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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 10, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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parents they need to get their children vaccinated? also ahead, mother nature's furry, a tornado leaving behind a trail of destruction. we'll tell you where. the mystery of an abandoned toddler, a little boy left to fend for himself at a bus stop in the middle of the night. who would leave a child to fend for himself. hard to stomach, rats raid pizza pans. good morning. alex enjoying a morning off. we have that with the latest developments and the battle for health care reform. as we begin right now there is more evidence this morning that the h1n1 virus is unusually dangerous for young people. health officials say 19 children in the u.s. have died from swine flu. that's just in the last week. that brings the total to 76 children who have died from the virus since it was first identified earlier this year.
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now, in the meantime officials at the center for disease control and prevention say a total of 37 states, 37 states in the country, now have widespread swine flu activity. joining me live now is dr. stephen lamb, a professor at nyu school of medicine and contributing editor. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> as a campaign to inoculate americans. it began last week. the first round was the nasal spray, arm injections. those are supposed to begin in the next week. if you can give us an assessment so far, how are we doing? >> i think when we certainly raised aparns, we have not yet really started to inject the vaccine in most people because it's not available us. we even have a shortage of the seasonal flu vaccine which is distressing to me as a physician. we've been assured there will be enough vaccines.
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in new york city it took me several days to just register and get online with getting the h1n1 vaccine. finally did it and was assured over time, which could be two weeks, three weeks or four weeks that i would get the vaccine. i believe everyone who has a pulse should consider getting vaccinated. an influenza is a very dangerous disease. >> doctor, you reference the dangers here. we're just listing the latest statistics. give us a sense of how concerned we should be about the numbers, 19 reported dead, in the last week, 76 overall. give us a sense of perspective. every loss is awful but the flu each year takes so many lives. should we be extremely concerned. >> i think we should be concerned. i don't think we should panic. that would be really a mistake. every year 36,000 americans die of influenza. 200,000 people get hospitalized. this is exactly what we would expect for year. the virus may be more virulent,
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dangerous or patients' immune systems may be diminished so the viruses become more aggressive. what's unusual about the h1n1, otherwise known as the swine flu, it seems to have a preference for young people. it seems to have a greater complication rate in older people. maybe older people have a partial immunity as a result of prior exposure to the h1n1. i also think by calling it the swine flu, which is really a misnomer, since it has the genes of other viruses, birds and humans, that it kind of scared people about getting vaccinated. this swine flu or h1n1 vaccine is no different than the traditional, you know, vaccines that we create in the same centers, the same guidelines. we've had more experience. it's been tested in europe and
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china. >> i want to get one other question to you. there is any concern that so much focus on the swine flu or as you noted h1n1 is going to take away from the seasonal flu vaccine shot. >> apparently it has. the traditional vaccine seems to be in shorter supply. we've been assured that will come back in november. right now we're having a shortage of the traditional seasonal flu vaccine. the answer is yes. >> doctor, we appreciate you being here. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> for the latest on the h1n1 virus, logon to, check out the map. shows how it is in your state. 37 states with widespread affectation. first to washington as president obama holds his fourth war council meeting to assess the situation in afghanistan. a new discussion on troop levels taking center stage. presidential adviser david axelrod says the new strategy in afghanistan is about much more than the number of people
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fighting on the ground. joining us now from washington, the nation's capital, mike, give us a sense of when you think we have a sense of whether or not more troops will be sent to afghanistan. >> right now we don't have any indication of which way the president is leaning. white house spokesman robert gibbs said it would be several weeks, quote, unquote, before a new strategy is unveiled. yesterday for the first time that controversial report from general stanley mcchrystal, he has forces in afghanistan, wants 30 to 40,000 more troops to execute a counter-insurgency strategy that has come under a lot of criticism from elements within the administration. that was the fourth three-hour meeting in the situation room that was held last night starting at about 2:30 and ended about three hours later. general mcchrystal participating via video phone the first time his troop request was taken up. the white house has been saying all along they want to decide on the strategy, the best approach.
