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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  MSNBC  December 11, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EST

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this speech. thank you, rick hertsberger. which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? the war and peace prize. president obama strikes a humble tone in oslo. >> compared to some of the giants in history who precede this prize, schweitzer, king, marshall and mandela, my conflicts are slight. >> he outlined justifiable reasons to wage war. >> there are requirements to think in new ways about the notions of just war and the imperatives of a just peace.
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>> tonight, the news and president obama's speech. holding the plug on the public option. after the senate takes steps to negotiate away the public option, speaker pelosi is not joining a line in the sand to keep their purgts worth. >> tonight efforts to improve release are form. and ed schulz. the war of warsz between. we never would have said anything. >> our daily headline is kr. and for me to let it go.
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jerry posner takes us inside. good evening from new york chlts i'm lawrence o'donnell in for keith olbermann. people were saying the reason president obama won the nobel peace prize, that he had won the prize so early in life because he was not george w. bush. in two months, the escalation of the conflicts in afghanistan. they almost handed down a peace prize that almost -- almost -- had to wear her uniform, but
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president obama addressed whether he was sdefdeserving of prize. >> yet, i would be remiss if i did not acknowledge the considerable controversy that your generous decision has generated. in part this is because i am at the beginning and not the end of my labors on the world stage. compared to some of the giants of history who have received this prize, schweitzer and king, marshall and mandela, my accomplishments are slight. and then there are the men and women around the world who have been jailed, then beaten, in the pursuit of justice. those who toil the humanitarian organizations to relieve suffering, the unrecognized
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millions whose quiet acts of courage and compassion harden even the most inspired cynics. i cannot argue with those who find these men and women, some known, some obscure to all but those they help, to be far more deserving of this honor than i. >> the wartime president addressed the tension and defended his actions. >> but perhaps the most profound issue surrounding my receipt of this prize is the fact that i am the commander in chief of the military, of the nation in the midst of two wars. one of these wars is winding down. the other is a conflict that america did not seek, one of which we're joined by 42 other countries, including norway. in an effort to defend ourselves and all nations from further
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attacks, we must begin by acknowledging a hard truth. we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. there will be times when nations acting individually or in concert will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified. i make this statement mindful of what martin luther king, jr. said in this same ceremony years ago. violence never brings permanent peace. it solves no social problem. it merely creates new and more complicated ones. as someone who stands here as a direct consequence of dr. king's life work, i am living testimony to the moral force of non-violence. i know there is nothing weak, nothing passive, nothing naive
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in the created lives of ghandi and king. but as a head of state sworn to protect and defend my nation, i cannot be guided by their examples alone. i face the world as it is and couldn't stand idle in the face of threats to the american people. for make no mistake, evil does exist in the world. a non-violent movement couldn't have halted hitler's armies. negotiations couldn't convince al qaeda's leaders to lay down their arms. >> the commander in chief even argued that america's use of force has been a force for good. >> whatever mistakes we have made, the plain fact is this: the united states of america has helped underwrite global economy
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for six days. >> good evening, howard. >> good evening, lawrence. many thought he was awarded this prize just because he was not george w. bush. >> troops in afghanistan must have felt this was too comfortably close to george w. bush. >> not just in oslo but around the world. here in washington, lawrence, i know carl rove, who is george w. bush's right-hand man. he was sending out messages saying that a lot of speech we just heard excerpts of could have been written by white house speech writers in the bush white house. especially that long package. >> but president obama may try to distance himself. >> not just in that way. lawrence, the tone was very
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un-wish i -- wishy-washy. it talked about the open door to nationses even though we trust. so it was a lot of acceptance. george w. bush's post fundamental world view about the kpins tense of boel leaguelies now when you hear me. this is the close egs thing we've heard why the. >> yes, and it reminded me of a famous quote from f. scott fits jeshld. and the ability has two totally complete op ideas at the same time and still be able to function. what barack obama is saying here
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is that force is unfortunately sometimes a force for good in houma fairs. but it can't be what we ultimately rely on, that we have to sprooif for a peaceful world after recognizing, the world such as it is. it's very barack obama and seemed. let's consider nobel's will. so the person who have have decembers. har the ab rigs of falling armies and for the re. how does president obama score on that three-point score. >> yes, you have to look out nor to bells. fewer tents, there. barack obama was picked, he was
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slumtd that sometimes the eradication of evil while simon stately booking for new conversations. won what i would, but i never understood what he was talking about. >> thanks. >> thank you, lawrence. from your race to rilgsz in philadelphia, you can go to the running world and pind peace and austin. tlm for more on that, the other advertise kofr cal limit, nbc and mirror mirror but the body of the mam
