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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  December 11, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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about their future. president obama is in the air on his way back from receiving the nobel peace prize in oslo. he returns, of course, to his past agenda, afghanistan, health care, and job creation. let's get right to nbc news correspondent savannah guthrie. savannah, of course, let's start first with a note you just put in our hot file about the president having a big meeting next week with some ceos. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: well, there will be 12 ceos invited. presumably they will show when given an invitation from the president and they're from the largest banks in the united states including citigroup, jpmorgan, bank of america, the list goes on and on. and, look, the president is going to have quite a stern message for him. in his view wall street got a bailout from washington, washington was there for wall street when it needed the cash and he really wants to lean hard on these executives to increase the lending to small business and also to talk to them about the best way to do that. another thing that frankly burns up lot of people here in the
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white house is the fact that the financial industry has really lobbied against financial regulatory reform. this is up for a big vote in the house today and that's something that i think we'll hear the president say to the ceos that he should really stop lobbying against these reforms. after all, without these reforms, wall street, the financial system was in a huge mess and had to be bailed out by the taxpayer. this is not new but has gauld the administration for a long time that there was such a huge lobbying effort against these reforms they think are needed to stop the next crisis. >> bottom line they get an invitation to the white house but they're going to get some talking to by the president, of course, savannah. let me ask you about the president's big speech yesterday. it was hard to find a republican yesterday who criticized the president and yet there were some members of his own party who didn't like it. what's up with that? >> reporter: well, not surprisingly in a way when you look at the content of the speech because this was probably barack obama and his most conservative in terms of foreign policy talking about just wars.
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certainly making a defense of american intervention and american foreign policy with that memorable line saying america has underwritten global security for decades so that was very, very appealing to many conservatives, many republicans, certainly many independents. and, look, while most democrats also lauded the speech, many probably wish he would have emphasized more of the peace in the nobel peace prize that making this justification for just wars. >> all right, savannah guthrie at the white house, thanks so much. >> reporter: sure. and a short time ago the government's pay czar announced new regulations to curb wall street's bloated salaries, the massive banks that taxpayers bailed out. goldman sachs got a jump on things today announcing on their own most of its senior executives would forgo cash bonus this is year. john harwood is here. also of course for "the new york
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times" he writes. what about that, the government's pay czar is going to say no to these huge salaries and bonuses? how much are we talking about? >> we see a pattern developing here, norah, in what savannah was referring to, the talking to those bank executives will get this morning. ken feinberg, the pay czar, expected to lay out these curbs of $500,000 on pay for a second tier of executives. he already limited the pay of the top 25 executives in these firms that have received big bailout mopey. everybody is scrambling to get out ahead of the populist reaction. look what happened in britain earlier the other day or a couple of days ago. a tax of 50% on bonuses enacted. everybody realizes that with unemployment in double digits they have to do something to show the average americans that they're not just catering to wall street. >> and as savannah reported, the president will bring 12 of these ceos, everybody from capital one, bank of america, citigroup, jpmorgan, american express,
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goldman sachs, all there. it's a who's who of executives at the white house. what can the president make them do? >> well, he can't make them do a lot but he can try to use leverage, some that have public hostility and backlash to get them to pay differently. look what, as you just mentioned, goldman sachs announced that the top executives are not going to take cash bonuses. they know that they're in the eye of the storm here and can't be seen as just continuing business as usual. and what the president is trying to do, what he said in his jobs speech, it's time to shift the bailout program from wall street to main street. so many average americans have been saying, hey wait, wall street got a bailout, where is my bailout? that's what he's trying to deal with. >> john harwood, we'll be back at 2:00. appreciate it. and now this. a wedding celebration turned deadly in afghanistan today. a bomb tore through a tent killing at least one child and wounding a dozen others.
