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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  October 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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agree with what the government does. but you know, these minor incursions into peoples lives, sometimes it's the spark that creates a revolution. so now people are not just mad about the morality police, but mad about the entire regime, they want the whole thing changed. the government sometimes does do the wrong thing over and over again. reza, my friend, thank you've been with us. i always enjoyed having you on the show. we do it more regularly. reza aslan is a scholar of global theology, author of an american murdered in persia: the epic life and tragic death of howard basketball. don't go anywhere, there's more to come on this michigan edition of velshi across america. in a few moments, i will bring you brand-new nbc news polling revealing just how important the american public use the threat to democracy. plus more from my illuminating panel conversation with a group of six michiganders. another hour of velshi, live in detroit michigan begins, right now. ht now.
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and that's us, by the way. went away but maybe you can see, maybe you can't, this is belle isle, to the top of the screen is -- you will see it in a moment -- is going to be canada. that's, it right there on the horizon. behind us, is detroit, michigan. and we are right in the middle of the detroit river, 9 am in the, east examine the, west i am ali velshi, coming to 16 days before election day in belle isle state park in detroit michigan and we're bringing you a very special edition of velshi 2022 on friday. i had an enlightening conversation across the political spectrum, as the election day approaches, i'm gonna share more of it with you in just a bit. we kick off this hour with breaking news. brand-new msnbc news polling, showing you the voters recognize that high stakes, next month's midterm elections, registered voters are expressing high interest in the election. tied for the highest ever, ever,
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in the decades long history of this poll, 57% of registered voters say this coming midterm election is more important than past midterms. once again, for the third month in the row, the top month for registered voters's threats to democracy. it is very much alive. and well right here in michigan for the next five weeks in the show. we have examined where and how democracy is in danger. ahead of this consequential midterm election season, we have been looking at the specific states and races, where anti democratic election deniers are running in close contests for key elected officials. and this week, we turn our attention to michigan. michigan is a crucial swing state, won by donald trump in 2016,, flipped by joe biden in 2020. a state that it is absolutely critical that the people who hold sway over the administration and certification of elections and the counting of ballots are true believers in the rule of law. and whether that is true or not, come 2024, it all depends on what happens in 16 days in this
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year's midterm elections. so let's get highly specific. i want to start with the race for attorney general here in michigan. so democratic incumbent on the left, facing off against a tax attorney, max deperno. all, right get, this dip or no is being investigated by the very office that he is trying to get elected into for an alleged plot to seize and tamper with voting machines, back in 2020. a fervent election denier, deperno rose to fame amongst maga republicans for unsuccessfully questioning the 2020 election results, in county court. he has never held elected office, but he was boosted into the republican nomination by don trump's endorsement, leading leaving two candidates who have served in the legislature before. if he is elected, deperno says his top priorities are a crime. and cracking down on what he calls radical diversity teachings, in schools. he has called attorney general nestle a groomer who wants to sexualize our children within the education system. and quote. an allegation that is both
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dangerous and false, and thrown a lot in the state, by the way. nestle has seen our lead over deperno shrink within the margin of error this month. a four point lead down from a nine-point lead in september. the office had to directly oversee the elections in michigan. jocelyn benson is taking on a former trivia host and teacher, christina corona. coma garnered quite a bit of support in the conservative circles after falsely claiming that she saw with her own eyes voter fraud in detroit in 2020. and pushing for more forensic audits of the results, earning her an endorsement of, guess who, donald trump. if you want a sense of how extreme or antiabortion views are, consider this quote. from her since abandoned podcast series. the child sacrifice is a very satanic practice. and that is precisely what abortion is. and quote. in a blog post from 2019 she
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says, trans women playing sports is like, quote, mentally ill adults playing dress up. last october, crimo spoke at a conference organized by popular qanon conspiracy theorist. -- pence in leading cuomo ten points, last month she was leading her by 14 points. let's hone in on the governor's race, now democratic incumbent greg whitmer is facing a challenge from a political commentator and, you guessed, it an election denier, tutor dixon. here's a few things to know about tutor dixon. within the same month of the oxford school shooting, here in michigan, they killed four students and injured seven others in the in november of last year. dixon posted her support online, for the second amendment. she posted this ad saying, gun control means using both hands. gun control means using both hands. last month, dixon even joked about a plot to kidnap governor whitmer, an act of domestic terrorism which is -- has so far resulted into jury convictions, to acquittals -- when discussing whitmer's
