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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 4, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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on and had the other in the dark. that's coming from the defense attorney. the prosecutors did not come out and speak. the system here is different than the united states. here the judge does the investigation. that took two days. the judge then presented here in this courthouse his evidence to a prosecutor. the prosecutor was the one who decided to bring charges. so they have been loaded up. they are taken back to the jail. it's the last thing i know the family members in haiti wanted to hear. was able to get inside the vehicle of laura silsby and said what do you think. she said she'll be trusting in the lord. they are relying on their faith to get them through what certainly was an attempted adoption, they say, but certainly a goodwill gesture that has gone down a very bad, bumpy road here, norah. >> no doubt kerry, these ten charged with that conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. any indication by the haitian government that these
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individuals were involved in child trafficking for bad reasons? >> reporter: yeah, for money or whatever else. that did not come out. but i did have a discussion with the prime minister. and the prime minister here said americans -- said specifically to me, you're asking these questions as if you don't think there's child trafficking in this country. it exists. people come here. they steal our children, steal organs and often take our children and sell them into sexual servitude. i think he was offended at my question when i asked him if he really believed these americans were involved in illegal trafficking. understand the charge here is not trafficking, it's attempted kidnapping. i think that sort of skirts this question of whether they were believed to be doing something other than finding orphans. again, they have said from the beginning they were trying to get 33 orphans out of this country to an orphanage that was
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sort of partially under construction on the other side here in hispaniola in the dominican republic. >> a very important point about what goes on in haiti according to officials. kerry sanders, thanks so much. also breaking this hour, the attorney for michael jackson's personal doctors now negotiating his surrender. a deal could come at any time. dr. conrad murray is reportedly said to turn himself into police to face involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of the pop star. investigators say murray gave jackson powerful general anesthetic and two other sedatives to jackson for his chronic insomnia leading to his cardiac arrest. let's bring in nbc's george lewis in burbank on this case. george, i understand there's probably a lot of lawyers involved in this at this point. what does it mean? >> well, there's a lot of heavy negotiation going on right now, norah. what we know is that dr. murray's lawyer and authorities
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seem to be at odds over the terms of the surrender. the murray camp obviously would like to turn himself in quietly outside of cameras. the lapd has reportedly been pushing for an arrest of dr. murray, putting him in handcuffs, putting him in a police car. the paparazzi frantically photographing the scene and a perp walk for dr. murray, perhaps because law enforcement thinks there should be an example set here. jackson died last june 25th. the coroner said the cause was acute propofol intoxication. propofol a powerful anesthetic that murray allegedly gave to jackson. and according to the allegations under improper circumstances. this is a drug that doctors say has to be administered under hospital conditions. we're awaiting to hear when and how murray might surrender. norah. >> all right. george lewis in burbank. george, thanks so much. now we've got also breaking
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news out of hollywood about brittany murphy's death. the coroner saying she died from pneumonia, prescription drug intoxication was also a factor. the coroner declined to say what types of drugs were involved. more details will be complete when a complete autopsy is ready two weeks from today. bank of america and two top former executives have been charged with fraud over the bank's acquisition of merrill lynch. new york attorney general andrew cuomo accuses former ceo and cfo for intentionally not disclosing losses that were stacking up. they call it utterly false. it's the jobs stupid. as democrats announce their plans for unemployment and boost small businesses. at any minute we're expecting to hear from the speaker of the house nancy pelosi. new numbers from the labor department revealing the unemployment situation is
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getting worse with unemployment claims up by 8,000 last week. the overall number of americans out of work still over 10%. >> we must use every legislative tool available for good paying jobs for american workers. i look forward to considering the first bill in the job creation agenda to get our economy moving again. i'm optimistic that this effort will gain broad support. >> the democrats plan to create jobs includes small business tax credits, cash for construction projec project, infrastructure spending, extending unemployment benefits. we haven't heard a price tag yet. coming up, i'm going to talk to dnc chairman, former governor tim kaine about the jobs plan. now to the controversy swirling around the national prayer breakfast. both secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama used the event to specifically address an anti-gay law proposed in uganda. >> surely we can agree it is
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unconscionable to target gays and lesbians for who they are whether it's here in the united states or, as hillary mentioned, more extremely in odious laws being proposed most recently in uganda. >> now why the uganda mention. this week a government watchdog group asked president obama to skip the breakfast saying the group behind the fellowship is the family is intolerant and secretive, they support a ugandan law that seeks to punish homosexuality with death, something one member publicly denied. state farm dropping 125,000 customers who live in the worst hurricane zone. it follows a failure to win a 40% rate increase from state regulators. letters are going to go out to homeowners this week. the cancellation goes into effect weeks after the peak of the 2010 hurricane season.
