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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  February 1, 2023 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you can with wells fargo. (co-worker 4) what are you doing this weekend? i d d so my y quesonons eouout hicacase.y y son, cacalledhehe bars s fi i d d soit was the best call eouout hii could've made. call the barnes firm and find out what your case all could be worth.uld've made. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ welcome to "the beat." i'm ari melber. news out of the white house as the president draws a line in the sand telling house republicans to just show him the money, explain their budget. >> mr. president, what are you going to tell speaker mccarthy when he tells you he wants to negotiate. >> show me your budget. i'll show you mine. >> biden is referring to how
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house republicans have repeatedly come up empty-handed when asked a straightforward question given that they're now in charge of the house, what do they want to cut? this is in the context of a possible debt showdown looming. >> social security and medicare are off the table, then where do republicans want to cut spending? >> that's going to be the part of the dance. >> well, the dance is here, and that's the context for the president's meeting late today. this was his first meeting with the new speaker, kevin mccarthy. we don't have the deal because the white house kept it as a closed press first summit. biden we know has sat at that resolute desk before, had his share of high stakes meetings and watched as vice president when then president obama faced a similar effort to ransom the economy. republicans are offering a similar brinksmanship, but also have internal fights with a narrow majority about what they want to do and what they want to
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cut. house republicans say they might refuse to confirm the spending that is already basically agreed to and then ened to crash the global economy but not raising the roof on the debt. you've heard about all of this before. they're demanding vague and large spending cuts without defining them. republicans won't say what they want. that's not a dnc attack i'm showing you. it's just "the new york times" reporting accurately on the problem in this shadow boxing. let me tell you this too night. we have experts here. jake ohm durie here and a house republican with a lot of experience who says there's a better way through this than burning the house down. you have to understand something. we can as a nation try to make sure we have open and transparent debates about democracy. you heard me report before that there are plenty of americans who think certain things are too
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expensive or taxes are too high. the way you traditionally deal with that is elect people who agree with you and say in public what the truth of your positions are. we had a top republican on this show recently. one of the things i asked him is are you going to govern transparently or are you going to do secret side deals and we don't know what you stand for? that's an extreme plank in the party. many republicans, some in the leadership, who don't seem to be able to say what it is they want to cut. >> we have got to get control over spending in washington. >> now that we have a republican majority who is serious about making spending cuts, serious about trying to get government under control, government spending under control. >> we need to attach to it fiscal controls or other spending cuts. exactly what those are we're not willing to lay out today. >> we're all behind kevin and wishing him fwhel the negotiations. >> what about the debt ceiling?
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>> no. >> if you had every priority? >> no. that's what i hear back home. >> no, no, no with a giggle. this is about governing not just what you might hear back home from some people who might be parroting back to you what they're hearing from the party. they did raise the debt ceiling three times under trump while raising the debt, we recently reported on that, massive increase of the debt under bush and trump which is why much of this looks like politics. you heard the senator say, we can't tell you what we're going to cut. you wouldn't want to be a barber for these folks. when you try to talk, cut in the back, cut in the top. i want to cut a lot of the hair, but i can't tell you where or how. that doesn't leave you anywhere to go which is why it either looks like politics or bs.
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i'm being as diplomatic as i can. mccarthy just left this meeting which was closed press. we in the journalism community think it would be great if we could see the two of them together, maybe take questions together. for whatever reason, we don't have that. what we have is speaker mccarthy after the meeting, so you can hear what he says, this is how he broke it down. >> mr. speaker, where should those budget cuts come from right now? medicare and social security the white house insists republicans want to cut. >> let me clear about that. no, we're not talking about that. to really be able to do this right, i'm not going to negotiate this in the press. i respect the conversation we had together, and we will continue that. >> you look at that, and i'll tell you this, the best level kind of estimation you can say is the speaker and the president agreed that they might get more done in private.
