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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  October 27, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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good to be with you this afternoon. i'm peter alexander, in today for katy tur. and president biden is about to touch down in new york. yup, new york. not your typical battleground state, 12 days out from these crucial midterm elections. why? because republicans are pushing their advantage deep into the blue strong hold during these final weeks. the president will intensify his efforts to paint republicans as a threat to the economy and the wallets of every day americans in a speech this afternoon. he's going to speak directly to residents in the syracuse area. there he is specifically, an area that stands to benefit specifically from the economic legislation that he has passed in recent months. but is it too little too late? new polling from usa today and suffolk university suggests democrats have an uphill climb and voters prefer the generic republican congressional candidate over a democratic one,
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that is a nine-point game for republicans since july. suggesting most of the 16% who are undecided then have made up their minds and in many cases landed on red. americans appear to be sending the white house and democrats a message here. it is time in their view to shake things up. and the president's insistence that jobs and the recession is not breaking through to voters, at least according to a poll that can be shown to us. two-thirds say we're in a recession, as we speak, or an economic depression. only 10% think we are in recovery. democrats seem to be grasping this now, and perhaps only now, there has been a clear course krebs away from abortion -- correction away from abortion as a top democratic message during the final weeks. instead they are countering the republican narrative on biden inflation and the millions they are pour nothing blue terrain trying to convince voters that
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the proposed tax and spending cuts that the gop has put forward will not change things any time soon and they insist it will make things worse. and by tomorrow, white house cabinet members will have made 77 trips to 29 states in the month of october, discussing the president's priorities. most of those trips are inflation and economy focused. the question on democrats' minds is will it be enough, with just 12 days to go? joining me to get us started in this conversation, from washington, the nbc news white house correspondent mike memoli, on the road i should say, traveling with the president. and the usa today washington bureau chief susan page. so mike, let's get to you. you're there ahead of the president's arrival and the democrats and president biden are trying to sell the economy fast in this final stretch. talk to us about what we expect to hear from the president this afternoon and the significance of him being there in new york and specifically at this location. >> yes, peter, well talking to white house officials throughout
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the year about the president's view of the midterm strategy, they've always talked about it as two sort of different buckets. one is the values, the rights bucket, abortion rights, the right to vote, other protections that they see as being at risk in this election. but the one that this president has always prided himself on is understanding at the end of the day, americans are gathered around the kitchen table worried about their bottom line, their budget, getting a little more breathing room as the president likes to put it. so most of the travel i've been doing with the president are for events like he's doing here, to tie a jobs announcement in terms of micron, a tech giant, that they will make a $100 billion investment in this region in part because of that chips and science act, one of the big accomplishments for the administration, is an example why the biden administration's approach has been a success. but the president's speech has been slightly different and frankly a lot more political. and we will hear, according to white house officials, much more sharply and directly lay out a contrast between what he says is
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the democratic approach to the economy, one that looks at the economy through the lens of people in scranton, for instance, to pick a random, location, right, versus that view from park avenue. so the president's really going to make it clear what he thinks is at risk, if republicans take control of congress. it is interesting as we talk about this location, peter, syracuse, upstate new york, people think this is a blue state. what is the president doing there. this is actually, this congressional district, one of only ten that our friends at the political report rate as a toss-up that is currently held bay republican. we know democrats are playing defense in so many of their own districts right now but this is one that democrats really think they have a chance to flip from red to blue, and they need to, because they are facing some steep losses elsewhere. but we also know, peter, as an example of where they're still playing defense, joining the president today, will be governor kathy hochul of new york, running for her first full term and it is a much, much closer race than a lot of democrats would like to believe. and she is also going to be touting her administration's
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approach to the economy part of what is leading to the good economic trends. >> the white house trying to make a push on the job creation message as part of his being there. ron chain klain, the president's chief of staff saying maybe they have some tail winds right now with gas prices ticking down in the last week, and openings like the one they will announce today where there will be some six figure jobs they will be able to bring into place in the future. we're not talking though just about the president of the first lady is headed to new york this week. she there. for sean patrick maloney, the d-ccc leader, the head of the house campaign wing, who suddenly found himself in a tight race. her participation is notable, i think, as well. >> yes, absolutely, peter. as we look at the president's lack of really campaign travel, very quietly, the first lady is racking up quite the itinerary. we've seen her this week campaigning in a tough congressional district in rhode island. democrats are trying to hold. she will be in new hampshire in the days ahead. helping the incumbent senator
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there as well as chris papas, one of the incumbent congressmen. and we have learned in the last few hours, she will be coming here to new york, to that district held by the chairman of the house democratic campaign committee. we also learned the president is adding to his schedule, the white house just announcing the last few minutes, he will make stops in new mexico next week and adding an event for val demings in florida and in addition to charlie crist. >> head-to-head with marco rubio and val demmings in a fairly tight race there. susan, we showed this notable shift in your polling, when it comes to that generic ballot, do you prefer a republican or democrat basically for a generic seat. walk us through the key take-aways here, and how you view it in terms of what it means trajectory-wise for these midterms. >> pretty significant shift in the polls, from the end of july. we took a poll 100 days out from the midterms, and at that point, democrats were four points up on the generic ballot. now that has shifted into the republicans favor.
