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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 4, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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quickly enough. they had 124 reports according to the dot, 124 complaints of pedals sticking, not responsive and four cases of actual accidents. clearly this is an issue that's been growing in both the united states and japan in terms of governments wanting to see them be more proactive. >> thank you. more breaking news to report, an amber alert for a missing four-year-old child. police are looking for christian guevera, abduct freddie a home in cobb county, near atlanta, georgia. police say he was taken by two men wearing ski masks and driving a white chevy suburban. christian was last seen wearing his pajamas. he's 3' tall, weighs 30 pounds, brown hair, brown airs. amazing emergency landing at a southern california airport after the nose gear failed to work correctly. the nose hit the runway forcing
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the tail in the air as it come to a stop. at this time no word on the condition of the pilot or the one passenger who was on board. we've got breaking news as i mentioned out of haiti this hour. at least some of the ten american missionaries arrested for allegedly trying to take children out of haiti for legal adoptions could be free to come home. they have been taken from jail to a courthouse. let's get the latest from kerry sanders. he's outside the courthouse where that hearing is taking place. kerry, what's the update there? >> reporter: tamron, they have been inside this hearing for at least an hour now. we're trying to connect the dots. they are not allowing reporters inside. right here is a vehicle, a pickup truck that has all their legislatage. that might be an indication they will be escorted to the airport and told to leave. it's possible they will be detand in this country, taking them to a less affected area to
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be held. the judge did research, interviewing the group of ten over two days, then it was brought right here to the prosecutor. the prosecutor is now going through the evidence. the idaho ten as some are calling them, they have now been in jail for five nights, six days. it's alleged they tried to take 33 young children here, who they claimed were orphans but later it turned out may not have been orphans over the border in the chaos after the earthquake. the representative of the ten here has repeatedly said they were doing god's work. they were doing all of this with the best intentions. the prime minister has said if they violated the law, he expects that the law will be upheld even in a country fractured as it is here. one of the big concerns this government has is child trafficking. so they are taking this very seriously despite everything else that's going on in this country with so many people homeless and so many problems
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getting them food and water. tamron. >> kerry, thank you very much for the live report. breaking news in the definite of actress britney murphy, pneumonia and a drug for anemia were factors in her death. murphy's death was ruled accidental. we now know what killed johnson & johnson airest casey johnson. her death was related to diabetes. she suffered a severe insulin deficiency. her body was found a month ago today, but it's believed she died several days before she was found. right now michael jackson's personal physician conrad murray is working out terms for his surrender in los angeles. he's negotiating with the district attorney's office but so far they have not reached an agreement on the specifics. murray is expected to be charged with involuntary manslaughter. nbc news analyst dan abrams in the studio with me. how does this work.
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they have been negotiated all morning long? >> he doesn't have a big negotiating argument here. the bottom line is, i think the authorities are waiting to decide when to announce this. they have been informing his lawyers to where they are. his lawyer is probably saying, look, this is what we want of we want to do x, y, and z, let him show up and go out the back door so no one can see him, et cetera. the authorities are probably say, no. they may allow him to surrender. that doesn't mean he's getting sort of special treatment, if they allow him to surrender. but i think his lawyers are going to have to be very careful here not to push too hard. >> what about the charges of involuntary manslaughter. they could have gone for more serious, severe charges. >> they could have. under the circumstances they believe effectively this was incredible negligence. forget the intent part. he obviously didn't mean to kill michael jackson. at least that's not going to be the allegation here. but the question is how reckless was it?
