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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  January 15, 2023 10:00am-11:00am PST

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from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome everyone to -- we begin with breaking news and atlanta. a historic event today, as president biden honors dr. martin luther king junior on what would've been his 94th birthday. it is the first time, in fact,
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that a sitting president has delivered a sunday sermon and ebenezer church. here is what he said. >> on a stay of moran, says we gather here in this cherished of bunnies or, to commemorate what would've been dr. king's 94th birthday. we gathered to contemplates his moral vision, and to commit ourselves to his path, to his path. hoopa leads to the beloved community, to the sacred place that sacred our, when justice rain down like waters, the righteousness of the mighty stream. >> back in, washingtonville of in story, the gop led push to escalates and equivocate the finding of around 20 government documents of president biden's possession. to donald trump's fight told under hundreds or government documents. we'll hear arguments on both
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sides today. >> at the end of the day, my biggest concern is that the classified documents, to be honest. my concern is that there is such a discrepancy in how former president trump was treated by raided mar-a-lago, by getting the security cameras, by taking pictures of documents on the floor, but going through maloney's closet. >> the president's lawyers, the moment they found out about the documents, that day, turn them over. that is a very different posture than what we saw with donald trump, where he was fighting for a period upwards of eight months to not turn over hundreds of missing documents. he defied a government subpoena, they ended up having to go to court today gets a court issued subpoena to go and search mar-a-lago. >> and also today, the first big showdown between republicans and democrats begins now as the u.s. approaches the debt ceiling on thursday. the big question today, i will republicans vote with democrats to protect the country from
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going into default. >> in theory, a majority of members of congress could file a petition to force a bill to vote. it would require 212 democrats plus six republicans. the question is, are there enough reasonable republicans who have the courage to stand up to the extremes and support raising the debt limit? >> i think it is a real threat that both sides have to take serious. on our side, we have to realize that we control the house with the foreseeably jordy. the senate is run by the democrats, so the one seat majority. the president says obviously, from the democrap party, so we can't get everything we want either. >> a new poll shows a 61% of voters already believe that republicans and president biden are less likely to get anything done over the next two years. 58% saying that is unlikely that republicans will compromise to let democrats get anything done in this new congress. a lot of developing stories to cover this hour with our correspondents.
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we're going to begin with him -- and wilmington, delaware, where the president will be returning from atlanta about later on today. welcome. how is capitol hill reacting to the latest developments in the biden document case? >> yeah, alex, while president biden is down in atlanta and really focusing on the legacy of dr. martin luther king, like you mentioned, the focus of the political world is on the fallout from this news week. got a little more than 24 hours ago, from the white house, the more classified materials were found to president biden's will meet him home, just days ago. this is in addition to three other discoveries earlier this week. the white house is saying that materialism eagle each aren't over to the national archives, the justice department. they're fully cooperating with this new special counsel appointed by attorney general merrick garland. this is really social waves through cochlear hole, removed surprisingly, a flood of reaction from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle today. they're reacting to this news.
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democrats quick to point out the differences between president biden and his predecessors cases. there's a no president biden and his team immediately, in voluntarily, turned over these documents to the doj. pointing out that former president trump to five multiple subpoenas to be able to get those classified documents from mar-a-lago back into the right hands. then you have republicans who are calling for more probes into the, saying that the exposure of these classified documents for an extended period of time may have even lead to national security rests with them being out there, calling for the release of visitor logs to both the biden center, as well as president biden's home in wilmington, to really find out who access these documents. essentially calling president biden i hypocrite for criticizing the former president trump for the same reason that both of them are now the subjects of special counsel probes. take a listen to a bit of the reaction from the sunday show this morning from lawmakers.
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>> what is the proper thing for a former president to do if he finds that there are government documents, or classified documents, that are in his possession? my understanding as they did the right thing by immediately alerting the archives, and turning them over. >> the administration hasn't been transparent about what's going on with president biden's possession of classified documents. it seems political here. it seems hypocritical. it seems like a double standard. >> it looks, as far as we can tell, that it was inadvertent that these documents were at these locations, when they were discovered, they were immediately provided to the archives, or should the justice department. there was no effort to hold on to, them no effort to conceal them, no efforts to obstruct the justice department's investigation. >> and alex, you can by president biden and his team are going to be peppered with questions from the team of reporters traveling with him back to wilmington.
