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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  February 15, 2023 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> that is the show for tonight, now it is time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell, good evening lawrence. >> good evening alex, tomorrow
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night we will have some of that report from the special grand jury in georgia, at least three sections of it. the part of what the grand jury believes to be perjury is going to be the most fascinating part. we will be studying and discussing at this very hour. >> we will be using our magnifying glasses, we will have our thesaurus is, we will have our dictionaries, all resource materials possible to read between the lines. >> the first big georgia grand jury night, and there will be more after that one. >> they're sure will be, lawrence. >> thank you alex. >> the big news of the night is that the special prosecutor jack smith has subpoenaed donald trump's final white house chief of staff, mark meadows, test testify under oath to a grand jury in washington d.c. cnn is reporting that mark meadows received a subpoena sometime in january, seeking documents and testimony related to the january 6th attack on
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the capitol by a trump mob encouraged by donald trump, the attorney for meadows declined to comment on that report. mark meadows also has relevant information for a separate investigation led by special crossed cuter, zach smith, and to the illegal possession of government documents after leaving the white house. if mark meadows had not yet been subpoenaed to testify, the news might be an indication that jack smith's january six investigation might be moving closer to a conclusion then the documents investigation. mark meadows refused to comply with a subpoena by the january 6th committee and the house of representatives, a member of that committee will join us to discuss what the committee wanted to question mark meadows
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about, and jack smith should be questioning mark meadows about. at the campaign event in minnesota today for mike pence is not yet announced losing presidential campaign, mike pence made it official that he received a subpoena from jack smith last week and he intends to fight it for the most preposterous reason ever given by a former vice president of the united states for anything. >> i am going to fight the biden's doj. on the subpoena that was sent to me last week because it is unconstitutional and it is unprecedented. and the doj knows that. the subpoenae by the justice department special counsel actually runs contrary to what they argued on my behalf in two different cases in the last two years. literally, the department of justice in the last two years made the case, excuse me, that i, as vice president was covered by the
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speech and debate clause. and now we received a subpoena and in direct violation of that. we will stand on that principle. >> you will be hearing a lot about the case mike pence was just talking about. the case that he is referring to was filed by a man in utah named roland brunson. he pleaded that case himself without a lawyer, suing 385 members of the house and senate, along with president biden, vice president kamala harris, and former vice president mike pence. the case was promptly dismissed by the federal district court in utah. he then appealed the case to the tenth circuit court of appeals, who unanimously affirmed the dismissal of the case for lack of jurisdiction and failure to state a claim. the appeals court said that the lawsuit was frivolous. u. s. attorney's office in utah filed a successful motion for dismissal of the case at the very beginning of the case, which among several other
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arguments which did prevail mentioned the speech and debate clause of the constitution in defence of quote -- while the vice president and the members of congress were engaged inside the capitol, in certifying the votes of the electoral college, their actions were protected by, quote, absolute legislative immunity under the speech or debate clause of the constitution. the dismissal of the case, and the appeals court affirming the dismissal of the case was not based in any way on the speech and debate clause of the constitution. the courts
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ignored that argument completely ignore that argument and paid attention to other elements of the case. so no court has ever ruled on whether the speech and debate clause in anyway protects the vice president of the united states for anything at anytime. now, i know that i read for you the entirety of the speech and debate clause of the constitution last night but it is worth repeating at least one more time tonight because you are going to be hearing a lot about it, while mike pence is conducting this ridiculous fight. and most of what you will hear about it, will probably be wrong. it says in its entirety, once again, the senators and representatives shall receive a compensation for their services to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the treasury of the united states, the shell in all cases, except treason, felony,
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and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going two and returning from the same, and for any speech or debate in either house, they shall not be questioned in any other place. so it clearly applies only to speech in the house, or in the senate. speech in the capitol. speech or debate in either house. it shall not be questioned. but the truly controlling language of the speech and debate clause are the very first words, the senators and representatives shall -- that is it, they are the only beneficiaries of the speech and debate clause. mike pence never was a senator, and no court will ever be able to legitimately claim that the word senators in the speech and
