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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  February 12, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> hello, everyone. i militiamen that does, and we begin with breaking news. the united states military shooting down another unidentified objects, this time over like huron near michigan. this is the fourth airborne objects downed over north america in the past eight days.
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-- nbc news president biden directed the unidentified objects be shot down this afternoon. the president made the call out of an abundance of caution, at the recommendation of the pentagon. the source also saying the u.s. has no indication this latest object had surveillance tape capabilities, but they cannot rule it out at this point. this all comes after the u.s. military shot down a high altitude objects flying over alaskan air space on friday. then, on saturday, a u.s. fighter jet shot down another unidentified object over uconn territory in canada. back on for very fourth, the u.s. downed chinese balloon off the coast of south carolina. joining me now, nbc news congressional correspondent julie. julie, how are members of congress responding tonight? what answers to they hope to get from the pentagon? >> well, look, they have more questions than answers. i should note, alicia, that all these different rank and file lawmakers from michigan, wisconsin, montana -- all of these states that this
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object has crossed airspace with have been receiving briefings from the pregnant of defense officials since overnight last night. i'm told right now, there's a briefing going on with the full michigan delegation, including the governor from the department of defense. because this object, the fourth one, down to over lake here on, congressman bergman who's a republican from michigan just said on cnn that lake huron is cold this time of year. they will need special divers to access this octagonal object and recover whatever payload it may half. it's not as deep as lake superior. this is intelligence -- for officials as they go and try to recover these objects. but look, other republicans are of course frustrated at the lack of transparency. rosendale, from montana, he's been in touch with defense officials since overnight last night said that there was a gap of 12 hours and which he did not receive any information. and there's been a lot of briefings as these objects are different in size and in shape and in scope.
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it makes it harder for the administration and defense officials to have a playbook by which to discover and recover these objects with. so you see some frustration, and couldn't from democratic senator jon tester, who is saying all day today but he's frustrated as well, and his number one question is if these objects are new, or if this is just the first time in years that the u.s. has really been able to identify them. right now, senate intelligence -- topic publican marco rubio revealed to the public what has been happening for years. unidentified aircraft repeatedly operating over restricted airspace. you can see this continue as the senate gets back into town. tomorrow, they'll be requesting more briefings. i'm told it's not clear if there will be another gang of eight, those top eight lawmakers in the house and senate briefing this week, or if it will just be routine briefings and quick classified ones but they are able to get. remember, they don't just have to be in the capital to receive classified intelligence.
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there are these some pure places located around the country where any lawmaker can go into them and receive classified calls from defense officials into this matter. so really, a developing situation here, but in the last few hours, president biden, of course, ordering the shootdown of a fourth objects over u.s. or canadian airspace in the last eight days. >> as you said, more questions than answers at this point. julie, as always, thank you. on capitol hill, as republicans ramping up a series of investigations into their political rivals. house gop is now launching investigations and border security. hunter biden's laptop, the convoluted deep state conspiracy that alleges the government is somehow out to get conservatives. on thursday, house held its first hearing from the new subcommittee focused on the so-called weaponization of the federal government. republicans used it to air their grievances and spread falsehoods about actions from federal officials, while donald trump was in office. a new pace washington post -- democrats came to these
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hearings prepared and focused. they not only eviscerated gop conspiracy theories, but also did a bang up job exposing republicans as the ones who have weaponized the government. perhaps this was inevitable. conspiracy theories only work in the hermetically sealed universe of america -- right wing america, where no questions are posed, and no explanation of a supposed scandal is required. joining us to discuss, senior -- former florida congressman david jolly, and host of the strange days podcast. both david and fernand are an msnbc political analysts. before we get to the investigation-palooza, i want to bring you in on the story that we just had julie reporting on, because she had something embedded in their reporting. this frustration that is being expressed by members of congress over access to information of his so-called transparency. talk to us a little bit about the given take there, when it comes to transparency and
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something that potentially could be a matter of national security. experts we had on last night cautioned, yes, you want to share information that is necessary, that is critical. you also want to make sure that the information you have is correct. >> that's correct. and i would suggest there's a new ones here between national security information and intelligence information. intelligence information, legitimate, actionable intelligence information, you don't often share even with members of congress, because they look like a sieve. you certainly can share with the american people direct intelligence information. but questions of national security, i think, much more than just members of congress tonight, but the american people, i have legitimate questions. i do think when there is uncertainty around our own national security risks, as an american people, there will be pressure now for the white house to provide more information not just to members of congress, but to the american people. why are these incidents occurring? how they occurred before and been unreported?