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people are wondering if the waters off the shores of florida are safe after a surfer was killed in a rare shark attack. take a look at this video from yesterday. a school of sharks was spotted. the lifeguard says a victim was kite board surfing in stuart florida when he was surrounded by several sharks, possibly young great whites. the lifeguard was able to swim out and pull the victim to shore. it was too late for stephen schaefer who died of multiple shark bites. it is the first deadly shark attack in nearly 130 years. all right. here are some other top stories we're following across the usa. an emergency landing in florida, the nose gear failed to work correctly. the plane circled the airport for more than an hour to burn fuel then came to a safe landing forcing the tail up as it stopped.
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out with the old, in with the new for the giants. demolition of the old giants stadium with the help of a giant metal claw attached to a crane. a motivational speaker has pleaded not guilty to three charges of manslaughter. arizona authorities arrested james arthur ray yesterday in connection with those deaths of those three people who attended a sweat lodge ceremony for spiritual cleansing that ray led last year. a circus high-wire daredevil carried on the tradition, walked across a tightrope strung across two sarasota, florida, buildings without a net. let's hope he has life insurance. it was a 600 foot walk 200 feet above the ground. the 31-year-old father of three stopped several times but made it safely to the other side. thank goodness. another high-wire act involving toyota's troubles. japanese automakers recalling more cars in the u.s. the latest details coming up
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next. what it means for you. plus here what mel gibson says when he thought the camera stopped rolling. a new golf ball set featuring tiger woods' alleged mistresses. it has one of the women on one of the golf balls threatening legal action. talk to her lawyer gloria allred ahead. [ female announcer ] crunch time, wheat thins.
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senator elect scott brown about to be sworn in by the vice president today, the 45th republican senator. look there, that didn't keep him from doing the honey do list, taking out the trash, before he heads to washington where he's vowed to clean up this place. one of president obama's aunts is making a plea for
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asylum in political court. she's arguing her relationship to the president could make her a political target back home in ken yachlt her first plea for asylum was rejected. she remained in boston hub housing. toyota may add prius brand to the worst recall ever. the company is now recalling 270,000 2010 prius hybrid. they have not confirmed that yet. the problem with the anti-lock system. joining me now financial reporter frank aarons. what does this mean for toyota and how are car companies at home capitalizing on toyota's blunders. >> hi, norah. this should have been a good day today for toyota, reported third quarter earnings, swung from a loss to a profit, increased sales expect as for this year. it was the same day the u.s.
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department of transportation said we're going to officially investigate the brakes on the toyota prius. now, the report out of japan on a potential prius recall has not been confirmed. i saw a report saying it's being denied by toyota now. so we're not going with that but it's hanging out in the air. >> what does it mean for american automakers who have been pummeled in the past year. >> ford increased their share from 14% in january of 2009 to about 16.5% in january of this year. most of that had come from gm. over the past month, month and a half it's been coming from toyota. one thing it's important to make clear, consumer reports as long ago as 2007 started raising flags about toyota reliability and said at that point we can't just automatically recommend toyota the way we used to.
