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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  October 30, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, i'm richard louis,
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infirm -- we begin this hour of msnbc and san francisco with new details on the violent attack on the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi charges against the suspect could drop tomorrow. the new york times reports the suspect, david depape, remains in custody, and will face charges including attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon. in a letter this morning to congress, speaker pelosi said her husband paul is improving. but says the attack has left her family quote, heartbroken
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and traumatized. pelosi underwent surgery to repair a skull fracture that he's expected to make a full recovery. as for the investigation, we've learned today from police, zip ties were found at the scene inside pelosi's home. authorities do not say how many zip ties were found nor the intent or their purpose. as for the political response to the attack, it's been divided so far. -- rhonda mcdaniel today. >> this was a vicious attack, meant for the speaker. ends up hammering the speaker's husband. and our prayers are with her and her husband, their kids, their grandkids. a vicious attack in which she's been villainize for years, big surprise, it's gone viral and it went violent. i think it's really important that people realize that it is not just this moment, of this horrific attack, but that we see violent perpetrated throughout our political
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system. >> this is a deranged individual. you can't say, let's fire pelosi, let's take back the house, and violence. it's unfair. >> for more, let's go to -- in san francisco. >> whether any new details about the investigation behind the violent attack on paul pelosi. nancy pelosi's husband. he remains in the hospital recovering from surgery after suffering a fractured skull, and serious injuries to his arm and hand. police confirmed to nbc news, that neither paul pelosi nor the attacker knew each other prior to the attack on friday. and they did say that they found zip ties in the pelosi home after they detained a suspect. we don't know if the suspects brought the zip ties with them, how many there were, or what the intent was. but we do know, obviously, the attacker had try to hit pelosi at least once in the head with a hammer. investigators have interviewed the suspect, he remains in the hospital.
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we don't know exactly what his condition is. whether it's a physical injury or something else. the da though told me, there's something reviewed -- have and she intends to bring attempted homicide charges as well as assault with a deadly weapon. burglary and other affects felons associate with attack. we hear from her about how they came to these conclusions. >> you take a hammer to someone's had, that violent of a fashion, we believe are trying to kill them. it's certainly a wake up call that we've gone too far in this country as far as political discourse is concerned. >> the concern from the da expressed as investigators are looking to the suspects online activities. over the past couple of decades, the reviewing's social media posts, he went from expecting left wing anti war ideologies to pivoting across the spectrum to more conservative far-right opinions, echoing qanon conspiracies. the da reviews evidence, and plans to bring charges as soon as monday. the suspects reminiscent for
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tuesday. back to you. >> maura barrett, thank you for the report. the attack at speaker pelosi's home comes in the final days of the midterm campaign. races four u.s. house and senate will determine which party controls congress. our team of correspondents are tracking the latest in this final stretch to election day. let us start with this in phoenix, with nbc's vaughn hillyard. >> this is go time in arizona. the final full week here in which you're seeing competitive races, not only for the u.s. senate, mark kelly the democratic incumbent trying to hold on to unseat against blake masters. but also when you look down, about the governors wage -- heightened attention here. between republican kari lake, a close ally of donald trump, and democrat katie hobbs, current secretary of state. you see the secretary of state's race between the election denier mark finchem, and adrian fontes, maricopa county recorder who oversaw the county's election for a number of years. it's a moment here where when you talk to folks in the state
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on both sides of the aisle, it's a big question mark. it's too exactly what turnout is going to look like. it's tnot only republican turno, democrat turnout. but to what extent those independent voters, even some of those republicans who showed a willingness to vote, for the likes of joe biden, mark kelly, kristen sinema in the past are going to push back against republican party again here in 2022. i want to let you hear from democrat katie hobbs, wheat i talked with her earlier today, i asked her what are closing messages here heading into the final week. take a listen. >> this is a race, not about democrats and republicans but sanity over chaos. and my opponent has no qualifications to lead the state. she showed over and over again, she's more interested in pleasing the former president that working for arizonans. the fact that her response to anything is to not call out these acts of political violence, but you accuse me of something instead. it's ridiculous.
