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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  February 10, 2023 2:00am-3:00am PST

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for wherever business takes you. comcast business. powering possibilities. that is the show for tonight. "way too early" with jonathan lemire is coming up next. i never stood in the way of senior members of my team cooperating with the committee and testifying, but congress has
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no right to my testimony. >> that was mike pence last year talking about the january 6th committee which never sent him a subpoena, but now he is facing one this time from the special counsel investigating former president trump's role in the attack on the capitol. meanwhile on capitol hill the first hearing for the select committee on the weaponization of government goes pretty much exactly as you would expect with republicans hitting their usual list of grievances. and also ahead the state department releases new details about the chinese surveillance balloon. it comes as a prominent republican defends the response from the biden administration. good morning, and welcome to "way too early" on this friday, february 10th. i'm jonathan lemire. thanks for starting your day with us. former vice president mike pence
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has been subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election. according to an nbc news source, pence's subpoena is related to the january 6th attack on the capitol. both pence and special counsel jack smith declined to comment on the matter yesterday. smith was appointed to lead the probe back in november by attorney general merrick garland. since then he has subpoenaed local officials in key presidential swing states for any and all communications involving trump, his campaign, and allies. this comes as the house committee then investigated the capitol riot found evidence fake electors submitted trump vagtryes to the national archives in the hope pence would substitute them for the real hopes that made joe biden president. we'll have more on that story ahead. also this morning more on the chinese surveillance balloon
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shot down off the coast saturday. according to a senior state department official the balloon was fitted with multiple antennas capable of receiving signals intelligence. the balloon whose maker has ties to china's military was described by the official as carrying equipment designed to collect communications. china, of course, has said it was merely it was a weather balloon, but the equipment was described as inconsistent with what is typically found aboard such weather balloons. yesterday the house unanimously approved the resolution condemning china's balloon. that never happens. they called it, quote, a brazen violation of united states sovereignty. followed that briefing during a senate appropriations subcommittee hearing on the balloon senator john tester of montana was visibly angry during his questioning of witnesses. >> do we have a plan for the next time it happens and how we're going to deal with it?
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because quite frankly i'll just tell you, i don't want a damn balloon going across the united states when we potentially could have taken it down over the belution islands. >> china spent a spy balloon to fly all across america. the biden administration had a chance to shoot it down over alaska and chose to let it spy all across america, end of story. >> what my feeling is right now this should have been shot down over alaska. >> no adversary should be able to fly anything over the united states without it being confronted. in this particular case they had an opportunity to do so. i believe they had -- i believe they have the ability to bring it down and chose not to. >> those concerns are met with sharp contrast by senator mitt romney of utah who told reporters yesterday after the briefings, my questions were
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satisfactorily answered. meanwhile the newly formed and republican led house subcommittee on the so-called weaponization of the federal government held its first hearing yesterday. republicans on the panel claimed the government has been unfairly weaponized against conservatives while democrats argued that the committee itself was an example of improper weaponization of government. the subcommittee chair republican jim jordan of ohio laid out his plans for the panel from his opening statement. >> americans have concerns about the double standard from the department of justice. americans have concerns about the disinformation governance board at the department of homeland security tried to form. over the course of our work in this committee we expect to hear from government officials and experts like we have here today. we expect to hear from americans who have been targeted by their government. >> members heard from two panels, the first included
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republican senators chuck grassly of iowa and ron johnson of wisconsin and former congresswoman tulsi gabbard of hawaii. she left the democratic party to become an independent. each criticized the justice department, social media companies, and democrats in congress. >> the justice department and the fbi are suffering from a political infection. >> as we sit here today the danger is that if we choose to inskrekt or challenge whatever those in power declare as the so-called truth, we're accused of being anti-authority. >> the genesis of the impeachment saga has yet to be fully investigated. serious questions regarding instances of unequal applications of justice in violation of january 6th defendants due process rights remain unanswered. >> congressman jamie raskin of maryland you're seeing there was the only democratic member. >> the public is skeptical about this strange new venture with a