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so far no terror group has claimed responsibility. and in pakistan a top al qaeda official is dead after a u.s. predator drone attacked senior counter it terror officials are not naming the target but say it is not osama bin laden or his second in command. the white house escalated these unmanned drone attacks near the afghan border earlier this month. now to those five u.s. students under arrest in pakistan for alleged terror links. the d.c.-area men are still being interrogated and have not yet been charged. they could be deported back to the u.s. and pakistani officials say they first tried to connect with other militants online then met face-to-face with at least two extremist groups in eastern pakistan. nbc news' justice correspondent pete williams has been following the story and, pete, tell us what we're learning and what pakistani officials say they've learned from these suspects. >> reporter: well, no charges as you say, here in the u.s. although the pakistani officials
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tell us they have been charged with violating a law, accused of planning to carry out terrorist activities. although it's not certain what's going to happen to them there. it could end up they're deported and may or may not face charges in the u.s. that's something that american authorities are still trying to work out. what the pakistani officials tell us is these groups they visited, the two terror groups they visited who basically refused to have them because they were suspicious, thought that perhaps one of the five was trying to infiltrate the terror groups in pakistan and they thought it was just impossible for any foreigner to quickly make contacts with these terror groups, that it takes months and months and months and they were especially suspicious of five americans simply showing up saying here we are. so that is why, according to the pakistani officials the terror groups turned them away. >> it is pretty interesting, these terror groups department think they were good enough essentially to be a part of them. what concerned me, too, what
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they were alleged to want to do, which is to use their skills, or their lack of skills or whatever they wanted to do, against our own u.s. troops in afghanistan. >> reporter: they're saying they wanted to get training from these groups and that according to the pakistanis even though they couldn't get anyone to train them, they still intended when they were arrested in eastern pakistan, they still intended to go on to try to get to the disputed areas between pakistan and afghanistan and ultimately go into afghanistan and try to become part of the jihadist effort against u.s. troops in afghanistan even thoep the pakistanis concede they have no training,t 1200
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thanks so much and the first lady of south carolina, jenny sanford, announced this morning she is filing for divorce from her husband mark sanford. jenny sanford called her husband's behavior today inexcusable and she released a statement this morning saying that her decision to file for divorce comes after many unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation. all right, still to come this hour on msnbc, talking tiger. a woman who claims she had a
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relati relationship with golf star talks about whether she was paid for sex. plus, why the federal government estimates one in six americans has already had swine flu. and wealth in america -- what will it take for americans to feel more optimistic about the state of our economy, the cnbc special report straight ahead. oe sword fights pointy slippers and green wool tights take a tip from a knight who knows free credit report dot com, let's go! vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage.
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and we're now hearing from another woman who claims to have had an affair with tiger woods. 26-year-old ex-lingerie model jamie jungers spoke exclusively to the tod"today" show this morning. she says she was in love with tiger woods and denies claims that he paid for sex with her. well, jungers says she knew she meant little to the golfer when he wouldn't help her out financially. >> there will always be a place
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in my heart for tiger, but he obviously has issues so there are parts of me that's angry and there's parts of me that i guess kind of don't find -- doesn't find it unbelievable. but i guess out of all, i'm pretty heartbroken. >> do you feel responsible, though, for some of the -- >> the interview comes as a hollywood madam claims woods paid up to $60,000 for sex with prostitutes. in all now there are reportedly 13 women linked to the golfer. joining us now from burbank, managing editor of, jeremy, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, norah. good morning. >> on this interview this morning, she was upset with tiger because she didn't send her a birthday card. should we believe this woman, that she did have an affair with him? >> i think she certainly sounds very legitimate. she is the latest alleged mistress to have the attention
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shifting onto her. her, along with another alleged mistress named holly sampson, both of whom were named by this self-proclaimed hollywood madam named michelle brawn with whom access hollywood's shawn robinson spoke with yesterday. and we saw 1099 documents for a company called global travel network or gtn that claims to have paid both sampson and jamie jungers, although there's no connection between tiger woods and this company gtn. >> right. and that's an important connection. the reason i asked about that, jeremy, it does seem everybody is starting to come out of the woodwork and claims that they had an affair with tiger woods and i'm certainly not excusing his behavior because he's admitted to transgressions but all these women seem to suggest they had a relationship with tiger woods. any other further evidence about the claims of this woman that "access hollywood" spoke with that prostitution was involved? >> absolutely not. in fact, when we brought up the
11:16 am
word prostitution, she quickly changed it to say, no, they weren't prostitutes. they were paid escorts. we hire them to do a, b, c and d. if they chose to do e, that was their own choice. she was very clear in that distinks whdi distinction when we spoke with her. it is hard to tell who is telling the truth, people are probably being paid to talk, people being paid not to talk, people speaking to increase their own legitimacy for future money making opportunities. we have no hard evidence that anyone is being paid or not paid but my personal take is that jamie jungers seems to be pretty legitimate in what she's saying, at least what she said to meredith on the "today" show this morning. >> and let me ask you about the web traffic, just the interest in the story. how much has this story exploded on the internet and how many people are still searching out stories on tiger woods? >> it's been huge.