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he became president in 1989 with a history of at least 20 years in national security. it said a lot of things. barack obama is a work in progress. for example, 2002, a game against the iraq war. he said, i'm not opposed to gail fairs, and if you used set up, it would have to be forearmed. last year, the summer of 2000 will win to. so obama is of a country and a cau cause. >> it doesn't give us any suggestion about what barack obama made. >> i would say if any he
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probably can you say he is. he wanted to get a food cost, i'm sort of at the in 1977. another one is introductions of the crib only add documents to t the. >> block observe ha rkt you koutouvides that thrilled and happy to hear him saying that
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. the man responsible for inventing dynamite. help to establish this in the horkd watt region i. >> i think basic so, but i think more of it obama. and whether it's in four or eight nish watching them, the was available con stamper was going throughal. you know she sden have room to be given to the mod ra. a ner that is not the sdplz what
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does that mean? >> you can kingsz the committee suggests whether and lit for the foirs for the. george marshall in 1953 for the marshall biggest, they have the biggest draw in winning world ar ix i and more. we're going to wake you in a held care reform as the senate is on the zerj. she and others see made a and sara, paul, followed out to more
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. it might have been presented quite differently as the so-called gang of talent made a breakthrough in health care negotiations. there might have been a breakthrough in a clear articulation of what the bill looked like. instead, the potential new deal is sent away to be scored by the presidential budget office while many key democrats in the senate can't even get a definitive answer about what they think about it, it being the non-public option version of health care reform which might or might not include, among other notable elements, a medicare buy-in provision for people aged 55 to 64. and it might also mean the official death of the public option. since house speaker nancy pelosi didn't offer much push-back today when asked about the
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tentative senate deal to drop the public option. the speaker reiterated that the public option was still the house's preference for keeping insurance companies honest, but. >> i'd like to see a better way to put it on the table. as soon as we see something in writing by the senate, we'll be able to make a judgment about that. our standards are that we have affordability for the middle class, security for our seniors, sustaining the solvency of medicare, responsibility to our children and not one dime added to the deficit. >> by the way, the public still supports the public option, and in the latest poll, 59% in favor, only 29% in favor opposed. meantime, democratic senator ron white will join me in a moment and susan collins today filed
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three bipartisan amendments to the health care reform bill. one was designed to see an individual's choice on health care. another is how effectively those insurance companies hold down the cost of premiums. the gdp, in the meantime, are continuing their boring session of the page count of the bill, insisting that 2,075 pages is absurdly long for those in legislation. apparently nobody is as bored as mike ensey who decided the bill is not long enough. >> 2,074 panges is not near enough to cover health care in america. >> good evening, senator. >> thank you, larry. good to be with you. >> senator, we'll get to your bipartisan amendments in a
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moment, but give us your reading about where things stand as of now in the senate. what have you heard about the harry reasoner negotiations on this package that we don't quite know the details. >> harry reid mwants to make sue we get this right. they have been trying to kill the public option for months and months. they want to hollow it out. the insurance company lobbyists would like to turn the public option -- that's what they've been trying to do -- into a weak-kneed muscle burger which 94% of the country wouldn't even be able to get. so what he's trying to do is the lobbyists are going to be doing everything they can to try to kill real reform. we're going to push back.
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is you can substitutable for a public option. >> a properly put together health program that halts all meetings, they say they're just hanging by their finger nails waiting to get medicare. in a lot of these instances, they've been hit by these tough dmik. and you bet i will put together a program for folks that would meet our new off and onto the appropriations bills, and you'll go back apparently to health care reform next week. are you worried about losing momentum waiting for that cpo score, moving off to different legislation, trying to get folks on a different legislation in
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the meantime? >> certainly the lobbyists and the obstructionists are going to do everything they can to try to hold this up, but senator reid and going to be relentless in pushing this forward. we do have other matters that are critical. the second we get that congressional office budget score, we're going to have all the members of the caucus have a chance to review it, get into the details or other critical issues. they say to make sure you have hardball in the 52-ish. we want to make sure there's real reform. senator, you're not afraid of showing who the lib yisz occur. let me show you store a single
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mom, those folks between portland or gone. stomach heights that they added. the best way to do it and hold insurance accounts republicable. . employers who are in the exchange, that's the marketplace. if the employer volunteers to orch more chase to their worker, we will let slander. some of those on the. i doane buy that. senator reid has got the public interested in american. >> i don't know, health care
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costs. we appreciate twrour time tonight. >> thank you. >> coming up, the final day of a free health clinic in kansas, sir snow. would we've done there and how it's affected the need for public tiger woods wooifr. tiger's lawyers worked to block publication of naked photos or videos of the golf great. ♪ well, look who's here. it's ellen. hey, mayor white. how you doing? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz?