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record with officials you told the crowd, quote, the sad thing is that gretchen will tie your hands, put a gun to your head, and ask if you are ready to talk. for someone so worried about being kidnapped, gretchen whitmer sure is good about taking business hostage, and holding it for ransom. and quote. and then there is tutors dixon's take on abortion. dickson opposes legal abortion except to protect the life of a pregnant person. which means if you are the survivor of rape and you do not want to endure a forced child versus birth, you are out of luck. nowhere he she believes in a pregnancy that is a result of over april for my bond and healing through the baby. so she wants you to take your her word for, it's not the advice of a medical expert that might suggest that an abortion is unnecessary treatment, because according to dixon, that advice is, quote, the devils lie. this is all actually going on in michigan politics. and after all that i have just told, you real clear politics is calling the governor race a toss-up. joining me now is the democratic senator debbie stabenow of michigan. senator, good to see, you good
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morning to you, i appreciate you being here. neither you will nor gary peters are up for election in this race. yet, there is a great deal of interest in. it is part of that is because, while we say in this country abortion is on the ballot across america, it is literally on the ballot in michigan. i want to start their. what is your sense of the role that proposal three and are -- an actual question to make abortion legal in michigan, how much of a role is that playing in the energizing of the electorate right now? >> well, first, developed great to have you back in michigan. great to have you back in detroit. as always. and i will say, this is a very energizing force for us. because, the reality is, that we are going to lose our freedom to make our own reproductive health decisions if we don't pass this proposal. and the good news is, that we got twice as many signatures, when they were putting it on the ballot. no one ever got this for any proposal in the state.
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we are seeing new people registering for vote, young people particularly, young, women particularly, so, this is a very big deal for us. you have laid it out really well though in terms of all of the candidates and what is at stake. i have to say, i heard some people, some major supporters, and democrats, say we are going to wait until 2024. and come back in then. well, you know, what if these folks you just described or the attorney generals, and the secretary of states, in michigan, across the country, it won't matter. they won't count the votes. you know,? it 2024 will be a whole different place. the good news is, is that we have the one campaign for michigan. i started it after trump won in michigan. and we have been building and organizing, and we had the highest voter turnout in michigan ever in 2020. we have to do that again. there is nothing that we can take for granted here, but if we do what we know how to do, we will be successful. >> let's talk a little bit
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about the issue that does drive a lot of michiganders, drive everyone, across america, the inflation, the high price of goods. the high cost of. gas republicans are accusing the democrats of -- biden of being responsible for. this all though with higher inflation, in the uk, the netherlands, all across the european union, and in the hundred other countries in the united states, the bottom line is an accusation sort of sticks. how do you fight back against that? >> >> well, you know what, ali, one of the things that i do, is i'm not gonna talk through the republican frame. that is what they want all the time. the truth is, they are rooting for inflation. we are the only ones, in the last two years we have gotten more done to save peoples lives, and turn this economy around and get a manufacturing boom going, that any other time in my 22 years in the united states senate, we are gonna be bringing down the cost of automobiles, by bringing chip manufacturing, and almost --
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other appliances and so. on the prescription drug bill that we passed, that one republican vote is going to, as you know, make insulin for seniors, $35 a month starting in january. hearing aids are now sold over the counter through the actions of the biden administration. and others. bringing down energy costs, we have actually seen a couple weeks, now gas prices going up. but the truth is with all of this, they root for failure, while we are taking on big pharma, big oil, the gun lobby, corporations don't pay their taxes. and we are tackling, what is inflation. absolutely. you shut down the economy worldwide and all the sudden the supply chains breakdown. i'm not surprised that we have seen this craziness and inflation. the question, is who is doing something about? it would tackling the courts, we're tackling the costs of trucking and rails, point by point by point, and they don't like it. and their bodies.
