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tv   Symone  MSNBC  February 11, 2023 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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in fact, kylie is going to be bringing to obi doctors to state farm stadium just in case. now earlier this, week the couple said that they are still pretty undecided on a name but if she ever arrives over the weekend, if she arrives over the weekend i should say, they might have to name her super but at the very least cover the initials of s b and honor of her super timing. that wraps it up for me, i am yasmin vossoughian. i will be back in the chair tomorrow, 2 pm eastern. simone starts right now. t now. greetings everyone, you are watching symone. we are following new developments on the high altitude object. the u.s. fighter jet shot down over the lasting airspace. they are still very few details about the object or as potential threat to u.s. security. we are talking to a military expert about what happens next. and former vice president mike
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pence, justice department wants a word. first he has been subpoenaed in the january 6th investigation. and second, the fbi discovered another classified document at the former cheapie's indiana home. we will have a legal analysis and reaction from democratic congressman, jim clyburn. plus, we have the latest from an turkey. after a massive earthquake rocked the country and neighboring syria. over 25,000 people have died, and rescue hopes are dwindling. i am simone sanders thompson and i have something to say. at this hour we are following breaking stories that have changed in the last 24 hours. we have the latest twists and turns for you. start with new developments in a separate justice departments
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investigations. first on the classified argument was discovered and former vice president indiana home after a five hour search. it was the latest drop in a steady stream of classify discoveries that have spanned multiple administrations. although, it seems to be only one person has committed the crime. it is not mike pence. leading some to wonder if new legislation might actually be necessary. secondly, there is special counsel jack smith, issued a subpoena to mike pence in the investigation of former president trump's role in january six. a source familiar with the trump legal team's discussions tells nbc news, it's a subpoena about the former president's attorneys are planning to fight it. donald trump's legal team declined to comment. and or national security front, a u.s. fighter jet shot down another high altitude object, this time airspace over the skies over alaska. this comes days after a pilot also shot down a chinese spy balloon, off of the coast of south carolina. the pentagon has given through
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details about the most recent object and the origins but here is what the national security council strategic communications coordinator, john kirby had to say on friday. >> i can confirm that the department of defense was jack in the high altitude object over the alaska airspace in the last 24 hours. the objects was lying at an altitude of 40,000 feet and posed a reasonable threat for the safety of civilian flight. out of an abundance of caution and the recommendation of the pentagon, president biden ordered the military to down the object. >> joining me now to discuss all of this and more is the democratic congressman from south carolina and assistant democratic leader, jim clyburn. welcome to you sir. let's start with the object. what information if any have you or other members gotten about this high altitude object? have you put in a request for more information? >> well thank you very much for
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having me. i have not gotten any information i think that i have been looking at programs and others. they all tend to seem to have more socials and the congress people have. i have not heard anything other than that which i have heard. i do believe hakeem jeffries, the leader and at least that's what i am told. and i suspect that he will let us know what we need to know what he thinks we need to know it. >> all right. let's move to the latest in the pence documents case. and i would like to start by playing some of what democratic congressman jim hines told my colleagues on morning joe about whether congress needs to pass legislation addressing document handling by the administration. take a listen. >> you know no i don't think we need legislation. i don't think we need a blue ribbon commission on how to keep classified information in
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the white house. again, i think we need a 30 year old with a top secret sci security clearance to look at a bunch of boxes. >> do you agree? >> i think so. i don't know that we need a good reformation. you know i've been to classified briefings and i go to many of them and way they say to us, you look at this and you leave it, at your seat, you do that. now i think it is been a little bit this concerning, but a lot of people to this information seem to be a little bit negligent and how they deal with it. so i just think that's what we need to do. just be focused on what you are doing. i don't think we need more laws to deal with it. >> so congressman, there are folks and particularly in the case of former vice president mike pence and president biden. these documents seem to have made their way into their possession because they were backing up at the end of
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administration. you don't think there is any legislation that congress should pass, to create some type of rule there? >> well i don't think you need -- to be able to recognize that they are classified. and if it's a file that is classified, you don't put it in boxes that go to anybody's home. it goes to archives or it goes to what are the appropriate agency might be. i can understand how a folder gets wrapped into something else, gets misplaced or something. i don't think we need any isolation for. that no matter what you do, is this legislation, people have to be vigilant. people have to pay attention and they have to follow the rules. you can't neck people, no it wasn't a law in there. it is not there to prevent people, and it is there to hopefully discourage them. people still find a way and
