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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 25, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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how much all of this is going to cost, the number being bandied about today. 10,000 troops sent for one year is equal to a $10 billion expenditure so that is also on the minds of people here at the white house and, of course, democrats and republicans on capitol hill. >> absolutely. mike, we know the president just getting back from asia and now the word is he is going to copenhagen. >> for the climate change conference. i guess about two weeks ago when the president was in asia it was announced there would not be any concrete findings or concrete resolution or targets set forth in this copenhagen conference that was on the books for quite some time. turns out the president is going to be one-stop shopping. in copenhagen first ahead of many of the leaders attending that and going on to oslo, norway, to accept the nobel prize before heading back to washington. >> we can't let you go before we talk about the turkey's pardon,
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named courage. >> this is getting out of hand, you know? this has been going on since the truman administration. truman used to eat the turkey. i think it wasn't until the kennedy administration that they started a ritual to pardon the tucky. the turkey is staying around the corner here at the willard hotel. the prime minister of india is having a press conference there about the time the turkey is checking out and there is a photo-op of him checking out. there will be a pardon here on the north portico behind me of the pardoning. the turkey checking in at dulles airport to first class. i don't know if they have a waddle fine or a cox comb baggage fine or anything of that nature on the airline he is flying but he is apparently going to go out to disneyland and live there frost of his life at some sort of petting zoo.
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>> he is also in the parade there at disneyland. thank you, mike. this week last year, when terror instructions the streets of mumbai, india. seven men are charged in connection with the attacks and all seven suspects members of the lockshar militant group and pleaded not guilty and could face the death penalty if convicted. 166 people killed in the attack on india's financial capital. here at home, firefighters making progress against a wildfire burning in southern california. it's near disneyland but in anaheim hills. right now no threat to the amusement park. the blaze broke out tuesday night and burned about 30 acres. strong winds making conditions difficult for the firefighters but they say they've managed to keep the fire on the east side of the major highway in that area. a major recall from toyota. they have announced it will replace cass pedals on 3.8
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million vehicles due to problems which starts acceleration and the pedal stuck in the floor mat. it includes the camry, tundra and lexus are part of this recall. toyota will have dealers shorten the length of the gas pedal in january when they develop a replacement pedal for those vehicles, new pedals will be available beginning in april. the holiday weekend started for a lot of people getting an early start to thanksgiving. nbc meteorologist ginger zee is with us. the traffic, i saw in new york, the tunnels was incredible earlier. >> oh, my gosh! the traffic on the road is supposed to be bad. luckily weather not affecting too many folks and okay around airports that are usually bad like o'hare but not okay in spots in the northeast where, yeah, we just have clouds. philly up at 45-minute gla delay and laguardia 30 minutes. atlanta has just a 15-minute delay.
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miami, despite being completely covered in rain, okay right now. so, yes, there's a storm up nearically. they will see flakes of snow into their thanksgiving but in the northeast it's just a cloudy day, temperatures in the 50s, lots of rain to the south. they've had over 4 inches of rain in miami and that is a look at the thanksgiving forecast briefly. tomorrow's not bad either. southwest is the place to be right now. phoenix and l.a. at 80. >> visit anyone if your grandma lives out there, you're lucky. >> millions of drivers heading out to their thanksgiving day destinations. aaa says car travel up more than 2% over last year. we are monitoring the traffic from chicago right now with kristen dahlgren. >> things are moving smoothly throughout the morning here. good news for travelers. we spoke with people who woke up at 2:00 a.m. to get a good start and beat the traffic and looks like they are having success. as you said, more travelers than last year.
