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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  October 11, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the next episode is next week. tonight i'll be on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon at 11:35 p.m. eastern. tomorrow, i'll going to be right here with alex wagner at 9:00 p.m. eastern. and i'm going to be on "the last word." "way too early" is up next. >> the reality of city have been a pain in the rear end to nancy pelosi. and if chuck schumer is the leader, i will be a pain in the rear end to him too. i'm for ohio. i don't kiss anyone's ass like him. ohio needs an ass kicker, not an ass kisser. >> a fiery debate in ohio for a senate seat that could determine which party controls the upper chamber. we'll have much more from the debate stage and the tight race between tim ryan and j.d. vance. also ahead, vladimir putin targets civilians and children
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with missile strikes in major ukrainian cities. calling it retaliation for an attack on a vital russian bridge. plus, one of donald trump's attorneys is questioned by federal investigators about her signed statements on classified documents found at mar-a-lago. >> good morning. welcome to "way too early" on this tuesday, october 11th. thanks for starting your day with us. we begin in ukraine. we're learning new details about yesterday's massive attack in kyiv and other major ukrainian cities. according to ukraine's deputy minister of defense, russia launched 83 missiles, half of which were neutralized by air defense systems. across ukraine, more than 95 people were injured and in kyiv alone, at least 14 people were
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killed. the missile strikes damaged critical infrastructure, knocking out power lines and cutting off water supplies to several cities. at least 35 residential buildings were also hit along with museums, parks, and a popular pedestrian bridge in the center of kyiv. even a children's playground was hit during the missile strike creating the massive crater you can see on your screen. in this nightly address, president zelenskyy spoke in front of rubble in kyiv. he called the strikes a typical terrorist tactic adding, quote, ukraine existed before this enemy appeared. ukraine will exist after him. the leaders of the g-7 will hold an emergency meeting later this morning to discuss further support for ukraine in the wake of the strikes. the white house said ukrainian president zelenskyy will join that meeting at the top. we're told by zelenskyy's office
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he'll request more sanctions against russia and more help with air defense. zelenskyy spoke yesterday with president biden. president macron of france, german chancellor shultz and new british prime minister liz truss, all of whom condemned russia and pledged to stand by ukraine. also, during a special session of the united nations general assembly yesterday, countries from around the world join together to adopt a resolution that also condemned russia's illegal annexation of ukrainian territories. the ambassador spoke saying his own family had been directly impacted by russia's attacks. >> the entire world has once again seen the true face of the terrorist state that kills our people. suffering defeats on the battlefield, russia takes it out
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on the peaceful residents of ukrainian cities. today's strike killed at least 14 civilians and 97 were wounded. deliberate targeting of civilians is a war crime. by launching missile attacks on civilians, sleeping in their homes or rushing to work, children going to schools, russia has proven once again that it is a terrorist state that must be deterred in the strongest possible ways. my immediate family was in a residential building under attack, unable to go to a bomb shelter because there was no electricity. russia has already killed some of my family members. and we see no end to their cruelty. >> russia responded, accusing
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ukraine of threatening world war iii and also accusing the west of using ukraine to test nato weaponry. the office of the u.n. secretary-general released a statement on russia's attacks on these ukrainian cities which reads in part this, this constitutes another unacceptable escalation of war and as always, civilians are paying the highest price. joining us now, live from kyiv, national security reporter for "the washington post," misty ryan. thank you for being with us today. we know ukraine has been asking for a while, they've been grateful for the assistance of the u.s. and washington have sent along. they've been pushing for the delivery of expanded air defenses that it says it needs and more offensive weaponry. what's the latest? are they going to get what they're asking for? >> well, certainly the government of ukraine is using yesterday's attack as a launching pad to intensify the
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calls for additional air defenses as proof of why ukraine needs greater assistance and greater protection for civilians. as you said, i'm here in kyiv. the millions of people here woke up to a nationwide air alert just 24 hours after the first strikes slammed into kyiv. the we were out there at the scene of the first strike that hit yesterday and it was just, you know, an ordinary intersection and targeted commuters on their way to work. and there is certainly no sign of why that could be considered a military target. so i think that there is some traction that these calls are getting. and we'll see additional promises from the west. we saw president biden make reference to that following his call with president zelenskyy yesterday. but i think the big question is how quickly the promises materialize. there really is the threat of
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intensified and on going retribution from russia. i think the big question here is was yesterday's event a sort of finite act of retaliation or is this going to be something that russia is now doing on an on going basis? are they going to be using missiles to strike deep into ukraine as a way to try to wear down the government? >> and certainly it appears that russia's struggles on the battlefield led putin to lash out in this way, targeting civilians. two part question for you. one, has there been any new launches to day after yesterday's bombardment? and is there a sense as to the latest in ukraine's counter offensive? have they now pushed forward in light of what happened yesterday? >> yeah. so already there are reports that at least two missiles have been shot down in the kyiv area. there's also reports of the same from other parts of ukraine.