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the generic ballot, with the names of the candidates, it is not a perfect indicate ner a district about who is going to win but it tells you who is gaining and who is losing, so this poll clearly indicates that republicans are making inroads and that democrats are losing ground. and we found that, you know, the job market may be great. it certainly is. we hear the president talk about that. jobs are not what americans are focused on at this moment. they're focused on inflation, we find more than half of americans saying they're cutting back on going out to the restaurants and many say they're driving less because gas prices, these are things that bite into their every day lives, and it has returned this campaign to the two basic, the two basic forces we see, in the midterm elections, the president's popularity, the state of the economy. peter. >> yes, and in addition to the job creation, they can focus on semiconductors, which they think could help supply chain issues and what they think at the end of the day will help inflation but it is not going to happen overnight, administration officials acknowledge. i want to talk you through some of the top voter issues that
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you've gathered. one of the reasons democrats have changed their strategy, the enthusiasm over sort of abortion rights, it is way down, the economy concerns, as you know, are up, by double digits, but this trend, it does go back to basics, it's not new though, susan, abortion enthusiasm, we've seen sort of dwindling since the historic surge after the roe reversal. did the democrats wait too long to move on that? >> well, i think strategists in both parties believe they did. that it took them too long to pivot to the economic concerns. they were counting too much on concern about access to abortion. to recognize that that was an important issue to many voters, it has contributed to a big gender gap in our poll, but it is not top of mind for voters today. so you hear the president, members of the cabinet, democratic candidates, talking more about inflation, the economy now, and we're at a point where millions of americans have already voted. i've already cast my ballot by mail here in the district of columbia. we're just about, what, 12 days
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out from the election. so it is, it is really the homestretch when you talk about trying to shift your message for voters. >> one last thought. what struck me as i was reading through some of the new numbers. voters on both sides of the pollings have described this as a referendum of the president, he says it is a choice, i want to get some reaction from the numbers at harvard university, specifically focusing on young americans. look at this 48% of those 18 to 29-year-olds who follow the news closely approve of the president. only 28% of those who don't approve. which is to say, if you pay attention, you think he's doing pretty well. if you're not that engage and just taking a look at the mar kwis -- the markeys on the signs, you may not. how do you break through the wall? >> you can't rely on tv ads to reach young voters. and young voters are really very important. for the democratic party.
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they need young voters to turn out for this election. if they're going to avoid a real red tide. >> susan page, we always appreciate your perspective and expertise. mike memoli, have a safe trip. we appreciate your reporting. we'll talk soon. pennsylvania is set to be a majority maker for the senate in these midterms, but democrats, best chance of gaining a seat held by republicans there has been made more complicated by democratic candidate john fetterman's halting debate performance on tuesday. last night, the lieutenant governor referenced the challenges he faced on the debate stage, and defended his health again. >> to be honest, doing that debate wasn't exactly easy. you know, by january, by january i'm going to be feeling even better. but he will still be a fraud. >> joining me now is democratic senator from maryland chris van holland, nice to see you as
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always, senator. you yourself are a stroke survivor. you didn't face the same challenges that john fetterman is now facing, as i understand, it you certainly had some light-headedness initially, you had some neck pain that went with it, but what was your reaction to fetterman's performance on tuesday, and was it the right decision for him to compete in that debate? >> well, peter, it's great to be with you, and yes, i do think it was the right decision, i think it was important he got out there and showed the voters that he's a fighter, and on all of the issues that people care about, that he's on their side. and if you look at the debate and you step back, i don't think people were looking for poetry. i think they wanted to know where the candidates stand. and on the issues like a woman's right to choice, we heard oz say very clearly that it's a decision for a woman, a doctor, and a bunch of local elected officials. oz also refused to say that he would support an increase in the federal minimum wage.