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strange new name that's being launched because so many of the members involved have done everything they can to block the january 6th committee's investigation of the worst insurrectionary domestic violence attempt on an american election and american congress in our history. and the public wonders whether member whose refuse to comply with congressional subpoenas themselves should be issuing congressional subpoenas to other people. after four years and millions of dollars spent, the durham investigation closed as a total flop without unearthing anything like the deep state conspiracy that republicans have been denouncing around here for years. it couldn't find anything of substance to it. trump and his obliging sycophantic attorney generals repeatedly pressured to go soft or hard always seeking to reward trump's friends or punish his
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enemy. if the weaponization of the justice department had any meaning this is it. >> stacey plaskett served as the top democrat. she expressed her concerns about what republicans on the subcommittee are doing. >> but there is a difference. my colleagues between legitimate oversight and weaponization of congress and our processes particularly our committee work as a political tool. i'm deeply concerned about the use of this select subcommittee as a place to settle scores, showcase conspiracy theories and advance an extreme agenda that risks undermining americans' faith in our democracy. >> in a tense exchange democratic congressman dan goldman of new york who serve as lead counsel in former president trump's impeachment trial pressed jordan on his claim staffers spoke on whistle-blower
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claims against the doj. >> with that the chair now recognized -- >> mr. chairman, could i have a point of order? there's been a lot of mention of information and testimony that you all have received from whistle blowers. when are you planning on providing that to the minority? >> you could have been for the very first deposition or transcribed interview of the whistle-blower. i was there when he testified on tuesday. >> that's fine. you talk about dozens of whistle-blowers. when are we going to get that information? >> when they testify when we work with -- i'll work with the ranking member on that -- >> you don't have any transcriptions of their interviews? >> we have the first ones and we have the dozens who come and talk to our office. >> chairman jordan said the subcommittee will hear more hearings in the future. the committee was forced to submit its final report by january 2025 and propose legislation that jordan says will help protect the american
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people. joining us now senior washington correspondent for bloomberg news. let's start there with that panel and sort of predictable back and forths. what is sort of this committee, the republicans charge, what are they hoping to find and how are they going to do that? are there going to be more hearings like this, investigations at work? >> we're going to see more investigations, more hearings, little sound bites to telegraph to the american public what they are finding in the biden administration, what they're finding about his family. hunter biden has been one key cudgel they've really held onto, and then what we're going to see in response from the white house they already have prepared democratic talking points they zroibed out like candy to, you know, their speakers and officers out there across washington to go back against this calling it a like a mccarthyism type approach. >> obviously some intense moments yesterday, and comes at
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a moment here in washington where we saw the heckling at the "state of the union," extreme partisanship on display. but with all that as a backdrop, they've got to get some stuff done including lifting the debt ceiling. where do negotiations stand there? what sort of time line are we looking at? >> after we saw on tuesday with republicans taking on the president in realtime over social security and medicare cuts, yesterday we had republicans come back on proposals how they can approach some of the budget cuts if they wanted to fund a bipartisan agreement. janet yellin has said we have until junish. they have about $500 billion in cash to play with before they breach that debt limit cap. every single year every politician says we're going to solve this before this becomes -- we get to the deadline, and every single year we get within hours before anything is passed. >> and even getting close to the deadline could have economic
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consequences. you mention the treasury secretary. tell us a bit more. we're going to get further -- later in the show more on the russia ukraine conflict, but there's some news on new russian sanctions, right? >> what we're looking at is a tightening of the sanctions we've got now. we're seeing signs that the russian economy, their budget gap is increasing. they have less money to play with, less money to push into the war, and that's coming from the sanctions squeeze and also coming from the oil price cap that has been put on russia, and now it's an economic war they're also participating on the side of the military excursions there talking about reducing oil they're putting into the economy, into the world which is actually raising oil prices and hurting the rest of the world. so there is this big tug-of-war going on economically as well as russia and ukraine. >> you're a "the washington post" correspondent for bloomberg news. thanks for being here this
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morning. still ahead here on "way too early," an update on pennsylvania senator john fetterman's condition after he was hospitalized earlier this week. plus as i just mentioned the latest from ukraine as russia launches a new series of attack in both the eastern and southern regions of that war torn country. those stories and a check of the weather and sports when we come right back. when we come right back come here! you know why people are always looking at their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. see cousin jimmy over there? his girlfriend just caught the bouquet so...