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we haven't gotten reports of hits so far which is good news. and certainly the limited air defense that's ukraine has will be employed today. but there is a nationwide air alert that is still on going. here at the hotel, there are lots of people still in the basement which is a make shift bomb shelter. and, you know, i think that the way this translates into the counter offensive that you referenced is that ukraine is going to try to use this as instigating. they need the weaponry to win on the battlefield. and i think that the sentiment really is changing in western countries that are supporting ukraine. >> and certainly at least initially putin's strikes here
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only seem to bring the alliance closer together even as europe stands on the edge of a cold dark winter. thank you for joining us. please stay safe there in kyiv. turning back state side and politics. ohio senate nominees, j.d. vance and democratic congressman tim ryan went head-to-head last night in their first debate. the two clashed out on everything from the insurrection to abortion rights where vance was questioned about what he has called his 100% pro-life position. >> i've always believed in reasonable exceptions. this is a misrepresentation. let's hear it from me, not from congressman ryan. i absolutely think that 10-year-old girl, the case we heard about, a tragic situation. i have a 9-year-old baby girl at home. i can't understand what that is like for that family. god forbid something like that happen. i said repeatedly on the record that i think that girl should be
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able to get an abortion if she and her family so choose to do so. >> i am not going to take a backseat to j.d. vance on law enforcement or anything else for that matter. the fact that on january 6th, we had 140 cops, united states capitol police get injured during the insurrection when they tried to overthrow the government. beat them up side the head lead pipes, spray them with pepper spray. the one cop got jammed in the door. j.d. vance raised money for the legal defense fund of the insurrectionists. this is the kind of extremism that we wholly reject. don't even deny it. we got your twitter posts and everything else. everybody's seen it. he said help these guys with their legal defense fund. now can you imagine one guy saying out of one side of his mouth he is pro cop and out of the other side of his mouth he's raising money for the insurrectionists who were
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beating up the capitol police? the one guy that tried to raise money for got four years in prison. this is ridiculous. i'm not taking a backseat you to. i brought $500 million back to fund police in ohio. i think the problem is when you have guys like j.d. vance who can't stand up to anybody like just a few weeks ago in youngstown on the stage, donald trump said to j.d. vance, all you do is kiss my ass to get my support. he said that. that's bad. because that means j.d. vance is going to do whatever he wants. mitch mcconnell has given him $40 million. he'll do what he wants. peter teal gave him $15 million. he'll do what he wants. here is the thing that is most troubling about this. lack of courage. after trump took j.d. vance's dignity from him on the stage in youngstown, he got back up on stage and said -- started shaking hand taking pictures saying, hey, aren't we having great time tonight? i don't know anybody i grew up with, i don't know anybody i went to high school with that