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33.2 million americans expect to trough by car this year. a lot of people we talked to said, you know what? even with the economy the way it is, they ultimately decided that they wanted to be with their friends and family this year. they are paying more for gas. about 73 cents more than this time last year, but that doesn't seem to be deterring too many people either. weather for now cooperating. we could see some showers move in as the day goes on so things expected to get busier as we go through the day. >> do we know? i'm not sure exactly where you're standing but what about near some of the hot points like near the airports? how does the congestion look in those areas? >> yeah. this is i-90. one of the roads that goes towards o'hare and also into and out of the city and so the airport pretty smooth right now. a little bit of congestion in the arrival and departure drive and people telling us towards the city is the normal rush hour traffic so it built up a little bit through the morning tlichlt. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you
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for the update from chicago. this weekend is expected to be off by more than 6% from last year the number of people traveling by air but the nation's airports are likely certainly to be bustling. tom costello at reagan national airport. even though fewer people, the flights are packed because fewer flight options. >> that's exactly right. really, things moving pretty well right now. you saw we have minimal delays in the country right now. a little bit of rain delay but, for the most part, 50s across much of the country. talking about rain, no snow, no ice. that means if you're traveling, expect planes to be packed. engines are primed and the skies are going to be full. >> reporter: from a cloudy, foggy runway in chicago to rain-swept ramp in d.c. >> at this time boarding all rows and all passengers. >> reporter: at all points of the country, the rush is on. >> do you have the bags upstairs. >> reporter: in the united airlines control room at o'hare it's about keeping the parts
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moving. >> arrival rate isn't impending us at all. slowed down just enough. >> folks, we're using two jet bridges today. >> reporter: united predicts 100,000 customers will pass through a chicago hub today, fewer than previous years, but still up 10% over a typical wednesday. >> carry on. keep it simple. make it fun. >> we plan well in advance and this is just getting ready for game day. >> reporter: while at u.s. airways hub in washington, lisa scott knows the routine well. what is the secret to staying sane if you're a flight attendant? >> yoga. lots of deep breaths. >> reporter: the airlines anticipate just under 2 million flyers to pass through all of the nation's airports today. but the busiest air travel days will be sunday and monday, with just over 2 million flyers each day. and 23 year veteran linwood
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harris know what they are thinking. >> thinking about the wonderful dinner at grandma's house and expectations of getting there on time and having their bag arrive with them as well. >> it's a family obligation. right? >> yeah. yeah! the heartland, going to be fun, going to be great. >> check in for your flight early and plan on arriving at the airport two hours ahead. >> reporter: the good news? thanksgiving 2009 looks to be knows and ice-free. >> weather is cooperating. passengers are moving well and flying is good. >> reporter: and that is what you want to hear, right? flying is good across the country. the key is going to be whether the ice and the snow stay away, at least until next week. one important point. check in early. get here early to any airport in the country, because fewer passengers means the airlines have taken fewer planes or put fewer planes into service. that means fewer seats. if you missed your flight, chances are the next plane is going to be full. you're going to be taking a taxi to grandma's house.
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guys, back to you. >> tom, are you in some vip area? there's no one behind you! i'm just curious if the talk is still awing of the airport at reagan national today? >> what you don't see is right behind the camera, i have an apartment because i'm here so often, i have a little bed, i have a hot tub. it's really nice, jacuzzi and i have a little bar going there and people come by and say hi, happy holidays to me on a regular basis, so we really ask people not to bother me. >> okay. >> clearly, they set up a large perimeter around you to keep the fans away, so we're glad you're safe. >> the trouble, it's way down the hallway. you have to take my word for it. people are here and traveling somewhere down there. >> your word is golden with us. thank you, tom, and enjoy the hot tub. >> coming up, could you go a whole day without complaining? >> we will hear from congressman emmanuel cleaver who wants to make today, today an official
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some new academic data this morning points to a few bright spots in this struggling economy. the labor department says jobless claims fell to 466,000 and that is the best number that we've seen in more than a year. but as one analyst described it, it's likely to be a slow motion recovery with unemployment right now topping 10%. christina bellatoni, thanks for joining us. >> hi, tamron. >> we heard from the president saying they are ready to do any and everything to find a way to get people back to work.