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how much of a departure was this from ordinary medical treatment. authorities are saying it's clearly a departure by charging him with what is a very serious crime, involuntary manslaughter. although, the possible sentence here is only two to four years. >> which raises the question, there's so many doctors, dr. feel good willing to give celebrities anything they want. propofol they say would never be used in a home but in hospitals, anna nicole smith, does this send a message? >> propofol is such a departure to have in a home, there's not a message to be sent. it's sort of like what were you thinking from the beginning? >> i'm not saying this the case, people made the link between the amount of money he was making and the kinds of drugs or medicine he was willing to give. >> his position would be i
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didn't administer a lethal amount. i expect they are going to argue that other doctors had prescribed propofol to michael jackson as well. that's going to be the sort of defense you'll hear. that's why it's taking so long. these medical cases are tough meaning they want to go through the records. they want to take their time. i think it was smart to take their time. in a high-profile case like this, you'd rather take time and get it right than make mistakes and have the defense team use it against you later. >> they did take a lot of time. we're not far from the one-year anniversary. it will be this summer. thanks for joining me. appreciate it. a developing story out of washington, d.c. the white house says the dalai lama will meet with president obama later this month no matter what china says. chinese leaders urged the president not to meet with the exiled religious leader of tibet. president obama told them he respects dalai lama as a religious and cultural leader. president obama kicked off this morning with an appearance at the national prayer breakfast in washington. the annual event, which has been around 50 years, routinely draws
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controversy from the choice of speakers to those who say it conflicts with separation of church and state. this year the scrutiny was greater because of religious and gay rights group. they were upset with the group's long-standing sponsor known simply as the family. most recently the family has been linked to an anti-gay movement in uganda which proposed punishing and perhaps executing homosexuals. president obama addressed that and said it was unconscionable to target gays and lesbians in the united states and criticized uganda's recent stance against gays. breaking news from capitol hill where the house has just approved a record $1.9 trillion increase for the government's so-called debt ceiling. if it's approved by the president, the legislation would raise the total debt ceiling to $4.2 trillion and also a part of this debate today, the vote on whether to begin the pay go, which the president talked so much about. this could clear the way for the bill to be sent to the
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president. we'll talk about that as well. in just a few hours at 5:00 p.m. eastern specifically, republican senator elect scott brown will be officially sworn in. after massachusetts governor certified the election this morning to make him the newest u.s. senator. vice president joe biden will be on hand for the ceremony. nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. kelly, it was supposed to happen around february 11th. word came down that scott brown did not want to miss out on a few upcoming votes. >> reporter: they did do a hurry on this, tamron. they expected to do the swearing in next week to give brown more time to hire staff, make his own trans friition from boston to washington. suddenly they asked the governor and state of massachusetts to get things certified by this morning to allow for his taking of the oath today administered by the vice president. there are some votes coming up. of course that's always happening. there is a vote related to the
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national labor relations board. the senate has the obligation to confirm appointees. there's concern among republicans about one particular nominee, and brown would be in place and able to help republicans block that nomination. so the man who ran on his independence may be asked to assist his fellow republicans with what could be a bit of a controversial vote right off the bat. this day it's about the ceremony of putting scott brown in place after a stunning victory in massachusetts. we'll see some of that this afternoon. it's about putting his staff together and actually getting to work. tamron. >> all right. nbc's kelly o'donnell live on capitol hill. thank you, kelly. >> you bet. developing now two u.s. born pandas are on a flight to home. the fedex cargo plane took off from dulles airport near washington, d.c.