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debate clause applies to the vice president of the united states. the authors of the constitution knew in another clause of the constitution, they were creating a vice president. they could have easily begun the speech and debate clause with the words, the vice president, the senators, and the representatives shall -- but they very consciously did not include the vice president in this clause. all senators have writes that the vice president does not have. all senators have the right to vote on everything that comes before the united states senate and comes before committees in the united states senate. the vice president only has the right to vote to break a tie in the senate chamber, and has no right to ever vote in the committee which means that the vice president has a right to vote in the senate less than 1% of the time. all senators can introduce legislation in the
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senate, all senators can introduce amendments, the vice president can never do any of that. all senators are members of the committee, the vice president is not allowed to be a member of any senate committee. all senators are sworn in with an oath of office, administered in the senate chamber, the vice president of the united states takes the oath of office on inauguration day with the president of the united states. we have had 49 vice presidents of the united states, exactly one of them, one of them has received a subpoena from a grand jury investigating possible crimes committed by the president, that that vice president served. mike pence is telling the lie tonight that the authors of the constitution believe that he should never be compelled to give testimony about crimes he witnessed in the white house. mike pence is obviously doing this because like most politicians he is the
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very last to realize that he will never win an election again. and so, he will continue to degrade and disgraced himself, and in pursuit of the votes of the people who literally wanted him dead on january 6th. leading off our discussion tonight is neal katyal, former acting us solitcitor general and msnbc legal analyst, neal, i want to begin with the news about mark meadows being subpoenaed. this is a very big investigative development for jack smith. this is one step away from donald trump testimonial terms, as close as you could get to donald trump in this investigation. what are we going to see as this unfolds, possibly another attempt by mark meadows to avoid testifying on some kind of claim of executive privilege? >> i don't think that we are
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going to see much for a while. the first thing is i am shocked that it has taken the justice department more than two years to subpoena mark meadows. fortunately, jack smith did it. i have no idea why it took merrick garland so long. you know, meadows was at the center of so much stuff. and he is squirmy, and sleazy, he is not an up and up character. i do not mean this politically, i mean this as a governance point. i mean, he embodies the trump white house in its relationship to law enforcement which is not about telling the truth, but about other things. so i wouldn't be shocked to see meadows assert all sorts of bogus privileges akin to what pence is doing, like executive privilege. i don't think that will go anywhere, trump has already lost it in the supreme court 8 to 1 with only justice thomas siding with him, that was just a few months ago, and
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just last week, marc short, the vice president -- vice president pence's former aide asserted executive privilege and lost that in our nation's second highest court as well. i do not think that executive privilege will go anywhere but no doubt, meadows will invoke it because he, like so many of these trump characters, are afraid of going and telling the truth before the american people. >> neil, is there any difference that you can imagine in a claim of executive privilege by the chief of staff to the president as opposed to the chief of staff to the vice president. because as you said, the same claim by the chief of staff to the vice president has already been adjudicated. >> yeah. sometimes you can imagine them in terms of the degree of being close and in the presidents circle, or something like that. here i think that the real problem is a different one which is a trump is not the president, and the supreme court has said
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repeatedly that it is the incumbent president here, joe biden, that really controls executive privilege to determination -- not the former one. so that i think that is one reason why trump lost that last case 8 to 1 in the supreme court, and why he will continue to lose them unless a republican wins and the republican is afraid of the truth coming out and will assert executive privilege once she, or he becomes president. >> neal, i know everyone is eager to here about your expertise in the federal appeals progress. exactly, give us to the day if you know, exactly how many days will it take to get mark meadows into the grand jury room? >> i do not want to speculate because these folks are really good at trying to use every trade can trade trick in the trade to try to delay things.
