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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  January 23, 2023 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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community for their support. our own kathy park spent to members of the close knit aapi community in monterey park earlier today. watch this. >> what was your reaction when you found out about the shooting? >> heartbroken. just like everyone else. rage, honestly, that it happened on a day folks are supposed to be celebrating. >> how sacred is the lunar new year for the haitian community? >> it's our holy day. >> very important. every year, we celebrate. >> do you think the shooting will change the community? >> i think it has already. we don't want this to be sort of what monterey park is known for. it's so much more. it's so much more than a city that's been marked by a mass shooting. >> love is the one thing that can always defeat it. and we are sending our love and thoughts and prayers to the
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victims families, and the entire monterey park community tonight. and on that note, i wish you all a very good and safe night. from all of our colleagues across the networks of mbs -- nbc news, thanks for staying up late with us. i will see you at the end of tomorrow. thanks at-home for joining us this hour. really happy to have you with us tonight. we've got a lot of news to get to tonight, including some late breaking news that i'm gonna give you in just a second as we're trying to get details. i've to tell you, just tonight, nbc news has obtained this remarkable video from security cameras at a dance hall and i'll hamburg, california. this is from saturday night, this weekend. you see the man in the knit cap there. this is -- that man you saw there in the
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knit cap this is just after he is believed to have walked into a dance hall, a ballroom dancing studio in monterey park, california and opened fire. at that dance hall in monterey park, he shot at least 20 people, 11 of whom who have now died. nine of whom who are now still hospitalized with their injuries. the suspected gunman got away after that massacre at monterey park. he then drove to this facility that you see here in alhambra, california. this is a room, what appears to be a foyer at a second dance hall, another ballrom dancing facility basically. just a few miles away from the monterey park massacre in the city of alhambra, california. you see, can we drop that there, you can see that more closely. the man without the hat on is 26-year-old brandon tsay. he did not know that that man had just committed a massacre
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minutes before at a different facility. brandon tsay was at work, he was unarmed, he saw that man walk into his workplace holding this gun. and mr. tsay rushed at the man. he wrestled with him as you see in this footage. he fought with him. he single-handedly, as an unarmed person, got this gun away from the man, and you can see with his back to the camera, wearing the knit cap. brandon tsay basically got the gun, wrestled with a man for a long time, this went on for longer than a minute. he then essentially chased him out of the facility. you can see him here pointing at the man, telling him to go, holding the man's gun away from him. in doing this, in overpowering the men, getting his gun off of him and then chasing him out of this facility, brandon tsay presumably saved many more lives that may have otherwise been lost. the man who he chased out of that facility was found by police the next afternoon in a
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van, dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. 26-year-old brandon tsay is being hailed by l. a. police tonight as a brave man who saved many lives. again, he himself was unarmed when he just reacted, ran at this guy, managed to take this guy's gone off of him. it is remarkable that brandon tsay didn't shoot the man. he said he thought of shooting the man, but he did not. he kept the guys himself and chased him off, he called the cops. >> congresswoman judy chu represents monterey park, california where the massacre took place this weekend. she is from monterey park, she served as monterey park's mayor. congresswoman judy chu is gonna join us live tonight in just a moment. i mentioned at the very top that we are following some news that just breaking right now. we are just getting word, i'm sorry to say, of another apparent mass shooting in
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california tonight. initial reports are that seven people have been killed in the half moon bay area in california. half moon bay is just immediately south of the san francisco bay area, california coast. what we are learning tonight is that four people have been shot and killed at one site, and another three people were shot and killed at a second nearby site. the suspected shooter is reportedly in custody, he is being described as a 67-year-old asian male. the seven victims are being described tonight by a city council person from half moon bay. they're being described as chinese farmworkers. that is word of just one local council person from half moon bay. we are pursuing more information on that story. but again, this is just terrible news out of half moon bay, california. authorities are saying that they do have a suspect in custody. they therefore believe that there is no additional threat to the public tonight in half moon bay. but seven people are reportedly
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dead. authorities are asking police, excuse me, asking the public to avoid highway 92 between highway one and highway 35 in half moon bay as this investigation continues. two different sites, seven people found dead already. at this point, we do not have any indication of any possible link between this mass shooting in north california tonight. as i said half moon bay, part of the san francisco bay area. we don't know any link between the shooting in half moon bay and the saturday night shooting in southern california. but with 11 people dead, in southern california, seven people dead in northern california over a 72-hour period, it appears to be asian americans targeted in both instances. it is very disturbing as i said.
