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tv   The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart  MSNBC  February 25, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> milestone.
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russia's invasion of ukraine hits the one year mark. a live update from kyiv as president zelenskyy promises his people will fight on and president biden promises more aid. meanwhile, in the states, we take you inside the battle for control of the wisconsin supreme court with the candidate fix folks say could ship the ballots if she wins. then, to virginia where the first black woman ever elected to congress from that state, congresswoman-elect jennifer mcclelland, joins us to talk about her historic win. and, texas. where state attorney general ken paxton is at the center of a federal investigation that could yield criminal charges. and that is just the start of it. poor thing. i am jonathan capehart, this is the saturday show.
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we >> we start this morning in ukraine where the brutal invasion by russia hit the one year mark yesterday. ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy marked the anniversary with an emotional speech yesterday gave. he declared that ukraine is alive, and awarded here of ukraine medals to families of fallen soldiers. president biden also marked that date with new sanctions against russia, and another two billion dollar support package for ukraine that includes ammunition, and high tech military equipment. but not the f-16's zelenskyy has repeatedly requested. nbc's erin mclaughlin joins us from kyiv. erin? how is the country preparing for the second year of war? >> hey, jonathan. well, first let's talk about the those f-16s. the president of the united
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states in an interview with abc news last night, ruling out the possibility of that the united states will send ukraine those fighter jets which they have said they badly need. he is reeling it over now, but not completely. take a listen to that exchange. we >> look, we are sending him what our season military thinks he needs right now. he needs tanks, he needs artillery, he needs air defense including another high mark. there are things he needs now that we are sending him to put him in a position to be able to make aids the spring and the summer going into the fall. >> you don't think he needs f-16s? now >> no, he doesn't need f-16s now. >> now, with respect to those weapons, senior ukrainian officials here have been telling me, they are badly needed. especially when you consider where the war is right now as it enters its second year.
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essentially, according to an adviser to the ukrainian military, both sides are running out of ammunition. and it is really a race against time at this point, who could get the ammunition to the frontlines the fastest. that's, coupled with the promise of western supplied thanks to the front lines for ukraine from european and u.s. allies. ukrainian officials say they are very confident if all of those things align that this situation could reach a turning point within potentially the next six months. the big sort of wildcard here is of course china and potential chinese involvement. the united states is alleging that china is considering providing lethal ailed to russia. if that happens, and adviser to the ukrainian military is telling me that it could be potentially a game-changer in this war. given the dynamics of the
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current situation which is perhaps why yesterday in a two-hour press conference to the world media, present zelenskyy saying that he would like to meet with the chinese leader. jonathan? >> erin mclaughlin, thank you very much for that report live from kyiv. back here at home, speaker of the house government are these defending his release of more than 40,000 hours of january 6th footage to tucker carlson. speaking with the new york times about the promise he made to do so, mccarthy said, quote, i was asked in the press about these tapes and i said they do belong to the american public. i think sunshine lets everybody make their own judgments. a coalition of news organizations, including nbc news, msnbc, cnbc, and noticias telemundo, it's now formally requesting that mccarthy granted access to the january 6th capitol security footage. joining me now is nbc news congressional correspondent,
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julie tsirkin. julie, thank you for being here. take us through how we got to this point and why nbc news is calling for the video to be released to all news agencies? >> well, jonathan, to understand how we got to this point you have to remember this in the context of this congress because this according to my sources also has to do with those concessions that kevin mccarthy made to the far-right members of his party in order to get that speakership gavel nearly a month ago. this now fast forward to monday, we heard from top across in himself that he and his team now have possession of 44,000 hours of capitol security footage. you have to realize that this is every county camera in this complex, of what happened on january six. escape routes, different angles that members, including speaker pelosi and vice president pratt pence were assured out of this building. this is sensitive footage. much of a never viewed before by the public. and this is how tucker carlson framed it on his show on