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they're trying to find out, really, at the heart of that, why did the white house wait so long and not tell the american people as soon as they found out about these discoveries. brooklyn to bits of the merica public, alex. >> that'll be a big question for sure. ali, thank you. now let's go to nbc's julie on capitol hill. and the looming battle over the debt limit. there julie, to you, we have the treasury secretary warning that it is crunch time right now for congress to be -- the new speaker of the house had a somewhat specific take, right? >> oh yeah, his plan is to, quote, illuminate wokeness, excuse me. i want you to take a listen to what he said today on fox news when pressed about the debt limit. he doubled down on the concessions that he made about it. take a listen, and then we'll talk on the other side. >> i think that they have just tried to put us into bankruptcy. what i am saying, and this is my conversation with the president on our first conversation, let's sit down together, let's look at the
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places that we can change our behavior. does defense getting more than 800 billion dollars, other areas that i think that could be more efficient and? yeah. illuminate all the money spent on wokeism. eliminate the money that they're trying to find different fuels, and they're worried about the environment to go through. >> here's the problem, alex. he already spoke to president biden and the white house on friday, said we want to clean debt ceiling left. that means nothing attach, no strings attached there. what republicans negotiated with kevin mccarthy, those holdouts, in exchange for his speakership gavel, is that actually, they will tack on to the cleat, instead of having a clean left, they'll take on tua, cuts for future spending. that is not going to go anywhere in the democratic -controlled senate. i was surprised that mary on fox press mccarthy over and over again. they said, look, i get that this is your plan, this is the concession you may, but the reality is the york democracy control in the senate, you have a president who is a democrat who doesn't want any spending cuts, and already made that clear. how are you going to prevent
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the government from defaulting on its that? which is going to happen in june, even effect that limit has reached this upcoming week. really, like negotiations. here all of this could potentially cause mccarthy has gavel because, perhaps, he made a concession that the capital. >> i gotta tell you, you said it perfectly, and one of the speaking to a democratic congressman a little later this hour but what in the world's wokeism been in the budget. i'm curious to get an explanation to that. thank you so much, julie. from capitol hill. let's go now to some breaking news in the historic storms in california wore new rounds of rain and winds have left more than 20,000 people without power today. there are 7 million under a flood watch. it is absolutely devastating atmosphere rivers that have -- since late december. that caused at least 22 deaths statewide. let's go to nbc scott -- and santa cruz, california, with the latest on this. so, any relief in sight, scott? you're listening, i'm sure people or who to the forecasters and trying to
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figure out what's next. >> yeah, there is, the good news, alex, there is some relief in sight forecasters say. we get a little more rain coming in tonight, they say, than, mercifully, this pattern could shift. what that points to is an enormous amount of work, and that's what brings us here to felton which is just north of santa cruz, and one of the santa cruz mountains. down there as the sailor enzo window which is a river that tends to rise and fall very fast. it's about half or was just this time yesterday, the neighborhood around it is called felton grove, they have flooded now three times this year, and so now they are once again trying to clean up, they'll get some help on that with disastrous systems, approved late last night by president biden. even so, the risk from the severe weather, even if it subsides, the governor, says it's not over yet.
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. >> challenges will present themselves over the course of the next few days, acutely because everything is saturated. the grounds overwhelmed they appear less significant in terms of the rainfall, the likely be more significant in terms of the impact on the ground, flooding, and -- so we have to maintain that. you know, it's common sense. >> that means that thinking twice before he turned down a road that might be blocked off. there are sinkholes, roads and bridges that are undermined, their cleanup here, alex, is enormous. the damage is expected to stretch into the billions of dollars. >> wow. okay. thank you so, much scott. we appreciate it. republicans are looking for a fight this week. could a battle over the debt limit backfire on? that we have some answers from a member of congress a little bit later. bit later. e the love event as a way to help those who need it most.