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which is $7.25. he refused to say that he would vote for the bipartisan safer communities act, which was a very modest step forward, when it comes to gun safety. so on issues that people care about, i think they saw oz dodging. they saw fetterman putting it out there, and as he himself has acknowledged, he is still in recovery, but i was glad to see him out there fighting. >> let me ask you just one more question on that and i want to ask you about the president's trip today. john fetterman still declining to release his medical records despite these persistent doubts about his health overshadowing his campaign, at least in recent days. his lead as you see is shrinking. democrats have been anxious about the trajectory of that race there. do voters deserve more transparency about his condition? should he provide those medical records in these waning days? >> well, peter, what i have seen is the letter from his doctors, which says that he doesn't need any additional help to do the
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job that he needs to do on behalf of the people of pennsylvania. >> and let woo it clear it up if he put it out there and let people see it for themselves and acknowledge that he still has a ways to go but he is certainly going to get back to the way he had formally been? >> well, look, peter those are obviously decisions for him to make, together with his doctors, but he put himself forward, he was out there fighting for the people of pennsylvania, and i have seen quite an extensive letter from his doctors about his situation, and i trust his doctors a lot more than i trust, you know, somebody who sells fat remedies on tv. >> i will ask about the economy, and the president will be delivering a speech in the next hour or so, an hour and 15 minutes from now, there in syracuse. at the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to the competing policy positions between democrats and republicans and with a limited number of persuadable voters out there,
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how do democrats break through in these 12 days left to go? >> well, peter, as president biden has said, this is a choice. look what we've done. look what they would do. on what we've done, we did enact measures to reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors. we did say that the biggest most profitable corporations could not get away paying zero income taxes when americans are paying a higher amount. so what republicans have said is if they get the gavel they will come in and reverse those important gains for the american people, that they will raise the cost of prescription drugs, that they will give the biggest corporations sweetheart deals again, and by the way, the person who wants to be speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy has talked about generating manufacturing another debt ceiling crisis, saying that he will prevent the united states from paying the debts that are due and owing, unless he gets things that he wants. including, as has been in the
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past, cuts in things like social security and medicare. so this is a very clear choice for voters, and we need to zero in on what's at stake. >> to be very clear, that debt ceiling is to pay for debts already incurred. not new spending but spending that has already been agreed to by both parties. >> yes. i appreciate you being with us. we were looking at a live picture, shy note, president biden there on the ground there in upstate new york, alongside the democratic senators from that state, kirsen gillibrand and chuck schumer as well. as we focus on the race to hold on to the senate for the democrat, and another consequential state facing increasing turbulence and uncertainty in the final stretch is georgia. republican senate candidate herschel walker there stuck in a dead heat with incumbent raphael warnock forcing yet another abortion scandal. this is the second woman, this one is anonymous, now accusing walker of paying for an abortion, as he has done since an allegation from a different woman surfaced earlier this
11:17 am
month, walker is vehemently denying it all. joining me from monroe, georgia, is nbc's ellison barber, walk us through this, bring us up to speed on the latest allegation and the latest twist or turn on what has been a back and forth battle between these two men and the critical race that may ultimately be decided in a runoff. >> yes, so this woman, identified only as jane doe, made a statement via zoom in a press conference yesterday, hosted by her attorney, gloria allred. she claimed that she had a years-long romantic relationship with herschel walker, that in april of 1993, she became pregnant with his child, that he drove her to an abortion clinic, pressured her to have an abortion, and paid for her to have an abortion. gloria allred offered what she said was evidence of their relationship, and this allegation during that press conference yesterday, showing reporters a photo of herschel walker, reportedly of him in the hotel room of this unidentified woman, greeting cards that she said were from herschel walker,
11:18 am
and a voice mail reportedly from herschel walker, calling this woman to say hello and that he loved her. none of the evidence she showed at the press conference, however, was direct evidence of an abortion. herschel walker is adamantly denying this allegation. he has not addressed it on the campaign trail today. but he did briefly address it at a campaign stop yesterday in dillard, georgia. this is some of what he had to say. >> i'm done with this. i've already told people this is a lie and i'm not going to entertain the lie alone and i want to let you know, i didn't kill jfk either and right now they're saying that. he got crushed in the debate and now the democrats are saying whatever they can to win this fight and win this seat. >> reporter: the allegation does not seem to be fazing walker's supporters. this is the second campaign event of the day. it is a late date with a pretty large crowd and over 200 people at this event and the same
11:19 am
elsewhere. peter? >> the accuser says she is an independent and voted for donald trump twice and adds another layer to the conversation there. ellison barber, thanks for your reporting. still ahead, vladimir putin delivered a major speech as the world braces for potential escalations in the ukraine war. what his message was to conservatives in the united states. and the federal judge called it one of the most serious offenders of the january 6th riot. details on the sentence just handed down to the man who assaulted then police officer michael fanone. first, the d.o.j. is trying to force testimony from one of former president trump's close confidantes. what evidence they are looking for and what it means for the mar-a-lago investigation. that's next. that's next.