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it's disqualifying. >> right now the number of -- early ballots returned is outpacing that of republican voters at the same time, it's tough to extrapolate what that means. republicans have pressed hard over the last two years for voters to vote in person, on election day. it's really gonna be a question that we're gonna have a hard time calculating. exactly what republican turnout is going to look like, until one lecture day itself if not days after. this is gonna be a dynamic week ahead here. as both campaigns not only for governor, but also for his other down ballot races are continuing to work to try and move the needle to the best they can here what the week they do have laughed. >> von, thank you for that report. let's go to was conson, where president obama was campaigning for democrats across the midwest this weekend. nbc's shaquille brewster in milwaukee has more. >> hi there.
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here in milwaukee after that energy, the rally we saw earlier with barack obama yesterday, the hope for democrats is all that energy is then transferred to polling locations, specifically the early voting. that's kind of what you're seeing behind me, where across the way from an early voting location. this is souls to the polls. people coming from church to vote. you see mandela barnes, in a tight battle with ron johnson, trying -- republican john -- shaking hands, meeting people. that's what many democrats are hoping to see in this battle. we talk about it so much, here in west conson, razor-thin margins, both for the senate race and the governor's race. i want you to hear about how borders -- and what voters who have come out from voting on this sunday, what they told me. listen here. >> explain that dance we saw inside? that's my voting dance. >> there we go. >> voting dance. >> why are you so excited about? it >> because i have grandchildren, i have children,
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and if god came and poured my -- i want to make sure that i am an example. a prime example that my grandkids will go and vote. it's very important for them to vote. everything lies in our new generation, our youth generation rather, yes, i'm happy about. it >> events like this, you're going to be seeing regularly now that we're in what is a final stretch ahead of election day. look, it's not just democrats that are doing. this republicans. are bringing out some of their biggest stars as well. former president trump will return to the campaign trail for the final stretch. he has a series of pre-election day rallies. in iowa, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania, they'll see former president obama out with president biden in pennsylvania. that's what's going on right now. people on both parties trying to get out their voters to turn out to the polls. in this crucial midterm [interpreter] spread. back to you. >> shaquille brewster, thank you so much there. that report in wisconsin.
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let's turn to terrence woodbury, and tom bonjour, joining us at the moment. terrence, let's kick it off with what shaq was reporting. early voting, according to nbc news was about 22 million in so far. in early voting. how big of a deal will it be this election, it clearly 2020 was a big deal? >> yeah, that's right. this is an unprecedented election. we've been measuring are setting expectations based on precedent on what happens when the governing party loses seats in the midterm elections. but the truth is this is unprecedented. the surge in 2018 that change the electorate, injected young people, people of color that continued in 2020. and we're seeing those same voters participate an extremely high levels, regarding voting. where records are being broken and turnout.
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we do see 13% higher turnout in early voting, participation, but there's some lack amongst young voters. and nationally, with one exception, that's what we're seeing in georgia. or even young voters are exceeding their 2020 early voter turnout. >> interesting, tom, 70% of the votes that were cast in 2020, again, not in person. this is an important consideration to make. so far of the 22 million, we're talking about according to nbc news, it's the majority is 65 or older. it goes back to the youth vote that terrence was bringing up. >> yeah, it's interesting, the early vote is older or. in 2020, it was a little younger because of those pandemic changes to the voting system. but what we're seeing at this point, when you look at the polls, younger people are overwhelmingly saying that they're gonna shift back to election day. over 100 million people voted before election day it's not gonna be that high. we will still be very high, but
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the people who are most likely to shift back to election day voting. are those younger people. democrats are certainly looking at the early vote, feeling good about it. but also, count on the youth vote to come out big on election day. >> who will surprise you, florida are -- a rude awakening for democrats this morning on abc. here is here is his state on the his take on the state of midterms. >> we have a lot in play. the democrat agenda is very popular. the rallies i've been traveling with rhonda mcdaniel, chairman of the republican national committee for the last two weeks. unbelievable support on the republican side. turnout looks better for the republicans and democrats. i'm optimistic that we're gonna win. we have great candidates. >> all, right the question, terrence, who will be surprised here and what, what are you looking at in the next full week we have in front of us, that might be very important for democrats and four republicans? >> what i'm looking at the polls here, the final stretch,