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counter-insurgency versus counter-terrorism before they set to deciding how many troops. there's another meeting set for wednesday. but again, several weeks they say before a strategy is set to be announced, peter. >> one of the interesting things that came from the announcement, surprising announcement, the president had not just been nominated, a surprise to him but had won a nobel peace prize was the fact that now as we go forward, when the president makes a decision on the afghan war, if he says i'm going to challenge iran or send more troops to afghanistan, people are going to say this is against the spirit of the nobel peace prize winner. is there some concern in the white house about what the potential flip side to that honor was yesterday? >> well, they were asked that several times in several different ways. they are going to say political aspirations won't play any role in formulating the new afghanistan policy. you have to believe it does set the bar in a different place. this award was largely thrust upon president obama. it's well documented by now he
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was nominated just 12 days after he assumed office back in january. taken by surprise, no question about it, woken up by press secretary robert gibbs told he won the award. he went out of his way to be humble. he said he doesn't think he deserves it, doesn't stand on the same level of others honored in the past. by that token, i think there's expectation there. perhaps that was on the minds of the committee in oslo when they awarded him this prize as he approaches controversies with iran, afghanistan and the mideast, peter. >> a lot on his plate. regardless something to be proud of as an american, i suspect. mike, thank you very much. >> certainly. >> the way forward in afghanistan is a topic on "meet the press." of course the host is david gregory. check your local listings for a time it will air in your area. the father of the man accused of plotting a terror attack in new york city has entered a plea of not guilty. mohammed zazi entered a plea in
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denver yesterday through his attorney. he's charged with lying to investigators and faces eight years in prison if convicted. his son najibullah zazi is held without bond after pleading not guilty after conspiring to detonate explosives in the u.s. . police say a florida man mistook his fiance for a home intruder on friday. it's an awful story. he accidentally fatally shot her in the chess the day before her wedding. investigators say it appears to be a tragic accident when the man fired his gun into a dark fiance. he thought his fiance was sleeping in the other room. he called 911 later. >> i thought i had the intruder in the house and i shot the intruder. but the intruder is my wife and she's got a gunshot wound. >> where is she shot at. >> right in the chest. >> so far that man has not faced any charges. the police are still conducting their investigation. more extreme weather is expected across much of the
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country today. central kentucky a tornado left behind serious damage. look for yourself, several structures in a mobile home park were simply destroyed. the families living in them now homeless. no injuries fortunately have been reported. for a look at the rest of the weather developing across the country, live to msnbc meteorologist bill karins, doing double duty. good to see you. >> good to see you. you hear weather people say, it's the clash of the air masses, winter versus summer. that's what happened with severe outbreak over the southeast. record high temperatures in florida and record cold in the northern plains. in the middle is where we had severe weather. you notice we had the tornado in the middle of kentucky and tennessee. all the blue dots is where yesterday's severe weather was. a lot from arizona to appalachians. big story, not severe weather, the cold. 18 degrees in denver.
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i think we have a picture of at the field. they are supposed to play tonight. it's snowing. the windchill is 6 degrees, there is light snow in the area. even later on tonight when that game is played it is supposed to be windchills in the teens. i don't know if they will get that game in. light snow through nebraska, a little in the denver area. peter, it's too early. we're not supposed to be dealing with weather like this. i wouldn't doubt if they canceled the game. i can't imagine pitching and throwing a baseball if it's that cold. >> pitching is no problem, the guy trying to hit the curveball, you can't tell what you're swinging at. appreciate it. to the economy, retailers are hoping the momentum from last month will keep the cash rolling in through the holidays. national retail predicting 1% decline to $438 billion.
