen those justices in instances relating to a case like this break from the former president. so it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to side in his favor with this. >> i think that's exactly right,
8:20 am
yasmin. there have been a number of occasions during the election and before then where even the trump-appointed justices seem spectacle of some of the claims the former president put before the court. where it's going to turn on a procedural question, whether he's satisfied the showing for irreparable harm, it may be easier for the justices to decline to rule in his favor. this is a court that has been hobbled by claims of illegitimate si over the past couple of months. clarence thomas has a spouse who is embroiled in all of this does not help. i can imagine this is something that the court does not want to get to. if they resolve it, it will be very straight down the middle, focused on the procedural aspects and nothing else. >> not to further politicize or make the integrity of the court more vulnerable than it already is. thank you. coming up, everybody, it has been months of back and forth,
8:21 am
but is elon musk finally going through with his deal to buy twitter? what would it mean for users like you and i if in fact he does. damage control. how hershel walker is trying to defuse a bombshell report that he paid for his girlfriend's bombshell abortion. the reaction from his campaign coming up. abortion the reaction from his campaign coming up. u do? ♪ what will you change? ♪ will you make something better? ♪ will you create something entirely new? ♪ our dell technologies advisors provide you with the tools and expertise you need to do incredible things. because we believe there's an innovator in all of us.
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look at all that talent. ♪♪ ♪♪ embattled georgia senate candidate hershel walker is speaking out this morning doubling down on his denial of a report that he paid for an ex-girlfriend's abortion. take a listen to this. >> it's sort of like everyone is anonymous or leaking and they want you to confess to something you have no clue about. they see me as a big threat and i know that and i knew it when i got into this race. i think they came for the wrong one. they energized me. >> that was hershel walker on fox news earlier today. coming two days after the daily beast published his story claiming the republican got a woman pregnant in 2009 and paid
8:26 am
for the procedure. the outlet which did not identify the woman said it corroborated the details with a friend who took care of her in the days following the procedure. that's according to both of them, by the way. nbc news still has not independently confirmed this story. joining me now is correspondent and moderator of washington week on pbs yamiche alcindor. also with me, patricia murphy and david jolly. yamiche, let me start with you. you hit the ground in georgia just over the last 24 hours or so. trying to talk to voters there, seeing how their reacting to the fallout of all of this. the big question is how is this going to affect the midterm elections. what are they telling you? >> reporter: as you mentioned, i'm here in georgia 30 minutes north of atlanta. it used to be a deeply red part of the state that's been shifting blue. i've been talking to voters about this october surprise in this race and most of the voters
8:27 am
that i've talked to said this is not -- this allegation of hershel walker paying for a woman who is carrying his child to have an abortion, it's not swaying their vote one way or the other. if you were not a fan of hershel walker, this the not changing your opinion. voters told me they didn't think he had the character to serve because of the domestic abuse allegations. if you're a fan of hershel walker, this is not swaying your vote. one, they don't feel there's enough evidence, or two, even if it is true, they're willing to forgive hershel walker because maybe he made a mistake in the past. take a listen to what voters told me. >> it doesn't impact my vote in this case. i haven't seen any evidence yet. >> i don't feel either way about him having the abortion. i think that that was wrong. i don't agree with that at all. however, i think that's something that he's going to have to deal with his karma in
8:28 am
life. >> reporter: so very interesting there. that first voter who said he's not sure if there's a lot of evidence. he's not going to be voting for hershel walker. he said he hasn't been a big fan because of the domestic abuse allegations. and the second man voted for former president trump and told me even if the allegations were correct, hershel walker will have, he said, bad things in his background which a lot of politicians have bad things and he would not still vote for raphael warnock. >> that is huge context and i thank you for that. thanks for giving us the ptsd when it comes to the october surprise. thank you for that. david jolly, let's jump off a little bit at what yamiche just brought up and this idea of republicans, folks that are very antiabortion rights, how they're doubling down on this because they don't want to kill the messenger, right? they're all about business. we're seeing this across the republican party in general. rick scott saying when the
8:29 am