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it's the number one search term online right now. here at we're getting about 5 million hits a day on our site, mostly people drawn to this tiger woods story and, you know, the fascination with it continues and probably will continue for quite some time. >> well, he was the number one golfer in the world and now he's the number one searched item on the web for this. nice to talk to you here. appreciate it. >> thank you very much, norah. >> for more on the tiger woods' scandal, be sure to check out and of course "dateline" tonight. they're calling it "the secret life of tiger woods." that is at 9:00 eastern only right here on nbc. and federal health officials are reporting a significant jump in swine flu deaths. they say swine flu has killed ne nearly 10,000 americans since april, most of them in just the
11:18 am
last two months. the government is reporting that about 50 million americans, one out of every six, has actually had swine flu, more than 200,000 people have bull pen sick enough to be hospitalized. huge numbers. also a new study that finds bone building drugs used by tens of millions of women to fight osteoporosis could actually help prevent breast cancer. sicientists found women using drugs such as fosamax, boniva were less likely to develop breast cancer. they are warning that more studies, of course, need to be done to confirm a connection between this drug and of course the outcome. and if you're going for red and green this season, you may want to decorate a real christmas tree as opposed to a fake one. that's right. it may not be conventional tree hugging but one biologist says a real tree is greener than an artificial one. most fake trees end up in a landfill after only a few years while real ones get recycled into mulch. in fact, the christmas tree at
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get this. here is an idea where some of your taxpayer money is going to pay six-figure salaries for employees of the federal government. according to a study federal employees making salaries of more than $100,000 jumped to 19% during the first year and a half of the recession. that's up from 14% before then. turns out defense department civilian employees have also done particularly well. and after ordering 30,000 more troops to afghanistan, president obama accepted the nobel peace prize. for the first time in his presidency he may have won over critics by invoking the concept of a just war.
11:23 am
>> we must begin by acknowledging the hard truth. we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes. there will be times when nations acting individually or in concert will find the use of force not only necessary but morally justified. >> michael crowe lip is the senior editor of "the new republic." good to see you. many people talked about this as a hawkish speech by the president. what did you think? >> well, i thought it was an excellent speech. i just thought it was one of the best ones the president did contain this kind of weird contradiction within it but i thought he actually bridged the divide very well. and i think it was necessarily hawkish because it is, unfortunately, a fairly hawkish time in american foreign policy and i don't think there's anything hypocritical about that. obama promised as a candidate to emphasize afghanistan and to put
11:24 am
more troops in afghanistan. so i think it was actually a very articulate and successful explanation why he was going to be this great peacemaker. >> and praised by gingrich and sarah palin. let's listen to what gingrich says. >> he clearly understood that he had been given the prize prematurely, but he used it as an occasion to remind people, first of all, as he said, that there is evil in the world. i think having a liberal president who goes to oslo on behalf of a peace prize and reminds the committee that they would not be free, they wouldn't be able too much a peace prize without having force, i thought in some ways it's a very historic speech. >> you know, it was an excellent point by the president, too, about not being able to get rid of hitler without force n. some ways he laid out what is going to be his foreign policy which is this idea listic prague in a
11:25 am
tichl, realism. >> he's been very much a realist and i think probably more of a realist than he would ideally like to be but the reality is that he inherited a horrible foreign policy context from the last presidency. so he can't exercise the pure vision that he might really feel in his heart about transforming the world and bringing peace and happiness because america's standing in the world is so badly damaged, so many people are deeply upset. there's so much work to be done and some of that requires a very hard and unpleasant choice. i think that's what you've seep him doing in the year so far and what you see him trying to explain. >> and then how about sarah palin saying in an interview with "usa today" that the president's speech sounded like something from her memoirs. war is the last thing i believe any americans want to engage in but it's necessary. we have to stop these terrorists. she sort of suggested, well, i was the first one who pointed this out. >> yeah, well, of course she's not. there's something surreal about
