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tv   Politics Nation  MSNBC  January 15, 2023 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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politics nation. the nights lead, still dreaming. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm joining you tonight from washington, d.c.. in my capacity as the head of the national action network, i will be honoring the civil rights legacy of dr. martin luther king junior tomorrow morning with our annual dream defying breakfast, featuring president joe biden, speaker nancy pelosi, martin luther king the third and -- among many others. earlier today, president biden reflected on dr. king's extraordinary life from his former pulpit at the ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, georgia. >> the battle for the soul of this nation's perennial. it's a constant struggle.
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it's a constant struggle between hope and fear, kindness and cruelty, justice and injustice. against those who traffic in racism, extremism, and insurrection. a battle fought on battlefields and bridges from court houses and battle boxes to pulpits and protests. >> in a few minutes, i will be joined by martin luther king the third and andre king to talk about how dr. king's legacy remains urgently relevant to this day. with our nations political parties deeply divided, hate, bigotry, and brutality resurgent in our communities and war raging across the globe, now more than ever, we can use a return to the valleys of tolerance, equality, justice, and non violence. but first, let's bring in a current official of the biden administration, joining me now is mitch --
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senior white house adviser and infrastructure coordinator. mr. landrieu, we have appreciate you joining us tonight. i want to get into infrastructure. so much of the country's or has been dealing with extreme weather. you and i go way back a long time. i think about the katrina days, things you and i were going through. you and i have done this show right in your hood in new orleans, where you walk up in places where i was nervous about. i want to start with going to president biden's speech earlier, his sermon earlier today that ebenezer baptist church. once the home church of reverent dr. martha luther king junior and senior, using his words and legacy to warn the nation about what he characterized this is the perils of democracy and what we
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are facing currently with those parallels. as we prepare to honor dr. king tomorrow, what are your thoughts on the presidents words today? >> reverend, first of all, thank you again for having me with you. it's great to see you. thank you for all the incredible work you've done on behalf of the people of america, especially after katrina. thank you for that. i'm thrilled to be a precursor to martin the third -- come after me. this is a very special day. this is the first time a president of the united states during a service has actually -- as you know it was being a little humble. he said he wasn't a preacher, he was just a politician but he preached a little bit today and he did it as you know standing on the shoulders of dr. king who reminded us that freedom is not free and you have to really battle every day and he wanted to live his life in a way that help us redeem, as the
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president said, redeem the soul of the nation. dr. king was pretty clear about what that meant. one of the last books you wrote, one of the last homes he wrote was where do we go from here. he asked the question -- many of us, including you, could never have foretold that at this point in the second decade of the 21st century that we still be -- autocracy and democracy. we really have to fight as hard as we are fighting between peace and hate, inclusion and exclusion. the president went off on a very wonderful thing today. he tied together the greatest -- and thy neighbor as thy self and the dream of the founding fathers about coming to the table of democracy -- called the nation into purpose on half of what dr. king had taught us so long ago.
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of course, he said the fights never over. if there was ever a time to battle for the soul of the country now is the time and i think the presidents words were powerful today. he has spoken about this before. he was very clear that he was standing on the shoulders of dr. king when he elicits that -- or that prayer to the nation to fulfill the nations promise. >> let's go to the presidents infrastructure plan. it was billed as part of the presidents equity agenda to address racial disparity. a year into its implementation, can you point to where it is intended to have impacts, specifically in that community? >> there is no question about it. first of all, when the president said if you like me i will use my power to bring the country together and i'm going to do that to make the country strong, you can't make the country strong if the roads and bridges and airports are crumbling, if the water is poisoned. if people do not have clean air
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and clean water, don't have access to high-speed internet. little girls sitting on a stoop in the -- can have access to the site knowledge, if kids that arrive on school buses where the exhaust is giving them difficulties in alabama, still no indoor plumbing. after a year, we have some thousand projects coming out on the ground. if he's here, 20,000. the vice president, by the way, it was just on the south side of chicago talking about investment in bridges in the south side. that's four billion dollars to reconnect communities. you know this as well as i do, in lots of communities around the country where you and i are, if you say, where the people, live someone always says i live on the other side, oh. you can fill in the gap. the other side of the railroad tracks, or the highway. trauma, a predominantly african-american neighborhood. we see billions of dollars based on just is going to communities of color.