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monday. watch. pape the producers, some of our smartest producers have been there looking at the staff try to figure out how it what it means and how it contradicts or not, the story that we have been told for more than two. years we think already that in some ways it does contradict that story. >> now, remember the sunshine that mccarthy wants the american people to have insight into is shining from tucker carlson's perch. a guy who has described this day as a protest. he refused to use the word insurrection. so you can imagine frustration building primarily from democrats. those in leadership here on capitol hill saying that the security of this building and the members in it could be called into question. speaker mccarthy has the biggest security detail out of anyone here in the capital. as one officer pointed out to. me this is something that he should be considering as well. but when you come and look at this letter that news organizations, including ours, sent yesterday. a formal request sent to speaker mccarthy asking that to gain access, that he grant
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access rather, to all the media. you see that letter up on your screen. because of the cities footage that was electively and exclusively shared with carlson that we will see perhaps portions of next week, they are now including us, are requesting that mccarthy granted access to all of this footage. but it is not clear that mccarthy will do. so and i should note, he has not reply to our repeated request for comment on this. either. >> nbc's julie tsirkin. thank you very much for that update and that report. joining me now, joyce vance, former u.s. attorney in alabama and an msnbc legal analyst. joyce, before we get into the legal stuff. what do you make of mccarthy's release of all that footage to tucker carlson? >> so, actually i think it's the nail on the head here when she says this is one of the prices that the speaker will pay for the vote that finally elected him 15 rounds in. it is problematic for a lot of reasons. for security reasons she
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identifies are clear, but even more so, we are in the middle, we are in the early days leading into the trial in this dominion voting machine lawsuit alleging that they were defamed by fox news. that fox put forward unknowingly false narrative. and framing this release of footage to fox in that context makes it more troubling. hopefully they will behave responsibly with what has been adjusted to them. i guess we will see. >> yeah. i guess we will see. and i had forgotten about the to minion link. this is why we have you here to make all the links that we forget. so, yesterday we got word that special counsel jack smith asked this federal judge to compel former president mike pence to testify before a grand jury about the january 6th attack. how big a deal is that? pierre >> pence's testimony is very important. you can't undercount the value to prosecutors of speaking with the only man other than the
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former president who heard both sides of their conversation on the morning of january 6th. prosecutors have bits and pieces of it from observers. pence is the one who knows not just about that call but about the entire course of conduct leading up to that call. so, it is not necessarily a bold move by the special counsel to subpoena pence. i would say, it is a move that is long overdue. he is an essential witness. if they are going to be indictments, but perhaps more importantly if as a prosecutor you just want to get to the truth of what is going on, you need to hear mike pence's testimony. you need to hear it under oath. >> but, can, he i mean mike pence is making every effort to keep from testifying. will he succeed though? >> pence's efforts were characterized yesterday in a new york times opinion piece by alter conservative judge, former judge michael lending as a hail mary pass. that is essentially what this
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is. you know, pence is arguing the speech and debate clause protection for members of congress covers him in his role as president of the senate on january 6th. and while that privilege exists, the mere existence of it doesn't mean that it covers everything that mike pence did leading up to january 6th. i think the courts will make quick work of this saying that, although there is some legitimate scope for that privilege, pence's conversations with the former president about a criminal conspiracy designed to interfere with certification of the electoral college vote, those are not protected conversations. >> all right. let's talk about the georgia grand jury. which came out with part of its report and suspected at least one or more witnesses lied. two things. one, what happens next in this case, and to, what impact, if any has the former grand jury
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for women's media to her last week had on future action? >> so, jonathan, i am not sure i ever expected that i would be teaching criminal procedure on msnbc on a saturday morning. but here we are, right? georgia has an anomalous grand jury practice. it is different from federal and for many states. when a prosecutor needs a little bit of additional time to do investigative work and bring in witnesses, they use a separate grand jury. it is called a special or an investigative grand jury to do that work. when their work is completed, they write a report. and, then the district attorney takes that report and the evidence that they've gathered. she makes her prosecuted decisions, and goes to a regular grand jury to seek indictment. so that is what is going on here. connie will, is the fulton county da is presumably making our decisions. she has said that she will bring charges imminently. or rather, make those decisions imminently. which is prosecutor speak for,