11:26 am
that and it's not going to help obama with his liberal base already getting impatient with him. the people on the left have nowhere else to go. there's not going to be a primary challenger. some conservatives are praising him. i think he can use a little bit of that right now. >> michael crowley, as always, great to see you. thanks so much. >> thanks, norah. americans are feeling pessimistic today about the economy and they're not particularly confident that washington is going to solve the nation's woes. that's, of course, the latest finding in cnbc's new wealth in america is yosurvey. with me now is cnbc's senior economics reporter steve liesman. so, steve, kind of disappointing to hear that americans are so pessimistic about the economy, perhaps realistic, would you say? >> reporter: yeah, maybe. let me give you one optimistic thing before the pessimistic thing. the optimists spend more. holiday spending will be up by 10.5% and that's about all we have because the republic for that, norah, is going to be the wealthy are going to spend more. when you get down to the lower income groups they're going to
11:27 am
decrease spending. washington has spent a trillion and a half dollars on stimulus and bank bailouts and people have used on the economy barely changed from the survey a year ago. 52% are still pessimistic about the current outlook and about the future. just 5% say they're optimistic about both the current and future. and what's really interesting washington gets hammered in our survey. president obama is about the best out there with a 46% approval rating but the democratic and republican party both suffer from these poor economic results we've had so far. democrats 39% approval. 46% to 44% and there's 39% and 26% for the gop. this 22% of the public, call it one in four, one in five americans, don't give either party good marks for handling the economy. >> that is interesting. steve, what about that?
11:28 am
do you think the numbers will change in the next year? if you do the survey in six months, that americans are more optimistic. in the paper today more companies now say that they're going to ebbed the freeze on salaries, there could be an increase in terms if they stop matching 401(k)s they will go back and continue more matching. there may be more loosening of the purse strings. do you think that will take more than six months? >> reporter: that's great insight and backed up by the data in the polls. there's two things if i tell you what they are, i can tell you, also, what people are going to do when it comes to spending for the holidays or the outlook on the economy. wages and home prices. we have the smallest expected increase in wages in the three years we've been putting this together. americans expect their wamgs just 1.3%. that's a heavy determinant on
11:29 am
how people view the economy. also, home prices, we had 0.3% decline. that's the best. if we get home prices up and wages up, then people's views on the economy and probably the tight grip they have on the purse strings ought to loosen up a bit. >> very, very interesting. steve, as always it thank you so much. >> thank you. and a retired police officer is keeping traffic moving. one dance step at a time in rhode island. i love this guy. all right. each holiday season the 62-year-old dancing cop -- you go there, yeah -- he comes out of retirement to entertain drivers with his unique traffic directing antics in downtown providence. it is a local holiday tradition and he has been doing this for the past -- look at him go -- 22 years. that's an awesome move. and speaking of moving to the beat, a 75-year-old woman in spain has spun her way to victory on spain's biggest tv talent show, the british senior initially moved to spain to live the quiet life, but she soon
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maybe traverse can carry that stuff too. ow during the chevy red tag event, get an '09 traverse with 0 percent apr for 72 months. see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. today brand-new evidence on how retailers performed during one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. according to the commerce department, retail sales rose more than 1.3% last year. it appears consumers are snapping up those black friday deals. that helped boost sales. the new numbers are more than double what many economists had actually expected. and today jenny sanford, first lady of south carolina, filed for divorce from her husband governor mark sanford. i got the e-mail at 9:00 this morning, and the governor admitted having an extramarital affair with the woman in argentina in june and in a statement this morning mrs. sanford maintains reconciliation efforts were made but they were
11:34 am