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tay and mei. a lot of broken hearts regarding the animal at the national zoo there. rahm emanuel's controversial comments. former governor sarah palin refuses to accept his apology for using the r word. but rush limbaugh, well, he's using it, too. is there a political double standard over what we all agree is an offensive word to use. a frightening situation in florida. sharks swarm a kite boarder. he's attacked as people watch helplessly from the shore. an emotional good-bye for a popular resident, as we said, in washington, d.c. leaving the nation's capital. ble. i'm on an aspiriregimen now because i never want to feel that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. ta to your doctor,
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is down 227 points, s&p down 28, nasdaq down 55. you see trading volume is just above the 10,000 mark. we've now dipped below 10,000 since december. we'll keep an eye what's happening on wall street and the markets. triggering the selloff jobless claims rose unexpectedly last week by 8,000. economists expect add decrease of about 20,000. it was the fourth increase in the past five weeks. it comes days before the labor department reports unemployment figures for the month of january. another hot topic, advocates for the disabled are speaking out and expressing their concern after the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel used the
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word, quote, retarded, during a meeting. emanuel used the word to describe liberal activists that took place on health care reform. sarah palin called for him to resign. yesterday he met with the chairman of the special olympics and disabilities advocates to apologize. the arc of the united states, civil rights and service organization. he was there at the meeting with tim shriver and rahm emanuel. thank you for being here. >> pleasure to be with you. >> tell me about this, what happened. >> we had two people with disabilities and the mother of a 13-year-old with disabilities. the start of the meeting gave them an opportunity to describe why this word is so offensive to them and how it hurts them so much. the chief of staff listened to what they had to say very carefully and expressed that he
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apologized and didn't realize the harm he was causing through his language. >> interesting. here is a savvy man, a man of the world, and he didn't realize, according to you in this meeting how offensive this word is to people with disabilities and their families. doesn't that strike you as interesting? >> well, the word is very interesting. it's -- the language is very offensive to people with disabilities. it really strikes them in a very visceral way and reminds them of all the discrimination and abuse they have faced in the course of their lifetimes and how they have been excluded throughout society. this is a group of folks who have lived in the shadows of our society for a time. now as they have come out in the community, they are really demanding they be respected the same as anybody else. >> sarah palin is saying she wants rahm emanuel to apologize and she's appalled a public figure of his stature would ever use the word. she equated it to the n-word. do you believe rahm emanuel
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needs to be more than this private apology you heard in that meeting? >> well, what we have asked the chief of staff to talk about is the legislation pending in congress. there's a bill called rose's law that would take mental retardation out of all mental health environment and labor laws. we've asked the administration to support that. there's been a grassroots movement happening all around the country of people with disabilities advocating to change the language in our governmental institutions. >> before i let you go, let me ask you, did you accept the apology? >> it's up to each individual to accept the apology. the two individual self-advocates there and family members expressed they had accepted the apology, and we express that we're really looking forward to working with the administration to try to get rose's law passed and to take this language out of the american lexicon. >> peter, i don't want to push you too hard on this but did you accept the apology? >> you know, we weren't asked to accept the apology.
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we listened and thanked the chief of staff for what he had to say and really talked about how we can work together in the future to brink about positive change. >> peter, thank you so much for joining us. greatly appreciate it. some people are wondering sarah palin went after rahm emanuel for his words using the r word. now you have folks wondering what is she going to do about her friend and conservative reporter, talk show host rush limbaugh. he went on a tirade using the r word yesterday. here is a part of what rush said on his program. >> our political correct society is acting like some giant insult has taking place by called a bunch of people who are retards retards. i'm not apologizing for it, i'm just quoting emanuel. it's in the news. >> today on his radio show he defended the remarks he said yesterday saying he only used the word in context of quoting white house chief of staff rahm
2:19 pm
emanuel. some people on the internet saying that's hogwash and want to see if sarah palin will confront rush limbaugh, whether it's rush, rahm emanuel, the guy next door, knock it off. it's not appropriate. let me know, is sarah palin playing politics with this issue that hits the heart of so many people, including her own family. two chinese pandas, where they are going. details coming up. somewhere in america...