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or is there some level of new threat to the united states? even just a surveillance threat. the american people deserve answers tonight. everybody is gonna -- super bowl, but i suspect somebody, either late tonight or early tomorrow, we need to issue some very clear information about this. >> given the name of your podcast is strange days, i'm not sure what i should ask you about all these unidentified objects being shot out of the sky or if i should ask you about investigation-palooza. because that was incredibly strange to watch as well. so i wonder, for you, having watched it, if you thought any of what they threw stop, and how you think democrats contrasts the things they are trying to do legislatively with republicans choosing to turn progress into a dog and pony show. >> we'll, if anything, they'll go into investigation-palooza, the better start hitting things that the american people care about. perhaps even some of these identify objects being shot that. because congressman --
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i think there is a question in the mind of most americans and folks around the world. where does the sleet? but when it comes to republican investigations, in a weird way, it is difficult, if you will, to blame them for engaging in these weaponized investigations, alicia. because this is all they know how to do. it's crystal clear that they have fourth footed any ideas of trying to actually use their house majority to govern, and address the issues that the public opinion polls that i and others track every day and say what americans are uncertain about. so as long as they continue on this grievance politics, and this politics of, thank god -- obama era, or the politics of whitewater, which we saw during the clinton era -- it's really the only way republicans know how to deal with democratic presence. they can't offer counter policies, so they weaponize investigations in the hope of muddying the waters and politically doing damage. but i think the american people are paying attention, and i think it's partially why the reaction to president biden's state of the union speech was
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so well-received. because it does drawback tremendous contrast between what governing looks like, and what the politics of destruction and investigation look like. >> which is exactly what the biden team wanted to pull off. katie, your outlet, new reporting -- legislation we're seeing introduced by house republicans. speaker mccarthy, quote, knows that while alt-right conservative bills could pass with the slimmest of margins, they would be purely symbolic. many gop members would welcome such actions ahead of the 2024 presidential election in an attempt to create a foil -- president joe biden. for mccarthy, continuingly arm twisting to pass bills that won't go anywhere, may not inspire confidence or independents that will decide legions of house races next year. what challenges lie ahead for mccarthy, do you think, as the far-right of the party gains more influence? we've talked so much about threats to his leadership. i'd also's threats to legislation. >> absolutely. 100 percent, alicia. when we're looking at the status of independents who have
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been looking at republicans and the majority of the house, and then they've seen it as they've been polled. you see it as mostly revenge, and mostly focusing on a preoccupation with biden and his family, and not necessarily looking at the real life needs of the american people, as we've already heard before. there are so many things that came up at the state of the union, especially when it came to medicare and social security, really democrats and biden are trying to -- republicans and trying to say, hey, we're trying to get something done here. is that what you're gonna do? or you're just gonna focus on these investigations? i know that we're looking at historical trends, as was pointed out earlier, this is a historical trend. we see that the more time congress spends on hearings, and into these potential executive, you know, branch of misconduct, the lower the president's approval ratings will be. so we saw what happened earlier this week. with biden really trying to take a shot and say -- this is what the american people should expect for me in 2024. >> right. and that's why i think, david, you have president biden
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managing to put republicans on defense when it comes to social security. i want you to listen to what white house press secretary -- said earlier today on msnbc. >> -- every five years, we want to sunset medicare, social security. they voted to increase socials -- the age of social security. they've been pretty consistent over the past couple of years, and certainly, the past couple of months, and the president has said, i'm gonna continue to fight for it. we're gonna protect social security and medicare. and one of the best lines that i think he said, and some of you covered this, when he was in tampa, florida, and he said, if you dream of taking away social security and medicare, i will be your nightmare. >> david, it was to me, the most memorable moment in the state of the union. >> remarkable, the gift republicans, protecting -- particularly rick scott and -- mitch mcconnell going on radio in his own state saying, this is rick scott's idea, not ours. we don't want anything to do with it.