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today were five more pages across the five documents discovered at president biden's delaware home this week. overall, roughly 20 documents have been found. from president biden's time as vice president. the timeline, from november 2nd, and -- then another sets in the garage of his wilmington home on december 20th. six more pages this week in a room adjacent to his garage. lawmakers today offer their take on the importance of transparency. >> what is the proper thing for former president to do if he finds that there are government documents or classified documents that are in his possession? my understanding is that they did the right thing by immediately alerting the archives and turning them over. >> the administration has been transparent about what's happening with president biden's possession of classified documents.
10:18 am
it seems political here. it seems hypocritical. it seems like a double standard. >> joining me now, harry lippman, former u.s. attorney and host of the talking fez podcast. a good friend. it's good to see you. it seems it would president biden's lawyer find something, they turn it over. to what degree might that work to help those defense in this matter? they find out, immediately gave it over. >> there is no defense. it's so important to keep separate. it's true that the special counsel has been appointed, but there is not the slightest scintilla of criminal conduct on biden's part. what you have here, there is a policy issue. why are things able to be taken out of the white house so easily? there's a political issue, of course, is there always will be. it does seem to me that the white house, in the classic governmental phrase, mistakes were made, in terms of the rollout. talking about his defense just plays into republican hands.
10:19 am
it looks together to completely disparate cases. one that is very serious criminal matter, one that has not the slightest where, from everything we know so far. any criminal conduct. >> couple of questions here, just off the top of my had, with regard to national archives, we don't know, harry, if this is in response to the national archives reaching out and saying, hey, we're missing these documents. if it's not, what might that indicate about the nature of these documents? if they haven't been presumed missing thus far, what does that say? >> yeah. it's a great question. i had thought it been reported that the impetus came from the biden folks, not from the archives, where as you had suggested, in trump land. after while they said, we're missing hundreds. i think it says a couple things. one thing you might say is, we don't know. this is an important question to try to figure out. this may happen with some
10:20 am
regularity. if a few missing here or there might not end facts get the archives all up and bothered. it should, from what we know. it just could be that trump is such an outline case, where they eventually were able to discover, we're missing hundreds here. then of course we had all the instruction. i think that it remains to be seen how unusual the situation is in the inadvertent been out of the white house. the bad situation, of course. you know, it might be a fairly common one. >> okay. from what we do, now so far, biden's attorneys have said they found these three small batches of classified documents. biden -- and the washington d.c. office, roughly 20 documents and. all one, which we now know as top secret, but let's compare that to donald trump's case. we know at least 300 documents, of which 25 or top secret. does value matter when you compare these cases?
10:21 am
>> yes, and no. i got, it matters in terms, under the rules, no top secret documents should be out and about. by the way, a ten year old stuff, he had his vice president unlikely to do grave damage with national security. none of these should be out. we should figure out -- that's on the one hand. on the other, if you are talking about criminal conduct, the fact that you're talking about intents and obstruction, the fact that it was hundreds of trump new hudson, that made of all kinds of legal defenses and bought and lied. that matters deeply. in the criminal setting. my take on the criminal setting is, there is one of these two situations that has, that the other doesn't at all. if we're just talking about policy, it's not a good idea, even one. it's a terrible idea, 300. but that really points out is the distinction between one
10:22 am
person, who very probably committed crimes, and one who almost certainly did not. >> look, as much as the media and the public want to know about all the intricacies in these case says, is there a limit as to how much biden's attorney can or should, attorneys plural, can or should share? >> yeah. another great question. they're in a tough spot. they haven't played it perfectly, but you have to worry about doj, in the doj been that if you talk about things. might you say something now, that eventually, robert, the counsel will ask you about? they are private but they have security clearance problems. i'm not saying that they, this is been messy, more messy than i think it needed to be. but it's also inherently tricky to be the prime attorney for a president who is under this kind of spotlight. >> once you, here you have said, harry, the baby attorney
10:23 am
general aaron garland's decision to have a special counsel to examine the biden case, was not necessarily by law. why not, what europe's decision? >> i think it's really important by garland. it's more than wasn't necessarily. you have to find, he talked about extraordinary circumstances, for us you gotta find that a criminal investigation is warranted. through my experience, i just don't see. it's not in the slightest evidence that anyone acted with intense, with knowledge, even. so what does that leave? i think it does leave his bowing to the political exigency, and the total screaming that there is a symmetry here which there isn't. i'm not saying that that was stupid, but i'm saying that i think you're right to call a political. it's not the letter of the law. we thought a garland to date has been just the lawn vast man, but i think there was an x-factor here of politics, i agree. >> never any screaming from you, my friend, only sage assessment.