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or nursing women. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. blood tests are needed before and during treatment to check for liver problems. contact your doctor if you develop unexplained muscle pain or weakness, as this can be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. this risk may be increased when trilipix is used with a statin. if you cannot afford your medication, call 1-866-4-trilipix for more information. trilipix. there's more to cholesterol. get the picture. welcome back, breaking news out of haiti regarding american missionaries who were arrested on suspicion to take 33 children out of haiti. we're getting conflicting reports. what you see on your screen here, there's a live press conference of some sort happening in front of the courthouse. on the other side you see that van. that was earlier today when the americans, the ten americans, were taken from the jail in
2:23 pm
haiti to a courtroom. now, the conflicting information, the ap is saying nine of the ten will be released. they will not be charged. there are other reports that say opposite. we have kerry sanders on the ground in haiti as well as michelle kosinski. certainly, you know, communications very difficult because haiti still dealing with the after effects of that earthquake. we're trying to get the latest information from our nbc team regarding these american missionaries, most of them with idaho. they are affiliated with a church. they say they were doing god's work when they went into haiti to try to relocate 33 haitian children to a facility in the dominican republic. reports have indicated not awful those children were orphans and these americans may not have properly filled out the paperwork. we'll keep you up to date on this. the word is that nine of the ten will be released. we're working to find out what will happen to the other
2:24 pm
american there. right now, two u.s.-born giant pandas on a flight to their new home in china, mei lan and tai shan, especially equipped fedex plane. they are property of the chinese government and were returned to be part of a breeding program. mei lan was the firstborn in atlanta zoo and tai shan born four and a half years ago, the national zoo at the nation's capital. he's a very popular tourist attraction. >> i think from the turnout from the motorcade we had coming from the zoo to here, we can conclude tai shan is really a rock star. we thought of gipodus, giant panda of the united states. joining me, the curator from the
2:25 pm
national zoo. that was a lighthearted moment. i understand there were a lot of tears seeing tai shan leave. >> yes, we're very sad to see him government it's going to be quite a different feel if the panda house after he's gone. we already feel it. it's great for him and really for his species in general. >> the video when he was born, size of a stick of butter. people auoohed and awed over th cute panda. you mention add breeding program. how does that work won they arrive in china? how does that work? >> essentially they are going to two different organizations, two different bases. he's not going it be paired with mei lan. they have a very successful breeding program. we don't have that for him here. we have no girls. we have his mother. we don't want that breeding to happen. so it's good to get him into the
2:26 pm
population and have his genes represented. >> two questions. how do you fill the void of tai shan leaving and how many pandas throughout the country in the nation's zoos are available for people to see? >> there are a number of zoos that house pandas right now. we have two at the national zoo. it's his parents, his mother and father. they are on exhibit all the time. people should continue to come. they have done two artificial inseminations that happened early this year for the second time in a row in january. we're hoping a cub will be produced with that. we're hopeful everything went well with the insemination and hopeful we'll have a cub in a few months. >> thank you very much. a lot of people talking about this story. great work at the national zoo. thank you. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> absolutely. back to that breaking news. dr. conrad murray is in los angeles. he's the physician or private
2:27 pm
physician for michael jackson. he's said to be ready to surrender. get the latest on the michael jackson death investigation live from los angeles. will we see another one of those los angeles spectacles? will we see this guy in handcuffs with cameras following his vehicle? information on the details regarding his surrender. oyees t. you can label as "different." like janice. uh-huh. yeah. fashion deficient. and tom... copy incapable. it's open kimono time. looking good, dan. oh, we want to make sure all our ducks in a row. yeah. volume control syndrome. but we focus on the talent and skill that each person... brings to the team. i mean, no one's really concerned about labels. not even mine. labels get in the way. disabilities rarely do. visit to evolve your work force.
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announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet. welcome back. we continue to follow this breaking news out of haiti. we've got conflicting reports about the 10 americans held in haiti on suspicion they were trying to smuggle 33 haitian children out of the country. nbc's kerry sanders joins me live from port-au-prince outside the courtroom. so kerry, what is the latest from there? >> reporter: well, the advocate, sort of like a defense attorney in the united states, is here. he does not speak english so we're going to do this through a translator. what happened? >> translator: they are going
2:31 pm
back to the jailhouse. >> okay. i want to apologize to you for the technical problems that we're having. as you know, it's very difficult to get communications out of haiti. they are still dealing, of course, with the aftermath of the earthquake itself. we're hearing bits and pieces of kerry's interview. it sounded as if the americans were going to leave the courtroom or courthouse and be taken back to the jail. again, i apologize for technical
2:32 pm
difficulties we're having. we're going to get on the phone with kerry or michelle kosinski. both of them are in port-au-prince and get the latest on these ten americans and exactly what is going on with their case. let's move onto the breaking news in the michael jackson investigation. the attorney for jackson's personal physician, his name is dr. conrad murray, has, of course, been at the center of this. murray will turn himself over to police. there are reports authorities are going to charge conrad murray with involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. nbc's george lewis joins us live from our burbank studio. george, have we heard any additional word from anyone other than the attorney representing conrad murray. >> officials behind us are being closed mouthed. one thing we do know from talking to people is there are intense negotiations going on between the conrad murray camp, prosecutors and lapd right now.