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sometimes, unintentionally break the laws. >> i want to turn to talk about social security and medicare congressman. republicans balk if you will early this week when president biden said that his state of the union that they had proposed cuts to programs, such a social security and medicare. senator ray squad he infamously proposed sunsetting all federal legislation including medicare and social security within five years under republican senate. now the senator has announced the so-called protect our seniors act which he claims will protect social security and medicare. it would also require two thirds of a vote to make cuts to the programs, i just referenced. do you buy that backtracking? >> no i don't. i know the whole history of social security. i have been studying social security all the way back to the 1935 legislation. i know that social security has
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been a problem for republicans since its inception. i also know what the final vote was, they kept telling you that there was a bipartisan vote. look at the debate that led up to the vote, they cleared it social security in the first place. they always hated the program. i do know that the new people i hated medicare. i do know that rick squat vote in his proposal as the chair of the republicans, senatorial campaign committee. he laid out, if you wanted the sunset it, every five years and if it's worthwhile, congress will renew it. that should not be. and he is not the only one. so to me, i have seen the video of him saying that he wants to get rid of it. so we must take them at their word. do you know what my angela, says you have to believe them the first time. so what does that mean, now it
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makes no difference to me. i believe what they said the first time. >> believe them the first, time congressman jim clyburn thank you very much for your time sir. >> thank you very much for having me. >> okay, let's go to the legal piece here and i want to talk about the most significant action yet by the special counsel, who has appointed to look at the former president trump's role in the january 6th attack on the capitol. and, also former president's handling of classified documents. jack smith has subpoenaed former vice president mike pence. to see what evidence he has of trump's involvement with the insurrection and today, we are hearing the former presidents legal team will be weighing in. i want to bring an embassy legal analyst paul butler, he joins me now, a professor at georgetown school of law and a former federal prosecutor. all, right paul make your plan for the people. show it be leaning anything from the subpoena or is jack smith just you know doing his job? >> both.
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this is what prosecutors do when they are seriously considering indicting somebody simone. it's a really big deal to haul the former vice president and to a grand jury. that is in the criminal investigation, jack smith is an experienced public corruption prosecutor. he would only do, this an extremely compelling reason. what i think is going, on prosecutors want to lock in mike pence's testimony and the case of charges that are brought against donald trump. jack smith also wants to know, what went down in those one-on-one conversations between trump and pence. the january six committee heard from trump's top or pence's top aides but of course pence refused to cooperate with that committee. >> so a lot of those lines paul, we are now hearing that the former president trump's attorneys are going to fight the subpoena and they will do so on the grounds of executive privilege. but can you set the record straight for us? can pence or the former
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president claimed executive privilege in this instance understanding that many trump administration officials have tried to do so on the biden white house has declined to extend that privilege to them? >> they certainly will assert their privilege but it's not going to happen. legally it's a straightforward case. pensacola van cleave to comply with this subpoena. trump might claim executive privilege, that is a weak claim in a case called u.s. versus nixon and the supreme court, said it doesn't carry the same weight in criminal investigations as a congressional hearings. also, that privilege as you said mainly belongs to the city president. that is president biden, trump can claim some residual privilege but courts are sympathetic to that. finally simone, pence wrote about january six in this book. you get to say stuff to sell books and then claim you can
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talk about it to the grand jury because it's privilege? >> he also did multiple interviews. okay thank you for making that clear. so then, paul there is also earlier reporting that said that the former vice presidents team mike pence, was weighing a response to the subpoena. what is there to weigh? i did not know that you could ignore subpoenas from the justice department? >> the take nothing away some. on people remember how some trump sympathizers this the january six commission by refusing to comply with those subpoenas. this is a whole different game. it's a grand share a subpoena with a strong enforcement mechanism. if we don't obey it, federal agents can lock you up until you do. >> all, right well paul butler, i think we will leave it there. thank you very much sir. >> always a pleasure my friend. >> we want to turn now to the latest on the desperate efforts in turkey and syria to rescue earthquake victims before it is
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too late. the death toll has already surpassed 25,000 and survivors are in need of dire aid. and we see news correspondent, gabe gutierrez is live in a hard-hit area of southern turkey. gabe, what is the latest? souther>> while some, on a tury state borne news agencies is reporting that more than 100 people across this country have now been detained for what the government believes may have been shoddy construction that could have led to the loss of life. as you mentioned, that search and rescue operation, here in turkey at least is still underway. let me step out of the white, here one of the sites where there is a recovery operation on the way. they have pulled out 12 survivors over the last several days and have now pulled out also more than a dozen bodies from this location alone. workers have been here throughout the night and will continue to be here as loved ones, family members are still also here across the street waiting for any kind of work.