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hey, they have every right to do that. the other way to look at it, the problem for someone like mccarthy with his caucus is, if he doesn't lay out in public with some support what they're going to do and the plan to do it with democrats, if he stays super partisan in the house, they may be kicking the can down the road. the last time they had one of these fights, is took a lot of volts to get there when everything was on the line for his career. >> two people who know this issue inside and out. speaker ryan and speaker boehner went through the clashes. we don't talk much about how people look. you seemed to be pretty tall next to your former bosses. welcome to both of you. >> good to be here. >> how are you doing brendan? >> i'm good.
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thank you. i want to give you a chance to respond to what seems to be tension in the republican caucus. shea, i'm going to bring you in first on whether you think there's any progress that the president has gotten the speaker to do this privately. maybe they think they have some way out of it. what does it mean when that many republicans say cut, cut, cut but i won't tell you how. >> this feels like a shakedown, like kevin mccarthy is a character from the sopranos. nice country here, shame if anything happens to it. normally you campaign on ideas, and when you're elected you try to enact those ideas. the problem here was republicans did not run on anything that they're talking about now. they did not run on the 30% sales tax. they did not run on cuts to social security and medicare. they did not even run that much on sort of cutting the defense budget which you're hearing a
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lot more discussion about. what they ran on was mr. potato head, on dr. seuss. they ran on the idea that racism -- we might teach racism exists in schools -- it exists or it existed once in this country, et cetera, crt in schools, don't say gay. those are sort of the issues that republicans ran on. not anything that they're now discussing or claim to negotiate with joe biden. >> brendan? >> i actually, believe it or not, don't disagree with a lot of that. i will say i don't think there's any real reason for republicans to be laying out exactly what they're asking to cut right now. look, we have a long way to go. this is going to be a negotiation. i was deeply involved in the 2011 debt limit standoff. there weren't even the first face-to-face conversations between then biden and their
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candidate leading those conversations until may 5th. we've got a bit of a runway until this is actually right in front of us. what i will agree with is that republicans are coming out and saying that this is our moment. the debt is a huge long-term challenge and this is the moment where we need to do something about it. they're also coming out and saying, well, let's first take off medicare, take off social security, let's not cut off the defense budget. we don't want to do revenue. i don't necessarily have a problem with that politically. but if you are saying this is the greatest threat to us, you don't throw those things overboard right away because the rest of the pie is pretty small. i just wish that republicans had, a, taken a little more long-term view of how to go about this. i do agree you have to win the argument on some of these. i think you can win the argument. i think we need deficit reduction. i wish people had taken more time to make the argument for why that is necessary and lay out a plan ahead of time of what
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that might look like. there's not a lot of shape around it. >> you're hitting two things. one, if you actually talk about the regular spending outside of those pretty popular programs, there isn't a lot of ways to cut. you're sort of acknowledging that truth while saying you -- you have every right to share your policy views here. that's why you're here. you would like to see that at least initially on the table. second, i think the question becomes how honest are they being ability the level of cuts. well, we want to share 2% and 3%, can we do it. plenty of democrats, manchin included, who would be at the table for that. the issue is to allegedly ransom that which they couldn't otherwise win. i want to play what congressman gates has said after going to hard at leadership. he was striking a bit of a different tone. i want both your thoughts on this as well. take a listen. >> it wasn't my first choice,
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this is politics. we don't pitch underhanded. ality the end of the day i ran out of stuff to ask for, ari. after we got policy, personnel and procedure, i didn't vote on mccarthy, but we did allow him to assume the speaker ship with less than 218 votes. that's how nancy pelosi got there. chai and then brandon, all of the above. >> one area i would disagree with man done on, the idea that there's a philosophical framework where republicans are approaching these negotiations. there is to me no philosophical framework at play here. that would make sense in terms of what brandon was saying, you have sort of a general direction you want to go in and you get more specific down the road. that is not what is happening here. what is happening here is republicans campaigned on a lot of culture war items. they now want to create a debt ceiling standoff as another