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it does seem that democrats have an advantage amongst registered voters. but that advantage evaporates amongst likely voters. the differences, those likely voters are voters that have voted in three or four of the last three or four elections. frankly, this is the part where the cycle is a bit unprecedented. because so many of the voters that -- surge voters, they were activated at post 2016. an anti maga, anti trump surge, that was activated after he was elected in 2016. they're not being captured in a likely voter universe. so, that's what i'll be looking at, how did those voters, younger more diverse voters, who are active in 2018, returned in 2020. will they remain in the electorate, because that's gonna tell me whether we should expect the registered voters outcome, which is benefiting
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democrats more than likely, it begins to tighten that advantage. >> looking, again voters of color, black voters as well as activation, would you brought. up former president obama on the campaign trail trying to activate voters, in fit three very key battleground states. there's a bit of his message. >> inflation is a problem. what is the republican answer? look, if they had a great answer will be one thing. but you know what their big economic policy is? they want to cut social security, medicare, and then give big tax cuts to the wealthy, and some of the most successful corporations in the world. that's their agenda. and by the way, that's their answer for everything. >> a little bit of offense there, a little bit of defense based on where we're at with inflation. >> the outcome of this election
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will be decided largely on which party better mobilizes their voters over the last nine days here. president obama remains incredibly popular, he's been able to motorized democratic voters that better than anyone in the party frankly for the last couple of decades. so, when we look at this early vote, we're seeing that energy. the big question is, can republicans meet them halfway. can they get their voters out, we've seen in the special elections, we saw in an election in kansas, the republican intensity wasn't there. as terrence noted, republicans are showing up with intensity in the polls. will they show up in the polls on election day? >> and will president obama's, will his voice last until, again, election day. tom bonier and terrence woodbury, we appreciate your insight. the talks clicking -- january six committee. we'll look at his options, also, ahead we'll go live to ukraine or russia halted an export deal,
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the move have global implications. plus we look at the impact of disinformation's having an american politics, with just nine days into the midterms. and is our election secure. what the woman in charge of protecting the votes as about the safety of the midterm elections. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate. shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks.
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trump. tomorrow in new york city, the trial involving tax fraud tax fraud allegations against the trump or the -- jury was selected last week. also tomorrow, the beginning of a jury selection in a separate case, a civil case, alleging trump security guards assaulted an activist outside of trump tower in 2015. we're not done there. neither -- this week, is the deadline for the former president to comply with a subpoena issued by the january six committee. trump has until friday to turn over documents the committee
3:21 pm
requested including any communications with extremist groups involved in that riot. trump has until november 14th to testify before the committee as well, either live or by video conference. as we keep a lot in mind, here just nine days away from election day so if trump waits out the clock and should get control of the house, as forecasted, what might that be. inmate they made it clear they'll dismantle the january six committee. meaning the panels legal demands from trump will go away too. with us now, -- she's a former u.s. attorney, law professor at the university of alabama. and co-host, to sisters in law podcast, joyce, let's start with you. good to see you both. the january six committee, a new report from rolling stone suggesting layers are having to convince trump that a, don't do this deposition. how could they fight this. >> it's an interesting question. for one thing, they can run the
3:22 pm
clock, as you've pointed out here. but the question in front of the january six committee, for any future witnesses, do you want to be steve bannon or do you want to be mark meadows. do you want to be bannon who does nothing to comply, gets prosecuted. or do you want to be meadows who turns over some documents in is able to get away with a. if trump's lawyers are able to talk about it testifying. certainly, what they'll do is to turn over some of the response of documents. so, they have a good faith argument that they've tried to comply with the subpoena. >> hugo, last week this luck many interviewed hope hicks. and what kind of insights could she offer to this case for the january six committee? >> yeah, hope hicks is an interesting witness for the committee, because if you recall, she came after the trump administration in the closing months before he left office. the one thing that hope hicks told trump repeatedly, in the postelection period while he had lost, and she effectively
3:23 pm
imparted that -- which, is really important if you're trying to show that the former president knew that what he is saying about the election was false. i think it only really adds to the select committee. that they knew how trump had a guilty conscience when they saying that the election was stolen. >> and secret service here, hugo, they're saying that they're gonna have more witnesses from the service. how did the agency at this point become such a focus of the investigation? >>, while, of the secret service involved with trump and with vice president mike pence on january. sex they played very significant roles in the timeline and in the story of january sex. the secret service around trump especially, is important because trump was telling -- secret service detail that he wanted to go to the capitol. and the reason he wanted to go to the capital is unclear. and whether any concrete steps are taken from to actually go to the capitol, it's still being investigated, it's pretty significant.