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whatever i'm finished i will go ahead and do it. because the grand jury for a woman who has been out making these comments, emily course, was the foreperson for the investigative grand jury, i think there's little legal significance to the comments that she's made. as a prosecutor, it makes you cringe to see anyone out talking about a grand jury. but, the real impact of that sort of revelation of what goes on in the grand jury, is whether or not it could prejudice future dependence. here, independent decisions are made by the da's office. she will have to submit those to her regular grand jury for a vote regarding who should be indicted and what charges should be brought against. them and there's very little taint. to the extent that trump wants to argue, and i'm sure will if he is indicted, that this is a witch hunt and that he was being defamed to the press. there is a much bigger ball of wax of publicity surrounding the events of january 6th, which we all watched take place on national television. i don't think these arguments
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will go anywhere. but i think we should expect to see any charge defendants make them in an effort to delay trial. >> all right. your criminal justice clouds for the day is over. joyce vance, thank you very much for coming to the saturday show. and, up next, the future of abortion access and voting rights faces a critical test in a key state supreme court election this april. one of the candidates joins me after the break. candidates joins me after the break. after the break. i work hard, and i want my money to work hard too. so, i use my freedom unlimited card. earning on my favorite soup. aaaaaah. got it. earn big with chase freedom unlimited. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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pivotal judicial race could be a bellwether for what to expect in the battleground state in 2024, possibly the nation. two opposing judges, won their primaries this week in the state supreme court election. gianna part of sale, it's a liberal circuit court judge in milwaukee county will face off against daniel kelly, a
6:19 am
conservative former state supreme court justice on april 4th. the winner of the race will serve a ten-year term. and though the election is nonpartisan, british voters face a rare chance to flip control of the court for the first time in 15 years from conservative to liberal, which could impact two key issues. abortion, and voting rights. okay, we will have to take a break so we can get judge for to say let's back on the line. we will be back after this. line. we will be back after this we will be back after this struggling with the highs and lows of bipolar 1?
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on the 5g network it deserves. about your options, boost your team's productivity with samsung's fastest processor yet. switch and save up to $1000 on the new galaxy s23 ultra. now that's epic. on the network america relies on. next on behind the series... the boss upended the whole roster. here's this young sub from jersey, brimming with confidence. and meatballs. it had a lot of attitude- for a rookie. and a lot of pepperoni. the subway series. the greatest menu of all time. joining me now is judge janet, candidate for the wisconsin supreme court. judge for descended, thank you very much for coming to the saturday. show why should the nation pay attention to the wisconsin supreme court election? >> well the stakes are huge. not just the issues that are going to be coming before the wisconsin supreme court in the next year or two, but
6:24 am
everything is on the table. fairness, equality, change we have had a very hyper partisan supreme court in the state of wisconsin. a lot of extremism. we are working very very hard to put it back to normal. to change, too common sense. and actually evaluating the issues and the cases without a finger on the scale. looking at the law and upholding the constitution. >> i know you'd never tell us how you drool on any particular case but, why should you prevail on april 4th and no two or conservative opponent daniel kelly who is a former state supreme court justice? >> i have been very careful, and i appreciate the way you structure that question. i've been very careful to share with people what my values are. but you also indicate that my values did not have control of how i would ruler votes in any case. when i talk about my values one of values is that a woman should have a right to choose
6:25 am
in regard to her reproductive health care decisions. certainly talk to your family, talk to your doctor, talk to your faith community. but the bottom line is that decision should be yours. i anticipate that that issue is going to come before our wisconsin supreme court and i just indicated that i will and not for his chattering away which i would be voting, but that is a question that will be coming before us. voting rights are huge. wisconsin's, as you probably know, one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. what that means is that our representative democracy, quite frankly, it's on the line. wisconsin is really traditionally and still is a battleground state, but the state might wide elections that we have not. nonetheless we have an extremely gerrymandered state where such a high percentage of the seats in both our state assembly and state senate don't reflect the makeup of the people of the state. i think anybody looking at him
6:26 am
off from the outside can tell that clearly something is wrong. >> we're sticking with your opponent, former justice kelly, should the fact that kelly is a trump ally with ties to a fake electors scheme disqualify him from election to the ten-year term? >> i think people need to look long and hard at that. he was endorsed by former president trump in his last election. he was involved, obviously, as you indicated with that scheme. more than that, he has been touring the state of wisconsin and what the republicans call an election integrity to her. i put that in air quotes, election targeted to. are really trying to pedal the big lie that the 2020 election was stolen. and i think we all know that president biden was fairly elected in 2020. so, dan kelly has a number of really extreme issues. and i am very curious to see what the voters are going to say about that.
