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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 9, 2010 7:00am-7:59am EST

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three accomplished surgeries. three different surgeries. all working on the part of our body that expresses the most. >> perfect! >> all driven to change their patients' lives. >> i do believe that it is my purpose in life to help people, and to help people with this particular problem. >> i guess you could say the most rewarding part is the patients we deal with because of the complexity of their problems. if you can help them, it's very rewarding right now on "msnbc saturday," baby, it's cold outside. the eastern two-thirds of the nation in the grips of an arctic blast.
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there's a second wave coming. the man accused of trying to blow up a u.s. bound flight on christmas day appears in court. you will hear what he had to say. 85,000 jobs lost in december. what does it mean for the president's approval rating? we'll have more ahead on that. plus, no, you are not seeing things, this guy caught on camera driving his car while sticking his head out the sunroof. yeah, that's just rich. anyway, it is not that early, everyone, actually, it is, 7:00 on the east coast and 4 a.m. out west. i'm alex witt and welcome to this saturday. actually we will have more on the mtv fall-out on the show, "jersey shore," not real cold on the jersey shore show. and across much of this country, cold weather stretches from coast-to-coast in bismarck, north dakota. it is expected to reach, get
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this, 43 degrees below zero when the windchill is factored in, some new low temperatures expected as far south as florida across the midwest and we will get the forecast from msnbc meteorologist, bill karins in just a moment. snow and ice a dangerous combination in atlanta. can you believe that? here it is, you don't want to see that. a sheet of ice. the driver in the pickup truck lost control, it's one of many slick streets coated in black ice there. we should let you know the driver in these incidents have been all shaken up but they're okay. you can watch this stuff, can you imagine being on the top of that road and seeing that coming at you? scary. there have been over two dozen car crashes we're showing you right there and bill karins has more. >> good morning, alex. a historic morning in central florida. believe it or not, we're getting reports of snow and sleet from areas from tampa and just
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outside of downtown orlando. this doesn't happened, i lived there for five years myself, never saw anything like this. orlando international airport has a temperature of 32 degrees. we're getting rain and sleet and snow mixed in all through central florida. look at the winter radar. the white is showing where the snow is, mostly on the morn edge arou around ocala and villages and northeast are getting a wintry mix, an incredible morning. this will be followed by the arctic blast. this morning, slowly warmup, changeover, wintery mix, rain showers and then the cold air pushes in. this is where the danger is for the strawberries and orange crops. orlando, 26 degrees, tomorrow morning, 29. this will be a two-day blast of cold air. even miami will be down in the mid to low 30s tomorrow morning. there is a lot of concern in the state of florida. we have talked how bitterly cold it is all through the eastern half of the country.
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for the first time, the air has made it to new england. windchill is very cold. alex, incredible. >> being reported in florida this morning. >> bill karins, thank you very much. more of bill's forecast in the next half hour. plus the latest on the deep freeze across the south, from n nbc, ron motte in atlanta, i'm sure wearing a parka. meanwhile the man accused of trying to blow up the detroit plane pleased not guilty. he is charged with attempted murder and weapon of mass destructi destruction. also the man in newark was arrested last night. the 28-year-old from new jersey faces a trespassing charge and fine tube $500. that security breach shut down
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an entire terminal in newark airport, stranding thousands. here to talk with me about all this, michael sheen. good morning. >> good morning. >> first, we'll talk about the christmas bomb plot. according to one official, abdulmutallab talks his head off. administration officials says he stops answering questions after 30 hours but before he asks for a lawyer. the information we get from that, how trustworthy is it? is there a plea deal on the table here? >> i think they're not going to a plea deal quickly with this guy, they have a tape, have him caught in the act, he's in deep trouble. the answer to your question, no, you can't trust everything he said on his blathering but a well trained agent will be able to sorting through what he said and everything he said will be corroborated and followed up on. >> this week, the president
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talked about the need to address the unique challenge of lone recruits. how do you do that? >> when he talked about the unique challenge of a lone recruit like this individual, he presented several problems. number one, already had a valid u.s. passport and visa, valid british passport and u.s. visa, which makes him more difficult to pick up. also when you're a lone recruit, lone operator, less activity, you're not talking to lone operatives, not on the phone as much, not having meetings with known folks. it's hard information the law enforcement community to pick up on a guy. fortunately also as a singleton, it's more difficult to conduct a more complex or multi-facetted attack. you're trying to really find a needle in a haystack with somebody like this. >> talk about a challenge right there, you described it well. let's get to the liberty new york airport incident that shut down with a breach. he faces trespassing charges with a $500 fine.
