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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 28, 2010 10:00am-10:27am EST

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good thursday morning live in new orleans. this is a special edition of our show. we're at the site he of the alleged break-in of mary landrieu's office. >> good morning. we're live in new york where we're getting reaction to the president's state of the union address. >> chris, we do have new developments here in new orleans. james o'keefe the alleged ringleader broke a federal judge's gag order last night. we'll have the latest on that and talk about why james o'keefe's father has decided to not do any more interviews. in addition there's new information about james o'keefe. he's the man behind those a.c.o.r.n. undercover sting videos. a lot of people said those videos were unfair and his practices were not appropriate. we will have the latest coming up. also ahead, a very big day for president obama.
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he's hitting the road taking his state of the union message to the battleground state of florida. was he able to assure americans his number one priority is the economy? there's obscene postings about president obama on several websites apparently the work of a hacker. how did this happen and who is responsible? >> chris, we begin here in new orleans. we have new information today about the motive behind what prosecutors say was an attempt to maliciously interfere with a telephone system operated and controlled by the federal government. law enforcement sources say the for men were motivated not to tap the phones but simply because they wanted to essentially shame senator mary landrieu's office. there had been many complaints that after senator landrieu's vote on health care a month ago that her office was not essentially he taking every complaint phone call in person. that a number of calls were rolling over into the voice mail, and that is what the four men wanted to do, was somehow
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get the reaction if the office staff was told that their phones were not working. this puts james o'keefe under the spotlight again. a lot of people remember him as having been the man who made the undercover videos involving a.c.o.r.n. in which james o'keefe and a friend of his dressed as a pimp and prostitute and tried to get a.c.o.r.n.'s advice on camera about how to run a brothel. james o'keefe hinted last week that something big was happening. he spoke to a number of libertarians in new orleans, and he said he was working on a special project that would get a lot of attention. last night a new development. james o'keefe tweeted about this very cases and that appears to violate a federal judge's order. he imposed a gag order on everybody not to talk about the case at all. we're pleased to be joined by silas lee. he's a political analyst at xavier university. your reaction to the latest news that the judge imposes the gag order, and the key ringleader
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apparently defies the judge's gag order. >> not surprising in a sense that he alerted his followers he was planning something big a few weeks ago by twitter, and he's using twitter. this shows the intersection of technology and someone trying to use technology to facilitate the advancement of their ideology. >> how is this story playing in new orleans? i realize everybody is talking about the saints, but how is it playing? >> a lot of people are surprised, given the political paramount fwheer concerned about security, breaches of security within the past few moments. the december 25th attempt on the airline as well as the white house intruders. so people are concerned, and anytime individuals can manipulate their entry into a federal building, again, it does raise some concerns. but plit political observers pae attention to it than the average person on the street. >> there was a lot of discussion about senator landrieu's vote on health care. a lot of people are upset with
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her vote, maybe some that want to claim that somehow the vote was purchased of senator landrieu because she got some sweeteners in the horse trading that always happens in the senate. the idea of putting somebody -- put a video in her office, get reaction to her staff finding out that the phones weren't working, usually journalists would simply write a story about the phones going over to voice mail and you can't get through. >> welcome to political intimidation in the 21st century whereby it used to be your opponents would write letters and do robocalls and anonymous mailers and flyers out to people to notify them of their position. in today's society technology facilitates individuals promoting their agenda and it makes it very easy. the danger is he crossed the line in terms of entering a federal building under false pretenses and tampering with the phone. also, technology means it will exist internally and it's viral.
