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tv   Chris Jansing Reports  MSNBC  October 11, 2022 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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good day. i'm chris jansing live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. talk about a political pressure cooker. democratic and republican campaign officials are juggling as many as 10 competitive senate races with controversy over how national democrats are spending critical campaign cash. we'll dive into that dollars dilemma with early voting already underway in many states. one state on the bubble, ohio. last night's huge debate between tim ryan and jd vance did not disappoint. as combative as you'd expect from a toss-up race. this morning ryan said vance is getting more help from his party. >> mitch mcconnell gave him $million.
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>> in ukraine, another new round of missile strikes as russian officials celebrate what they say is a new phase of the war, one that apparently focuses on killing civilians instead of soldiers. so what is this new phase? what does it mean for what's ahead? i'll ask barry mccaffrey in just a minute. and we have now learned that among the women accusing disgraced producer harvey weinstein at his trial in california is the governor's wife. we'll have the latest from the courtroom. but we start with the midterm races and growing alarm that decision makers may be letting winnable races slip away. that includes races in wisconsin, north carolina, pennsylvania, across the board, democratic candidates have spent way more on their own ads than the party ha has. while on the republican side, the bulk of the spending has come from the national party and outside groups.
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case in point, ohio, where jd vance has come up with just 10% of the cost of his ads compared to more than 80% for democrat tim ryan. >> why does mitch mcconnell to win this seat more than national democrats? >> i don't know. that's a good question. as you know, i have always expressed a level of frustration with the national democratic party. the disconnect, the working class people and you have a blue-collar candidate who in the last two public polls we have been up 3 points. >> as to how exactly democrats are spending money, according to ad impact, a third of all democrats spending on tv ads last month focused on abortion. put not everyone thinks that's the smartest way to spend. in a new o-ed, bernie sanders
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says, quote, while the abortion issue must remain on the front burner, it would be political malpractice to ignore the state of of the economy and allow distortions to go unanswered. i want to bring in jesse kirsch, he's following the senate race from cleveland. jonathan lemire, a political analyst, and welcome to all of you. so basil, let's start with where democrats are spending. are they leaving winnable races on the tanl, or there suspect enough money to go around and they have to make these tough decisions? >> well, i think the latter point, and particularly having run a state party, tough make really tough choices about what's winnable, what's not. and where to put those resources. >> so is the message that tim ryan can't win in ohio though? >> no, i actually don't think that should be the message. i think he can win in ohio.
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and we have to take a page from georgia in 2020 for the all lessons we learned. the kras are contested in every race, at every level, wherever they could. and that is the lesson going forward. it has to be going back to howard dean. the strategy and not battleground state strategy. and what's happened here is that there are some in the party that believe ohio is no longer the battleground that it is. it's more red state than purple state, and perhaps they should spend their money elsewhere. i don't agree with that. this, to me s a winnable seat. we should not, among others, be giving up before election day. >> jonathan, ryan isn't alone in his frustration with national democrats. just one other example is in north carolina. beazley needs help that she's
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not getting. democrats have been burned in the past on spending money on races they couldn't win. is maybe the net effect being too cautious this time? what are you hearing? >> let's starlet with ohio. there's a distrust of the polling. let's recall in just two years ago in 2020, polls showed joe biden in more or less a dead heat with president trump. in fact, the biden campaign was so optimistic they dispatched biden two ohio two days before election day and he lost that state by about 8 points. it wasn't even close. that's the fear in the party. they didn't want to get burned there again. but they should be careful. north carolina is a good one to bring up here because the democratic strategists are growing increasingly nervous. they fear like republicans have an advantage in nevada where democrats may have a hard time hanging on to that seat. so in order to keep 50/50, they
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have to pick up one somewhere. all loi iowa long the thought was pennsylvania. they are still optimistic, but can't help but notice the polls have tightened there. so they might need to expand the map. north carolina is a possibility. tz the race is tight, but the national party say it's going tov to make investments here in the last month to make it possible. >> so let's talk about ohio. where do things stand after last night's debate? is there any indication that tim ryan, does he think he might get more money in the final stretch? >> reporter: if you ask both candidates, they will tell you they won the debate last night. when tim ryan came and spoke to us, instead of coming himself, vance sent a surrogate who told us the winner doesn't need to spin. as for democratic help, i think
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tim ryan like this is david vs. goliath. he wants to keep the party at lebt. he may want the money, but at the psalm time, he wouldn't want people to think he's courting that money. last night he said that president biden should not run for reelection. he criticized vice president kamala harris' border comments in saying it's secure. so he's trying to keep himself separate from party leadership, trying to court people on the right, but jd vance will argue that's farcical. that's what we continue to see playing out here. and again, he's been spending money, we're starting to see more momentum on the republican side of things, but all that republican money coming here means that it's not being spent elsewhere. so it's certainly closer than republicans would have expected months back. >> so there's money ask then there's messaging. is bernie sanders right about democrats maybe depending too much on the abortion message?