6:27 am
i can tell you that where we are going across the city, and today i am madison. i left milwaukee for madison. i'll be going for people not familiar with the state wisconsin, i'll be going to hudson and superior with driving all of any northern reaches other state. everywhere we go, the turnout that we get from people around the state wanting to talk about this election, wanting to share how concerned they are about the state of wisconsin going forward, how important this raises to them. we have, we are at events where people are lining up outside the doors. it is hard for us to even really be able to accommodate the people that are turning up. so, it tells me that people are certainly extraordinarily concerned about what they perceive as extremism. >> judge, this is very unusual. i don't think i have ever interviewed a judge running for election to a state supreme court we. and it is nonpartisan, but when
6:28 am
you are out. i am just curious. how do you campaign? >> we campaign all over all the time. if you are asking how we physically campaign. >> no, i know you are driving all around the state. but you're talking about tons of people come into your events. i am just curious, how are they talking to you about these issues? are they talking to you about these issues from a partisan perspective, or a value perspective i guess is my question. >> yeah, i think. you really from a values perspective. i have people coming out to me like in two years saying we are praying that you win this race. we are praying that we get control of our supreme court back. and not just control about the issues, i think the perception is that our supreme court is so extreme that it is not fair that decisions are being made before the lead against even get into the courtroom. and, you, know i was at an
6:29 am
event in a small town where a 90-year-old woman came in in a snowstorm. she said to me, judge, i shouldn't be here today. if i slip outside and break my hip, things will all go downhill for me. i am here today because i support you so much, because i love our state so much, because i have lived here my entire life, and i am so scared of what is going to happen if one of those extremists wins this election in april. so, the outpouring from people across the state is utterly incredible. >> so, judge, real fast. how can people find you? what is your web address? >> take a look at jennifer justice stockholm. >> all right, judge janet protasiewics. thank you so much for coming to the saturday show. and i would turn the commonwealth of virginia where history was made this week in the special election to fill the vacant house seat left by the late don we kitchen. congresswoman-elect, jennifer mcclelland won by a stunning 50
6:30 am
points over republican challenger leon denton. i remember my interview with. him at that resounding interview means that mclelland will become virginia's first black woman ever elected to congress. joining me now is virginia congresswoman-elect jennifer mcclellan. congresswoman-elect, thank you welcome back to the show. >> thank you. i'm excited to be here. we saw throughout your campaign you have invoked your family tended history. you're great grandfather was forced for state literacy doesn't have three white people but vote for him in order to vote. you're grandfather had to pay a tax in tennessee. what does it feel like to now be a desist org figure, the first black woman to be elected to congress in virginia? >> well, >> you know, we words can't describe, it really. i. pinched myself i have to pinch every morning myself every morning. i am just so thrilled, and i'm just so thrilled.