democrats are losing, as they are right now, they lie and cheat and smear their opponents. that is what's happening right now. they know they're on the verge of losing the senate and they know that hershel walker is winning so they have cranked up the smear machine. republicans it seems across the board -- it's not surprising considering what's taken place over the last couple of years. but across the board, they're doubling down on their support for hershel walker in spite of everything we have learned over the last 72 hours. >> there's a lot to it. fundamentally, the tribalism of our politics. the notion that a republican would consider voting for a democrat is a low-percentage argument. i think what you're seeing is, this really does not change the republican strategy at all with hershel walker. he was never a candidate that republicans were trying to promote, his qualifications to be united states senator. i just mean, this is not somebody who is qualified to be the united states senator from the state of georgia. he's somebody with huge name
8:30 am
recognition in the state who can raise a ton of money. republicans' plan all along has been to prosecute a political case against warnock. they're continuing to prosecute a case against the democrats. the question is, does this open up a line of attack in the last five weeks for democrats to go after a number of those suburb voters and frankly some of the swing women voters we've seen in close elections to hit walker on his hypocrisy, his dishonesty, the fact that he's taking political positions that are different than his personal decisions, the fact that he can't be trusted. this is an opportunity. if you can take a few points in this race on the issue of trust in the last five weeks, raphael warnock gets back to the u.s. senate. >> patricia, david is touching on something, we're talking about the issue of abortion and the story from the daily beast, there's also the issue of his son who has blasted his father on twitter over the last couple of days saying hershel walker
8:31 am
has lied. he was not a present father and he threatened both him and his mother repeatedly. let's take a little listen to him and we'll talk. >> i love my son uncondition -- >> if you want any -- anything on christian walker -- >> i love my son -- >> let me clarify what we have right now. we're taking a look right now at some of the video of christian. we have hershel walker responding to some of what we heard from christian on twitter. let's take a listen on fox news once again. >> i love my son unconditionally and that's the way i've always been. i always love him unconditionally. he graduated college a couple of months ago. he's now a young man doing his own thing. but his father is always there for him, i always will be for any of my kids. >> so i'm wondering, essentially, if you think -- if not the abortion story, the possibility of the way that his
8:32 am
son is coming out against his own father and the things that he is alleging could feasibly move the needle for voters in georgia. >> i think these are obviously two very different situations. i think the abortion allegations are quite easily dismissed by the people who are supporting hershel walker. the situation with his son is very different. it is something that he cannot explain way as a democratic hit job. herbal walk paints himself as a dedicated man and it makes it harder for him to say that when he sees his son talking about hershel walker threatening him and his mother's lives and having to move six times in six months. i think it's damaging to hershel walker. i think this race is frozen and that's the problem for hershel walker. he's trailing in the polls right now. he needed to move voters to his side and this makes it much, much more difficult. >> you know what i find fascinating, it's from a headline from, you know, the
8:33 am
local view reading the headline of your own paper saying republicans fear losing u.s. senate seat as walker's woes mount. the local view of this story, it seems to us, approaching it from a national lens, is very different and i'm wondering if we're not necessarily getting a real sense of what's happening on the ground and how much this could feasibly damage him. >> yes. republicans have not consolidated around hershel walker right now. i was just add an even with governor brian kemp who is hitting over 50%, very popular in the state. i asked him, will you be campaigning with hershel walker and he said i'm focused on my own race. that's not the kind of support that he needs. it's like a bomb has gone off in this race to be honest with you and it has damaged hershel walker unquestionably. >> thank you. so this morning, everybody, a new uncertainty over whether
8:34 am
elon musk will or will not buy twitter. musk sent a proposal to twitter saying he will go forward with the acquisition if the company dropped its lawsuit against them. but two sources have been cited reporting both sides have not yet reached an agreement and their legal fight. twitter suing musk to force him to go through with the deal after he put the purchase on hold blaming the uncertainty over how many fake accounts are on the platform. ben collins joining me now to talk about what comes next. this came through yesterday and we thought, okay, now it's happening. let's pause for a second. nonis going to believe it's going to come through unless we see the signage on the paper. all of that being said, you came down hard with a major assessment on twitter calling elon musk's plans for the website, quote, a suicide bomb. explain that for us, if you will, then. >> yes, elon musk wants to