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congresswoman judy chu will be joining us in a few moments, but we will let you know more as we learn more about this developing story. i'll have to tell you we have something new to report this hour, on a story that i admit we have not spent much time on before now, even though you have undoubtedly heard a lot about it. ever since the north shore leader, a small newspaper was first to break the news, and then ultimately the new york times broke it wide open. ever since those papers started the reporting on a newly elected congressman named george santos, it has been a hurricane of coverage. about the amazing number of fake stories he appears to have made up about himself. the also amazing number of con jobs he appears to have been involved in in his young life. it has become this astonishing litany. he apparently lied about where he went to high school. he lied about where he went to college. then he lied about going three different college for one of
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the colleges he lied about, he also lied and said that he was a volleyball star there. why would she even lie about that? he lied about having an mba, he lied about working at a wall street firm. he lied about what working at a wall street bank. he lied about being a landlord with a dozen properties in his state portfolio. he lied about being the employer of not one, not to, but for several people who he says were killed in the nightclub shooting in orlando in 2016. he lied about creating an animal charity. he lied about his mother being in the south tower at the world trade center on 9/11. he lied about his grandparents in the holocaust. he lied about himself being jewish. he also lied about himself being ukrainian. that is not all, but that is a flavor of it. and it shows you the amount of coverage that there has been about the story already. this is, nevertheless, the new republican congressman from the third congressional district in new york state. kevin mccarthy just gave mr. santos a seat on the small business committee and also the
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committee on science, space, and technology. it shows you just how much the new republican congress values those concepts. put george santos in charge of national policy making on those subjects. to be fair, he did get on the space committee by telling kevin mccarthy that he was an astronaut. why is there any reason to doubt it? as i said, this is not a story that i've spent a lot of time on. mostly, honestly, because it has had plenty of other coverage from all corners since it started unspooling, all this astonishing detail. but tonight, i'm going to talk about the story for the first time. tonight, we do, for the first time, actually have something new to add to the story. video that we have obtained exclusively in which george
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santos adds yet another astonishing plane to his big long list of all the rest of them. we have obtained video in which congressman george santos says he is the victim of an attempted murder. an attempted murder that resulted in him being put under police protection. because the murder might come back for him after missing him the first time. also, he says in this video that someone stole his shoes in the middle of fifth avenue in new york city. specifically at the corner of 55th street and fifth avenue at 3 pm, someone took his shoes. not the same people who are trying to murder him, apparently, that was separate. but who can say? that is coming up tonight, we'll have that for you in a moment. i don't exactly consider to be a major contribution to the news of the world, but it is a new thing, we will show you that. there's also some real national security news on a couple of different fronts out of washington today. first, as amazing as it is to say, there have been four more convictions on seditious conspiracy charges connected to the january 6th attack on the
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u.s. capitol. i say this as astonishing because people don't get convicted of seditious conspiracy very often. the washington post i think got this exactly right tonight when they describe seditious conspiracy charges as quote, rarely used and even more rarely successful. that is definitely, that is been true for the last eight years or so in the united states. the way things are going with the justice department right now, that kind of assessment may need to be revised. before now, before the trump era and january 6th attack, americans really were only charged with something as serious as sedition very, very rarely. when the government did try to bring charges that serious, they repeatedly found it very hard to get a conviction. i, for example, just did a whole podcast series called ultra about the biggest sedition trial in u.s. history in 1944. those defendants were caught building bombs and stealing
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weapons from the u.s. military, planning armed, violent attacks and assassinations to overthrow the u.s. government. they were taking instruction and funding from the hitler government in berlin. the various defendants of that 1944 sedition trial were caught doing all this stuff. that sedition trial still collapsed in failure. all the defendants got away and just melted back into the sauce of american ultra right extremism. the history of charging people with sedition, it really has been a severely uphill thing for the u.s. justice department throughout modern u.s. history. but apparently, that is changing now in the wake of the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. less than two months ago, two leaders of a pro trump right wing paramilitary group, the oath keepers, were convicted of
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seditious conspiracy, as shocking as it was. now tonight, less than two months later, another four members of the oath keepers were also convicted on the same charges. and that shows, not only that the justice department is getting to be increasingly adept at getting convictions for charges that serious, it shows that both of the leadership and the rank and file members of these trump paramilitaries are proving to be vulnerable to this very, very serious charge. the oath keepers, who were convicted today, included at least one guy who took part in that military style stack formation that move through the crowd of the steps of the capital to breach the capitol building. at least one member of that military staff was among those convicted today of seditious conspiracy. the men convicted of seditious conspiracy today also include another guy who was overseeing the huge arsenal of guns and ammunition that the oath keepers had stashed at a virginia motel. just across the potomac from d. c.. it was what they called a quick