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that definitely changes the way your opponents will try to attack someone who does not support them. another issue is the critical fact that right now in today's society people see technology as a tool that's easy to catch people in a very awkward moment. it used to be you would look for court documents or paper, establish a paper trail. here you try to establish a trail via technology. >> three of the four men were not living in louisiana. they came from out of state. what does this sort of tell you about what they were after? >> it's hard to say. it seems like the number one issue was that they wanted to make mary landrieu the focus of embarrassment. however, they did not succeed. the challenge for them right now is trying to convince a federal judge, which is going to be very difficult in today's environment. this is idea logically driven. due to that fact, it doesn't exclude the actions and shows how some people misinterpret their ten minutes of fame because he was celebrated in
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some political quarters for what he did in terms of a.c.o.r.n. however, his actions shunts be interpreted as something people should follow, especially in today's environment. >> silas lee, thank you very much. we appreciate it. chris, silas and i were talking, these prosecutors are known for taking all kinds of stuff quite seriously here in new orleans, and especially the fact that if somebody is violating a judge's gag order sending out tweets, that doesn't put you necessarily in good status as far as as your case proceeds. silas lee, thank you very much. back to you for the other news. >> i'll say that does not put you in good stead with the judge. we'll see you in a few minutes. right now president obama getting ready to take his state of the union message to florida. he'll announce $8 billion in grants for a high-speed rail line. job creation was the major focus of last night's address where
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the president talked about everything from the economy to health care to bipartisanship on capitol hill. >> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. don't walk away from reform. not now. not when we are so close. let us find a way to come together and finish the job for the american people. what frustrates the american people is a washington where every day is election day. we can't wage a perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines the other side. >> joining us live from the white house, msnbc political analyst richard wolf who is the author of the book "renegade." 29 times the president mentioned the word jobs. did it sound like he was back in campaign mode? >> reporter: it's funny, isn't it. a president that rails against
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perpetual campaigning is campaigning today in case you didn't miss the message last night, it's about jobs. that's the whole infrastructure spending today. there's a difference between campaigning and tearing dount other side makes it partisan campaigning, but there is their agenda for 120 as you heard the president say many times. when it comes down to jobs, that's when we saw people from both sides of the aisle standing up and applauding him because everyone needs to see the economy coming back. >> there were a few moments where the republicans had to acknowledge what the president was saying. he didn't even mention health care reform, though, richard until a half hour into the address. he blamed himself for not explaining it more clearly, but he really challenged the democrats to push things forward. how are things looking for health care? >> we are seeing some signs of a plan emerging not really from the white house but from nancy pelosi on capitol hill in terms
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of approaching this in a piecemeal fashion with comprehensive -- a comprehensive approach going alongside some other fragmented pieces. it's still unclear, and look at the framing of what the president said last night. health care comes back to the economy and cost. that will have the preach -- will be how they approach reform moving forward. it's an economic pocketbook issue which is how they tried to talk about it in the 2008 election. >> they tried to frame a lot of issues in terms of what it would mean for the economy. he also took a lot of time repeatedly last night to talk about growing voter frustration with washington gridlock. another topic where everybody had to get on their feet and applaud and cheer. the vice president followed up this morning on the "today" show. le met play a little clip of that. >> that's why he said now that we have 59 votes, it's time for everybody to take responsibility. you just can't continue to say no. what are you for?