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this all comes as humanitarian aid tries to get into this region, into turkey. we were at a mountainous village a little earlier today. where insulation was being brought in and there was a mad scramble to get it -- there were not enough, tans food, or shelter and that is a huge concern here in turkey but also perhaps more so in syria where it has been a very dire situation. there is mounting frustration there but not enough humanitarian aid has not arrived. as we come back here to southern turkey again, there is a struggle to house so many people care as the death toll now tops 25,000. simone? >> absolutely devastating, and we see gabe gutierrez thank you very much. for bringing us that news. coming up folks, i think it is fair to say that folks have some questions. i know i do, and i am talking about the second flying object
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the breaking news we told you about earlier. for the second time in less than a week, the united states shot down and object flying in our airspace. pentagon officials are only calling it a high altitude
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object at this point. flying at 40,000 feet when it was shot down but we are all saying that it was a side of those small cars and it was on manned. here's what alaska senator, lisa murkowski told nbc news yesterday. >> to know that we have yet a now they're unidentified object, successfully shot down in alaska, making sure that the message is clear. that any, and any sovereign territory or airspace in this country, if there is a threat, and incursion there will be consequences. >> national security council official john kirby said the united states doesn't know who owns the object or what it was doing and u.s. airspace. i think there are a lot of unanswered questions about this incident. let's bring in retired four star army general barry mccaffrey. he joins us, now and and pc news and msnbc military analyst. mccaffrey, thank you very much for being here. let's put the facts on the
1:20 pm
table, we don't know what the object is or who sent it or even what it was doing. 40,000 feet up. so take us inside what the process is for gathering more information about this object. how long could it take the military? >> well by the way, one comment about the senator from alaska and her concern about alaskan airspace, if you either forget that during world war ii the japanese actually invaded the aleutian islands. it's sort of baked into the dna of the alaskan political delegation that they want protection. we have enormous amount of military power up in alaska. air, coast guard, army, some occasional navy transit. it was interesting for me to see her extreme reaction. we all know what that object was. it sounds very on likely from what so far are merged, that it
1:21 pm
was an active chinese collection intelligence device. it wasn't, man did not have surveillance equipment. it was fairly small. i think the president did the right thing by calling the military to take it down, then that 22. there is such political fear over last week, and we see what his options were. we will know more by the end of the week when they recover the debris from the ice storms. >> so general, you say it is very unlikely that this object belonged to the chinese. what kind of conversations with the pentagon be having this weekend into next week to figure out where that object actually came from? >> well, the navy and the coast guard along the alaskan national guard will take a lead and going to the site recovering that debris, they will bring in black of
1:22 pm
helicopters and fly people on their collective. i am assuming, it will be almost instantaneously within 72 hours, they will see what it was all up to. manufactured it. they will be able to sort out then who launched it but i don't think we should miss the point, the larger issue we are looking at as we are now understanding the chinese have a global intelligence collection system. using that, balloons they have pieces from taiwan, from hawaii, in latin america so they have been at this for several years now. it's a new challenge, we have to sort it out. >> yes, this is not something that just happened overnight. very quickly general, do you think we would have, the military and the united states government would have told practically told the american people about this flying object in alaska, had we not had known and seen this chinese spy
1:23 pm
balloon over the last week? >> hard to, know every day nor ad and the four star general and the u.s. canadians. they watched tens of thousands of man flights. there are hundreds of balloons floating around, belonging to google and foreign nations. so they have to sort out what do we do about each possible threat? >> retired army general barry mccaffrey, i don't know if you have a podcaster but i think you should get one. i would listen to it every week. thank you for joining us today. all right, folks don't go anywhere and stay with us. i have new details on president biden's plans to visit poland to mark one year since russia's invasion of ukraine. i will also get into how president biden will build on the state of the union message ahead of the potential 2024 reelection announcement. my one-on-one with the deputy white house chief of staff, general is next.