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reaction force. they wanted those guns to be able to be rushed into d. c. whenever the oath keepers decided to start the shooting. one of the guys who was seen that at the hotel, was also convicted of seditious conspiracy today. in total, it is six different members of the oath keepers who are now convicted by juries of seditious conspiracy in two different trials. there may be more of these guys to come. five members of a different paramilitary group, five members of the proud boys, are still on trial in the same federal courthouse where the oath keepers were convicted today. the proud boys are facing charges as well. that case is still underway. meanwhile, among other things, what this means for the history of this era is that efforts, particularly on the political right, to dismiss the attack on the capitol as a prank or something that sort of went
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awry, or an accident, something that is been overblown, those efforts to basically excuse what happened on january 6th, throughout history, those efforts will but up against the hard, cold fact that in at least two different jury trials, juries have found people who participated in that event, to have participated in an effort to overthrow the government by force. that is what sedition means. at least we're getting the history right. despite efforts already to try to whitewash it. the other big national security story we are following tonight is an absolutely shocking arrest and indictment of a senior fbi counter intelligence official. this story is legitimately shocking. remember the name --? from the mueller investigation, from all the stuff around paul manafort? the not convicted felon that
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served under the trump campaign in 2016? it is a russian name, familiar with a lot of different russian names, it can be hard to remember these things. he is one of the more memorable ones. if only because we heard his name so many times amid the whole russia scandal. when we learned in the lead up to the 2016 election that russia was messing with our election to try to help trump get elected, one of the single most bananas revelations of that whole time period, more bananas than that photo of trump's national security adviser sitting at a table with putin in russia at an event for which a russian propaganda agency paid him thousand dollars to be there. it was more bananas than the revelation that even though trump said he had no business dealings in russia, on the night of the third republican presidential candidates debate, trump secretly signed a letter of intent to build the biggest real estate project of his life in moscow. the revelation about oleg was more bananas than all of that.
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even for me, in terms of, revelry moments in the middle of that scandal, this still sticks out to me as the one that was the most astonishing thing we learned in the moment that i learned it. it was march 2017, and associated press report, so this is a public report after we had already learned that russia had intervene in our election to get trump into the white house. in march 2017, this ap report crossed the wires saying that trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort, had been paid on a multi million dollar annual multi year contract to promote the interests of the putin government in the united states and around the world. the guy running the trump campaign, while russia is trying to get him elected, that guy is on a multi million dollar annual contract to promote putin's interests? yeah, the man reportedly paying
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manafort to promote the kremlin's interests in the united states, he was an oligarch close to vladimir putin named oleg. oleg and paul manafort were in business together in various ways for years and years. oleg is all over the mueller report. his name appears in the bipartisan intelligence committee report on what russia did in the 2016 election. his name is in that report more than 300 times. oleg ended up getting sanctioned by the u.s. government for his key role in russia's efforts to mess with the 2016 u.s. election. that is oleg. now look at tonight's headline in the new york times. former top fbi official in new york charged with aiding oligarch. prosecutors say charles
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mcgonigal, who was chief of counterintelligence in new york city, worked secretly for oleg. picture on the front page of the new york times of oleg. for the craziest of all possible reasons. here is the headline in the washington post tonight. former senior fbi official accused of working for russian he investigated. charles mcgonigal, former counter intelligence chief, is charged with money laundering and other counts connected to oleg. mcgonigal was a senior counterintelligence official at fbi headquarters until late 2016. just before the 2016 election in october, 2016, they moved him from fbi headquarters to the new york field office to be the special agent in charge of counter intelligence there. mcgonigal was arrested this weekend at jfk airport in new york, they indicted him today in d. c.. for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from an albanian intelligence officer
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while he was on the job at headquarters in d. c.. they also indicted him in new york where he is charged with being on oleg's payroll. and also with taking steps to hide it because he is sanctioned by the u.s. government, so nobody in the nine states should be in business with him anymore. charles mcgonigal retired from the fbi after 20 years and in 2018. 2018 is the same year that oleg was sanctioned by the u.s. government. mcgonigal is charged with being on his payroll. through a law form starting in 2019, and then eventually getting paid by him directly, starting in 2021. oleg was criminally charged with evading sanctions last year. the fbi raided two homes associated with him, both in new york and d. c.. what of that investigation now? the senior official who has participated in russian