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but i suspect that by the summer, mark meadows will be testifying in the grand jury. he will try and assert it before the chief judge in washington d. c., of the trial court, he will lose there, i am almost certain. he will then bring it to the second highest court, the d. c. circuit, where he will lose like marc short. i think in a matter of days. then he will try again with a hail mary to the u. s. supreme court, but i think that they have really spoken on this issue time and again. i don't think that is going anywhere. so i think that it is a summer thing. i wish that garland had started this earlier but nonetheless, jack smith is doing the work now and thank heavens for that. >> that brings us to the similar question about mike pence, who is obviously going to want to go through the appeals process on the issue of his testimony. >> yeah, this pence thing, it comes from the general constitutional doctrine that we law professors called spinelessness. pence is really pretending, that this is some
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debate about lofty constitutional principles. it is not. it is about politics. this is not about protecting the separation of powers, as pence claims. it is about pence fearing he is going to be separated from power. he is not standing up for the principles of the constitution. if anything, i think that he is standing in the way of those principles by slowing prosecutors from getting critical information about an attempt to undermine american democracy. so i think that this is going to fail, and fail fast. and lawrence, you pointed out some of the reasons. let me just go through three. one, the text in the constitution which pence claims to actually care about. the text of the constitution says that senators and representatives, as you said a moment ago, no one else, pence is not a senator, he's not a representative. second,
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the clause has in it an exception for quote, treason, felony, or breach of the peace. this is not just a twofer, it is a threefer you almost have to try hard to get all three. but january 6th managed to do that. so you only need one to fall within the exception of the constitutional privilege and the speech or debate immunity. here you have all three at play, it is going nowhere. third, as you said, the speech or debate immunity is for things in congress. you know, all of the stuff that trump was doing, fermenting an insurrection, that was not taking place with pence giving some speech in congress. that was all before. it reminds me of when a member of congress said they asserted speech or debate immunity when thousands of dollars of cash was found hidden in his freezer, and he said well, speech or debate immunity. his freezer at home, not in the office. no, not even close. so this is going nowhere. it is about pence being afraid. it will lose quickly. but it is another delay tactic by these people
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because they are so scared, so scared, lawrence, of the truth ever coming out and the american people learning all of the things that trump and his minions did that day. >> neal, the washington post developed a report on new evidence we didn't know about until they reported on it. it has been over the weekend. it was that the trump team hired a consulting firm to do a study of any possible voting irregularities in the presidential election. that study came back saying absolutely nothing. there's nothing there that could overturn it. so the firm that they hired to do that study, which they never made public because it had results that they didn't like, it looks like yet another smoking gun in the white house that they were all holding in their hands. this written report. mark meadows had that written report. donald
10:18 pm
trump knew about that written report. when they continued with things like calling the georgia secretary of state, demanding 11,000 more votes, and all the other things that they did it right up to and including january six. >> i have two reactions, one, the trump administration was not exactly known for seeking out unvarnished, unbiased help. so the fact is, even with that filter they went and saw an expert report and the only one that they could find concluded that there was no election, which i don't think should surprise any of, us but it just demonstrates even with their attempt to try to seek out a biased report they got nowhere. number two, this is very significant legally because one of the big differences between what the january six committee was looking at, which is election fraud, and what trump did, and what jack smith is looking at, were crimes committed, the notion of criminal intent. did these
10:19 pm
people know what they were doing at the time, or was it some sort of accident? so, if i run over someone in the street when i am driving my car, i sneeze for example and hit someone, that is not a crime, it is an involuntary response, there is no mens rhea. by contrast, if i hate this person and decide to go and get hurt, that is obviously a different thing. that is a standard criminal law exercise. here, trump has always been saying, well i genuinely believed i won, that there was fraud, and the existence of this report, particularly if it can be shown that trump knew about the report blows a big hole in that mens rhea defense, and it makes it a lot easier for jack smith to bring that january six criminal prosecution against donald trump for insurrection, and for conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. >> neal katyal, thank you very much for starting off our