8:35 am
change how twitter works. he had original ideas which he came up with in his texts. you have to pay to tweet and that would be a completely different way to use this website, obviously. but he also chatted with some figures in this space in his texts and those figures said things like, we should make blake masters the vp of enforcement and expect a blue check exodus. people who have verification on twitter, they should be expected to leave the website. so there would be a pretty dramatic change in how twitter works based on who he's talking to about how he would operate the website. does that mean it's going to be good or bad? changes can be pretty quick. i talked to many people inside of twitter and, you know, the general consensus over the last year or so is if this guy takes over, we're out of here. we're going to go do something
8:36 am
else. i've talked to people who have taken interviews at different companies, talked to different places expecting this to happen. this guy would be taking over the shell of a company. >> you bring up kind of the possibility of this mass exodus internally. i wonder if there would be a mass exodus externally? >> yeah, no, of course. when we saw initially many months ago when he -- it was rumored that he would take over the service, people fled to the website. and people started to come back to the website. he drives a specific kind of clientele to twitter as a concept. he is making a bet in general that he can change the way this website works. the problem is, he doesn't seem to understand how it works. he has a very bad idea how many bots use the platform on a second by second basis. how they get rid of those bots. if those bots are speech or not,
8:37 am
by the way. i think we can both agree that bots probably shouldn't be counted as the same kind of speech as regular people. i'm not sure he really understands how the takedowns work for those things and who those bots support, what those bots support. it's not a done deal yet. you would have a lot of learning to do if you look over this website and you would have a lot of learning to do from a very few amount of people who are still working at twitter. >> ben collins, i'm going to rely on you to get to the bottom of this if elon musk actually knows how these bots work and get back to us when you find out, will you? the largest protest against the iranian regime in decades with more and more students taking to the streets. we're going to have a live report just ahead. up first, vladimir putin signing documents today claiming to annex big parts of eastern ukraine, including areas, by the way, where russian troops are on the run. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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we could be on the verge of another spike in gas prices. opec, including russia and saudi arabia, they have approved deep cuts in oil production. the world's most powerful oil producers approved to cut 2 million barrels a day. it would take effect in november. the white house had been working to try and block the expected cut. the president is, quote, disappointed by the shortsighted decision. let's turn now to the war in ukraine. russian president vladimir putin annexing parts of ukraine. ukrainian forces are expanding their rapid advances in the south of east reclaiming more territory once under russian control. cal perry joining us now.
8:43 am
you have the russian president saying i'm officially annexing these zones, areas in which he does not have control of. >> yes. and areas in which he's losing more and more control by the hour. since you and i spoke 24 hours ago, it's possible that the ukrainian military has moved the russian military ten miles further back than where we were when we last spoke. that's at lightning speed. and they're doing it in two places, the east, the city of lyman, ukrainians in full control of that. they're also controlling some of the villages to the east. the city of kherson, it's possible they're starting to push russian soldiers back across that river. major strategic gains in both the east and the south. this is all about how much ukraine can get in the short period of time back before it
8:44 am
gets really cold here and that's what they're trying to do. overnight, there were some attacks by russia. drone attacks, south of the capitol here, about 80 kilometers south of here. some of the drones were shot down and some hitting targets. they are precise. they use civilian components. they're hard to shoot down. it's possible that this is a way that putin is lashing out because of the losses that he continues to take on the battlefield. >> cal perry for us. thank you. let's turn now to iran, everybody. the country has now entered the third week of protests over the death of a young woman in morality police custody. the ayatollah has broken his silence blaming the united states and israel. he says this cannot justify the conduct of such actions. these were not normal actions. these were not natural. the riots, the chaos was planned. the protests have also been unfolding at schools and elite
8:45 am