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>> again, as we say, everyone says we have to end political gridlock, but what could they realistically do about it? he's going to have meals with both republicans and democrats? >> well, chris, this is the hard thing. in calls for a more bipartisan approach, they have to call out republicans. so applying more pressure to republicans in this way is going to have to result in them saying, these people are obstructing, they're not helping, they're not governing, and that itself is going to lead to more conflict with republicans. there is a very fine line to tread here, but in the end the president obviously thinks the american people are in the mood for change for reform. that's the message they've drawn from the special elections recently, and they're trying to reclaim the spirit of 2008. >> always good to see you, richard. thank you. >> thank you, chris. coming up in a few minutes, we look at the state of the union side show that's been generating a lot of buzz. why was supreme court justice samuel alito shaking his head in
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disapproval during the speech. we'll have the inside story with pete williams. we've heard what democrats and republicans think. you get your chance to weigh in now. do you think the president's speech will lead to real change for the country? let your voice be heard. use your mobile phone to vote. you can send a text message with the letter of your choice to 622639. message and data rates may apply. now let's go back to david in new orleans. >> chris, here in new orleans where there's been so much talk about the boggs federal building, the ten floors where senator mary landrieu's office was targeted on the 10th floor, the political world is talking about a set of pranks last night during president obama's state of union. several house and republican websites were hacked by republican activists i suppose you could call them, republican pranksters because of the messages. here's one of the messages even
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on republican joe wilson's website in south carolina. you can see that they use the f bomb in referring to president obama, but again, it wasn't just republican sites. a number of democratic sites were also hacked and contact was taken down from a number of house websites. we're joined by emily. what happened? >> apparently last night after the state of the union address, as you said, hackers got into these house members' websites and posted that message you just showed. we don't know exactly how many. right now the latest number i heard was 49. like i said, enthuse don't appear to be connected by ideology cal concerns or party affiliations. the common thread is they're served by a single outside member. house members are responsible for maintaining their own websites and offer they hire third-party vendors to help them
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do that. that's where they find biographies or information about their lawmakers and that sort of thing. that's where that vulnerability happened, although we're not sure yet. >> emily, real quickly, what was the reaction from some of these house members? >> right now the reaction is trickling in. they were concerned with state of the union last night. i called around a little bit this morning, and some aren't aware of it just yet or waiting to be briefed on what's happening. this will draw big concern. it's not the the first time that congress has been hacked. back in 2006 there was some serious hacking that went on from china actually, and that drew serious concerns. i'm sure we haven't heard the last of this.r's office will demand some sort of investigation into exactly what happened. >> emily, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> chris, back to you. >> thank you, david. did you see the reaction from supreme court justice samuel alito during the state of the union? was this another you lie moment?
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i'm back at msnbc headquarters. even though the president cents a good part of the state of union talking about jobs, the labor department is reporting disappointing news on that front right now. the labor department says first-time jobless claims dropped by 8,000 to 470,000. those numbers released just a short time ago. analysts had expected a bigger drop. they say this is new evidence
10:20 am
the job market remains in a weak spot in the economic recovery. here's some other stories we're following right now. the men who confessed to killing a late-term abortion doctor is expected to take the stand in the next couple of hours. they say scott roeder will tell jurors that he believed he had to kill him to save the lives of unborn children. he's on trial for shooting tiller last may. the defense said the biggest challenge is proving he truly believed his actions were necessary. david, i'll send it back to you in new orleans. not typical that we see a supreme court justice reacting the way we saw last night for the state of the union. >> yeah, chris, can you imagine going to the state the union, you're in robes and get criticized by the president standing a few feet away. >> and then the camera catches you. >> the camera catches you. we remember the camera catching joe wilson when the president gave his speech about health care, sort of to a joint session
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of congress. the president was talking about health care and joe wilson shouted out you lie. last night he was on his best behavior as were all the republican members of the house and senate and democrats, they were fine. what happened is there was the president last night talking about the supreme court decision that allows the corporations to spend a lot of money involved in the campaign finance system, and watch the reaction from sam alito, jut sam alito. watch. >> with all due deference to separation of powers, last week the supreme court reversed a century of law that i believe will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations to spend without limit in our elections. >> so it appeared that justice alien toe was mouthing something like not true. a fascinating moment. let's bring on our nbc news
10:22 am
justice correspondent pete williams with more on this. pete. >> everything about this was unusual. it's unusual for the president to in essence dress down the supreme court in the house chamber during a state of union message. it's unusual, too, for supreme court justices to show any reaction at all to the state of the union message. they usually sit there, they never applaud during the president's speech, and as a matter of fact this is why the former chief justice william rehnquist thought it was a bad idea for supreme court justices to attend. he said we sit there like bumps on a log, was the phrase he used to use, and that other people would think it looked odd that the supreme court just sat there. he said that the justices appear to be just props. now, justice alito through the court has had nothing to say about this. i wouldn't expect that we will hear anything from him. in terms of what exactly he was saying wasn't true in the president's speech, of course, it's not possible really to tell.