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discussion tonight, always appreciate it. thank you. coming up, congressman adam schiff says that mike pence will quote, go to any lengths to avoid doing his duty and telling the truth. congressman adam schiff joins us next. you could manufacture a whole new way of manufacturing. disrupt buying habits before they disrupt your business. and fuel the search for what comes next. so...what are you waiting for? ladies... welcome to my digestive system. when your gut and vaginal bacteria are off balance. you may feel it. but just one align women's probiotic daily helps soothe digestive upsets. and support vaginal health. welcome to an align gut. you can't always avoid migraine triggers anlike your next qulipta® can help prevent migraines. you can't always prevent what's going on outside... ...that's why qulipta® helps what's going on inside. qulipta® gets right to work. in a 3-month study, qulipta® significantly reduced
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today, lying about his duty to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the special prosecutor's grand
10:25 pm
jury. >> back on january 6th, president trump was wrong. as i have said before, his words were reckless, and the endangered my family and everyone at the capitol. i had no right to overturn the election. but i would say in this very moment, it is also wrong to establish a precedent where a legislative official could be called into a court by an executive branch. >> joining us now is democratic congressman, adam schiff of california. he served on the january 6th select committee and was the lead impeachment manager for the first impeachment trial of donald trump. he's now a candidate for the united states senate in california. congressman, you just heard mike pence referred to himself as a legislative official. would you like to comment on that? >> i certainly would. mike
10:26 pm
pence was a legislative official when the two of us came to congress together. he was certainly not a legislative official when he was the vice president of the united states, and more than that, the underlying fallacy of everything mike pence is saying is that there is nothing preventing him from voluntarily cooperating with the justice department. he just does not want to. and to frame this as how dare they subpoena a legislative official, you are not a legislative official, they shouldn't have to subpoena you. but the only principle he is really relying on is not a constitutional one. it is the principle that nothing should get in the way of my presidential ambition, not the public interest, not the need to know, not the interest of justice, nothing is important. to him, as not alienating some of the trump voters. and that is a pathetic way, i think, to begin a presidential campaign. but it is what it is. >> neal katyal has just assured us as i think we knew that mike
10:27 pm
pence will end up under oath in that grand jury. what would you ask mike pence in the grand jury under oath? >> i certainly concur with neal's analysis, but part of what pence is trying to do, and he learned this, sadly, from donald trump, is delay. by as much time as he can. hope that the problem goes away before he is forced to testify. so he thinks that it is valuable just to string this along. look, he is probably among the most important witnesses. his conversations with the president, with people around the president, what they knew about losing the election, what they knew about the unconstitutionality of what they were demanding, that he do to somehow use that ministerial position in the joint session to decide that the loser is really the winner, all of that is going to be very important to the charging decisions of the justice department. i also
10:28 pm
share neal's view that it is really tragic that it has taken this long, more than two years after the fact, to get to this point of the investigation. they should have subpoenaed him long before now as well as mark meadows to find out just what they knew, just what their involvement was, what the president's actions were, the former president, so that justice can be served. >> i think we also all agree here that mark meadows will also find himself under oath in that grand jury, eventually, what would you ask mark meadows? >> i would certainly want to know what conversations he had, both before january 6th, and in particular what was happening in the conversations that he had on january 6th. we know that donald trump sat for hours and hours while police officers were being beaten, and gouged, and bear sprayed, he refused to lift a finger. we know that there were multiple entreaties
10:29 pm