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nexium 24hr prevents heartburn acid before it begins. get all-day and all-night heartburn acid prevention with just one pill a day. choose acid prevention. choose nexium. after giving one of the most
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powerful speeches of his presidency this week, president biden traveled to wisconsin in florida to drive home this message. social security and medicare should not be on the chopping block when republicans talk about cutting government spending and the debt ceiling needs to be raised. those were just a couple of the points, president biden made on tuesday night when more than 27 million americans watched his
1:28 pm
state of the union address. he talked about his long list of accomplishments from record job growth, historic infrastructure bill and covid recovery. he also prove that he is not afraid to take on the hecklers. >> no president added more to the national debt and that for years and my predecessor, nearly 25% of the entire national debt that took over 200 years to accumulate was added by just one administration alone the last one. those are the facts, check it out. check it out. >> check it out. earlier, i had a chance to talk to president biden's deputy chief of staff, jim o'malley dillon and i started by asking her about this nbc news poll. it shows despite big economic gains, only 36% of americans approve of the way that president is handling the economy. and whether the strategy should be to reiterate and reinforce
1:29 pm
his message with the american people and is that what they are doing? here is what she had to say. >> the economy is getting better. that there are key metrics we can point to. 12 million new jobs in two years alone. unemployment lower than it has been in 50 years, inflation coming down for the last six months. small business, applications at 10 million. we can go point by point and the historic progress as really clear. as the president said, there is more work to be done and we have to finish that job. we have the both make sure that we continue on the path of the presidents economic vision which is making this country work better for the bottom up not the countdown. then we have to go and tell that story and make real, the impact on the american people. you are seeing that certainly as you are saying, as we traveled across the country that the president wasn't. madison, wisconsin and florida, vice president was in georgia. at then cabinet went to over 20 states. then we have a real opportunity
1:30 pm
and 23 to see the and packs of some of these and vestments that came through and legislation last year. whether it's infrastructure or chips, you will continue to see the president doing things like going to the spence bridge, really focusing on the impacts on people. >> do you know janet, you talk about the anthrax of these projects and i heard the president say in the state of the union, there are about 20,000 projects already that are broken ground as relations a bipartisan infrastructure deal, then you look at this recent washington post poll that was taken a week before a red before state of the union. it showed majority of americans, 52% did not believe that president biden had achieved much since taking office. you're just sectoral list of accomplishments and frankly, he has done more into years than both presidents have done an eight. so do any of these polls motivate the white house to maybe retool the strategy? >> well you know better than most that a poll was a snapshot of time and you know if you just go back a few months, the
1:31 pm
elections in november i think you saw the american people vote and represent where they wanted us to stay focused. that was now getting the job done, lowering prices for the american people. getting these projects underway. and so, look at think of course we have more work to do for people to feel that impact. we are coming through a tough time over the last couple of years. as you heard the president speak at the state of the union, you heard the themes about the kind of leadership that he believes in. who this country should work for? you heard him over the last two years say the same. you heard him when he was on his campaign before that. so he is very laser focused on continuing the job ahead of us. and our job is to make sure that we are continuing to deliver and then telling that story of how it is happening. >> we are about to mark the one year anniversary of russia's invasion of ukraine. the white house has announced that the president is going to travel to the neighboring country of poland, to mark that one year anniversary. what message does the president
1:32 pm
hope to stand with the strip? will he across the border into ukraine jen, a lot of people are wondering. >> you are right, we just announced in poland and i think it's an incredibly important time. and more important for the president continue to show the leadership that the united states has had to reassert our leadership across the world. there is no place that we have seen that more with the president's leadership and holding together nato. and our western allies in support of ukraine. i think this trip on the eve of the anniversary will be really important, it's in poland, the president was there and march of last year. and so for, us this is going to be a critical time for the president to reassert whatever possible the leadership and showcase the support that the united states has for ukraine and for the nato allies. >> good news on the border, if you across into ukraine? >> no, the strip is in poland and that's the focus of. it he will be meeting with president duda, he will be giving remarks to the world and also meeting with bucharest,
1:33 pm