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the department of environmental quality talking about clean air, clean water, billions of dollars to clean up the lead in lead pipes, provisions in the part of the bill that deals with minority businesses, developing billions of dollars going to make sure we build generational wealth. that is all happening as we see in those categories part of the presidents infrastructure bill, which was designed to make sure everybody has gotten a behind is built up so we can build an economy from the bottom up and middle, up not that trickle down silliness that people have been trying to shut down the throats of the american people forever. we know it doesn't work. >> expanding on the last question regarding the infrastructure plan impact on equity, i know one of your biggest points of emphasis has been the expansion of high-speed internet. as a result of the affordable connectivity program, administered under the fcc, under the infrastructure plan, understand that more than 50
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million households have been able to enroll in affordable high-speed internet plants as of last week. what makes this such an important part of the plan with regards to equity? >> again, the president thinks everybody ought to have access to high-speed internet. he and the vice president know that access to not just the great equalizer, they want a level playing field, that's why they've been so adamant about getting high-speed internet to folks no matter where they live, whether they live in the black belt, the delta, the reaches of alaska. the two ways to do that is laying fiber optic cable and folks that actually live by fiber optic cable and they can't afford it, to give them the ability to do it. they have this thing that you enunciated, called the affordable connectivity dot -- program. a lot of folks in america can get access to high-speed internet at very low to no cost because the president, the vice
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president have been pushing hard on the internet service providers to make sure that they give it to folks in an affordable. way as the president said, -- outside of mcdonald's trying to do her homework. that's not the america we believe in. that's not the one we understand. we have 15.5 million people sign up and waiting for everybody else to come. get into to make sure you have access to knowledge and the tools you need to realize gods gifts to you. gods gifts t >> one last question. the people of jackson, mississippi, have been suffering a prolonged water crisis, do impact you persistent infrastructural issues stretching back years. the city just went through another round of pain three weeks ago after severe winter weather prompted an outage. temperatures were as low as 11 degrees in november. the department of justice filed a complaint against this city
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and appointed an interim manager to preside over jackson's water system while the city state in federal government try to negotiate a consent decree to improve it. what can you tell us about where things stand and what it means for other cities facing these kinds of water crises? >> first of all, whether it's flint, new orleans, in jackson, making sure people have clean air and water is a priority for this president. he sent me, administrator michael reagan, they had fema, the head of the corps of engineers to jackson, mississippi, to -- the governor. the presidents team has been down there for the past four months working with them. fema, the epa, the corps of engineers has been working statewide as that system, congress now passed an omnibus bill that directed about $600 million there to help the mayor and government figure out how to fix that system, as you said, that has been suffering from
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tremendous neglect for the past 30 years. this is top of mind. we have people on the ground down there. we are partnering with the mayor and the governor -- the local level and the state level. on top of, that in the infrastructure bill itself, there are hundreds of millions of dollars having been sent to states already, through regular formulas that have been set up. the mayors can start thinking about how to short route there system so people can have clean air and clean water. as the president likes to say, this is the united states of america, for god's sake. this is really critically important. he is serious about it. -- with the mayors and governors to deliver on that promise. >> all right, thank you mitch landrieu, senior white house adviser and infrastructure coordinator. my next guess -- my next guests are more like family. dirt and dr. martin luther king the third is the son and -- and coretta, the global human
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rights activist and chair of the major institute. andrew waterskiing, the president of the institute, a longtime activist for the -- honored for activism tomorrow and the breakfast in the morning. from the days of ctv people helped to devoting right act, she's been a foot soldier on the front line. she is more than just martin's wife, she's also martin's wife. brother martin, i'm very happy to have you with us. i think she probably said you were -- most glorious title. she's been the one keeping the dream really out front. thank you, first of all, for being here. martin, as the nation commemorates your father's life tomorrow, with a federal holiday that your mother had to fight for, president biden invoked his --
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this morning at a speech at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta where your father preached, your grandfather preached. i'm proud to say that all of you, president biden and both of you will be with us in national action network at the annual breakfast celebrating dr. king as you are with us every year. we are doing this 55 years after his assassination. starting with you, brother martin, how would you characterize the state of civil rights in america in these first two weeks of 2023. >> i would have to say that we are challenged in a real sense. when you look at not just disparities, but if you take poverty, racism, and violence, the triple evils that talked about that he wanted to eradicate and mom, throughout her life. here we are 55 years later and the poverty index seems to be growing. the violence in our nation and in our world seems to be growing. racism, unfortunately, has
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grown. we should have suppressed and moved aside from racism many years ago. so what that means if we have to quadruple our efforts to realize the dream. it really means that young people are going to have to be even more engaged. thank god that they are our young people like the parkland students, like black lives matter, even with challenges it has as an organization, you cannot discount the contribution they've made. like the women's movement. all these movements came together and have pushed our society and will have to keep pushing our society. finally, getting our right to go totally restored. our state and many others have passed restrictive laws. for the next year or so, it's going to be challenging in a republican congress who wants to make sure we have no vote, less voting rights, and the supreme court.