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i mean, big pharma, kevin mccarthy says the first thing they're going to do is repeal the law that allows medicare and negotiating crises, and 35 dollar insulin, that's the top priority. and the saudis, coupled with big oil, they don't want us in charge. they don't want us to get off of oil and really truly tackle the climate crisis. and the great electric vehicles was in michigan, and the roads. so republicans are doing everything they can to throw up all this stuff, and it is not reality. so what i'm gonna talk about is what we have done, we inherited a mess, president biden inherited a mess, we have been digging ourselves on with this, ten new jobs, new jobs since the 1950s. and we know there are costs. but you know what? we are actually doing something about it. which means taking on big pharma, big oil, and the rest of them. so,, we want to keep doing something about it, we need to make sure we've got democratic majorities, and keep our great
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leaders in this state. >> senator, thanks for always being on the show, it is extra special when i'm here in your own state. senator debbie stabenow in michigan, we always appreciate your time. you are watching a special edition of velshi across michigan proposal, three we were just talking about. that it's an initiative to introduce safe access to abortion in michigan. it would be a watershed moment for the nation, easier said than done, though michiganders are facing an onslaught of labored lies from those in opposition to proposal three. we get the truth of from an ob/gyn and a prosecutor. both right, here plus, one michigan school district minutes from where i stand is the latest book banning battleground, hundreds of protesters, numerous lawmakers, and enraged fans are debating the removal of seven titles, including one velshi banned book club feature, when books are ripped from library shelves it's about so much more than the literature. also, we are squeezing every last bit out of my conversation, with six michigan voters that was just that good. we talked about the usually high-levels of, or unusually high levels of political
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violence in the state after the attempted kidnapping of the governor. but this despite the heated environment, the michiganders i spoke with are still looking forward to voting on november 8th. listen to what they told me. >> talk to your friends, talk to your neighbors, talk to coker, is the breezed at the coffee shop, talk to them about the importance of voting. we all need to get out there and vote. ♪♪ this is how it feels to du more with less asthma... ...thanks to dupixent. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. and can help improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... and can even reduce or eliminate oral steroids.
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imagine that. ♪♪ dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain, worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. who knows what you can do when you du more with less asthma. ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. >> this week's meeting an event
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of banned book club is a little bit different than what we normally do. i'm on the ground in michigan, so i want to talk about what bagram looks like, up close. because it doesn't matter, where you are in america, about banning is everywhere. and these days, where here in wayne county, right down the street from where i am, a contentious book band made
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headlines last week. dearborn michigan is a city in wayne county, it is about 100,000 residents and it's typically a blue city. residents here have voted for democrats in the recent elections, and the city has been controlled by democrats since 2006. it is not the kind of conservative stronghold you might associate with campaigns associated with censoring reading lists in libraries. but on this september 12th, the schools temporarily removed seven books from its library, after you, might recognize some one of these titles, all boys aren't blue by george and johnson, which we have already featured on the belski -- velshi banned book club. -- centers around quicker colors and stories around the characters of color. one parent alleges these books were promoting, quote, pornography, and rape culture, weeks of divisive protests followed, culminating in a walker school board meeting last week. some parents angrily argued for the books to be removed from school shelves, while teachers was concerns for the safety of their queer students. outside, things got even uglier. protesters carried signs, that read things like, keep your
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dirty books in the closet. and homosexuality is a sin. the meeting devolved into such chaos that it had to be suspended, the board elected to reconvene a few days later and -- at a nearby middle school to accommodate the more than 600% crowd expected to show up. when you lead up to this meeting, the dearborn police chief or urged people not to get things out of hand. quote, the eyes of the nation, are on dearborn. but that did not stop hundreds of protesters from showing up anyway. again, with the offensive book posters, just by the school district barred signs from the meeting. several republican and democratic candidates running for state office turned up to the meeting as well, you know these faces, we've been talking about them all weekend. christina caramel the republican candidate for secretary of state. matthew deperno, republican candidate for attorney general. they showed up to this little school board meeting in dearborn, to make speeches. to make book banning part of their platform. but despite all this, despite all the protesters, with their jeers, in their signs, and they're trump backed candidates turning local school board meetings into political theater,
