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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  December 1, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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included some american vinyl. although we don't have the reporting on what the albums were as of yet, but for the record, this whole tradition of world leaders trading vinyl is something we can all really get behind and not just because it is genuinely awesome, a because it serves the goal of diplomacy. a whole lot better than say weirdly and less and hostile handshakes, and endless three-way handshakes before just devolving into nothingness. no one needs to do that again. ever. ever. that does it for us tonight, we will see you again tomorrow. now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, would you have guessed joe biden's first date movie? >> never. we didn't have time to get scranton joe going to see french cinema on its first date. >> i mean maybe the french
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connection but -- >> subtitles? joe biden? love story in paris? it's off brand, but i embrace it, i'm here for it. >> it's a very impressive choice, and obviously it worked. >> it sure did. have a great show, lawrence. have a great show, lawrence. with stunning speed indicating a rare case of judicial eagerness to move swiftly, the 11th circuit court of appeals, this, evening crushed the case. of donald j trump versus the united states of america. with the kind of finality that donald trump does not know how to process. it was as if, the three judge panel went out of their way to write the words that donald trump's parents apparently never said to him. and that he doesn't allow anyone close to him to ever say to him. when the judges wrote to donald trump, the answer is no.
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the judge's unanimous opinion says this appeal requires us to consider whether the district courts had jurisdiction to blocked unit fates from using off the seized records in a criminal investigation, the answer is no. the case of donald j trump versus the united states of america is a civil lawsuit brought by donald trump against federal prosecutors investigating his possession of government documents including classified documents at his florida residence. it is a lawsuit, the likes of which we have never seen before. no federal judge has ever seen a lawsuit like this. a point made repeatedly by the three appeals court justice, two of whom were appointed by donald trump, and the other by president george w. bush. the special master in the case, judge raymond dearie, who was appointed by foreign federal judge had already canceled a
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hearing scheduled for today. in the special master process. now no such hearing will ever occur. and judge raymond dearie can't go back to his regular duties as a federal judge because donald trump's special master game is over. that game brought donald trump three months of delay, and the judicial system where three months of delay is the blink of an eye. we saw the appeals process work in this case as fast as we have seen it work. this is the exact opposite of the way washington d. c. federal court and appeals court handled in the even simpler case. which was the demand by the chair of the house means committee to obtain copies of donald trump's tax returns. there is a very simple federal law that leaves the irs absolutely no discretion whatsoever, and handing over tax returns immediately to either the chairman of the house of the committee where the chairman of the senate finance committee, whenever they might request any tax returns. that is the law.
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the law could not be simpler. but donald trump bought three years of delay to the federal court system, delay cause principally by trump appointed judge and the district court level. judge government fan, who just sat on the case, for this three years. this report judges are not never named an appeals court about the ruling. they're all suffered to, simply, as the court. and so, they now thoroughly disgraced judge aileen mercedes cannon's name does not appear and this appeals court opinion which so thoroughly condemns her work. the judges issued their opinion one week after hearing the oral arguments in this appeal. and it is common for months to pass between oral arguments,
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and the issue and self opinions like. this but not this time. we have time to just a department -- and of course the entire case. the 11th circuit has moved as quickly as possible. -- documents found a donald trump residence from the special master review, and five days after filing that appeal, three judge panel granted that request. then, the justice department concentrated on appealing the entire case to the 11th circuit, and the 11th circuit moved that appeal as quickly as possible. more than any case double trump has ever been involved with in his life. this is the one. where donald trump wants to delay, and delay, and delay, because this is the one where donald trump faces such serious potential criminal indictments. donald trump is indicted in this case the title in this case will be the opposite of the title of the civil case. donald trump just lost. the 11th civil case, the 11th
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circuit effectively extinguish today's donald trump vs america. don trump becomes a criminal defendant. the time of the case will be the united states of america versus donald j trump, and donald trump will finally experience what it is like to stand in a federal courtroom accused of crimes by the full power and authority of the united states of america. there is now nothing procedurally, standing in the way of special prosecutor jack smith moving with speed to bring criminal charges in this case. all these projects will be brought. there is nothing in the way now, nothing, there are very few federal court judges. whoever provoke an appeals court decision that will make a mockery of them. the way the 11th circuit appears to mock judge aileen mercedes cannon. the appeals court says the law is clear, we cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block
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government investigations after the execution of the warrant. nor can we write a rule that allows only former president to do so. either approach would be a radical reordering of our case law. limiting the federal courts involvement in the criminal investigation. and both would violate bedrock, separation of power, limitations, we agree with the government of the district court improperly exercise jurisdiction, that dismissal of the entire proceeding is required. the district court improperly exercise equitable jurisdiction this case. that reason, we vacate a september five order on appeal and remain with instructions for the district court to -- let me sit down trump's favorite judge of all-time. is going to have to personally dismiss this case.