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now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. we're back now and federal prosecutors investigating the mar-a-lago documents, now want to force one of donald trump's
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close allies, kash patel, to testify about claims that president trump declassified national security documents that he took from the white house after leaving office. mr. trump has made those claims publicly as has patel but provide nod evidence to back up the claims including in courts where mr. trump's lawyers have declined multiple opportunities to do so. "the new york times" writes, quote, the justice department's interest in questioning mr. pa tell about the claim shows that prosecutors see it as potentially relevant to their investigation into the handling of the documents, and whether mr. trump or his aides obstructed the government's efforts to reclaim them. joining me now is former chief of the department of justice counter-intelligence section. i appreciate you being here. mr. trump and his attorneys, they have been asked in court to put up or shut up before. now the justice department is asking for testimony and evidence. what does that tell you about how this could factor into a criminal investigation?
11:25 am
>> well, it tells me that prosecutors believe mr. pa tell possesses probative information, pertinent to their ultimate exercise of prosecutorial discretion on whether to charge mr. trump. and facing various issues. mr. pa tell, as you've said, has stated publicly that trump issued a standing order to declassify. among the things that prosecutors customarily want to determine, and in this case like this, in spades, is whether there are any litigation risks or defenses that could be asserted that would affect their success that this case is criminally charged. mr. pa tell may also possess specific information about how classified documents or other presidential records were retained or looped around at mar-a-lago, pertinent to the obstruction of justice statute and potential charge that was indicated in the search warrant at mar-a-lago. >> there is real suspicions whether all of the documents have been turned over, or are checked by the justice
11:26 am
department at this point, by the fbi, at this point, and we know recent reporting that nbc news had confirmed that sort of counter-intelligence secrets, as it related to iran and china, were included in those documents. this decision to compel kash patel is now in the hands of a judge, right? but if it remains a sticking point here, what happens? could immunity be offered for his testimony? how do they compel him to come forward? >> reading between the lines of the public reporting, peter, it sounds to me that there have already been discussions at the -- >> if it is breaking news, you're welcome to tell us. sorry. as you were. >> it was kash patel calling me. >> all right. >> well, they're going to have to weigh whether to grant limb what is called use immunity, which is an immunity agreement sometimes referred to as a agreement, where the government is not to use anything he says in such an interview against him and any future criminal
11:27 am
proceeding. it is not transactional immunity, which is an immunity that is extended for his substantive underlying acts, in other words if he committed a crime, he would be immunized against criminal prosecution, for committing that crime. so my guess is there is a discussion taking place at the justice department, and i participated in conversations about that, it is a balancing of factors, how essential do they think his testimony is, and if they thought he had criminal liability, was granted use immunity, impair their ability to move forward against him, in a criminal case in the future? there are a number of considerations that would govern that decision. >> let me ask you if i may very quickly, a source familiar with the deliberations is now confirming to nbc news that the attorneys for mr. trump have accepted that subpoena by the house january 6th committee. what does that mean for the panel's investigation? >> the panel could expire soon. so does it change things?
11:28 am
and is there any probability they can pursue this any furth zblerm this is just an initial, you know, basically civil courtesy that the attorneys have recorded the subpoena. it doesn't tell us whether trump intends to comply in any respect. i think the committee and their staff, most of whom are former federal prosecutors are going to keep the heat on to adhere to these dates. and move quickly to consider potential contempt resolution, if they don't have any indication from trump's lawyers that he intends to comply. if he asks for some accommodations, a little more time to review the documents, for production, something like that ensues, or there's some sort of partial production, like mark meadows did, you know, we're in a different territory. but really, the key thing is his attorneys have to work through with trump, is does he intend to comply at all, and the attorneys with an acceptance of the subpoena doesn't really tell us that. >> november 14th, the date by which they want him to testify.