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this better than last year's 3.4% drop but it will still be the first back-to-back decline for the retail industry. now new concerns about the u.s. dollar. the value of it ended the week on a little bit of a bump up, yet prices are still down 14% against other major currencies for nearly seven months. joining me live, msnbc financial analyst vera gibbons. i haven't seen you in a bit. >> i haven't seen you in age. >> you look very nice. there's a concern about the dollar, what's the big concern. >> kejuan if you've been out shopping for the italian soot. you're the big dresser. sticker shock for imports, italian suits, french wines, sham pains, belgian chocolates, swiss cheese. prices are up. sticker shock for imports. >> give us a sense going abroad. obviously i was traveling overseas on assignment, is there a benefit to americans, things go up. >> if you go to europe sticker
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shock, prices are 50 cents higher, far cry from the '90s when the dollar was stronger. if you're going to europe, yik, way up there, hotels, bistros. you're looking at $12 for mcdonald's, $10 for subway, very pricey if you're going to europe for the holidays. >> given the economy fewer people are traveling. hope fully there's a boone on the home front because a lot are coming here. >> you've seen them on fifth avenue. >> five blocks and 45 languages. >> that's right. they are buying ipods, bergdorf's, barney's, perfumes. you can buy designer perfume for $55 and over there $80, you are going to come here. while it's bad for here, imports, people are coming and it's a boone for tourism industry, particularly new york. >> you know how crazy it gets here around christmas. >> it will start soon. >> still ahead, a weapon of
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talk about two-dimensional, there is a pin-up model about to hit "playboy." she's only wearing two colors. this is insane, marge simpson
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will be on the pages. they are calling it implied nudity and they think it will bring in readers. after winning the nobel peace prize, president obama convened his war council on troop levels in afghanistan. ann, this is a heck of a transition. we're going to skip the "playboy" appearance and go to afghanistan. >> pretty sure there's no connection there. >> could this prize honor affect the way he approaches the problem in afghanistan or the debate about the topic. >> for now the white house is saying it won't. it doesn't alter the fundamentals of his strategy when it comes to afghanistan or looking around the world in conducting diplomacy but an affirmation during the out set during the campaign was that he wanted to bring about peace, work with other countries and restore america's standing in the world. now, i think what remains to be
9:18 am
seen is whether the strategy in afghanistan ultimately does that. if it works, brings stability to the country, one that targets al qaeda or focuses on the counter-insurgency, something they haven't decided yet, whether it ultimately brings about that result of a more peaceful globe, world, whatever. for now i think the long-term affects of the nobel remain to be seen. >> let's focus on some of the reported three options on the table vis-a-vis afghanistan. one to send 60,000 more troops in afghanistan. another proposes 40,000 troops. as a third option to really maintain that status quo. give us a sense what the president is really weighing as he makes this decision strategically and politically. >> i wouldn't focus on the three options or the size of the troops too much. our understanding is it may be larger than 60,000 at the top end. white house officials from the out set cautioned against
9:19 am
looking at the numbers, looking at their focus what they will do with the troops once they get there, whether their mission will be to, again, worry about the counter-insurgency or focus on the taliban or focus on al qaeda. so at this point that is what they are weighing. our understanding the long meetings that drag on for several weeks, one more next wednesday, he's been asking a lot of questions but that he hasn't actually leaned towards any of those options yet. >> then in terms of the nobel prize win that happened yesterday surprising a lot of people, even the mahatma gandhi won the nobel prize. give the conversation among media members and the way the story is covered. michael steel coming up criticizing the president for doing nothing. then they came back and said it's better to say congratulations and let americans decide for themselves. >> a lot of people were surprised. certainly republicans at the out set were surprised and began by
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criticizing it. democrats answered back do you really want to attack him for this and the united states. everyone is waiting to see what long-term affects it has. >> ann, appreciate your help today. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> end of the cash for clunkers has put car sales on the skids again. but there is still a break for folks who want to buy that new car. the irs is reminding folks you may be able to deduct the sales tax you paid for the car, but the special tax break expires at the end of this year. all good advice as we head into saturday. you're watching "msnbc saturday." we'll be right back. at gm brand we can do the small things, the big things, just about everything... right inside your gm dealership. find out more at over health care reform, aarp has chosen a side-- yours. we're fighting to guarantee that you'll never be denied coverage
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gm drivers.. it's goodwrench & go time. three great services: all in one place. all at one time. all for one price for most gm vehicles. but it's only for a limited time. at participating gm dealers. you're watching "msnbc saturday." it was that time of year. believe it or not the ice rink at rockefeller center is opening, the frost isn't on the pumpkins yet. some people getting over labor
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day holiday. you can skate, weekends cost $14. the rates go up next month. hard to believe. time for the installment eagerly anticipated, always hot, segment called, yes, it's true. a standoff between a gunman and denver store clerk. demanding money and even firing a shot. the cashier then grabbed a cell phone and threw it at the criminal along with a container of gum and other stuff. guess, what the guy with the loaded gun, the guy carrying the gun ran into his getaway car and hasn't been seen since. now to a pizza party for rats. cell phone videos show ravenous rodents in new york city run amok outside a mobile pizza van. video shots show the rats have a good old time and nibbling on their favorite pizza pie. understandably customers there say that's sick.