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>> frank, that's an important point because there's a lot of people saying they have been raising concerns for sometime. good to see you, thank you so much. >> thank you. first ever tea party convention about to kick off amid controversy over who is attending, who is not, sarah palin will be there. i'll be joined by one of the most outspoken members of the tea party. up next. breaking up is hard to do, two american zoos are learning that lesson as they say good-bye to two of their most famous and beloved residents today. good-bye, pandas. ♪
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right now two american born band as on a plane on the way to china. tai shan and mei lan on a private fedex flight. at two and a half years old the pair are entering the breeding program to save their species. they do grow up so fast. remember this video in 2006 when
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mei lan was just taking her very first steps. the first lady opened up to matt lauer about her relationship with the president and how living in the white house effects their marriage. mrs. obama say they find ways to make time for each other. >> we weren't really going out kind of people. we're the kind of folks that go to the kids games, have friends over and watch movies. our lives are very conducive to this, because we just are sort of boring anyway. we have movie night where barack and i will go down and watch a movie. so we find our way. >> the first lady also said while the office of the presidency can be tough on the marriage they have found a lot of support around them, especially with her mother living at the white house. and the letter of the law at one new york school is spelling out some big controversy over a very small toy. fourth-grader was nearly suspended for carrying a fake gun from a lego set.
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it was the size of a quarter. the principal said the toy fell under the zero tolerance policy. after a parent-teacher conference the school ended up not suspending the child. the child's mom said the zero tolerance is going too far. >> you need to exercise good judgment. in my opinion, this was the wrong call. >> all right. an nbc online poll say more than 95% agree with his parents saying the school was being unreasonable even threatening suspension. it was a tiny gun. sarah palin is planning to headline the first annual tea party convention despite other speakers pulling out citing ethical questions about the for profit event. others with drew citing ethical concerns. protests within the movement, the fee of $400,000 to land
3:21 pm
sarah palin as the keynote spartanberg. rick scarborough is the founder of enough is enough, a call to christian involvement. he's scheduled to conduct an organized prayer session later today. mr. scarborough, thank you so much for joining us. >> it's a pleasure to be with you, norah. >> let me first ask you about, i understand sarah palin is the big headliner. why is she being paid $100,000 for this event. >> you have to take this up with sarah and her people. i tell everybody i'd do it for half that much. i had nothing to do with that planning. i was invited to speak as she was. >> dr. scarborough, i know sarah palin has said any compensation for her appearance will go right back to the cause of the tea party movement. do you know how so? does that raise any concerns for you? >> it raises no concerns that's
3:22 pm
between her and the organizers the event. i'm happy to be with 3,000 americans who pay their own way and care enough about this country to get involved and speak out. there's a revolution taking place and the focus of a few are on anything they can pick at. but the fact is, sarah palin is speaking. she says she's going to give the money away. i trust her at her word on that. i'm here to encourage these 3,000 activists to go back and find 300,000 more activists and less change this country. >> i know, dr. scarborough, you feel very strongly about that, about this revolution about changing the country, that's why i'm asking about the finances of the organization. if you spend $100 for sarah palin to speak there, she says it's going to go back to the cause. it's likely going to go to her pac. did you know she spent more money on buying her own books than on donations to candidates? does that concern you? >> well, norah, i also know she
3:23 pm
was literally annihilated by the members of the left who went after her family, who said slanderous things about her, who did not allow her to be governor of alaska. frankly a lot of us are just as happy as we can be that she now is making a good living and having money to do things for conservative candidates. again -- >> dr. scarborough you may have misheard me. >> i'm not here to argue the report. >> spent more money, $63,000 buying her own book from the pac, more than 40,000 she contributed to candidates. does that concern you? >> it doesn't concern me at all. in fact, i don't have a dog in that fight. >> it doesn't concern you tea party funds that would go for her speech, that she might use that for personal gain. >> every person taking place in
3:24 pm
