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tv   Symone  MSNBC  January 15, 2023 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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it was difficult to choose the right seat, i get it. the thompsons lead up to three times a day. i have to, say if more puppies, more problems. all right, that's going to wrap up. i'm cory coffin. simone starts right now. >> readings, everyone, you are watching symone. this week, congress is racing toward a crucial deadline. some republicans, they are opposing what is a non workable plan to defaulting on the companies build. democratic congresswoman pramila jayapal joins us with what's on the table and what's at risk for all of us. and president biden's historic contribute to history. all in honor of dr. martin luther king junior's federal
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holiday. ahead of the 40th anniversary. the president's powerful call for action, what he calls an inflection point for the nation. plus, dr. king's granddaughter will join me here in person. i will ask about carrying forward the legacy of dr. king, and the important work she's doing for her generation. i am symone sanders-townsend, i have something to say. history has thrust something upon me from which i cannot turn away. that is what the reverend dr. martin luther king junior told jet magazine as he left for atlanta georgia to become a co-pastor of ebenezer baptist church and lead a movement that would change the world. a day before the nation celebrates dr. king's legacy, history was made of ebenezer once again when president joe
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biden bemeand the 107 years of a ship. alongside the current pastor and georgia's first black senator raphael warnock, president biden had this to say. >> this is a time of choosing. for the choices we have. are we people who would choose democracy over autocracy? we have to choose a community over chaos. are we the people that are going to choose love over hate? these are the vital questions of our time. the reason why i'm here as your president. i believe dr. king's life and legacy show us the way. we should pay attention. i really do. >> it's sunday, of course he's preaching. we will be discussing dr. king's ongoing legacy throughout today show. first, i don't know if you know. there is a showdown brewing in
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washington that could hit your pocketbook. this week, treasury secretary yellen warns that the u.s. could hit its debt limit as soon as january 19th. nothing that even the most drastic measures from the treasury wouldn't keep us afloat until june. she implored congress to raise the limit as it has done 70 times a. for some house republicans have another plan. so, what is the debt limit, also known as the debt ceiling? the united states government has a limit and how much it can borrow to pay its bills. now, once the united states hits that limit, it can no longer borrow money. it can only rely on cash on hand, y'all. the debt limit is not about new spending. i have to say that, a lot of people seem to be talking about new spending, that's not what we're talking about. people on the right, the debt limit is about the country's ability to pay money it already owes. expenses that are due regardless. expenses, by the, way that were allocated by congress in the first place. so, what are the consequences,
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if in the first time in our nation's history, the united states intently skips out on this bill. well, one word, it's disaster. 2021 analysis from analytics found that failure to raise the debt ceiling would cost 6 million americans their jobs and bring unemployment to 9%. a spiraling stock market could wipe out 15 trillion dollars in household wealth. that's truly in with a tee. more than ten times the current national deficit. yet, as republicans threaten to take this country to the brink of economic calamity, federal-ing with the credit of the united states of america, they are framing this move as fiscally responsible. don't take my word for it. listen to these comments from speaker kevin mccarthy this morning. comments fro spea>> what i really think we wd do is treat this like we may treat our household. if you had a child and you gave them a credit card, they kept hitting the limit, you can just keep increasing it. you'd first see, what are you spending the money on? how can we cut items out?
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>> do not be gaslit, he all. the united states or america is not a household. it is a global superpower. its bills are due. households don't have a multibillion dollar defense budget. households cannot impose taxes. households don't send the global market to its knees if they miss a payment. it really makes you wonder if speaker mccarthy knows anything about managing a house. i want to bring in democratic congresswoman camilla jayapal, who represents washington state seventh district. she's also chair of the congressional progressive caucus. congresswoman, i know you know a little bit about the house. congress doesn't need to act fast to raise their debt limit to keep the country running. congressman james comer of kentucky had this to say about that early on cnn. i will play it for you. >> republicans who are elected with a mandate from the american people and the midterm elections, we can't pay them on the fact that they had to be serious what spending cuts.