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and there are two interesting subplots to this, alicia. first, the politics of reelection, you know, there's been a question, will democrats even try to play in florida? very expensive state in 2024. now maybe seen. maybe there's a contrasting issue that makes florida more competitive. and secondly, rick scott himself is in his own reelection cycle, and he is on air already now saying joe biden is a liar. he's already introduced new legislation in the senate to try to protect social security. rick scott is on the ropes and his home state during an election cycle. joe biden has played this brilliant lead. subsequently, it matters, because the american people around joe biden side with this one. >> yeah. i mean, that's the whole thing, right? it's about 2024 and the way that this issue to please route in 2024. we start another not gonna be able to move much through the house and the senate. but just the idea that they are now on opposite sides of this issue, it creates pretty sharp contrast. >> 100 percent. i'm thinking about how biden
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went to florida the day after the state of the union to really hone in and hammer his message, that he's going to be the defender of the working class people, the middle class people, the folks there trying to get from the trump base, and really say, hey, we're gonna be backing medicare and social security, and anyone who comes after it is not actually on your side. so we know that neither party, it seems, once to make changes to either of these very important and also expensive programs. but even as of last week, we're seeing that republicans have to make it clear that we're not backing for scott. we're not on this point in terms of mccarthy, mcconnell. we even heard from trump saying that not one penny will be taken from medicare and social security. so thinking about what it means going into 2024, this is gonna be a top tier issue for that election next year. and then, we have to consider if trump -- it desantis does veto trump, what does this mean for florida? and what does this mean for desantis?
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>> thank you so much for getting us started. you folks are sticking around next. ron desantis ratchets up the cruelty in florida just to score political points. i was making life more difficult for asylum seekers. plus, a brewing executive privilege for president trump said to find a special counsel subpoena for his vp. our legal expert weighs in on what to expect. but first, richard louis with the other big stories we're tired -- tracking this hour. richard? >> -- abortion pills happen outside of texas county courthouse today. abortion rights activists gathered while abortion opponents called counterprotest nearby. with protests in amarillo come in response to a lawsuit challenging the fda's approval of certain abortion medications. russian forces stepped up attacks in eastern ukraine -- ukraine and cities overnight. -- residential areas an infrastructure, killed at least two civilians. western officials warn russia might attempt a larger offensive here as the warriors its one year anniversary. and a gas pipeline serving las
6:15 pm
vegas now back up and running after a leak caused it to shut down thursday. this led to long lines at local filling stations as residents feared a gas leak shortage. they are monitoring the pipeline for new leaks. more american voices right after this break. after this break it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. (cecily) what's up, einstein? (einstein) my network went into a black hole! (cecily) oh, you tried to save a buck on it? (einstein) i got what i paid for. not so smart. (cecily) nah, you're still a genius. but, there is a smarter way to save. (einstein) oh?! (cecily) switch to verizon! and get a new iphone 14 pro and apple watch, on them. (vo) yep. right now get iphone 14 pro and apple watch se, on us. that's a value of up to $1200. (einstein) eureka! i'm switching! (cecily) wow. you're pretty spry. (vo) the network you deserve. the savings you want. verizon ♪♪ inner voice (kombucha brewer): if i just stare at these payroll forms... my business' payroll taxes will calculate themselves.
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desantis latest move on in immigration the telltale sign of how many republican leaders -- creating more problems than fewer solutions. on friday, florida lawmakers -- flies migrants from anywhere in america democratic-led cities and states. similar to what desantis did in september, when he arranged to flights to find migrants from texas to martha's vineyard. for the taxpayers would foot the bill for these new flights at a cost of $10 million. desantis was hit with legal challenges following the martha's vineyard stunt. a federal class action lawsuit brought on by migrants and civil rights law firm ongoing.