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episode in the ongoing gop culture war. this is content for fox news, content for tucker carlson, for steve bannon's podcast. >> they want the fight more than the outcome, and that's why the discussion about getting to the outcome to you gets fuzzy. >> exactly. that's why they're withholding the plot details, if you will. they're making it up as they go along. this is like improv, not comedy, but improv budget negotiations. >> i don't remember if you remember george w. bush, the sick burn he had for al gore, do you remember that? >> fuzzy math. >> fuzzy math. brendan, you get the benefit of responding as well. >> well, look, you have to have a framework. back to matt gaetz. matt gaetz is a contrarian to say the least. i think he just likes to -- he
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likes to surprise us. he likes to be talked about. what's going on here is matt gaetz realizes at this point he's made enemies of all of his colleagues. i think all of his colleagues probably hate him at this point for what he put them through. he's sucking up to kevin mccarthy and that probably won't last long. imagine going to work every day and all your colleagues hate you. i think that's probably more or less what's going on with him. we've got a long way to go. i don't think there is any real significant threat of default. i wish that their debt limit was gone. eventually said the debt limit is useless at this point and dangerous. >> let me press you on that, brendan. how are you so confident about that? is that because you think ultimately mccarthy can make a deal with democrats, or you just think, what, these people who took the speaker vote hostage will become eminently both
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reasonable and loyal to kevin mccarthy? >> no. all the people who took the speaker vote hostage aren't going to vote for whatever the deal is. that's clear. there's no such thing of a debt increase that gets every republican. i think kevin mccarthy is at least to this point showing that he wants to at least come across as the reasonable one here. he's just saying, i want to have negotiations. i'm taking social security off the table, taking medicare off the table. i just want to have a conversation. if that's the tone he takes throughout, it sounds like joe biden was willing to at least entertain something. it is not normal to increase the debt limit with nothing attached to it. it is the norm to have things attached to it. >> well, define normal. as of when? >> as of most debt limit increases over the last 40 years have been attached to something else. it is true that we increased the debt limit under donald trump. i will tell you firsthand, that was not easy either. there had to be things attached to it. it wasn't necessarily huge debt
3:15 pm
reduction, but it is one of the hardest votes that republicans take, as you saw from congressman pence. >> i don't want to overquibble with you. you're one of our parliament tear and historical experts here. there was a long period where you have, what they call christmas tree amendments on packages that move. but a long period where there was not any ransom threat of default. i think you'd acknowledge that, where you get that which you otherwise might not, that that was the express purpose. senator cruz said we're going to use this as, quote, leverage. that's a fairly recent phenomena, no? >> 2011 is the best example where we ran this play. i worked well, got close to $2 trillion in deficit reduction. i don't think you can run that play over and over again. i'm saying it's not an easy vote to have a clean debt increase. there's a reason it's attached to something or slipped into
3:16 pm
some other bill that you don't notice. it's not unreasonable to say this should be attached to something else. i think joe biden understands that if he wants to avoid this calamity which will happen on his watch, even if republicans are to blame for it, he needs to give something. >> interesting to hear from both of you. again, the president and the speaker agreed on something which was to keep this really close hold today, not even the so-called cool spray, whether that works, whether they have reasons is super interesting. a lot riding on it. this was their first ever meeting in these roles. brendan and chai, thanks to both of you. the rnc doubling down on the big lie even as the establishment in the republican party is trying to find anybody but trump, specifically desantis. meanwhile, he is going under water with his war on the first amendment and how it is back firing. by the end of the hour, beyonce broke the internet today. do you know why? if you don't, you will learn why
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and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip. today, family, friends and civil rights advocates remembered tyre nichols. we want to show you some of this important ceremony, his funeral featured a eulogy by our colleague and civil rights leader al sharpton who spoke about the decades of the civil rights struggle, the progress, setbacks and he brought up the murder of martin luther king which was at a motel miles away from where police beat nichols to death. >> in the city that dr. king lost his life, not far away from that balcony, you beat a brother to death. there's nothing more insulting
3:19 pm
and offensive to those of us that fight to open doors that you walk through those doors and act like the folks we had to fight for to get you through them doors. in the city that they slayed the dreamer, what has happened to the dream? >> some of us believe that the dream has to come true. some of us are going to fight until we make this legislation happen. i don't know when. i don't know how, but we won't stop until we hold you accountable and change this system. >> then you'll have to think twice for you beat tyre nichols. you think twice before you chokehold eric gardner. you think twice before you put your knee on george floyd's neck.