10:24 am
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try vicks vapocool drops with two times more menthol per drop*, and the powerful rush of vicks vapors for fast-acting relief you can feel. vicks vapocool drops. fast relief you can feel. breaking news, rescue crews are on the scene of a plane crash and the paul that killed at least 68 people. the yeti airlines plane was flying through kathmandu through the resort town of nicaragua and a crash during landing. then it caught fire. 72 people were on board, including four crew members. this video shows the moments just before that plane went down, and an airport that opened just two weeks ago. crews are still investigating what caused that crash. capitol hill is bracing for a possible showdown over the debt ceiling. and the u.s. is expecting to reach that limit this thursday. earlier than many thought. republicans are expected to use their new majority -- and exchange for voting to raise limits.
10:29 am
earlier today, house speaker kevin mccarthy had this to say about government spending. >> does defense getting more than $800 million, other areas that i think they could be more efficient? dan yeah, eliminate all the money spent and wokeism. a limited all the money that they're trying to find different fuels, they're worried about the different environment to go through. >> joining me now is -- a democratic member of the house financial services, and transportation and committees. welcome. it's good to see you, congressman. so, what's your response to speaker mccarthy? can you please explain to me what the work of them is that he's talking about and finance? >> speaker mccarthy is traveling to has extreme, right as he did take out that gavel. he as a readiness right off a cliff right now are this rhetoric. top economist indicate that the united states should not be spending more than 2% of gdp to service said stats financial
10:30 am
basis. we are sub 2% right now, we are not in crisis mode. the trajectory is going the wrong direction. it will blow past 2% in the decades to come, and if republicans want to have a serious conversation about budget reform, absolutely, i'm here to have a conversation, so we're not settling future generations with unsustainable that. that's not what's happening right now. what's happening right now is that the white house, and congressional democrats, are saying we need to protect the full faith and credit of the united states, and speaker mccarthy is talking about cutting wokeism into the defense department to save us money. which, i can't even interpret that for you. i'll tell you who's watching right now though, it's the president of china's changing paying, and the president of russia, vladimir putin. if we rattle international capital markets, if we undermine our creditworthiness, we are going to shake much of the unity that we have displayed over the last year and standing up to authoritarianism globally. >> currently he thinks it's
10:31 am
woke to look at different fuels to try to protect the environment. okay, so how concerned are you about the prospect on the u.s. defaulting on its debt? how ugly could this get, and how could it impact america? >> first of, all anyone who is a 401k should be deeply concerned, because it will be to the detriment of any what retirement portfolios, because markets will get rattled, and we'll start to see salons. anyone who cares about the united states global stature, as we stand up to a top or see in beijing and moscow, should carrabelle. this it's going to undermine our status as the world leading economy, and military might. anyone who cares about competency and federal affairs, who wants to see congress act like grown-ups rather than seeing a repeat of what we saw during the first week of 118 congress within your fistfight on the house for should care about this. this is about us paying our bills on time. his speaker mccarthy and
10:32 am
republicans want to have a debate about spending, we have a whole process for that. it's called the preparations. let's have a debate. that they want to talk about entitlements, we have a process for, that we can go into entitlement reform debate. this is not the time. you don't play hostage with our debt limit. >> let's move on, because of up to get your thoughts on the congressman, george santos, who, as you, now is facing calls to resign. including from a number of fellow republicans. the leadership, that has stopped short of taking any less action at all. what does it say to you that santos has apologized, but has no intention of stepping down. what are people saying behind the scenes? what are you hearing in the hallways, what are you hearing over lunch in the congressional dining room? do you house members want to or trust this person to be a part of congress? >> the focus is shifting from george santos, who is transparently a liar, and towards congressional republican leadership. who, if the new york times story today is to be taken at face value, knew about the senior got help cover it up?