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we are fighting all of these. mom and dad, mom used to say that you have to fight for freedom and justice all the time. it's not one battle. it's, we have to keep. this is america, not a sprint. >> across section of national rights group as mark they hate surge against -- clear americans, asian americans, jewish americans, minorities across the board. this week, a new report by the anti-defamation league finds that 85% of americans believe at least one anti-jewish stereotype, a 24% increase from 2019 that findings, of course, comes after 2022 in which we saw some high-profile thinkers amplify antisemitic views in the public form. following several attacks on synagogues and jewish centers over the last few years, andrea, hate crime can be punished.
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how do you attack the views, the ideology that often drives them before they happen? >> i had the distinct honor of working for city vivian at the national network which worked into the center for democratic renewal, we monitor hate groups and hate crimes. what's very true is what martin luther king junior said. you can't legislate a man's heart. we need legislation first and foremost to protect vulnerable communities because when a hate crime happens, it is not only an attack on that individual, it's an attack on the entire community that they represent. at the same time, we also need to continue to teach peace, justice, and equity. we should have legislation that protects our citizens. we also need to continue to teach in our schools, number one, the true history that has been taught less and less. also we need to teach the things that martin luther king
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junior, coretta scott king jute and so many others, taught and thought and believed in. to our young people so that they will be raised right. >> coming off that report, this coming august 28 will march the 69th anniversary of the march on washington for jobs and freedom, led by your father and defined by his seminal speech, i have a dream. i now must this morning on meet the press that you and andrea and i are announcing the new march tomorrow at the breakfast in washington. yes, to commemorate the past but also to recognize the -- surging hate crimes against so many americans and our right to vote. six decades after your father shared his dream, what do you hope comes out of our next organization toward august 28th? and what can we do to make
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people understand we need an intersectional movement of all people? >> first of all, we have got to change the climate. it's almost like if you are watching programmatic activities. today, we live in a culture that is infused with violence. we must change the culture of non violence that teaches us how to come together, get along, and be above the noise. we will never succeed as long as we are engaged, even if it's through our gaming industry, why can't we create nonviolent programming with games we play? we could do that, if we chose to. why can't we -- we teach in train, even when we elected our viewers, do we want to keep putting this message out there, or is there a higher and better and more noble purpose? not to distort creativity. we want to have people as creative as they can. in other words, i'm saying, we
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ought to change the channel. then, of course, we have to have new legislation, additional legislation. it may be difficult with the congress we have. fficult the u.s. house of representatives. there's an appetite in the senate. i think we can also begin to change some in the republican party. it's a hard task. but it's not something we cannot do and are up to do. my dad and his team did happen. we have to stay vigilant. we can't get tired, we can't give in, we can't give up. >> in addition to president biden's keynote at the breakfast honoring dr. king, i'm pleased to say we will also be recognizing two extraordinary women. house speaker emerita nancy pelosi and also -- herself for all your work leading the years, thinking about the former speaker. where do you hope house democrats and hakeem jeffries can find common ground with the
2:21 pm
new republican-led congress in terms of civil rights? you mentioned reaching out to republicans. how do we tackle that, andrea? how do we get some of them? i know king was on the show. he comes to the rallies. met, he wants to reach out, even go, i think, i have little faith if they will be reaching back but he and martin keep telling me they will try to do it anyway. >> we have to do it. one of the things that martin luther king talked about it, separating the evil act from the individual. he understood that we are all in intertwined and linked destinies. what affects one of us affects all of us. we have to continue to raise that banner. we also i think in a real sense have to talk with them about realities. if nothing else, everyone remembers one sentence from the i have a dream speech. that's when martin's father referenced his four children. he only has one grandchild.