3:24 pm
if trump ended up at the capitol on the west front that day, it's very significant, very interesting as to whether he might have tried to urge the crowd. what was he trying to do, that's the central question. >> joyce, let's move to the new york tax fraud trial against the trump organization. it begins tomorrow. what are you watching? >> wow, the cfo for the trump organization, allen weisselberg, has pleaded guilty. and that should mean that the outcome of this trial is all -- the shouting, the testimony of the government needs to convict, should be readily available. the big question surrounds what kind of -- will be. he's also try to stay firmly tied to the former president as possible throughout this whole process. even to the point of going to prison on some charges rather than cooperating. but now that he has no fifth amendment right, left to assert the manhattan da will put him on the witness stand, we'll expect truthful testimony as a
3:25 pm
condition for executing on his plea agreement. which means he's -- then he would serve if you take the witness stand and was the benefit of that agreement. all eyes on him as we head to opening statements tomorrow morning. >> as we hear the final statements, for the midterms, our t-minus nine days. hugo, the question is does it read it all in the midterms, all of these cases? >> yeah, it's difficult to get a sense of. that the trump organization cases are being handled by lawyers, trump organization and it's more interesting with respect to the mar-a-lago documents case, and the january six criminal investigation being conducted by the doj. and the january six committee's -- subpoena. all of those cases, criminal cases, congressional investigation bear to some degree on trump's mind and the republican party as we go into the midterms. we're not gonna make a significant impact in the election itself. if you look at the polling,
3:26 pm
january six -- on anyone's mind. same again with the ad spending. maga hates -- new campaigns are. where trump is not examining that as a potential issue. this really comes after the midterms. if you just run for president you have a criminal investigation on your. back >> joyce, i want to shift to something you're watching tomorrow in the supreme court justices will begin oral arguments in two cases, challenging raiche's conscious at harvard and university of north carolina, affirmative action -- could be struck down here? >> so, affirmative action and education was an issue that seemed to have been firmly resolved by the court and tell this term. the question is whether this new 63 conservative majority on the court, will change the long-standing practice in this area. the law permits universities, colleges to take some acknowledgment of race as a factor. one among many when they're doing admissions practices.
3:27 pm
this case would ask that that no longer be permissible. it could have broad reaching implications. even into sectors beyond education, like business practices. people believe that because the court has agreed to hear this case. that there's subtle -- no reason to hear it unless you're gonna change the law. and that sparked a lot of concerns among people that believe this country needs to continue its march towards more inclusiveness. >> joyce vance, thank you so much. hugo lowell, have a great sunday. coming up, we'll get the latest on the deadly stampede in south korea. more than 150 are dead, americans are among them. and later, the attack on paul pelosi, what it tells about the threat of political extremism and violence nine days till election day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. straight to some breaking news from india. at least 60 people confirmed dead after footbridge collapse over the man who river.
3:32 pm
it is still unclear why this bridge collapsed but we were told some 400 people were on it at the time crossing the river when it plunged to the river below. you can see here dozens were dropped into the water, clinging to whatever they could to stay on the water, including mangled portions of the very bridge that fell. again, at least 60 confirmed dead. more than 30 injured. we will continue to watch that breaking news. meanwhile, a full blown investigation underway in south korea following this weekend's deadly stampede at a halloween celebration in seoul. overnight, the dead toll rose at least 153 people now confirmed dead. a short time ago, president biden announced at least two americans are among those casualties. nbc news is learning more about these two victims, one of whom was a university of kentucky student. we will warn you, some of the video we are about to show you is hard to watch. here's nbc news correspondent -- >> the search for missing loved ones went all through the night. so did that procession of
3:33 pm
bodies. the death toll climbing to more than 150 now. mainly young people in their late teens and early twenties, mostly women. the scale and scope of that disaster is staggering. an estimated 100,000 people packed in a popular area to celebrate a halloween without covid rules. the tight streets and alleyways just 13 feet wide. witnesses say they could not move. they could barely breathe. they were crashed in a slow motion stampede. video showing people on the ground getting cpr. >> waves are coming in from both sides. more people fell -- i lost my friend. >> investigators are now piecing together what happened and asking why for such a big event there was no apparent plan in place for crowd control. even emergency crews struggled to reach the scene. several u.s. military personnel or they're helping with patrols and first aid. >> you see the bodies just
3:34 pm
being lined up next to each other all covered in blue bags. >> south korea's president called the scene disastrous and declared a period of national mourning. hotlines are flooded with reports of people still missing as relatives and friends wait for news and grief. >> and that was janice with that report for us. thank, you janice. let's turn to ukraine, reeling after russian officials abruptly canceled the deal allowing the country to export its grain. that deal brokered by the united nations had allowed ukraine to export over 9.5 million tons of grain. that helped keep a worldwide food shortage from becoming a full blown crisis. today, president zelenskyy accused russia of creating conditions of artificial famine. the drive home the stakes, ukraine's infrastructure minister twisted -- we did these images of -- found for african now going nowhere. all this as ukrainian forces step up their fight for the russian occupied city of kherson.