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there's some grumbling, are you kidding, that's all? we have the guard on administrative leave and facing possible disciplinary actions. if you look at the situation there, there's a little cordoned off rope, that's the kind of thing you see to make us line up for a movie theater. why doesn't airport build walls with doors? is it funding? what's the issue there? >> alex, this is truly a debacle. i hope this individual is fired. it has to send a strong message to tsa and the community to hold people accountable for a terrible lapse like this. you're right. these areas are open normally for passengers to come out. we have to find it better ways to make it more difficult for people to pass-through, perhaps more doors. often glass doors open and close. this area is wide open. one person just walked away from his job. i hope he's fired, has to be held accountable. we have to use technology because always there will be some degree of human error. >> thank you for weighing in as
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always. for more on the investigation of the christmas day plot plus a report on how some experts say terror watch lists have uses you can head to our website at president obama is trying to move washington away from the christmas day attempt and back to the economy. a report released friday shows the economy shed ten times more jobs than expected in december. that is not good news. mike is going to join me live to talk about it from the white house. a good saturday morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> the president says the overall trend of job losses pointing in the right direction. how does he plan to reassure americans of this when you see the stats from december? >> reporter: funny. the white house is making no bones about the fact yesterday's number was a disappointment, losing those jobs in december. after november j it turns out a revision we also learned, the economy gained 4,000 jobs. what the administration officials said yesterday time and time again, you look at the
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timeline over the last year, the first quarter to the last quarter, the trend is clearly in the way of job creation. they're standing by the estimate by the first quarter of this year, the first three months of this year we already started, we will event ually start to see i and for economic and policy reasons they sure hope that is true at the white house for democrats and republicans on capitol hill. the economic outlook laid out yesterday, 85,000 jobs lost in december. the unemployment rate stays at 10% as last month. the real unemployment rate, as they call it, people who have simply given up looking for jobs or working part-time, 17.t3% is holding steady. >> does this list of talks the president has in front of him, terrorism, health care, talk about full plate. >> reporter: you're right. impossible to prioritize. the world keeps intruding.
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there was this security scare the white house had to deal with over the course of the past two weeks with a very extensive review, done in just two weeks, alex, rather extraordinary. health care is still front and center on the front burner as congress scrambles now behind the scenes as they have over the past few days, the president plans to meet next week to try to get health care done by the time the state of the union is delivered. that date is being pushed back week by week, day-by-day because they want to have that done. that's one deadline they can push back. as soon as this is done, they want to refocus on the economy. >> we'll check in with you next hour. and still to come, "meet the press" speaks exclusively with arnold schwarzenegger and tim kaine with michael steele. check your local listings for times on that. we get all more on jobs numbers. not all is lost. there is hiring going on, even
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if it is only temporary. vera gibbons joins us, our silver lining. >> that is positive. >> the latest jobs you report, that's a disappointment from wall street, isn't it? >> it was. 85,000 jobs lost in december. most analysts economists were expecting that number to come in flat or expecting to see job growth. the market took it in stride and focused on other positive is in the economy and the dow actually ended up for the week. >> any clues you take from this report that talk about any potential recovery, upswing for the u.s. economy? >> it cools the sense of optimism people are feeling, puts pressure on the obama administration to get things together. we have 1 in 5 unemployed or underemployed in the double digits, people out of work six months or longer, a lot of americans. i think when you see numbers like this, you think where's the recovery? you really need to see more signs the recovery is actually taking hold. this puts it back into perspective for a lot of people. >> temporary hiring is up for a
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fifth month. is there anything to take from that? >> that's a positive, one of the first signs things are rebounding, see an uptic in temporary hires. for people out there looking for work, they're still having an incredibly difficult time. temporary work is up but people looking for full time jobs and a lot of people have given up and why the unemployment rate isn't higher than it is. >> do you have any indications unemployment will go further up this year? >> some people think it will go up, some saying 10.5% in the first quarter, is saying it will go up 8% towards the end of 2010. that's not positive. the only consensus is the real recovery creating 15 million jobs over the next five years or 250,000 jobs per month, that will not happen, we're a ways away from a real recovery. we may see gains or losses, muddle along the next couple of months but that real recovery is still elusive.