11:14 am
bev this jobs summit happening next month. the president being heavily criticized for seeming to not be really in the game, if you will, when it comes to getting folks back to work and focusing more on issues abroad and on health care. >> well, i mean, i'm sure the white house would argue with that. >> of course, they would. >> jobs, jobs, jobs as far as the stimulus goes but you're seeing more support on capitol hill for a second stimulus plan although they probably won't call it that. i think the part there is a good news today but a lot of people facing hard times and i think the president is aware of that. i think you'll continue to hear him talk about the economy in the coming weeks and as we go into the new year and they plan for the budget but one reason you hear them talking about health care as potential cost savings as well. >> we are looking at some of the promising news coming out and consumers sentiment. the commercial department says consumer spending rose about
11:15 am
0.7% and gdp rose to 2. and a housing number out there that folks are focused on and are saying existing home sales surged more than 10% last month overall but, yesterday, we also reported that an incredible number of people are upside down in their homes, that their homes are not worth the mortgage. >> yeah. that's a big problem that the administration has been tackling but have to put more emphasis on it. one of the reasons you're see ago surge in home sales a tax credit expires in april so i'm curious if the obama white house is going to extend that beyond april. that's what a lot of people would like to see but it could contribute to the numbers not exactly accurate picture what is happening with home sales. >> back to the possibility of a second stimulus as you pointed out and ms others they would not call it that because of the reaction the first stimulus people don't believe that in some cases it was large enough, others say it has not worked. what kind of support would there be out there for a second stimulus from democrats, especially the moderates? >> it's a great question.
11:16 am
i mean, i think that you had a lot of support for this right when it passed in the winter right when the president took office but it is a tougher political climate and coming up on the midterm congressional elections. if they phrased it in the form of tax credits or more tax cuts for workers, i think that might be popular. obviously, extending unemployment benefits is something, i think, they are taking a serious look at so it's taking shape but i do think they will get the political support they need if they decide to go that route. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you, too. a missouri congressman has an interesting request. he wants people to stop complaining for a day and count their blessings. back in june, congressman emmanuel cleaver proposed legislation to set aside the day before thanksgiving, today, as complaint been free wednesday. he joins us by phone. sir, appreciate your time. i have a question. as i'm reading through all of this, i see your colleague,
11:17 am
congressman sam graves, also from missouri, offered the same or similar legislation last year and he didn't gept any complaints? >> that is absolutely correct. he introduced the measure and i think what he introduced was good and i supported it then. and i introduced it this year. the difference, of course, is that our country, the people won't admit it, whether they want to admit it or not, is becoming increasingly polarized and, i think, you know, some of the calls we received have been so horrible that my staff wants to turn some of them over to the fbi. >> really? >> yes. and i can't even use the language, you know, over the air. >> incredible. we should point out for people who aren't from your state, your colleague who offered this legislation up last year, congressman graves, is a republican. you, sir, of course, a democrat. there has been this backlash. you say you've gotten terrible phone calls and backlash on conservative web sites and talk show and pod casts.
11:18 am
how surprised were you by this reaction some. >> to be honest, i am stunned that the response has been so vitriolic. i think some of the people called and said it was an effort to get me to -- to get the nation to stop complaining about obama, which, as i said -- >> they thought it was partisan in some way? >> right. sam graves, a republican, introduced the exact same legislation one year ago. >> you say you never really expected the legislation to go anywhere. so then i have to ask, what is the point? because then, you know, i think with all that congress has on its plate right now, you could understand there would be people who say this is frivolous, a day of no complaining. >> well, i don't think so. nobody complained when president reagan proclaimed a day ice cream day during his presidency.