11:29 am
david laufman former chief of the department of justice counter-intelligence section. appreciate you being with us. thank you very much. following breaking news and one of the closely watched january 6th cases, one of defendants found guilty for assaulting the former dc police officer michael fanone and dragging him into that mob of rioters has now been sentenced to 90 months, that's about 7 1/2 years in prison, that ranks among the longest sentences in the january 6th case to date. and joining me from outside that courthouse, in washington, is nbc news justice reporter ryan reilly. ryan, what have we learned? >> reporter: that's right, so this was the seconds longest sentence that was imposed in the january 6th case so far. mike fanone was inside the courtroom himself and spoken at several of the sentences now, and this occasion, he took time to say that this was, that this individual who dragged him into the mob helped end his career, and that, you know, although he's gained some fame after january 6th as a result of nearly being killed during the
11:30 am
capitol attack, that he would trade that all back, if he just had the chance to be a police officer again. so this is a 7 1/2 year sentence, imposed on him, with a long criminal history, and the judge made some comments reflecting on all of the individuals who believed the lies about the 2020 election, and how those people aren't still being held accountable for what they did, yet even though their supporters and their family members are going through all of this, all of this afterwards, in the wake of the january 6th capitol attack. she said, you know, there's a line between tyranny and democracy, and that you can't just -- you have to send a message publicly to the american people that you can't just flow out what the election results are and try to impose your own will, that there has to be a message sent for all broadly to the american people that will there are consequences for these actions and whether an individual takes someone, takes an officer and drags him into the mob when that officer had the taser driven into his neck
11:31 am
and suffers a heart attack and rendered unconscious in a vicious attack, there has to be consequences for that. so 7 1/2 years. credit for 18 months that he has already spent behind bars. but a significant sentence here and one of the longest we've seen so far in any capitol attack case. >> and some trump allies and candidates still claim it was a peaceful protest on that day here in washington. ryan reilly, appreciate your reporting. coming up right here, extraordinary nare images out of iran, where overnight, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets. look at some of these pictures. also ahead, vladimir putin lashing out at the west in a major speech delivered earlier today. the accusations that he has leveled against the u.s. and what it might mean for the war in ukraine. ♪ what will you do? will you make something better? create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you.
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russian president vladimir putin accused the west of fueling the war in ukraine. in an ability foreign policy speech that appeared aimed at the u.s. and european allies. the russian president also denied that russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons claiming it is the west ramping up nuclear tensions around ukraine.
11:36 am
joining me from kyiv is nbc's cal perry. cal, how are vladimir putin's remarks today landing in ukraine, that as we have witnessed, as you have seen firsthand, the ukrainian people have been feeling the brunt of the escalating rhetoric and of course the accusations that russia is leveling about a dirty bomb, accusations the u.s. and ukraine denies. >> yes, peter, i think that what happens here, and we've seen this a few times during this, people hope they will get something valuable from vladimir putin as he makes the speeches and then they go off the rails, they there is some truth, and some accuracy, and vladimir putin quickly points the finger at the west and says things that ukraine is not a real country anyway, it is not really a war, it is a civil war, and the people here, it is a real war, and people are fighting for their existence, so the way vladimir putin frames this is i think is lost on people here. he is continuing to point his finger at the west saying it is the west that is forcing these
11:37 am
conflicts, and western values, to take this on, to free the people of ukraine and continuing this narrative that is clearly false and he talked to the people in the donbas and this is the real reason for the war, to liberate them, to attack them, they were under constant attack from the ukrainians. the reality on the ground that vladimir putin is slowly picking apart the infrastructure of this country. he is trying to drive people from this country using hunger and cold and using just straight violence. there is a concern here, and we've heard from senior government officials, now urging ukrainians who are out of the country to remain out of the country for the reason that you see on your screens right here. continued explosions. again, targeting the electricity. targeting the power. targeting the water here. >> such dramatic pictures day and day out as the temperatures continue to fall there as well. cal perry on the ground for us in kyiv. stay safe. appreciate your reporting. >> the united states imposed new sanctions on iran yesterday, involving a crackdown on nationwide protests there, that
11:38 am