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so, the senate is going to recognize the fact that we are not going to budge until we see meaningful reform with respect to spending. >> congresswoman, what is your reaction to that? >> well, simone, it's great to see you. it's just hypocritical. it's ridiculous. you remember that when republicans control the house in the senate and the white house, they exploded the deficit for the wealthiest. you didn't hear anybody talking about this. the reality is, you explained it well. this is not about future spending. this is about everything that we already committed to and that we already passed in congress. the bills that have come do now. this is always a bipartisan thing, to lift the debt ceiling. democrats have done it when republicans are in control. republicans need to do it now. if we don't, the chaos that will ensue across the country, the jobs lost, the things that are going to be shut down, school lunches, i, mean this is
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what republicans are talking about cutting. 70% of what we spend on is mandatory spending. only 30% is, quote, discretionary. that discretionary is infrastructure, it is roads and bridges. it is school lunches. it is head start programs. it's all of these things that will throw the country into chaos. the average working person will suffer. not to mention, as you said, simone, the global economy. >> it is very serious business. republicans raise the debt ceiling many times under when president trump was president, under much fanfare. now there's all this talk about negotiations to get to a point. how much are democrats willing to give in order to get the debt limit larry's? what is on the table? >> well, look, we are not going to bargain cuts to social security or medicare or school lunches or transportation. this is just about paying bills. we should just do it.
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it is a simple vote. if republicans want to tell the american people that they now want to take the chaos of the speaker's battle to the american people and kick people out of jobs, that's going to be on them. the rest of us, republicans also the senate, i think will be reasonable about this. the white house and democrats in the house are going to be reasonable about this. we should have a clean debt ceiling. by the way, simone, brandon boyle has, going to be the ranking member of the committee, has a great bill to actually allow the treasury secretary to lift the debt ceiling. congress has already made decisions, as you pointed out when we approve the programs. this really should be just a procedural thing. so we can continue to do the work that the american people are asking us to do. >> if folks want to fight about the budget, they should fight during budget negotiations. i want to turn to talk about a committee that you sit on. the house judiciary committee. the chairman of that committee has now noted that they are
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going to investigate the classified documents are found at president biden's delaware home, his former washington office. how are you expecting this investigation to play out? what are the democrats who sit on the committee, what is going to be? >> i think it is important that the department of justice has appointed special counsel. this is what it looks like to have an independent department of justice, and a president who is forthcoming and cooperating with that investigation. that said, we don't know a lot of the details. we do need to know what the documents are. and how they ended up there. i think a globally we need the intelligence community to be much more clear and stringent about what documents or at a secured facility. all that is yet to be determined. republicans will play with us.
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unfortunately, in situations, what president trump -- [inaudible] this has given republicans what they've been looking for. i think we have to be aware that that is the case. we're going have to look into both situations >> the special counsel instruct us and what exactly is going on with the biden administration as well. we know that republicans are going to be very hypocritical about this, just as they have been on some of the other issues. >> very different investigation. and the facts dealing with president biden and president trump. congresswoman camilla jayapal, thank you very much. coming up on simone, mlk day's tomorrow. i'm very excited to welcome dr. martin living king junior's granddaughter. we're going to discuss her activism, we're going to talk about the amazing thing she's doing to carry on her grandfather's legacy. and later, my political panel will be here today into president biden's classified documents, his investigations.