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we saw last night, i watched the debate. tim ryan talking about the vice president bipartisan infrastructure bill, big economic wins for the democrats does bernie sanders have a point? >> i agree with bernie sanders here because i do believe that abortion and reproductive rights should be on the front burner. it's obviously very important. but for a lot of other voters across the country in suburban and rural areas, there maybe other issues that we should be able to talk about. democrats are conversant in those issues. we need to talk about them and not shy away from them. we have to build momentum where we can in any way that we can. and i think that's the message that bernie sanders has. just a quick point to tack on to the earlier discussion. the concern that i have with not being able to talk about a variety of issues ask then not investing in a lot of these candidates is that it may have a chilling effect. you look at barnes and other
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candidates that are running statewide offices, these are young candidates. this is the future of our party. if we're sending the message we don't want to invest in you and don't believe that you can talk about all of the issues that really do affect so many other voters in the state, then that sends a message that perhaps the democratic party is not for them. and that's not where we should be. wesz moore is talking to voters in many different ways across many subject areas in maryland. that is a paradigm for the future. and i think the party should be investing in that. >> so jonathan, another major issue. we know it's important from polls is the state of our democracy. it's going to continue to be in the headlines because of the january 6th committee this wook. the oath keepers trial, jd vance leaned into his testifies of the former president in the debate last night. let's watch. >> i was alive during 2016 to
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2020. what saw was consistently rumors that finally donald trump was going to be indicted and accused of something legitimately criminal. i have seen nothing that would suggest that the president of the united states should be thrown in prison. >> so again, we have this big hearing coming up on thursday. we don't know if there's something big coming out of it. but do you think the battle over democracy even now could be a wild card in the midterms? and we'll see what happens on thursday. >> we'll have to see the impact of that. that's less than a month before election day. the committee members have made no secret off camera they hope it will impact things on voters minds when they go to the ballot boxes. polls suggested it is one of the top issues. the fact that think back 16 years ago. the fact that defending
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democracy would be a top issue showings how things have changed in the era of donald trump. it lags behind abortion rights and the economy, which is still the top issue. but it is something. they are going to be some voters, and so democrats hope independents or republicans who are just tired of trump and the chaos he brings will look at that and say, we can't go down this road again. and even if i don't necessarily love joe biden, even if i'm not a democrat or love tim ryan, i don't want to empower vance, who is ab apoll gist for trump and the insurrection. and lastly, since we're on the subject of ohio, i know you're a clevelander. so go guardians, beat the yankees. >> thank you. >> i can't co-sign that. >> you're supposed to come back later in the show. you're pressing your luck there. jk j, who i know is a new
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guardians fan because he's moved to cleveland. and basil, you are sticking around. >> you're putting a yankees fan in a tough spot. >> okay, all right, fair enough. what were we talking about, i'm so excited about the game tonight. it's not just the committee that's keeping the insurrection in the news. let me bring in ryan riley who are is following the trial at u.s. district court in d.c. i will not ask who you're rooting for tonight. get us up to speed on where the trial stands right now. >> reporter: >> phillies fan over here, so a whole different story. i would say essentially what we have gone through in the trial so far is a lot of testimony from fbi agents sort of laying down the basics of the case. sort of laying out over the months of the 2020 election, the rhetoric began to heat up within the oath keepers group. there was an oath keepers in north carolina who broke away from the largeer organization because of concerns with which
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elmer stewart had been taing the group in some of the extreme rhetoric that we used. today they showed an interview that he had done with the journalist in november on the street talking about how the oath keepers would resist any law that was passed by president biden and so it was sort of building this case about how the oath keepers were preparing to interrupt peaceful transfer of power. what we're expecting in the near future should be testimony from some of of the cooperating witnesses. some of the oath keepers who are dealing with the government and are testifying about this. three of them have said they were part of this conspiracy and that there was, in fact, this agreement to oppose the peaceful transfer of power. but a lot of this does get nixed because there are other reasons why the oath keepers were there at some of these events. they have held forth they were
10:14 am