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senator john fetterman of pennsylvania spent a second night in the hospital as doctors ruled out another stroke but monitored him for sign of seizure. fetterman was admitted to the hospital on wednesday after feeling light-headed while attending a democratic senate retreat here in washington. the democrat, of course, suffered a stroke last may days before that state's democratic primary. former congressman and dccc chair might be headed back to
2:17 am
washington. nbc news is reporting former speaker nancy pelosi has been making calls pushing to have the white house name maloney as the next secretary of labor, according to two sources familiar with the phone calls maloney lost his seat in a close race in the last mid-term election but was given credit through the democrats better than expected showing in november. current secretary marty walsh is expected to step down in the near future to head the hockey league's players union. not all democrats are happy about maloney's return to the capitol. fellow lawmaker alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted yesterday she couldn't think of a more divisive candidate for the job. in a statement the white house said it had no personal announcements to make about secretary walsh, but sources in the familiar say his number two in the department.
2:18 am
still ahead, we'll turn to sports as buffalo bills safety damar ham hamlin took the stage last night at the nfl's annual award show. we'll play for you some of his emotional speech and preview sunday's big game. we'll be right back. e. we'll be right back. versus 16 grams in ensure® high protein. boost® high protein. now available in cinnabon® bakery-inspired flavor. learn more at (vo) what can a nationwide 5g network from t-mobile for business nodo for your business?on® bakery-inspired flavor. unlock new insights and efficiency-right now. allow monitoring of productivity at remote job sites, with next-generation bandwidth. enable ai cameras that spot factory issues in real time, using next-generation speed. and deliver ultra-capacity 5g coverage that's years ahead of the competition. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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sudden cardiac arrest is nothing i would have ever chosen to be a part of my story, but that's because sometimes our own visions are too small even when we think we're seeing the bigger picture. my entire life i felt like god was using me to give others hope, and now with a new set of circumstances i can only say he's doing what he's always done. i have a long journey ahead, a journey full of unknown, and a journey full of milestones, but it's a lot easier to face your fears when you know your purpose. a special thank you to everyone on this stage for everything they did for me, and thank you everyone around the country and around the world who prayed for me and hoped for me.
2:22 am
the journey will continue. >> that is bill safety damar hamlin speaking during last night's nfl honors event in phoenix, joining the medical and athletic training staff recognized on stage for their efforts in saving hamlin's life after his collapse during that football game last month. remarkable. bill's assistant trainer who performed cpr on hamlin on the field earned some extra appreciation with get this a fifth place vote for the league's most valuable player award. one of the writers cast the ballot for him in a nice tribute. it's amazing to see damar hamlin doing so well. but in terms of the winner of the mvp, patrick mahomes, the kansas city quarterback got 48 of the 50 first place votes earning mvp honors for the second time in his six-year career. mahomes led the league this season in passing yards, touch down passes and total qb rating
2:23 am
while leading the chiefs in a record, and of course a spot in sunday's super bowl. in a video message played after the award, mahomes thanked his family, the chiefs organization and his teammates, but this might be a bad omen for new york city as the mvp has not gone onto win since 1999. meanwhile a class of eight former players and one coach were selected for enshrinement to the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio, it features a rare showcase of defensive talent marking the first time since the nfl's merger with the afl back in 1970 that four of the maximum five slots in a modern era class have been defensive players. and the only offensive player on the list, former cleveland
2:24 am
lineman joe thomas. president joe biden has not committed to the customary sit down with the network broadcasting the super bowl. white house press secretary jean-pierre only saying she had nothing to preview as the president traveled to florida. fox will carry the super bowl on sunday. biden did sit for an interview with nbc last year, which was broadcast as part of the network's coverage and cbs before and we should note president obama sat down with fox twice while they had the game when he was in office. and of course we're almost thereafter two weeks of relentless hype super bowl 57 between the kansas city chiefs and philadelphia eagles kicks off at 6:00 p.m. sunday in glendale, arizona. my official prediction kansas city, 27, philadelphia, 23. let's now turn to meteorologist angie lassman for the forecast
2:25 am
but first let's get angie's prediction. >> i'm going to go with the eagles. you see my green today. i honestly don't care but we'll see who wins this bet. weather wise, jonathan, a little busy for folks who have plans in the south the next couple of days into sunday. heavy rain at that. the flooding concern will be there, so just be aware. atlanta, montgomery, jacksonville, charleston, all on the table to see flooding concerns with anywhere from 2 to 3 to upwards of 4 inches in some locations, also a bit of snow, and you can see where the bulls eye is for the heaviest amount of rain mainly focused into places like georgia and south carolina and the panhandle of florida as a low pressure system works through that area. that's going to make it a little tough for any outdoor plans the next cup of days even as temperatures remain warm in that area. they also remain warm across much of the northeast, and the rest of the east coast 56 for richmond, way above normal and places like boston could see a