10:23 am
there are two things that the president said that i suppose people will disagree with. some people will think the president was right. one is that the supreme court's ruling explicitly applies to foreign corporations. the dissenters in the 5-4 opinion last week certainly thought so, but other people say, no, it's an open question. the other thing the president said is that corporations can spend without limit in our elections. it is true that they can under the supreme court's decision spend as much as they want on advertising to support a candidate, but they can't contribute to candidates. is that spending without limit? well, you know, people may disagree on that, david. >> and pete, is this the sort of thing where the other justices might say or maybe chief justice roberts would say to justice ali alito, look, we have to sit there and take it. it's better for all of us to just not react? >> i'll put it this way, david. if the chief told justice alito
10:24 am
that, we would never know it. >> indeed. nbc news supreme court and justice correspondent pete williams, thanks as always. we appreciate it. chris, this toyota recall, i must confess that here in new orleans i rented a toyota camry, and now i'm wondering. >> well, i think you're probably safe. but you better check the website. i'm not sure what year your car is, and things have gone from bad to worse for toyota because they're recalling more vehicles today, even more gas pedal problems. other automakers hoping to profit from those whoas. big storm brewing that could hit most of the country. it's snowing in new york. could you get snowed in? this is msnbc news. upbeat rock. ♪ singer: hello hello hello can anybody hear me? ♪
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bernanke to continue as fed chair. let's listen. >> as a member of the budget committee, i had the opportunity to ask mr. bernanke, which financial institutions received those trillions of dollars? i don't think that's an unreasonable question on behalf of the american people. mr. bernanke said in so many words, sorry, senator, i'm not going to tell you. the american people don't have to know who received tril kroli of dollars of their money. that's totally unacceptable. we need transparency at the fed, and mr. bernanke has not provided that transparency. i have introduced legislation to bring that transparency to the fed. somebody whose views are very different than mine on many issues, ron paul in the house brought forth similar legislation. we need transparency and a chairman of the fed who will give us that transparency.
10:29 am
that's something that mr. bernanke can do tomorrow. >> bernie sanders, an independent from vermont he's going off on ben bernanke. it appears that bernanke has the the votes to pass, and that vote will happen soon. a number of critics are getting their pound of flesh before that vote happens. chris, back to you. what's going on with the news about ford today. >> there's big news actually. all kinds of news in the world of the auto industry. of course, ford was once the ugly duckling, but they reported blockbuster earnings this morning including the first profitable year since 2005. meantime, troubles for toyota get worse. today toyota expanded its recall of faulty gas pedals to europe and china. that's a pretty big widening of that remember, i assume? >> it is. the interesting thing about that, chris, is that toyota, i think they're in the phase of getting their arms around
10:30 am
exactly how widespread this issue is regarding accelerator pedals. they expanded recall last night to another million vehicles in the united states, and that regards the floor mats in trapping accelerators. right now toyota is trying to figure out exactly how widespread these two accelerator issues are both here in the united states and around the world. >> let me ask you about the problems that they're having and what it might mean for other u.s. automakers. will companies like ford likely benefit? >> absolutely. and, chris, they are taking advantage as much as possible. dealers around the country are reaches out to toyota customers and saying, listen, we'll offer you $1,000 incentive to switch over to a ford vehicle. 0% financing for 60 months. any kind of deal to get people into the showrooms. for years gm and ford dealers have tried to find some way to win back toyota customers, and frankly, they struggled. they never had anything to combat toyota.