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after the 11th circuit remains to her, which is legal language for send it back to her. they make you fix what you broke. that is what appeals courts due to district court judges in cases like this. the final action this case would be judge aileen mercedes cannon humiliating yourself. by dismissing the case. she never should have allowed in her courtroom. the 11th circuit opinion notes that donald trump's lawyers are in effect, asking for special treatment for donald trump, simply because he served one term as president of the united states. the 11th circuit wrote, and considering his arguments face with a choice. apply our usual test, drastically expand the eligible of equitable justice for every subject of a search warrant, or carve out the unprecedented exemption in our law for former presidents. we choose the first option.
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so the case must be dismissed. leading off our discussion tonight, former federal prosecutor, former secretary barbara kate, and professor the michigan of school and former michigan attorney joyce vance, and former federal prosecutor and professor of alabama school of law, there are msnbc analysts. joyce vance, let me begin with you. >> lawrence you read the key part of the opinion, the 11th circuit was very clear in their view that judge cannon caught this dead wrong. this whole case is so unusual. typically when a search warrant is executed, the government continues its criminal investigation and maybe there is an indictment, maybe there isn't. the search gets challenged in that context if there is an indictment. what trump was trying to do was to kneecap the governments criminal investigation, and
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that's where judge cannon went along. it's not surprising that this panel said you can't do this. the reason is precisely as you described in the excerpts you read, either in doing this the 11th circuit would've had to have created a special rule that applied to only the former presidents name donald trump or they could have created a rule that would have applied to every criminal defendant, and it would be impossible for the government to conduct its investigations without extensive judicial oversight that would've crippled the government and the court system. so given those bad choices, the 11th circuit says you know, we are going to stick with existing law, we're gonna dismiss this lawsuit, we will direct aileen cannon to dismiss this case and we will let the government go ahead and do its job. >> it is a huge ruling, glenn, but it did not take long to write, and it doesn't fill an
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awful lot of pages, it is a clear and solid opinion. >> yes, lawrence, what it boils down to is if the government, the department of justice, the fbi lawfully obtained a search warrant, lawfully executed that search warrant in other words conducts the search and lawfully seizes evidence, the federal courts, federal judge, cannot order that the criminal investigation stop, and there's one other line on page 20 that i think is so devastating to judge cannon, and i would urge everyone to just read pages 20 and 21, those few paragraphs, it is about as close as an appellate court opinion comes to rule of law poetry, and what they say is just because the search warrant was for the home of a former president does not give the judiciary license to interfere in an ongoing investigation. very bluntly, lawrence, they said, judge cannon interfered
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in an ongoing criminal federal investigation. boy, that stings. >> barbara mcquade the highlights of this opinion for you? >> well, i think the thing is most revealing here, the way they sort of dissect what judge cannon did in her decision. the standard that a quarter supposed to use in the 11th circuit when deciding whether to envoy their equitable jurisdiction that is to take action when someone is showing irreparable harm, no likelihood of adequate legal remedy, the very first question a judge has to answer is whether there has been a callous disregard for the constitutional rights of the plaintiff. and here, judge cannon even conceded that it didn't happen here, donald trump did not have any constitutional rights violated, this was a lawful search warrant complying with the fourth amendment, -- magistrate judge who signed it.