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in our third story of the countdown, back to reality already in progress. day three in kansas city where people who actually need health care are getting it today. so many people have turned out that some of them will not be seen today. nearly 2300 people have come through the clinic over two days for free medical and dental care. of the people still waiting in line, about 50 will be referred to the regular kansas city free clinic and will be given priority there. 40% of today's 2200 patients have not seen a doctor since 2003. 33% don't usually go to a doctor at all. 27% rely on emergency rooms for care. 83% of these people have jobs.
1:31 am
and that statistic, the number of people who have jobs but do not have health insurance, has been consistent from one of these three health clinics to the next. 1600 volunteers are working at this event in kansas city. 25,000 of you have donated nearly 2 million to the national association of free clinics since countdown began talking about it. let's bring the host of the ed show, ed schultz, who has been at the free health care clinic today. good evening, ed. >> good evening, lawrence. good to be with you. it's been a phenomenal day to see all of this unfold. >> ed, tell us about it. this is your first time at one of these clinics. it's one thing to come at them from this distance as i do. it's another to be on the ground with 2200 people coming through a facility like that in a day in desperate need of health care. >> you know, lawrence, i have done town hall meetings for the last two years all over the
1:32 am
country with my radio show, but i've never seen anything like this. this is amazing. the volunteer effort is the best in america, what we've seen here today. we've seen health care providers come from around the region to help out, 55 doctors, some 57 medical personnel to help these doctors out. it really is amazing. these are folks that work two jobs. these are folks that work in a job that don't have health care benefits or they can't afford the premiums, so they go without. i had a lady today who hadn't seen a doctor in 11 years. i met a college graduate and came here to get a physical so she could qualify on an application to get a job to do substitute teaching in the state of nebraska, which i found to be very ironic with all the political winds that are blowing right now. it's just been amazing to see all of this. people come here, they get diagnosis, they get prescriptions and a follow up.
1:33 am
this has been one of the most phenomenal things i've ever seen, united states of america, and people have to come to a free clinic to get health care, and in some cases their first health clinic visit to dare. one girl was eight years old. she had never been to the dentist before and she needed some work done and she was in pain. i talked to some of the doctors, and they telling me it was the same story. we'll deal with their premiums, or their employer only pays them $35. these are hard-working americans who just need some attention and want to see some change. and if we do pass hoelt care in this country, i would look for those peoples to of some men.
1:34 am
we still have a very long way to go, haurns. the current and the house and the senate say you. >> -- if they actually went to one of these clinics that they can't learn in a roog press in your veins is not be fektd by the pope. that -- where do you work, what's your situation? people were willing to talk. that's a health care without them stopping and recognizing an msnbc and leet me shoer you
1:35 am
about that, let mow tell you about this story. if a coalition were actually going to dom. so. the people who they really see that it's fort wooif. >> thank you very much for your time tonight, ed. >> kheil cap. the war of words over climate change, round 2. the headlines, his marriage might be hitting tough times, but is his relationship trying to spare more minimum needing it
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she's invented death panels and endorsed them and sarah palin warning us of junk. she contradicts a former governor: sarah palin. first came her washington post ed on climate gate, hanging climate change rhetoric on a slew of hacked e-mails, then came al gore's rebuttal. >> it's not a question of debate. it's like gravity. it exists. >> ms. palin backed away from the idea of actually debating gore, choosing instead to fire up the old facebook account and send a figurative reply to him.
1:40 am
>> vice president gore, the climate >> another thing palin simply can't deny, other own record. as governor she launched a state office on climate change, which she cited in her op ed but called for legislation to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce alaska's carbon footprint. and in 2008 new york times, sarah palin improperly quoted
1:41 am
the endangered species act. americans should become involved by offering suggestions for constructive action to their state governments. as for blogger palin's denial that climate change is brought on by man, candidate palin told katie couric something different. >> there are a man's activities that can be contributed to the issues that we're dealing with now, but it kind of doesn't matter at this point as we debate what caused it. the point is, it's real and we need to do something about it. >> joining me now, political analyst in national affairs. good evening, jonathan. >> hi, lawrence. >> so we have discussed another issue in which she has flip-flopd. this is kind of a mitt romney thing to where he is.