2:26 am
record high today. they could blow past it with a high of 60 degrees this afternoon. back farther to the west minneapolis at 36, milwaukee at 39, and kansas city 50 degrees. not bad for mid-february. as we get into the next couple of days we see a little bit of a cool down for places like chicago, sand, monday, maybe into the 40s. still not bad this time of year. but end up back into the 50s for a lot of places for the next couple of days. how about that super bowl forecast? if you're lucky enough to be headed out to arizona, sunny, warm, 70, this is my kind of weather. elsewhere through the weekend there's your saturday forecast. the whole midsection of the country, plenty of sunshine. yes, of course, rain in parts of the southeast. that'll be something you deal with for the next couple of days. sunshine continues, great weather for really three quarters of the country, jonathan, as we head to sunday. >> thank you very much. have a great weekend. still ahead here, president biden, well, he made a stop in florida and he criticized republican senator rick scott's
2:27 am
plan for social security and medicare. this is going to be a daily occurrence, folks. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is also weighing in. we'll be right back with that. we'll be right back with that. we have a denture problem. over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip. age is just a number, and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health versus 16 grams in ensure® high protein. boost® high protein. now available in cinnabon® bakery-inspired flavor. learn more at the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. and it could strike at any time. think you're not at risk? wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. could be a sign that your digestive system isn't at its best. but a little metamucil everyday can help.
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welcome back to "way too early." it's coming up on 5:30 a.m. on the east coast, 2:30 out west. president joe biden back on the road to florida speaking about a proposal there from one of their own senators to cut government
2:31 am
programs for them for seniors. in tampa the president directly called out florida's governor rick saut scott for his plan to put medicare and social security up for congressional approval every five years. >> the very idea a senator from fld wants to put social security and medicare on the chopping block every five years i find to be out ramgs, so out ramgs you might not even believe it. i guarantee you it will not happen. i will veto it. i know that a lot of republicans their dream is to cut social security and medicare. let me say this, if that's your dream, i'm your nightmare. >> he likes that line. scott, meanwhile, continues to double down on his plan while simultaneously accusing the president of lying about his position. that's a neat trick. the florida senator also challenged the president to a debate yesterday. the white house does not respond. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, though, is weighing in on the claims senator scott
2:32 am
wants to sunset social security and medicare. >> well, unfortunately that was the scott plan. that's not a republican plan. that was the rick scott plan. the republican plan as i pointed out last fall, if we were to become the majority, there were no plans to raise taxes on half the american people or to sunset medicare or social security. so it's clearly the rick scott plan, it is not the republican plan. and that's the view of the speaker of the house as well. i think we're in a more authoritative position to say what the position of the party is than any single senator. >> so rick scott's really not back in the fold after he ran against you for leadership. >> well, it doesn't have anything to do with that. this is a bad idea. i think it will be a challenge for him to deal with this as the re-election in florida. >> no love lost there. the florida senator did address
2:33 am
his plan in an interview yesterday claiming his idea is to look at all government funded programs not just social security and medicare. he also addressed his frustrations with mcconnell. >> well, he just kicked him off the committee so i mean that was pretty petty. i've been on the committee for four years. i probably ran the biggest business than anybody who's ever served in the senate. third biggest economy i think in the country and i got kicked off of commerce. >> joining us now white house bureau chief for "the washington post." great to see you. you have been a busy guy. i saw you in wisconsin on wednesday. you were also in florida yesterday. we appreciate you being here this morning. it does seem like the president over these cup of days is trying out a few messages, a few themes for what could be his re-election bid. tell us what struck you, and in particular, boy, we're going to be seeing a lot about that social security and medicare plan? >> yeah, the white house thinks this is useful message for them. they found a useful foil in
2:34 am