2:33 pm
a statement on ed chernoff. he said the specifics are not agreed to. when it is complete we will report further. we understand one of the possible hangups is the mode of surrender for dr. murray. the attorneys for murray want him to turn himself in quietly out of reach of cameras. no paparazzi clicking away. the lapd apparently was insisting on having murray arrested, handcuffed, put in a police car with the cameras rolling. that seems to be one of the points of contention. dr. murray, of course, the allegations against him are that he gave michael jackson the very powerful anesthetic propofol which led to jackson's death last june under improper circumstances. murray has been in l.a. for the last few days. we expect that his surrender will occur sometime tomorrow and he will be arraigned in a court
2:34 pm
how. tam tamron. >> thank you very much. new details in the deadly shark attack off the coast of florida. the lifeguard that brought 38-year-old steven schaefer to shore said the kite boarder was screaming he had been bitten by a shark. nbc affiliate wptv in palm beach said that schaefer had what and to be an eight to ten inch shark bite on his right thigh. he later died at the hospital. it is the first fatal shark attack in florida in five years. ron is the communication director and naturalist at the miami metro zoo. ron, thank you very much for joining us. >> pleasure. >> so what is your perspective on this? we've got reports from the witness who tried to save the man. there were several sharks around him. i'm reading that is extremely rare. what's your take on this? >> it's not extremely rare. i was just off the coyotes of
2:35 pm
miami in a helicopter and i saw 100 sharks together up and down the coast. sharks are migrating up and down the coast following schools of bait fish. to have them off the coast is not rare. >> not the sharks being spotted off the coast but that multiple sharks would attack one victim. >> yeah, that is rare. any type of shark attack is rare. when you take into consideration fatalities in the state of florida, in 100 years, 14 deaths in 100 years in florida. i think we've had 64 attacks in the state of florida in 100 years. you put that in perspective, you're much more likely to get bitten by a stray dog if the street than a shark. >> back to the sighting. i want to point out the video of sharks, we don't know if that's the same kind of shark that attacked this victim but we do know that essentially they are following food this time of the year. >> exactly right. they are following schools of bait fish up and down. the fact this gentleman got
2:36 pm
bitten. when the rescuers got to him there were no sharks around him. this was probably another case of mistaken identity by a shark, biting and realizing it wasn't a bait fish. this man died but doesn't mean it was a big man eating shark. it could have been a small shark. the right place, the femoral artery there, you can bleed out. extremely rare. when you look at a kite boarder going across the water, sharks on a feeding run after bait fish, it could have been an instinct. he bites, realizes it's wrong and leaves him alone. >> we will probably get more from the witness who tried to save him but was enable to do so. thanks, ron. republican party may be the minority party these days in washington but they are looking to win back the senate in november. things are looking up for the
2:37 pm
gop. their newest member scott brown sworn in today at 5:p.m. alex joins us from politico. he moved the date up. it was supposed to be february 11th but he's ready to get to work. >> reporter: absolutely right, tamron. scott brown saying he wants to get thing moving as soon as possible. in fact there's a nominee to the labor relations board senator brown can vote on. that could affect the outcome. that's part of the reason they hurry. >> scott brown just the beginning of what they hope will be a steamroll across the country. they are eyeing nevada, senator evan bayh's seat as well. they are looking at that map and looking to see who is vulnerable. >> sure. six months ago the idea of republicans picking up 11 senate seats by the end of the 2011 cycle was ridiculous. once they won in massachusetts, you do wander where can't they
2:38 pm
win. indiana, seems likely they have recruited evan coates for evan bayh. there's nine seats and a credible chance for republicans to pick up ground. >> we saw the president have the q&a session with democrats in the senate. my colleague keith olbermann and others noted a lot of the senators who asked questions were senators who might be in trouble. mary landrieu, and, as i mentioned, evan bayh. >> right. senator bayh, in particular you heard him come to the president and say why should americans trust democrats to tackle these problems. shows he's feeling the heat and wants distance from an administration he's not so sure about anymore. >> thanks, alex burns with politico. thank you very much. >> thank you. new developments in a missing girl out of florida. could a bounty hunter's offer
2:39 pm
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men who have a healthy sex life may have healthy hearts. researchers found those who engage in sexual activity twice a week were 45% less likely to develop serious heart disease as compared to men who had sex once a month or less. now to a developing story out of florida. a trial date has been set for casey anthony. she's the mom accused of murdering her little girl caylee. according to court documents anthony will stand try may 2nd, 2011. caylee anthony disappeared in june but her disappearance
