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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  February 11, 2023 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> hello, everyone, i'm alicia menendez and we begin this hour with breaking news. a 3rd, unidentified objects shutdown overt northern america. this time over canada. a short time ago, canadian prime minister justin trudeau confirmed in a tweet that he ordered that takedown of an object that violated canadian airspace. canadian and u.s. aircraft for
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scrambled, and a u.s. f 22 successfully shut it down. it's unclear whether the latest object has anything to do with the chinese by balloon shutdown off the coast of carolina's just last week or the object that was down over alaska on friday. nbc is in washington with the latest. ben, tell us what we know about the jets taken down a short time ago in canada. >> we do not know really anything more than what you just pointed out, which is this tweet from the canadian prime minister saying that they took down this high altitude object so this is 24 hours since a another high altitude object was taken down off the coast of alaska by a another u.s. fighter jet, another of 22. we still don't have any answers on what that object was other than that it was roughly the size of a small car, and it was not manned. in this case, this was spotted over northern canada, there
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were u.s. and canadian aircraft tracking it, and the f 22 fighter jet shut it down. what altitude was a? what's beat was a traveling? does it have any connection whatsoever to this chinese surveillance balloon that traversed the u.s. all of last week? all of those questions we don't know. we're expecting to hear more both from the canadian government in ottawa and for the pentagon and the white house. one thing to mention, the prime minister said that he did speak to president biden. the white house has confirmed that, so the 2 leaders did speak about the incident and agreed that it was the race course of action. >> given that i am speaking to as you are still gathering information, asking all of the questions you just laid out there, can you give us a sense of how intelligence officials we can to assess the answers to all of the questions you just laid out? the question of where this object might have originated, the question of how long it has
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been in the air space. what is the process that they will go there in order to deduce those answers? >> first of all, i think this is kind of a new challenge. it's not something that the air defense commands in both countries will focus on. their focus on maybe slow moving objects, objects unmanned, balloons traveling incredibly slowly. our radar and air defenses were designed for years with the idea of tracking something very dangerous, like a missile or a aircraft traveling extremely fast towards our airspace or a hijacked plane also became a huge focus. now you have to ask yourself, is this some kind of new threat from a foreign adversary? or is it also the u.s. just being more sensitive to unidentified objects? keep in mind how complicated it is for air traffic controllers
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to guide airplanes into our airports. there is a lot of clutter and static that we are not aware of. it's not like a hollywood movie. aerospace defense command has a lot of objects to filter out and look at potential threats. so they will be looking at video obviously. they will be looking back at the radar patterns. there are all sorts of satellites that we used to check our airspace. that will also be analyzed. there are just so many questions here. the other problem for us and the public is that so much of this is classified. i think the administration is struggling with that also because it's very difficult to talk about some of this because so much of the information is considered secret or classified. >> dan de luce, we have a lot of questions, you and i both, as you start to get answers to those questions. please, give us a -- as soon as you had the reporting. we'll see you in a bit.