are now 41 days in. it has been 41 days since the death of 22-year-old mahsa amini. protests have continued largely near iran's border with iraq. for more on this, we go to keir simmons. >> reporter: good day to you. and just getting more incredibly impactful images out of iran today. in the city northwest iran, protesters targeting buildings and throwing stones and there seems to be tear gas once again on those streets. those videos posted by a kurdish group that says a number of government buildings have been taken over, and that all of this today surrounds the funeral of a man who was shot dead during the protests yesterday. a powerful image seen around the world a young woman, not wearing a head scarf, stands on the roof of a car, hands in the air, as crowds attempt to reach the grave of mahsa amini, near the cemetery, this video from an
11:39 am
independent kurdish human rights organization captioned the resistance is glorious. huge numbers across iran, determined to mourn, and to protest the death of the 22-year-old. marking 40 days after she died in the hospital, the morality police, targeting her for allegedly violating the country's strict clothing code. in the capital of tehran, clashes with the security forces, and the sound of gunfire. in mahsa's hometown they shouted life and freedom. these demonstrators, there is a chance freedom, freedom, enough of the despottism. then, images like this one. smoke rising. told of another violent crackdown there. tear gas. rounds. and the iranian authority, switching off the internet to the city. but a semi official news agency reporting at least 10,000 demonstrated. thousands of miles away, the white house announcing sanctions
11:40 am
targeting more than a dozen iranian officials. >> our message to iran is very, very clear. stop killing your people. and stop sending weapons to russia to kill ukrainians. >> a dramatic change from earlier this year, when the biden administration was trying to negotiate a nuclear deal with iran. but this morning, there is no sign of compromise in tehran. and no backing down by these young female protesters and the many men out in the streets to support. and underscoring how incredibly intense it is in iran, 50 worshippers were killed at a mosque, the shooting completely unrelated to the protests. isis claiming responsibility for that, and the government of iran blaming foreign terrorists. but just emphasizes how extraordinarily brave these protesters are, and going out on to the streets day after day, in support of mahsa amini. >> keir, those protesters facing threats from all sides these days. we appreciate your reports. and next here, liz cheney has endorsed a democrat for office,
11:41 am
for the first time ever. who the congresswoman she is crossing party lines to support is. first, inside the gop's multimillion dollar effort to draw more voters of color to their party. that's next on msnbc. their part. that's next on msnbc and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for h-i-v in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights h-i-v to help you get to and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low it cannot be measured by a lab test. research shows people who take h-i-v treatment every day and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit h-i-v through sex. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a buildup of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems, including hepatitis.
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since the 2020 election, republicans have seen a seismic shift of black and latino voter preference. meanwhile since 2021, the republican national committee has built up and activated 37 brick and mortar outreach centers across the country, targeting mostly black, asian and native american voters, as part of a multimillion dollar investment. nbc's morgan radford visited an atlanta outreach center that expects to make a difference at the polls. >> reporter: here in gwinnett county just outside of atlanta, david martinez is all dressed up for a neighborhood event but the organizer for the get together
11:46 am
is not a person, it is actually the republican national committee. >> were you always involved in politics? >> no, actually, i was never involved in politics. until recently. >> so are you saying this center, the creation of this center sort of inspired you to get more involved in politics. >> yes, it did. >> this is an hispanic outreach center, one of 37 minority outreach centers that the rnc has opened across the country in the last year and a half. focused on black, asian, and native american voters, along with 21 locations geared toward hispanic voters alone. courting them with events and movie night, and even free citizenship classes. >> we're engaging with the first community more than ever. >> reporter: all part of a multi-million dollar strategy by the rnc to shift the margin among nonwhite voters just enough. >> why did you all decide as a party to invest in these brick and mortar sites, instead of for example putting that money in social media and television and
11:47 am
radio? >> because we have done that, and we're not refraining what we used to do. we're doing something additional. >> it is a plan the rnc says is working. while democrats have a an advantage with hispanic voters there is a swing since the 2020 election with a similar switch to the right among black voters is. >> on kari lake, as governor i will issue a declaration of invasion. >> while republican candidates across the country focus on the border and immigration as central campaign issues. >> we've seen these ads and interviews from republican candidates calling southern border crossers for example an invasion. are these centers enough to counter that type of rhetoric. >> that rhetoric is wrong. we're not against immigration. it is not that we hate people on the other side of the border. it is that we love the people that is in this side of the border and we have to protect them. >> one of the fascinating things about these centers is how
11:48 am
