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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  March 4, 2023 10:00am-11:00am PST

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gop-led weaponization subcommittee. democrat to release a new committee saying only three witnesses were called since the committee was formed, adding that none of the witnesses work in the fbi or justice department did not qualify as before whistleblowers, and characterizes that as conspiracy theorists, january 6th sympathizers. >> this is the tinfoil hat committee. i mean, there is nothing here. they are trying to do whatever they can to delay the groundwork for donald trump to get back to the white house. trump loyalist. the only reason, jonathan, that the subcommittee was formed, with us have kevin mccarthy could become speaker. this is the deal that he made. >> more reaction from democrats in a moment on that. meanwhile, a new alarm over episodes like this one scene in a senate and animation, an increasing number of airplane collisions at airports around the country. congress been jake henri cloths told me his committee will be looking into it.
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>> yes, when you sit down on a passenger seat of an airplane, you buckle your seatbelt, you deserve to feel safe and know that the faa, the pilots, the airlines are exercising supreme caution and the utmost safety measures. it seems they did on the edges here. i'm on the transportation infrastructure committee, the federal aviation administration is at this year. that will absolutely be a focus of the committee as we talk with their leadership. >> as president biden's 2024 reelection strategy appears to be taking shape, the white house says the president had undergone a procedure to remove a cancerous piece of tissue from skin on his chest. the white house says it was based on -- does not tend to spread. it's taken care of according to his doctor. and donald trump is slated to close out the cpac conference later today. some major gop figures skipped the event. it has been a trump friendly affair with mostly trump allies
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in attendance. >> when i said, like, i don't know, it we are the pennsylvania managed to elect a vegetable. they criticize me as being ableist. >> wokeness is the more dangerous than any pandemic, hands down. >> i will be introducing my bill, the protect children's innocence act that will make it a felony to perform anything to do with a gender affirming care on children. >> we either get this government back on our side or redefined and get rid of, abolish the fbi cdc, atf, the rj, every last one of them. >> we'll bring you a live report from the conference coming up shortly, meantime, we have several reporters in place coming from the white house to capitol hill, we will begin with and messi's allie raffa. ali, the president will likely seek reelection. we know that there is a second round of presidential
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campaigning. >> yeah, alex, the president is essentially keeping his friends close and potential enemies even closer. according to the new reporting from the washington post, the post saying that his team is building what they are calling this national advisory board of democratic governors, senators, and other surrogates that will formally be launched this month. i want to take a look at the democrats on this board, it includes a long time allies like democratic senator from delaware chris coons, some former 2020 rivals like senator elizabeth warren. some of these democrats have had, or are very likely to have their own a presidential aspirations. even though it was highly unlikely that the allies would run against the president in a democratic primary in 2024, it's very clever politically for the presidents team because it allows president biden to keep all of his cards as close as possible leading up to 2024. keeping extreme streamlining all of the messaging and theme close as we approach 2024 this,
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rallying of the candidate is one piece of the puzzle. the other piece is the president touting this unity that he says he was able to achieve within the democratic party as we see the gop russell with who they are going to choose as their leader leading into 2024. listen to what he had to say to house democrats earlier this week. >> it's great to be here, this incredible caucus, a strong and diverse group of leaders. it is strong and diverse. by sticking together, we got a lot done, by sticking together we are back in the house, we will finish the job. folks will understand what you have done. we are going to make sure that as much as we have done, we have a lot of unfinished business as well. to finish the job that needs to be done. >> lots of layers to the strategy so far. of course, no doubt, we are going to see more built upon that as we inch closer to this expected announcement next
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month and as we inch closer to 2024, alex? >> we will indeed, allie raffa, thank you for that. meantime, let's head to capitol hill for more on how democrats are panning jim jordan's weaponization committee, nbc's julia circuit is now, julie, what are the democrats saying today and are republican saying anything about the new report? >> well, not really. i have a spokesperson who just told me a few minutes ago in a statement a spokesperson for jim jordan say is quote beyond disappointing but sadly not surprising democrats would lead chair -- to attack the whistleblower's that risk their careers to speak out on abuses at the justice department and fbi, he is responding to, of course, the 316-page report put out by the leading democrats chairman a me -- talk to democrat of the judiciary committee and stacey pilot, the top democrat on the weaponization select committees investigating what republicans are saying was alleged collusion between the
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government. against conservatives. and the next hearing, there are plotting as a response to this report, you will see it will be next week, focused on the twitter files, that is the alleged collusion between big attack and the government to silence conservative voices. what democrats are saying in this massive report is that according to three witnesses that the interview behind closed doors, democrats were of course part of the interviews. they said none of these former fbi employees had anything pertaining to say in terms of proving this exact theory between the doj and the fbi. instead, they are saying they are actually peddling conspiracy theories surrounding january 6th, surrounding covid, surrounding twitter, surrounding all of these topics that republicans are trying to prove was a big conspiracy theory between the government against conservatives. i wanted to take a listen to what stacey plaskett had to say earlier today on msnbc. watch.