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and the republicans rush to -- all of that, but first our bestie is here. my colleague richard louis, with today's top news stories. >> hey, symone. we have a lot to share. president biden approving a disaster declaration in california. that is first of. 7 million people there are under a flood watch. over 20,000 are without power today. heavy rain, wind, snow battering the state for three weeks. this historic weather is killing at least 22 people so far. new york city mayor eric adams at the southern border today in el paso, texas. new york continues to face an unprecedented influx of asylum seekers. mayor adams met with local officials and toured a border facility there. he is calling on president biden for federal funding. the estimated cost to taxpayers could be as much as two billion dollars so far. rescues and nepal are on the seas of a plane crash. it killed at least 68 people. the airlines plane was flying from kathmandu the resort town
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anniversary of reverend dr. martin within king juniors holiday. now, across the globe, people will celebrate the memory of this great man's leadership. they use this time to honor him. they should also be reflecting on the contributions he made in the fight for freedom and equality for all people. dr. king's dream is still very much alive. work remains to be done. a new generation of civil rights activists are marching in calling for change in a world that they will be inheriting. one of those young people is already a powerful voice of her generation. she is the only grandchild of dr. king, 14 year old yolanda renee king. she is a youth activist and our
1:17 pm
director of youth programming at the institute. she may be young, she has a message to share. generations who came before her and with those to come, thank you so much for joining us today, yolanda. you are one of my favorite people. i can imagine talking of anyone else. i want to start our conversation playing a piece of a speech from your grandfather. take a listen, we are going to talk on the other side. >> life for none of us has been a crystal staff, we must keep moving. if you can't fly, run. if you can't run, walk. if you can't walk, crawl. but, by all means, keep moving. i >> at the end of your grandfather speech, he says keep moving. what does that mean to you when you think about carrying the work forward. >> i think of perseverance. i believe last time when i came on the show, i talked about it being a marathon in this work being american. i think that means that they are going to be times, they're going to be days when you feel
1:18 pm
discouraged and you want to give up. you have to keep on going. you have to keep on marching to get to the promised land. i think that. and i really think it's really powerful that he said that himself, look, this work basically, look, this work is not going to be easy. you have to keep on moving. you have to keep on going. and i think that is really what is -- during the hard times you have to be the strongest. those hard times are really critical. >> that's when the work happens in the hard times. >> last time we chatted, you are here for, it was the march for our lives rally happening on the national mall in washington, d.c.. you have really used your voice to lean in there. i want to put up on the screen a recent op-ed that you are wrote in the washington post about gun violence. you're right, most people won't take a 14-year-old seriously when it comes to addressing gun violence. what do i know, right? well, i know when it is time for change. i know it is my duty as an
1:19 pm
american to use the platform given to me by my grandparents's sacrifices to uplift the voices of my peers. it is my duty to speak of the child who lost both her grandfather and great grandmother to gun violence. for too long, voices like mine have gone ignored. >> talk about the impact of people not waiting for -- reaching a certain milestone to get up and do the work. i think there is a lot of young folks out there that say, oh, i'm not old enough, i need to do, xyz,. as you to said, you are 14 years old, you're doing the work right now. >> i think a misconception people have, adults, quite often, tell children, tell the kids my age, oh, you are way too young to understand this. this is an adult thing. let the grown-ups handle this. be a kid. we do want to be a kid. it is sad we have to do this work. to be honest, i'm sorry, the truth hurts. the adults aren't really, really -- it's come to the responsibility
1:20 pm
of the kids. doing the things that they are obligated to do. >> especially when it comes to gun violence. >> right, exactly. i think that anyone can get involved. it's our responsibility. we cannot fall into the cycle. we are almost in this right. now, it's the responsibility of the young people to really get involved. no matter when and adult says. no matter if they say, oh, you are too young. you have to remember, in the several rights movement, if you look at many of the activists they, were not that old themselves. . my grandfather was only 39 when he was killed. >> i, mean he was 33 when he burst on to the national stage. lewis was a college student. there were so many young people leading. >> high school students. >> high school students. >> elementary students. >> intergenerational, as i like to say. before i let you go, i have to talk with the statue. you are recently in boston for the unveiling of a memorial
1:21 pm
statue. talk to me about what the statute means to you. we have videos up of it on the screen. what was this about. >> i really think that it was such an empowering event. it was so pretty. i like to call the memorial love three 60. it is really love all around you. i think we really need more love in the world. you can really feel the love and energy of my grandparents. it's portraying their love story, without their love story, we would not have seen the change that we saw in this country. it's a really key an important part of our history. it's so beautiful that boston is acknowledging it and dedicating a memorial to it. i think we really need more love. i was just so happy. it was such a beautiful program. >> i agree with, you we need more love in this. ronald i always love when you come here. you give me hope, okay? reinforcing.