nine countries of the eastern flank of nato. that is what the focus is on this one. >> got it, quickly before i let you go, when can we expect an announcement about the presidents intentions to run for reelection? that people are waiting with bated breath. >> well you know some, on the president has been very clear that he intends to run for reelection, he will make that decision an announcement on his time. i am not here to get in front of the president. >> all right, i understand that all to. all jen o'malley dillon, thank you very much. >> after the break, the disinformation display from house republicans as we, don't think i forgot about that. then we will talk about how democrats are trying to combat it. our political panel is up next. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. nucala is not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
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back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. the congressional clown show
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was in full swing this week as americans saw some of the first committee hearings of the new republican-led house. , while it was a mess. there were enough conspiracy theories to rattle your crazy
1:37 pm
angles, facebook page take a listen to this. >> i bet that putin is sitting and the kremlin pushing he had as much election intervention, interference as you for here today. >> i have great regrets about getting the shot because of the health issues that i now have that i don't think are ever going to go away. >> you ladies and gentlemen interfered with the united states of america, 2020 presidential election. knowingly and willingly. that is the bad, news it is going to get worse because this is the investigation part. later comes the arrest part. >> you know what the bad news really was? that was just from one house oversight committee hearing. the other nonsense was being spread in a different oversight hearing on the government's response to covid-19. oh and in a traditional subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government. i am not about to show you guys those, you get the point but we should expect this ridiculousness to get even worse. so how are the american people
1:38 pm
reacting? our democrats doing enough to combat the disinformation real talk. let's bring in the political panel, former senator doug jones here, he served as a democrat from alabama. olivia troye is also, here she is a former homeland security and counterterrorism adviser for former vice president, mike pence. and anna lynskey is, here a white house reporter for the wall street journal. welcome, welcome to you all. olivia, i will start with you because we saw the republican house members. they embraced election conspiracy theories. they brought up personal vendettas. they encouraged vaccine skepticism, that's in the clip that i showed. i don't think this is what voters signed up for. >> no, it absolutely isn't. and i know some of the most deplorable and disgusting behavior that i've seen in a while from these people, what was really unfortunate was that some of these people actually have respect or had respect for and thought highly of thought that maybe they were a little different. clearly what they're redirect, falling in line with anti covid
1:39 pm
vaccine misinformation, things like that proves that they just fall in line. it is all a part of one big disinformation campaign that you are seeing at the gop. it ultimately hurts the american people. that issue enters because the soundbites got absorbed by them right? they are listening to, there is this is spreading. >> senator, jones i mean to olivia's, point you said it in the senate which is i would like to believe a little more high brow body than what we saw in the u.s. house of representatives this week. how well the thing that democratic members have done to refute the disinformation? what advice would you give them? >> well you refute this information with accurate information, that is the main thing, and after democrats have done a pretty good job. remember this was the first week of this clown show. we have to really see what happens and they see where people are going a little bit. and they can react as we go forward. i think they're getting even more information, and you really do refute this
1:40 pm
disinformation with the facts. i think that january six committee proved that. that is what you will see from democrats going forward. not only on the committee but outside of the committee as well. >> i mean it will need to be critical, this can seep into the american public. the other thing that happened this week as all of this talk about republicans plans for the 118 congress as it relates to medicare and social security, to name at least two. republicans are insisting that some programs like medicare, social security, are not on the table for cuts. but then if you look at the records, some of these records suggest otherwise. take a listen to what two republican senators have said in recent years. >> if you qualify for the entitlement, you just get it no matter what the cost. we ought to turn everything into discretionary spending so it's all evaluated. >> it will be my objective to phase out social security. the port it by the roots and get rid of it. medicare and medicaid are of
1:41 pm