11:19 am
you know, which, you know, i think it's fine, except that i think this has something to do with patriotism. i mean, we in the united states live in a place where the people are treated the best, but complain the most. and i think it's very difficult to be in a spirit of thanksgiving on tomorrow if, today, we use all of our energy or much of our energy just complaining. >> congressman cleaver, we do appreciate your time today. i will not offer up any complaints to you right now. i wish you a happy thanksgiving and thanks for your time, sir. >> all right. thank you. the busiest shopping season of the year kicks off bright and early tomorrow. be there or be square. will the state of the economy keep more people at home this year? plus, on the road and in the air. the holiday hustle is on the way. here is a view from dallas, texas, where they are hitting the roads. so many arthritis pain relievers --
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the difference can be... ...dramatic. buy any exclusive samsung touchscreen after mail-in rebate, and get one free after mail-in rebate. only from at&t. welcome back to msnbc. look at courage! yes, that is the turkey that here, shortly, president obama will pardon, a very lucky turkey on this day. i hope we can see the shot because we want to show you. they are giving him the star treatment. not red carpet but behind courage is a piece of grass so it's a green carpet there. you see some of the staff members pretty entertained by that giant bird. our first read tells us that it appears that john f. kennedy in 1963 was the first president to give an official presidential pardon to a turkey at the time that was 55 pounds!
11:24 am
it's often cited that president harry truman was the first but that is incorrect. it was president kennedy. this day, this turkey will be pardoned by president obama and we will bring that to you as soon as it happens. >> that turkey has a little bit of attitude! >> he does. turkeys can be a little mean. they can ab little mean. you have to be careful. >> no pictures, please. holiday shoppers going high tech with help from ebay. this week, company announcing a new deals for the iphone and ipod touch and it will help consumers find the best offers from the millions of items on the site. good news is the app is free. estimated 134 million shoppers are expected to hit the stores this weekend to buy a lot of holiday gifts but with the struggling economy and the rising unemployment, will people balk when it's time to get to the checkout counter? cnbc jane wells is in los angeles with a preview of what we can expect. what do you have in your hand and, more importantly, is it on sale? >> it is frosty and he gets cheaper every day.
11:25 am
he and i have been talking about this is my thing about pardoning the turkey. what do they eat on thanksgiving? do you think sasha and malia having soup and salad? i don't think so. that is a black friday mystery we must solve. 134 million may be totally shopping. i'm at k-mart that is open tomorrow as they have been over a decade and sales at this particular store have been up slightly compared to a year ago in large part because k-mart and sears, their sister stores, have lay-away in a big way this year. people coming in earlier and making bigger purchases because they have lay-away and time to pay it off so one big difference you're seeing this year. tomorrow, as well, gap stores which includes banana republic and old navy are experimenting with being opening on thanksgiving day before black friday from noon to -- to see if they can get a jump-start on the early sales if people will buy
11:26 am
on thursday. we may get black thursday and then have kind of a gray friday. at all depends. then cybermonday which cybermonday used to be, because you had to dial up a service at home so you wait till you get to work on monday where they had broadband but everybody has it now so it's not the spike it used to be. >> i walked past a gap store and huge 50% off sign there. we were talking earlier people are looking for 50% to 70% because money is so tight. >> absolutely. in fact, we found a survey 70% of shoppers said they would not buy unless they saw the prices were half off. half off from what? i'm always suspicious when i see half off. what was it two months ago or what will it be in a month? that sort of thing. >> as you point out thursday and friday. i hope you buy that thing. what is it again? >> frosty. >> i hope you buy that.