6:20 pm
with me now, jeanne guerrero. she's a columnist for the los angeles times, and author of the book crocs -- a daughter's quest for her border crossing father, which is now available in paperback. -- also back with me. jeanne, when i saw this news about desantis in florida, when most struck me is that stephen miller may not be in the white house anymore, but we're still seeing the impact of his policy is when it comes to immigration across this country. >> exactly. stephen miller's message of dehumanizing immigrants as a way to rally the right base in america continues in what desantis is doing. it's meant to feel hysteria about the border, and continue to keep immigration -- what they're doing is creating a scapegoat bogeyman out of people who come here because they're displaced by u.s. guns, by u.s. foreign policy, by u.s. colonialism in latin america. it's used by politicians who have absolutely nothing substantial to offer working class americans. if desantis really cared about
6:21 pm
working class people, it support a pathway out of the shadows for immigrants. >> yeah. or at a minimum, he would be putting people on flights to places where they actually had families or support networks that were willing to welcome them places that -- to bring them in. david, the reason we're talking about rhonda scientists as you've seen all the same polling that i've seen at this moment, which is still very early. he's well positioned. should he choose to take on trump in 2024. so it's important to me that our viewers understand that what is happening in florida is not just about florida. it's about policy that could soon become -- ron desantis becomes president or simply gets more airtime because ron desantis is a candidate running for president, this is not going away. >> that's right. and talked and said this is a perfect example, not sure that thousands of migrant families,
6:22 pm
men women and children, are seeking greater economic opportunity and freedom in the united states of america. i don't know if they constitute a threat. they certainly don't constitute a threat to florida, and republicans have gotten away with the storytelling that this is somehow a danger, it's not. to your point, why is florida taking this position? reaching into other states, and flying migrants to another state, they could be welcoming them in florida. they can invest in another human resource, and the safety net resource to provide these families an opportunity. the cruelty is the point she. your point on what the florida legislature is, there is good reason to believe that when rhonda sanchez pulled a martha vineyards -- he also violated state law. by fixing this, with ron desantis is telling america is that we're going to do this again. i'm going to do this again, and if i get to the white house, i'll keep doing it. that's the danger. that's the threat. >> i agree.
6:23 pm
we are talking about the moves that they've made with migrants, we could talk about anything happening in florida right now. we could talk about ap african american studies, talk about trapping female athletes menstruation history, we could talk about the books that are being done in schools. we know why it is. he's trying to out-trump donald trump, this op-ed that i wanted to pull up the talks about, it he's doing that in a way that actually narrates policy to that vision. that's what makes it so especially dangerous. >> it is dangerous, because as you say, he's trying to create division but i see it a little bit more than cruelty being the point but the politics of the point. florida might as well be an additional caucus night side for iowa because this is all being done for the performative lens of presidential politics. ron desantis doesn't have any
6:24 pm
ideology as to what i need to do to walk down that republican nomination. the truth of the matter is that as repugnant as it was for me and you and for viewers personally and using migrants for human trafficking. also potentially in violation of the supremacy clause but he did it and he's doing it again because it worked politically for him. there is no pushback in florida. if anything, he won a record amount of votes. until there is a political price to be made for this, he doesn't hear about being shown up by the courts. he certainly doesn't care about saying for immigration advocates and people with common sense and human dignity that this is just about presidential politics. he's going to continue doing what he thinks he needs to do, as long as it aims and scores political points. and jim, you know with this house hearings, you have the oversight democrats, tweeting quote, good morning, and good luck to everybody except oversight members.
6:25 pm
they're using today's hearing to amplify white nationalist conspiracy theories, instead of a comprehensive security decision to strengthen our immigration system. there were two hearings on immigration at the border, there is the weaponization of the government, twitter hearings, but for me this all exists at the nexus of your book, which is now available on paperback. talk to us about the lasting impact of having leaders, having people in positions of power, pushing conspiracies to the lens of what you've been through. >> exactly. in the u.s., we are always glorifying and excusing the behaviors of white male undertakers like rhonda sanchez and trump, even trafficking human beings, but at the same time we're dehumanizing black and brown men who are not necessarily perfect, but for human decency as well. for my book, crocs, it's a chance to dispel that double standard. it's the heart of what's going on in florida.