9:25 am
>> what if my family buys pizza and gets poisoned. >> you shouldn't be out here selling that. that's dangerous to the health of the people, selling rat pizza. >> the pizza truck owners told w nbc that the rats were only feasting on leftovers from the previous night. it's not so bad. he says he'll move to another block that's not as full of rats. that is a wrap on today's, yes, sadly it's true. we will pause right here. still ahead a milestone in the battle to provide health care for millions of americans. also ahead, he's a three-year-old child at the center of a disturbing mystery. who abandoned him in the middle of the night? you're watching "msnbc saturday." when it comes to italian sauce, some people prefer this jar. but more people prefer this sauce. winner of the blind taste test. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there.
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but what we can do is arm ourselves... for the ones we love with a flu shot from walgreens. ( blows nose ) ♪ ( coughs ) ♪ ( sneezes ) we're making it easy for everyone to get their flu shot, no matter how small their motivation may be. ♪ come get yours for just $24.99. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. welcome back. you're watching "msnbc saturday." a critical week ahead in the debate over health care reform.
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the senate committee will vote on its version of health care reform. a new report in "washington post" says once that bill goes to the house, it may fail to find a single gop vote. joining me live from miami is former commerce secretary carlos gutierrez who served under president bush. sir, we appreciate you being here this morning. >> pleasure. >> how dangerous do you think it is for republicans if some form of health care reform is passed with no republican support whatsoever? >> well, i think what republicans are thinking about is how dangerous this could be to our country. you know, we're talking about a massive bill. i know that the new senate finance bill has new numbers. that's not the bill that's going to get passed. there's still a lot of work to do. this is a patchwork of modifications. we're talking about a trillion dollars. a lot of these items that are in
9:30 am
the bill have been tried before. they have not worked. so you know, there's a sense here that we are betting the farm, a trillion dollars on 16% of our economy at a time when we can't afford it. so i think the republicans are right to hold firm. this is not good for the country. let's not talk about what's good for the party, let's talk about what's good for the country. >> to be specific the budget office said the finance bill could cost as you say close to a trillion dollars. there's some indication senator olympia snowe from maine may cross party lines and support the democrats. do you agree some form of health care reform is necessary? i guess a lot of people at home are saying, okay, so the democrat version we don't like, we don't like what's coming out of the senate and house. what could happen now before the end of 2009 there is reform that needs to help americans? >> there's some reform that we all agree needs to take place.