11:27 am
you're clutched on to him for dear life! jane, thank you so much and happy holidays and thanksgiving. do you say happy thanksgiving? >> yeah. >> happy thanksgiving. i don't know. she is holding a frosty and i'm trying to have a straight conversation with her! >> a different black friday story. these folks probably won't be shopping. space shuttle "atlantis" undocking from the international space station and it is scheduled to land friday morning in florida. one of the astronauts randolph bresnik became a father while in orbit. they notified him. his daughter was born shortly after his first space walk so he will be happy to be home for the thanksgiving holiday belatedly. >> the rocket man goes down. we will tell you about this up next. plus, that turkey tradition you can't wait! we're just moments away from president obama's sparing one thanksgiving bird from the dinner table. there is courage. ♪ i want to be with you
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you're looking live at the white house north portico where that is the luckiest bird in america today. president obama about to pardon the traditional thanksgiving turkey. this year, the bird is named courage, 20 weeks old and 45 pounds from princeton, north carolina. we have that pardoning for you live! the nation's highways will be busy this weekend with drivers looking to cut costs and take advantage of some relatively low gas prices. we got live pictures prosecute -- live pictures of an airport. it's a turnpike and you can see the airport. it's a two-fer. that is newark airport there. mike taibbi, what are the numbers out there? >> pointing up to good news.
11:32 am
the turnpike that is the elevated portion of the jersey turnpike behind me. 2% more people will be driving this holiday weekend. all of those drivers, 86% of the holiday travelers, by the way, driving to grandma's house and back instead of other means. they are all going to be concerned about one thing, the price of gas. you point out, it's not so bad. in fact, it's been coming down a couple of weeks. right now aaa fuel gauge report the average price of gallon of regular at $2.64 contrasted to $1.89 last year, but last year the country was reeling from the economic meltdown. prices right now are not horrible that would keep you home. people out there driving which is a good thing. a couple of other bits of good news. if you want to rent a car, it's about a buck a day cheaper to get a mid-sized war carr to rent one. in almost every stay the highway
11:33 am
department for somebody in the car to drive. 511 and if you dial that number, someone gets updated real-time traffic information problems in the state through which the state you're traveling. grandma wants you to get there safely. she doesn't care if you're late but get there safely. >> we're talking about relatively low gas prices are you talking to people who are still concerned because money is tight? >> yeah, money is tight and everybody knows that prices aren't going to stay low. talking about a $3 a gallon gas price in early spring. a couple of months from now. right now, people can fill up cars and they are doing it and driving, hundreds and hundreds of miles on average to get to and from their families. >> mike taibbi, thank you very much. we got video to show you right now. police releasing vied of two suspects apparently trying to steal atm machine from a convenience store in salem, oregon. they backed their truck into the front doors of the store but the machine was bolted down so they
11:34 am
weren't able to get away with it. police are looking for those suspects, though. more video for you. this of a prison guard in new orleans who left two entrance doors unlocked after passing through them. the lapse in judgment allowed a female prisoner in the process of being booked to just walk out the door. after successful escaping from jail she was later apprehended. a california man alive after trapped under a house and it's thanks to the family dog he escaped. the dog's name is max. he found the family handyman stuck under the home. he would be working on plumbing earlier in the day. >> the dog came to the door and scratching and barking and then ran around the side of the house and that's when my husband realized something was wrong. >> so the man followed max to the back of the hole and found the handyman and cut a hole in their floor to rescue him.