10:31 am
now, they can say, listen, we have quality that's as good as the japanese automakers, and we don't have this issue. come on in and test-drive a he vehicle. that's what they're doing right now at dealerships around the country. >> oh, boy. thanks. if health care legislation is not passed this year, will millions of americans lose their insurance? that's what president obama claimed in his state of the union address. we're going to do some fact checking. plus, the senate will decide if ben bernanke deserves a second term as fed chief. breaking details ahead. also, john and elizabeth edwards officially calling it quits. what the embattled politician is saying about the split. [ female announcer ] the latest athletic fabrics
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somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. welcome back. we're live in new orleans, louisiana. >> how, are you david.
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i'm live in new york. just a minute we'll do your favorite segments, david. we're going to fact check the president's first state of the union. >> well, chris, here's the latest, though, in new orleans regarding that effort, alleged effort to trespass in senator mary landrieu's office and interfere with her phone systems. law enforcement sources say that the four republican activists were motivated not to tap the phones but to shame the office and find out what the reaction would be if landrieu's office was told your phone lines are not working. this stems from anger that some critics had after a vote on health care last month a number of calls were rolling over to voice mail. it's a he felony to do what these four mens are alleged to have done by posing as telephone repairmen going into the office and then actually physically interfering with the phone lines. here's some new information, some background information about the four men. joy sef basil helped manage a
10:36 am
roshgtd plan began is the son of a u.s. attorney and federal prosecutor for the western district of louisiana. he was paid by the pelican institute to blog about conservative he ways of rebuilding the gulf coast following katrina. james dunn is the man in the get-away van when had a walkie-talkie device and communicating with his colleagues upstairs. he has done some work for the conservative publisher regionary and claimed to have worked at the pentagon during the bush administration. there's james o'keefe, the apparent ringleader. echs the man behind those infamous a.c.o.r.n. videos in which he tried to essentially sting a.c.o.r.n. into giving him and a colleague of his some advice about how to run a brothel. as far as his actions here in louisiana, here's what his father said about that to msnbc yesterday.
10:37 am
>> my son has a wonderful electorate of publications, and some of it is depending on what stance you are, you can like him or not like him. he's his own man and a honest man. if we look at this from a rational point of view, he's probably down there for the louisiana land purchase, and i think that -- i'm speculating, and i don't know. certainly in a matter like this, you can't say too much, but i think what troubles a lot of americans here is when you look at two senators that practice bribery and possibly extortion, but that's unacceptable to the american people. >> we were supposed to talk to james o'keefe's father. he had agreed to do an interview, but we think perhaps his decision to cancel may have been related to something that happened last night. his son, james o'keefe, sent out a tweet about the case, and that was apparently or could have been in violation of the judge's gag order on all the parties not to talk about it.
10:38 am
so in any case, some issues there. we are going to talk to somebody, though, who claims to have absolutely not involved in this case, and that's andrew brig brightbart. he's the publisher of a conservative information website. he acknowledged paying james o'keefe a salary and helped him publish some of his exploits in the past. we will talk to andrew in our 3:00 show, 3:00 eastern time this afternoon. meanwhile, in the midst of everything here in new orleans, quite a day on capitol hill. the u.s. senate is going to be voting shortly for ben bernanke to continue as the chair of fed. bernanke does have the votes, but his criticing are gettiedii criticism in on the senate floor. we'll keep everybody posted on this vote and what the final numbers are for ben bernanke's confirmation. the other big story, chris, the fact check of president obama last night. he made a number of claims, so how did he do? >> i was on my blackberry to our producer saying he's throwing a
10:39 am
lot of facts around there. we're going to check a few of them, david. president, of course, is on his way to tampa, florida. he'll announce a new stimulus plan for jobs as part of a follow-up to his state of the union address. jobs and the economy were the main focus of the speech. here to fact check the claims is the managing he had for for congressional quarterly. good morning. >> nice to be with us. >> in an appeal to find common ground with republicans, the president mentioned tax cuts. let's play a little bit of that. >> let me repeat. we cut taxes for 95% for working families and masmall businesses and first-time home buyers and cut taxes for apparents trying to care for their children, we cut taxes for 8 million americans paying for college. >> who isn't going to cheer for tax cuts. is it all true? >> well, i think what he's