2:43 pm
wasn't reported until july when casey was arrested. she was bailed out. a bounty hunter who bailed out casey anthony now wants to bail out a drug trafficking suspect in order to help find a missing florida girl. next week marks exactly one year since haylee cummings disappeared from her satsuma home. she was five at the time. her father's then girlfriend was watching her that night. she's behind bars charged with drug trafficking. she cannot keep her story straight about the last time she saw haleigh. in jailhouse tapes you can hear her crying to her own mother about being locked up. >> i hope i don't have to be here forever. mom, i want out of here. i want out so bad. >> bounty hunter offered to pay
2:44 pm
the million dollar bail hoping she will tell him what happened to haleigh. joining us on the phone, a defense attorney and former prosecutor. joe, i hope i got your last name correct. >> episcopo. >> this is strange, two major cases with children. what do you make of his involvement and could this make things worse? >> one of the things he's using, he's not using a florida bonding company. he's going through a florida bonding company but he has a family member really who is doing the bond out of state. his risk is minimal. if he were to pay a bondsman in florida, he'd have to come up with $135,000 down payment and he would have to collateralize the rest of the note. because a family member writes the bond from another state, he only has to pay a local bondsman $13,500, then the bond company
2:45 pm
gets off the hook and it all goes to the out of state bondsman. i think he's rig trying to helpd this girl. >> will he be able to help? >> sure, i think he's sincere in trying to find the girl, at the same time get publicity and say, hey, this is what i do. i'm a bounty hunter. >> what do we make of this jailhouse tape featuring misty croslin. she's a young woman. she was involved at the time with haleigh's father. i understand they are not together anymore. they are estranged. what information do you think she could give at this point? >> he doesn't know. he takes a chance. he figures, well, if she doesn't tell me i've lost $13,500 and i'll put her back in jail. it's not that big a deal. see? >> he says he's trying to do the best thing. you know as well as i do that
2:46 pm
he's got his critics out there. if he can get a break in this, i'm sure everybody would appreciate it. this little girl has been missing for a year and there have been few leads quite honestly. >> i've met leonard and i think he is sincere. he really is trying to find this kid and at the same time promote his business like everybody else seem to be doing with these cases. >> thank you very much, joe, for your time. we appreciate it. we've got breaking news i've got to get onto here. we're getting information from kerry sanders on the ground in port-au-prince at the courthouse where ten american missionaries were in court regarding allegations they were trying to smuggle children out. in this note that we got here, at least two of the people were said to be smiling. they did not seem to be under duress. it was extremely difficult to hear them or what they had to say, but at least their condition was said to be, two of them were smiling. this doesn't give us any
2:47 pm
information on whether or not they were going to be charged. this was video earlier today of the group leaving in a van from the jail to the courthouse itself. but we're working to get some clarity here. the associated press i'm told right now is saying all ten, all ten of the american missionaries have been charged with child kidnapping. all ten have been charged with child kidnapping. we'll bring you the very latest on this and hopefully get more information on the ground electric kerry. we'll be right back. ( chirping, tearing )
2:48 pm
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welcome back. we're getting more breaking news out of haiti. let's go to nbc's kerry sanders. what happened in court with these ten americans? >> reporter: it is not good news for the ten americans and their families back home. the defense advocate, sort of the defense attorney, came out and said all ten have been charged with two crimes. one, attempted kidnapping of the 33 children, the other is a
2:51 pm
conspiracy. they are now all being taken back to the jail. if they were convicted, they would be sentenced under the haitian law from three to nine years. now, according to the defense advocate here, he says that he believes the only person who should be charge is lawyery sil -- laura silsby and the other nine were oblivious but that's a defense attorney speaking for the group of ten. there's all types of stories that have gotten out, maybe nine would go to the airport and leave if there were no charges. this is definitive from the defense attorney that there are now standing charges against them, two charges against them. two charges, conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. tamron, they are going back to jail. i said in haiti, typically how long would it take for there to be a trial. typically three months. in a country in disarray, nobody can say for sure.