this tea party, myself included, knew what the cost was, paid the fee. in my case, i'm one of the sponsors of the event. i looked at the finances. i thought it was a good investment. i still think it's a good investment. how people on the other end handle the funds as far as i'm concerned is between them and their god. there's enough people who are watch dogs like yourself will hold them accountable. what i will do the three different times i speak encourage anyone i can to encourage them and hopefully others to take this back from the ruling class who are right now cramming an agenda down the throats of the american people that is coming up choking us half to death. we're spending ourselves into bankruptcy. no matter what the people say, in massachusetts or virginia or new jersey, it doesn't seem that the administration has an ear. their ears are either full of wax or they don't wear what people think. i think over the course of the next seven or eight months
3:25 pm
you're going to see a growing crescendo. >> no doubt, dr. scarborough, but what i'm raising questions with you is someone who feels so strongly about this is whether the tea party is a movement for change or one where people are making personal profit off people who want to make change. let me show you, think progress, which is a progressive organization has recorded the events organizers of the tea party express manager and republican public relations firm has padded its pockets with over $1 million in money raised by the tea party groups. does that concern you that funds by people who want change are being used to pad consultants rather to elect people you want to change washington? >> once again, norah, i'm not here to defend or deny. i don't have enough information to make a judgment on those kinds of things. what i can say to you is i am going to invest my time and energy and any finances people are gracious to give me to do it
3:26 pm
to find as many christians, as many concerned americans as i can, inform them of what the real issues are, and get them to the polls to vote in the primaries and finally in the election in the fall. i'm grateful for this opportunity to look anybody who will listen in the eye and say, hey, join us. join us for the cause of changing america. that's what i'm here for. >> because of this for-profit nature of the very event that you're at, michelle balkman, called leader of the tea party movement is not going to show up, marsha blackburn is not showing up. there are issues to prevent you from having the people you need to carry out your revolution. >> sure. it won't keep me from carrying out mine. both are allies for what we do and stand for the values we hold dear. as you, i trust, know democrats and majority sitting in congress are filing all manner of investigations on anyone on the conservative side. there are legal issues that have
3:27 pm
been raised. even if these folks like sarah palin find in the course of law that they are right, it costs them hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of distraction to prove their innocence. so i fully understand why some of these conservative congressmen pulled out. they are not opposed to this. they don't want the hassle ethics committees will cause them. >> dr. rick scarborough, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> of course msnbc will carry sarah palin's speech saturday night. senate democrats unveiled a big jobs plan today. where are the details? and that's jenny sanford. she's sharing her story about her disgraced husband, the governor -- former governor -- current governor of south carolina mark sanford. [ female announcer ] the latest athletic fabrics
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cnbc market wrap, markets falling across the board right now. the dow is nearing that crucial 10,000 mark. the s&p 500 is also off dramatically as is the nasdaq. we are watching these declines on jobs numbers and concerns over europe's debt. google is teaming up with the national security agency to help defend itself against cyber attacks. "washington post" reports they will work with google to analyze the attacks on its computer networks. the artwork abuzz after a sculpture by swiss artist sold for $104.3 million at auction. sutherby's expected the piece, walking pan one, to fetch no more than $28 million. they are speculating about the identity. that person placed the bid anonymously. first in business worldwide, now back to msnbc. of course the dow is down in
3:32 pm
part because of the nasty job news. labor department said 8,000 more people filed unemployment claims last week. the forecast puts the number of americans out of work at 10.1%. this is democrats unveil what they say is a plan to get people back to work. there weren't many details. here is what a senior aide to mitch mcconnell said today. quote -- tim kaine is the chairman of the democratic national committee and former governor of virginia. governor, good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> you bet, norah. great to be back. >> more than 50 million americans watch the president, of course, in his state of the union where he said and promised jobs are priority number one. so the senate, of course, is taking this up. where are the specifics? we don't know how much this is going to cost and we don't know how many jobs this will save or create. what's the deal? >> norah, the president laid it out pretty clearly wednesday night. the focus is small business
3:33 pm