10:40 am
trying to do is portray the real world effects of some of these big economic recovery efforts that his administration launched over the past year. in truth, the stimulus and a lot of programs were directed at the middle class, but the big picture aspect and drama surrounding saving the economy drown that out. he's trying to pitch some of the effects to independent voters who remain very skeptical about the government's ability to deliver. >> one of the other things that the president took credit for is saving or creating jobs with that stimulus money. let's listen to what he said specifically about that. >> because of the steps we took there are about 2 million americans working right now who would otherwise be unemployed. we're on track to add another 1.5 million jobs to this total by the enof the year. >> what are the facts? depending on who you listen to, it could be even less than a million? >> there's a lot of debate about the real world effect of the
10:41 am
stimulus, and you've seen the administration back off its old claims it saved so many million jobs. the fact of the matter is jobs, jobs, jobs is the mantra for the president and his congressional allies for the rest of the year leading into the mid-term elections. this was a message aimed at the public watching on tv and to the congress, particularly the senate, to enact a new jobs b . bill. that's a tough sell because some lawmakers are worried another big relief effort is going to widen and increase the deficit and it's going to be a very tough vote for them to take. it was a calibrated message both for people in the chamber and the public they're concerned about creating more jobs. >> let's talk about health care reform, which was so much the focus on the president's agenda last year. here's what he said about that. >> our approach would preserve the right of americans who have insurance to keep their doctor and their plan. our approach would bring down
10:42 am
the the deficit by as much as $1 trillion over the next two decade it is. >> $1 trillion, is that correct? >> he's trying to put an economic spin on the democrats' mired health care. clearly, this is an effort -- it took him halfway through the speech before he brought up health care. it was his number one domestic priority, and he didn't offer a prescription about how congress should get out of the debate. he prodded them to finish it. this is not just an effort to do social engineering to reinvent the system, but it has real world economic benefits. again, a pitch to independent, fiscally conservative voters who have sort of cooled to his message. >> good to see you. thanks. >> thanks very much. >> senator kristin gillibrand is facing a battle against harold ford jr.
10:43 am
she has an exclusive interview with the senator today and is talking to senator feinstein about the state of the union address at 1:00 p.m. eastern only on msnbc. here in new york we're getting socked with a heavy dose of winter weather. look at what's going on right now outside our studios here at 30 rockefeller plaza. david, you're missing all this snow. what's it like over there in new orleans? >> chris, it's actually balmy by comparison. probably low 50s, and a nice sort of brisk day, but clear blue skies. in fact, the gulf coast may be one of the few places in the nation that will avoid what's happening in the days ahead. let's go to chris warren from the weather channel in oklahoma city. chris, what's coming? >> what's coming is we have some wintry weather heading over to the mid-atlantic in the next day or so. right here in oklahoma city, it is raining. that's what's coming down right now. depending on where it lands, it's regular rain or freezing rain. right now on the streets heading into oklahoma city, it's just
10:44 am
wet, but some of the surfaces are cold enough like this guardrail here that we're getting freezing rain. it looks wet right here, but this is ice. look at that. this is ice. imagine this on some of the colder roads, some of overpasses. we'll see this ice accumulating and it's weighing down the limbs. that's the big threat here in oklahoma city. to the north and west we're looking at a lot of snow, it is panhandle much texas and oklahoma, could see around a foot of snow. then, we work off to the east and you can see 5 to 8 inches in places like tulsa and over to the border of arkansas and missouri. right on into kentucky. then, this is going to be moving off even farther as we head into friday, farther into the mid-atlantic. something we're keeping a close eye on. back to you. >> chris, thank you. former olympic figure skating nancy kerrigan is saying good-bye to her father right
10:45 am
now. the funeral is under way in a community outside of boston. he died from a heart attack on sunday. nancy kerrigan walked into the church a short time ago following her father's casket. nancy's brother is charged with assault and will not be attending the funeral. just days after john edwards admitted he was the father of his mistress' daughter, there was another announcement. john and elizabeth are calling it quits. a special report from lisa myers is next. you're watching msnbc news. hi, may i help you?