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and so it is just so odd that she would say, well, no one is claiming there is kyle's disregard for his rights, i don't find that there are but nonetheless i will grant him this relief anyway. that is the part i think that seemed so lawless here and the 11th circuit wasn't going to have any of it. >> joyce, there are other elements like that where the appeals court points out that not only does none of this meet the standard that would be necessary in order to have any kind of intervention like this, but that judge cannon invented some notions here that were not even presented by the defense. by the trump lawyers. invented the notion that for example, it is risky, it is risky to allow federal prosecutors to have these documents because they might leak them. and other just invented concepts by the judge which the appeals court really smacked down on. >> she reached really far too
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role for trump in this case, and really from the beginning because the federal courts in the 11 circuit points this out today, the federal court isn't a court of unlimited jurisdiction you can just file a law school -- lawsuit on any topic and have the court decided it has to be a specific area where jurisdiction is granted to the federal courts. and so as barb was saying this case judge cannon decided to take under her equitable jurisdiction, but that is very unusual, very -- and she sort of made it up as she went along. trump's lawyers didn't explicitly asked for this in their initial filings so she invited them to file a brief. and then when she didn't make this key findings that you have to make for equitable jurisdiction, that's the plaintive has some sort of constitutional right that has been callously disregarded by the government, that's why he would give an equitable remedy at all, it is very unusual
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remedy for a very serious situation, while she says, i can't find that here but let me go ahead and look at these are the things. as you say, she makes it up as she goes along, the 11th circuit has no tolerance for that. i will tell you as a former 11 circuit appellate chief in my old u.s. attorney's office before i became u.s. attorney, one thing that we are known for this circuit is the collegiality which which the court conduct itself. this opinion might read as very understated to people who have not practiced in the circuit or to the folks that are laypeople, but it reads loud and clear that anyone who has ever been in front of a panel in this court, it is a real sound bench slap at this judge telling her that she has done frank, removing her discretion and directing her to end this case now. >> i guess i've read enough opinions to know that this was a pretty insulting opinion, properly so. glenn kirschner in the next segment we will discuss with
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harvard law professor the appeals process from here, i think we know that this circuit court has already been -- donald trump already attempted to appeal there -- could that process -- for jack smith tonight special prosecuting this case, what are the next moves? >> well the decks have been cleared now, no more special master no more delay for some sort of nonsensical review of the documents that donald trump stole, let's call it what it is, stole from the white house. and then unlawfully concealed at more largo even after they were subpoenaed which adds a bonus crime of obstruction of justice, it feels like the decks are clear for jack smith a newly pointed special counsel who by all accounts seemed to be a real without fear or favor kind of guy, who has prosecuted very difficult challenging,
10:17 pm
politically-charged cases against republicans and democrats alike, so it feels like the special counsel investigation out to be full speed ahead. >> joyce vance reporting tonight in the new york times that white house counsel pat cipollone and his chief deputy white house counsel both testifying to the grand jury in washington, it is investigating donald trump's involvement in january six and possible attempts to overturn the election. cipollone certainly is an under oath witness that you would want in this documents case to because he reportedly told donald trump that he had to return these documents and at a certain point cipollone was the kind of official custodian post presidency for these documents. >> you really have to have cipollone under oath in the grandeur if you're thinking about indicting the mar-a-lago documents case, you have to know what he is going to say
10:18 pm
whether it is good for your case as a prosecutor or whether perhaps it is a school towards trump. but one suspect said there is very little in this matter that is exculpatory towards trump, cipollone is on record as having said that he and others in his situation were advising trump, had to turn over documents, it will be very helpful for the special counsel to have that locked in under oath. >> barbara, this looks like a situation where the special counsel's traffic cop for both of these investigations. cipollone a clearly relevant witness to the january six investigation and to the documents investigation, and someone in the justice department has to decide when do we ask him or subpoena him as a witness to do what? >> yes, it is an interesting idea here that you have these two cases before involving a former president at the justice department and in fact one special counsel is trying to
10:19 pm
oversee at the same time and you have to make calculated strategic decisions about when do you go to the wall to try to get something, with somebody like pat cipollone you might have to litigate a subpoena and you have to think carefully about whether you need him in both cases whether you keep your powder dry on one to get him in another, but it may be -- and if that is a case i imagine that they will fight to get him for both cases, it may be the case that there are grand jurors that are hearing these two cases which means that he has to testify in separate proceedings not before the same grand jury. if they have to keep these two separate, they have to think about not just the two individual battles but the overall war when they are strategizing. >> thank you all very much for joining us and starting off this discussion on this important night, we really appreciate it. thank you. harvard law professor laurence