providing security services for a lot of people in trump's orbit. in fact, they had been working with roger stone. there was communications that were revealed today with a stop the steal organizer and there were events that were supposed to take place at the capitol. so sort of separating that and making sure that it's clear that everyone who has been charged was a part of this larger push to interrupt the peaceful transfer of power is what prosecutors have to bring forward. it's easier for them to make that case because there's so much rhetoric coming from rhodes about what this plan was all about, but what some of the other defendants are going to say is they were part of the security effort and that they had no plans to actually enter the capitol building that day and will come up with reasons why they proclaim they were trying to provide security for the officers who were attacked that day and suggest that they were helping law enforcement in some capacity and prosecutors would just dismiss that out of
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hand and say that wasn't the case. that's what they were planning to oppose the peaceful transfer of power. >> so much more to come. thank you for following it for us. we appreciate it. closing arguments now underway in another trial we're watching. will the parkland high school shooter get life in prison or the death penalty? but first, g7 lead erts hold an emergency meeting as airstrikes rock ukraine for another day. are we at a major turning point in the war. and russian hackers claim responsibility for cyber attacks targeting several u.s. airports. why that could matter to you. you're watching "chris jansing reports," only on msnbc. clumping litter. salmon paté? we have enough to splurge on catnip toys! i feel so accomplished. pet me please! great prices. happy pets. chewy. ♪ what will you do? will you make something better?
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right now, we're watching rapid escalations of the conflict in ukraine. a turning point, and at this critical juncture, just this morning, president zelenskyy asked the west for more sophisticated air defense systems during an emergency meeting with g7 leaders. the situation is getting worse with a familiar sounds of missile warning sirens ringing across ukraine for a second day. those missiles hitting critical infrastructure in the city oflet vooef. another strike killing someone. ukraine's ambassador said this at the special session.
10:20 am
>> it was in a residential building under attack. russia has already killed some of my family members. we see no end to that cruelty. >> i want to bring in cal perry, who is on the ground there in kyiv. and barry mccaffrey joins us as well. cal, two missiles were shot down by air defenses this morning in kyiver what you're seeing in terms of damage and how the people you're speaking to are holding up. >> reporter: people are exhausted. this is a city that didn't get any sleep. the air raid sirens went almost through the night and into the morning. two missiles intercepted over the kyiv area. when that happened, you can hear it and people are scared.
10:21 am
some of them were not intercepted. some of them hit their targets and kill maryland people. the total number of dead now stands at 19 from 2 days of shelling from russia with more than 10 a 5 wounded. we have seen 100 rockets fired in the last 24 hours. they are starting to target infrastructure targets. more than a third of people are without power. there was fear in the capital city we could see rolling blackouts. they are putting that off for 24 hours but it gives you an idea of how the infrastructure grid has been badly damaged. as we turn to the winter months, it's of grave concern because people are going to get cold. this is what we're going to see from vladimir putin. as he either misses those targets or targets civilians, that, too, is having a terrible effect. this is a city where many people came back from overseas. they were hoping to settle back at home, get school started. school has been cancelled this week.
10:22 am
life for right now is on hold. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your reporting from there. is there any question about whether or not there are definite targets that are civilians? >> look, chris, it seems clear to me that putin has run out of ideas. his military operation has failed. it's unlikely to garner anymore from the badly conducted effort to bring in 300,000 more troops. it's clear to me that this campaign of terror against ukrainian civilian targets is impossible to kmaj that it will turn around the military situation on the ground. the brits absorbed 30,000 some odds from the germans and never flagged in their commitment to defending the island. so the ukrainians are clearly being tormented by russian terrorist attack, which are unlikely to have any positive
10:23 am
influence. i think the other thing we're starting to see now is growing internal dissent in russia. putin has sacked eight of his generals, and another ten have been killed. he personally has taken command of the operation. he doesn't know what he's doing. tactically the ukrainians are seeing considerable success in the battlefield. the bottom line to all this is we need to up the commitment to ukraine and get the not just air defense systems, but missiles and m-1 modern tanks. that's where we need to go. >> so for those of us who are not military experts, why would that make a difference at this point? and is this point, as some people have suggested, a turning point? >> i think from the russians, it isn't a turning point. what they are doing is not going to influence the ground campaign
10:24 am
in any significant way. this guy has run out of options. the wheels are coming off the russian military forces. enlisting belarus as an ally is unlikely to make any dramatic change. they are a welfare state with a 60,000-soldier military. so what we have to assume is that ukrainians have the courage and the military leadership to defeat the russians. if we give them the right tools. we need to tell them, don't strike russian targets inside territorial rusia. but we need to let them go after command and control and logistics hubs at a greater range of 300 miles. they need m-1 tanks, which will overmatch the russian tanks. by the way, they are running out of t-80 tanks too. the russians have lost a division's worth of armor captured by the ukrainians.