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would allow somebody to take their dignity like that and then get back up on stage. we need leaders who have courage to take on their own party and i have proven that and he was called an ass kisser by the former president. >> i mean, is there anything he's done that is concerning? let's let the criminal investigations play out. i was alive during 2016 to 2020. and what i saw was consistently rumors that finally donald trump was going to be indicted. he was going to be accused of something legitimately criminal. of course, tim ryan, despite his commercials, voted to impeach him twice, i have seen nothing that would suggest that president of the united states should be thrown in prison and most importantly here, if you're going to make accusations like this the attorney general of the united states, one of the most political actors in the history of american justice, if you want to go after a former president, a possible future president or at least a future political candidate, you have to tell the american people why. we have really corrupt leadership at the department of
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justice and that's a problem. >> and we'll have congressman tim ryan as a guest on "morning joe" a little later. still ahead here on "way too early," georgia senate nominee herschel walker is about to get more support from republicans today. we'll look at who is hitting the campaign trail with him amid allegations he paid for an exgirlfriend's abortion and lied about it. plus, new reporting about an attorney from former president trump getting questioned by federal investigators. those stories and a check on the weather and sports when we come right back. weather and sports w right back
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welcome back. herschel walker will get more gop support today as controversial allegations mount surrounding a woman's abortion. senators rick scott of florida and tom cotton of arkansas are scheduled to campaign with
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walker this afternoon at an vent -- event in carolton, georgia. the two senators previously announced their intent to campaign and throw support behind walker, the former football star, after a report dropped accusing him of funding an exgirlfriend's abortion. meanwhile, senator tommy tuberville of alabama is facing a significant backlash from major civil rights groups for comments he made at a trump rally over the weekend. speaking of nevada on saturday night, the college football coach turned republican lawmaker had this to say about crime in america. >> the democratic party, they could stop this crime today. they -- some people say well they're soft on crime. no, they're not soft on crime. they're pro crime. they want crime. they want crime because they want to take over what you got. they want to control what you have. they want reparation because they think the people that do
2:18 am
the crime are owed that. they're not owed that. >> in a statement yesterday, the president of the naacp blasted tuberville for, quote, promoting a century's old lie that resulted in violent attacks on our community. national urban league is calling on tuberville's colleagues in the senate which is on recess right now through the election to condemn his, quote, repugnant views. tuberville's office has not yet responded to our request for comment. >> meanwhile, a lawyer for donald trump kristina bob a key player in the seized documents matter from mar-a-lago, she recently met with federal investigators. according to nbc news, bob highlighted two other lawyers who were also involved in the case. he attested that all material in donald trump's possession were returned to the government. well, court documents show that
2:19 am
the fbi subsequently determined that the signed statement was untrue. he executed a search warrant at mar-a-lago which turned up 103 additional records with classification markings that were not returned as bob had attested they were. according to sources, bob told investigators she did not draft that signed statement but it was told to sign it by chochran. bobb spoke to investigators about boris epstein who she said did not help draft the statement but was minimally involved in discussions about the records. still ahead here, bernie sanders has a message for democrats ahead of the mid terms. it's not all about abortion rights. we'll go through his campaign suggestions for the left. also ahead, one of the biggest names in banking warns we're months away from a serious recession.