10:33 am
who leave now or i'm willing to stand up for basic integrity in their own party? all while the gop and long island, and gop colleagues from new york, are calling on george santos to resign? the richest irony here, alex, is one prominent house republican said that this whole story affair was democrats fault because we should've done our homework and put his lies on full display. i mean, george santos is fake relatives in the old country would've called efforts by. it's just vigorous belief. >> i'm going to try not to laugh. let's ask about u.s. air travel, because this is serious. it had another major disruption last week after that faa system, safety system, exhorts failed. it led to a nationwide ground stop. you tweeted a total ground stop is not acceptable. once folks, the faa should be transparent about what happened, to present a detailed plan to prevent it ever happening again. but the question to, you sir, how could congress or the federal government ensure that
10:34 am
kind of accountability from the faa. after this incident, and add to, at the southwest airlines of all school during the holidays. are you concerned about more disruptions ahead? >> i am. i think it's important to parse here two different things. the first is that half official who made the decision to call for a total ground stop because they saw situation but that wasn't safe. that individual or individuals made the right decision. they deserve to be praise for doing so, because the flying public deserves to know that their safety will always be paramount. now congress has to do our job, and that means doing a full after action to understand what went wrong, and what investments are necessary, potentially as part of faa reauthorization the storm, to prevent it from happening in the future. we're going up strong partner in. that senator buttigieg has been transparent, forthcoming, and describing what happens. he's promised what he will get to the bottom of it. >> thank you so much. come see me again, congressman. thank you for the shot. from tackling national security
10:35 am
to stop in -- what one of our gas told me yesterday about the challenges of working at the trump white house, and the implication for national security now the republicans are in charge. ans are in charge. ond... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. that whistleblower, fbi agent
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whistleblower told us, he uses fine about the highest levels of the fbi. he says this run turnout of
10:39 am
score. >> republican congressman, jim jordan earlier today, defending the gop led house committees deciding to investigate what they call weaponization of government agencies. joining me now, peter -- former fbi counterintelligence agent and author of the book, compromised. counterintelligence and the threat of donald j trump. peter, welcome back to the broadcast. let's get into this. here are there any subtleties to jim jordan taking donald trump's position on the fbi? just days ago, as you know, trump released a four minute rant against the agency. i'm curious of your gut reaction when you hear that -- , this rambling effect an mba i work. >> i think it makes it problematic. this is -- they had no issues in the fbi was engaged in months and months of investigation of former secretary of state clinton. i think three things are going on here. one, this is sort of red meat
10:40 am
of their base. this is something that gets them fired up, that generates assistance political support. the next thing it does is it allows them an opportunity to sort of throw sand and to be ongoing investigations whether that is members of congress themselves, who may be wrapped up in this, but certainly including president trump. it also gives them an opportunity to talk to president biden and the chief political agenda, which, you know, they're trying to advance is the majority in the house. they're using this is both a sword and shield. it's unfortunate, because i think the net impact of that to be on the political agreement, is that it does make it harder for fbi agent that investigators to do their job. it does undermine the confidence amongst the american public about what is or isn't -- so you have these false allegations, which are utter nonsense, and then unfortunately, it does have an impact on viability of the fbi doing today they are. >> when it comes to security concerns, peter, and the trump white house, i want to play what new york times
10:41 am
correspondent, michael schmidt told me yesterday, when we talk about the people by police of his nubuck. he talked about four star general john kelly, going into the trump white house, thinking all it needed was a bit of order. watch this. >> all of a sudden he's confronting former frivolous issues, flight rights between the first lady, that ivanka trump. ivanka trump is trying to maneuver and broccoli was told, to become the first lady in the ceremonial way. at one point, kelly had to go don morose and tell her to stop having parties at the white house pool. here's john kelly. concerned that we could be on the brink of war with north korea, trying to mitigate these issues. >> so peter, look, these kinds of hidden distractions, i, mean today divert resources, attention, away from syria's national security concerns?