2:22 pm
and that granddaughter now is sitting with less writes than the day she was born. >> wow. >> it's not only her. it's her peers. those fears also include our republican brothers and sisters as well. we have to really ask, is this the world we want for our children? is this the first generation in many that has less rights? i think we will have to continue. there may be some concessions that will have to be made but there will never be concessions on peace, justice, and equity. i feel those speaking to the higher ideals in them and finding what the common ground that we can connect on to continue to make it a better world, to feed peace, justice, and equity. we will be in the halls of congress continually until we really, in a very real sense, realize the dream of martin luther king junior. >> we won't. stop martin luther king the third and andrea waterskiing, thank you both for being with
2:23 pm
us tonight. so y'all in the morning. after the break, we continue our celebration of the life and legacy of martin luther king jr. and this week's rise up. later, the strange saga of congressman george santos continues. some of his own constituents calling for him to step down. take a listen. >> i want this man out. i want him out. he has the nerve to say that in two years you can vote me out. i don't answer to politicians. i answer to my constituents. i'm one. i want him out. >> my political panel joins me later to talk about him. first, my colleague richard louis with today's top news stories. richard? >> revenue, very good sunday to you. at least 68 people are dead after a plane crash in nepal. the airline flight crashed into a gore shortly before it was due to land in a busy tourist area in the mountainous nation. the cause under investigation.
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the white house approved a disaster declaration for california as two more storms bear down on the rain savaged state. 22 people dead so far. 7 million residents under flood watch as we speak. 27,000 households without power after a series of bomb cyclone weather systems over the past three weeks. ukraine's president says 25 people including one child are dead. another 73 are injured after a russian strike on an apartment building in the city of dnipro. nbc news has not independently verified the number of fatalities. this comes after a new russian offensive in eastern ukraine. more politics nation with reverend al sharpton right after this break. fries...soup and salad. thank you! like your workplace benefits and retirement savings. with voya, considering all your gether... can help you make smarter decisions. for a more confident financial future.
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my advice for everyone is to go with golo. it will release your fat and it will release you. >> today is a martin luther king junior's birthday. this morning, president biden spoke at ebenezer baptist church in atlanta, working served at pastor. he was joined by the current
2:29 pm
pastor, senator raphael warnock. the church service honored the life and legacy of dr. king, who would have been 94 years old. this monumental celebration of king's life was historic because biden is the first sitting prize president to graces the pulpit at the church during a sunday morning service. civil rights icons like doctor king and his father once preached. biden and warnock spoke to how doctor king's life inspires them till this day. let's take a listen. >> we celebrate dr. king, but he was great because he understood that greater is the one within you. and then the one who is within the world. if you bow down before god, you can stand before any person. or any problem.
2:30 pm
he has shown your mortal -- you do justice. love, kindness, and while humbly with your god. >> we already thought democracy was settled. not for african americans. democracy is an institutional structure was settled. but it's not. it is not. we have to choose a community over chaos. we the people are going to choose love over hate. either the vital questions of our time and the reason why i'm here as your president. i believe dr. king's life and legacy show us the way in which we should pay attention. i really do. [applause] >> tomorrow, president biden will be joining me and others at national action network's annual mlk breakfast here in
2:31 pm
washington, d.c.. 31 years ago, almost 32 years and two months, we had national action network made it our mission to operate in the spirit of dr. king. every year is a personal privilege to celebrate one of my heroes, dr. king's message is still just as relevant as it was in the 60s. frankly, if he were alive today, in my judgment, he would be asking much more of all of us. he would decry inequality but demand all of us saw sacrifice more to help the poor. he would oppose wars like that one in ukraine, but ask that all sides put down their weapons and seek peace. he would be concerned about our political divisions. he would demand both parties focus more on the needs of their constituents and their wealthy donors. he would not have shied away from controversial issues, like police brutality, hate crimes,
2:32 pm
or how we talk about race in our schools. the onus is on us to rise up and carry out the legacy of dr. king. tomorrow is not a day off. it's a day on, to keep doctor king's dream alive, for our nation and our world defends on it. we'll be right back. ight back. (kathryn) now, after this year's event, subaru and our retailers are proud to have donated over two hundred and fifty million dollars to charity. (brent) just tremendously satisfying to know that we're doing something that's helping other people. every car company wants to sell you a car, but none of them give back like subaru.