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so let's go. the 11th circuit court of the digital age is waiting. appeals this evening did not just overrule federal followed a judges order for a special master in the documents case, the court of appeals said that judge, not only did not have a
10:25 pm
right to issue that order, she did not even have a right to even hear the case. the court of appeals wrote, on october 5th this court in its appeal of this september 5th order blocking review of the seized documents and directing the appointment of a special master. now, with the benefit of oral argument, we conclude that the district court lacked jurisdiction to consider plaintive initial motion, or to issue any orders in response to it. joining us now is professor laurence tribe who has taught constitutional law at harvard law school for five decades. professor tribe, thank you very much for joining us tonight. what is the potential appeals process for donald trump on this decision? >> well he could try to ask the
10:26 pm
full 11th circuit to reconsider, but that would be ludicrous because the chief jest of the discharge prior who is the chief justice panel. it was a very conservative panel, when the panel was -- it seems to me that if there are any three judges on the 11th circuit who might give the time of day to these absurd arguments, that the former president was making, it might be the story. but i thought that, even they would have no difficulty of disposing of the case and that is what happened. donald trump likes to go to the supreme court, likes to emphasize that three of its justices were appointed by him and then they slapped him down recently after waiting years because of the delay in the lower court in his tax case, he started attacking them. even though he is attacked them and they tried to buy a week or two at most by going there, in
10:27 pm
the meantime he is not going to get a say of the decision of this very conservative panel. so the case will go ahead and i would not even be surprised if, as a face saving move, judge aileen cannon were to decide simply to follow the directive of the court of appeals before its words reached her courtroom and simply dismiss the case to show that she can do something right. she is not done anything else right yet in this case. >> so there is the potential of donald trump using a couple of weeks in one of those futile attempts to get a supreme court to rule, and then we get one of those responses from the supreme court unsigned, just throwing it away as they have done before when the same appeals court ruled against him in the same case. so we have traveled this road before, which is why i do not think we need to spend a lot of
10:28 pm
time on the appeals question tonight. but, i would like to get your reading of this opinion because it is so fascinating. it is so hugely important and, as these things go, so economical and so short. 19 pages of pros and it just hammers down and knocks down every single thing that judge cannon was doing in this case. >> right. i think glenn kershner put it well when he said it was a rule of law poetry. it has the economy of poetry, but it is real pros. very elegant, very simple, and you quoted the relevant part. the answer is no, no donald, you cannot drag a judge just because you appointed her and found her, you cannot drag her into this and treat her like your puppet. remarkably, she was willing to act as his puppet when she and initially took jurisdiction of
10:29 pm
the case i wrote that i thought that, basically, she was in the tank for donald trump. now the court of appeals was too polite to say that, but there is no one who could read what it said as anything other than, not just a slap down, but a failing grade, basically telling her you do not know what a judge is supposed to be or do. there are only three paths that you have left open to us, follow the law, which means that you should not have taken the case at all, say that federal judges can judge jump in and interfere with criminal prosecutions even when there is a legal search just because someone says, i would like to pause things. we cannot do, that it would grind the whole system, if the federal criminal justice to a halt. or, number three, create a special rule for former presidents name donald trump. amazingly, that is what she said she is doing. it is because it is a former
10:30 pm
president that i'm going to do something unusual. well, this court says that given those three choices, we really do not have a choice. we have to follow the law. and i think it was an extraordinary triumph of the rule of law and a terrible embarrassment for a federal judge whose name will go down in history in a very, very negative way. >> a short judge summary for this audience is that this case, according to this appeals court, is every bit as simple and clear as every legal expert, including tribe, has said it is. harvard law professor laurence tribe, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciated. coming up, as of today, kanye west officially became the most famous, loudest, and world's most dangerous loosely influential purveyor of extreme
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herschel walker, continue to humiliate himself today in the senate campaign where a former girlfriend went public today with accusations of threatening violence from herschel walker against her. but donald trump's other black friend, kanye west, has gone far beyond herschel walker
10:36 pm
humiliation into the full public exposure of kanye west's vile, deep, and relentless hatred of jewish people and now public praise of adolf hitler. that is who donald trump was having dinner with in florida with last week. today, kanye west appeared with his antisemitic new best friend, nick fuentes, in which alex jones is supposed to play the part of the craziest person near the microphone. but not today. >> they're evil not, so i disagree with those statements. >> i do not like the word evil next to nazis. >> oh my goodness, just because you do not look one group -- >> i love jewish people, but i also love nazis. >> oh man, i have to disagree with that. we are going to go to break, i am the crazy one here.