1:22 pm
yolanda rené king, thank you for all you do. >> thank you so much for having me. >> after the break, my political panel will be here. they will dive into this red meek that republican lawmakers are going to. talking about congressional investigations of president biden's documents? we're also going to get on to what to expect this week. stay with us. stay with us ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala is a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma that can mean less oral steroids. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala.
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committee james comer threatened after additional pages of classified markings were found at president biden's delaware residents. now, today, congress sent a letter to white house chief of staff demanding more information. when asked what more he wanted, he had this to say. >> we want to know that the logs to the residents, we want to know who had access to the biden center for diplomacy. this is the same type of investigation that the democrats were so outraged and launched to president trump. >> okay, my political panel is joining me to discuss. a senior political reporter for pop news, and a democratic strategist, and up -- nbc contributor. unfortunately, tara is not with us today. she did not have the color coordination on. we were happy to speak with her. actually, i will start with you.
1:27 pm
congressman comer is saying subpoenas on the table if the white house doesn't provide information that he asked for. i have all my thoughts about what he said in the clip. comer himself voted against impeaching donald trump or objection of congress. and not complying with the subpoenas. now he wants people to comply with the subpoenas. how is this going to work out for republicans? >> yeah, the fallout is ironic. i mean, now if we look at what's happening with the debt ceiling fight, if they wanted democrats to come to the table and negotiate with them, mind, you they only have a majority in the house, if they actually want to, that maybe they should have started negotiating with one another. maybe they would have been taken seriously. this, again, right here, it shows it's a gop -- the things that they are saying on the news this whole weekend has been 100% focused on how joe biden is just unethical. i can't believe this, the mistreatment by the mainstream
1:28 pm
media. where was the outrage when donald trump did this? it was actual documents that could have harmed foreign and national security efforts. so, i mean, come on. >> even more than that he took that and said they were his. tara, you recently wrote a piece in putt news about the special counsel who is investigating president biden. the fear factor, you called it. you spoke to former colleagues. tell us a little bit about what you heard. >> the thing about robert hurd, he is really respected across the aisle, from democrats and republicans. he has credibility with republicans having worked for chris wray, rosenstein. republicans will also say that he worked for james comey as well. those are some knocks on him. one thing that i took away from my conversations, he is tough as nails. he is not that the kind of person you want to be on the
1:29 pm
other side of the table with. one of the colleagues recall the time in a deposition where the person forgot their story by the end of the deposition. he is just really, a really, really tough litigator. i think the white house should be concerned. i also think at the same time, you want to attack his integrity, you might have a hard time. he had the allies on both sides. a lot of republicans will vote for him. >> the reality, is democrats are not attacking the special counsel. congresswoman jayapal said today, yes, and i think he should be here. i think he should be investigating. i spoke to congressman omar. she said the same thing. i think the white house is doing what they're supposed to do, cooperating. you heard from democratic legislators about the importance of the special counsel. i think the democratic apparatus, the outside, the political arms, if you, will should be doing more to rally
1:30 pm
to the president side here. if we were talking about donald trump, we all have to wonder, this happened, him what, a couple months ago. republicans rallied to his side. i feel like there's a lot of meaning out there saying i don't know what's going on. >> i agree with you, there is a frustration that is very -- there are democratic spokespeople, there are democratic organizations who have been very quiet here trying to figure out how this plays out. they saw documents. there is a fear among them that they don't want to go too far. this goes to show the extreme differences between democrats and republicans. as you pointed out, when the rate happens, republicans went hard in the paint. this is a much more distinct case. >> i think that there should be more of a vocal outrage. there should be more of an interest pointing to the facts. we're not seeing. that part of that is because there are slim margins in the house and senate. for the democrats, they're also
1:31 pm
trying to increase it in the future. there is a fear they don't want to go too far. that is misplaced. >> look, the facts are important. the facts are going to be out. i think the nuances ski. i want to muse to the debt ceiling battle. this is coming up in a race this week. the post is fighting four people familiar with the matter that house republicans are working toward. they are calling it a contingency plan if the treasury does hit the limit. it calls on the biden administration to continue making payments on a few things, like a death interests, social security, medicare, veterans benefits, defense benefits. this same report notes this would leave out medicaid, food safety inspections, border control, air traffic control and thousands of other programs. tara, when you're hearing on this? actually, a quick follow-up to you. it seems like this could backfire. e this could backfire
1:32 pm