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>> what about the not good news for people who have jobs? >> isn't this amazing? the conference board did a survey and found job satisfaction is the lowest it's been in 22 years. >> people are out there saying, i'm so glad i have a job. >> they should be. people are very disgruntled, not happy with their jobs, health care costs rising, feeling overworked, stretched thin, just not happy. 45% of workers dissatisfied, the lowest level. >> i will suggest attitude adjustment. >> be grateful. >> be grateful you have a job. >> too many people out there struggling. >> all right, vera. thank you. coming up, more on the man that caused that massive mess at newark airport last week, been arrested then released. a slip of the tongue, what america's mayor forgot to mention happened during the last administration. then the wild ride caught on camera, the guy that drove his car while sticking his head out
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new developments this morning in the security breach at newark airport including an arrest. it started when a security guard left the checkpoint leading the tsa to shut down the terminal for several hours. the incident stranded scores of passengers and caused major delays. lynn is joining us with the latest. what kind of details have you learned about this? >> good morning. true love makes you do stupid things. that is how jiang's roommate explains the security breach that literally shut down liberty newark airport for six hours, creating chaos for 16,000
7:18 am
travelers last sunday. the 28-year-old said to be a doctoral student at rutgers university was arrested last night at his home in new jersey and released shortly after midnight. authorities say surveillance cameras show jiang ducking past a post and reuniting with a woman said to be his girlfriend catching a flight. his roommate said the relationship was new and his first formal girlfriend. the hope was for one last embrace and just an innocent motive. a theory not shared by new jersey senator frank lautenberg who pressed for that security video to be released later leading to the arrest. >> did a stupid thing. this was premeditated. he looked for a chance to break into the system. though apparently it was on a relatively benign mission, the fact of the matter is that what he did was a terrible injustice.
7:19 am
>> there's also the issue of that tsa agent who left his post. he is represented by a union spok spokesman says he's been a model employee in the past and are reviewing reports he was called from his post to investigate a disturbance right before that breach. the worker is now on administrative leave and could face disciplinary charges. as for jiang, he's been charged with defiant trespassing and will reportedly face a $500 fine. alex. >> so other than trying to regulate hugs and kiss good-bye, is there anything being done to insure this won't happen again? >> senator lautenberg said he will address a few issues in upcoming congressional hearings. first of all, airport cameras weren't working. it took an hour before officials were able to get backup cameras from continental airlines which actually showed the breach which led to this investigation. then, of course, there are those concerns over the tsa posts and how to control that.
7:20 am
so senator lautenberg is saying this is an important lesson but also and expensive one, not just in resources but in the time, as this resulted in mass chaos. as we saw, alex, the coverage of this, you saw the pictures, mass of people for hours. >> people will not forget this incident for a long time to come. thank you very much, lynn. good to see you as always. two more security incidents involving air travel. british police have arrested three people on a passenger jet for making verbal threats to staff. all three were removed from the plane yesterday before takeoff and british authorities searched the jet and said they didn't find anything dangerous. an unrulely passenger on board an airtran flight forced them to make an unscheduled flight to colorado. it diverted to colorado springs because a passenger locked himself in the plane's bathroom. officials say the passenger was intoxicated. he was taken into custody after
7:21 am
that plane landed. a new political ad is taking aim at the president and his handling of the christmas day terror attempt. the ad is paid for by the group keep america safe which counts liz cheney among its board members and taking a hour by hour look at the president's response to the bomb attempt in this style of this tv show "24." >> what already is apparent is that there was a mix-up of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential c catastrophic breach of security. >> how long did it take you to realize the system failed? >> jon dekker is washington correspondent for reuters. good morning. good to see you. >> good to see you, alex. >> what do you think of this commercial? in the wake of everything, what i heard most after the
7:22 am
president's statements on thursday was, okay, look what he got done in two weeks. >> it's an effective commercial in the sense that certainly the new season of "24" is starting a week or so from today. it's good promotion for that program. it's an effective commercial, alex, in the sense there are those americans out there for whom this is a major issue, national security, homeland security. this has always been the achilles heel for barack obama, when he was running for president, there was that 3:00 phone call commercial hillary clinton put out questioning whether he could be the commander in chief and here it is back again after this incident on christmas day questioning whether president obama now is ready to be in situations like this one, the commander in chief, if he handled the situation correctly. of course, this group, which is headed by lynne cheney, doesn't believe that it is. is it lynne cheney or the daughter who --