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2:37 pm
congressman george santos to resign. even with pressure from his own party, he says he will only leave if he's voted out. what's your reaction to how the republican party is handling the situation? could this be something democrats and republicans can unite on to have him removed from congress? >> you would hope, ref, that even in this hyper -- partisan environment and that republicans and democrats can agree that someone acted as a con who's lied about every facet of his life doesn't deserve to hold public office. there are those in the leadership, like evan mccarthy, the speaker of the house, who said he -- you have congressman like matt gates having this guy on his podcast, allowing him to explain away his lies and fraud. it seems to me that santos isn't going anywhere, mccarthy is so desperate to hold on to power that he's not willing to relinquish a vote in the house
2:38 pm
of representatives because they have such a narrow majority. they are left with this package that's going to follow them around for the next two years. >> miles, what are your thoughts on this? do you foresee the republican leadership in the house taking a stronger stance on the george santos situation, even with their narrow majority? >> rev, i think you are trying to give me a laugh by asking if i think the republican party will show background. it worked. i think it's a funny joke. i mean, look, and my former party is not going to do anything about this except the absolute bare minimum until the political pressure is so extraordinary. what they want to do is wait for the ethics committee to tell them that there is a real violation. you've seen kevin mccarthy say that. you've seen house leaders say that. they want to buy themselves time to make it go away by saying we will kick it over to the ethics committee and see what they tell us. i don't think any action whatsoever is going to be taken. george santos will remain in
2:39 pm
the house. as i've been saying lately, he's not an outlier in this congress. he is the exemplar of what the maga house looks like. i think it is symbolic and that george santos is going to remain but it's also going to send a signal to people who are considering running for republican primaries in this next cycle, that it's okay to be george santos and go get elected and be a part of the maga majority. i think it's a bad precedent. it's bad for the party. if they were wise, they would try to oust him sooner. i don't think we will see anything like that happen. >> miles, sticking with you, house republicans have opened numerous investigations into president biden, this includes the judicial committee's probe into biden's classified documents mishandling and in the oversight committee is looking at the biden family business. what is your take on these particular investigations? >> i'm going to offer to perspectives. one, i think we are seeing
2:40 pm
republicans overreach. they have named this the weaponization subcommittee. i think that's very ironic. they are using it as a weapon. they are trying to use the powers, the oversight powers of the u.s. house for political purposes, and just to undermine and the sitting president. this is very cynical. this is very naked lisa nickel partisan move. again, it's ironic that they are investigating weaponization but what they are trying to do is turn their oversight powers into a tool to bludgeon a democratic administration. i think that's very alarming. at the same time, i think the waters have been muddied by this classified documents issue. i don't take it very lightly. i left government with several boxes of documents. if there were classified documents in there, even by accident, i could be in prison for that. just a year ago, there was a defense department employee who went to prison for three months for unauthorized removal and
2:41 pm
retention of classified documents. do i think the president will be charged? i think it's unlikely. i think it is just a political nightmare for this white house right now and it certainly is going to be a legal headache for them for the foreseeable future. i do see that is problematic, if complicating the administration's case and accusing the house of just engaging in partisan activity. >> kirk, how should democrats respond to these investigations, especially as nbc reports from democratic allies have been frustrated about what they view as a lack of clarity from the white house on the classified documents situation? even though iowa has released an extensive statement of clarity. >> number one, red, democrats can stop whining to the press about what they think, in that regard that does no one any good. number two, listen, this president has impeccable integrity, it is trustworthy,
2:42 pm
has honor. i think he has earned the benefit of the doubt of the people. he has only acted in good faith. in fact, he has shown the difference between someone who can cooperate, who volunteers information, and someone like donald trump who tries to cover it up, tries to obstruct justice, who tries to act in a criminal nature with criminal intent. president biden has demonstrated nothing in that stratosphere. that's why this is different. they didn't require a search, a raid, the fbi investigation to get bidens documents. he voluntarily handed them over when he found them. he acted in the way you are supposed to do. he followed the letter of the law. contrast that with what we have seen from donald trump, what we've seen from mar-a-lago, his own lawyers won't sign off on the information trump has put forward at this point. there could be more. and they are two very different thing. >> we will have to leave it there. kurt and miles taylor, thank you both for being with us. the 118th congress is among the most progressive and diverse in
2:43 pm