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neuriva: think bigger. mahomes, another. he has another. four on the night. travis kelce yet again. >> mahomes. this one is batted down. crosby got it. two down. try to get the yardage. let's see what happens on third. >> if you have an opportunity to take the lead, you do it. they hand to jacobs and he --
2:24 am
>> they traded touchdowns and failed two point conversions on a pretty good monday night football game. the raiders had a chance to win it late. adams pulled in a pass along the sideline with under a minute to go. but replay officials ruled he didn't have possession. i don't know. that on fourth and on his receivers ran into each other and that is the ball game. they come back from 17 points down to win 30-29. another subplot here, are another shaky night for officials after some pretty poor refereeing on sunday as well. that's a story line in every nfl season. the carolina panthers fired their head coach after a 1-4 start to the season. matt rule in the start of a seven year, $62 million deal with the panthers. but it couldn't replicate the success he had at the college level after turning around the
2:25 am
temple and baylor football programs. his team's were in a business mall 1-27 when giving up more than 17 points. he's expected to get a lot of interest from college teams this off-season. he is paid about $40 million to not coach the panthers. not a bad gig there. also, you'll be happy to know fantasy football team finally won, 1-4. moving on to baseball and the start of the division series. there is a quadruple header starting in atlanta. they host the phillies at 1:00 eastern. then the seattle mariners head to houston to play the astros at 3:30. followed by america's team, the cleveland guardians as they take on the new york yankees and the day wraps up out west with the padres playing the dodgers. of time now for the weather and the aforementions meteorologist michelle grossman. how is it looking there and how you are feeling about your fillies? >> i'm feeling nervous. the braves are going to be hard. we haven't done that well so far
2:26 am
this season. but it will be okay. i'm surprised you're 1-4 in fantasy football. >> yeah. i've been having bad luck. not the coaching. >> all right. all right. we do have some chilly start in some spots today. we have frost advisories and freeze warnings. we're looking at temperatures around the freezing mark in some spots. 34 in burlington. 37 in syracuse. you need to start that car early. wear the jacket as you head out this morning. look at the difference as we head further to the west and portions of the midwest. plains, summer like today into the mid 80s. 19 degrees above normal today in omaha. 85 degrees. 84 in wichita. this heat will slide to the east as we head towards tomorrow. so we're into the 70s, near 8 0e -- 80 degrees in cincinnati. we're warm in the mid-atlantic before cooling back down. we have a cold front that is going to move through and spark strong storms this afternoon, especially tonight and into the
2:27 am
overnight hours. gusty winds. also some lightning and hail. then again this will move to the east. the northeast, you'll see gusty winds by thursday. back to you. >> michelle grossman, thank you so much. good luck to your squad. still ahead here on "way too early," more from ohio on the heels of last night's fiery senate debate. polls are showing a tight race. but there are new concerns that democrats could be squandering a chance to flip a senate seat. sa chance to flip a senate seat ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪ ♪♪ hey dad, i'm almost out. i got you. any questions, chris? all good, thanks maura! healthier is managing all your family's prescriptions in one app. the long-lasting scent of gain flings made it smell like dave was in his happy place...
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welcome back to "way too early." 5:30 a.m. on the east coast. 2:30 out west. thank you for joining us this morning. democratic congressman tim ryan is raising millions for a senate campaign but he's not getting much financial help from the national party. in an interview with a dozen party leaders and operatives, democrats are increasingly fearful that they might be squandering a chance to flip the ohio senate seat. according to the advertising tracking group add impact, republicans spent $37.9 million on the general election. only $3.7 million of that has come directly from j.d. vance's campaign. meanwhile, ryan's campaign had accounted for 24 of the more than $29 million spent in the race. meaning, outside democratic groups have committed only $4.5 million to the race, about 14% of what the gop groups are spending for vance. ryan tells nbc news it can feel
2:32 am
like pulling teeth sometimes when trying to talk national democrats into a working class candidate. but did he add, the optics of it are in my favor. bernie sanders is urging democrats not to just focus on the abortion issue. he said it is critical to focus the message on the economy and to present a pro worker agenda. sanders writes i'm alarmed to hear the advice that many democratic candidates are getting from establishment consultants and directors of well funded super pacs that closing argument of democrats should focus only on abortion. i disagree. in my view, while the abortion issue must remain on the front burner, it would be political malpractice for democrats to ignore the state of the economy and allow republican lies and distortions to go unanswered. none of what i'm suggesting here
2:33 am
is radical. if we close this critical midterm campaign to meet the needs of working families to take on corporate greed and protect a woman's right to choose, we'll begin to rebuild the trust between democrats in washington and the working families of the country. and we'll win the election. joining us now, co-founder of punch bowl news, jake sherman. he is an msnbc political contributor. good morning, jake. let's start there. >> good morning. >> let's start with the thoughts of vermont's senator. polling does suggest that while abortion is a top issue, it lags behind the economy and inflation. what is your assessment of what bernie has to say. >> there is no doubt that the abortion issue is powerful for democrats in some places, not every place, not everywhere, not with every voter. and it will be, i think there is
2:34 am
some truth to what he is saying, obviously. there is no -- to talk about one issue and one issue only is not smart. i don't think there is anything complicated or unique about that thought. i think it makes complete sense. the. >> so let's speak about one of the races up for grabs, ohio. >> contentious debate last night. you just heard the story about tim ryan suggesting it's been pulling teeth for the national party to send him any money. a lot of democrats didn't think it was in play this time around. polls suggest a tight race. what's your take?