3:20 pm
>> reverend sharpton there speaking about stories that are well known, other predominant black and brown victims of police brutality. some of those victims' families were in attendance quite deliberately today. vice president harris was there on behalf of the united states paying her respects. tyre's family was emotional in discussing him as a person, a father, a brother, a son. >> even in his demise, he was still polite. he asked them to please stop. he was still the polite young man he always was. >> he set his own path. he made his own light. he seen the world way different than i've ever seen it before. >> tyre was a beautiful person, and for this to happen to him is
3:21 pm
just unimaginable. i really truly believe my son was sent her on an assignment from god. >> yes, ma'am. [ applause ] >> and i guess now his assignment is done. >> the family speaking about his assignment. while it may be done, it was quite clear in what they said today and who they asked to be there and who they asked to speak, that there is an assignment left in their view for the rest of the nation. i can tell you because this is the news, we look at the humanity there. we try to honor that and show what people are saying. there's also the criminal justice that continues. the five former officers awaiting murder trials which is a rarity in accountability for any alleged police brutality in the united states. at the same time it's clear from the ceremony from what the
3:22 pm
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turning to big government and big censorship on the right, specifically by someone you might hear a lot more about because the republican party is pushing him as a potential
3:27 pm
presidential candidate, ron desantis. his office has pushed a vague law that mandates school books be, quote, age appropriate and there be review by a government media specialist. now, like any broadly described policy, this could go any number of ways, but the way they're doing it looks like censorship with images like this circling online, teachers have to move or wrap up bookshelves or face felony charges that don't fit desantis's view of appropriate. considering the 16th singt, fig leaves placed on michelangelo's david to cover what the catholic church had deemed by its own arbitrary or religious views was immodest. centuries later attorney general ashcroft faced quite the backlash because at the doj where they have a statue of lady justice that is semi-nude, they put in curtains to cover the
3:28 pm
historic statue. >> attorney general john ashe croft has been down right mortified. that's why his department has spent $8,000 so the statues, when appropriate, be covered with a dark blue curtain. >> i think it's immature, i think that's the word, to handle it this way. >> it was around that same period that u.n. officials came under fire because they tried to cover an image of picasso's anti-war painting guernica, an artist raising their voice against war because it could be seen during colin powell's speech advocating invasion of iraq. those are big examples. at the state level a lot of this goes under the radar. in 2011 maine's governor made a decision to remove a labor mural depicting images of worker strikes of rosie the riveter because he thought it was
3:29 pm
divisive. it's a way to disappear thoughts or beliefs that the government wants to tell you you shouldn't even be exposed to, censorship, big government censorship. a long ways from a republican party that claimed it was against that kind of stuff, or even in a tougher set of calls because it involves more medical safety, not just ideas or books, the so-called nanny state which we heard a lot about from the right, including in florida, during covid. >> it's completely unacceptable for either the government or the private sector to impose upon you the requirement that you show proof of vaccine. >> i think you should have the right to make that ultimate decision. i don't think government should override that. >> i'm joined by alencia johnson, democratic strategist that has worked for obama and biden. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think of this tension? at a granular level you're talking about education policy,
3:30 pm