11:35 am
a happy story there. >> yeah, really. mike viqueira is outside the white house where the turkey pardon is expected any moment. mike, you lobbied hard for this beat today, didn't you? >> i love this! it's a great ritual. >> you said if it's the day before thanksgiving, i want to talk turkey. getting the royal treatment, courage is? >> oh, absolutely. first of all, a comment and editorial comment from me to you. whatever that music you had coming into that segment there where you showed the picture of the turkey it should have been "free bird" by lynyrd skynyrd! come on now! we're looking at courage. he is from princeton, north carolina. the good folks from greensboro, north carolina, is a no, he is from there. the national turkey federation, they talk about the nra and broadcasters union and they talk about the chamber of commerce. the turkey people have to be the strongest lobby in washington. hands down because every year,
11:36 am
since harry truman was president, we've gone through this. now harry truman said to have actually put this bird or a bird like this on his table. as a celebration by dining on the very same bird. but ever since the kennedy administration, apparently this tradition of the pardon has gone forward. the royal treatment, you're right. staying at the willard is this turkey and they had a photo-op for him to check out of the willard, the same place where the prime minister of india who was at a state dinner last night was having a press conference about the same time. the turkey makes its way over here to the white house. the president will pardon it a and then another photo-op awaits at the dulles airport, first class it flies to disneyland in california where he will be a part of the parade, the thanksgiving day parade in california and then he'll live happily ever happen perhaps with a female turkey in sort of
11:37 am
petting zoo or facility they have out there for homeless turkeys. unclear if the airline is going to charge any kind of baggage fees for the waddle or the cox and i think i used that line the last half-hour. >> i think you did. it went over about as well then, mike! >> we do have a picture. i did a little digging. i found a shot from a couple of years of the turkeys flying first class to disneyland so you can see they are in their crates and they get strapped into first class and take up the first class section. reportedly they do allow folks from the back, from economy to come forward and meet the turkey during the flight and they did some contests. i don't know if they are doing it this year. the winner of the contest in the back of the plane get what else? a bottle of wild turkey! now is it just me? or, you know, have you noticed they all end up at disneyland and isn't that where they sell those turkey legs? >> you know what? i've never been to disneyland. i won't say that too loudly.
11:38 am
it's happening to me behind me on the portico. they are doing it under cover because we have rain here. they used to go out to a turkey farm in suburban, virginia, up until 2005 and then started going to disneyland. >> i think that was called frying pan park. >> perhaps inappropriately named. i don't think they told the turkey about that either. here's a little tidbit. you know why the stories are white? they are bred for the table. it's not your grandmother's turkey that came with black and brown feathers. fountain feathers are dark they leave dark spots in the skin of the turkey and people didn't think that was palletable. >> mike, i'm going to save you because this turkey, courage, is the star of a clip running on the white house website. let me play that here. >> one lone turkey will walk down pennsylvania avenue through the gates of the people's house,
11:39 am
the white house. one lone turkey will have its plea for clemency answered. a turkey from a bad situation. a turkey from a bad environment. a turkey who has made bad choices. one lone turkey will be answerable to all of the turkeys who weren't selected, whose letters went unanswered. one turkey will be a free bird. >> there you go. there is your free bird reference. >> yeah. let's give props to ben labolt, the deputy press secretary or one of them at the white house here. in a world where the turkey is about to be pardoned! i mean, come on! this is getting over the top! >> that was impressive. >> it just came to me. >> mike viqueira, always a pleasure. we'll check back in for the pardon. >> all right. up next on msnbc, dr. jill biden sits down with norah o'donnell for one-on-one interview and hear what she is saying about remember military families this holiday season. would you like that to hurt now or later?