people can't lie, when they can't get in transit, medicaid, there's going to be horse tories. i think it's actually a political land mine for republicans if they're going to pick and choose. i don't think they should handle it that way. it can tell that there is some softness there. maybe there is some room to negotiate, if they are thinking about ways to get out of this. >> maybe show, ashley? >> then you have things like border control that will be on. they're yet, they're making pay over that. again, there are priorities that don't seem to align at all. what they are telling the american people, we're going to
1:33 pm
get tough on the border. we're going to get our fiscal house in order. and now they're trying to get some sort of showdown here to show that somehow they think they're fiscally responsible, when they have no platform that says that. they have been the platform and ego of donald trump for, gosh, who knows how long at this point. they haven't actually done anything policy related. we saw this again fighting the house of the speakership. that's what they portray to the american people. why are we going to take republicans seriously on this. they say one thing and then do another. >> this begs the question, this is coming up this week. what are you going to be watching for in washington this week? is it the debt ceiling limit, what are you watching for? >> the debt ceiling and these ongoing conversations around the thing that cost the republicans the midterms. women's reproductive rights. we saw them go harder and harder every day trying to eradicate reproductive rights around the country. despite the fact they lost sizeable electoral results just couple months ago. they have not learned their lesson. they are also very willing to
1:34 pm
fall into the trap of the freedom caucus. they believe that this caucus, for the most part, we saw them flex their muscles. >> they had a lot of power. >> i am going to be watching putt news and seeing what they drop. tara, always has a scoop. tara, alicia, ashley, thank you all very much. >> as we talk about the top of the show, we are gearing up to celebrate 40 years of the mlk they day holiday. and we have got a very special panel for you when we come back. a lot of people don't know the story. my special conversation is next. n is next. sometimes, the lows of bipolar depression feel darkest before dawn. with caplyta, there's a chance to let the light shine through. and light tomorrow, with the hope from today. this is a chance to let in the lyte.
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stevie wonder, i never understood how a man who died for good cannot have a day that would be set aside for his recognition. of course, he was talking about the reverend dr. martin king junior and the decades-long fight to have mlk's birthday honored with a national holiday. the fight started just four days after the civil rights leader was assassinated. representative john conyers of michigan introduced a bill calling for the united states to honor dr. king's legacy. that bill lingers.
1:39 pm
it lingered for 15 years. for 15 years, a small army of committed civil rights activist did everything they could to get the bill signed. their efforts paid off. 20 years after dr. king spoke the iconic words, i have a dream to a quarter million people gathered at the lincoln memorial, president ronald reagan signed the martin luther king day holiday bill in 1983. stevie wonder got to sing the words in tribute to dr. king on the same steps. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
1:40 pm
there is so much more to tell about the history of this holiday. i couldn't be happier to be joined by two women who helped make it happen. political strategist, abc news contributor and railways or donna brazile who worked for law to start looking at the time. and the former first later of the district of columbia and activist, cora masters barry, who work for stevie wonder back then to elevate the song you just heard. first of all, thank you to the icons for coming to the table. donna, you not only organized that anniversary, the celebration that we disarm right there on the steps. you are instrumental in making the federal holiday happen. you recounted your work in the years leading up to 1983 in the book that you wrote with the fabulous color girls call for color girls who have contributed considered politics. i want to put this on the screen. you say i had a day job because i had to eat. my real job was to make sure we
1:41 pm
got the holiday and -- the 1963 watch washington march. all of the buses of people, getting millions of signatures on the petitions, i was so committed to the movement. so committed to making all of this happen. tell us about the effort. you are in your early twenties. >> it was 40 years ago. i will never forget it. i will never forget cora. we got that bill. i was talking to teresa. another activist who helped lead this. i met reverend al burnett the as a college student at louisiana state university. reverend abernathy said, are you going to d.c.? i said, absolutely. i didn't have a job, as i tell my mother, i knew what i wanted to do. this became my mission. i was so gratified on those days in court. you recall, we saw the buses come in. we didn't have twitter. we did not have facebook. we had word of mouth. we had a wonderful and
1:42 pm
remarkable song. it really started to galvanize the campaign. we were able to get the opposition to back down. as you know, that's how we got it. people came together. >> you organized. we have some amazing photos we had up on the screen of that time. miss barry, i did not know that you work for stevie wonder and were instrumental in the song. talk to us about how you are there that day. the video we played. talk to me about that time. >> first of all, now i'm a history professor. i tend to give contractual frameworks. the march took place on the day after one of the worst snowstorms in the history of the city. air florida had crashed. there was a terrible snowstorm. amtrak had derailed. >> that is a lot. >> yeah, the next day, this is where the march was. the reason i'm saying that, how many people were there?