to him. mark meadows was a part of that. he could shed light on the present state of mind for a justice department looking at whether donald trump should be charged with things like insurrection, or seditious conspiracy, or other serious violations of the law. they are going to want to know what his state of mind was, and mark meadows is in a paramount position to be able to testify as to those issues. >> let's listen to what cassidy hutchinson told your committee about some of what mark meadows could testify to. >> i remember pat saying something to the effect of, mark we need to do something more. they are literally calling for the vice president to be hung. and mark had responded something to the effect of, you heard him pat, he thinks that mike deserves it, he doesn't think that they are doing anything wrong, to which pat said something, this is
10:30 pm
effing crazy. we need to be doing something more. >> so we just heard testimony that there are two people who heard donald trump say what cassidy hutchinson is describing, and that is what white house counsel pat cipollone and chief of staff mark meadows. >> that is right, lawrence. that testimony corroborating cassidy hutchinson if it could be elicited from mark meadows could be very important. cassidy hutchinson also testified about how on the mall, as people refused to go through the metal detectors, and donald trump is complaining that he doesn't like how the shot, the photograph is going to look, or the tv image of a less than full crowd, and he's told that people will not go through the magnatometers, is because they have weapons and they don't want their weapons taken away in donald trump's responses, then take down the effing mags. that kind of evidence, if meadows was also a witness to, hint of the president knew the
10:31 pm
crowd was armed, knew they were dangerous, and send us cassity testified that he did not care because they weren't there to hurt him. this is, i think the most powerful evidence of the president's knowledge, corrupt intent, and meadows could certainly corroborate that, undoubtedly there are other examples that he could give of the president state of mind. he is a key witness, it is an indication, lawrence, i think that we got to the presidents chief of staff and the vice president that finally this investigation is reaching the very top, and probably nearing its conclusion. >> mark meadows can also give testimony about how donald trump handled government documents, including classified documents. during the presidency, and after the presidency. the latest development on that is that we learned that some of those classified records were digitized, put on a thumb drive by one of the trump aides, and that thumb drive was then sent
10:32 pm
to the trump campaign. what does that do to what we know already about the documents case? >> i think that you are right, meadows has some very important information about their handling of classified documents. there was a rather mysterious element to cassidy hutchinson's testimony, of documents being brought over by members of the house intelligence committee to the white house. there's other testimony of documents being burned. we don't know what documents those were. we don't know where these documents that were brought over to the white house ended up either, whether any of them made it to mar-a-lago, and then of course you had this additional information now being reported about digitizing classified information and ending up on a laptop. finally there may be a laptop issue with investigating, but yes, meadows could provide some very key information, and given the other reported evidence of obstruction of the investigation, that is also going to be key to the special
10:33 pm
counsel's work. >> congressman adam schiff, no candidate for senate in california, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks, lawrence. >> when we come back, george anthony santos received a valentine yesterday from the federal election commission, telling him that he was breaking the law. in a new complaint to the house ethics committee, it focuses on whether george santos's seven year marriage was a fraud for immigration law. that is next. powered by innovation refunds can help your business get a payroll tax refund, even if you got ppp and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds. joint pain was keeping me from
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is it peyronie's disease? will it get worse? how common is it? who can i talk to? can this be treated? stop typing. start talking to a specialized urologist. because it could be peyronie's disease, or pd. it's a medical condition where there is a curve in the erection, caused by a formation of scar tissue. and an estimated 1 in 10 men may have it. but pd can be treated even without surgery. say goodbye to searching online. find a specialized urologist who can diagnose pd and build a treatment plan with you. visit today. >> and in george santos news
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10:38 pm
tonight, a new possible five -year prison sentence and a valentine. george santos received a valentine yesterday dated february 14th and addressed to what they think is his real name, the federal election commission ssent a dear candidate letter to george anthony devolder hyphen santos. the valentine says dear candidate, it has come to the attention of the commission that your treasurer for the devolder santos for congress has resigned and the commission has received no information regarding a new treasurer. a treasurer must be appointed within ten days of the resignation of the previous treasurer. the previous treasurer resigned in january. that is yet another way in