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we take you to the white house where the president and sasha and malia are about to pardon courage. >> national turkey federation and joel brandenburger, as president, for donating this year's turkey. his name is courage. he traveled here from goldburough, north carolina, where he was raised under walter's precious care. there you go! now, the national turkey federation has been bringing its finest turkeys to the white house for more than 50 years. i'm told president icen houser eisen house haus eisen hauser and johnson ate their turkeys. president kennedy was even given a turkey with a sign around its
11:44 am
neck that said, "good eating, mr. president." but he showed mercy and he said let's keep them going. twenty years ago, this thanksgiving, the first president bush issued the first official president pardon for a turkey. today, i'm pleased to announce that thanks to the interventions of malia and sasha, because i was planning to eat this sucker, courage will also be spaered this terrible and delicious fate. later today, he'll head to disneyland where he are -- where he will be grand marshal of the parade. in case he can't fulfill his responsibilities, walter brought another turkey, carolina, as an alternate, the stand-in. later this afternoon, michelle, sash a and malia and i will help
11:45 am
folks in d.c. who need it most. i want to thank the turkey farm in orfield, pennsylvania, for donating those dressed birds for dinner. so, today, all told, i believe it's fair to say that we have saved or created four turkeys. you know, there are certain days that remind me of why i ran for this office. and then there are moments like this, where i pardon a turkey and send it to disneyland. but every single day, i am thankful for the extraordinary responsibility that the american people have placed in me. i am humbled by the privilege that it is to serve them and the tremendous honor it is to serve as commander in chief of the finest military in the world and i want to wish a happy thanksgiving to every service
11:46 am
member at home or in harm's way. we're proud of you and we are thinking of you and we're praying for you. when my family and i sit around the table tomorrow, just like millions of other families across america, we'll take time to give our thanks for many blessings. but we'll also remember this is a time when so many members of our american family are hurting. there's no question this has been a tough year for america. we're at war. our economy is emerging from an extraordinary recession into recovery, but there's a long way to go and a lot of work to do. in more tranquil times, it's easy to notice our many blessings, it's even easier to take them for granted, but in times like these, they resonate a bit more powerfully. when president lincoln set aside the national day of thanksgiving for the first time, to celebrate america's fruitful fields, helpful sxis skies and the strength and vigor of the
11:47 am
american people, it was in the midst of the civil war, just when the future of our very union was most in doubt. so think about that. when times were darkest, president lincoln understood that our american blessings shined better than ever. this is an era of new perils and new hardships, but we are, as ever, a people of endless compassion, boundless ingenuity and limitless strength. where the error to hard-earned history and stewards of a land of got-given beauty. we are americans. and for all this, we give our humble thanks to our predecessors, to one another and to god. so on this quintessentially american holiday, as we give thanks for what we've got, let's also give back to those who are less fortunate. as we give thanks for our loved ones, let us remember those who can't be with us and as we give thanks for our security, let's,
11:48 am
in turn, thank those who have sacrificed to make it possible, wherever they may be. now, before this turkey gets too nervous, that bo will escape and screw up this pardon, or before i change my mind, i hereby pardon courage so he can live out the rest of his days in peace and tranquility in disneyland. for every american, i want to wish you, on behalf of my shelf, malia, sasha and michelle, the happiest of thanksgivings. thank you very much, everybody. >> this is the official pardon here. all right? >> whoa. all right. is there official gesture? coura courage, you are hereby pardon. you will live. in disneyland.
11:49 am
>> do you want to pet it some. >> sure. >> ah! >> all right. >> he's like a large chicken. >> he is like a large chicken. all right. i don't know about the haircut, though. thank you very much. >> thank you. can my wife come up? >> absolutely. hey, guys, come on up here. this thanksgiving, got to get the whole family up here. >> hour? >> good. >> so nice to see you. >> mr. president, good to meet you. >> good to see you, chris. that's a good-looking bird. how many pounds on this bird? >> about 45. >> this is a 45-pound turkey. that would feed a lot of folks.
11:50 am
all right. >> president obama, this is the family that raised the turkey. >> well, it's great to see you guys. what did you feed this guy? the right stuff? all right. no performance-enhancing drugs or anything? >> no. thank you very much, everybody. >> there you have it. the official pardon of courage, the turkey is now headed to disney london. monica, sasha and malia with the president to give that pardon. at one point in time malia said it looks like a really big chicken. sasha could not keep her eyes off the turkey. like so many children, i imagine it was the proximity. real life 45-pound turkey. the president pardoning courage.