9:31 am
i think we need to look at the insurance industry. we look at the ability to compete. it's crazy you have some states with 80% market share because out of state companies can't compete. there's absolutely no consumer empowerment. consumers don't have their own health care. they don't know what prices they are paying, what they are being charged, why they are asked to do what they do. there's different ways to do this. empowering the consumer, giving the consumer tax breaks. opening it up for more competition and working our way toward a better system. what we're doing here is absolutely betting the farm on a trillion dollar experiments that's not yet been proven. >> people challenge republicans aren't offering a real alternative to find something that would be viewed as a
9:32 am
compromise from both sides. how long do you think this economy can stand a broken health care system. >> we have offered up it works for 80% of the people. some are saying -- >> the present system. >> with the system they have, the health care we have. we shouldn't make it sound as though everything is broken. we also should not make people believe that there is only one option. tort reform, for example, would take $50 billion out of costs. democrats don't want tort reform because trial lawyers don't want to take out tort reform. >> when you mention 85% of americans are happy with present health care reform isn't the intention of the republican party so to make it 100% of americans can be happy with this figure? is 85% satisfied? isn't that the whole reason
9:33 am
we're -- >> no, peter, you're right. that's a good point, fair point. what i'm saying is that in order to fix the remaining 15, let's not mess up the 85% that seems to be on solid footing. and that's why we say this is a massive unnecessary experiment that we don't need to do with the scope, magnitude, the speed with which we're doing this. it just doesn't make sense. there's too much at risk here. we can be a little more methodical, thoughtful, responsible. i can tell you if you were running an enterprise, you wouldn't do it this way because you're risking the heart of this. think about this, our medicare system today has a $40 trillion unfunded liability. it's going to go broke in ten years. we're taking $400 billion out of that to pay for this new program. we're going to increase taxes
9:34 am
$400 billion. we're doing this at a time when our deficit is the second highest in the world. this is just the wrong thing to do at the wrong time. we're doing this from a position of economic weakness at a time when the rest of the world is wondering whether the dollar really is the world's currency. there's too much at risk. we should go slower, a little more methodically. >> former commerce secretary carlos gutierrez in miami. thanks for joining us this saturday. >> thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> for the latest on health care, including eight ways to reduce your risk for breast cancer, you can check out the health section of our website, that is california police are searching for a woman who abandoned this three-year-old boy at a los angeles bus stop. authorities say the boy was seen sleeping on a bench with the adult woman. a man who saw the woman board
9:35 am
the bus without the child yelled and she waved him off. police are asking for the public's help to try to track that woman down. >> we don't know if she's related to the young man. we don't know if she abducted the young man. we have no idea what her relationship to the young man is. >> poor little guy. currently he's in custody of children and family services. now about that massive fire in port aransis. 30-mile-per-hour winds hampered efforts to try to fight that thing. several homes have been destroyed so far heavily damaged by those flames. no injuries were reported. the fire marshall is investigating the cause. in portland, oregon, thousands of women attending a religious event were forced to evacuate an arena after a suspicious device was found. the women of faith conference,
9:36 am
the device was found in the bat room. the bomb squad was called into the arena to determine the object was not hazardous. the event was rescheduled for tonight. it has been eight years since the war in afghanistan began. president obama and his administration debate whether to send tens of thousands more troops to the region the question remains where exactly is this war going? nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel taking a close leer at what afghanistan is like today. the new documentary called tip of the spear, here is a quick preview. >> reporter: in 11 months, viper company has been in more than 500 firefights. an average every day. now the experience is paying off. they are faster, more precise and more lethal than when we first met them.
9:37 am
>> compelling documentary that's going to air tomorrow night here on msnbc at 8:00. richard, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> our chief correspondent. obviously you're just in town a few days to finish up with documentary and back to kabul next week. i know you're racing out of town so we appreciate you being here. give us a sense of the conversation behind the scenes with barack obama, people from the pentagon and others what is the primary focus they should have right now considering your view from the ground. >> it seems they are trying to figure out what they want to do. from the accounts that i've been getting from mostly newspaper accounts of what's happening in those closed-door meetings, it sounds like they are not exactly discussing numbers at this stage. that's obviously in the back of their minds but they are discussing how much we want to do, what we want to accomplish in afghanistan. that seems like the right way to go about it. but at the same time, it is not that complex. you can study this for hours and
9:38 am
hours and they are not coming up with a phd thesis at the end of the day. they have to figure out do they want to build a state in afghanistan or try to patch up the situation as best they can and leave. that is the basic fundamental decision they are going to have to decide. trying to nuance their way out of this is not going to work. this is not a phd study here. you can either build a state or patch it up and leave. you have to figure out which one the nation will tolerate. >> a lot of advisors would be well served to watch the documentary themselves, who haven't witnessed what you have. >> what does the taliban want, why are you fighting? [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: our objective, he says is to collapse the government and take over kabul. there can be peace if u.s. troops leave afghanistan. otherwise we are growing stronger and we will expand our operation, he says. >> so if we watch another one of those clips, i know you spoke
9:39 am
with members of the taliban, you stay a distance away from us because they view americans, infidels as disgusting. >> he didn't like it. i came in. you're trying to greet someone. i said hello. we were closer than the two of us are sitting now because we had a desk between us. in this meeting we were sitting on the floor. i was quite close. he said like, no, no, back up. he didn't like i was too close. i was an infidel. he was willing to talk to me but not that intimately. >> can you answer a question people ask us, i've been to afghanistan but you would know how to separate the two, the taliban versus al qaeda. the difference between the two and the relationship. >> al qaeda is an international organization clearly. it's almost like a veterans organization for foreign fighters that are looking for new causes. so they have been fighting in chechnya, united states, bosnia, pakistan, wherever.