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meanwhile, we want to move on to our other big story tonight, the investigation into the justice department picking up the pace up trump cases, putting former vice president pence under pressure. nbc news learned today that former president trump plans to fight the special counsel subpoena pence and the january 6 investigation. a source familiar says trump's legal team ejected on the basis of executive privilege. according to the new york times, the -- talks with the lawyers reached a dead end. nbc has not independently confirmed the reporting. however, pence i greg jacob and mark short already spoke to a federal jury. the former 1-6 committee member adam shift set pence himself has no excuse to defy prosecutors. >> there's nothing at all that would have precluded him to testify before congress, nor is there anything that would preclude him from cooperating with the just dortmund, as he ought to do, if he cares about anything beyond his
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presidential ambitions. >> pence on friday voluntarily opened is home to the fbi, part of that ongoing effort to recover government records. agents found one classified document during a 5 hour search. meanwhile, trump is slowly emptying there's that just a dj personal hold him accountable. a senior law enforcement official telling nbc that trump returned another classified folder in january, unclear what there is anything inside. according to bloomberg, the trump attorney present for their original maher like a surgeon has testified to a grand jury. nbc news has not verified that reporting. with me now to discuss, joyce vance, msnbc contributor and former attorney, a professor at the alabama school of law and co-host of the hashtag sisters in law podcasts. and hugo lowell, political investigator for the guardian. joyce, you and i were sitting here last night, and we had the conversation about executive privilege. i want to play back some of what we said. >> i don't think you have to be
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clairvoyant that trump's team will likely claim executive privilege in some type of effort to block this. i wonder if you think we heard that from them or from pence's team? >> so if you want the lotto numbers, i can't guess them with the same certainty that i provided you that information last night, and yet here we are. >> exactly, and predictably, here we are, because there is no enthusiasm for mike pence for testifying. he could have done it, frankly, when the president was under impeachment following january 6. he could have come forward during the january 6 committee hearings. there's nothing that prevented that, and to be clear, executive privilege is meant to protect conversations that go up between the president and his close advisers that have to do with governing. these conversations that prosecutors now seek are the opposite of governing. these are conversations that are possibly criminal activity. >> here's what to tease out for us, what you have pence's book where he details a lot of these
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conversations he had with the president. why is that not good enough? >> here is the problem, pence's book, that's the question that pence wanted to answer. as a prosecutor, i have a lot of other. once >> you go, i want to ask you, the special counsel also subpoenaed former national security adviser robert o'brien. i wonder what the signal to you about the insurrection investigation? >> yeah, it's been kind of quiet for a long time because we saw these subpoenas to people involved in the fake electors scheme for a long time, and then we did not hear anything through the holiday. now, we're hearing about people like o'brien getting subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. i think that is significant. it's not exactly -- to the january 6 portion on the investigation or the mara lago documents, but i think it reflects and increased
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aggression and increased determination from the special counsel's office to bring these trump officials in. you got o'brien, and now you got tents. i think it's a reflection that this investigation is going faster than people anticipated. >> do you agree with that? >> i do agree with that. the investigation, we're clearly seeing signs that it's moving quickly. you'll remember that the first year at the biden presidency, we had a brand new attorney general in office. there were no signs of an ongoing investigation. we understand now the signs that we would have seen if the d og would aggressively pursue january 6. we would have seen people fighting back when they were subpoenaed or at least leaking that they received a grand jury subpoena. now, we see a fast press. i'm not sure, alicia, if we're close to the end. i do think it means that the d oj has a period of intense activity, where they are assessing the evidence and determining whether they had charges to write. >> i love that you're always managing our expectation
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because you know when we finally do have an answer to this, what that timeline looks like, will play you back all of the guesstimates that we made you take along the way of an answerable timeline looks like. hugo, we have the other trump case that has been 5 months since the fbi search of monologue. your sense and reporting of why trump's legal team is still handing over more classified documents? >> yeah, this is the supply in the monologue of documents investigation, as we see it. so the fbi went to monologue, oh sees those 101 marked classified documents back in august, and since then, the department has been trying to coax out of trump's legal team and trump political office, there were any remaining documents that were still at his properties. we've seen this drip, drip, drip of documents once marked classified or secret around thanksgiving, and then now, we learned that there are more documents at more lago in a
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box. it sounds like presidential schedules. we will have more reporting on that, but i think the fact that this is all coming out is, again, a reflection of the special counsels intensity of its investigation. if you speak to trump lawyers, they are very frustrated and annoyed how aggressive the justice department been. they think the justice department has been very heavy-handed, but, of course, if you see it from the justice department sight, you say this is exactly what you want a federal prosecutor to do when you wanted to collect potentially classified, sensitive documents that really should not be in the presidents possession. >> there was a smirk on hugo's face but a straight-up grin on yours over that assessment. >> here's the deal, when we talk about whether the is being aggressive and conducting a witch hunt, at the greater remembered that the dj as been differential to trump, not because he is above the law, but out of concern no one wants to become the banana republic
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where former presidents are prosecuted, right, for political reasons. so it's been deferential. i am listening to hugo explained the evidence, and he does a great job talking about the the oj coaxing evidence, classified material, and the former president. if you or i had classified material, i don't think that the oj would go to trump trying to coax it out of us. they would just come over and sees it from us. these complaints from the trump camp ring very hollow, and every time we hear them, we need to think about the fact that merrick garland has to walk this tightrope between protecting democracy, and the ongoing enterprise that is americans that we all engaging together and bringing justice to the former president who may will have violated by all appearances, criminal loss in the u.s.. >> joyce, what a pleasure to have you here in studio, not one night but do. hugo, thank you so much for bringing your reporting. coming up, florida is going there again, expanding the governments migrant relocation program. where does this and?