inconspicuous they are, here at the shopping mall, there is a boothy salon, a dentist office, a care clinic and that low profile that has aggressive strategists concerned. >> does it make me feel good they're doing it? is it going to be super effective? i hope not. but it is worrisome for democrats to see republicans showing up in neighborhoods that used to be safely ours. >> a strategy martinez says he hopes will continue through election day. >> is it working? have you seen more people come to the door, fewer people to the events? >> i have seen more people come through. they want to see change. up next, right here, what we know so far about the investigation into a burglary at the campaign headquarters of the democratic nominee for arizona governor, katie hobbs. sailing a great river past extraordinary landscapes into the heart of iconic cities is a journey for the curious traveler, one that many have yet to discover. exploring with viking brings you closer to the world,
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11:53 am
that state where hobbs serves as secretary of state, the top election official. hobbs campaign says she has received hundreds of death threats. and joining me now from phoenix is nbc's vaughn hillyard. what more do we know about the arrest here? what's the latest on this investigation just two weeks out from the midterms? >> reporter: we are still waiting for the identity of this individual. and the question of whether this is politically motivated at all. the phoenix pd tells me they will be releasing more details shortly here. but this break-in took place two nights ago according to phoenix police. it was reported to them yesterday afternoon by the hobbs campaign. there were images of an individual, that they caught on security camera footage here at the office. they believe that that is the individual that committed this alleged crime. but then this is where kind of the politics comes into play. last night, katie hobbs' campaign put out a lengthy
11:54 am
statement in part calling out the kari lake campaign for putting a target on katie hobbs and the secretary of state, her campaign's backs, over the course of the last year and a half. of course, it is important to note that there is no such evidence at this time that this particular burglary was politically motivated. we are still awaiting any specific detail. that's why i want to let you hear the exchange that i just had a short moment ago with katie hobbs after kari lake aggressively pushed back against the assertion that her or her team or her rhetoric had anything to do with this. take a listen to me trying to ask katie hobbs a question about the break-in just a bit ago. >> what was taken from your campaign office? >> i am not talking about it right now. i'm not talking about it today. >> it is kind of a big deal that your campaign was broken into. >> i said safe and legal abortion is kind of a big deal and it is what i'm talking about. >> do you believe -- >> that's where it stands here at this time. we will have updates this
11:55 am
afternoon. when we get further information, from the phoenix police department about the suspect that has been apprehended now, and whether he had any connection or was motivated by politics here, less than two weeks out from this major gubernatorial race in arizona. >> that's what we call candidate message discipline when they stick to the message and it is resonating on abortion rights there in arizona. i want to ask you about liz cheney, the republican congresswoman and she is endorsed for a congresswoman alisa slotkin of michigan and her re-election bid, the first time that cheney, a critic of the former president who lost her own gop primary has crossed party lines to formally support a democrat. do we anticipate there are more endorsements like this coming? >> yes, 12 days out heroic the question is what is liz cheney's next move? this is a major endorsement in a competitive michigan race here, one that could have potential consequences in helping
11:56 am
slotkin's re-election bid. it was liz cheney several weeks ago in texas when she was directly asked whether her resistance to these trump acolytes who were running for re-election across the country, whether that would mean that she would actively go and support democrats. she said at the time, yes, but she stopped short of ever actually doing that. she came here to arizona and talked about the threat that kari lake would pose and suggested that arizonans should look like voting for a democrat like katie hobbs, but she stopped short, up until today, of making these major endorsements or even campaigning for any democrats around the country. the question is, will she and potentially other republicans, adam kinzinger actually in fact endorsed the democrat running for secretary of state in arizona and when you're looking at these increasingly tight polls around the country, the question is will some of these independents or even conservatives like adam kinzinger or liz cheney, will them stepping up and backing some of these democrats convince the voters who have their own political stripes, much like
11:57 am
those of the republicans, will they ultimately jump and help swing these very tight elections in the swing states like arizona and michigan. >> liz cheney could certainly draw some attention for the candidate that she is looking to support. vaughn hillyard in phoenix, thank you very much. >> that will do it for me at this hour. hallie jackson picks up our coverage on msnbc live next. hal coverage on msnbc live next. passing through their uk port every year. don't just connect your business. right on time. make it even smarter. we call this enterprise intelligence. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin, we switched to tide hygenic clean free. it's gentle on her skin and out-cleans our old free detergent. tide hygenic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill,
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