6:31 am
-- he's no longer with us and how excited my 90 year old mother's and my kids are pretty excited. >> you won by about 50 points. 20 point gain from the 2022 election for the same seat. why do you think that. ? >> i think this district -- was hungry to make history, and they knew that with my 18-year record of serving the metro richmond area, i was born in the district, that i would represent them with a public servants part. >> you know, what commitments, what committees do you want to be on? do you have an issue or set of issues we want to focus on? >> well, my dream one is the judiciary. because it deals with voting rights, but -- as a freshman. armed services is very important as well as a district, and a lot of the issues that i
6:32 am
work on at the state level, i work on whether i'm on the committees or not. but i am excited just to roll up my sleeves and get to work. >> so, you're coming to a building that has a republican majority in the house, but you have long experience being in the minority when you were in the virginia general assembly of -- but do you think you will be able to work with these republicans on capitol hill? >> some of them, maybe. i mean, i think on armed services issues, on the act bill, which is -- i'm sure we can find common ground on some infrastructure. but i learned a long time ago, if you can't find common ground, just stand up for your constituents, for your values, and you just need to press on until you get the majority, and you can make progress. >> you know, one of the issues you're going to face once you get to the building sooner, rather than later, is the whole debate over raising the debt ceiling. and then republican efforts to
6:33 am
tie the raising of the debt ceiling to either entitlement reform or budget cuts. where do you stand on that? should the two be combined, or should a clean debt ceiling bill be voted on before you get into the hard work of talking about the federal budget? >> we need to vote on a clean debt ceiling. i mean, look, it's about paying our bill and if you don't pay your bill, there are consequences, there are effects that will affect this country. so, let's do that and then we can negotiate on whatever is left. there are some things that, you know, i won't negotiate on, and that's social security, medicare, and medicaid. >> all right and with that, we're going to have to leave it there. but you will be back because you are the virginia congresswoman-elect, soon to be congresswoman fully. jennifer mcclelland, thank you very much for coming to the saturday show. >> thanks for having me. >> and after the break, texas
6:34 am
attorney general, ken paxton, is facing questions over a 3 million dollar settlement in a case where some ex staffers accuse him of corruption. we will dig into all of that and a lot more next. (woman) it's a perfect fit for my small business. (vo) verizon has business internet solutions nationwide. (man) for our not-so-small business too. (vo) get internet that keeps your business ready for anything. from verizon. (psst psst) ahhhh... with flonase, allergies don't have to be scary. spray flonase sensimist daily for non-drowsy, long lasting relief in a scent-free, gentle mist. (psst psst) flonase. all good.
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try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health versus 16 grams in ensure® high protein. boost® high protein. now available in cinnabon® bakery-inspired flavor. learn more at >> republican politicians make headlines every week for scandals and investigations, but when you might have missed is this one. texas attorney general, ken paxton, was reelected last year
6:38 am
to a third term, despite his many controversies. this is the guy who, like in gender affirming care for transgender youth to, quote, child abuse. under texas law. paxton is not only morally suspect, he may also be corrupt. earlier this month, paxton agreed to pay a 3.3 million dollar settlement to for whistleblowers who alleged paxton carried out potential crimes involving a wealthy donor. an agreement that texas taxpayers could be on the hook to fund. here with me in studio is tony plohetski, investigative reporter at the austin american statesman. tony, welcome to the saturday show and in person. >> thank you, so nice to be here. >> all right, so explain the details of the settlement and the years-long pro probe. why is this a big deal in texas? >> so, this actually goes back to 2019 and as you mentioned, that wealthy austin investor became the subject of an ongoing fbi investigation.