10:37 pm
>> this is the day when every apologist for kanye west, everyone who blames his medication, who blames medication, who connie west claimed mental health issues, which have never actually been medically documented, those are the days people are out of apologies for kanye west. no more please or a sympathy for mental health issues that have never been medically documented, publicly, by anyone. no medical records, no physicians, no one who treated him has ever spoken publicly about these conditions. if you believe he has mental health conditions, you believe kanye west. that is who has told you that he has mental health conditions. and these mental health conditions that he claims, under no circumstances cause antisemitism. on october 19th, after kanye west tweeted death con three on jewish people, someone wrote an
10:38 pm
article for the financial times demanding that companies stop doing business with kanye west and they did. kanye west quickly lost a reportedly billion dollars worth of business associations, that enraged the already angry antisemite. and his rage has continued to build every day, particularly against ari emmanuel personally. >> every human being has something of value that they brought to the table. especially hitler. how about that one, how do you like that one? hey ron, are you gonna do anything to fixed recall? -- full disclosure, i've known area manual for many years and he is my agent. and i have never been prouder to say that than tonight. because, on october 19th, are emmanuel took a moral stance against the antisemitic poison
10:39 pm
kanye west was spreading, and he knew that kanye west would come after him and that he would come after his brother, rob emmanuel, he used the muresan call go and served as obama's white house chief of staff. and in fact, are emmanuel's wife today it was subject to attack on the alex jones show. no one else would do it, it would was already emmanuel who took the public stance and wrote the manifesto against kanye west which is put enormous pressure on kanye west every day since october 19th, and that pressure has now revealed exactly who kanye west really is. kanye west is the worst person donald trump has ever had at his dinner table. he is far worse than nick fuentes, the little kid that he brought to dinner with donald trump, because no one knew who that kid was outside of the most deranged white supremacists and antisemites in america. but the world knows who kanye
10:40 pm
west's, and he has become the most famous, world's loudest, and purveyor of antisemitism and he is become a hitler propagandist in the process. kanye west claimed to alex jones today that, among other great things that adolf did, the invention of highways and the invention of the microphone. adolf hitler invented nothing, and today kanye west did whatever hitler lover does. he insisted that hitler did not execute 6 million jews in death camps during world war ii. after covering up kanye west's vicious antisemitism by editing it out of the interview that he did with tucker carlson, here is how kanye west's fans at fox see him. >> i was blown away by kanye west. i really was. >> we have rarely heard a man speak so honestly and movingly
10:41 pm
about what he believes. >> kanye west is wise, he is unique, and certainly he is fearless. >> joining us now is peter meijer, professor of journalism and political science, he is an msnbc political analyst. peter, we now have a world leader of antisemitism in the person of kanye west. >> yes, it was hard whether to know whether to laugh or cry in that conversation with alex jones. because alex jones was nervous about what kanye west was saying, and he actually said to kanye west, you are not really naughty, right? and kanye west was kind of, i'm paraphrasing, yeah, i kind of do like novices. even alex jones did not know
10:42 pm
what to do with it because the level of antisemitism, which is already very blatant, literally now has moved from garden-variety antisemitism to, essentially a policies for the naughty regime. >> peter, how should we be handling it in journalism? because it is a contagion, there is so much of that alex jones stuff that i simply do not want to show. i do not want those statements going out on television, there are millions of people out there who are not exactly the target audience ends of the show, but could still hear it from the show. >> right, the truth is that kanye west has a very big megaphone of his own, so it is hard to shut him down. but i want to go something that you said earlier, which is very important. beyond his own megaphone, he has been given a megaphone by the trump era republican party. tucker carlson had it on his show, then edited out the most extreme antisemitic things that kanye west said because tucker carlson wants kanye west out
10:43 pm
there, because he likes the idea of having a famous black celebrity who essentially echoes white nationalist comments. so the republican party, donald trump had dinner with him after the blatantly antisemitic comments. the republican party has been trying to prop kanye west up because they like having him echoing their white nationalists talking points, but now is getting too extreme for even them. >> as we go forward, is there a point where we should turn away from kanye west because we have made our point about how poisonous this is and at some point are we just letting him use our microphones? >> a, i think it is a very difficult decision. i think the problem is that, even if you ignore kanye west, a lot of other people are still going to see what he is saying. so the challenge is not to indulge excessively in what he says, but to continue to make the point that this is
10:44 pm
unacceptable. what we have clearly seen in the trump era of the republican party is that they will try to move the goalposts of bigotry and to make more and more and more unacceptable, unless people firmly resist. >> kevin mccarthy apparently discovered today, and only today, that kanye west's antisemitic. so i think we now know what it takes, the republican party has shown us their line. and their line seems to be, you have to publicly praise hate adolf hitler. anything short of public praise of adolf hitler and you are welcome at donald trump dinner table or at kevin's dinner table. >> that is exactly right. antisemitism is not -- that is where the bar is for today. the judiciary committee website, i mean twitter feed, had a praise of kanye west up until
10:45 pm
today, for the death gone against the jews, that was not enough for that. that shows you, again, how unbelievably below the bar for bigotry is in today's republican party. >> peter, thank you very much for joining us tonight on this painful subject. i hate that we have to do it, but we do have to do it. thank you peter. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back. just stop. go for a run. go for 10 runs! run a marathon. instead, start small. with nicorette. which can lead to something big. start stopping with nicorette. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual!!! what does it do, bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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teeth sensitivity is so common. it immediately feels like somebody's poking directly on the nerve. i recommend sensodyne. sensodyne toothpaste goes inside the tooth and calms the nerve down. and my patents say: “you know doc, it really works." i've never seen a student in school in malawi who did not seem happy to be there. literally happy to be in school that day. but i would see them on the days when they do not come to school, because coming to school is so much of a struggle for so many kids in malawi.