10:39 pm
george anthony devolder santos which george anthony devolder santos campaign fund is in violation of the law. the new york times has studied the santos campaign financial records, and quote, found $365,399. 08 in unexplained spending with no record of where it went or for what purpose. the breaking santos news of the night in the new york times is a new demand that the house ethics committee investigate george santos's seven year marriage, which ended in divorce in 2019 before his first run for congress. the ethics committee has been asked to determine if the marriage was done to subvert immigration law, so that the brazilian woman, george santos married, could obtain american citizenship, which she did. the times reports that mr. santos identified as gay for his entire adult life, and that he was dating men during the period in which he was married to his ex-wife. george santos's ex-wife is now
10:40 pm
using her citizenship to sponsor her new husband who is also brazilian to obtain a green card and then possibly citizenship. abc news has spoken to a brazilian man who claims that santos offered to marry him to help him get a green card during their relationship in 2013, while george anthony devolder santos was already married to the brazilian woman. if santos is found to have participated in a fraudulent marriage to subvert immigration law, he could be sentenced to up to five years in prison. george santos is of course like all congressional republicans, a rabid opponent of illegal immigration. joining us now is a reporter for the new york times who has been extensively covering the george santos phenomenon. thank you so much for joining us tonight. the 300, let me get that exact
10:41 pm
number, $365,399. 08, mysteriously spent, we have no idea on what. one of the reasons for doing this is the remarkable string of charges for $199. 99 since $200 is the point at which you must report with specificity what you spend the money on. >> that is correct. this is a fascinating -- this is just another example of the ways george santos continues to test our political and finance system. this is not something that gets a lot of attention looking at expenses, there's not a lot of rules about, it there is no cap on how much money candidates can spend. there is a rule that after you spend $200 with a single vendor you have to itemize it and you have to provide a receipt. so you know, there have been a number of really mysterious things that we have seen in
10:42 pm
george santos'spending. these $199 expenditures, lavish spending on hotels, but there was a very peculiar pattern identified by the washington post in april of 2022 when he amended all of his filings to show that he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars more than he had said in the initial versions. you know, he addressed a lot of these filings to anonymous which was very mysterious. the fcc noticed and he was asked to correct it, which he did, but what he did was that he sort over move those violence completely and they were folded into this big bucket of an itemized receipts, which would continue to grow, and grow, and grow, to reach this number that you said before, earlier today. >> now, in normal situations, in this era, candidates do not have much to worry about from the fec. this was not always true, they
10:43 pm
had much more strength and they do now 20 years ago, but it has declined dramatically. but the justice department has said to the federal election commission, please hold off on your investigation, we want to investigate him criminally. so that raises the stakes here for george santos. >> that is true. the fec, in their credit, hudson numerous letters to him identifying that there were tons of irregularities in his campaign finances and they have caught many of them. this just happens to not be an area that doesn't get a lot of scrutiny. the money coming into politics, rightly so, we want to know who's influencing our elections, just not as much attention is paid to spending because, generally these things work themselves out. if candidates are not spending their money wisely, they do not win. however, in this instance, there seems to be something that slipped through the cracks. what you can really see by comparing george santos'spending that that of other candidates is just how much of an outlier it is. compared to the 365,000 that he has for a totally unaccounted
10:44 pm
for expenditures, i think the second highest is 22,000 and that is house majority leader hakeem jeffries who had a much larger campaign and has much more responsibilities, there are many candidates, many house members who have almost no money in an itemized expenditures. >> grace ashford, thank you very much for your continuing reporting on this remarkable story. we are following it religiously here. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> and coming up -- there have been three arrests -- in an iranian plot to assassinate our next guest, masih alinejad. and her life continues to be threatened because she believes the women of iran should be free to choose what they do with their hair. masih alinejad will join us next. than just an investor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too.