6:39 am
his home and his offices in downtown austin were actually searched by federal investigators. but we know that he has a friendship and relationship with attorney general, ken paxton. and what the allegations are, overtime, is that ken paxton took a number of different steps to potentially aid this investor. for example, appointing a special prosecutor to actually investigate the fbi and to investigate federal officials. there were questions about whether or not federal authorities did a lawful search of this investors home and business. and so, that became the subject of ken paxton's efforts. the allegations among his staff is that ken paxton then benefited from that, received a 25,000 dollar campaign contribution, possibly, according to their allegations, had parts of his home
6:40 am
remodelled and mixed in exchange for this. and perhaps most strikingly, there is the allegation that this donor, this investor then began employing a woman who was allegedly ken paxton's mistress. >> [laughter] man, this is dallas type stuff here. all right, i'm going to go back to something you said. i want to make sure i heard you correctly. attorney general, ken paxton, started an investigation of the fbi because the fbi conducted a probe or searched the home of this wealthy donor? >> that's correct. -- [interpreter] so, in washington, that would be called the weaponization of law enforcement, state law enforcement. i just want to be clear on that. this settlement, the 3.3 million dollar settlement, is that in relation to this donor
6:41 am
situation? >> well, here's what happened. and this is a really striking rebellion among ken paxton's staff. in 2020, october 2020, eight of his top lieutenants, i'm not talking about people down in the attorney generals office. i'm talking about employees and staff who sit at the right-hand of the attorney general. they went to the fbi and said, we believe our boss, the attorney general of texas, is guilty of violating a number of federal statutes, including bribery and abuse of office. some of them were fired, others resigned. but four of the eight initial whistleblowers filed a lawsuit and so, according to information that we uncovered within the past couple of weeks, paxton and those four whistleblowers have reached a tentative settlement, as you mentioned, of three point $3
6:42 am
million. but here is the hook. texas lawmakers have to approve that settlement. and so, on the ground in texas, that is what is up for discussion and up for debate right now. >> okay, wait a minute. so, the state is going to pay the three point $3 million. ken paxton doesn't have to put this money out from his own bank account? how? >> so, under the texas whistleblower act, it is the agency who is the defendant and a whistle blower suit. not an official or an elected official, him or herself. >> come on. >> so now, because of that, ken paxton is saying, the agency is on the hook for this, not me personally. >> so then lawmakers how are lawmakers handling this? i'm sure the democrats are apoplectic. what about republican lawmakers? >> so, this is a very
6:43 am
interesting point because overtime in texas, we've seen texas republicans either be quiet about allegations involving ken paxton, or some of them even have frankly continued to support him. but now, we are seeing that they are potentially on the hook for this three point $3 million. the house speaker in texas has definitely raised an eyebrow, saying that he does not think public dollars should be spent in this way. the governor, similarly, has expressed some doubt that this is an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars. but here is the problem. if that settlement is not approved, this could potentially end up in a courtroom. and that is where, by all accounts, ken paxton does not want it to end up for a couple of reasons. one, we are told that any sort of judgment could be higher than three point $3 million. but to, it's possible, if not likely, a lot of his suspected
6:44 am
dirty laundry can then be aired in the courtroom, for all of the world to see and hear. >> i like that mistrust you mentioned in the opening answer. so, now there's another piece of this. so, the justice department has now taken over the investigation. what exactly is the justice department doing and why is that significant? >> so, those a whistleblowers, by all accounts, did, in fact, initiate, successfully initiate, a federal investigation into these allegations. the fbi, as it's pretty typical, they have never -- >> confirmed nor denied. >> they've never fully confirmed it, but what we have been able to learn over the past several days is that the investigation, which was being done by the western district of texas, so federal agents, federal prosecutors in texas, has now been shifted here to washington, d.c., for them to
6:45 am
figure out whether or not they will ultimately bring charges against ken paxton. >> bring charges, criminal. let's be clear. criminal charges or, you know, any old kind of charges? >> so, the allegations that these whistleblowers initially made were, in fact, criminal allegations. >> wow. tony plohetski of the austin american-statesman, thank you very much for breaking it all down. in plain language. >> thank you. >> it's quite complicated. >> pretty incredible. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> after the break, more than 70 categories will be highlighted at tonight's 54th annual naacp image awards. i will talk to naacp president and ceo, derek johnson, about what to expect. that is next. what to expect that is next that is next (screaming) defeat allergy headaches fast with new flonase headache and allergy relief! two pills relieve allergy headache pain? and the congestion that causes it! flonase headache and allergy relief. psst! psst! all good!