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>> they are the ones wasting money on individuals who are not whistleblowers. it's shameful that jim jordan is using committee term on this when there are real things that we can be looking at. why don't we look at bill barr and how he weaponize the federal government when he was ahead of doj? why don't we look at individuals? special agents, fbi special agents that have recently come to lay that we're using the fbi for conservative movements? how about the irs. disproportionately auditing african-american families working class families. those are things that we can look at those are not of any interest to jim jordan, kevin mccarthy, and the crew. >> that exactly echoed what we heard at their first hearing three weeks ago it was essentially republicans and democrats trying to one up one another in the committee room. democrats trying to disprove the conspiracy theories being pushed by republicans alleging there's a big conspiracy between government against
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conservatives and democrats. on the flip side, trying to say there is weaponization that occurred, perhaps under the former president. why don't we look into that so you can see, this will be a theme of the committee that has the next two years to put together a report of their findings. >> okay, thank you very much for the heads up and all that. joining me right now, we have california congressman, member of the house armed services committee, good to see you, my friend. in the last report, democrats lay out a laundry list of reasons to doubt the credibility of these witnesses, including this, one has called repeatedly for the dismantling of the fbi, another suggest it would be better for americans to die than you have any domestic intelligence program. what is your reaction to this? >> i think it's crazy. this entire conspiracy theory has taken over a large portion of the republican party, and certainly mr. jordan and his colleagues on this committee are right there. the fact of the matter, there
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are important things for us to do. just this last week we have a very expensive hearing on the military equipment, getting there, the money being well spent, corruption, the answer was no, the money is being well spent. and yes, the equipment is getting to the ukrainians. we could go back as stacey plaskett said a moment ago and go back to the mueller report. talk about the representation, the weapon is an offensive and defensive tool. in the case of bill barr, attorney general barr, he used the doj as a defensive weapon to protect donald trump and basically bury the mueller report, we're trying to do with the 2016 election. we have a lot of work to do. and frankly, jim jordan is leading us down a wasteful path. turn to something useful, we will be right there. >> here's a question. do you think jim jordan and the other republicans on the committee and you this information and yet still decided to move forward with these so-called whistleblowers?
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i mean, didn't they preinterview them? didn't they know what they were going to say? so many holes can be shot through their testimony. >> exactly right. we have seen some really bad work being done. fortunately being done by the republicans in the committee on the services committee when we were dealing with the ukraine and the weapons. matt gates presented a document and said, here is proof that there is fraud and the weapons not getting through. he took that paper and handed this as part of the file it turned out it w a chinese communist propaganda paper that gather the information from. >> that was unbelievable. >> they are not doing a good job by themselves. >> that was laughable, i have to say. and then of course, he tweeted out part of the conversation that he was looking like a tough guy. yet forgot to put the last bit where he was corrected and the person he was speaking to said,
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yeah, we don't put out chinese propaganda. that's not something we put a stop into. that was stunning. anyway let me get to this information that has been released. is there any indication that republicans are preparing to move on from these witnesses or do you think they will stick with it? . >> they are going to stick with it. they have nothing else. the only thing they have are these witnesses with which were just credited and some of them appear to be paid to testify. prepared to be appearing on fox and they are all secondhand. all of this is hearsay. what they are putting forth and conspiracy theories. none of it is based on any thought that we have been able to find. mr. jordan has been unable to provide any direct facts to support any of the theories that have been put forward. and the other things that he talked about thus far, the full committee, on the twitter files, it collapsed right on top of him.