3:35 pm
scores of civilians have fled their homes near the front line. molly hunter live for us in kyiv with the latest. molly, thanks for being here with us. is the deal dead? >> it's not. no one is calling it dead yet. officially, it has been suspended. we spoke with the un this afternoon, richard, to see exactly where that ship you just showed, the tanker, that carrier angel, was where, was where it was headed. it was carrying 30,000 metric tons of wheat. it was headed for djibouti. it was going to help with world food programme, humanitarian efforts in the horn of africa. i want to back you up to give you some context about how we got to the suspension. no ships left ukrainian ports today. yesterday, the russian government accused the ukrainian government of targeting its ships and infrastructure on occupied crimea with drones. no comment from the ukrainians. we do know, however, that those kinds of maritime drones have
3:36 pm
been given to ukraine by western governance. in response, richard, the russians pull the deal. they suspended cooperation. this cooperation, this deal has been going since july. that's one russians, the russian government lifted their blockade on the black sea ports. the way it works, essentially, is that ships, tankers leaving that black sea ports of odessa at their three ports on the black sea, leaving the ports, they head for a maritime humanitarian corridor, that had four turkish waters. what is supposed to happen is they are inspected by teams from the un, turkey, from ukraine, and russia. russia has said, they are no longer cooperating. what's happening tonight, high-level discussions. the un has proposed that tomorrow, ships continue to leave the ports even if the russian teams are not expecting. we will have to see if that actually happens. as you mentioned also, richard, president biden has waited. he has called it outrageous. he says, quote, it's really outrageous to increase starvation. he says this while speaking to
3:37 pm
reporters in delaware. he says there is no merit to what they, referring to the russians, are doing, richard. >> a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes there, molly, on this very topic. all intertwined with what vladimir putin is trying to do on the front line. what more can you tell us about the increased fighting in the kherson region and how this is all linked together potentially? >> yeah, that's exactly right. odessa is in the south, focused heavily on kherson in the south. that is one of the cities russia occupied almost immediately at the start of the war. it's been under russian occupation now for nearly nine months. it's really strategic. it's really important. it's basically the land bridge from occupied crimea to the southeast of occupied ukraine into mainland russia. what has happened in the last ten days is moscow has encouraged what they call a civilian evacuations. kyiv is calling those forced deportations, basically civilians, richard, have been given the option to go to occupied crimea or go to russian mainland or other occupied parts of ukraine.
3:38 pm
we are also hearing from ukrainian officials, even president zelenskyy is accusing russia of basically getting the infrastructure in kherson as they move civilians out. they are talking and accusing russia of evacuating wounded soldiers. basically dismantling hospitals. really getting the city before what they say may be the battle of kherson. the ukrainians have been moving steadily toward kherson in the last couple weeks. they are doing it right now. their advance has stalled in the last couple days. they say russia's very dug in. they say the frontline, richard, is just about 18 miles from the city center. this could be happening very soon. >> molly, thank you so much for your report. molly hunter with the latest for us in ukraine. appreciate it. trump says yes to truth. truth social, that is. he says he just likes it better. what that means for twitter and twitter's new boss. and next hour, the economy and the midterms. the ability to achieve the american dream might weigh into voters decisions more than you think. we will explain all that.