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oligarchs, including deripaska. he's charged really working for the same guy and secretly taking money from him. as the times notes tonight, this shows, among other things, that the reach of russia's oligarchs can extend into the heart of u.s. law enforcement. these revelations also raise huge questions about the incredibly sensitive counter intelligence information that this fbi official had access to. he was a very senior counter intelligence official among other things. he was reportedly the lead fbi investigator looking into why it was that u.s. intelligence assets were getting arrested and murdered in china all of a sudden. these were people who were losing their lives to work with our country. the guy charged with investigating how it was that they were being exposed and how
9:22 pm
it was that they were starting to get murdered, he himself was allegedly being paid by foreign governments in secret. i only know what i read in the spy books and what i read in the indictments. but from a national security perspective, this seems very bad. it also seems very, very unusual. joining us now is someone who really does know these things, and not just from spy novels. mary mccord served as the national top official at the department of justice. she is an executive director for the institute for constitutional protection at georgetown law school. it is real pressure and honor to have you, thank you for taking time. >> thank you. >> first, let me ask you, if what i just described about the mcgonigal case is fair. just looking at this as a lay observer, someone who reads the news and can read the public facing documents here, it seems like this must be an incredibly rare and unusual thing. this is a senior fbi official from the counterintelligence
9:23 pm
side of things charged with being paid by people he was investigating and people with ties to foreign governments and foreign intelligence services. this seems like a unicorn case. >> anytime that you have a law enforcement official at any level federal, state, local, who abuses the trust placed in them by virtue of their position, that is a very bad thing. it is very dangerous for public safety and it really erodes the feeling of americans and their ability to have faith in their law enforcement. but this is magnified so many times because this is just an astonishing abuse of that trust. when you're talking about somebody who is not only betraying his office, and putting americans at risk in terms of public safety in the u.s.. he is actually doing this on behalf of foreign adversaries. this is someone, through his job, was cleared i'm sure at
9:24 pm
the very highest levels in terms of our classified information. privy to sensitive information about intelligence collection, about what adversaries such as putin and the russian government, such as in some cases, the chinese government, privy to the various tactics and techniques that they utilize to meddle in various u.s. affairs. this is somebody who had access to all of that, and now to learn that not only did he betray that trust after he left the fbi, but also while he was still in the fbi. it is really staggering, and i'm very glad to see that the department and the fbi has come down hard on him. with indictments into different jurisdictions, for multiple crimes, serious crimes. you are right, i've not seen this very often. so far, there's no espionage charges.
9:25 pm
i hope there never will be because i hope the will never be any evidence that he actually provided the information he was privy to to any of our foreign adversaries. but this is very, very serious in so many ways. >> i should mention, charles mcgonigal did plead not guilty to two charges found against him in new york. if he is found guilty, if he is convicted based on the statutory sentences associated with the charges, he's looking at potentially decades in prison. it is serious for all the reasons that you described. i did find myself wondering today, whether or not he is convicted, is this potentially a problem for any of the counter intelligence prosecutions that he played a role in? for example, just when it comes to oleg deripaska, we know the fbi raided homes associated with mr. deripaska last year. we know he has been charged with trying to evade sanctions. we also now know that mr. mcgonigal, who was involved in the deripaska investigation, in cases related to him as well as other oligarchs, it has been allegedly compromised in
9:26 pm
multiple ways. does that potentially blow up some of the cases, or all of the cases that he was involved in during his time in the fbi? >> well, i would add to that that the d. c. indictment also alleges that he was being paid by someone who later was actually a cooperating witness, a witness for an investigation he was engaged in. the plot even thickens. you are right, the department of justice will be now doing and analysis of cases that mr. mcgonigal had a hand in, either as a supervisor, or as an investigator, and we'll be looking carefully to see if there is any compromise or any information, information that the government is obligated to provide to defendants who have been charged with crimes, where he may have had a hand. they will be looking to see if
9:27 pm
there's anything they need to disclose. anything they need to dismiss. of course, whether even in past cases there is anything that they may need to disclose. i will say this, in counter intelligence, unlike so many other areas of the fbi's work, much of that work does not actually result in criminal cases. counter intelligence agents, the ones i worked with were the first ones to say, we don't really want any of our cases to end in charges. we want to keep acquiring the intelligence that we need to try to keep the u.s. safe from national security threats from our adversaries. so, it is not an area where you see many, many charges. you don't even see nearly as many as you see with respect to counter terrorism and terrorism cases. certainly nothing like what you see in other run-of-the-mill criminal cases, even conspiracies. white-collar conspiracies, drug conspiracies, those are areas of the fbi that are much more focused on investigating a
9:28 pm
crime for a charge. counterintelligence is about long term investigations. understanding the tools and techniques of our adversaries so that we can better counter those threats. >> it is a good news, bad news thing in terms of potentially throwing up any charges that -- they made their way to court. but also, it potentially has long and international consequences in terms of, as you say, in terms of national security. mary mccord who served as acting assistant and attorney general for national security at the doj, ms. mccord, thank you very much for your time and expertise tonight. we thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> all right, we much more ahead tonight. including, as i mentioned, that video we have obtained where congressman george santos makes yet another astonishing claim to add to the list. this is exclusive that you haven't seen anywhere else, stay with us.