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so, we will see. but there are legitimate things to deal with. there is clearly problems, we have a big government, problems across this nation. we do have radical groups, and the fbi and others have clearly identified a radical group that can and some have been terrorist organizations. all of those things need to be looked into. >> yeah, let me ask you about something we touched on as we go on to the war of ukraine. we know you visit poland and the ukraine border, we are monitoring the flow of u.s. military coming into ukraine. can you tell us about your trip? did it really ease any concerns that you had about american equipment actually making into the front lines? >> we had heard a lot of concerns from the colleagues in the conference and others. so the chairman of the committee, mike rogers the republicans that let's go find out. we went to the three places where the equipment is brought to the border and transferred
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from the border into ukraine. we observed, in all three of those places, that the equipment is getting through the military equipment, the artillery. the mission is getting through we look at the documentation from the arsenals in america, all the way to the border. we watched them load, in this case, a c 47. a commercial arrived and had just unloaded several times of munition, all of those were on the tarmac. they were rapidly being picked up by forklift and put into a vehicle to be transported into ukraine. some of those had already, within an hour to, you are within the country of ukraine, and the documentation accompanied all of that equipment from the united states all the way to the border, and now we have people in ukraine that are documenting the arrival of that with the supply depots.
10:16 am
yes, we were very very satisfied. and frankly, very proud of america. america was able to move a large volume of equipment all across the world. i mean, 12,000 miles, deliver it, get it in place, 101st airborne division was on the ground, young men and women doing their job for america. doing their job for ukraine, for democracy. >> i'm telling you, we'll just iffy they managed to accomplish, incredible. let me ask you quickly about thursday, with anthony blinken spoke with the russian foreign minister of the g 40 minutes. that meeting yield anything? >> yes it did. it yield the first face to face negotiation of the top diplomats were karnes of it? there will be another meeting on the line we will go through a very difficult spring for ukraine. russians are on the offense, though it's not going well for them at all. it's a yard by yard or meter by meter for them.
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they are making huge losses, ukraine is likely to mount its own offensive in the weeks and months ahead. but when they do that, the balance of this war will be set. at that point, we will see if there is an opportunity for negotiation. we would hope that the negotiation would be as ukraine wants, get the heck out, russ, this is our country. you invaded us. get out or else we will continue with this. we will see what happens nonetheless, at the very important starting point, and from there, maybe the door is open. maybe it's not. at least we knocked on the door. >> my fellow californian, thank you very much, great to see you. meantime, right now, millions of americans are cleaning up from the aftermath of a severe storm that went across the u.s. after rain, snow, and strong winds damaged homes and left thousands without power. 17 million people in new england are after winter weather alert with 6 to 8 inches of snow expected in some areas.
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that storm system launched at least half a dozen tornadoes. it was barreling through the south on friday, killing at least ten people and leaving homes in pieces. here is a portion of every -- morgan chest me. >> my truck was shaking, we lost a lot of the roof. >> and texas, the power straight line winds are undeniable. gusts topping 70 miles per hour shredding a boat marina in seconds. tearing off its roof, sending debris flying. in alabama, some woke up to a nightmare. >> we do not hear anything until plywood crashed through our window. all we heard was a giant crash. >> today, more than 1 million people our thought power stretching from alabama to new york new reaction to in-depth report about the weeks and months that led up to the mar-a-lago search. it's coming up. it's coming up. ken, the peppercorn ranch... i love my rings but i'll cherish that lunch...
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south carolina attorney alex murdau is behind bars where he is spending the rest of his life after being sentenced for the murder of his wife and son. joining me now is nbc priscilla thompson in columbia south carolina where they are being held right now. welcome, priscilla, what we know about the first night in prison and what is going to come next for him? we know how long he is going to stay there? >> yeah, alex. we know he spent that first night here alone in a cell, he arrived, you saw that mugshot with a shaved head as he entered custody here. south carolina department of corrections official says he is expected to be at the facility for 45 days where he undergo devaluation including medical tests, mental health evaluations and education assessment for's murder and sentence of life was used to determine what maximum security prison he ultimately ends up.