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a handful of brave teachers and residents also showed up to stand up. not only for the books and their authors, but also for the people who identify with the words written on those pages. >> this is not a debate about books. it is a debate about culture. and let's just admit that it, because it, -- may we respect people -- >> people who want to ban books about gay people, and then use work like pedophile to describe gay people, who use words like sexual perversion to describe gay people, you are not trying to ban a book. you are trying to ban gay people. that is what this is about. and it is obvious because the signs are bare. >> i'd like to also say this. characters in books deserve to be defended. every kind of character. gary characters, black
6:19 am
characters, every diverse kind of character that can exist in a book, belongs in our libraries. and you know what? they belong for one very simple reason. because literature reflects reality. >> address the board. please >> literature or flex reality. >> literature reflects reality. it's a clearing call. and bringing out not just in dearborn, but through michigan. book banning titles with lgbtq characters and things have been proposed or implemented in school districts all across the state. and places like glaad, way and milan, and rochester, and novi, and troy and hillsdale. it is not just collaborative and classrooms under threat, according to the detroit free press, in jamestown, township, a town of about 25 minutes away from grand rapids, michigan, residents defunded their only public library because of its lgbtq collection. the eyes of the nation are on
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with centrum multigummies. >> all right friends, it takes a village to make velshi across america, and part of the villages out with me here. there is a group in new york, in the control, or my fantastic velshi team. and then there is this group out here. why am on the road with quite a bit. who help with this whole thing together. and make this as beautiful as it is. of, course part of the beauty is what my team, does part of the beauties where we. are we are on belle island, here in michigan, it is an island in the middle of the detroit river, between detroit and ones are, ontario. and it is just a beautiful place to be. we've been here before, for those of you who watch velshi, it is one of my play -- favorite places to come, because it tells so much of the story of america. tell so much of a story of the issues that we face. and the things that we see similarly and differently. and there's no more important times than when there's an
6:25 am
election coming, we have to think about these things, and discuss them, in 16 days millions of americans are heading towards a polls for what could be one of, according to you, by the way, according to a new, poll one of the most important midterm elections in recent memory. we saw a slew of election deniers up and down the ballot, and at least 25 states. in the fate of our very democracy, i say it all the time, i'm sure you're tired of, it but maybe if you're watching, we may be a, not afraid of our very democracy is actually at risk. some of you don't want to vote in this election, you want to vote in 2020, four because those kinds of elections are more important. except, some of your votes made out count by 2024, if some of the people on the ballot in this election actually get it -- elected. because they have said, they will have the power to overturn elections. and diesel certify voting machines, and change things that you think are rules about elections. today i am here, in bell, island in detroit,, michigan this is one of the states with the most at stake next month. common ground can be hard to come by here. political violence is at an all-time high. militia members in the state tried to kidnap the governor, gretchen whitmer, for crying
6:26 am
out loud, simply because they thought her covid post -- covid protocols were too strict at the height of the pandemic in 2020. and where they got that idea? from the former disgraced twice impeached president. in part three of my conversation with a group of six michigan voters, at the henry ford museum, i asked about how that foiled plot changed the state of politics in their eyes, and why they believe this country is so polarized today. >> there's a lot of, there's mixed emotions there, there is people who, regardless of your political affiliation, those people who feel like there are things that could've been done better, and those things that could've gone worse. and i think covid is a huge divide in part for a lot of people. i myself in from northern -- northern michigan, my hometown is only about a half hours drive from where the kidnapping plot was supposed to occur. and i think everyone up there, that was a talking point for people. people really want to engage with their state officials in a way that maybe we haven't seen in the past. and i think, that as much of a
6:27 am
point of contention it can be, it's also getting people involved in a way that might not have been before. people, you know, in the past would've seemed to gloss past the midterm elections, go past -- statewide, officials on the ballot, that's not really happening anymore. we have a much heightened awareness of, you know, why state government matters. why people you put in state governments are -- >> people will forget that this whole kidnapping plot was approximate cause of this was actually covid checkouts. right? people in the area were mad about gretchen whitmer and whatever they accuse her of doing, shutting down their state. talk to me about whether there is residual effect in. that the mainstream republicans think about this a lot? >> a lot of republicans are embarrassed about that particular behavior. i don't know anybody who is supporting that kind of behavior. obviously there is a small group of people out there that do that. but most republicans are about governance. good governance, you know, being responsible. when i see that kind of stuff,
6:28 am