7:23 am
>> liz cheney, is my information. you think combined with the two week time span and the president being very forceful coming out visibly angry with what happened, no veiling that. do you think he is vulnerable on national security? >> we have to wait and see in this sense. there are going to be at least seven congressional hearings which will take place over the next few weeks examining what happened on christmas day. the u.s. responds to what happened on christmas day including hearings with the senate and house and homeland security committees. there is going to be a lot of criticism of the obama administration from a number of republicans in the house and senate. yes, there will be attention on this, of course, the president is dealing with a very bad economy, the job numbers we saw came out yesterday indicate that. i think that pretty much will be the focus of the news cycle and also the focus of the president
7:24 am
going forward. >> let's get to the rudy guiliani situation, making headlines for a plunder he made saying president obama should follow bush's lead on terror. >> what he should be doing is following the right things that bush did, one of the right things he did was treat this as a war on terror. we had no domestic attacks under bush, we had one under obama? >> this oh mist the september 11 attacks as well as the 2001 anthrax attacks that followed as well as richard reid's shoe bomb in december of '01. that was hefty full packed fall there. what do you make of guiliani's criticism here, what do you think he was thinking? i know you can't get inside his head. >> to quote president obama, this was a screw-up on his part, forgetting those major terror incidents which occurred under president george w. bush. i think his office put out a statement indicating he made a misstatement when he was on "good morning america" yesterday and made those comments. i think he'd like to take those
7:25 am
back but stick with the general idea he was putting forward, that is that this president, president obama does not fully understand the so-called war on terror, is not dealing with it appropriately. i think that you're going to hear more of that, not only from rudy gullianfully but other republicans, including former vice president dick cheney as we move forward. this is an issue that continues to vex the white house and issue republicans critical on this issue will continue to criticize the president on, alex. >> not surprisingly, john decker. thanks. starting monday, a new lineup. 9:00 eastern, the premier of the "dale "daily rundown," exclusive with rahm emanuel and the dylan
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welcome back. "msnbc saturday." arctic air invades the deep south where temperatures plunged into the teens in some parts and in florida subfreezing tempts are threatening citrus crops. defiant tress pays the charge facing the man charge with breaching security at liberty
7:33 am
international airport this week. he was arrested last night in his new jersey home and released hours later. the 28-year-old student from china faces a fine up to $500 if convicted. drugs up in smoke. police in peru burning the confiscated cocaine. police seized more than 38 tons of illegal drugs. in portugal, the parliament passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage and the president expected to sign the bill into law and would make the predominantly catholic country the sixth nation in europe to allow same sex marriage. the creator of gumby is dead, dying yesterday in california at 88 years old. those are your fast five headlines. now to the story affecting most of you in the country, of course, the frigid cold extending from sierra mountains out west to new england and places down south, atlanta where we find nbc ron motte following
7:34 am
the frigid developments. look at you all bundled up, sorry about that. good morning, ron. >> reporter: hi, alex. we passed out straws and mine was this short. that's why i'm out here. 13 degrees in atlanta with a windchill of zero. this is the longest stretch of cold air since 1982. a lot of folks are waking up, going, what in the world is going on. yesterday, any roadways were chaotic, one accident after another, a 27 car pileup south of the atlanta airport and followed by a 30 car pileup on the eastside of town and fortunately no one was killed in either of those incidents. we had one fatality as the system came into the area, wet snow that turned into ice. that's what we're dealing with today. two are south down in florida, and the farmers are trying to figure out how to keep from losing their crops because of this cold temperature. any time the temperature gets below 22 degrees for them more than three or four hours, it's
7:35 am
really threatening crops, strawberries and crops that grow over the wintertime in florida. you might expect to see higher prices at the supermarket because of this weather snap. in atlanta, we won't expect to see temperatures go above freezing until sometime tomorrow afternoon. another day of treacherous driving on roadways, where there are still a lot of patches of ice. >> my gosh. my director, adam, keep rolling this stuff of sheet of black ice. that one, too. the ones we've been looking at, we see people going down this hill, ron, in atlanta, you cannot even believe it. steve from cnbc is coming up next, said couldn't the cameraman have warned the guy. these people, steve, they come too fast, come from the top of this hill, heading downward and boom! >> the thing, alex, a lot of people are going, why don't they salt the roads? they did. the problem the chemicals don't work that well when the temperature gets below 22.