unsuccessful. governor sanford has just released a statement saying, quote, while it is not the course i would have hoped for or would choose, i want to take full responsibility for the moral failure that led us to this tragic point. and authorities in cyprus are trying to get to the bottom of a bizarre crime. someone dug up the country's former president's body from its grave and took it. that's right. the theft comes a day before the one-year anniversary of the former president's death. pretty weird, huh? and did private blackwater security guards participate in hundreds of secret raids aimed at capturing militants in iraq and afghanistan? well, according to a report in "the new york times," blackwater played a central role in what insiders are calling quote, snatch and grab operations. jim miklaszewski joins us now and, mick, i know you've done some reporting on this. what have you learned? >> reporter: first off everybody has to understand and i think
11:35 am
most do, the name itself, blackwater, is a real lightning rod here in washington. according to several sources on both sides of the issue that we've talked to, it does appear that black water personnel, armed guards, special operations forces, navy s.e.a.l.s., delta force did, in fact, take part in some cia, what you called snatch and grab operations, to go after militants and terrorist leaders in both iraq and afghanistan. now the way the picture has unfolded as we've looked into this, those black water security, former special operations themselves, were hired initially to provide protection, additional pr protection for cia operatives in those countries and also some other evidence, even airlift, maybe some intelligence that they may have been able to gather, those sorts of things. but in the heat l of the battle when they finally got down to confronting whoever they were after, that there apparently were instandses in which the
11:36 am
blackwater personnel would take part themselves in the operation. there's no indication yet that they were actually trigger pullers, that they actually shot and killed or wounded any of those suspects but, you know, leon panetta, the cia director, has launched an investigation into this and the hill is looking into that overall relationship between blackwater and cia. >> mick, we don't know yet whether anything they did was illegal but what would be the rule? what would be illegal or raise a lot of eyebrows the blackwater security guards were doing? what would be cross iing the li? >> reporter: the huge concern in all of this is the accountability. we saw that in the case of iraq in baghdad when 17 iraqi civilians were killed in a ba ramming of gunfire from several blackwater guards, five of them still face trial here in the united states in regard to that
11:37 am
incident. so that's a huge question. and there are some legal issues apparently in contract law that may apply here people are looking into. but the primary -- the primary concern is that of the fact of accountability issue. >> all right, mick, thanks so much for the reporting. if we do hear from the cia later today, i know you'll let us know. climate talks are under way in copenhagen. here in d.c. two dozen senate republicans are demanding that the u.n. secretary-general investigate what they call the climate gate scandal, hacked e-mails suggest top sicientists doctored their findings. there are those who say they are taken out of context. the u.s. was warped to rethink how it produces and uses energy, increasing energy efficiency. 40 protesters are under arrest in what police call a preventive measure. about 200 demonstrators pack the streets as corporate ceos
11:38 am
debated the role of businesses in the fight against global warming. and as sarah palin continues her book tour, she took time out for a new interview with "usa today." palin talked about climate change, obama's nobel win and her involvement with the 2010 midterm elections. i'll be doing some speeches across the country in these coming months. i'll be taking people up on their offers to assist them in their campaigns whether it's advising them, whether it's helping them to raise funds, again, regardless of party, but they have to believe in the right principles that the majority of americans want to see lived out on capitol hill. that's what i'm going to concentrate on. >> when asked about her plan for 2012 palin says she will focus on 2010 and helping candidates get elected in that year. all right, a legal twist in nancy and phillip garrido accused of kidnapping jayice
11:39 am
dugard. they will be fighting in a california courtroom to represent his client. the attorney gilbert is accused of drunkenly boasting that he would sell the garridos' story. lee cowan is in our burbank bureau. all right, lee. there is a hearing scheduled today. what's involved? >> reporter: well, this is strange beyond any stretch of the imagination when you consider the legal implications of all of this. at stake, nancy garrido's original attorney is said to have been overheard talking about the case and that he would write a book about it. well, the judge heard about that and decided that was inappropriate at best, perhaps a conflict of kr at worst and kicked him off the case. the complaints against him were sealed so we don't know what else the judge was told about this. what we do know is that attorney denies that he ever said anything about writing a book and he is fighting to stay on
11:40 am