10:25 am
simply unbelievable. the biggest supplier of armor to ukrainian military has been the russian army. and then finally, i think it's clear they need better air defense. these iranian drones are causing enormous damage. they are low flying. they are fairly slow. they are hard to pick up. so we need to sort out the technical challenges of assisting them on air defense. >> general barry mccaffrey, always great to have your expertise. thank you. republican senate hopeful herschel walker campaigning in georgia as the scandal-plagued candidate gains support from two republican senators. e gains supo republican senators. discomfort back there? instead of using aloe, or baby wipes, or powders,
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right now, herschel walker oos campaign is getting republican reenforcements as he continues to be baterred by allegations he paid for an abortion. senators rick scott and tom cotton are in georgia hoping to firm up the base in a race against incumbent warnock. they suggest the race is so tight even the loss of 1 in 50 potential voters could swing it in favor of warnock. let's bring in basil and ali. tempt us more about what we're expecting there. >> reporter: we're expecting senators rick scott and tom cotton to arrive before this 2:00 p.m. event to stump for herschel walker. this georgia senate race has become the biggest test of whether scandals matter in this era of hyperpartisanship, when they matters to voters.
10:31 am
now you have these two senators coming forward today to present this message to other republicans that it's okay to back herschel walker, that the scandals at the end of the day shouldn't matter at least publicly in this georgia senate race that he is the best and quite frankly right now the only option they have. so you're seeing two senators come here today. you're seeing them staff up here, redirect ad spending money from a new hampshire senate race, bringing it back down here. because republicans know how critical this senate race is if they want to win back control of this current 50/50 senate. this is one of five key critical senate races they are paying very close attention to and really are hinging this fight for control back on this senate on. we're expecting both of them to arrive here today and shore up support with republican voters here showing that herschel walker is their candidate. there's no question he has their support. and i spoke with a couple
10:32 am
republicans just a few minutes ago who said they don't think visit by the two senators is necessary. they have had their mind made up for months now. >> it's so interesting. she makes a really good point about do any kind of controversies matter anymore. do scandals matter? there's an interesting sub text to this race because the "new york times" reported about a private event, and a pastor made comparisons to god's protection of king david in the bible saying walker would be protected in a similar way. and the times called the senate race an explicit matchup of two increasingly divergent versions of american christianity. walker, conservative christianity and right-wing politic, while ralph warnock represents the southern tradition of faith-based civil rights. i guess my question is in a race as tight as this one where every vote matters, can faith be an
10:33 am
important component to who wins or who loses? >> faith is always an important component because there's many theologians and they will tell you the old testament is replete with social justice and the prophets are social justice advocates the. and in that tradition is reverend warnock, who is arguing in support of all georgians and for americans, who are at every different sort of ethnic life whether it rural, suburban, wealthy or poor. but walker is embodying a different kind of faith, which is a big departure from george w. bush's evangelical christians that brought human to this all this. this is a community that's willing to elect a celebrity who is less ideological and more of
10:34 am
a vehicle for republican ideology. that's what i think is really scary here. this is not about social justice. this isn't even about faith. this is about electing people on the right who are just going to do the bidding of the party, whatever that is. it's not even about christianity at all. and i think that's the important lesson. whether i can talk about it or others can talk about it, it's an important point to note. this isn't about religion. this is about passing policy that is actually antithetical to the christianity that walker says he supports. >> i'm guessing that part of the message of this new tv ad that was released by a group called georgia honor. they are tied to a democratic superpac, the senate majority pac. it highlights that tweet by walker's son christian. here it is. >> he threatened to kill us and had us move six times in six months running from his
10:35 am
violence. showing up at his ex-wife's house armed with a gun and refusing to leave, even making threats outside his son's children's party. six moves in six months, running from herschel walker's violence. >> so my question, how many undecided do you think there are? because allie is talking to people who are there, but for no reason, they are not looking to be pushed one way or another. how effective could an ad like that be if there are a lot of voters on the fence? >> i don't know there are going to be a lot of voters on the finance. my sense is many of them have made up their mind. they were already decided. so i think it matters only in the sense that it's just more opportunity for voters to let
10:36 am
the message sink in. if you were tending to vote for warnock, this might push you over the edge to get out the door and do it. and that's really the rub here. it's about turning intent into behavior. i want to support warnock, so how do we make sure to do so. a couple points here and there, but voters made up their midnights. >> basil, who i always appreciate except on game day, and allie raffa, thank you to you as well. we have some breaking news from capitol hill, where police are investigating a suspicious substance. i want to bring in julie. what's going on there? >> reporter: i just left the hallway outside of bennie thompson's office. that's where this substance was sent to. u.s. capitol police are not responding to our official inquiries, but we have from two law enforcement officials, who say this was a suspicious substance or powder, they say.