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snow or other strenuous activity done out in the cold. cold air causes blood vesseling to con strict because the body is trying to hold onto heat. that can raise blood pressure and reduce oxygen flow to the heart causing an attack. former presidential candidate john edwards and his wife elizabeth are calling it quits. their 30-year marriage is coming to an end a week after edwards confessed to be a father of the baby he had with his mistress. elizabeth edwarhe ha elizabeth's book bulb lisher released this quote, elizabeth is moving on with her life and wants to put this difficult chapter behind her. she has no interest in rehashing the past. lisa myers broke the story of
10:50 am
edwards' love child last week. she joins us with the latest on andrew young's book. lisa. >> hi, david. this book is about as selacious a read you'll find in politics. it's full of stories about sex, betrayal, and constant duplicity. virtually no one comes out of this book with their reputation enhanced, certainly not john edwards, not elizabeth, and not even the author, andrew young. you know, some of the mother cringe-inducing parts of the book talk about the claim that john edwards took miss hunter to his family's estate in chapel hill and had sex in the bed that he shares with his wife. it claims that john edwards at one point wanted hunter to have an abortion rather than carry the child to term, but that
10:51 am
hunter thought that her -- she was carrying a child who had let's say it might be a reincarnation of a buddist monk. elizabeth edwards the book accuses of basically falling in love, being intoxicated by power and of often looking the other way when there were multiple signs that her husband's affair was ongoing. so it's -- once you read this book, you feel like you should have been wearing a biochem suit. >> it's amazing. you wurnt if the details of this book put elizabeth edwards over the edge. their marriage had seemed to survive so much, and now the book comes out and the timing is incredible. lisa myers pouring through the awful details of this. thanks for the report. >> you bet. and coming up, we take a
10:52 am
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talk host to talk host, jay leno sat down with oprah to clear the air over his late night drama with conan o'brien. here's his perspective on all the hoopla. >> for the last six months i'd been in the paper every day, every day almost on the front page. and it just sort of makes me laugh, and i'm on there for not sexual innuendos or drunk driving. i'm on there because of a tv show, and it just sort of -- i chuckle to myself a little bit about it. >> leno told oprah he hasn't spoken to conan yet because it didn't seem appropriate. in a strange twist nbc is reportedly he picking up a primetime pilot produced by conan's production company. it's about a supreme court justice who opens his own practice.
10:56 am
in the meantime annually elected massachusetts senator scott brown is the late show guest tonight. that's going to do it for us. i'm chris jansing in new york. i'll be back here at noon eastern talking about the president's state of the union address. did it calm some nervous democrats? feel free to take a break to watch me at noon. >> yeah, chris, i'm david schuster in new orleans. we'll have the latest coming up throughout the day on those four republican activists wo tried tro trespass and interfere with senator landrieu's phone system. coming up at 3:00 eastern, the alleged ringleader james o'keefe was paid a salary by a conservative news and information website. we'll talk with him live at 3:00 eastern. in the meantime tamarin hall will it up at the top of the hour. sheem have the reaction on everything.
10:57 am
we'll talk more about new orleans and get to the day's other news including the recall that toyota has put out millions of vehicles affected by that. a very busy news day in new york, in washington, and right here in new orleans. i'm david schuster in new orleans. tamryn hall picks it up, and we'll see you at 3:00 eastern time with that exclusive enter have you with andrew brightbart. msnbc news continues right after. this as small businesses are busy reinventing the economy, small business owners have a lot of questions. can paperless billing get me paid faster? how can i keep my best employees?
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