the case for two reasons. one, he says nancy garrido still wants him to recommend her and, two, not surprisingly this is a high-profile case and there is a lot at stake. there really wasn't any gag order in association with the garrido case so technically he was free to talk about it. what a lot of people say, though, well, look, he may not legally be guilty of any wrongdoing but guilty of not practicing common sense. you don't talk about a case you're on and if you're thinking about writing a book you keep your mouth shut about it. for now it looks like nancy garrido still officially has two attorneys. what will be decided this afternoon if her original attorney will be kicked off or if he gets to stay. >> and i guess he should have been careful about what he was saying at his country club. thanks so much, lee. new developments in the casey anthony case. anthony's legal team will ask the presiding judge to block prosecutors from seeking the death penalty. her legal team also wants officials to stop videotaping their meetings with the florida
11:41 am
mother. anthony is charged with killing her 2-year-old daughter and has pleaded not guilty. all right, coming up, the hottest destination for holiday travelers. plus, new trouble for the white house gate crashers. it involves a watch. and will tiger woods' advertising power be able to is your vich the scandal surrounding his private life? we're going to take stock of the tiger brand straight ahead. is here -- ellen page. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ] no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! [ female announcer ] the new classroom. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco.
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now to the world view. a massive fire in a shantytown in the philippines has killed at least two people. reports indicate 15,000 people in the capital city of manila are now homeless. fire officials say it took crews seven hours to put out the fire. an explosion at a coal mine in northwest turkey killed 19 mine workers. the mine collapsed after a dynamite explosion trapping the miners underground. and a man speaking out one week
11:45 am
after the two were convicted of killing knox's roommate in italy. through his lawyer the former boyfriend called knox a sweet girl and said she is incapable of killing anyone. and just days after announcing a tentative deal on health care legislation, democrats are being challenged on a proposal that would expand medicare coverage to uninsured americans between 55 and 64 years old. some leading medical groups are criticizing the plan saying it would increase the number of patients while paying health care providers less than private insurers. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live on capitol hill and, kelly, i know this has some people happy but as always some people who aren't happy about this alleged compromise. who doesn't like it? >> reporter: well, isn't that interesting? it seems each day i'm taking the temperature and testing the direction of the wind here to see who is in or who is out on the latest proposal. as you laid it out, the expanding medicare idea appeals to some of the more liberal
11:46 am
members of the senate and we've even heard some inclinations on the house side that there might be some acceptance there because they're so in favor of a public option. expanding it is appealing to those folks. now the detractors are concerned about costs. there are people who are saying that this could be really upsetting to the whole way services in the health field are provided because we've learned through this debate that medicare reimburses its doctors and its hospitals at a level that is sometimes less that the cost of actually providing that service and that means it's very difficult for hospitals to keep that going if there were too many recipients on the books so we're hearing from some of the more moderates, joe lieberman, ben nelson, olympia snow. concerns about this kind of an idea and even ben nelson, democrat of nebraska, saying he thinks this may just be a nonstarter and that's a strong word from him. >> and, kelly, this really is an expansion of a government-run
11:47 am
program, medicare, which a lot of people like. what does it do in terms of the public option because the argument always, too, for the public option, was that it would be this government insurance program that would provide better and cheaper coverage and, therefore, would cause private insurance companies to compete and to lower their rates and that would help small businesses, for instance, to buy the private insurance. doesn't this expanding medicare undercut that argument or do i have it wrong? >> reporter: well, i think you're right on there because when we've talked about the -- what i like to now call the classic public option, the first way that we came to learn about this term, the eidea would be te government would negotiate new rates with providers. so presumably those would be higher and more favorable to doctors and hospitals than medicare which are the cheapest and, again, sometimes not covering their actual costs. so expanding medicare raises a problem for doctors and
11:48 am