6:26 pm
i oversee the impression of, that is rooted in -- he's an immigrant, not one of my quote unquote, good immigrants that you're supposed to hear about. you talk about black cocaine addiction, mental health issues. but it's essentially a love letter to him because if the belief that immigrants have to be held to an impossible standard. the cruelty that we're seeing in florida, the gop has to fully integrate. >> such an important read, our thanks to all of you that whose books, crux, is now out on paperback. thank you all. ahead, a major executive privilege battle with the former president, our legal expert weighs in on what is next. plus, culturally relevant food, how eating could be a major component of a healthy diet. stay with us. with us
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evidence that former president trump knew for a fact that he had lost in 2020, but still peddled an alternate reality. the washington post reports that trump fired a research firm to investigate all final aspects of fraud. they, quote, could not offer any proof that he was the rightful winner of the election. are people familiar with the manner said the jump disputed the findings shared with his campaign weeks before the capitol riot. all of this, is trump prepares to fight a special counsel subpoena of president mike pence. telling msnbc news, he's trying to stop pence from testifying about his insurrection. also with the subpoena, trump national security advisor robert o'brien, and his deputy previously staff were interviewed with the january 6th committee. joining me now to discuss, msnbc contributor and former watergate prosecutor.
6:32 pm
-- a lot to get to here. as the investigation ramps up, i wonder how this new reporting can happen, tell us all of this. is that where this is relevant? >> it is very relevant. the state of mind, and intent. it's just one more piece of evidence that he knew that he lost, but he was lying to his supporters, lying to the press and lying to everybody about having this election stolen -- interfering with the transfer of power as he new england lost. >> and i've been speaking with joyce vance than anybody following trump's legal actions knew that he was going to claim executive privilege over pence's testimony. he was the easiest bet to place. i wonder how you actually figure this out.
6:33 pm
>> there's no i would've taken that bet. he was going to do that. but it's only for delay. there are more but the two key ones are that he's the former vice president and the only person that can invoke executive privilege would be president joseph biden. even if he were the president, it's not totally a synchronized privilege. and when that will be taken away when there is a need for it in a criminal investigation. this is not like the january 6th subpoena, it's not like claiming privilege for that. this goes directly to other supreme court ruled and usb next and during watergate. they said in the case of -- all people want to testify, all people have to bring their evidence forward.
6:34 pm
there's no way to get around that decision. it's a very clear decision, and it's so directly appliable here that there is no way that the supreme court should spend more than two seconds saying that it is denied, that it's clay's case closed. that they should not take any arguments. >> let me put an additional case there, because you have michael cohen meeting this week. meeting for about the 16th time about the payout. here's how he responded to concerns. take a listen? >> what was the michael cohen big lie? the big lie was the number of times that i alleged to have spoken to donald about the failed trump tower moscow project. i stated three. the true answer was ten, and mcdonald wanted it to be this number, and so i changed it from 10 to 3. if that's the big lie going to impeach the credibility good luck to the defense council --
6:35 pm
putting aside, do you put his former fixture on the stand? >> i absolutely would. i've been an organized crime prosecutor, where the witnesses are always going to be codefendants, coconspirators. if you don't have them, it's not like a bank robbery. you might have somebody who happens to me making a deposit at the bank, witnessing a robbery and you saw the defendant. you have to have people cooperate in the conduct of the crime. you are used to that. honestly, michael cohen's slide, not only a minimalist, comparing multiple lies by the defendant who would be challenging him, but he was somebody that, rightfully stormy daniels seems more credible to me than don trump. when you're in that situation, i wouldn't have any hesitation
6:36 pm
putting him on the stand. and then dealing with it directly, i would not wait for the cross-examination to have him say, when you convicted of perjury? i would start out with you, were convicted of perjury. please explain, are you telling the truth now, or were you telling the truth then? i think it would be easy to say that he would be a very credible witness. there seems to be, and certainly a lot of these cases, stormy daniels payment, there are documentary evidence to support him. i would say yes, he would be a witness that i would trust. >> as always, thank you so much for your time and expertise. what a pin for tonight, thank you. that's next. race against time in turkey, as the search continues for survivors of last week's earthquake weekend. plus, an epic performance from bad bunny at the grammys gets lost in translation. i have a few thoughts. i have a few thoughts.
6:37 pm
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tonight. just hours ago, the u.s. military shot down another unidentified object over lake huron, near michigan. according to defense officials ordered the military to shoot it down over an abundance of caution. recovery efforts are now underway, and we are told that there is no indication preserve aliens can pay -- capabilities. for the object to be shot down over north america in the last eight days.