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plus, house republicans bringing the investigation-palooza they promised, would they ever get to the people's business? but first to richard louis with the other big stories we're talking this hour at msnbc. richard? >> alicia, good day to you. rescue crews and turkey and syria running out of time to find survivors from mondays that the earthquake. the death toll growing to more than 25,000 people. residents expressing great anger at the government's slow response. the day, a turkey news agency say more than 100 contractors were detained amid allegations that core construction led to many of the collapse is there. a commercial plane colliding with a shuttle bus in l.a.x., injuring 5 people. 4 of them had to be hospitalized. the american airlines jet swept a subtle bus while they towed from a gateway parking area on friday. none of the injuries are life-threatening. fire crews are battling a massive fire that broke a added industrial facility overnight in north carolina. witnesses described the flames as 3 stories high and smoke scene for miles.
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17 fire departments responded to the national salvage site. the cause is not known, and officials are not concerned about air quality. more american voices right after this break. after this break er. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work. (vo) and retailers can get ahead of the fashion trend of the day with a new line tomorrow. with a verizon private 5g network, you can get more agility and security. giving you more control of your business. we call this enterprise intelligence. from the network america relies on.
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those smiles. that's why i do what i do. >> in florida, where does it that and the paycheck. and? that is the question that state republicans once and up with them on cruelty to migrants and its own residents. on friday, the state route they program to pick up and transport migrants from
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anywhere in the u.s. and send them to so-called sanctuary cities. florida taxpayers are footing that bill, a 10 million-dollar tab to be exact. though it's an expansion from last year when governor ron desantis spent more than $1 million flying migrants from texas to martha's vineyard. what he did, and what florida will soon do it is not about national security so why do it at all? we are less than two years someday next election, and if not trump, who is most place to take the gop nomination at this moment in time. governor ron desantis -- this move helps cement his stance as an ultraconservative. joining me now, florida state representative, fentrice driskell. representative fentrice driskell, thank you for taking the time to join us. let's start with your thoughts on the decision to expand florida's margaret relocation program. >> thank you for having me, alicia. to be clear, this is nothing more than a political stunt, and elastic oven or to spend
3:19 pm
$10 million to remove people from florida to not florida. he's getting ahead of his skis, so what they pass the bill ahead of the last legislative session, and he passed the budget to move these migrants, nobody could have ever expected that he would have inserted himself in texas and moved them to martha's vineyard. he was not authorized to do that under florida law, so the bill that just passed yesterday now authorizes him to use his political fund for more stunts. >> to be clear, migrants are one of the targets of desantis administration. you also have the florida high schoolathletic association, considering requiring female student athletes to disclose their menstruation history. of course, there is a lot of pushback there. the association decided against it. why was it even being considered in the first place? >> i have to tell you, that was very disappointing to see such an invasion of privacy with our
3:20 pm
girls, but we have seen invasion of privacy with our women with a 15-week abortion ban that passed last year with no exception for rape, incest or human trafficking. i am so honored to tell you that as the minority leader in the house, the democratic leader in the house, i let my colleagues in the caucus to write a letter to the florida high school athletic association demanding that they recent even considering this policy and make calls to an emergency meeting. we sent that letter out on tuesday of this week. they sent out a meeting on thursday and reversed force. i am glad that the advocacy worked. >> even though the association knicks that question on menstruation, they're now acquiring athletes to disclose their sex assigned at birth. previously, they are only supposed to disclose their current sex. what is driving that move? >> it really concerns me, and i can understand that a medical doctor may want to ask that question so that they can provide proper care to the student athlete, but i think that we live in a context, a political context that we're living in, makes us very
3:21 pm