someone like rick scott that doubled down on this idea we're going to sunset these programs. so the white house is realizing that they had a nice moment on tuesday during the "state of the union" where they were able to sort of force these republicans to stand up for medicare and social security, but they also want to keep pushing this message because they think as long as they can highlight the disunity in the republican party over these issues, they can have a positive message for their voters and start to win back some of these seniors and other people who do not want to see cuts to these programs, so they do think this is a winning message and i expect the president to continue to put this message forward in the next few week. >> certainly on messaging, though, you're right you got a new piece out this week about how the administration has struggled to communicate a lot of their successes, and there's been some frustration in the building about that. tell us more. >> the president has talked
2:35 am
about all the things that got done during the last two years. he talked about passing a massive infrastructure bill, passing a bill to create jobs, creating more than 12 million jobs in this country over the last two years at a record pace. there's a little frustration in the white house when you look at the polling it doesn't appear they're getting the support from the public, and a lot of americans don't feel the impact of these things yet in part because these things haven't been implemented, but in part because the message hasn't broken through yet. president biden -- and there are a lot of americans not yet aware of all the major things he's passed. the white house is looking for a way to figure out where to go, put together events that will garner media interest. so far they have struggled to do that, but it does appear to be one of the major things they're going to try to do over the course of the next two years. >> lastly and briefly, you know, the white house has been saying for a while when asked about
2:36 am
2024 and the time of the announcement the one concrete thing they'd always say is hey we'll announce during the "state of the union." >> president biden is in full re-election mode. if you look where he's been going in wisconsin, florida, talking about republicans in a way that shows he's trying to contrast his vision with theirs, he's in full re-election mode, i do expect an official announcement to come in the next several weeks, but they don't seem to be in a hurry. it does appear he's going to take his time. >> and the democrat's successful mid-terms brought him some time as well, no doubt. white house pureo chief for "the washington post," thank you so much for being here this morning. go get some sleep. still ahead we're live with cnbc for the latest in business news and the latest look at wul street which is on track to end the week in red.
2:37 am
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time now for business, and for that let's bring in cnbc's jomana who joins us live from london. all major averages on track to end the week with losses. tell us what the day is looking like. >> yeah, well, exactly like your sound effect, it's not looking that pretty. we didn't have a very positive week for stock markets as a whole. yesterday we saw the dow close down about 0.7 and as we talk about earning in the week there's a lot of focus on what central bank policy is, in the future what the fed is going to do with interest rate hikes and also a big focus on tech stocks as well as the race for ai technology. yesterday we saw google's parent alphabet drop around 4 percentage points, meta around 3 percentage points and also had
2:41 am
lyft. so kind of a bleak setup for today heading into the weekend as well. >> so i won't make any sound effects for this question. disney's ceo bob iger has won a key battle against activist investor nelson peltz. tell us about this story. >> yeah, so let me give you this context. back in january the activist nelson peltz made a bid for a board seat at disney essentially launching a proxy fight. he's been critical in the decisions including the take over of fox back in 2019, a failure on succession planning as well as what he called a failure as well. but yesterday nelson peltz was on cnbc speaking for jim cramer and he said he's walking away namely because earlier in the week bob iger who's the returning ceo of disney announced a major restructuring
2:42 am
for the company deciding to break it into three different units. he mapped out a plan for profitability for the streaming service and nelson peltz says the company has now done everything we wanted them to do, which also means it is one less headache for bob iger as well. >> so here's a big number. adidas is saying it could lose around $1.3 billion in revenue this year. how could that happen? >> yeah, well, let me tell you the stock is down 10 percentage points today in trading, and it is namely on back of the partnership with kanye west. today it turns out they may have as much as 500 million euros worth of merchandise, yeezy merchandise they need to get off the shelves that aren't really flying off the shelves at this point. they also announced another 200 million euros in potential
2:43 am
restructuring of the business. this is their fourth profit warning since july. since 2022 as a whole it's down from where it was. so there's a really steep hill for them to climb to get back to profitability and sort of gain market confidence again. >> the dangers of going into business with someone who reveals himself to be a terrible anti-semite. live from london, thank you and have a great weekend. still ahead here on "way too early" is a new barrage of russian bombardments in ukraine this morning that might mark the start of moscow's renewed offensive in the country. we'll dive into that and get an update on the conflict next on "way too early." e conflict nextn "way too early." so no matter what the market's doing, he's ready. and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. [♪♪] your money never stops working for you with merrill, if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®.