10:24 am
at ultimately, there is no family and friends allowed to visit him, but attorneys can visit him. and already, they said they do intend to appeal on his behalf she never have been allowed in, and they feel that that is grounds for that appeal. we are also today hearing from jurors who are speaking out, many of them saying that it was not the financial crimes that led them to convict alex murdaugh, but rather it was the snapchat video that was captured by his late son paul where he is overheard at the candles and the vases overheard despite the fact he told investigators he was not there. not key and crucial piece of evidence is something the attorney general has also said was crucial in this case. take a listen to how he described it. >> alex murdaugh, i think he on the kill video coupled with his
10:25 am
testimony, i think that is ultimately hanging with the jury. >> south carolina in, as good as you know, they have a good sense and a good manager for bs. i think that he looked at them in the eye and that was all it took to get into the finish line. fog as a do, as the was the life sentence they was 100 financial charges to be brought against this to make their way through to the criminal justice system and we know investigators are looking into due to deaths that occurred within the murdaugh orbit, including the housekeeper and also a friend of murdaugh's eldest son. back to you? >> okay, priscilla, thank you so much for your report. meanwhile, reporting this week on the trump mar-a-lago search. the impact of all of the in -- and the weeks and months leading to the rain that questions are still need to be
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out of iran where there are new reports of more girls being poisoned by gas in a school. the latest attacker after reports said over 1000 young women have gotten sick over the past three months. joining me now, nbc's molly hunter in a london. i mean disturbing, really, it's not the word to describe it. what can you tell us about the horrible incidents? >> yeah, disturbing, horrible, criminal. really upsetting news, alex. this is reports that we are getting today of a new wave of these suspicious and suspected poisonings. we have spoken with our translator, 11 different provinces where new reports popped up today. nbc news have not independently verify the individual cases, but the social media videos that we are seeing coming out of iran tonight are extremely distressing. nbc news is working hard to
10:31 am
verify video showing, being able to show what is happening to these young school girls. in one video the nbc has, you have a girl describing in the hospital how her body is not how she is unable to walk and other videos. you have a young girl, these are school aged girls, alex, talking about a smell of chemical gas. today, the other thing we are seeing as protests. nbc news is showing video of a small group of women holding up signs in pro tests. you see huge crowds of the outside the department of ucation. alex, it's so hard to get real answerasar as the rest official response, the interior minister of iran, dismissing whisper ports outright, you have the president abraham raisi who spoke yesterday, he calls these attacks, sorry, i lost, it they call the attacks the enemies conspiracy to create fear and despair within the people. the country's prosecutor launched a criminal investigation, alex. we did hear from the u.n. spokesperson for the u.n. high
10:32 am
commissioner for human rights. take a quick listen. >> the authorities have ordered an investigation into these incidents. we do urge that such investigations should be transparent, and the findings be made public. to bring the perpetrators to justice. we strongly condemn any forms of violence against women and girls. we called on the authorities to introduce it in for affective legislation and policies to prevent violence and discrimination against them. and to hold the perpetrators accountable. >> now, alex, as you mentioned, the reports since november in the last few months, more than 1000 school girls have had this kind of distressing respiratory illness from the poisonings. all of, this of course happening, after the unprecedented protests across the country since the 22-year-old mahsa amini was killed in police custody last september. alex? >> the thinking must be that --
10:33 am
they make no sense whatsoever because women, young girls are ending up in the hospital with these inexplicable situations, these symptoms. that girl you said can't even feel her body, can't even walk? has there been any sort of parlay into that? seeing where this could be coming from? >> there is so little information that we are able to get clear information from the hospitals, the parents, the department of education. of course, outside of local media reports from actual officials, you are now hearing the u.n., as you heard in the soundbite, really call on high-levels for transparency. i think we will start hearing western officials from the u.n. and elsewhere really try to hold iranian authorities accountable in any way they can. >> okay, stay on the story and let us know what you find out, molly hunter, thank you for that. now with the latest on the exclusive report from the washington post about the
10:34 am