nervous because we see that there has been such an attack from florida on transgender youth. it what makes you wonder whether or not this is just an attempt to get more information and to make this already vulnerable population even more susceptible to political attacks. >> here is the thing, representative fentrice driskell, i care about the people of florida. our viewers care about the people of florida. you care much about the people of florida. this is not just about what's happening in florida, right? in two ways, you have a new poll showing desantis tied with former president trump as the preferred republican nominee for the presidential election in 2024. the conversations that we are having in florida about everything from student athletes to books that are being banned in florida classrooms to the brouhaha over ap african american studies in the state to margaret busing and flights, all of that may soon not be contained to
3:22 pm
florida, as people are looking at ron desantis, as a potential national player, what do you want them to understand about the governor of your state? >> i want people to understand that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and the way that rod desantis runs florida is the way that he would try to run the country. he's very good at taking which issues and dividing us and stoking tensions and bringing the political temperature up all to further his political gains, and a few bring the resources that the federal government to bear under his leadership, i am afraid for what that will mean for our country, and in fact, what it will mean for the world? remember that america has powerful allies all across the world. we need nato, for example, need to be in good relationship with our allies. i think we saw under president trump, a lot of that start to crumble, and it makes me wonder what would have been under ron desantis administration, as well. if people do not want to see
3:23 pm
what is happening in florida have been at large in our country, we need to be very mindful when we go to the box in 2024. should he make it onto that ticket and make sure that florida's current reality never becomes america's future reality. >> florida state representative fentrice driskell, thank you for your time. an update on our breaking news. in just a short time, we expect a news conference from canada's defense minister, after prime minister justin trudeau order the shootdown of an object flying over northern canada. the third object to be shot down over north america. when that press conference happens, we'll bring it to you live. but right after this break, it is clear that as republicans are sidelining the people's business for political leader. congressman joaquin castro on the danger that poses, that is next. that is next before your asthma got in the way? get back to the things you love... with fasenra. fasenra is an add-on treatment for eosinophilic asthma. having too many eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, can cause inflammation and asthma symptoms.
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[sfx: stomach gurgling] it's nothing... sounds like something. ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, ♪ ♪ upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes for fast relief... when you need it most. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ >> house republicans proving their calls for the next two years have little to do with delivering legislative results for the american people. instead, it appears the true
3:28 pm
mission is to investigate their foes and air their grievances. republicans kicked off a week of investigation on tuesday with a hearing focused on immigration and president biden's handling of the border. the house oversight committee pushed forward with an unproven claim that twitter suppresses content and conservative voices for political gain. thursday, republicans held a separate hearing, turning attention to the justice department. as nbc news reports, republicans suggest that the government has been unfairly weaponized against conservatives, while democrats are knew that the committee themselves was an improper weaponization of the government, considering a pattern under former president trump and his administration. during thursday's hearing, delegate stacey -- of the virgin islands offers this warning. >> i am deeply concerned about the use of the select subcommittee as a place to settle scores, showcase conspiracy theories and advance an extreme agenda that risk
3:29 pm
undermining american faith in our democracy. >> joining me now, texas congressman joaquin castro. congressman castro, do you share your colleagues concerns about these hearings? >> yes, i do. i don't think they are severe efforts by the republican party and house of representatives to get the truth or anything else, and really, these are benghazi style investigations that are a substitute for real policy proposals for substantive governing that really works for the american people, and if you think about it, a lot of the policy proposal by the republicans are unpopular. people don't want to see abortion completely outlawed in the u.s.. they don't want the affordable care act are healthier taken away. they will want people denying climate change, yet this is what republicans stand for, and so, because they know their policies are unpopular, they're spending all this time on witchhunts. >> i've got to tell you, congressman, the reason i