1:43 pm
>> -- in conditions like that. yeah, we had been working hard to get it down. one of my main jobs, i was chairman of the box and commission at that time. i knew a lot of people. my job was to call a lot of the celebrities and record. not like we do now. the push the thing down. they would say hi. i spoke to him first. join me on january 15th. everybody did. only one person who refused to do it. i'm not going to talk about it >> okay, let me tell you, until you texted me and told me this is the 40th anniversary, it did not dawned on me. can you -- did you imagine that we would be sitting here today amidst all the things that the world has experienced and 40 years -- >> it's amazing. you talked about the activism. also an effort to make his birthday a national holiday
1:44 pm
that everyday people, they did things like keep their lights on on his birthday. we had a lot of local and regional opportunities on efforts to make that birthday a national holiday. it didn't start at the top. >> it started in the grassroots. >> i heard you say this is the first campaign you ever worked. when did the tie turn and you all knew that the holiday was going to become a reality? >> we knew going into 1983 that we had the momentum. we had the signatures and the petitions. 7 million signatures. we went to tip on neal on capitol hill, mrs. king along with senator kennedy, senator mitt, i a republican, everybody galvanized. i wonder i want to once again give credit to stevie wonder and the effort he put behind it. he not only lifted his voice, he gave us the resources. we needed resources. he gave us money. >> he funded it. >> fully funded it.
1:45 pm
>> ronald reagan was president of the united states. ronald reagan. we had to overcome a lot of opposition. because of the determination, we were able to get young people, everybody was young. i remember today, all the organizers. >> come on, we all wanted this to happen. we want to say to the civil rights generation, we do have the dream. we will keep this dream alive. >> i have to give a lot of credit to stevie wonder. he was adamant. he was on it. he called his friends. as a result -- they showed up. >> that is why i became so obsessed when i found out inadvertently that natalie hawkinson, she said she didn't know that they had anything to do with it. >> i said, everybody knows that. >> they said, no they don't. >> i started a campaign to start asking. >> no one under 30 knows it. and not a lot of them under 40.