showdown between fbi agents and justice department prosecutors over whether or not to search for government records at mar-a-lago. attorney general merrick garland this week defending his decision to approve the fbi search after a republican senator accused him of overruling the fbi. >> my experience, my long experience of the prosecutor there is a robust discussion, it is encouraged among investigators and prosecutors. >> attorney general, yes, you made the decision. you said you did. >> i'm sorry, what i said was i approved the decision. >> we will clear out there, josh hawley, joining me now, pulitzer prize-winning reporter with the washington post, and author from three bestsellers. and an nbc news contributor -- now nbc news national security analyst and contributor. welcome to you both, carol, you first. is there a political angle to
10:35 am
the disagreement over whether or not to search mar-a-lago? was one side more pro trump and less willing to take action to defend him? >> you know, the only thing we can tell you is what we learned in our reporting, which is fbi agents gave their colleagues, their friends, and their bosses to different explanations for why they resisted rating donald trump's home. why they wanted to close the investigation in june before the raid ever happened. those two reasons were as followed, alex. number one, they were afraid of the damage that trump had done the previous fbi personnel and other investigations of donald trump. what they call a hangover of crosshair hurricane. that is the code name for the investigation into russian interference in the 2017 election. and, efforts to penetrate the trump campaign at the time. some of those people who
10:36 am
launched that investigation came under withering attacks. they were targeted by donald trump when he was president. i won't go into all the details, but that was one of the reasons. the second reason we reported out the fbi agents were reluctant in the worst way to do this raid was they believed they had to be above reproach investigating a former president. that essentially, all of their work would be second guessed and scrutinized. there would be someone going behind them. either inspector general or perhaps a member of congress. and there, they would be trying to answer those questions and they wanted to do it exactly right. >> they have been scrutinized, i will give them that. the.g., frank says, the debate over decisions like this is encouraged. you still know many fbi agents. how do you think this actually played out? would it have been a heated
10:37 am
exchange. how passionate does one side get? >> it's not unusual at all, certainly in my 25 years as an fbi agent and senior official to have even allow debate and discussion between agents and prosecutions, sometimes that is a sign for a healthy dialogue. if they can't stand each other, and don't trust each other, they are not going to openly discuss the merits of a certain strategy or technique. all of that is good. with regards to that, by the way, some of the pushback that is discussed in the report, the excellent reporting, actually may have resulted in a prudent step. the subpoena seems to be a product of some of the robust discussion. hey, do we really need a search warrant right now? can we take the incremental step of a subpoena? i think that paid off and showing administration said, hey, we have done everything we can, were still not gettin what we have. we go south, and clearly that is problematic. even when they are faced with evidence, the agents, that
10:38 am
there is a guy moving boxes on the security video camera. there is potentially false at a station from a trump attorney that everything was turned over. there is human sources saying there is something classified at mar-a-lago, it then appears that even then, the head of the washington field bus may have said i will have to be ordered to leave the search warrant. i think we need a consent search, meaning we should ask pretty please. that is where i am concerned that as carroll said, the fear of retribution, the fear of the bureau they level take another public beating. even the possibility that personal politics is affecting their judgment, i am concerned that that may have been a factor. >> so, i'm guessing, carol, you will do more reporting on this story because your questions have not been completely answered, like what? what are you still trying to figure out? >> i think you asked one of the questions that is important, was there a political
10:39 am
persuasion influencing this? i don't want to tell you every question that i want to ask, that will give a roadmap to my competitors. if i will tell you one i am interested in. every one would be inrested in. that is the idea that these agents felt, as we heard from sources, these agents felt vulnerable. no one has their back. that is a worry because, if you don't feelas though leadership is with you and supporting you, you might be sort of blowing in the wind when and jim jordan, for example, begins asking questions about why you did what you did. why you chose this over a consensual search, i think that is interesting. i think, you know, i have to be fair to both of the sides in this fight. the prosecutors and the fbi agents. both were under, you know, what
10:40 am
investigation do we know of since donald trump, sorry, since bill clinton and monica lewinsky. the focus on possible criminal activity by a former president. some of which could have been while he was president. both of those sides were facing a case with no parallel. no precedent. we need to understand better, when the department of justice appropriate without fear or favor, no matter how important a person's. >> yeah. very astute observation, good point you are making. what about at this, frank. i want to ask you about the new 316-page report compiled by democrats on those weaponization committee. which it has been set up by republicans to show the government agencies like the fbi and doj. democrats say only three witnesses have come forward so far and can't be considered whistleblowers. listen to this. >> now they left the fbi because they could not do the