3:30 pm
wanted to talk to specifically is that i thought the twitter hearing and weaponization, they have a lot of attention. i thought there was less attention lavished on the hearing about the border and immigration, and part of what i want to highlight here is that i think part of what republicans are doing is putting things back into their frame, right? instead of talking about how you end up with the situation at the border, which is fundamentally about a broken immigration system in this country, in addition to push factors in the places that these folks are coming from, they rather talk about the border as an isolated piece of the pie, which then allows everyone else the talks about it to talk as though the entire problem happens at the border but absolved them from having to talk about the fact that the key to solving this is in the hands of congress, which they now control. >> yeah, it has been for a long time now, especially since donald trump came onto the scene, the number one bogeyman
3:31 pm
issue for republicans, it is the biggest way that they try to scare americans, that you got a lot of brown skinned people trying to invade the country and army, and it's a way to play with peoples emotions, to create fear and resentment and frustration and anger among their base, and to be quite honest, at times, they've done it very effectively, and that's why they created this committee. it's not to pass immigration reform. it's not even to do something about more security. it really is for pure political purposes. >> that brings me to my next point and another headline that i felt did not get the attention in needed and deserved because this week amanda shot and killed 23 people and el paso walmart in 2019 pleaded guilty to federal hate crimes. the gunman, and admitted white supremacists said the shooting was in response to a quote hispanic invasion of texas. you were just talking about how your fellow lawmakers continue to use that same invasion rhetoric. what is your message to them
3:32 pm
about the consequences of the language they use and the policies that they are putting into place that match that? >> two republicans and two conservatives that continue to use that language, your rhetoric is getting people killed, and it has got him people killed before. el paso was a prime example of the, and they need to stop with the invasion language, stop demonizing folks who are seeking asylum, but the republican party unfortunately in the last few years -- i thought that this would be a wake up call for the republicans to stop doing it, but we've seen greg abbott, the lieutenant governor of texas, then patrick, other national politicians, use that invasion language even more. quite honestly, it's very disgusting. >> i've got a quick question before i let you leave. you're governor greg abbott natanz the agencies to stop considering diversity during
3:33 pm
the hiring process. hiring should not be based on anything other than married. the texas tribune reports, quote, the governor's directive represents the latest effort but republican leaders fighting back against policies and academic disciplines that republicans nationwide have deemed, quote, woke. what is it that is driving greg abbott here? >> first, it's completely hypocritical and ironic because this is a governor, who although he at least partially denied covid was a real thing, is still using a covid emergency order to give no big state contracts to his friends and cronies, and he is talking about merit, state government and contracting. literally, he is following no laws to get out these contracts, millions of dollars in contracts, but the second thing is, you see the republican party because people like greg abbott and desantis and trump and others are competing with each other deceit how far-right they can go and excite their base, so now, they're showing just a deep hostility towards
3:34 pm
latinos, african americans, towards women in hopes each of them that they can be the republican nominee for president or vice president or whatever it may be, and i don't see this thing stopping anytime soon. this is the road that they're down, and until they get soundly be in at least a few election cycles, they are not going to stop. >> congressman joaquin castro, as always, thank you for joining us. joining us now, president of ceo media matters angelo carusone and msnbc political analysts carlos curbelo. good to see both. angelo, i want to start with you. when it comes to this week's house hearing on the weaponization of the white house counsel's office respondents in saying that the panel is a fox news reboot and serves as, quote, -- carry out the priorities of extreme maga republicans in congress. your sense as you watch the media landscape, angelo, of how republicans are using the public hearings to air their grievances and to feed the media echo chamber.