success. they are the engine of job growth in this country. primary strategies are first elimination of capital gains for small and startup businesses to encourage innovation, mom and pop startups, the basis for the business sector and second tax credits for the hiring of new employees. those are the two key pieces of it. he made that plain wednesday night. this is good policy. it's going to help small business succeed, to continue to get the economy rebounding. >> where are the specifics? americans want to know not just that the president and their senators, the representatives are doing something, but how much does it cost? why can't we learn from the senate about what this bill will cost and how many jobs it will create and if it's worth it. >> the republican talking point is there aren't any specifics. look, their economic strategy is to go to wall street and try to raise money by blocking financial reform. their strategy is being against the recovery act that has saved and created hundreds and
3:34 pm
thousands and now into the millions of new jobs. but the strategy on this one is pretty clear. it's been specific since the campaign. during the campaign, president obama said we should eliminate the capital gains startup tax for small and startup businesses. this would be a way to encourage innovation, helping the sector which is always the most vibrant sector where jobs are created, the small business sector. that's the plan he laid out and the heart of the plan. there's tax credits for hiring of new employees to encourage some of these businesses that are starting to see a little bit of a rebound but reluctant or hiring to put people back to work. i did not get the senate fact sheet before i came on today to know what they said about costs but the president laid out strategies pretty plainly wednesday night. it will be up to the republicans to decide do they want to work to create jobs or do like they did last year, which is fight against economic recovery and try to fight against financial reform. >> let me ask about, because you
3:35 pm
are the chairman of the democratic national committee about the state of the democratic party. of course scott brown is being sworn in today as the 41th republican vote. then want to show you what the cook political report has. they noted just a year ago two democratic senate seats were considered possible wins for republicans. those were colorado and illinois. but now that has jumped to ten, ten vulnerable seats including arizona, connecticut, delaware, nevada and, of course, pennsylvania. what's happened to the party? did you fail to recruit stronger candidates? >> well, you've given half the story, norah, because you haven't laid out the republican seats that are very vulnerable because of republican retirements or other issues where we've got great democratic candidates running. we've got new hampshire, missouri, ohio. we've got a really wonderful race in florida and there are other states as well where we're playing offense not just defense. here is the facts. we have one more senator,
3:36 pm
democratic senator today than we had on inauguration day when president obama came into office. we have more members of the house today than we had when president obama was inaugurated. >> just as we saw in massachusetts, campaigns are not only about climate. they are also about the candidate. >> sure, absolutely. >> that's why many ways in your state, the state of virginia, the democrat that tried to succeed you, questions whether they were strong. now illinois, president barack obama's old senate seat where you have alexi giannoulias, whether that will be an easy pick up. has there been a problem with democratic recruiting. >> i'm not going to be a pessimist when we're sitting at 59 in the senate as much as we've had since 1979 and a
3:37 pm
historic majority in the house, a historic majority of governors. it's going to be a challenging time. midterms are challenging for the party in power. this is not average times, times for tough economy, that creates challenge. there's no reason for democrats to run scared when we're signature on majorities in both houses that are significant. and it's important to note we're not just playing defense this year. we're playing offense. governors, for example, look at the number of republican governors that aren't next year in connecticut, in vermont, in minnesota, in florida, hawaii, where we've got excellent chances to pick up seats. there are seats we have to defend, sure, but there's also seats we're playing offense. that's why i think we're doing to surprise a lot of people come november. >> all right. we're going to save that clip. >> save that clip. >> surprise a lot of people. governor and chairman of the democratic national committee as always good to see you. i know we'll see you back more during 2010. the house of representatives today approved a measure allowing the government to
3:38 pm
borrow $1.9 trillion to pay its bills. the plan would raise the debt limit to, get this, $14.3 trillion, which comes out to more than $45,000 for every one of you. every single person living in this country. democrats provided every yes vote just as republicans did when they controlled congress and the white house. and the huge increase debt is needed because the government now must borrow more than $0.40. the president is expected to sign it into order to prevent a "d" fault on the government's obligations. rachel maddow broadcasting live from new orleans tomorrow night. don't miss the party and politics, tomorrow at 9:00 eastern on msnbc. one of tiger woods' alleged mistresses is ready to sue over a set of golf balls taking aim at the scandal. the website, tail of the