providers and we're now hearing that from them. the notion of a public option and the way we first learned about it isn't even really being talked about now. the other kind of public option, if you want to call it that is this idea of trying to expand the same kind of program that federal employees have which is private ib shurns administered by the government that's kind of on the other end of the spectrum of what they're talking about now. >> kelly, you keep it all straight for us. >> reporter: i'm trying. >> all right. and more trouble now for the white house party crashers. turns out that tareq salahi gave up his fancy watch as security deposit during this legal dispute that they had actually with the landscaper, that they hadn't paid this guy. a watch, i don't know how to pronounce it, could be worth up to $15,000. salahi had an outstanding $2,000 landscaping bill and a jeweler
11:49 am
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one year ago, federal authorities arrested bernie madoff. today he remains at butler, south carolina correction where he served some of his sentence. i know you spoke with ira sorkin, madoff's attorney. let's take a listen to what he has learned about this last year. >> i'm sitting in class and these children are -- 2 1/2-year-olds are standing around, pretending they're on a farm and the teacher is ask iin what sounds do you hear on a farm like a cow, moo moo, a duck, quack quack. it's bernie madoff. he tells me he has been arrested by the fbi, handcuffed to a chair and he needs my help. in the background i'm hearing moo moo, quack quack, oink oink. i ran out of the class. it's a matter of public record, i told him say no more.
11:54 am
>> scott, just one more weird element of this whole story to hear ira sorkin tell that. what do we know about bernie madoff and what he's doing? jail? >> we know from ira sorkin that he, in sorkin's words, is doing okay. madoff has gained a certain amount of stature amongst the inmates perhaps because he never did rat anybody out, but sorkin said it is not accurate to say that madoff has not cooperated with authorities. although he was not under any obligation to do so. as you heard, he talked about how when he was visiting his granddaughter's nursery school, he first learned about that. madoff had called sorkin looking for a lawyer as early as december 1st. he didn't know what he was calling him about. they set up an appointment and everything blew up before that. and so we know that this thing was falling apart as the whole financial world was kind of falling apart in the fall of
11:55 am
last year. and then it just blew up, probably, before madoff realized it would. >> i hear he's scrubbing pots and pans in jail. scott cohn, thanks so much, scott. a second woman who claims to have had an affair with tiger woods shares her side of the story. 26-year-old lingerie model jamie junger spoke exclusively to the "today" show this morning. she denies that the golfer ever paid her for sex and talked about how she felt when she first met him. joining us now deputy editor of, david ducak. we're hearing more women tell their stories. how is it going to affect tiger's brand? >> well, you know, obviouslio the more and more women that come forward and say that they had a relationship with tiger woods whether it's on television or seen in tabloid newspapers and magazines and such, or on website, obviously it detracts from his brand in the short run. no denying that. there are no television
11:56 am
commercials currently running on prime time or even most major cable companies that are carrying the tiger woods' image or anything like that. you couldn't run a psa with tiger woods and certainly he has shot a lot of those. in the short run his brand is taking a major hit at this point. a lot of fortune 500 brands associated with him now are weighing out whether the black eye they would be getting with associated their companies with tiger woods would be a long-term benefit. if the public starts to warm to him over some period of time, having associated with tiger woods if and when he breaks jack nicklaus' record and be the dominant nature in his sport will be the factor. >> i imagine his agent, mark steinbe steinberg, is pretty busy, trying to salvage these deals that may currently be in renegotiation, right? >> absolutely. if you're a company and tiger woods is in the final year of his contract, you have a lot better chance of signing a deal that -- from a money standpoint
11:57 am
that will be much more favorable to you. so, it's -- obviouslio, whatever deals he will be cutting now will be for a lot less than they would have been, say, a month and a half ago. >> it has hurt him, despite the views of some people who said he would be able to ride this out. david dusek, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. that does it for me this hour. i'm norah o'donnell. see you back here at 2:00 pm with john harwood for "the new york times" edition special on msnbc. jeff rossen will pick up our coverage next from here. ep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta. lunesta is different. it keys into receptors that support sleep, setting your sleep process in motion. lunesta helps you get the restful sleep you need. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation,
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