10:41 am
job, or would not do the job. coldest behavior with conspiracy theories. these are the primary witnesses, who you said, witnessed nothing. they are not whistleblowers, they are malcontents who could not cut it at the fbi. >> what do you make of this, frank? and as any of this surprise you? >> i am not surprised, except, we should all understand what the so-called weaponization subcommittee is about. it's not playing to the general public. the audience for this is the far right media platform. to play it every night and repeat the mantra. institutions are bad. there is a deep state here. don't you see what jim jordan has produced today. the reality, of course, as you said, we had three so called fbi whistleblower's come out, all fired or retired. one of them who was fired, in part because he refused to take a covid vaccine, the other one walked away from the swat team assignment who arrested
10:42 am
dangerous three -- affiliated january 6th subject. and now, has been given a job. i want to point this out it's worth repeating, one of the key so-called whistleblowers took $5,000 in cash, took a job from a think tank associated with mark meadows, and now talking in russia media, including sputnik in russia today. that is who we are talking about here. someone who thinks that people are innocent if they cause damage inside the capital. it's falling flat on its face. by the way, these guys don't match the legal definition of the whistleblower. you have to be somewhat designated by doj reporter waste and abuse, none of these guys were designated an official whistleblower. >> stunning that this is the best jim jordan can produce at this point. come on, jim, dig deeper, there has to be question somewhere. thank you both, good to see you, thank you. meantime, figure invite lost in the mail? what you might have missed out on by not going to see pack this year.
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(soft music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ downtown is making a keynote
10:47 am
speech. the last day of the event has a rogue in the trump show featuring trump supporters and allies, many already making some pretty stunning remarks. >> let's get the government back on our side or we defund and get rid of, abolish the fbi, cdc, atf. doj. every last one of them. if they do not come to heal. >> i will look at a camera directly to zelenskyy, you must leave our hand your hands off our sons and daughters because they're not dying over there. >> nbc's vaughn hillyard is joining us from cpac and in national harbor maryland once again. what are you hearing from the folks there? jonathan. how do they feel about who is there and specifically who is not there? >> right, alex. over the last several years
10:48 am
this really turned into more of a trump event than it did a conservative gathering. this is one where the question mark was of 2023 and, with nikki haley, and potentially other republicans jumping into the presidential race, would there be more divide among this really grassroots activist maga base, if you will. and, i've got to tell you. person, after person, after person has told us that the person for 2024 on the republican side is donald trump. now, we did find somebody this morning. and i will let you listen to him. bill hany is his name. he said he is still up in the air. he wants to hear from trump here later this evening when he takes a seat backstage. but is also interested than others. however, i did also ask him what he thought about the numerous republicans, including ron desantis and mike pence. they did not come here to cpac knowing he would likely be the more trump favorable crowd. take a listen to part of our conversation. >> who do you got in 2024?
10:49 am
>> 2024. i will have to wait and see. >> got a wait and see. you are not a definite trump? >> it is polarizing. but, i like that he pisses people off. >> you like that he possesses people off. >> oh yeah. >> what do you think of mike pence not coming here to cpac. >> -- . >> now, to give you an idea, alex. these are the conversations that are playing out in realtime. but you can expect when the arena here fills for donald trump later, that it is going to be an enthusiastic crowd based on the conversations i've had. i want to give you a little sense of where we are at. this is media road here. these are a bunch of right-wing outlets that have descended upon here this weekend. and, again, this is the likes of c-span and mike lindell. right side broadcasting, newsmax, oan, that are very much on the side of the republican party here and have become a major part of the media apparatus. there's a lot in store,
10:50 am
including jair bolsonaro, the former brazilian president to actually just had the chance to catch up in the halls. he's been an ally of donald trump in the conservative effort here. and there's a lot ahead of donald trump taking the stage on leader day, alex. >> what an eyeful for you, my friend. and on your birthday. so, enjoy that i thank you for the report. >> you know the story, you have heard all the arguments. and the next, the government's top supreme court lawyer who may have saved a case of the presidents student loan forgiveness program. forgiveness program.