2:52 pm
there's a possibility something will be worked out behind bars. the prime minister said this is a serious crime, one they take seriously in this country, one if a crime was committed should go through the full legal system in haiti. >> kerry, back to the possibilities here. you said they are going back to the jail. the trial could not start for three months. that's probably the best case scenario given the situation still on the ground with the recovery and the situation of getting people back to normalcy in haiti. with that said, might the state department or any u.s. official get involved in this? >> well, just to probably check on their conditions in the jail. that would probably fall to something like the red cross. the embassy here, u.s. embassy is fully aware. the state department back in washington has been monitoring this. but they are not here in the courthouse here. they did not have a representative inside the courtroom. the americans came to another country and are now charged with
2:53 pm
what happens in many countries, if you're ignorant of the law. i think there's a lot of sympathy for them because they maintain they were here trying to do something good in the midst of all of this. but the haitian law is pretty direct right now, tamron. >> kerry, in court today, did we hear any more of the evidence that they have again these people? >> i wish i could tell you we heard a lot. what i did was i spoke to the defense attorney when he came out, the haitian advocate and he detailed what happened. there was a representative, a judge who was an investigating judge, very different from the court system in the united states. he presented the evidence that he had gathered after two days of interviewing each of the ten from idaho here. so he presented that to the prosecutor and that's when the decision was made. so we don't have the details of what was presented. we just know from our own reporting that the story seemed to be going back and forth that these were orphans, passed up by
2:54 pm
parents who understood the children were going to a better place. there's been a lot of statements and i guess -- >> looks like we lost the signal with kerry. >> reporter: all the details will come out of the courtroom. >> incredible development, ten american missionaries going to be charged. they will be held in haiti. they perhaps won't go to court for at least three months. we're going to follow this story, get more information on the case against these americans. what happens next as well to them while in haiti. thank you for joining me for this hour. i'm tamron hall. we'll be back tomorrow. we're here every day, every weekday 11:00 and 2:00 p.m. eastern time. norah o'donnell picks up our coverage now. she'll have the very latest on michael jackson's attorney. charges expected against conrad murray. he's negotiating to turn himself in perhaps as early as today. this is msnbc.
2:55 pm
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hello, everyone. i'm norah o'donnell in washington. david shuster has the day off. a lot of breaking news today and it all starts right now. >> reporter: on the eve of the release of new job numbers, democrats say they have a plan to put people back to work. the only problem they won't say much about what's in the plan. we'll talk to the head of the party, tim kaine. >> surely you can question without my faith or citizenship. president obama sends a message to those that threatens his citizenship as they get ready for the first quaengs. michael jackson's doctor on the verge of surrendering on charges connected to the singer's death. a surfer killed in waters off florida. this hasn't happened in more than 100 years. are the predators getting more aggressive? but we begin this hour with that breaking news in the case of the american missionaries jailed in haiti. word just coming down that all ten will be charged with
2:59 pm
conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. let's get right to nbc's news's kerry sanders who has been at the courthouse all day. kerry, i understand that the trial may not be until three months away. does that mean they will have to sit in jail that entire time? >> if that actually happens, indeed. that would be if things were normal in this country, according to the defense advocate. nothing is normal after this earthquake here. so they were loaded back into the vehicles here and taken back down to the jail where they have now spent six days and five nights. indeed you have it correct, according to the defense advocate here, he says that all ten are charged with attempted kidnapping and conspiracy. i asked him, the defense attorney, what do you think? he said, i believe that nine of these people had no idea what was going on. he pointed the finger at laura silsby who he says the spokesman here was aware of


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