7:36 am
it's 13 degrees right now. the moisture that is melted when the salt gets on to that roadway, it just refreezes and that's what folks are running into and literally running into one another. a lot of calls to insurance agents in the past 24 hours. >> running into, exactly. okay. ron, drive safely. stay where you are, we'll come back and talk to you later. warm up. all of you stay with us, more on the extreme cold. you can keep up with the weather everywhere on we go to steve because unemployment numbers continue to tell the same story, more people losing their jobs, still signs the economy is headed towards recovery. we'll ask him where they are. steve, thanks for joining us today. where are those signs we're headed for a recovery? >> temporary employment has been up for three straight months, an initial step lot of employers take before bringing on permanent hiring. the workweek, we had gains in the prior month in november, held onto those gains. average hourly earnings up 0.2%.
7:37 am
all of those sub text to the main head line story, the 85,000 job losses. i would say it's disappointing, wouldn't say it's decisive. there are still many economists feel like within the next few month, february, march, we will turn a positive number as jobs slowly come back. however, if you do the math, it doesn't work out very well for unemployed, unfortunately. will millions and millions of unemployed, even if we do 200,000 jobs a month, it will be many years before we resolve this unemployment situation. >> a couple things to get to. first, you talk about temporary numbers being up, you could accuse me of being cynical, i worry that will become a new norm. the concept, like the freelance, the temp. do you have concerns about that? >> that was already the case even during 2000 when we had expansion and during the '90s, there was a trend towards increasing temporary workers. that is the case. there are concerns about that. still, at a time like this, when
7:38 am
all the other components of the jobs numbers are negative and temporary workers are coming back and that is one of the few positive numbers in there, you take that as a good sign. call it walking before you run when it comes to hiring an individual. i think that you're right, it will be an issue out there because they bring these people on permanent. for the moment, take it as a good sign. >> you talk about it being so long until we're able to recovery, there are those who suggest it will be a whole generation. look at just the teens out there trying to work. the tradition of teens getting out there working part-time, the jobs they would have had are being taken by people looking to support families and put food on the table for their children and teens at home, will we have a whole new generation of kids that don't understand the work ethic, don't know how to get their feet wet professionally and rise up the ladder? >> i think you make an interesting point. i want to answer your question but underscore what you said. this is why economists are so concerned about people being out of work, one of the things we saw on the unemployment report
7:39 am
was the duration of unemployment continues to go up. if you're unemployed 27 weeks chances are you remain unemployed. it is the disconnection from the workforce, the thing you just mentioned the idea they don't get skills, lose skills, if you're an older working and not been working you lose attachment to the work force. 600 people actually dropped out of the labor force in the month of december. that's a sign of discouragement in job prospects out there. you're right come back to your question, teens will become disconnected from the workforce. frankly, that's the thing that argues for additional government programs. i think the private sector comes back and is able to hire people but there are people, call them on the barbells right there, older workers and younger workers that the private sector i don't think are going to deal with effectively. >> all this while you have consumer issues, uptick is in oil and gas, causing more to pay for the bare necessities. >> that will be a challenge for
7:40 am
customers especially right now. they're trying to desperately trying to get their finances under control. they're borrowing substantially less although you have to give a nod that the christmas season was better than many expected, the christmas season numbers are coming in, the best buys and saks have posted better december numbers put the consumer is challenged, gas will challenge them as is the jobs market. >> okay. open invitation, come back any time. you can keep up on all things financial by simply going to the alleged terror suspect in the christmas day bomb plot says he is not guilty. umar farouk abdulmutallab made his appearance yesterday in court and pleaded guilty to six charges including attempted murder and attempted use of mass de introduction to bring down a plane. joining us from the "washington post," joining us live from washington, good morning. >> good morning. >> talking about the president and what he say hess will do,
7:41 am