3:35 pm
>> yeah, i think when i watch this week, what i see is two considerations. one is that this is fuel for the right-wing regime, and that is the first thing to keep in mind. that is -- there is a second thing that has in what we talked about before is that it is a fox news fever dream. what it does is it validates much of the conspiracies, the false claims that were percolating in right-wing media and focused on fox news for the past couple of years, so now it validates it, and what it does is allow the echo chamber, which has been desperate. right-wing media as had different things that they have been focusing on, and it helps realign them around one topic, and that will take the fuel that raises the volume, and will give them something to reverberate because it's being validated by these congressional figures, and that will improve something that you mentioned earlier, it will help them give more narrative
3:36 pm
dominance as we move forward through the year and into early next year. when i look at this, i don't see it as a reflection of the right-wing media, but i also see the consequences from all of us down the line, if we don't think about a way that this gets short-circuited. >> congressman, that's the view from the media on the outside, i wonder from you both as someone who has legislated and thought about this politically, going into election cycles, there is narrative dominance, but to end? what are they hoping to gain from the investigations? >> alicia, what this achieves is it allows republicans to be the base. this was one of the concessions that speaker mccarthy made to some of the more right-wing members of his conference when he was trying to garner the votes, why? because for them, this is priority, not to legislate and to be partners and government with the white house are with the democratic colleagues. they want to feed their base, so that they can continue getting reelected and so that none of them have to worry
3:37 pm
about their primaries, which by the way, is the greatest fear that any republican has in congress, getting primaried and losing, so this is a means by which they can appease that base, show that they're working on these issues, which are important to, i don't know, 15 or 20% of the country, and that the rest of the congress hopefully will be focusing on the issues that matter, solving the challenges of the american people, actually need salt. >> you wanted to go exactly where i wanted to go, carlos, because it seems to me that there is some risk that they carry in choosing to place all of their public attention on this and not on the things that they promised voters in those midterm elections. >> that is right, alicia. look, republicans in the last election cycle were punished for appealing boldly to their base. the candidates that failed to have broad appeal in swing states in swing districts loss, so yes, the american people did elect a slim republican majority, and a lot of the
3:38 pm
middle of the road voters expect republicans to be good partners and government, to be, yes, in opposition, but a constructed, loyal opposition, and if they don't pay attention to those bread and butter issues, the issues that most americans talk about when they sit for dinner or sitting around their televisions, then they do risk underperforming again in 2024 and in 2024, could mean losing the house majority or failing to win the senate majority, which a lot of people anticipate that they will. they have a big opportunity to do in 2024, so there is great political risk in focusing to push on some of these cultural issues, some of these distractions and not paying enough attention to the issues that most americans expect congress to tackle. >> in addition to, angela, there is also the arrest that they actually disprove them selves. they hope that twitter silences conservatives, for a partisan political agenda, and instead, we learned that trump's white house pressured twitter to
3:39 pm
remove christy deegan insulting trump with colorful language. how did wednesdays oversight hearing poke holes in the gop argument, did you think it did? did it breakthrough? >> a little bit. i don't think a broke through in right-wing media. there were a few pockets willing to highlight those examples as illustration of anti trump sentiment that is percolating, so they will use that as a little bit of a cudgel against trump but at its core,, what i would say is that it did validate something. you always have the screws that will topple on to themselves, that is very true, but at the same time, one of the biggest things violated in right-wing media, and that is anti election. at its core, much of this stuff is that basically the democrats and the government, the fbi, were colluding with big tech in order to steal the election. that really came out, and i don't think there were many holes poked in the. there were not too many other
3:40 pm