2:35 am
>> it's complex. i mean, the thing that every campaign struggles with and every campaign committee struggles with is a finite amount of resources. and if you're making bets based on certain races, ohio is out there. i mean, ohio has trended as you know, republican in recent years. furthermore, yes, it is a close race. we had reporting this morning about just the limited cache and cache crunch that the democrats and frankly republicans in some cases face. i think that they have to make decisions based off of not only polls but based off historical trends. p that's what they're doing here. i'll add one more thing to that, john. he is also, whether intending to
2:36 am
do so or not, he is setting up enough money if he doesn't win. if you complain about not getting enough resources, can you gin up your own donors and b say, i could have won if only the dscc and the dnc invested more in my race. >> yeah. see new 2028 play, perhaps. you know, also we should note, polls in ohio particulary shaky. we mentioned a couple republican senators heading to georgia today in support of herschel walker. at this point, republicans, are they just all in on walker no matter what revelations may come in the days ahead? >> no matter how horrible the revelations are, what's their choice? he's their candidate. the entire senate could come down to georgia, could come down to furthermore a runoff in georgia after election day. so, yeah, they're in for dime and a dollar. i'm not sure how much rick scott and tom cotton are going to be helpful or hurtful. i don't know how many people
2:37 am
know them in georgia. but listen, they're trying to shore up the republican base. make sure people vote. so, yep, they're in. they're all in. >> all right. one of the best. we'll look for the new reporting in punch bowl in a matter of minutes. thank you, my friend. still ahead, new calls. the united states to freeze cooperation with saudi arabia after opec's decision to slash oil production. the question this morning, can anything be done to slow this latest rise in p gas prices? that and the other stories driving your business day are next. stories driving your business day are next
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2:41 am
>> well, jon, overall market sentiment is not that pretty. yesterday we had a weak close for wall street. in the red today as well as futures pointing to a negative open. this as investors continue to fret about the growth outlook at a time when central bank are hiking interest rates. investors are taking a close look at what is happening in the uk market, for example, with a lot of bond liquidity and forcing the central bank other here to act. but we'll get further data points this week. one thing to watch out for is the u.s. cpi inflation print tomorrow to give further clues as to what the fed can do from here. and the banks earnings season kicks off. it will be interesting to hear the commentary from the banks. >> so j.p. morgan chase, speaking of banks, the ceo made headlines warning the u.s. will likely tip into a recession. what did he have to say as to why and when does he think it
2:42 am
might happen? >> yep. that is right. so that is actually another reason why stock markets traded poorly yesterday after these comments out of jamie dimon came out. he said they could be entering into recession in the next six to nine months based on several headwinds facing the economy. one of them he points to is the persistence of the russian war. it could range from mild to very, very hard indeed. depending on how long the war goes on for. he did say, however, that europe is already in recession and the best thing we can do is be prepared for that. the top democrat is calling on the biden administration to freeze with opec after they would reduce daily oil production. this comes a month before the
2:43 am
american mid terms. tell us more what he's looking for and how much do we think gas prices are going to go up? >> yes. well, so these comments came out yesterday and they're specifically targeted at saudi arabia because saudi arabia only a week ago sided russia. it was not long ago that president biden was actually in saudi arabia speaking to the crown prince about the possibility of increasing production. the fact they went completely the other way in taking off about 2% of global oil supply from the market was seen as a slight to the u.s. which is now why the u.s. and members of u.s. senate are saying that the u.s. needs to re-estabilsh the relationship. the reaction in oil is positive.