3:39 pm is selling the mistress collection which bears the likeness of 12 of the women linked to woods. the golf balls are designed to lift the spirits of golfers around the world who are saddened by this loss on many levels. now at least one of the women depicted is striking back. joining us now is gloria allred, attorney for veronica daniels, also known as joslyn james. thank you for having us. >> thank you for having me, norah. >> i find these golf balls distasteful myself. they are just trying to make a profit off this thing. what's wrong about it? >> there's a lot wrong about it. first of all they never asked my client, veronica, who is a former porn star and did have a lengthy relationship with tiger woods. she has about 100 text messages from him. they never asked for her permission to be on that golf ball. secondly and most importantly and the reason we're speaking out right now is because we
3:40 pm
believe that this can lead to violence against women what they have on these golf balls norah are women's faces. a golfer will be using these golf balls potentially to hit those balls with full force. what is the face of the woman going to look like after it's hit by that golf club? it's going to probably be bruised. it's going to be dirty. it's going to be harmed. probably there will be jokes on the golf course by golfers, mainly men, about hitting a woman's face. hitting a woman is not funny. a woman should not be the target of anyone. there are real women, norah, who have been battered and hit by golf clubs out there and they wouldn't think this is a laughing matter. >> no doubt. i wonder, the golf ball creator says he likes that you're talking about this because he's saying now you're giving him free advertising. gloria, what's the likelihood that you're going to be able to
3:41 pm
get this cease and desist order to pull these things carried out? >> well, we're asking him to voluntarily withdraw veronica's for the okay, that's jocelyslyn james photo. what's next? target practice. are people going to use a real woman in real life as the tagt of violence? we think anybody who has purchased these balls ought to discard them and anybody who cares about violence against women should not purchase them. >> i bet there are some wives who watched this segment who agree with you. thank you, gloria. >> i hope so. rush limbaugh, the man who coined the term femme nazi is back from judging the miss america pageant. yesterday on fox after sitting across from miss america, limbaugh had this to say. >> i'm a huge supporter of women. what i'm not is a supporter of liberalism.
3:42 pm
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this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at and some breaking news just coming into us. apparently a strong 6.0 magnitude has struck offshore northern california. this is according to the u.s. geological survey. the quake struck at a depth of seven miles. this is about 35 miles west northwest of california. and of course no tsunami warning issued and no immediate reports of damage. that just into us here at msnbc. a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. we'll certainly update you as we hear more reports about whether there was any damage there. also some news about an arrest that has been made in connection with a deadly massacre on a town on the mexican border. they are questioning the lookout man for the killers. on sunday they went on a
3:46 pm
shooting rampage killing 16 teenager students. this is at a birthday party in the border town el paso tech texas. they are concerned the violence will spill over into the u.s. even more than already. telemundo joins us from miami. jose, your investigation shows a lot of this violence has spread into the u.s. what have you learned? >> indeed, norah. by the way, those 16 kids not related at all to anything to do with drugs. they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. the fact is if i can paint a real quick mental picture for you all about the situation in mexico. in 2005, it took about eight months into the new year before the country registered it's 1,000th execution by these thugs. you know how long it took for mexico to see 1,000 executions related to the drug cartels this year? 34 days. the violence is just that intense and intensifying. so these cartels are looking for
3:47 pm
a way out to expand their business. officials in the united states are already seeing the influence of cartels in the drug trafficking going on in the cities here in the united states of america, in california, ontario, other cities, chula vista, of course, there have already been cases of executions, torturing, kidnappings. so far it's been within that community of drug dealers based in mexico, but it will be no time shortly in the future before we see that violence spilling out into our communities. it's a problem we really need to be aware of. i'm really glad you guys are focusing on it. it's not going to get any better. it's going to get worse. i've got to tell you the violence in mexico continues. that town you talked about, norah, right on the border of el paso. just to give you an idea in 2007 there were 190 executions, in 2009, 3,400 executions. it's that bad. >> that is bad.