10:37 am
it may have been sent in or on a letter to the january 6th chairman bennie thompson. we don't know that 100% from u.s. capitol police, but officials and sources i spoke to are telling me that's the likely case. it's also being kept off police radio. they are trying to keep this under wraps. it's obviously a sensitive matter, especially with the 10th and potentially final january 6th committee hearing happening this week on thursday. i should note the house and senate are out right now, so there are no lawmakers in the building. there's no lawmakers in the house either, especially concerning thompson here. we'll have to see what happens here in the next couple hours as officials are continuing to investigate what this could potentially be. >> julie, thank you for that update. the sentencing trial for the parkland high school shooter is now underway. the killer striking comments from youtube shared by the prosecution ahead of the big decision by the jury. you're watching "chris jansing reports," only on msnbc.
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life in prison or the death penalty, that's what the the jury will soon be left to decide in the sentencing trial of the parkland school shooter. closing arguments are happening right now. it's been almost a year since he pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murder and 17 counts of attempted murder with a 2018 massacre at marjory stoneman douglas where 14 students and 3 staff members were killed. kerry sanders is outside the courthouse in fort lauderdale, florida. and former prosecutor david henderson is also with us. kerry, i don't know if you have had had an opportunity to talk to any of the families. what have you hearing on the ground? >> reporter: it's an extremely difficult day, but when you consider they have been waiting since 2018 to reach this point whether a 12-member jury will determine whether it's going to be a life sentence or a death
10:43 am
sentence, it is, as they would say, it's about time. some have told me they wish there had been another shot fired that day and that nicholas cruz would have been killed on the campus after he went on that rampage and left so much carnage in the wake of so many broken lives, family members who wonder if ever there is going to be a sense of what they might call true justice. many say that they are going to wait to see what the jury has to say, but clearly, some believe that the only appropriate sentence here is a death sentence. debbi hickson lost her husband that day. this is what she had to tell me. >> what is the appropriate punishment here? >> at the end of the day, nothing is going to change. but i just personally don't feel that this individual should be sucking anymore energy out of
10:44 am
our community, any of our resources, so for me, i think the best justice that we're going to get is the death penalty. >> but is that ever going to be justice for you? >> chris will never come back, so what kind of justice is there really going to be. our life is changed forever. >> reporter: if there is a unanimous decision for the death penalty, then the judge, in all likelihood, would follow that. then there would be a death sentence. in florida, unlike other states, there are two methods of execution in the state. lethal injection, or if the inmate chooses, the electric chair. one inmate since the electric chair has been brought back to the picture has been requested to be electrocuted, but that execution was stayed. there's just so much emotion tied up in all of this, and you
10:45 am
can imagine for the jury, who has been listening to this since july, every pain staking detail, looking at the videos that were recorded by the security cameras, hearing from the survivors who were shot, going through all of that, for them it's likely they will need some psychological counselling themselves after what they have heard. >> kerry, thank you so much. and david, i can't even begin to imagine sitting through that trial. the emotions running so understandably high, when you listen to debbi having lost the most important person in her family's life. so from a legal standpoint, though, what does the jury have to weigh when they decide between life and death? >> chris, no case is like this one, though i have tried cases involving multiple deaths where the the state was seeking the death penalty. what the jury has to weigh is there are mitigating factors. is there a reason to give him life instead of death? and they also have to consider whether or not they are
10:46 am
aggregating factors, which are so nofb this case it's hard to articulate them objectively. were other people put at risk, the severity of the crimes. even though that's the legal analysis, that's not how juries look at it. they go back and ask themselves the question, should he be put to taet for what he did. yes or no, i would say they were moving away from the death penalty as a society, but you have to remember that people on this jury had to be able to say they can follow the law. they can give the death penalty. it's likely that that will be the outcome of this trial. in los angeles, harvey weinstein is facing five accusers. it was just revealed that governor gnu sm's wife is one of those accusers. a common defense tactic is trying to paint the victims as liars. hear up a woman who is speaking
10:47 am
in public, less likely to be intimidated by cross-examination. is that fair? >> because the defense lawyers have been following that of trying to paint them as liars. that's the reason she can testify in the first place, which is an important component of her testimony. getting to your point, when i first started dating my wife, think she liked the law and order shows. everybody is pictured perfect when they testify. that doesn't happen in real life. but here's someone who will be a picture-perfect witness. but she represents the way the rules have changed for prosecuting people who sexually abuse other people. now we can get into their past histoies because they have tried to portray people as liars in court. that's why the defendants can no longer isolate people when they go to trial. >> david hender son, thank you so much. appreciate it. we have some new information on that breaking news from capitol hill.