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through a long but definitely not exhaustive list of the known lies of freshman republican george santos of new york. you are probably familiar with some of the greatest hits by now of the volleyball star, wall street fortune, and all of that stuff. but here's something you have not heard before. did you know that congressman george santos also claims he was the target of an assassination attempt, which required him being put under official police protection? that is what george santos claimed last month in an interview with a brazilian podcast. the podcast is called radio novella -- forgive my pronunciation, ravioli novella -- they shared this exclusively
9:34 pm
with us. you won't see this anywhere else but i want you to see it. in this -- congressman elect george santos is speaking with the host in portuguese, so we have subtitled it. he starts off talking about an alleged act of vandalism which he says was targeted him simply because he's republican, but then in the midst of that, he says oh, also someone tried to murder him. >> [speaking non-english] >> we have already aside a suffered an attempt on my life, an assassination attempt. there was an assassination attempt, really? then, congressman-elect
9:35 pm
george santos did not elaborate on his claim, in the interview. we have, tonight, reached out to congressman santos's office to get more information about him saying that he was the victim of an attempted murder. getting new york police protection at his home as a result, there ought to be a record of that sort of thing if it happened. we have inquired about this claim from him, we have not heard back. we do live in hope. mr. santos did offer more detail about a different active violence he says were committed against him. in this interview with the same brazilian podcast he said he was the victim of a very, very, very brazen mugging in the middle of the day, in the middle of one of new york city's busiest thoroughfares. >> [speaking non-english]
9:36 pm
>> it is surreal what we live through here, yes, surreal is one word for it. the podcast host interrupts him there, santos says it was three in the afternoon, i was leaving my office going to the garage and getting my car and i was mugged. they robbed me, took, my briefcase, took my shoes and my watch. the host then interrupts him and says they stole your shoes, in the middle of fifth avenue, really? the
9:37 pm
podcast hosts actually say they later asked george santos for the police report for his mugging on the corner of fifth avenue and 55th street at 3 pm in the middle of the day when they took, among other things, his shoes, but they say they never heard back from him when they asked for the police report. we have also asked congressman santos's office for that police report, we will let you know if we hear anything. we have also put in a records request with the nypd for any police report that matches what mr. santos described. we live in hope. but perhaps the most magnificent moment of this interview comes when congressman santos tries to explain to these podcast hosts why it is that he personally takes such a hard line toward undocumented immigrants, when he himself comes from a family of immigrants. watch. >> [speaking non-english]
9:38 pm
>> i'm assiduously critical of anyone who wants to start their american dream the wrong way. imagine starting a relationship with a lie. imagine starting relationship with a lie. imagine how awful that would be? because of course, he would
9:39 pm
never lie. the republican congress at work. republican congressman george santos, we we'll be right back.