examples that under monday narrative, or some of the narrative, if they can validate or reinforce or find more ways to buttress their big lie. i found that the beat one of the biggest takeaways, is that despite all of the whole pokes, they might weaponize them for the primary fight, but i was really concerned about how much the right-wing media would use these hearings as validation for the big lie. i think it bodes well for us moving forward. >> angelo, carlos, as always, thank you both. we have an update on our breaking news, after an optical shut down over north american, it was shut down by a u.s. fighter aircraft, a short time ago. the pentagon confirmed that president biden authorized that jet to assist in canada's response. the pentagon also said that they detected the objects over canada late friday. it was shut down today. the order from the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau. the pentagon also confirming the fbi will cortina with the comedian royal mountain police. in a few moments, we expect a
3:41 pm
live press conference from canada's minister of defense. when that happens, you'll see it live right here. we'll be right back. ht back. salmon paté? we have enough to splurge on catnip toys! i feel so accomplished. pet me please! great prices. happy pets. chewy. only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. three nights, esg... the broker will take your bonds. -diversification, futures, options. fiduciary. leverage. [whispering] -frothy markets. psst. virtual real estate is a lock. ♪ cold hard cash ♪ j.p. morgan wealth management knows the world is full of financial noise. i'm looking at your asset mix and plan. you are right on track. great, thanks. our easy-to-use app and local advisors are here to help you figure out what's right for your investments. j.p. morgan wealth management.
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3:44 pm
obviously a big day. we know that a lot of people are going to be watching the super bowl, and we wanted to make sure that you saw, hello,
3:45 pm
i want to make sure that you know tomorrow, the super bowl is coming, and we have a young reporter, who i believe has a funny story about. we'll get to that in a minute. meanwhile, to our other top story this saturday. the justice department picking up the pace. we will go to a report from sam brock, take a look. >> wait, should i do my introduction? >> you may remember jeremiah -- who at ten years old went viral last month with the sideline interview. >> i am with devoun to adams, wide receiver for the las vegas raiders. he has 443 yards, 40 touchdowns, and he averages 15 yards per catch. >> the raiders superfan, getting notice for dishing out those rapid stats but also -- >> what is one of your greatest memories from your childhood? >> has he quickly makes it bigger than football. >> i want to make my mark as being different from any other reporter broadcaster out there.
3:46 pm
>> his aspirations for a career behind the mic, put jeremiah's family that he could not play contact sports because of a brain condition, a personal story influencing his interview style. >> i want to talk about the personal stuff, their personal lives. that's not what a lot of other reporters throughout. there >> that quality was on full display, the father of running back mark jacobs had a open heart surgery. >> he opened the -- >> i want to tell you face to face the imprimatur that an entire family, and i wanted to ask you, how are you all doing? >> man, we've been doing good. my dad is feeling good. i appreciate that, and i definitely felt that on a personal level. >> jeremiah is known on social media by his handle, jeremiah one in 5, where he does play by play of raider games. >> there's a deep ball, caught by devontae adams, he was wide but out of bounds at 35. >> and his online fame getting
3:47 pm
him a trip to the pro bowl, leading to the surprise during one of his interviews. >> that's for you, buddy. >> i am going to the super bowl. >> you're going to the super bowl. >> you're going to the super bowl, and i was so excited, so happy. >> this kid reporter, now on his way to the biggest game of the year. >> it will be amazing, you earned it. >> jeremiah, signing off this report. >> this is jeremiah reporting live from the pro bowl practice at allegiant stadium, and i have struck some great interviews. as you can see, i am going to the super bowl this year. my hope is that i get to strike some more interviews, peyton manning, you never know, but i am really excited. >> what a cutie. that was sam brock reporting. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. versus 16 grams in ensure® high protein. boost® high protein. now available in cinnabon® bakery-inspired flavor. learn more at when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck,
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3:52 pm
fernandez miranda grab that thought and rent with it. she took a step back from her hyper job as a ceo of a consulting firm and took for internships to answer the question of what if? what if her life had taken a different turn? she spent a full year to find herself, and why it is never too late for and you start. this week, alicia sat down with me to talk about her new book, by what if you're. >> take me back to the moment where you realized that you had this incredible life but felt completely stuck. >> i had done all the things that i was supposed to be doing. i went to the harvard review, had tickets, had the husband, had the big ceo title. i felt like i was going every day on autopilot. i kept wondering what else was out there, what if i did something different? but also feeling that there is no way to break free of the life that i set out for myself. >> why did you decide that in turning was the way to get unstuck. >> because i am a real masochists. i have always been fascinated by jobs, always loved musical theater, where this was born