the same story. they need to be pulled up. >> so annie, are folks supposed to believe all of what they hear and none of what they see? what is with the backtracking? what are they saying? >> i am glad you showed us, clubs especially senator johnston who talked about you know cuts the medicare and social security during the campaign. he very quickly had to walk that back during the senate campaign. you, know part of me does wonder whether there is some paradigm shift going on? i mean the republicans, you do have republicans who have talked about cuts to social security and medicare but their pushback has been very hard. there are coalition, their coalition has changed. they represent more white working class voters and they have in the past and those are voters who are quite sensitive to these entitlement programs. so i know there is a lot of fighting on capitol hill over this issue right now. i just, do i am really curious to see how much, how sticky that is what their caucus which
1:42 pm
has really changed on this itch issue in the last four or five years. >> who are you telling? i did not have rick scott on my bingo card doing in a back faced this week. before we go, i want to talk about recent developments involving former vice president, mike pence. the former vice president, he has been subpoenaed by the special counsel, investigating former president trump. nbc news is also reporting that trump's legal team now plans to fight the subpoena. it is important to note that the former vice president has resisted congressional subpoenas in the past, this is not that. so senator jones, would this subpoena present an opportunity -- what is going on with the subpoena situation here? i say this to you as someone who frankly, you could be the attorney general right now. you know let the people tell it. >> well simone look, this is just another another step, a very big step and the independent counsel investigation. it's a very big step, trying to
1:43 pm
issue a subpoena that the former vice president of the united states. clearly we have seen in the january six hearings, the vice president has information. yeah certain-ology, link things that were going on. he will try to resist somewhat but this is a big step. he was a part of that, inner circle i think we are seeing it really ramp up with this investigation. we will see how it plays out whether or not he tries to resist and tries to go to court and stop his appearance or not, we will see. it is also a very dodgy and political issue i think for the former vice president. >> dicey political issue, to be sure. i mean, olivia, you worked for former vice president pence while he was a vice president. it begs the question, do you think that he is running for president? and if so, how do you think that these developments could affect the announcement of his candidacy, or even his candidacy in general? >> yes, i do think he is running. i think it's sort of probably has the latest plans a bit, because now he's got a deal with a subpoena.
1:44 pm
and no matter how he navigates this, i think he will cooperate. however, i think that the trump team will make this very difficult. and i think that you'll have to really, mike pence will have to be compelled to come forward. and i see this maybe playing out in the future, because i don't see him doing this easily. he's a key witness and this. but i think, you know, politically, i think he no longer, now he's got the classified documents. so now,, you know, there's a lot of misinformation what happened with trump, at least france has cooperated, just like biden did. it least is cooperating with the fbi but he's no different than any of these -- he's got that warning against him. and that's gonna bite him in the primaries -- >> i mean, olivia, i think there's a lot of documents here. the one person was committed a crime, that's the former president of the united states of america. i, though, i'm out of time here. former senator doug jones, thank you, sir. olivia troye, appreciate you. and wilenski, always a pleasure. >> we have some breaking news
1:45 pm
right now to tell you about canada's ctv. canada ctv is actually reporting that the north american aerospace defense command or norad, as it's known, is monitoring another high altitude abject. this object is flying over northern canada. now, norad and the united states military's northern command said in a statement that they could go into specifics regarding the development. we're gonna bring you additional details as soon as we get them. in the meantime -- my next guest when he paid out student for the entire graduating class in 2019. i'm talking about robert smith. he is a billionaire businessman who's changing lives and living black history. don't you go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. my name is tonya, i am 42. as mother of nine kids, i think i waited this long to get
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supply fuel for immune cells and sustain tissue health. ensure with twenty-five vitamins and minerals, and ensure complete with thirty grams of protein. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> often when we discuss black history, we speak in the past. but there are so many individuals and our president who are making black history now. so, we are celebrating these
1:50 pm
pioneers of our community through a series we're calling, living black history. our next guest in the series is robert smith. the chairperson and founder of vista equity partners llc. this company invests exclusively in tech companies, and has 96 billion dollars in assets. robert is the wealthiest black person in the united states, but the net worth of more than 11 billion dollars, according to bloomberg. smith is also a noted philanthropist. in 2019, he famously paid off the debt of morehouse college is graduating class, amounting to $4 million. and he made the largest donation ever, 2.5 million in support of cancer research, saying he wanted to change the odds of survival for millions of african american people. smith recently teamed up with a digital money management company aimed at providing black and latino youth with a financial tools they need to attain generational wealth. here's what robert smith told me when i asked how he sets an example for the next generation. >> we, as a people of african