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♪♪ what will you do? will you make something better? create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you. >> when it comes to the oscars,
6:50 am
major movies like the woman king and until it were snubbed. but tonight, they are among the nominees of the naacp image awards, which will be the 54th annual celebration of diversity and hollywood. joining me now is derek johnson, president and ceo of the naacp. president johnson, welcome back to the show. >> good morning, how are you today? >> i'm well, thanks. so, why are award shows like the naacp image awards still necessary? >> for african americans, we must celebrate the talents and gifts that individuals bring to
6:51 am
the culture. if you think about music or film, african americans, we have contributed so much. so, it's important for us to celebrate the excellence that's displayed. and for the naacp, we understand that how we are seen on the screen or heard through music or felt through our narratives is how we are treated in public policy. so, we need to celebrate excellence because we want to ensure that our experience in this country and on this globe is appreciated, celebrated, and amplified. >> you know, congressman benny thompson of mississippi will be honored with the chairman's award and civil rights attorney ben crump -- that he will receive the social justice impact award. well was there actually any competition for either of those awards? they are the perfect recipients. >> think about the contribution that chairman thompson made
6:52 am
with the january 6th committee, in terms of uncovering what was taking place and to protect our democracy. there was no competition. for me personally, constable thompson receiving the award is really important because much of what i do has been, through his mentorship, from college when i worked with him in the very first campaign to current, and i didn't have an opportunity to -- the chairman of the board and he has to win the chairman's words. and for ben crump, the voice he's brought to justice for so many families across the country who died at the hands of law enforcement is something that must be recognized. it is unfortunate that his career is built on the death of individuals, but, you know, i would say his career is built on his advocating for families and their loss. one of the things that i love about ben crump, he's also understanding that we must have policy reform. the george floyd policing act,
6:53 am
we have to put in place. these individuals represent some of the best of what we are doing in this country. to protect democracy -- protect families. >> absolutely agreed. one other award you are giving out is to actress gabriella union wade and her husband, former nba superstar, dwyane wade. they will receive the prestigious presidents award. tell us why they deserve this word. >> anytime you have individuals who use their platform to advance equity, to try to create a stronger community, and for others, we must recognize them. it's unique how these two individuals, they've done a lot. but as a couple, they've become a power couple, for me, personally. the way that he stood up for his child, when others were criticizing is something i take personally, because i'm a father of five. each one of us who are parents, we must support our children, be behind them, to injure
6:54 am
individual attacks against them are something they are able to overcome. and so, for me, i love this power couple. i've been married for close to 28 years now. black couples, you know, we thrive when we work together. >> martin, to be more specific about the attacks on their child, their child's transgender. and so, it is vitally important and more than symbolic that you have an nba superstar, a hollywood superstar, as parents, who are standing up for a child who is not just different,. but when you look at what's happening in states around the country, particularly in texas, given the last conversation i was having, where politicians are putting targets on the backs of trans children, for their own political gain. >> and it is unfortunate.
6:55 am
othering has been a part of the -- sport of politics. but othering also harms people, destroys individuals, and can create a lot of injury against communities. if you are a parent and you know how people use othering, i always say that individual uniqueness is their genius. and if we all just embrace one another's genius, we can be a stronger society, as a result. what we are seeing from the governor in texas, or florida, or other individuals who are trying to emulate or replicate the former president is a sad state of where we are, as a country. with the naacp and many other groups, our job is to protect the rights of individuals. -- equal protection under the law and to ensure each person, child or adult, can display their uniqueness, because that
6:56 am
is their uniqueness. i celebrate the wait couple for what they've done for their child. >> as do i, as do millions of our fellow americans. derek johnson, thank you very much for coming to the saturday show. you can see the naacp image awards tonight on the e t -- your local listings. and that will do it for me. thank you for watching. join me again tomorrow for the sunday show, when california congresswoman, barbara lee, joins me live to talk about her run for the united states senate. that is at nine 8 am eastern, right here on msnbc. my friend, ali velshi, will join live from ukraine. that is up next. that is up next. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. if your business kept on employees
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it is saturday, february the 25th. it's 10 am in new york, 5 pm here in kyiv. ukraine's resilient capital city, which is still standing, despite tremendous odds after 367 days of war. i'm ali velshi. as you can see, life is carrying on all around me. and otherwise regular saturday afternoon, if not for the rest about captured russian tanks displayed in the streets and the air raid sirens that have become a regular part of everyday life for millions of ukrainians around this country. most residents have learned to live with it


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