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we have breaking news tonight of the sort that is hard to take. tonight, in half moon bay california, which is about 40 minutes south of san francisco,c authorities say seven people have been shot and killed. another person injured. local sheriff's office is saying these shootings took place at two different places, four shooting victims found in one, three more victims found in
9:44 pm
another. two nearby -- same shooter in both mass killings. authorities say they have a suspect in custody, they're identifying him as a 67 year old man named -- they say they found him in his vehicle outside a sheriff's office substation. they say they don't believe he is an ongoing threat to the public -- conjunction with what appears to be seven murders in half moon bay. one member of the half moon bay city council is telling the local press that all seven victims are chinese farmworkers, that is attributable to -- trying to chase that down. but we are talking about two big mass shootings, two gun massacres in the same state in less than 48 hours, both targeting asian americans. with an astonishing 18 people dead between these incidents. as i
9:45 pm
said, this is just absolutely gut wrenching, this news from half moon bay tonight follows the dreadful news for monterrey park, held 14 years los angeles this weekend. after a long chinese lunar new year celebration in monterrey park, on 2020 pm as on saturday night a shooter -- was the block away from where the lunar new year festival had been held -- he killed ten people on the spot, wounded another ten. we have learned today that one of the people who was wounded in the attack has since died at the hospital, that brings the death toll from this -- with again nine people still injured and hospitalized. that same shooter apparently that when to a second -- in alhambra, there a 26-year-old was working at the front desk somehow managed to wrestle the gun away from the shooter, he himself was unarmed but he charged at the shooter
9:46 pm
and wrestled him and fought with him and got the gun away and chase the man away and called the police. sunday morning, the police identified the shooter's van and surrounded it, but before he they could get to him he apparently shot himself inside the van. authorities have identified that man as a 72-year-old man -- is identified as the shooter. he was reportedly a regular at the dance halls which were a popular spot for older residents. we don't know of any motivation yet, but law enforcement tells the l.a. times that mr. chan had showed up at his legal police station -- tonight, there are 18 families in california grieving their loved ones. joining us now is can california congresswoman -- judy chu. congresswoman chu, thank you for being with us tonight. i know this is a really, really dark time.
9:47 pm
>> i am now doubly horrified after hearing about what happened at half moon bay. i didn't think that i could even have the capacity for being doubly horrified, but i just can't believe that all of this is happening. >> yeah. and to be clear, we don't know if any link between the two incidents. there's nothing that we have seemed to suggest that these two things are connected but obviously the asian american community in california has to be absolutely reeling and terrified. there is something that is in a multiplicative way terrifying about multiple incidents targeting him asian americans in such close proximity. you are such an important asian american leader and political leader broadly speaking in california right now. i just wonder if people sort of looking for solace looking for leadership from you
9:48 pm
right now, what you have to tell them about the fear that people are understandably feeling? >> well it has been a tough 24 hours here when i first heard about the shooting, it was 6 a.m. yesterday and i immediately went to the monterey park city hall to find out what was happening. fortunately there were so many in law enforcement and worked to find the shooter and to find out what happened, but the loss of life was just absolutely stunning. nonetheless people in the community were terrified because the shooter was still -- they didn't know if the shooter would also kill them, they didn't know if they could send their kids to school. finally, and 5 pm, yesterday,
9:49 pm
the sheriff announced that the suspect had been caught, and that he had killed himself. we did breathe a sigh of relief. but what i have been telling the community is that you are safe. this killer is no longer alive and it's important for us to come together as a community. firstly, we have to truly support the families of those who were killed, and also those were still trying to recover, some of whom have been aca centuries. i have to make sure that they have the financial means to be able to survive this, but also the emotional support. and, so this actually abysmal tonight and tomorrow night, as well as a gofundme site that will do exactly that. but we also have to come together as a community. we need to support one another, because this is a fear
9:50 pm
full-time, an anxious time. but i believe that this community is resilient. and that if we work together, if we come together, we will be stronger and we will get through this. >> we have a long history and monterey park, having served on the state counselor, having served as mayor there, having been involved in activism there. remember the racist organizing in the 80s, in the area, trying to have english declared as the official language, trying to single out monterey park as some sort of threat to white communities, as a community that was emerging as an asian american stronghold. in terms of supporting the families directly affected here, can you tell us if all of the families have been notified now in terms of their loved ones who have been killed? or who've been injured? at the still people in monterey park who are waiting for news,
9:51 pm
or is everybody at this point now and it's a matter of recovery? >> well, they went to the crisis center this afternoon. and as of that time, there was one family -- notification. so i felt that they were well on the way to having them all legally notified. but i want to tell you that the news of this so devastating that actually they had to bring the paramedics out. because one family just could not handle it. so, yeah. it's so sad. and the families right now are kind of in a fog. it's hard to comprehend all of this that is changing their lives so drastically. so that's why they need the support. they need the whole community to be behind them. >> california congresswoman,
9:52 pm
chair of the congressional asian pacific american congress, congresswoman judy chu, we're so sorry for the loss and your community. thank you for being with us tonight. in terms of what your community needs, in terms of national support, people will be looking to you to convey that to the country, and the community is lucky to have you. thank you. >> thank you for this. appreciate it. >> we'll be right back. rmentation? yes. formulated to help you body really truly absorb the natural goodness. new chapter. wellness, well done.
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9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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