10:51 am
10:52 am
this cough. [sfx: coughs]
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this'll help. vicks vaporub? vicks vaporub's ...medicated vapors go straight to the source of your cough... you can relieve your cough to breathe easier. vicks vaporub. fast-acting cough relief. second date, wish me luck buddy. mouth to mission control. we have a denture problem. over. roger that. with polident cleanser and polident adhesive refresh and secure for any close encounter. if your mouth could talk it would ask for polident and poligrip. the government's top story may have saved president biden's student loan forgiveness program. according to cnbc, some of the experts who once predicted the court would rule against the presidents plan, that changed their mind after hearing oral arguments from solicitor general elizabeth prelogar. joining me now is harry lippman, former u.s. attorney, professor of constitutional law ucla, and host of the talking feds podcast. a good friend to us. so, give me a sense in your
10:54 am
mind what was so significant about prelogar's defense? how impactful do you think it was? >> i think it is pretty tough. i think it's a toss-up. so this is the student loan program and the supreme court has this new doctrine. they basically made it up. but if something is important to they call it a major question and want to share extra sign of intent from congress. it looked to me like five people were ready to say, this was a major question and it is not clear enough. what pretty low guarded though, effectively, there's another doctrine that says you've really got to have a real injury to come to court. and the six states who came to court, why should they care if people get 10,000 or 20,000 dollar checks? so, her chance of winning is basically to make the case go away by saying that there's not an injury here and not standing. >> interesting. let's take a listen together to some of the arguments are made by some of the justices this week. >> nobody is telling the person
10:55 am
who is trying to set up the long service business that he doesn't have to pay his loan. he still does. even though his tax dollars are going to support the forgiveness of the loan for the college graduates. who are going to make a lot more than him over the course of his lifetime. >> that really has asked of as a third branch of government changing congresses words because we don't think we like what's happening. >> your honor. >> there's 50 million students who are, will benefit from this. >> okay. listening to that, a pretty much appears that the justices are split, right? and this is happening along party lines in this case. if biden comes out victorious, do you have a sense which members of the conservative majority are most likely to talk to the other side? >> yes. but it will be on the standing point not the major question. so, barrett asked a question that made it seem maybe she
10:56 am
would care about it and maybe kavanaugh or gorsuch. but it would be on standing and not seeing the sort of my art was congress clearly just wanted to do this. >> okay, one last question here as i quickly turn to the doj. in a court of appeals filing, doj attorney said donald trump can base of a lawsuits for his role in the january 6th insurrection. in your new op-ed, you answered the question, did the doj just say don trump could be held accountable for generates? with, well kind of. explain, that what does that, mean how big a deal is this? >> sure. media big. deal so the simple thing that they said is, all the people, and are many of them including members of congress, who sued for money damages. they can sue. him the basic doctrine is, he has immunity when he is doing presidential things, but exhorting people to ride on the capital is not a presidential thing. so that is for civil. now, the big point it's going to come for criminal, and then the laws and settled there. so, if some of that points that they made in the civil case
10:57 am
they make a criminal case, it could get dicey. but if they say it is a whole different thing and crimes are totally outside of the job description, that it should be okay. >> great op-ed. great explanation, as always. my friend. thank you, harry lippman for that. that is gonna do it for me on this edition of alex witt reports. i will see you again tomorrow at noon eastern. my friend yasmin vossoughian continues our coverage. continues our coverage continues our coverage q10. qunol has the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. qunol. the brand i trust. (woman) oh. oh! hi there. you're jonathan, right? the 995 plan! yes, from colonial penn. your 995 plan fits my budget just right. excuse me? aren't you jonathan from tv, that 995 plan? yes, from colonial penn. i love your lifetime rate lock. that's what sold me. she thinks you're jonathan, with the 995 plan. -are you? -yes, from colonial penn.
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good afternoon. i'm yasmin decision. a new look for alex murdaugh as he begins the consecutive life sentences for killing his wife and son. also, right now the most extreme republicans in the party gathering for the annual cpac conference. what we are hearing already is pretty disturbing. >> when i said, i don't know it sort of weird that pennsylvania managed to elect a vegetable


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