9:40 am
they will join al qaeda and be part of this international network. they found a route in afghanistan with taliban. taliban is a domestic organization rooted in kandahar. they had initially very localized goals. people now i hear this distinction, have you to separate between the taliban and al qaeda. it was very different at its origins but right now the two have been cooperating together for a long time and that particular taliban member that i interviewed told me, look, we're not really that different at awe. we have similar objectives. we're all muslims. we're all working together. he told me if he could, this taliban commander, carry out an attack on the united states. they have differences but their objectives overlap. >> nice to see you in person here rather than across the world. remind people, richard engel's documentary," tip of the spear"
9:41 am
premiers tomorrow at 8:00 eastern. if you can watch it live. if not, tivo it and watch that broadcast. >> it's a bunlg pageant where the winner owes a debt of gratitude to her plastic surgeon. we'll take you there when it continues. - ( rock music playing ) - ♪ oh! what do you say to a spin around the color wheel? - to paint with primer already mixed in? - ♪ yeah yeah yeah... - test samples instead of can commitments? - ♪ whoo! - what do you say we dip into our wallets less... - ♪ are you feeling it? - ...and grab ahold of the latest tools out there... - ♪ oh!
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you're watching "msnbc saturday." i'm peter alexander. there are more details emerging in the sex scandal with david letterman. details about sexual relationships with female members of his staff has raised new concerns about relationships in the workplace. what about the man who tried to extort $2 million from letterman to keep his affairs secret. joining me live ron allen in the studio. ron, good to visit with you now. monday, the start of the week, david letterman got out there and, boom, opened up the can of
9:45 am
worm. heres my apology to my staff and my wife. since he's said enough already. >> i watched the show last night he started off with a joke, to the audience, all right, are you sure you want to be seen with me? laughter. to him that's the extent so far. his ratings are through the roof. whether numbers stay up high or not remains to be seen will people are watching because of the same reason they look at train wrecks. in this business numbers are numbers. he, of course, has other problems, certainly with his wife. i'm sure she is not happy. >> they have a young child. >> exactly. >> i'm sure there are people on the staff who are not happy about what's happening either. the negative publicity, tabloids trying to find out more and more scraping through people's lives. lettermanish, there's charges against the man facing felony extortion. >> there's a drum beat of
9:46 am
attacks toward letterman. even though he's viewed as the victim. he's stuck on the sidelines. he can't change how it proceeds. the national organization of women came out, you created a toxic work environment, cbs, you better take action immediately. >> i'm not sure he's seen as the victim. certainly of this extortion thing. a lot of people out there are saying, hey, you brought this on yourself. you admitted -- >> the defense wants people to think that certainly. >> again whether that leads to someone having criminal charges, that's not going to happen against letterman unless a woman on the staff said, hey, i was harassed, didn't get a promotion, coercive, so far nobody said anything like that. >> meantime, through the weekend, stephanie burkett, the woman at the center of the triangle on paid leave. thank you. moving on, president obama will be speaking to the nation's largest gay advocacy group. many of whom so he has not done
9:47 am
enough to meet campaign promises. comes on the eve of a major demonstration in the nation's capital expected to bring thousands of gay rights supporters and opponent. >> good to visit with you, host of an xm radio show. thanks for joining us. what do you hope to hear from the president tonight? >> i think if the president really wants to regain the faith of gay and lesbian americans, he's got to come out strong. he's got to come out bold. he's got to talk about the issues, the marriage act, don't ask don't tell, what he's going to do, and he's got to talk about employment discrimination. so far he has really just said a lot and really just talked about his promises he made before the campaign. he's got to come out now and really talk about what he's going to do. people have lost faith in him. >> so talk about those what you view as failed campaign