implementing the new steps to connect the dots. the intelligence community will pursue leads more aggressively. intelligence analysis and integration must improve, has to strengthen the terror watch list, do better keeping dangerous people off planes by doing so, increase the use of bomb detectors, distribute in tell rapidly and widely. is that going to fix the problem? >> it would be a little more comforting if we hadn't heard all these sayings almost exactly the same way a few years ago. it's deja vu all over again. just shows how hard these problems are to fix, the same issues with not connecting dots, not having everything controlled by a single authority in government, all these things were identified before, we tried to fix them, shows bureaucracies alone can't do it, technology can't do it, a very hard problem, you have to keep bearing down. disappointing how little we accomplished in the last eight years. >> let's talk about what's happening in yes, ma'
7:42 am
ma'am -- memmen, authorities pursuing the radical anwr. and the allege d ft. hood gunma hasan. a former official says he's targeting young men searching for guidance. is that the general consensus? do we know if he's still even alive because he is on the run? >> he certainly seems to show up everywhere. the latest we heard from yemen is he's still alive, has this pull on would be terrorist, we saw the ft. hood case with hasan and this latest connected with umar, the christmas day bomber. not sure if it's operational connection or trained them or tell them what to do but he's advising these guys. we know the christmas day bomber met with him face to face, visited one of his houses, a
7:43 am
strong influence. u.s. officials wish they would have gotten him years ago and held on to him and looking for him now. >> what about the najibullah zazi incident, where they arrested two guys trying to blow up two subways? >> interesting case. a couple guys gone to school with zazi, had gone to pakistan and undergone the same training and now this sudden surge of interest in these associates authorities think were tied up in the same general operation. they're very interested talking with him and gathering information and collecting cell phones and computer records. it again illustrates this problem we're seeing more and more of, this homegrown terrorism connection. i talked to counter terrorism people who say this is very alarming assumption for a long time this is not homegrown problem and increasingly see
7:44 am
evidence it is. that's very alarming. >> thanks. still ahead, she was last seen in a nightclub before her burned body was found in a dumpster. police in miami search for clues in the murder of a playboy model. coming up, a struggle for survival, a horse in troubled waters. anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at [ sighs ] whoo-hoo! this hair color is a washout. try nice'n easy with color-blend technology. in 1 step, get a blend of 3 tones. highlights, lowlights, and shine. it makes a fresh, light-filled frame for your pretty face. nice'n easy. your right color.
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or if you develop dental problems, as serious jawbone problems have been reported rarely. to get a free trial offer of once-a-month actonel visit and ask your doctor how once-a-month-actonel can help you reverse bone loss. new this morning, a pakistani television station is airing a video of the man who claim this is double agent who killed cia agents in afghanistan. al jazeera says it shows him telling jihadists to avenge the death of taliban's previous pakistani chief killed in august by a cia missile strike. msnbc news has not confirmed the speaker was the man who blew himself up inside afghanistan. if the speaker was him, it would confirm the taliban's claim of
7:48 am
responsibility for the deadly attack. we'll have more live from this from afghanistan coming up in the next hour. miami police are trying to unravel a gruesome murder mystery involving a former playboy model. the body of 26-year-old paula s sladewski was killed in miami last weekend. it show hers hand her boyfriend leaving a club last sunday morning. her body was found but wasn't identified until hours later and her boyfriend has been named a person of interest. joining me, profiler clinton van zandt, also the author of "facing down evil." good morning to you. >> alex, good new year to you. >> good new year to you. let's talk about the boyfriend. why hasn't he been named as pe of interest? >> it's a very volatile relationship the least couple of
7:49 am
years. this is a guy who allegedly broke his girlfriend's nose about a month ago, she was text messaging friends saying, i'm afraid of my boyfriend, i think he will kill me, they're out partying, wind up at this club on new year's eve, they have a one more time, a very violent argument. the boyfriend is put out of the club. he sends the message back inside the club, tell my girlfriend to come out, let's go home. she says, hey, i'm going to stay here and party, you're on your own. loand behold, she winds up leaving as we show here, about 7:00 the next morning, 14 hours later, she's dead. who should police be looking at, the boyfriend, one of the last people known to be with her and someone believed to have hurt her and threatened her. what a terrible -- we've seen these cases before. i don't know whether this guy did it or whoever did it, how somebody thinks they can take a human life and throw it like a
7:50 am