10:48 am
just moments ago, u.s. capitol police tweeted that they investigated that letter with concerning language from the rayburn house office building. it was determined not to have anything dangerous inside. capitol police adding they are working to determine who sent that letter and why. julie reported moments ago this was found outside january 6th committee chairman thompson's office. we're also following breaking news out of pennsylvania. at least 27 children and daycare employees were rushed to the hospital following an apparent carbon monoxide leak. firefighters raced to the scene after a child of an unconscious child in allentown. carbon monoxide monitors revealed dangerously high levels of that odorless gas prompting a full evacuation of the building. good news is all those taken to the hospital are in stable condition. new today charges have been dropped against syed for the
10:49 am
19999 murder of his girlfriend. the case was investigated in the first season of the wildly popular serial podcast in 2014. a season that got about 300 million downloads. the conviction and life sentence was overturned last month after a court found that evidence was not shared with his defense team. russian hackers target taking on a new target knocking down more than a dozen websites. just how dangerous are these attacks and can we stop them? that's next. on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click]
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get yours at or amazon. it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! what happens when your town runs out of water completely? a small town in central california is about to find out. the city has only one source of water. it's an aqueduct managed by the federal government and officials say it could be empty before the end of the year. many are stockpiling water. if a solution is not found, the city may be forced to buy its water at a much higher rate on the open water and they are not alone. cities along the west coast are struggling with droughts and
10:54 am
shrinking water supplies. we'll continue to follow this story. a group of pro russian hackers took down signs from major airports including hartsfield jackson in atlanta, l.a. and more. the group is targeting countries supporting ukraine. nbc's technology correspondent, jake ward, is following the story. there's no indication i think any flights were actually affected by this hack but how much access did this group get and what's the concern here? >> chris, the concern is that there has been a stepping up of hostilities when it comes to cyber attacks. we have seen attacks on regional hospitals, on school districts and last month, on a pair of states. kentucky and colorado. both who lost access to their sites where election results might be posted for instance about a month from now. all of that tremendously concerning. yesterday's attack is of note because it is airports. the life blood of transportation
10:55 am
across state lines here in the united states. the good news here is that in spite of the scary sounding name, kill net, that particular group is really only a specialist in a particular kind of attack. denial of service attacks. the source of attacks when too much traffic comes on a website and it shuts it down that way. they did not get access into central infrastructure of the air space. they did not get into the air traffic control system. the reservation systems. what they did instead was shut down the public facing websites of these major airports you mentioned. i'm here in oakland, california. not one of the ones affected. really only about a dozen of them were touched. that is really just the public facing part of the airport. the part where you would look up how long the security line might be. we can take comfort from that, but what is alarming is that as
10:56 am
russia ukraine heats up and as they reach out, more and more they seem to be inflicting pain or annoyance in these countries. >> and we know when an event that is likely to be watched by millions around the world will be. buckingham palace says king charles' coronation, the first in 70 years, dubbed operation golden orb, will happen may 6th. camilla parker bowles will also be crowned. and that's going to do it for us this hour. join us every weekday, 1:00 eastern time here on msnbc. katy tur reports starts next. mc katy tur reports starts next shingles doesn't care. i go to spin classes with my coworkers. good for you, shingles doesn't care. because no matter how healthy you feel, your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50. but shingrix protects.
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good to be with you. republicans only need to gain one seat to make mitch mcconnell the majority leader again. they could get that seat in georgia or nevada or arizona. all tight races right now and all places where republicans are testing whether varying degrees of scandal matters to voters. from denying the 2020 election to this. >> he threatened to kill us and had us moved six times in six months running from his violence. showing up at his ex-wife's house armed with a gun and refusing to


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