some rules that will apply to what kids see in a government-run classroom, or you take a step back and say this doesn't have a very good history. >> right. the real life imitations and what this is doing to florida students and also setting a precedent for the republican party and how conservative they will be. i think that is alarming. the bigger piece in how you set this conversation up is what is happening to our democracy when you were, one, educating an electorate but also when you're taking away this ability to folks to -- not just freedom of speech, but freedom of intellectual thoughts. it's almost as if desantis is saying i'm going to govern like an authoritarian. that's not necessarily where we would want to go in a democracy. i think what we've seen in history if it's going to repeat itself, it doesn't look too bite or too good for us. i'm concerned about what's going to happen, the ripple effect and how we will see more conservative leaders and people
3:31 pm
running for president, honestly trying to outdo one another when it comes to these oppressive policies. >> there's a way people dismiss these things saying it's programming, political symbolism, which underestimates what you're calling a quasi authoritarian encroachment, the main nominee for that party running on pardoning convicted seditionists and the like. i want to play another example that is evidence to the point you make, which is they are also removing people, they're really what traditionally would be called purges. this was florida liberal arts college leader ousted under a related desantis effort. take a listen. >> i do believe that students are being indoctrinated at new college. [ cheers and applause ]. >> our students take world religions, they do not become buddhists in february and turn
3:32 pm
into christians in march. we read text. we engage with them. we can read and be critical about them, ask questions. this is what we do here. >> i want to play that because it's so important. dr. governor dean and i were discussing this last night. listening to matt gaetz doesn't mean you have to agree with what he says. >> right. >> being a responsible citizen -- sorry if i sound high brow -- requires some effort at a facility with what's going on in the world and the facts, and then after you hear them, figuring out what to do about them. this seems much more orwellian. if we take this educator at her word saying you can't learn about a religious because you might become it. it's the opposite of, if i may, the foundation of western civilization. >> i would completely agree. we take all these ideas and
3:33 pm
these concepts and this history in order to inform ourselves on what we believe a government and our nation is supposed to look like, and people vote on that. to take away people's ability to understand who they are, the history of this country, the dark history of this country, quite frankly, to be honest a lot of conservatives don't want people to understand. in order for them to maintain power, that i have to maintain that status quo where they gained a lot of freedoms off the backs of enslaved back people, off women not having rites and lgbtq folks, and i can continue on and on. it's hypocritical for them to say these books and these studies are indoctrinating people. actually when you're taking them away and force-feeding students to listen to one way of thinking, i think that's indoctrination right there. >> i think that's fair. we've seen a lot of, whether you call it projection or just political propaganda, it's, oh, it's bill barr talking about
3:34 pm
deep state when it's his cases and john durham's cases that fell apart. a lot of the projecting to the other side. it's a story we'll stay on especially as the republican party looks at in a lot of ways a trump-desantis fork in the road. beyoce breaking the internet. also, these new leaks from inside the rnc about doubling down on a maga strategy that failed. some democrats like this. they say it's the republicans hurting themselves. others say it's a problem for honest democracy. we have that and some more stories coming up. coming up. somebody's poking directly on the nerve. i recommend sensodyne. sensodyne toothpaste goes inside the tooth and calms the nerve down. and my patents say: “you know doc, it really works."
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the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ many forces in the gop are trying to find a way to make trump go away. there's reports about pushing desantis or another candidate announcing a run against trump coming down the pike, fund-raising intrigue. a congressman told "the atlantic" that people will go on stage and put on the red hat and give him a call and say, i can't wait until this guy, quote, dies. that's a republican quote. but the rnc is still firmly in trump-friendly hands. they re-elected his chosen leader for the party and now they're forming what they call an election integrity team which is another place to launder discredited lies for the loser of the last election.