1:46 pm
>> -- this song was too important. >> i just had yolanda king on before you came into the studio. she talked about how it's a marathon not a sprint. you all being young people at that moment, getting that holiday, what is your hope for the young people in this moment? as we reflect on the 40th anniversary of the institution of the holiday for king. there's still a lot of work left to do. >> dr. king's legacy is still alive. his life is the determination to make more perfect union. -- dr. king stated. i want to give a lot of credit to -- scott king. she kept the fires burning. cory, you know, mrs. king would invite young people to come down to the king center. she would teach us. she had organizing suspicions on nonviolent civil disobedience. i give al-ata credit to credit
1:47 pm
stalking. that's why we're saying to people, we're going to pay it forward. you have to step up, it is your turn. >> i am very sad for young people. >> in the last couple of summers, with some of our other sisters, we have been marching and trying to keep voting rights. and so we had a big rally, people said, we are so glad to see all these young people. and then i got up and said i'm sorry you have to do this. they should have been handled. we thought we handled it in 1965. we thought we handled it in 1865. here we are, we still don't have voting rights. you should be out here talking about climate change. you know, i'm handing them, we're handing them the struggle. my god, it continues. it's just really very exhausting. these are people have to -- they have less right now, we have less rights than we have. >> i mean, oh -- >> you are all not afraid. >> you are all not out frayed. >> i've really believed that we
1:48 pm
we -- like to say, now people are standing on your shoulders. get off my shoulders, go do the. work we are going to get off your shoulders and go do the work. cory masters barry, donna brazile, iv or mesa fight and not say that they're about five people that i can credit to having a career in television, donna brazile, absolutely one of them. i appreciate you, my sister. >> i saw you in you what i knew was gold. >> i love you. >> the icons, you. all of next, we are taking it to the regroup. we have a lot to discuss with the culture craddock's, particularly carmichael's explosive turn as the host of the golden globe awards and how -- blowing up black twitter. all that more after the break. ter the break. i'm bill lockwood, current caretaker and owner. when covid hit, we had some challenges like a lot of businesses did. i heard about the payroll tax refund, it allowed us to keep the amount of people
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1:53 pm
rapper, future, maurice michael robey jordan. she is 26. i think laurie harvey is living her best life. i am wondering why everybody is so concerned about who she is dating and what she is doing. if laurie harvey was a man, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> exactly, simone. that's exactly how i feel. remember when that internet personality went on to social media and said leave brittani alone? that is how i feel about lori. leave lori harvey alone. she is 26 years old. she is a beautiful black woman. she is out here living a carefree life. i feel like it's a mix between a jealousy and admiration. i think people are jealous at the fact that she is out here just doing what she wants to do. she's dating who she wants to date. she seems to not care. she seems to be a woman who knows what she wants. i think people are jealous she is able to do that in such a way. at the same time, i think that people admire her for being able to do that. because a lot of us can't live
1:54 pm
in that way. it makes me laugh every single time. she's always trending on twitter when she's dating someone new. she's always at the top of the conversation or blog post. i love that she stands in who she is and i encourage her to keep doing. it >> live it up, laurie. i love lori harvey, live it up, lori. we are with you. i want you to weigh in on this, rachel. carmichael, did you see his hosting of the golden globes he's a standup comedian, he was the host of the 80th golden globes ceremony. he had a few things to get off his chest and the opening monologue. i will play a bit for you right now. >> i am your host, jerrod carmichael. sure, sure, sure. i will tell you why i am here. i am here because i'm black. the golden globe awards did not
1:55 pm
air last year because the hollywood foreign press association, which i won't say they were a racist organization, they didn't have a single black member until george floyd died. >> rachel, if this is -- this is the real dea. this is what we need. what are your thoughts on his monologue? >> exactly, jerrod, which i really appreciated his monologue. he was doing exactly what he was supposed to do as the host of the show. also as a black, queer man. he seemed to be stating the obvious to me. if that made you feel uncomfortable, then good. i think that's exactly what he was trying to accomplish. what i saw him addressing were some very hard truths. it's no secret will ride the golden globes didn't our last year. we know that they didn't have any journalist back in 2021 when that was reported that
1:56 pm
were black. and that was on top of the association largely ignoring critically acclaimed projects by artist of color at the 2021 golden globes. that is what his job was. to make you feel uncomfortable. there are those who expected him to make him happy that he had this opportunity, to ignore some of the why he got it. -- >> he spoke directly to it. spoke directly to it. we can do this all day, girl. you have got to come back. i am holding you to it. rachel lindsey, everyone. thank you very much. thank you out there for watching simone on this sunday. i am simone sanders thompson, you can catch me right here on msnbc, weekends at 4 pm eastern anytime over on the embassy hub on peacock. politics nation with my friend, the gravy grit reverend al sharpton after the break. the break the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate.
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