1:51 pm
americans, underscore both africans and americans in this context, and unveil ourselves to all the opportunities that america provides. and so, what i hope to really show all of our young people, men and women, is that they can accomplish, you know, the vision that i know our parents and grandparents have for us, which is participating in this great economy of america, and really, you know, bring forth our talents and efforts aren't our abilities and our creativity and our goals and our dreams to have them flourish. and come to, you know, come to fruition in this country. and we can do it. >> you talked about family and parents, and your family lineage, specifically, is one of educators. your parents are all teachers. they went on to fight for their education, and they eventually became principles. >> you know, my parents were
1:52 pm
very present in our home. they were very present in our community. and when i look at their parents, my grandparents, they were the same way. when they saw, you know, challenges that our community faced, in some cases, you know, equity of inclusion and education, or public transportation, you know, they got involved. they got engaged. they organized, and they made changes. and i think those are the elements that and for me, in terms of what is a noble life, and how you should live that noble life. and, you know, i think about my grandmother, my father's side, who not only was a teacher, but also, you know, had a small business. it was kind of alike -- >> entrepreneur. >> yeah! and they came, that part of the family came, out of oklahoma, and you know, part of that claim came out of the whole greenwood tragedy, and you know, kind of reset the power, which is one of the ways we got
1:53 pm
there. and many of them had businesses and hardware stores in those communities. wherever we were set up, we realized they had to build infrastructure to support, not only the economic and social development, but create a nurturing environment for their children, our children. and i'd like to say they created these beloved communities that really nurtured people like myself and my family to help us understand the importance of giving and being a part of the community in every way that you can. >> let's talk about your trajectory, your career trajectory, sir, because it is remarkable. you started out as an engineer at kraft and goodyear. and then, you transitioned into investment banking with goldman sachs. now, that seems like a big pivot. is it true that you didn't even know what wall street was at the time? >> yes, when i was an engineer, you know, i thought there was no greater pursuit in life and
1:54 pm
then to be an engineer and a developer and an inventor, you know, creating something on this planet that no one else had ever created, thought of, you know, making the history of mankind, you know, earning patents and trade secrets was part of a, you know, expression of that. and, that while i was in business school, one of my good friends john mutant, good friend now, at a time it was a keynote speaker. introduced me to a bunch of african american investment bankers, people like o'neal -- and these sort of people really helped me understand what wall street was all about. >> it is an internship. it is sponsorship, but it's also relationship. >> you know, i wouldn't have met these people and know who they were unless i saw, you know, a black enterprise magazine. i said, who are these people? what do they do? and as i read more about it, it was quite intriguing. and, so it's important that the media present african americans in a light importantly as to who we are, which is creative, brilliant, smart thinkers, and
1:55 pm
capable of doing so many things when given the opportunity. >> how do you propose to increased black americans participation, and frankly, our representation in finding markets, because it can and does make a difference? >> it is critical and so many areas. and the first, when you think about the global asset, the business that i am in, we have a total acid base of about 126 trillion, with 80, dollars, which is basically five times the gross domestic product of the u.s.. and only 1.4% of those assets are from personal firms, so have to start insisting on where that capital is managed by the people who are actually making the contributions of that capital. so, that's point number one. second thing, we have to ensure that when we manage this capital, we drive, you know, systems for inclusion. >> mr. smith, you are not only making black history, i would like to say, you are living black history, sir. i talk a lot about substantive representation.
1:56 pm
you are substantive representation. thank you so much. >> thank, you my pleasure. >> and thank you all for watching us on this saturday. i am simone sanders townsend. you can catch me right here on msnbc, weekends at 4 pm eastern, and anytime over on peacock, where we have new episodes on the msnbc hub every monday. and a quick programming note for you, starting monday, msnbc reports has a new -- job and for jose díaz-balart at 11 am eastern, followed by andrea mitchell at noon eastern, chris jansing at 1 pm eastern, and katie tour at 3 pm eastern. politicsnation with the great reverent al sharpton, also living black history, starts right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. fragrance-free. 48-hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin. second date, wish me luck buddy. mouth to mission control. we have a denture problem. over. roger that.
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>> good evening, and welcome to politicsnation it. tonight's lead -- under pressure. ♪ ♪ ♪


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