i see a lot of republicans move away from it. >> when you say most republicans are about good governance, do you believe that statement to still be true? >> i believe that is still true meng are a lot of our elected officials. i think obviously trump has a lot of influence on our party. so they have to tiptoe around some of those issues. but i think overall, most republican elected -- elected officials, a good portion of even our, you know, grassroots, are still people who are about good governance. the other things come after that. good governance first, being responsible. >> it's never good in any situation to have a personality call, whether it is in faith, what or whether it is in politics, whether it is in business. and for a number of different reasons, so i mean for me, it makes it for the easy. because my litmus test is, is my candidate, who is identifying as a republican, is that person somebody that is going to stand aside and lose an election and say things that maybe unpopular with the former
6:29 am
president? or are there going to just do whatever he wants to do? and that, in my mind, separates the week from the sham, when it comes to republicans in. state the republican party will do a great service by being independent of one domineering individual. whether that is george w. bush, or donald trump, but we have never really seen anything like it, where one person is effectively self declared himself the king of a political party in the united states. >> kelly, your view of how the states have been run -- because i mean, in the end, that is what the election should be about, it's at the referendum on who has been there or who you have options to elect. >> well, i am kind of looking at this election all the way from the top of the ballot, all the way to the bottom. so, yes, there's -- it's important -- >> i wish everyone would do -- that >> yes, it's important to look at our governor general, under secretary of state and make sure we are electing
6:30 am
someone who matches our values. but we also have to look at the supreme court. that is a huge race right now. especially with proposal to, which is to promote the vote, and proposal three, reproductive freedom for. all we have to make sure that the supreme court judges that we elect, also back up, so if anything happens with those proposals you have a backup plan with your supreme court. and what i am seeing is, school board races are huge this cycle. a lot of the things that are guests have been saying about divisiveness, is playing out of the school board level. our school board meetings, my district alone, the big argument in 2018 was whether or not we should adopt integrated math. now, we are having organized bullying of students by parent groups that aren't even in these local communities, showing, up unmasked, at school board meetings, creating an absolute chaos. and scaring children. it is just crazy. >> i was us --
6:31 am
us talking to each other, i think we have to take the opportunity to do that and at every chance. because that is the only way we can get past the misinformation that is intentionally put out, there it is about trusting the relationships that we have. and being able to talk to your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, about the facts. about the things that are actually happening. and again there's 5000 people who work in my plant. and we build the top trucks in the world. and we do that with the political running from the far left, to the far right. you can't build a truck, if i'm so worried about what the guy next to me is thinking about in politics, then i'm passing him a bad car, or i'm not doing a my job because i'm grumbling about mask mandates, or the vaccine, or you know, donald trump's latest miss statements. we can't do that. we have to focus on what is important to us. >> what do you think about? because on one hand, people
6:32 am
feel like this is a fight to the death for their rights, or for democracy in some cases. and yet, art is saying you can't build a truck unless you're talking to each other, and working with each other. >> i often look at something that we don't talk enough about. and that is ineffective parenting. everything happens and starts at home. and, yes we are adults, and we are able to move through and talk about those not so comfortable conversations, but, our children are watching that. and if we know that we are taking things home, and they are hearing us say derogatory things about race, or about someone else's culture, or about who's pro-life, pro-choice, this and that, their little minds are not mature enough to understand and filter through the negativity of that. and so there is a word that i teach my students, altruistic
6:33 am
for the greater good of all. and when it comes to our communications, again, even though we are adults, we also may have some filters that we have to work through. and we don't talk enough about the fact that, i mean, i know people hear would say she teen she -- keeps talking about race. but still we -- until we deal with that, until we are honest about the history of racial division and hatred and white supremacy in this country, it is hard to move through some of the other things. >> i want to say special thanks to the folks at the hundred ford museum of american innovation for hosting us on friday. it was a beautiful, beautiful. place for that conversation. of course, i want to think all six of my panelists for their time. and their candor. and their ability to discuss with each other even when they didn't agree on some things. i find these conversations as you know, enriching, and i hope
6:34 am
they can be one small step forward in our attempt to heal this divided nation. but there still are 16 more days to go until the election. velshi across america 2022 tour continues our, next stop is phoenix arizona. join me next saturday and sunday. starting at 8 am eastern only on msnbc. still ahead, 750,000 people in michigan signed a petition to support proposal three, the historic initiative to enshrine abortion rights. that is the most people to sign a petition in the history of the state of. our michiganders are speaking loudly, but that is not just don -- being that is not stopping the measure, we break down the latest measure of bodily autonomy, right after this break. , right after this break. break. by asking your healthcare provider if an oral treatment is right for you. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they are mild, don't wait, get tested quickly. if you test positive and are at high risk of severe disease, act fast.