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attack on paul pelosi friday, investigators are scrutinizing the attackers online presence. investigators have not established a clear motive. however, they do know the 42-year-old posted extensively about conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election, the january 6th insurrection, and covid-19 vaccines just name a few. earlier today, san francisco police denied reports circling
3:43 pm
that a third person was involved in this break-in. they are also firing back against conspiracy theories that pelosi knew his hammer wielding attacker. with me now, nbc news senior reporter, ben collins, also here onset in new york, president of media matters, angelo. ben, starting with this, we know the attacker posted about a number of conspiracy theories i was just mentioning. as you've been watching this part of the space of the internet and politics, where do we know about this part of the story and its implications? >> yeah, so, this man had a block that was pretty standard radicalization. he wasn't a qanon style cabal talk. the idea that there is some cabal in the world obsessed with pedophilia or eating kids. within this space, people believe that. they believe nancy pelosi is basically at the top of that cabal. there are a lot of people on the far-right trying to miss diagnose this person, saying he was part of the left because he
3:44 pm
lived in california. we know there's a lot of people who wind up being qanon supporters who come from natural health backgrounds, or general mistrust in the government. that's what happened here. much more nefarious reasoning over the last day's, conspiracy theories that pelosi knew his attacker. that they were close in some white. i don't want to get too deep into this. elon musk tweeted this this morning. it is the only thing i would say the far-right believe anymore. they don't believe in the reality of the situation, which was this man was -- had his house broken into by a guy with a hammer and beaten with it until he had to have surgery. that's what actually happened. on the far right right now, on the pro trump forums, it is sort of heretical to say anything other than a conspiracy theory that elon musk has pushed, which has already been debunked. >> there is a question we probably ask ourselves when we hear -- what's new today versus two years ago, versus four years
3:45 pm
ago? >> for me, that thing i would emphasize for people is that four years ago, five years ago, the right-wing really started to organize power, it used to be considered the fringes. and now they are no longer the fringe is. and they are increasingly in the center. what's new is we have operationalized extremist part and parcel with the mainstream republican party, mainstream right-wing media. the kinds of conspiracy theories that ben was referencing before are actually on fox & friends this morning as well. five years ago, that would have been on the fever swamps in the chance, fox news would've been right-wing out there for with misinformation. there wouldn't have been a -- now they are. that's what's different. it's much closer to the center. >> and they are better at it, is what you're saying to. >> way better at it. they are much more insight. you have twitter going through changes right now which could be putting gasoline on the fire or super charging a radicalization that already existed. >> ben, reflect on that. what's your reporting on what angela is alluding to, elon musk, again, the new leader of twitter? >> this is the richest man in
3:46 pm
the world pushing a wild pizzagate style conspiracy theories in the mentions of hillary clinton about nancy pelosi. it feels like in 2016, with all the guardrails off, back in 2016, the richest man in the world pushing the bad stuff. that is what's going on here. i don't want to downplay this. he's aggressively trying to make this site filled with rumors and lies over the past couple days. he is trying to change fundamentally how the site works. for example, he's trying to make verified users pay for starting tomorrow. there's a bunch of legal reasons that might not be possible. there are foreign governments who have verified accounts. it's not legally allowable. this guy is clearly winging it at best. richard, a lot of people for years have said, it's so terrible that mark zuckerberg is the head of facebook and all that stuff. that guy had a duty to shareholders. he basically cared about what
3:47 pm
happened on his platforms. >> checks and balances, you're saying, right? >> yes. he wanted to make money. elon musk, i don't know what the plan is here. i'm not sure if this guy is interested in making the same money in the venture. i'm not sure he's interested in making the world better with it either. >> elon musk, which one is going to show up? right, then? angela here, is it gonna be the elon musk of spacex, where he's more hands off, or that elon musk of tesla, where he isn't every single bullet? >> when somebody says what they are going to do, especially musk, we should believe them. in this case, we should -- he talked about what twitter is going to do. for years, well before he put an acquisition in and said there needs to be a mechanism by which more people are being read pills. that's the process by which you move from seeing the light to become an extremist. if that is something he was lamenting three years ago on, twitter actually, that there wasn't enough tools that did that and now he's in charge of a major social media platform that has the algorithmic power to do just that, that's who i
3:48 pm