broken barbie doll into a trash dumpster and walk away from something like this. >> i will ask you, clint, in your experience, situations like this, is it more likely that the bo body, or, reports, the death occurred as a result of the burning or that was done to cover up the way, the manner in which she was killed? >> yeah. in this particular case, i think she was probably dead before. i think whoever killed her, there was probably an argument. she was either beaten, strangled is the way we normally find these things. but, then, the body was thrown into a to defeat law enforcement's attempt to identify her, to destroy any physical evidence of who might have done it, and to give the killer a day or two or three days to realize this young woman wasn't identified until law enforcement could come up with her dental records because her body was so badly burned. again, you know, this is probably a crime of passion. there is no evidence it was a
7:51 am
robbery, that was any type of assault. and these type of crimes normally take place between people who know each other. again, the reason why law enforcement looks at this boyfriend, someone who was known to abuse her, known to threaten her, who she was afraid of, but, alex, we look at these cases of extremely attractive woman, with a perhaps very low sense of self-esteem and she stayed with somebody who she was afraid of, who broke her nose. alex, women need to know when you get in a relationship like that, three letters, r-u-n, run away from somebody like that. >> we could do a whole hour talking about that. thank you. in a moment, a battle for life, the courageous efforts to rescue a horse in frigid waters. also ahead, our entertainment grab bag and the hot tempers on the jersey shore. you could buy 750 bottles of water.
7:52 am
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okay, it was a fight for life here. a horse in slaughter, louisiana, caught in a creek. volunteer firefighters raced to the scene yesterday and jumped into the frigid waters to save the animal. took a herculean effort but the brave rescuers eventually mced to get the 1200 pound horse back on its feet and return to a warm stall. no one knows how the horse got loose, but i'm betting he's snapping right now. in today's entertainment headlines, looking like another big week at the box office for "avatar" and new fallout from the jersey shore. senior editor for "in touch weekly" magazine joins us. first to the box office and this hit "avatar." huge hit. >> the second highest grossing film of all time, made about $1.14 billion so far, only behind "titanic," which made $1.8 billion. it is probably set to beat james cameron's other film, "titanic." >> james cameron, the common denominator there. good for him. >> top two highest grossing films of all time now.
7:56 am
>> i'm the king of the world. more fallout from mtv's reality show "jersey shore." this show is getting violent now. >> lots of fights. everyone heard about snooky getting punched in the bar and that put the show on the map. the ratings are huge. it is really popular. even if you don't watch the show you no he who the cast members are. you know about the fighting. the fighting continues. apparently another cast member ronnie had been arrested for a fight on the boardwalk back in september. expect to see more of this. but expect that people will continue to love this. >> how about miley cyrus? will they love her so much? she's taking off from where she started. >> yeah. this is very interesting. hannah montana apparently is going to end after the fourth season. they're going to start shooting the fourth season in january. disney channel executive saying it is set to end after this fourth season. he apparently they also said, anything can happen in this business. so you never know. but i think we all saw this coming. it was amazing to me when i was reading the articles, this is only the fourth season of hannah montana. is that amazing? you look at the phenomenon of
7:57 am
that. >> it looks like it has been around forever. my daughters watch every show. what about the tragic death of the johnson & johnson heiress? >> it almost seems tila tequila is getting more attention for this. >> they're calling her out for that. they say she's milking this for all it's worth. >> the family says they want her gone. she's twittering about this. she put a sweet otweet out imme after casey's body has been found. she's fought with nicky hilton, a fight over casey's dog, a lot of publicity and it seems like she's kind of milking this. that's what a lot of people are thinking. she rose to fame because she was a reality star who got a lot of attention. >> who is she anyway? >> yeah, it goes back to this is how she got fame in the first place, by putting herself out
7:58 am
there, being on a reality tv show. a lot of criticism about this. >> she might be my new jon and kate plus eight hate. we'll see how that goes. no hate for you. love it straight ahead, your top stories including the bone chilling cold in the deep south. we'll look at the freeze frames. also coming up, arrested development in a newark airport. that security scare. authorities catch up with the guy first found on tape. so i was the guy who was never going to have the heart attack. i watched what i ate. i worked out. personally, i thought i was invincible. once it happened, i realized it's a different story.
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