2:44 am
that could mean higher oil prices. >> poor lay timed pain at the pump for sure, particularly for democrats being the party in power. cnbc live from london, thank you as always. still ahead, new reporting on what president biden is saying about the mid terms behind closed doors. and how the 2024 presidential race may be factoring in. presi race may be factoring in [coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. (vo) get the new iphone 14 pro on us. right now t-mobile is including apple business essentials robitussin. so you can easily manage your team's devices. on the network with more 5g coverage. only from t-mobile for business.
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♪ tum tum tum tum tums ♪
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. all eyes including those of president biden are on the tightest races. new york magazine is out with a piece titled what biden privately thinks about the mid terms. as one senior democrat close to the white house and familiar with the thinking put it, each of the midterm races squarely in
2:48 am
the president's view has something in common. they have enormous importance for 2024. biden has been talking more in private about a set of high priority races shaping the politics of swing states that will be central to his re-election. he has been particularly open about one pol he especially wants to get rid of, ron johnson, whom he describes as notably draconian and emblem of the new warped gop. >> joining us now, the author of that piece, national correspondent for new york magazine, gabriel badenadetti. he has a book out, "the long alliance: the imperfect union of joe biden and barack obama." good morning. tell us more about wisconsin and also some of the other race that's biden is watching and why he deemed them significant?
2:49 am
>> yeah. absolutely. wisconsin is actually a great example of the races that biden has a very close eye on these days. because it's a state with a no doubt it's about the midterms both in terms of the senate where ron johnson is up for re-election and in terms of the governor's mansion. the democrat is up for re-election. one of the reasons that biden is watching closely is not just control of the senate could flip based on what happens in a race like this one but also because it's an important state in terms of who is running it. and it's a battleground state that could really shape the politics of what 2024 looks like. biden hasn't said it, obviously, but he has been talking behind closed doors as if he's going to run for re-election in 2024. it looks increasingly like it's going to be a rematch against donald trump, obviously too early to say that for now, but those are the contours of the race as the white house is seeing it. and so when they look at the overall landscape for 2024, a lot of the states that are likely to matter then are states that have a number of top tier
2:50 am
races now. pennsylvania, georgia, florida even though that's lower down the tier of priorities. but nevada, new hampshire, these are all states that have multiple big ticket races right now that biden is watching very closely because if if democrats win in those or if they are more effective than you they are more effective than you think they would be in a midterm, it may give him clues as to what 24 might look like and what it might look for him. >> certainly it's going to impact the next two years. there's a belief in the democratic party, hope they could keep the house, they recognize that's an up hill climb, and therefore keeping the senate becomes that much more essential to get anything done, even the confirmation of biden employees. you mentioned 2024. what sort of time line is the biden team working on to make its decision. they're doing all the things you do if you're going to run. the family is going to play a part in whether he does or not. what's their current theory of
2:51 am
the case and when might they do it? >> there's not one good answer to it. the consensus is people like us should stop talking about. it's a massive question. the short answer is they will reevaluate after the midterms, likely early next year we'll start to get serious signals about it. biden is acting as if behind closed doors, certainly, and sometimes in public, if this is all things go, he is going to be running for reelection. he knows he can't say so out loud, the politics wouldn't favor it and that would trigger a legal cascade of things they would have to start doing, and that would be a real headache in the middle of the midterm campaign. they do of course want to do as well as they can in the midterms but they also know they have the memory of races like 2010, for example, which biden saw as vice president when democrats did very poorly. it was a total wipe out, and then of course two years later, obama fairly easily, relatively speaking won reelection. >> biden, keeping at arm's
2:52 am
length from some of the races, doing more campaigning from the white house, and fundraising. he heads out west with a bunch of stops including in california. new york magazine's gabriel debenedetti, thank you for your reporting this morning. the midterm ad blitz, we'll tell you where campaigns are spending big and coming up on "morning joe," steve kornacki will be at the big board to break down the state of the midterms with election day less than a month away. fresh off his debate last night, democratic nominee, congressman tim ryan will be a guest. the latest in russia's onslaught in and around ukraine's capital city. g7 leaders are planned an emergency meeting, expected to take place virtually in a few hours from now. we'll be watching that. "morning joe" just a few minutes away. ew minutes away a private 5g network. so you can do more than connect your business, you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is.