10:42 am
>> of course video. this is coming from the chief of staff to the president of the united states. you would think that at that level, the principal adviser to the president, that the affairs of state, the national security of the united states of america, the domestic security and all the things that go on day and on day out in the united states, that rise to the level of acquiring the presidents attention, and his decisions, and instead of advise him the president whatever those matters are, a war with north korea, gardeners bells, he is essentially acting like a, you know, i of a fraternity trying to restore order get the place cleaned up after poolside binges. of course it's concerning. it should be concerning to every american who expects at the white house, who expects that the president as commander-in-chief has his team focus on the national security of the united states of america, and instead, we have the spotty and biden atmosphere that is absolutely distracting for the work ahead. >> is this why the intelligence
10:43 am
committee was so along throughout the trump administration? >> well i think there are other issues, certainly this is one of those. the seriousness of the qualifications of the people at the white house, but i think that there are a whole host of other issues that come along with that. when you look at people and whether or not they are paying particular attention to protective classified information, whether these allegations, like jared kushner was engaged in very sensitive communication using whatsapp. concerns that former chief of staff, kelly mentioned, kushner and his relationship to certain foreign nations. those are the sorts of things, when you start looking at concerns that the national security community, you start looking at one of a potential entanglements of people who are at the white house, but two, the things that they're doing and the ways that they're behaving. this opens up all of these very sensitive deliberations in information to outside intelligence services. like the russians, chinese, iranians, and so many others. >> okay, it's always great to
10:44 am
talk with you. we'll see you again soon. thank you so much. it is like thinking through and add a. coming up next, what we found when we went through the embassy archives looking for file video of mine looking junior. we found some real gems. we'll share them with you. e them with you. -expensive. okay, well that too. so, we switched to bargain detergent, but we ended up using three times as much and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. mhm. they are. thanks honey. you suck at folding. oh, i know. do 3x the laundry and get a tide clean. it's got to be tide.
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honoring in late martin luther king day on your head of tomorrow's national holiday. he gave the sermon akins have been used about this church. speaking about voting rights, dignity, justice, and help. >> they thought democracy was settled, but not far african american. democracy is an institutional structure -- it's not. it's not. we have to choose oconee million over chaos. are we the people going to choose love over hate?
10:49 am
these are the vital questions of our time, and the reason why i'm here is your president. i believe the doctor king's life and legacy show us the way that we should pay attention. >> a poll shows a 55% of americans think that mark luther king's day should be a national holiday, when broken down by party, only 39% of republicans that it should be a federal holiday. that is nine points less than one a lower signed in 1983. regardless, tomorrow, the country will celebrate the holiday. as you can, see this front page headlines from today's papers all notes how martin luther king junior's message is still relevant today. to mark the holiday, we dug through the archives here and nbc news to bring images and interviews that you don't always see. one, we aren't years ago after the dak pasadena victory green. here he is telling a joke to the crowd about his sentence of 180 days for a social activism.