11:51 am
it's a little light moment there. the president obviously acknowledging the military families who will, perhaps, be without their loved ones who are serving abroad on this holiday. also wishing all americans a happy thanksgiving. president obama will announce his war strategy tuesday night from west point military academy. josh, i'll start off with you. some reports out there say that we're looking at about 30,000, 35,000 troop. others have indicated only the president really knows what he plans to announce. we do know there's an increase. the president, though, pledging he's going to finish the job. what do you make of that comment. >> i think he's going to make a strong argument tuesday night and sell this war to the american people. exactly what it's going to take to go in there, clearly finish the job ands over what time line he's hoping to get that done. and what the goals look like. i think the american people need to hear from the commander in chief just exactly what it will take and, obviously, after eight
11:52 am
years of a war in iraq where president bush wasn't as clear and rushed to a plan and took his eye off the ball, i think they want to hear from president obama exactly what this is going to take to get it done. >> doug, a cnn opinion research poll asked do you favor or oppose the war in afghanistan. 45% favor, according to this poll. 52% oppose it. again, we don't know the exact number of troops. we know that there will be an increase. will the president get support from republicans who over the last few weeks have said, in the case of former vice president dick cheney, he was dithering. will he get support from republicans? >> he absolutely well. this is an area where we want the president to succeed. this is of absolute critical importance domestically and obviously with the foreign policy. the real problem has been really on the time line. i was watching the movie
11:53 am
"airplane" the other day. there's a scene where the captain says that he can't estimate when they're going to land for another two hours. lesley neelsen says, you can't tell me for another two hours? it seems to be that's what the president's doing now. he's made up his mind. he's not telling us for another six days. i'd like to hear now. i think a lot of people would have liked to have heard last week or the week before. >> what about those who say he's being deliberate. like josh pointed out, by most admissions on both sides, it's been handled poorly. called the forgotten war. many things i could point out that went wrong over the past eight years of this. now you have a president said to be thoughtfully thinking, listening to the military side as well as the intellectual side. why not wait until tuesday rather than continually criticize. on one send you just said, yes, you would get the republicans to support it. you could not end it there. you said, but, he did this, this, this over the last few days. >> i want to support reverend cleaver and say i'm not going to
11:54 am
complain today. it's of critical importance. republicans want to support him. if he's made up his mind, let's get the decision out there. nobody needs to know this more than the troops who are on the ground an the generals who are really implementing these plans. that's where it comes to critical importance. >> let me ask you about -- you've got democrats, a few, anyway, that say, listen, we need a war surtax. speaker pelosi saying there's unrest about how to pay for it. you've got the republicans. at least some say they'll support the announcement. you've got very concerned democrats, some who want to box the president in on how they're going to pay for this. >> democrats are concerned. obviously none of us want to see the next step, which is another attack. another 9/11. i think people have a right to be concerned, which is exactly what the president -- why he's taken the time here to really ask to push the generals to understand clearly what it's going to cost, what's the time line, what exactly success looks like, what the afghanistan --
11:55 am
what's going to happen to afghanistan? what are they going to do? what's the stake in the game for them on the ground? that's why i think you've seen people raise questions. i think the president tuesday night is going to answer those questions. i hope as my friend doug has said that the republicans don't play politics with this. this is about the troops ands winning a war and making sure we get done what we need to get done. i really believe that's what's going to happen beginning tuesday night. >> tamron, very quickly, i think to answer your question about democrats boxing him in, this tax policy is a great example of that. it demonstrates the problem the president has with his own party as his poll numbers have dropped. it's a real problem. >> we always have people on both sides quipping and raising issues. i don't see that as problem at all. >> we'll have more much to talk about on tuesday and wednesday and the days to come. heavy rains are soaking misones mi millions of pilgrims in mecca. the rocket man is at it
11:56 am
again. the swiss man who flies around the world on a jet powered wing, well, he's now trying to fly from mo rrocco to spain. a massive heard of camels has invaded a town in australia in pursuit of water. a swiss court has approved roman powe lan ski's $4.5 million bail offer. he still stay behind bars for now. the swiss justice ministry has ten days to appeal his release. polanski is considered a high flight risk. being let out on bail means polanski will be put under house arrest and electronic monitoring. he pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. that does it for us this hour. monica novotny. >> i'm tamron hall. see you back here at 3:00 eastern time alongside david shuster. jamie floim
11:57 am
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