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most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u learn how abbvie could help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. >> welcome back, our next guest on politicsnation is the first black woman elected to congress from pennsylvania. four years ago, she became the
2:47 pm
first african american woman elected to a pennsylvania house seat. outside the greater philadelphia area. let's get to know her. welcome, new member to the house, congresswoman summer lee, a democrat of pennsylvania. congresswoman, congratulations on your victory. you are one of 16 new members of the congressional progressive caucus, his 103 total members now make up nearly half of the 212 member democratic roster. unlike the republican freedom caucus, progressives have been able to work productively with the fellow democrats in recent years. do you expect that trend to continue in the new congress? >> i certainly hope so, i think that with our new folks coming in, and first of all thank you for having me. i think with the new folks coming in, this is one of the most diverse classes, it trends
2:48 pm
younger. we are all coming here with the same agenda, to serve working class people. we know that the minorities are going to have to find creative ways to do that, and we know that will have to work together with our caucus, where we don't expect the other side to do that. i think in the minority, we will absolutely see more of that. >> we mentioned the house freedom caucus, your first introduction to congress a week ago is the extended republican speaker fight. what were your thoughts watching that process play out? >> it was a shame. coming into congress, this was a time where it's supposed to be exciting, encouraging, and inspiring, and instead it which shameful. it was disrespectful to the voters, disrespectful to our nation to see a new minority -- majority come in and not be able to organize. who is the first we've seen this in over a century.
2:49 pm
it sends a really discouraging message about what we can expect for the next two years, and to see the most extreme part of their party be able to extract concessions, being able to really lead from the front here, that could be alarming. >> the black caucus is the biggest it's ever been. now new democratic leader hakeem jeffries. on this mlk day, what do you think should be the cbc's biggest priority in this republican-controlled house? >> i think that as the black caucus grows, the mandate is the same. we are fighting precisely for the work and legacy that martin luther king and so many other in the movement have been fighting for. making sure that black and brown folks in this country have equal access to our economic opportunity. housing justice, making sure that black and brown folks where we live have clean air and water. these are the things we're
2:50 pm
fighting, for working class people all over the country. it's also important as we are fighting, we are centering every single -- even in districts where we did not have a member leading. it is the same justice fight that we have continued to fight, but with more people and tolls, we need to be more urgent. >> lastly, the state of pennsylvania saw some big wins for democrats in the midterm elections. state attorney general josh shapiro became the new governor, and lieutenant governor john fetterman became the new -- what can democrats do to keep the state blue? >> we can do it people sent us to do, our elective offices, to do. we won a majority for the state has for the first time in decades. that's because working place class people, young people, black and brown people, people from rural, urban, suburban
2:51 pm
community said collectively that we want a party that will work for the workers, the laborers, a living wage. we want to fight for reproductive justice, and they want to see democrats go to these places and move on the processes that we've made for them. when we show them that we can unify, we can rule, we can govern earn with functionality, not this functionality as we've seen some national six republicans. we're going to keep our promises, and we will get new people to continue to come. we have to win the electorate. >> congresswoman summer lee, thank you for being with us. up next, i have a busy day tomorrow from the mlk breakfast in washington, to the harlem rally. and you should have a busy day to. i will explain, next. lain, next
2:52 pm
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tonight, and ahead of mlk day tomorrow, it gives me great pleasure to share with you some good notes. first, tomorrow in washington, d.c., as president of -- i will host the annual dream defying breakfast, with joe biden who will deliver the key note address. they will also on our national changemakers, including speaker american -- later on monday, i will be in new york, and we will be hosting 130 prominent elected officials, including senate majority leader chuck schumer, talking about what they are doing concretely to make the dream a reality. starting this weekend, the documentary loudmouth, my life
2:57 pm
and work is available for rent or purchase on amazon and on apple tv. it is a full feature length film, and examines how i grew up through the movement in the north, and nonviolent demonstrations to call out racism in northern cities like new york and nashville. for all of you celebrating the holiday tomorrow, remember that mlk day will set the tone for the year. it is not a day off, it's a day for you to do something which we mark exactly 60 years since dr. king and other civil rights leaders organized the pivotal march on washington in 1963. as the notion reckons with a resurgence of violent hate crimes, and threats to democracy, please continue to fight and support those that fight. democracy, social justice, and
2:58 pm
civil rights. we'll be right back. ight back.
2:59 pm
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