10:50 am
king was in the audience. sammy davis junior is there to. >> as i have -- the reason i'm not going to do my hundred 80 days, i can't see them giving me 180 days, and only given them five the start of that. >> well that was great. then there was his close friend, reverend -- described in the early days of what making so successful. >> and we agreed that he would not only be the president of a montgomery meant association, but he would be the spokesman of our movement for justice and equality. we were brought him to all of
10:51 am
the speaking. did it in a magnificent and wonderful fashion. he was so dedicated, and gentle, and kind. >> well funking's life to his legacy decades later, a margin south filled michigan in 2015. hundreds of margins like this, when they take part each year. after this particular, march aretha franklin offer this reflection. >> i think that we have come a very long way in terms of respect for each other. we seriously. and understanding each other, around where we're really coming from. four people are really coming from. good people. >> speaking of good people, joining me now, reverend al sharpton. president of the national action network, and host of msnbc's politicsnation, i'm a good. france, so reverend, sometimes you look at our archives and it feels kind of like a photo
10:52 am
album, right? when you look at these old voters are people that you still love, you remember not just their work and their legacy, but their personality, their humanity, degrees, case, vacuum or. what kind of person was reverend can? >> i mean, i only saw reverend king twice, but i was very close with his sons, who we see in washington because as we prepare for the breakfast in the morning that we do every year to honor his father. we've got to his son to know his wife very well. they were saying that he was very playful percent and private. he liked to play with his kids, he was very sensitive. he was a real committed preacher. he loved preaching, the love preacher stories, he loved to sit around with ministers and tell jokes. he was a kind, and extraordinary public person. a very ordinary, southern baptist preacher and private.
10:53 am
from all the people that i have known. >> so let's talk about president biden visited today. he spoke about the importance of protecting democracy. why is it important to visit atlanta and talk about this inside that church? >> i think that it is important that not and that, urging dr. cain, and -- are buried across the street from the church, by the way. the importance of it, is the king movement that really democratize the country. to talk about democracy, they're at the church of the one who led a movement, who led to the voting rights act they gain protection to all americans to vote. that is the appropriate place, and the appropriate way to celebrate dr. ken. you must remember, prior to 1965, and the movement allowed to the voting rights act that
10:54 am
dr. king was in the forefront of, there was not protection for blacks to vote. even -- a had been killed and mississippi register -- the way to discuss democracy, and how we fought democracy, is to go to the poll pets and leave that fight across the street from the man and woman who were the leader of the fight. that is the scene of democracy where there is democracy for everyone. >> let me ask you about this new economists news poll about martin luther king day. there are 39% of republicans that say should be a republican holiday, but this is not pointless than when a law was signed in 1983. what's that about? >> i think it shows the way that a lot of the racial kind of justice, and racial kind of
10:55 am
reconciliation, and reckoning, in order to reconcile, though we have seen in the past, has gone backwards in the last several years. i think that donald trump was an example of that. i don't think he started, out but i think he reflects, and it reminds me of when i was a teenager are just joining became remote in the north. i'm from new york. there was resistance for years to have the holiday. let's not forget that there were marches, rallies, petitions, and stevie wonder to the song, and mrs. king led a fight to get the national holiday against great opposition. we're seeing the people that oppose vote in, brighton pose civil rights finney convention under the law, there now have rain, and my opinion, it's affected a lot of the population. why are we honoring dr. king? that means we need to fight it
10:56 am
all over again. that's why i'm glad, in the nation's capital, by our national action network -- the president is speaking. he spoke in a church day, he's coming to practice in the morning to say, no, we must keep the principles of king alive, as we are dealing with unprecedented rises and hate crimes. we've got to also start up a -- but all of us into stop the hate. >> route, give me a sense of what martin luther king junior peabody for today if you are still alive. >> voting rights. i think he would be still saying that we have got to stop suppressing votes. we've got to stop racial gerrymandering. everything else, we -- saw pain wet medicare, dealing with education, dealing with all of our concerns comes out of our ability to vote from people in office that would legislate and make that possible. >> okay, reverend.
10:57 am
thank you so much. always good to see, my. fight and for all of, you can catch reverend al, three hours from now, and, back on politicsnation. weekends of 5 pm eastern. right here on msnbc. that's gonna do it for me on this edition of alex reports. i'll see you next saturday, noon eastern. my friend, cory got, and continues our coverage. ues our coverage what we've got ♪ [ tires squeal, crash ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive gets you right back to living the dream. now, where were we? [ cheering ] lomita feed is 101 years old this year and counting. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did. i heard about the payroll tax refund, it allowed us to keep the amount of people that we needed and the people that have been here taking care of us. see if your business may qualify. go to
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