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welcome back. some developing news this morning. an air-raid alert has been declared in all of ukraine urging all residents to take shelter. explosions have been heard today in the capitol of kyiv and surrounding area as russia unleashed a new wave of missile strikes on critical
2:47 am
infrastructure in both southern and eastern ukraine. overnight attacks knocked out power supplies to parts of kharkiv, the second largest city in ukraine. this morning at least 17 missiles hit the city of zaporizhzhia, home to europe's largest nuclear power plant. officials say the barrage marks the most intense period of attacks in that area since the war began nearly a year ago. joining us now senior correspondent for yahoo news michael weiss. i've heard a series of theories on the attacks that it could be lashing out after zelenskyy got support from the allies or perhaps the beginning of the long rumored russian offensive. what's your assessment about this attack that everyone seems to think is coming from russia? is this the beginning? >> well, i mean, the ukrainians have been bracing for a massive
2:48 am
escalation for quite a while. i mean we're exactly, it's february 10th. we're two weeks to the day out from the one-year anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine. so everyone assumes that putin is going to do something massive whether it's a barrage of cruise missiles, iranian drone strikes or indeed a major push to retake or to just take, frankly, all of donbas. western intelligence officials i queried say that by march he has given the deadline to capture all of the eastern regions of ukraine. however, there's a bit of a debate among analysts as to whether or not this massive russian offensive is already underway. estonian military analysts seem to question in fact this offensive seems to have taken place for quite a while since early january. and the way it's working is rather than see a huge buildup of artillery, you know, armored
2:49 am
aircraft at the russian and bell rusine border putin is pouring man power into ukraine. indeed you're seeing a further escalation of russian attacks in luhansk and donetsk and trying to take bakhmut and symbolically for putin and the financier of the merseinary corp and a massive victory if they were going to capture this territory. i'm looking here what the ukrainian armed forces have said this morning about the air-raid. seven kamikaze drones launched, six caliber sea based cruise missiles from a russian frigate in the black sea and the air force and armed forces of
2:50 am
ukraine destroyed five of the calibers and five of the shot hits. so this actually bodes well for ukraine's bolstered air defenses which have been, you know, fortified and increased by western support including geopatriot air defense missile batteries from the united states. >> so obviously we're in the depth of winter right now in ukraine, but, you know, in a few weeks temperatures will start to warmup. how do you see this going? i was talking to some u.s. officials here in washington this week, and they do think that this next stretch, this next phase of the war could be really critical to shaping what comes for maybe even months or years ahead. what's your analysis from the intelligence officers and military experts that you speak to? >> so i think what the what the are angling to do is to try to get their licks in now before some of the heavy equipment that western partners have promised ukraine arrives on the battlefield. clearly, ukrainians are getting main battle tanks from the
2:51 am
united states, germany, the netherlands, the uk. but before these tanks are operational, before the ukrainians have had the time to train up on them, to do combined arms maneuvers to retake and push back russian offenses from the east, the russians clearly want to capture territory. like i said earlier, all of donbas, which is the area putin seems to want by march. that's a month and change away from now. so i wouldn't be surprised to see a continued barrage of missile and drone strikes. blinding the ukrainians, trying to make life as miserable as possible for major metropolitan areas, in conjunction with an onslaught, human wave attacks. i was talking to a journalist friend of mine who got back from bakhmut. said the ukrainian armed forces shared with him thermal imaing
2:52 am
of a military strike on the wagner positions. this is remarkable. we hit them with artillery, and they're not phased. they don't duck for cover. they don't run. they don't fall back. they keep pressing on. they said, human beings don't do this. when an artillery shell hits 50 meters from your position, you react to it. they're believed these guys are capped up on drugs, something, just to keep them coming, like a wave of zombies. this is like "world war z," they describe the russian attack wave. i wouldn't be surprised. putin has absolutely zero concern for the loss of human lives. the financier announced in the last 48 hours, we're no longer recruiting convicts from russian prisons to fight this war. why? because the prisoners would rather stay in jail than become hamburger in eastern ukraine. they're now aware of just how
2:53 am
devastating this campaign is. >> that's about as bleak of an image as we can come up with here in shows, again, that the war is not ending soon. michael weiss, thank you, as always. up next on "way too early," the politics play into the choice for hosting the 2024 democratic national convention. then, coming up on "morning joe," a record-setting 12 female governors were sworn into office this year. mika's sit-down with six of them is straight ahead. plus, chris sununu took a major step toward a potential run for president this week. the new hampshire republican is also a guest this morning. and we'll hear from the mayors of kansas city and philadelphia, as the chiefs and eagles face off in sunday's super bowl. "morning joe" a few short moments away. with merrill. so no matter what the market's doing, he's ready. and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no. he's making real-time money moves with merrill. so no matter what the market's doing, he's ready. and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. joining us now with a look at "axios a.m.," politics reporter, our friend eugene scott. morning. >> morning. >> what is the "axios 1 big thing" today?