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severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. joining us now with a look at "axios" am, political
2:56 am
reporter alexi mccammond, good morning, what is the one big thing. >> it's about the midterms ad blitz, democrats are spending millions of dollars on facebook ads specifically about abortion while as you know well, republicans continue to focus on issues like the economy, inflation, crime, donald trump, and you've been focusing on this, so you know that that dynamic is not surprising to you. it matters it's a concrete example of how the reversal of ro by the supreme court has given democrats the opportunity to rally. it gives them an opportunity to go on offense when otherwise they're being attacked by republicans with a deluge of ads on crime and defund the police. the interesting thing i have noticed in my reporting, even with democrats are being hit with attack ads on crime, they're not spending a lot of time responding or correcting those attacks. they will correct them.
2:57 am
instead, they have been releasing a barrage of anti-abortion ads that show their opponents positions to make sure that is part of the conversation when republicans don't want it to be on the trail. >> we just talked about how bernie sanders is raising alarms about this saying of course that abortion rights, a huge issue, but that shouldn't be the only thing democrats are focusing on. they might be vulnerable to things like economic arguments and crime. in your latest piece, you're reporting that two major democratic groups with pouring millions into tv ads in several state legislative races. what have you learned and where are they. >> that's exactly right. places like arizona, colorado, new hampshire, michigan, pennsylvania, two democratic groups, the national democratic redistricting committee of course by the former attorney general, eric holder and the state's project, specifically focused on state legislative races are coming together, as you mentioned, to spend millions, and this is on top of another $60 million effort from the state's project a couple of weeks ago in a separate group of
2:58 am
states. that's because democrats are looking at the clock. we have four weeks left. we have not been getting enough money to support these legislative races. democrats i talked to increasingly agree they viewed these specific positions in state legislatures as being critical to protecting democracy, and they mean that in deciding what you can taught in the classroom, where and how you can get an abortion, whether and how you can vote, and whether that vote will be counted. and so there's really this kind of renewed concerted effort, but you'll notice it's largely coming from the outside democratic groups. the democratic campaign overseeing races has been investing in these races and they are focused on protecting the majorities they have. the outside groups are filling the holes so they can be competitive and try to flip chambers to help democrats in '22. they're thinking about this for '24 as well. >> it's a smart story. for years, democrats have said, hey, we're not doing enough for state houses and state
2:59 am
legislatures, and yet they still have not done enough, it would seen. "axios" also reporting that a trump aligned group has proposed, wait for it, a formal declaration of war on mexican drug cartels. tell us about that. >> pretty controversial, right. this is definitely something republicans have proposed in the past. you'll remember that former president trump had floated this exact idea but at the time foreign policy experts said it was a bad and controversial idea. you have to ask yourself about the timing of this announcement coming via a policy paper from the conservative group, expected this week. of course the midterms are four weeks away. republicans have been trying to reinject immigration into the conversation. democrats privately admit it's one of their biggest vulnerabilities, they don't have a real message or good answer on. that's in part why you're seeing
3:00 am
this happen now because republicans are looking for another issue they hope could be a winning one. >> alexi mccammond, thank you as always, and thank you to all of you for getting up "way too early" with us on this tuesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. "the new york times" did a fake story today, big front page, j.d. wasn't sure if he wanted my support. j.d. is kissing my ass, he wanted my support. i'm 18 points out. >> the reality is i have been a pain in the rear end to nancy pelosi, and if chuck schumer is the leader, i will be a pain in the rear end to him. i'm for ohio. i don't kiss anyone's ass like him. ohio needs an ass kicker, not an ass kisser. >> okay, then. ohio senate nominees, tim ryan and j.d. vance square off if their very first dete


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