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6:38 am
from inflation to gas prices decried. this seems as good a time as ever to hear from the president himself. so my friend and colleague jonathan kaye mart sat down with an exclusive wide-ranging interview with president biden just ahead of the midterms. just jonathan joins me now. good morning my friend, you had a lot of topics with the president and i hear he has a surprise for someone very special to you and to the sunday show viewers. >> yes he did, good morning elliott, the president took a moment to call one of his biggest friends, my aunt gloria, who hilariously said during the 2016 election that it would take an old white dude to beat an old white dude. the president just had to address that, you will see that in the next hour when my aunt joins the show. in my sit down with the president, he talked about republican obstructionism. take a listen. >> i think that this is not a referendum. this is a choice. a choice between what kind of country you want. what kind of, for example, do
6:39 am
you let -- do you make sure that we are able to afford prescription drugs for people? with their elderly? do we have a circumstance where we are able to negotiate medicare is able to negotiate drug prices? republicanism made it clear, first thing they want to do is, most of them voted against the bill to reconstruct america through the infrastructure bill. highways, roads. you know? they all voted against the inflation reduction act. which provides for environmental security and safety and i mean, i just don't -- they don't have a platform other than tearing down what i've been able to do. what we've been able to do. and i don't know what they're for. >> and ali, we will have, that and never before seen portions of the interview during my show, and also ali, speaker nancy pelosi will also be joining us.
6:40 am
it is a jam-packed couple of hours. so your audience should refresh their coffee. stay tuned. >> that is a lot of firepower on your show, jonathan, we will of course stay tuned for that, i, mean i am of course in michigan, i'm gonna fill up on tim hortons coffee, reminding me of my home country. i'm gonna join you on the top of your show to talk about the big issues. here in the relevant, obviously, the conversations you're having with the president. we look forward with. and you my friend. tune into the sunday show at 10 am eastern, for the full exclusive interview with jonathan. with president joe biden. and of course joined by house speaker nancy pelosi. all right, still ahead, there is a measure on the ballot here in michigan this year to ensure an important rights into. latino disproportional three, is nothing short of historic. it's gonna be a watershed moment in the fight for reproductive freedom. the battle has not been easy and it is still being fought. it is a very special edition of velshi live, from michigan. rom michigan
6:41 am
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6:45 am
lawsuits brought by abortion advocate successfully blocked a 1931 law that made it a felony to perform an abortion by going into effect after roe fell. and last month, a state court deemed that law to be unconstitutional. that is good news, not just for michigan but for the entire region of the country where abortion access has been steadily shrinking. but quarters can be reversed, and the truth of the matter is there are many people opposed to abortion rights right here michigan, including lawmakers and the republican-controlled state legislature. it is feasible that if the state had been under different leadership, when roe fell, not only feasible, it is likely, abortion would have quickly been outlawed here as what -- as it was in many other states. that is how vulnerable abortion rights are in michigan. knowing that, an effort began to enshrine and portion writes into the michigan state constitution. so first up, you're gonna see in the, nation earlier this year, advocates circulate a petition to take the reproduction -- reproductive freedom for all initiatives on the ballot this
6:46 am
november. it is going to amend them michigan state constitution to explicitly and unequivocally guarantee abortion rights in the state of michigan. more than 753,006 michiganders signed the petition in support of the initiative. that is the highest number of signatures ever collected for a petition in this state's history. but when it came time to certify the question, in order to get the initiative added to the ballot this year, to republican members of the board of canvassers rejected the proposal. they cited a subpoena fluids complaint brought by abortion rights opponents that in proper formatting and minimal spacing between some words in the text of the proposal, made it illegible. but the goal of the initiative was never in doubt. and the messaging of it was crystal career -- clear. reproductive freedom for all seeks to preserve bodily autonomy and protect the right to have an abortion in the state of michigan. fortunately, the state supreme court stepped in, and ordered the initiative to be added to the ballot. now, known as proposal three, the initiative is one for the
6:47 am
history books. into other states california and vermont have similar proposals on the ballot this year, and if any or all of these proposals pass, they would be the first states to explicitly in trying abortion rights into their state constitution, marking a significant moment in the fight for reproductive freedom. post-roe v. wade. right after the break, i'm gonna be joined by two people fighting for abortion access on two different battlefield here in michigan. dr. gregory coy or is the ob/gyn and a maternal field medical specialist based right here into -- detroit and kim worthy is when county prosecuting attorney, and one of the prosecutors who vowed not to enforce that 1931 law, i just mentioned. should it go back into effect. do not miss this conversation. this is velshi across america, live from detroit, michigan. rom detroit, michigan. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms.