3:40 pm
there will be aggressive legal strategies which is striking considering trump lost every single case that made a range of claims about being the loser in 2020. the rnc doubling down and the big lie led by this official that we remind you participate in a coup planning call that trump directly organized. >> what did the president say when he called you? >> essentially he turned the call over to mr. eastman who then proceeded to talk about the importance of the rnc helping the campaign gather these contingent electors in case any of the legal challenges that were on going changed the result. >> a lot of trump critics and democrats think this will help them. more elections that republicans
3:41 pm
emphasize or relitigate the 2020 loss, the better for them politically. a lot of other legal and non-partisan experts are sounding an alarm about the continued mainlining of these kind of people and this kind of set of lies to undermine our elections. you make up your own mind, as we say around here. at "the beat" we're concerned about door number two and this many people pushing these kind of lies to this many people that might yet believe it. that's our point on that. coming up tonight, we have something special and different. we lived through the massive blm protests. they were sometimes ignored by people in government, but they're sometimes leading to new, unexpected and measurable changes. we have that story coming up tonight. ry coming up tonight. supports cognitive health in older adults. it's one more step towards taking charge of your health. so every day, you can say... ♪ youuu did it! ♪ with centrum silver.
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yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you 100 days to change your mind. it's simple. anything else i can help you with? like what? visionworks. see the difference. american politics has long been linked to our music culture, whether the recent smackdown by dr. dre on marjorie taylor greene for misusing his music, civil rights, equality or war. some artists promote advocacy and entertainment. beyonce advocated for women's equality and civil rights, but also taking out new takes on fun dance music. it's apparently working. she tops this year's list of grammy nominees with nine, wow, tieing her husband jay-z as the most nominated artist of all time. talk about a grammy family. jay-z is nominated for a starkly
3:47 pm
political song over this last year, assailing a racist war on drugs. we covered that when it dropped. we'll find out how they and everyone else fares with the grammy awards this week. others include kendrick lamar and latin sensation bad bunny, the first spanish album nominated in the top category of album of the year. -- still being a must-watch, gather around the tv event, the grammys often have tapped into something that we can tell the nation is really feeling. ♪ purple rain ♪ ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
3:48 pm
♪ ♪ >> so you know how we do it at "the beat," we go to the source, the man behind music's biggest night, harvey mason jr., his work spans film, television and theater, written and from duesed songs for or wreath that franklin, mariah carey, elton john and collaborated with beyonce all the way out to beaver. i know you're busy right now. thanks for doing this. >> thanks for having me. we are busy. we're excited. >> when you look at this night, why does it still matter including the people who might not be obsessed with music, and who can we expect to hear from? >> oh, my gosh, well the lineup is incredible.
3:49 pm
you've got sam smith, bad bunny, lizzo, mary j. blige, brandi carlile. the list goes on and on. i think people are excited because we capture something that's unique. it's all different genres, all different people. it's people that might not come together for any other reason but to celebrate music and to unite and celebrate one another. i've been in this roll for a little over two years. our vision as an academy is not just to celebrate one night, and that night does lift the entire industry, but the idea is the use the academy and the platform and music in general to make a difference. some of the things you talked about in your introduction is what's really important to us and the heart of everything we do at the and mow. >> that's cool that bad bunny is playing. you know what bad bunny says? >> what does he say? >> he won't be dancing alone
3:50 pm
that night. that's fact-checked true. we mentioned your interesting background, folks who might not know your face, but another person like that is rick ruben, tied to so many artists from johnny cash to stars today. he's got a new book out. he did a rather interview. i want to play both for your reaction, because he kind of pushes back against aspects of the industry, but also because we just want to play it because it has some wild fun moments. take a look. >> do you play instruments? >> barely. >> do you know howboard? >> no. no technical ability. i know nothing about music. >> what are you listening for, like right now there's, what chimes, piano -- >> yeah. i'm not listening to any of those things. >> okay. what are you listening to? >> i'm listening to the feeling. aim is not to have my presence felt. unless it's necessary. the audience comes last. >> how can that be?