3:48 pm
that's why the obama administration has sent more resources, of course, and law enforcement to that border area. jose diaz, appreciate it. mel gibson says he's working on his temper in the wake of a satellite interview gone sour. take a listen to what happened wgn chicago after the reporter asked about the actor's problems he's had in the past. >> i've done all the necessary maya culpa, so let's move on, dude. come on. >> "edge in the saddle and doing what you do best. thanks a lot for joining us, mel. take care. >> bye-bye. [ bleep ]. >> today during an interview in france, gibson told the reporters, i have a short fuse. i'm trying to work on it.
3:49 pm
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3:51 pm
embattled governor of south carolina mark sanford was at the
3:52 pm
national prayer breakfast and broke bread with president obama. his wife was not there. the two have gone their separate ways after the governor admitted to having a long-distance affair with a woman in argentina. now it's mrs. sanford's turn to tell her side of the story. >> our own health and safety. >> reporter: she said she felt ugly after her husband's cheating and reveals there were questions about her husband's fidelity from the very beginning of their marriage. writing in her new book, "staying true," jenny sanford reveals her husband insisted the word faithful be removed from their wedding vows. she writes, he was worried in some odd nagging way that he might not be able to remain true to that vow. in retrospect, i suppose i might have seep this as a sign. still, the san foreed were married for 20 years and had four children. among the revelations in the book, jenny sanford said her husband once gave her a diamond necklace for her birthday and
3:53 pm
then returned it just days later. she says when she sat her four boys down to tell them their father was having an affair, her 12-year-old son bolton said, oh, my gosh, this is going to be worse than eliot spitzer. spitzer admitted to paying for sex with prostitutes. but unlike spitzer's wife, jenny sanford did not stand by her man while he confessed publicly in an extraordinary, tear-filled press conference. >> oddly enough i spent the last days of my life in argentina. i hurt her. i hurt you all. i hurt my wife. i hurt my boys. >> reporter: in painful detail, jenny says her husband even turned to her for advice about his romance. and how to deal with the media. after that bizarre press conference, he called immediately and asked how did i do? now jenny sanford has filed for divorce and written a book she hopes is inspirational, about never giving up on her faith,
3:54 pm
her family and more or less. but some want to know if she's giving up on politics but will she run for a candidate herself. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see her in a political career. >> reporter: she said she's done for politics for now, but some may wondering if staying true will lead to politics for this different time of political spouse. and staying true hits the stores tomorrow. that's all for me this thursday. i'm norah o'donnell. david shuster is back tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. and he'll be joined by ben stein, to talk about the huge gift that congress just gave america, another $2 trillion in debt. buehler, buehler. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. i see you have the verizon network.
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in america today, time for some tea. the tea party convention kicking off today in nashville. a pivotal test of the movement's political power. we're talking grass roots, astroturf and weeds in the republican party. is this the future of the gop? also, breaking down toyota's new troubles with the prius. and america's energy crisis with renegade billionaire t. boone pickins. plus a sad good-bye it america's pandas. and political wolves in sheep's clothing. >> the man who literally helped put the state of california on the path to bankruptcy and higher taxes. >> reporter: the dylan ratigan show starts right now. good afternoon to you. i am dylan ratigan. in america today, we're talking about grass. the kind of grass that is sprouting up all over our
3:59 pm
country. you can see it here, in fact. as people realize that their politicians aren't working for them, but instead are operating for themselves, and for the special interests that bribe them, fund them, whatever you want to call it. to the grass we see here, rooted in public anger over washington's political horseplay. which is preventing any real action on jobs, or relief on housing, any real reform on health care, not to mention an ongoing and financial system that the banksters were at it again today. we'll come back for that a little later. one of the largest groups of grass, though, as you likely know, the tea party. and they opened up their first national convention today. headlined by the movement's icon sarah palin. but is the tea party the real deal? tea party leaders say, yes, they are. they're using their power to harness an unsatisfied electorate and get actual results for people. take a look. te


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