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6:50 am
6:51 am
coy or, he is an ob/gyn and a maternal medical specialist base here in detroit. he's a member of the committee to protect childcare. also joining us is wayne county prosecuting attorney, cam or, they can thank you both for being with us today. prosecutor where, the when i spoke a few months ago, there was a window of chaos that -- they call it here, a 72 hours where it was not clear whether the 1931 law was going into effect, and prosecutions could take place for abortions. at the time, you told me, you are one of i think seven prosecutors and attorneys, who said, you will not prosecute in wayne county, abortions that are performed there. but you made the point that the
6:52 am
attorney general actually has ultimate power in this. daniel nestle being the attorney general. she is on the show yesterday. i put that question, here here's what she told me. >> when you are the top law enforcement official in the state of michigan, you can go into any doctors office in the state, and you can literally issue subpoenas, and do search warrants, and find out what people's medical records say. you can prosecute anyone, and all bets are off. and even if there's been a ballot proposal passed, and i very much hope that it will, somebody's got a defendant in court. it's gonna be challenged, and it gets to defend it? the michigan attorney general. >> so this is an important point that she is running against somebody who may not choose to defend either the position, whether it's prop three, if it passes, or may truths to try to look back at the 1931 law. who knows what happens? your point is, where you are in the state, even if you are in wayne county, in which you had
6:53 am
said it would be safe to have an abortion, you have to think about the political implications. we >> have to think about everything. because without the partnership, as long as she's reelected, i'm not worried about. it because i know, in wayne county we are going to use our precious resources to prosecute for example the men who impregnate these children. or the rapists who rape these women, and then they have to make these decisions, when they can't make -- but we have to have this partnership. or all our efforts might be for. not >> as opposed to prosecuting pharmacists, doctors, or in texas, uber drivers, whoever they have prosecuted. >> as opposed to, that we want to focus not only on those types of crimes, but also gun violence is rising all over the this country. we have to concentrate. that we have to concentrate on the rapist, the robbers, the car doctors, serious crime that is harming everyday citizens, every day. and that is why -- finding a priority, rather than prosecuting pharmacist, doctors, nurses, for helping women, to terminate a pregnancy, whatever the reason is. >> dr. guy, we talked about the 72 hours where we did know what was going on, but it is not
6:54 am
over in the, state property doesn't pass, it is not clear what will happen. you have very practical examples of, if you are a doctor, if you are a abortion provider, a reproductive health provider, in that 72 hours of, casten things had to be thought about that would not think should be thought about when you are dealing with a care of a woman who is pregnant. >> that is exactly right. and what we saw, when we tabletop these exercises, a patient comes in, for example, with a tragic miscarriage, and is bleeding heavily, well, then you have to think, how sick does that patient have to get before we can provide her evidence based lifesaving care? without risking arrest? or, a pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy in the fallopian to which is also -- also life-threatening. how sick does she have to become before we can provide her with lifesaving evidence based care? without risking a felony? >> and in this particular case, what prosecutor worthy was saying becomes relevant, because if you're now in a different county, the question
6:55 am
might be difficult -- different county to county, now you might be thinking about transporting a patient, or having a patient, telling a patient, as you seen another, states of to go somewhere else. >> we literally within our system had that conversation, if this patient has this complication than we need to move her from one site, different county, to wayne county. where we knew the patient would receive the best care, and her providers wouldn't be protected against firm charges. >> tell me about this, i spoke to people about proposal three. and while they thought that they might support the abortion components of it, they were concerned that it had imposing restrictions on parents of transgender children. i read through it, i couldn't see how anything in that proposal would change the rights of parents of transgender children. and yet that is what is getting out there, the misinformation sphere. >> it is ludicrous and ridiculous. that is what happens when people know, on the opposing side, that the majority of michiganders want this proposal
6:56 am