1:42 am
if she is going to be a candidate, doesn't she have to come to terms with her own record of her bigger problem, if she wants to be a candidate, is she's on the wrong side of any politics here. there is a very, very small number of people who are mouthing what she is these days. the majority are where she was during the 2008 campaign, and if she actually went a korean president, she should take from a wider view. for both of those, trying to do something about childlook stupid and i i'm trying to write. she's trying to take a serious.
1:43 am
>> yeah, she is. and she is a fompler vice presidential candidate and deserves if she wants this plastic a rurt -- not by the fact that she has just chanld her positions. and because of this scandal, and it was kind of a scanned lous things, that somehow that disdg ir 4 in the credits might role. a frew to confront this issue. . if it evening time, it would not
1:44 am
be her. she's got some political advisers around i says a newspaper like the washington post published it, that's where they got it she certainly as the ago. the article felt like it had been massaged mpl the messiah seem to -- if she claims it's nine-mile meter climate change denials. it's just important -- i'd love to see your debate, tal just but
1:45 am
if those chickens, when is jorks she should be forced to defend it herself, not by having tom mvr slish debate, you will that and never between then, he's in a lot more you believe. but is he more word about his sponsorship. >> tiger's lawyers are taking action to make sure if they exist they do not see the light of day. ever worn your clothes in the shower?
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two constants existing in the two weeks since the greatest golfer's existence came to light. two or more ladies have been revealed, and they have remained by the golfer's side, yet the women keep talking, the advertisers may start walking. in british courts, tiger woods has blocked publication of nude pictures that he does not admit exist. back in america, 24-year-old-plus los angeles
1:54 am
cocktail waitress jaimee grubbs has shared a fresh batch of text messages. according to grubbs, she and woods saw each other for more than two years, and quoting from the text messages, tiger explained the source of her attraction to him. >> tiger: sorry baby i just can't sleep. >> in a separate message, woods got right to the point.
1:55 am
on the tv show extra, grubbs described being crushed when she discovered she wasn't the only girl on the side. >> this whole time, 2.5 years, that i thought i could have been the only woman, that the reason why we didn't hang out as much would be because he was busy and to go back ask think that his reasons for being busy may have been another woman, and it's really hard. >> very busy, indeed. as to possible nude photos of tiger woods, there are reports that tiger's attorneys aren't admitting they ist, they're just blocking their publication in case they exist. the british press is not allowed to public, quote, any photographs, footage, images taken or obtained of the claimant naked or any naked
1:56 am
parts of the claimant's body or of him involved in any sexual activity. joe cosner is the chief reporter for the beast. thanks for joining us tonight. >> it just keeps getting worse for tiger, as you were saying. you show video where you have one of these girls saying, i thought i was the only woman. what about his wife? she thought he was busy and he had a wife and a family. not only was she the best girlfriend that ever lived but was having this pristine life instead. the question is, can the corporate sponsors stick with him? will they continue to pay the 100 million a year? he's going to take a big hit on this, there's no question. >> how much of the hundred milli
1:57 am
million could he lose? >> $20 million, four years out of a five-year deal left with gatorade. they're cutting him because sales were down by a third. they're saying, by the way, we're not paying an early termination fee. he's going to go back in 2010, his agents are worried about this, they want to renegotiate. they said, we signed in 2007. you're not the same tiger woods, we want to have a different payoff schedule. they got their ads all over, they're looking for an exit. the only ones that are really sticking with him through thick and thin right now is nike and that's because they have no loss in sales at all.
1:58 am
>> he seems to be up to about a dozen now. certainly he's not the first celebrity who does not practice safe sexual activity with his wife. the number on his dance card is just too high. >> yeah, i think you're absolutely right. first of all, the numbers are too high, and this cleaner image rpgs va, et cetera. i think the number is not only high, but he's failed to give half the story. zrp and they don't know how we exist, and what we mean to do is by getting out in front of it, add mig the truth, seeking help. and then he would have to do the
1:59 am
rehabilitation tour. guys like chris matthews, he will do interviews, and the larry kings of the world. >> gerald, the naked pictures front have gone to british courts because they have much stricter privacy laws, but what do we think is breaking on this naked pictures front? >> i talked just a couple hours ago to one of the executives, and. so when they have group he's or when they have affairs, they say never give out your own cell phone number. do not tax, my unusual painting. they want to jump off as his sponsors. >> gerald