6:41 pm
now to turkey, where hope is fading in the search for survivors following last week's set of earthquakes. the death toll in both search turkey and syria with 33,000. going by the hour, rescue trees breaking in, temperatures setting through the rubble. the efforts are paying off, dozens of her, but the safety for finding others are. calls for accountability are growing prosecuting contractors linked a bit deadly building collapses. nbc's cain gutierrez is in turkey with the latest. >> you've been there a week after the initial work -- still pulling out survivors in some parts of turkey. it's just simply incredible. here at this site, there seems to be other solemn it's as search teams are now combing through the rubble here. they're trying to find bodies, and every once in a while, they're listening for signs of life. they now expect this to be a
6:42 pm
more recovery mission. families in this member -- waiting for any kind of weird still working through the night. this all comes as the situation in the region gets more desperate when it comes to humanitarian aid. in syria today, the top u.n. official says that the people of syria feel rightly abandoned. the white helmets, one of the rescue groups in syria, they say they just haven't speed the need that they need. they had more specialized equipment, they might be able to save more lives. saying that, i think we are able to hear the cries, of those trapped inside. they just couldn't reach them because they didn't have the proper equipment. just terrible here. also mounting at the government.
6:43 pm
earlier today, justice minister of turkey saying that arrests, detain -- more than 100 people. the government suspects potentially being responsible for shoddy construction that could've led to the loss of life. , again the death toll here continuing to grow. it is expected to get much higher. you can ask these rescue and search crews combing through the rubble, looking for more bodies. back to you. >> nbc's gabe gutierrez, thank you. we'll be right back. be right back.
6:44 pm
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>> we all have that this from her childhood that brings us comfort, whether it's spaghetti, my personal favorite, your grandmothers collard greens, jamaican style -- salt fish, dominican -- carries from southeast asia, or a type of west african rice. but did you know that these culturally rich foods can also be important to your health? registered dietitian and nutritionist -- author of a new book entitled, eating from our roots. 80 plus home cooked favorites from cultures around the world. and it, she explains why eating foods aligned with your culture is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. maya joins us now to discuss. maya, thanks so much for making the time to have this conversation. listen, i think a lot of people might be wondering why we're
6:49 pm
talking about food on the show where we generally talk about politics. i think that food is inherently political. i wonder how you see it. >> i absolutely agree, alicia. food is inherently political. when you think about dominant patterns around what we quantify as healthy, there are particular pathways. when we think about culture formal around the world, most racial and ethnic minorities are actually left out of that conversation. so just as you said, food is inherently political because there's a whole group of people, really the global majority, black, brown, indigenous folks, who are not a part of that conversation. >> you know, when we talk about the fda sort of putting recommendations on food, talking about which foods are healthy, i wonder how a one size fits all nutritional recommendation lands when what you're talking about is a global majority. >> yeah. it absolutely does not land. what we see, especially in the u.s., and also rising worldwide, is these high rates of non communicable conditions.
6:50 pm
we know that black, brown, unintentional -- indigenous people are disproportionately burdened with these issues. if we keep making recommendations that are very based in, quote, white american food base, people are gonna wreck -- the i can eat the foods that are recommended. what we need to tell people is your cultural foods fit, and let's find ways to modify them so they can meet your health and nutritional goals. >> i think a lot of us internalize that message that we received somewhere along the way, but the foods we grew up loving, the ones that are grandmothers made for us in their kitchens, were somehow unhealthy, or were wrong. can you give us an example of healthy meals from around the world that are often overlooked when you're talking about healthy food here in this country? >> absolutely. just today, i was speaking with my husband about taleblu. that's a dish that shows up in trinidad and tobago. the base is, you know, non-starchy vegetables.