3:53 pm
from, a desire to sort of be in a musical and understand what it was like an behind the scenes, in the rehearsal room, and then i started thinking about what other jobs i might want to do. and interned gets access to everything. you get to see all parts of the industry, people give you papers to file, you get to read. i feel like it's the best way to have a crash course in a full field, so it seemed like the perfect thing to do. >> take me from it's a great idea, but it's wild, and i am never going to do it to, okay, i am going to actually take the plunge and make this happen. >> i did not feel like i could, but i wanted to so desperately. those two forces were pulling back and forth with me. it took me about eight months from the scene at the idea today of a point where i said, i will put time off my calendar, apply on things, work on a resume, book a new cover letter and take it forward from there. it was just a constant struggle. i got to the point where, it
3:54 pm
felt like the risk of not doing it was the risk of doing it. i do credit my husband who was tired of seeing me cry over my coffee every morning and set, just do it. get up, cleared time in your calendar, make it happen. >> something in your next year, you can both be driving and feel completely stuck and unfulfilled. you can at least be driving on the surface. how do you square those two things? >> i think those two things can exist at the same time. i think what makes you thrive is not necessarily what things externally look like our the marker of success, the things that light you up and bring you joy. that was the stuff i was missing. i had all the external markers. it looked on social media, but when it really came down to what i was feeling and how i was reconciling things with myself every day, it was not the same. >> as i have been sharing your book with basically everyone in my life, i got to be honest, i've been surprised with the number of people who said, wow, i wish i could do this. maybe i did not realize how
3:55 pm
many of my friends were feeling on rewarded at this point, and then the second thing they say is, but i can't. what is your advice for someone who wants to have their moment of what if, their week of what if, even if it can't be an entire year? >> there are what if opportunities everywhere. it does not be a year of internships. it can be a class and something you want to take. it can be taking time to go to an art museum on some up because you love our and really wanted to see that, joining a chorus and singing, picking up a sport. it is not the b one prescribing. it's about figuring out what is the thing that will bring you joy and trying to make the time and space to do the with in what you have the capacity to do, and not letting the emotional barriers that exists stop before moving forward because there are plenty of physical things that will get in our way and practical things, but the emotional things, whether you're afraid or you might fail or make you accountable, those are the things that you really just have to power, if you can. >> four internships, two kids,
3:56 pm
a lot of misadventure, how are you most changed by the process? >> i have completely redefined what i think about a success. so many actual things in my life have changed. i have a new job, live in a new city, everything has changed. when i think about what do i want to do and how do i want to spend my time, i have been able to be more intentional about doing that in a way that is about learning, that is about experiencing new things that i never tried, that is about chasing joy and finding joy in my life and less focused on what people expect of me, what is the title that i should have in my job, or are people going to think if i do this instead of this? is this important enough for me? i think i completely moved away from that perception of success, which is what i was always driven by, and that's kind of amazing. it's very free. >> the book is, my what if year, and it is available now. my thanks to alisha fernandez miranda. the top of the hour, breaking
3:57 pm
news out of canada, high altitude objects shut down by a jet on prime minister justin trudeau's orders. we expect a news conference any moment. when that happens, we'll bring it to you live. plus, investigations, investigations, investigations, republicans are busy dealing with everything under the sun, other than the lying and extremist members of their own party, and more on the breaking news that trump attorneys will fight mike pence's special counsel subpoena. stay with us. na stay with us now adt professionally installs google nest products... cool.
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