universities across the country. i want to bring in the teheran bureau chief. these protests ongoing for up to two weeks now. the pictures emerging here in the west. how are people there on the ground responding to the latest statements from the supreme leader? >> reporter: yasmin, we're not seeing mass nationwide protests erupt every night anymore in large part because of this overwhelming police security presence, heavy-handed tactics, many arrests and the government's internet blockade. despite the crackdown, you see flare-ups in various parts of the country with pockets of demonstrators making their voice heard. many women still refuse to wear the hijab. you see a women standing alone or a group of women waving their head scarf, running through the traffic chanting woman, life, freedom. the slowing often these
8:46 am
protests. but more than anyone else, yasmin, in the country is the iranian students that have stepped up their protest and a wide range of issues that have been festering for so long. universities in this country have been a traditional hotbed of dissent and that's where most of the protests have been taking place. many universities have boycotted classes and protested on campus. but on sunday night, the situation turned violent at iran's equivalent to m.i.t. students were surrounded by riot police and they were arrested and taken away. as you know, young women have been at the forefront of the unrest but another turn of events we've seen never in iran, high school girls have joined the movement. they're participating in fairly
8:47 am
large numbers, taking huge risks, removing their hijab and slanting slogans in the schoolyard or on the streets. >> it's incredible to see over and over the things that we are able to see here. the major risks these protestors are continuing to take day in and day out in iran. we thank you for being there for us and reporting on this incredibly important story. in just a couple of minutes, everybody, we're going to be watching history at cape canaveral. the firsts we'll see at today's spacex launch. that's coming up next. ex launch. that's coming up next. get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll get proactive alerts for market events before they happen... and insights on every buy and sell decision. with zero-commission online u.s. stock and etf trades. for smarter trading decisions, get decision tech from fidelity.
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8:52 am
sunny florida. this launch impending. can we talk first about of how momentous this will be with these firsts? >> reporter: perfect day out here. all systems go as of right now. you mentioned it, this is -- it's the fifth crew rotation to do this. but there are firsts. we have the first native american woman going to space, the first female commander for spacex. the first cosmonaut flying for spacex and the first time a russian is flying on an american vehicle in 20 years. it's the first time since a swap was signed between the two countries agreeing that once a year, maybe an american astronaut will go on a russian vehicle and vice versa. this is the first time that's happening since that pact was signed. let's talk about some of the
8:53 am
technology here. they are going to go 17,500 miles an hour. the booster is reusable. it will break off and it's going to land on a drone ship in the atlantic. for three of the astronauts, this is the first time they're going into space. a japanese astronaut who has been up before. he is the expert here. they are going to conduct science experiments. they are going up for five to six months. they will complete 200 science experiments. they will look at liquid oil-like substances in low gravity. that can potentially be applied to technology for a moon rover. they will look at the biomedical data from their suits. they are taking personal affects. for example, nicole is going to bring a dream catcher that her mother gave her. >> those details are incredible. i wonder as we wait to this at
8:54 am
the top of the hour, you wonder if there's going to be last-minute pulls, any complications they are anticipating that could derail this launch. anything that we have heard so far? we know weather is a factor. it doesn't necessarily seem like this morning that's something that could cause a derailment of this launch. >> we know this was postponed because of hurricane ian. there were technical issues. it doesn't look like that contributed to the postponement. none of those have come up today. things they are looking at, weather. they are always looking at weather. they were looking at long-range wind issues. when they were going through checks, there was some foreign object debris that was in the hatch in the seal once that was pressurized. they studied it. they continued to move on. right now, we are t minus six
8:55 am
minutes and 20 seconds. >> i cannot imagine what they are feeling, the astronauts, about to launch. history in the making. good to talk to you. that does it for me on this busy hour. andrea mitchell is picking up our coverage of this historic launch set to happen in a couple minutes. [ no audio ] [ no audio ]
8:56 am
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good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we begin with breaking news from the kennedy space center. elon musk's spacex team is moments away from a new rocket launch that includes nasa astronauts and a russian cosmonaut. let's listen to the final countdown coming from nasa tv. >> spacex dragon go for launch. >> t minus 30 seconds.


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