2:57 am
>> it's that chicago democrats are placing increased pressure on joe biden to choose the windy city as the location for the 2024 democratic national convention. they're making the case that atlanta, another city he's strongly considering, would be a major blow to the labor movement, considering georgia is a right to work state. >> let's dig into this a little bit more. so new york is also the other city in the mix, but seen as third at the moment. >> yes. >> georgia is, obviously, more of a swing state. we know the president barely captured it last time around. >> sure. >> illinois is not. but a pick of chicago would be about unions and also a pick of a demographic that's eluded democrats recently. white working class voters. >> absolutely. we know when the president visited wisconsin, not far from chicago, earlier this week, union leaders tried to make the case that he should return to the region if he wants to see his standing improve with that demographic. >> what is the timeline as to when this decision will get made? >> well, it is not clear right now, but they certainly are still in conversations.
2:58 am
it's something that democrats are hoping is clear before the end of spring. >> republicans have already picked milwaukee as their choice. wisconsin, another key, key swing state. i'll say that july or august in atlanta would be really hot. we'd have to consider that, as well. we heard from the president while he was in wisconsin. >> yes. >> also yesterday in florida. he's been comparing republican and democratic positions on health care and entitlements. tell us more about the argument he has been making. >> he's trying to make the case that, on the emphasis of balancing the budget or making cuts so that debt ceiling goals can be reached, that republicans are looking at these programs that are very important to republican voters and also voters outside of the gop that biden is hoping to win. he is leaning in. we've seen rick scott this week stumble over his argument in a way that benefits democrats. there are other gop lawmakers who are really not helping the
2:59 am
republican party in making the case that they want to keep these programs that many americans rely upon. >> the pamphlet in which scott announces this plan, the president actually held it up to the camera on wednesday in wisconsin. yesterday in florida. a copy of it was placed on every seat in the audience to make sure the seniors there saw it. we played earlier on the show, you could just hear the venom dripping in mcconnell's voice about this plan, the proposal. a gift to the white house. >> easily. that's why biden is leaning into it, despite being booed by republicans making the case or argument, should i say, that he is not being completely truthful and honest about what they really want, or his own history regarding these issues. but rick scott, other republicans, have also gone on the record this week. i believe ron johnson saying things that make it very clear that this program is something that they aren't really sold on. >> lastly, earlier this week, news came out that labor secretary marty walsh is on his
3:00 am
way to become the head of the national hockey league players association. there is a fight growing as to who could be his replacement. what's the reporting you have? >> it's actually the first brewing, maybe minor civil war within the democratic party during this session. asian-american lawmakers are pressing for the california labor secretary to get this position. they'd love to see an asian-american individual in a high-profile position in the cabinet. but some very influential democrats on the hill. nancy pelosi still is pushing for sean patrick maloney, the former new york congressman who headed the dccc heading into the recent midterms. who could be the leader next is not clear, but there's debate already. >> that'll be a big topic next week, as well. senior politics reporter gene scott, thank you. thank you for getting up "way too early" on this friday morning. "morning joe" starts


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