3:51 pm
>> well, the audience doesn't know what they want. >> do you agree? >> a lot of what he said resonates if you start making music for everyone else, i think it will change the way you create. and as a creator, you're always thinking, what's in here. what's in here. what do i want to hear. what excites me. that's the way i like to create. so i definitely agree with that sentiment. >> looking back at another big award winner who has continued to be one of the biggest artists in the world, here is drake at the grammys. >> we play an opinion-based sport. this is a business where sometimes it's up to a bunch of people that might not understand, you know, what a mixed race kid from canada has to say or a fly spanish girl from new york. the point is, you've already won if you have people who are singing your songs word for word. if you're a hero in your hometown. you don't need this right here. >> you don't need the award as he holds it. so this is the tough question i
3:52 pm
have. it's not really directed at you because you care about music and art. and you care about diversity. but the question is one that artists have put towards this institution and that industry defined. drake, the weekd said the industry, the system is somehow still unfair and don't want to be considered for grammys, to marginalize artists, specifically black artists and what do you say to that and drake specifically don't put me in? >> i don't agree with thing shas have been said about the academy. i've been in role two years. some include changes the membership. a lot of what has been criticized in the past is result of our nominations and our awards. those are the things that people -- they're obviously very hot-button topic. over the last few years we completely overhauled our membership. we've gone from a very low percentage of members that are
3:53 pm
voting in the bipoc group to really respectable number, raised the number for women voters and participants in our process to a very respectable number as it reflects our industry currently. i think there's other things that ere woo continuing to do. inclusion writer for our productions, all of our shows are operating under an inclusion writer which asks the producers to make sure there's fair representation and equality around what's going on camera, what's happening behind the camera, on the stage, behind the stage. there's so many things we have done to be more transparent, more collaborative in initiatives that we built to make sure we're listening to all the different communities that have been underserved. but at the end of the day, the academy, yes, we give away awards. yes, it gets a lot of attention when we don't get that right. that bums me out. as a creator it bums me out. as a ceo it disappoints me. but looking at the big picture, the work that we do in the industry to give back, to everyone, those are the critical
3:54 pm
of us those that love us, cannot be questioned. there needs to be people fighting for music creators. that's what the academy is doing beyond the awards, beyond the nominations, beyond the tv show, important, exciting, yes. but it's the big picture. >> yeah. and that's what i wanted to hear directly from you about it. as you mentioned there's always the clashes whether people agree with the call on the internet. oh, this person was robbed. that person was robbed. then it can develop into those other conversations and good to learn directly from you what y'all are doing. harvey, i hate to end the interview with a compliment. but, you have your whole bio record of work that is sort of old school, but you seem like you're thinking new school. so we love that. >> well, thank you. i appreciate it. means a lot. that's where we're headed. new academy. >> yes, sir. harvey mason jr., thank you. new school, new academy. meanwhile, beyonce making actual international news today. beyhive explodes. that's next.
3:55 pm
beyhive explodes that's next.
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international news about music. for the first time in about five years beyonce will go on a world tour. huge demand. huge intrigue about this. news broke today. she announced it herself. also a test for ticketmaster, which has been under scrutiny for all the problems it had when taylor swift tickets went on sale. an issue that hit congress. there was a backlash online that ranged from angry, irate fans to posts like, this people making memes about how ticketmaster -- you're clearly the problem. now beyonce has spoken before about her passionate superfans known as the beyhive. >> i can see all of my superfans in the audience when i'm performing because they're doing the choreography harder than me. it's really a special bond. and it just makes me so, so proud. >> shoutout to the beyhive and
4:00 pm
beyonce. our question tonight, we sometimes like to ask you, have you ever seen beyonce on tour? would you want to see her? let me know on social media. if you are a beyonce fan, i'm sure you have thoughts or maybe tell me your favorite beyonce show or what song you think she does best live. if you don't have to be a fan, what is the best concert you've ever seen, a question i ask you guys from time to time. tell me on any platform you choose. the reed out with joy reed is up next. ♪♪ tonight on the "reid out" -- >> in the city where the dreamer laid down and shed his blood, you have the unmitigated goal to beat your brother, chase him down and beat him some more. >> this is a family that lost their


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