think will show up. somebody that will leverage the power of twitter to actually transform not just the platform but the entire information ecosystem in a way that makes it much more further to the right. >> talk about checks and balances, you've been talking about this on your social platforms as well. the idea of what advertisers might play in this. >> there is an important thing to consider. unlike other platforms, we have a direct response, you sell ads, call the number, sell ads. twitter is different. they really need blue chip advertisers. because they really need blue chip advertisers, there is a very small set of them that actually have disproportionate influence. i don't think they need to run away right now. although i'd be happy if they want to send a message. the easiest message they can send us to colin, say here is our lines, what are you doing about brand safety and community safeguards? if you are planning on rolling back, we are walking. not just do that behind closed doors. make it public so that they are actually -- musk does need that money. let's remember, this not cash in the back. he had to borrow money to buy this company. he needs to service a whole range of debt, that he has
3:49 pm
elsewhere. this is a thing he has to deal with. he needs this revenue. it could be evaporated overnight with these advertisers if they set -- >> totally reasonable. >> quickly, last word. >> that's exactly right. 44 billion dollars is a lot of money, even for the richest man in the world. if he does want to make money with this thing, that's fine. he's got to find -- this will be a very expensive hobby for him if he really wants to make this thing a place where far-right lies are allowed to exist and thrive. >> ben collins, angelo care's own, fantastic conversation. thank you both. intimidation allies are one thing but what about cyber attacks -- nbc news exclusive, we have that for you next. in the next hour, coming to america. alicia menendez has a report from new york's court authority as migrants sent from texas arrived by bus. there are stories and volunteers mission to help them. that's ahead.
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3:54 pm
what may be the unimaginable. >> after 21 years in army intelligence and serving both the republican and democratic president, the west point grad who is also a scholar can certainly imagine a law when it comes to the midterms she says the threat situation has never been more complex. nbc news had previously visited the secure location where her team is constantly scanning for cyber problems. easterly acknowledges this year the chinese have been caught probing election databases in several states. the iranians and the russians have both ramped up disinformation campaigns to undermine voter confidence. >> we all need to be prepared given this very complex and dynamic cyber threat environment we operate in with malicious state actors like russia, china, iran, north korea, cyber criminals now becoming increasingly sophisticated. >> meanwhile, more than 8000
3:55 pm
threats, some of them death threats, aimed at election workers have been reported in the last year alone. more than half of them in swing states. >> you left puzzles. >> easterly embraces her reputation as a cyber nerd who is really good at solving puzzles. >> i cannot believe it. perhaps not surprisingly, she draws from star trek as well. >> space, the final frontier. >> her approach to cybersecurity shields up. >> shields activated. >> it's a shields up approach her team offers to states to protect their elections. from cyber hygiene checks to vulnerability assessments. how many states have avail themselves of that is here? >> yeah, i don't have the exact number of that. >> you've talked to some state officials who said, no thank you federal government, we are doing fine without you. >> i will tell you, i have spent time with stack retirees of state. nobody has said we are not taking your services. >> that didn't really answer my
3:56 pm
question. so we called election officials in all 50 states for their perspective. 31 told us they had used her agencies cyber sustenance. most said they found it helpful. three states, new hampshire, hawaii, and alaska, said they had declined any cyber help from the agency. some in portions swing states declined to answer. your predecessor said that 2020 was the most secure election in american history. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. there is no evidence based on the extensive recounts and extensive audits that any voting system was changed, altered, or deleted votes, or was compromised in any way. >> can you look at the american public in the eye, with all that you know having literally looked under the hood of things most of us will never know, can americans be confident that they can go to the polls and that their vote will be counted? >> yes. >> no doubt? >> i have no doubt.
3:57 pm
>> on election night, their esther easterly tells us she and other top ranking intelligence officials will gather in this war room to monitor those attempting to burst through the nations cyber defenses. >> our thanks to nbc's cynthia mcfadden for that exclusive. for you at the top of the hour, we go to san francisco to get the latest on the attack on paul pelosi. and how could the harbinger of greater political violence. what federal officials are saying about that. when my last customer discovered a crack in his car's windshield, he scheduled at safelite makes it easy. we're the experts at replacing your glass... ...and recalibrating your advanced safety system. >> customer: and they recycled my old glass. now that's a company i can trust. >> tech: don't wait. schedule today. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ what will you do?
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