to pass. so they will lie. it will mislead. they will disguise the truth. this has nothing whatever to do with any gender transition therapy. nothing. this has nothing to do with the child being able to give consent, nothing to do with it. it is well versed in michigan law that the child must have parental consent when they are a minor. it is well versed. and if -- it has nothing to do with -- this is not a taxpayer funded thing either. so they are saying, most places and others, the kinds of things we have gotten in the mail are horrendous. and they are lies. and they are just wanting to lie their way through, so they ban abortion in michigan. it is really heartbreaking. i can't even watch those commercials because because it makes me physically. al do you really want to -- part of the equation, worried about if they're gonna be prosecuted or arrested? or do we want them focusing on the patients? all of this is silver nicholas. roe v. wade, we haven't had it for 121 days. when we had it for 50 years almost before. that all prop three does, all it does, is very simple. is restore our right under roe
6:57 am
v. wade. nothing more nothing less. nothing to do with anything else. they're trying to throw people to get the vote. no. >> you said something very interesting in the free press, june 24th, my free dollars had right when we woke up this morning. very sobering, and upsetting, my daughters now have less rights over their own body than me and my mother before. what we -- must now have the baby of her ripeness. your passion comes from the fact that you cannot possibly imagine 2022, your daughter having fewer rights that you had grown-up, or that your mother head. >> this is 2022, my mother had better rights in 1974. and we are going backwards for our girls. we want to empower women, we want to empower young girls, to grow up contributing to society. we don't want them worried about things like this. we have to protect, we as their caretakers have to protect their integrity, we have to protect the character, we have to protect the rights. and so, there is nothing more important in my view, right now, then protecting these rights and having proposal three pass. >> dr. gore, a lot of people
6:58 am
live in a state where abortion rights are not endangered, don't think of this is their problem. but in fact, what is happened since there have been abortion restrictions imposed in so many states, places like michigan now get back logged by a whole bunch of people out of state who cannot get abortions in their own state. >> so, speaking with our colleagues at planned parenthood, and other senators that provide comprehensive reproductive health care, they've experienced this 34%, increased volume calls, and that procedure volumes increased 30 to 40% already. just in this time period since most dobbs. but another thing to emphasize is if we return to the laws of 1931, our patients, the woman of michigan, will receive substandard care. they will experience increased rates of severe maternal morbidity. and there will be a significantly increased risk of maternal death, if we return to the laws of 1931. >> prosecutor, the numbers are getting tighter in the state. and there's two kinds of issues. when i tell people what the
6:59 am
main things on the minds, are some people say abortion, other people talk about democracy, at the at others talk about economy and inflation. what is your message to people in these last couple points of this election? if certain rights road, it might be another 50 to 70 years before we get them back. >> that's right. and we can block -- we can be concerned about more than one issue. abortion, of course, democracy, crucial, violence issues and crime, and all these other issues that people are talking about. we can do it all at once. we want michiganders to be able to grow up in a safe, society, we want them to understand what their rights are and also we want them to be able to choose what they want to do with their own bodies. so yes, on property, it is all about the proposition. it's about propositions, and privacy, and protecting rights. that's. it anyone else hearing stuff, i it is really i can't say the word, garbage. >> i appreciate you saying that, because people are hearing. it i'm hearing from people who are saying it's something. else and that is the beauty about the internet. you can look up the proposal,
7:00 am
see what it actually means, and then make a decision. thanks to the both of you for being with me this morning. i really appreciated. nice to meet you in person after speaking with you on tv so many times. another time for pictures. i love. that i want to thank my guest, dr. gregory gilbert, ob/gyn and reproductive specialist, wayne county prosecuting a county. thank you michigan for having me and michigan, thanks for having me, this is one of my favorite places to visit. i will be back, soon all always come back to michigan. next, week i'm gonna talk to more voters, after another crucial midterm state, velshi across america stops and fees, in phoenix arizona, saturday, sunday eight to 10 am eastern, the sunday show with jonathan kaye part, and his exclusive interview with joe biden begins right now. i'll leave you with one more last beauty shot of the detroit river. detroi river.


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