10:50 pm
there are a lot of things that get in the way of that decision for that decision to go to school him ally on a daily basis. the other night i mentioned the problems that girls face in primary schools and high schools when they have their menstrual periods, and they have to spend the entire day sitting on a dirt floor or sometimes a chilly cement floor all day in schools that have no desks. there is another thing that gets in the way of kids attending school all the time. soap. every time i stay in a hotel, i grab extra bars of soap and i added to a giant so collection that builds over many months, and then when i go to malawi i quietly slipped those bars of
10:51 pm
soap to individual students who are no need. them in most of the schools could come from families who cannot afford shoes or soap and. when they get a bar of soap, it is used not just for bathing but for washing clothes, so without a bar of soap in the house, a kid's clothes can get very dirty very quickly, especially if they spend their days sitting on the dirt floor of their classrooms. [speaking non-english] >> that is eight greener hamilton, who hopes one day to be dr. hamilton and sitting at a desk that he got a few weeks ago. girls are much more likely than boys to stay home from school because they're closer to dirty. so, most of the soap that i hand out in malawi's to girls. the last time i returned from laos and unpacked i found this in my camera bag and it broke my heart because i forgot to give this bar of soap to a kid whose family could have used this for at least a week, for everything.
10:52 pm
bathing, close watching. i bought this bar of soap in malawi after i ran out of soap to hand out. none of the families living around the gas station where i bought the soap could afford the soap. it is hard to convey the level of needs in malawi if you have not been to a place, where we take it for granted foot things like shoes or soap, is beyond reach for millions of children. if i could put this soap in your hand knowing that there are millions of kids in malawi where this soap is sold who would never unwrap a bar of soap like this because their families cannot afford it, he would be able to seal, in your hand, what moved me to create the kind fund. kids in need of desks, which is in partnership with unicef and msnbc, and scholarships for girls to attend high school where public school is not free and girl's graduation is half
10:53 pm
the boys. since we've been talking about this week, your generosity is blossom once again, in our first three days you have contributed $943,190. you can contribute any amount to a desk or a scholar shop at msnbc. com. a few weeks ago we deliver desks to a school in malawi were a sixth grader, marion -- , who would like to become a journalist, sat at a desk for the very first time.
10:54 pm
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today campaigning for senator raphael warnock. >> i know it feels like we just did this. and that is because we did. if the men and women, who had
10:59 pm
to endure the sting of discrimination, the smack of billy clubs, were attacked. if the folks who had to fight those early fights, those were the tough fights for union rights, and voting rights, and gay rights, and women's rights. if they did not get tired, you cannot be tired. so you've got to go out there and keep working. you have to stay focused because if you do, if you put everything you've got in the next few days, if you vote and you get your friends to vote, and your neighbors to vote. if you do all that, not only will we reelect raphael warnock, not only will we keep georgia and america on a path to a better future, but we will be setting an example for a four -year-old, right here. laying a foundation for him to build on and that one year old over there and i saw three -month-old here. they are watching right now to see if we are going to get
11:00 pm
tired, and i'm going to tell them right now we are not going to be tired, we are going to bring it on home. let's make this happen georgia, i love you, god bless you. let's finish the job. >> president obama gets tonight 's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. tonight, a major setback for the former president in the mar-a-lago investigation. the special master shut down a masters that trump himself appointed, where does the doj go from here. then, the wild multi hour so medic france from the