9:48 am
promises. what in particular has the gay, lesbian and bisexual community viewed as the biggest frustration so far. >> the lack of initiative. i don't think anybody expected we would have the military ban overturned by this point or the defense of marriage act overturned by this point. because of the easy things he could have done that he didn't do, really push hard for the hate crimes bill, which is finally about to pass, do some of the things he could have done as the president, signing an executive order banning discrimination for federal workers or getting benefits to federal workers, which he didn't do until june. i think that has really had people worried that he's not going to follow through on those big issues. >> many members of the gay rights community have said this really is the time, the time is now to advance our efforts, the agenda, this community right
9:49 am
now. is there any fear if this window closes, a republican takes over power, this opportunity is lost for good. that right now in this country and this year in particular and we've already lost a lot of time, we have an opportunity because we have a president who is a democrat. we have 60 democrats in the senate. there's no better time to get things done. we're going to be moving into midterm elections and moving into his re-election campaign. we don't know what's going to happen. now is the time with this majority of democrats because republicans have of course been hostile to gay rights. >> we'll see you again in the 11:00 hour and we'll talk about what the representative from new york or massachusetts barney frank had to say. thanks very much. it is a search for peace in the battle between jon and kate. jay leno said they are two of the most annoying names in
9:50 am
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it is a beauty pageant in hungry. competing for the title of miss plastic surgery 2009. many participants participated for benefits of plastic surgery. one woman even had surgically modified toes. a 22-year-old restaurant hostess won the pageant and received an
9:54 am
apartment in budapest. brand-new jon and kate drama. it was jon's turn with the kids on friday. look at that house. surrounded by paparazzi. greeted dozens of fans and press staked out the pennsylvania home. there it is, big headlines, revenge on the front of the magazine coming out right now. give us a sense, behind the scenes, what's going on inside for those like myself that have no clue? >> they want to see each other fail. go at each other's heads and going to be fighting for money as jon took out money at the bank and leaving kate with only $1,000. >> we were talking a little bit earlier on jon and kate. the gist is jon took out all of the money they shared, includes
9:55 am
like -- making 22,500 per episode and left her with $1,000. >> he claimed that was one joint account he could take money from, leaving her with $1,000 for bills and food for eight kids and herself. >> he of course, denies this to make sure everybody's voice is involved there was a secret meeting when? >> between. >> wasn't there a secret meeting for a birthday party? >> they got together yesterday and put aside differences and put on a united front for a change in front of the kids. >> a united front, like war speak, like going to war with one another. >> he said/she said. >> give us a chance of what happens now. is the audience still as interested as they used to be? the name has changed and show is different. people feel it's less exciting to watch the show. >> it used to be about the children on the show, everyone
9:56 am
love the watching how cute they were, but now it's all about kate, jon, battle. kate just filed for alimony. and going to court on monday but the judge had a family emergency so he couldn't see them. >> the judge had a family emergency. >> yes. >> not the reality show. thanks for coming in and helping us out today. a refresher course. >> the baby dollar signs and snoek signals, why smokers may have to cough up more money for health care. (announcer) there are side mirrors...
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new numbers are showing how deadly the swine flu can be to children. parents are nervous about the new vaccine. we'll speak to one of nation's leading doctors about its safety. plus, the white house says the president has more to worry


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