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10:49 pm
targeted for exercising the rights to which every american citizen is entitled. the victim publicize the iranian government human rights abuses, discriminatory treatment of women, suppression of democratic participation and expression, and the use of arbitrary imprisonment, torture and execution. we will not tolerate attempts by a foreign power to threaten,
10:50 pm
silence or harm americans. we will stop at nothing to identify, find and bring to justice those who endanger the safety of the american people. the safety of the american people. >> that is attorney general merrick garland, announcing the plot to announce a satellite our next guest, i'll see him in a job. the attorney general said that the assassination flutters organization with ties to iran, and the indictment says that one of the man was arrested near the intended victims home in new york while in possession of an assault rifle, he was, quote, preparing imminently to execute the attack on the victim. on monday, masih alinejad, tweeted this -- on the anniversary of the islamic revolution, the organizers of a pro regime protest held up and unveiled pictures of me, threatening to kidnap me soon. kidnapping and killing are in the dna of the islamic republic. joining us now is masih
10:51 pm
alinejad, iranian american journalist and activist. thank you very much for being here. and it is so stunning to feel how lucky we are that you are here, that you can be here, that the plot did not work. >> i'm so happy. because, then, i have the opportunity to give voice to those voiceless people inside iran, that exposes, killing, torturing, kidnapping every single day. you know, how ironic -- my birth country, the islamic republic, they want to kill me. but my adopted country -- >> they want to kill you why? >> look -- >> what is it that you are
10:52 pm
saying that they simply cannot bear? >> i am saying that this is 21st century, and these laws, these clerics, they must be gone. this is unbelievable. this is very, very simple denial. i want to choose what to wear. i want to have a country where people don't get executed. tomorrow is the 40th day of the execution of truly innocent protesters, muhammad hussein and -- and their crime was just peacefully protesting in the street and saying that we want to have that freedom. that's why they want to kill me. they are going to kill me and take me back to iran and execute meat. because i am here to tell you that we, americans, are -- >> why can't they choose, looking at the size of this protest and looking at what
10:53 pm
happened -- why can't they just twos, okay, let's just pull back our rules on what women can do with their hair, which is where this protest began. >> that's a very good question. because -- a hijab is not just a small piece of cloth. and then committee says, okay, let's just get rid of it, or luscious abolish morality police. no. we are talking about a religious dictatorship. compulsory hijab is like the main pillar of this regime. it is --
10:54 pm
as i say, always, it's in the dna as luck of this islamic republic. it's for me, and millions of women -- we are not fighting this compulsory hijab. we believe that compulsory hijab is like the berlin wall. if we tarrytown, these longer public won't exist. and that's why they don't want to step back. >> can you explain your bravery? because i know -- there's a couple million people watching this out there, as i am, thinking, if they came after me at my home and the fbi arrested the guy with the rifle, it would be very hard to find me after that. >> i want to show you the real bravery. i explain to you why i am not scared of these mullah's. but the better example is iranian women inside the country. just today, one mother and daughter -- they got free from prison. both of them.
10:55 pm
they were part of the campaign white wednesdays, say no to compulsory hijab. but this is in front of prison. immediately, when they got free, mother and daughter -- women, life, freedom. these are the women. >> and showing their hair. >> yes! now, actually want to show you, how -- >> [speaking non-english] >> [speaking non-english] >> what does that mean that you they just said, that you just said -- >> women, life, freedom. this is's slogan of our progressive revolution. and in front of our -- you cannot compare my bravery to them. right? in the face of clerics, in the
10:56 pm
face of killers. don't forget, 500 people got killed, only in four months. don't forget that 20,000 people got arrested. 50 innocent protesters are in the death row. and five of them got executed. and this is the reaction of these women. you know what? women in iran, they have two options. to be miserable or make their oppressors miserable. i choose the second one, like millions of other women inside iran. that is why i am going to munich security conference. i am very happy that finally the munich security conference will stop inviting the killers. instead, they invited the leading opposition. i am one of them. i'm going there to tell them that as far as the islamic republic is in power, we are not going to be safe everywhere -- in america, in europe. >> you, just before we came on to the commercial break, you told me something that your mother told me about fear. share that with us. >> i grew up in a very tiny village, in a very poor family. we did not have electricity. we did not have inside bathroom. during the night, i had to use the outhouse. so, during the night it was dark. blacker than black. and i remember my mom used to tell me, if you are scared of the darkness, the darkness will swallow you all. the darkness will devour you. but if you stare into the darkness, if you open your eyes as wide as you can, that darkness will disappear. that is what i do right now. because i experienced a lot of darkness in my life. i opened my eyes. >> and you have opened our eyes. masih alinejad, thank you very much for joining us once again tonight. please stay safe. >> thank you for hosting. >> we will be right back.
10:57 pm
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save hundreds a year over t-mobile, at&t and verizon. talk to our switch squad at your local xfinity store today. as the atlanta judge gets tonight's last word, the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. >> tonight, president biden is back on the road, focused on the economy and vowing to