6:51 pm
greens, and there's some pumpkin in their. we're talking vitamin c, fiber, you know, we're talking about plant based protein, and these are the real basis of a healthy pattern of eating. however, what we see in the recommendations that you should sit down to steam broccoli, brown rice, and boiled chicken. that's not what everybody around the world sees as healthy, or actually recognizes as things they want to eat. the >> face you just made around steamed broccoli is the same face my husband makes when i suggest the same for dinner. so i appreciate that. you also make a point in the book that i think is really interesting, which is this idea that eating culturally relevant food is important to your health, and can actually do something for you. what is the value added of eating food that comes from your culture? >> so, we all want to be recognized. we all want to eat food without shame. when we eat foods that give us that taste of home, a, or more likely to engage in eating that
6:52 pm
food, and those foods, i find, as we travel around the globe, are inherently nourishing. so we nourish our bodies with vitamins, minerals, and it's information for ourselves. when you sit down to that bowl of -- when you sit down to the peas and rice, actually flooding your body with nutrients, and your nervous system is able to relax, take it in, and feel absolutely good. >> those images on screen of your beautiful dishes, i am extra hungry. i have to ask before you let -- your family dish, what's the story behind? you've got 30 seconds. >> my family dishes really for my grandmother, my maternal grandmother. one of my absolute favorite dishes i grew up eating. and i really wanted to make inflation and bring it to the home cooks so they can enjoy it with their families and loved ones. >> i have it bookmark in my cookbook. again, the book is eating from our roots. officer maya -- thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. up ahead's, the grammys has
6:53 pm
apologized, but it does not make what happened to bad bunny any better. i gotta tell you all about it after this. starting next weekend, msnbc has a new weekend morning lineup. the katie phang show moved to 8 am eastern at 9 am. jonathan kaye part as the premiere of the sunday show, and, then i'll evolution -- 80 am eastern next saturday. be there. urday. be there whoo! we gotta go again. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ three nights, esg... the broker will take your bonds. -diversification, futures, options. fiduciary. leverage. [whispering] -frothy markets. psst. virtual real estate is a lock. ♪ cold hard cash ♪ j.p. morgan wealth management knows the world is full of financial noise. i'm looking at your asset mix and plan. you are right on track. great, thanks. our easy-to-use app and local advisors are here
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6:57 pm
>> this year's grammy's kicked off with an incredible performance from the artist known as bad bunny. the puerto rican performer brought his authentic self to what he's described as the gringo grammys, to differentiate it from the other awards show the recording academy produces for spanish language music, the latin grammy's. bad bunny has many firsts to his name. first latino artist to be nominated for album of the air at the grammys. first to reach number one on the billboards trump with an all spanish album. and his latest album, debuting at number one on the billboards 200, stay there for 13 consecutive weeks. the absolutely no one surprise, is opening performance was, in fact, in spanish. but for viewers using closed captions, their experience was, well, different. splashed across the screen, the
6:58 pm
words speaking in non-english. singing in non-english. no lyrics, no translations, not even singing in spanish. same thing happened during his acceptance speech for best musical or banana album. viewers were quick to respond, including comedian -- who tweeted, my first language is non-english. the upper lead cbs to fix the issue by the time it re-aired on the west coast, a standard practice for closed captions to display speaking in non-english if there isn't a multi lingual person captioning, and someone speaks, or apparently sings, in a language other than english. that explanation and lack of planning felt especially insufficient because bad bunny rose to the top singing exclusively in spanish, and he made it very clear at last year's vmas that this is how he plans to keep it. [speaking non-english]
6:59 pm
>> he got there without changing his language or his culture. the dissonance between the roots a bad bunny success and the way his performance was televised caught the attention of congressman robert garcia, who penned a letter to cbs entertainment president and ceo george cheeks, writing in part, for too many spanish speaking americans felt disrespect -- our place and should succeed a. our contributions to our shared culture. for the hearing impaired community,'s failure was hurtful. on friday, he responded saying he takes full responsibility for the lack of spanish closed captions, and promising to review the networks closed captioning for live events. to me, the whole episode illustrated something bigger about latinos in this country. on one hand, what we are up against. the biggest artist of the
7:00 pm
moment as puerto rican, notoriously performs only in spanish, it's reflecting a redefined mainstream back to us, and institutions failed to keep up in realtime. bad bunny's performance was also a reminder that there's an alternate path. one where success does not require assimilation. as novelist -- wrote a bad bunny's album of the year snub, that money may have earned some new fans, but the performance wasn't designed to please those newbies. what some saw as a show, i saw as a refusal to perform -- on any terms but our own. and that, well, that feels like a win. that's all the time i have heard today. emily sherman undoes. tune in next weekend, 6 pm eastern, for more american voices. until then, have a safe and happy rihanna day. y rihanna day.


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