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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  February 19, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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health insurance without republican support. his office releasing a statement tonight, just to make sure this is in context, i want you to hear the full statement. it says -- that comes on the news of kathleen sebelius saying that -- the obama administration is willing to fight for the option if the senate puts it on the table. >> the private insurance company has done a great job. these 18 democratic senators
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want to bring that back. if that happens, will the administration fight for it? >> certainly, if it's part of the decision. absolutely. and than tonight with senator reid's news of support, we are seeing a real trend here. the white house and senate majority leader and spector, 19 other senators all signing on to a letter, all lining up behind the strategy for actually, finally after all of this time, passing health reform. a strategy that includes using budget reconciliation rules so that the majority could get around the republican filibuster. a strategy that says, in effect, if we go around the filibuster, we might be able to put the idea of the public health option back in the bill. the idea had seemed like it was off the table. that's because it had been traded away in the senate in
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search of conservative votes. don't forget, there is still a public option in the health reform bill that passed the house. well, now it may be back in the senate, too. the day seems very different today, at the end of the day in terms of what is possible and not possible in terms of health reform. the game is on. joining me now is matt, a fell lou at the center for american progress. how significant is senate majority leader harry reid's statement on this? >> it's fairly significant. it shows that no one in the leadership, nor the white house or the senate, wants to rule out a public option. but of course, the question has been the sent ris, democratic senators. you have 20 senators signing on to a letter but need at least 50. >> what was the count in terms of senators supporting a public option before it was traded away? how many votes did they think it could get before? >> well, this is what so one is quite clear on. there were two to four senators
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who took the fall for killing the public option. there's always been a suspicion that the broader number of democratic senators weren't thrilled with the idea. they were happy to have it be joe lieberman's fault. now is question is, how many are there that want to take responsibility for blocking this. i'm not clear that there are but i'm not clear that there are 50 that wanted it in. >> let's say that there are 50 democrats who wanted it. what are the other ones that they had to worry about? >> the main obstacles is that there are a number other issues in play. there's a question of abortion, which is contention in the house bill. it looks like bart stupack and pro life democrats jumping ship. they are going to have to make those votes up. there was questions about taxes. there's a lot of different components in the air.
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the public option gets a lot of attention, but it's not the only one. >> it does seem, though, even if they are not going to get the public option in the end, it does sort of seem like a good move to put it back on the table right now, even if only for the purpose of negotiation. at this point, if they are going to use reconciliation, they should put everything on the table that they want and then once the democratic caucus starts, you shouldn't concede that they are gone from the beginning, right in. >> i think that's why it's curious that they didn't have reconciliation as an option for forcefully six months ago, nine months ago. now, you can say to republicans, as a bargaining tactic, maybe if you want to come on board you can get some of these ideas out that you don't like. but if you want to object object instruct, we go much further. we do more progressive things, cater to what our base is interested in. in the case of public option, it's something that the american people are interested in.
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it's been more popular with the voters than the senators. >> and that's, i think, so important. i keep saying and all sorts of public venues, the public option is very popular. i described it's a very popular option. we get this blow back from the right. the public option, are you kidding? it's a horrible idea. and it became a political football. joe lieberman made sure that it was kicked out of the senate bill. when you actually ask people if you want that from health reform, it's still consistently all over the country does very well. >> it's a paradox in health reform. some of the ideas that hold the best, that people like the best, and generally are supportive of expanding them but it's very little -- interest groups don't -- and generally are supportive of exanding them, but interest groups don't like it.
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it makes >> heaven forbid the people like it and it's a tried and true a lot of people very nervous here in d.c. program that works. >> that gets very tricky. >> very ideological awkward. the president expected to release his health care on monday. briefly, given the recent developments, are you expecting when we hear what is in that plan, the public option is going to be on it? >> the expectation is that it won't be in it. and the plan will be sort of 50%, based on the compromise that they had before scott brown came in and then last chance to say, republicans, this is a reasonable idea. shouldn't you sign on? they want to keep the public option off of this initiative. they want to say, coming forward to this conference, we're looking to reach out. the public option is definitely a killer as far as republicans are concerned. at the same time, you and i and barack obama all realize that republicans are not going to join with them. >> so it may seem like republicans have a chance to join on board.
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they'll all say no. inevitably, 100%, democrats will get down to the work? >> yes. >> thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. >> he's with think progress and he's somebody who i read every day. it's mandatory. one of the fun activities at day two of cpac, is is the nancy pelosi pinata. take your best swing, everybody, at the speaker of the house. that's coming up. and later, since it was tiger woods' apology day, i thought we should hear from somebody other than me about this. one of the smartest people about sports there is. max kellerman joins us shortly. please stay tuned. first i find the flight i want. then a great hotel my kids will love. yeah. but wait... here's the really cool part. when i book them at the same time... voila! i can save up to 450 bucks. and we all know that can come in pretty handy.
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book flight and hotel, and save more. where you book matters, expedia. ♪ dot com speak rs this week want you to know fiscal responsibility is a bad, bad thing. >> we will ban the practice of
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air dropping earmarks into bills at the last minute so nobody knows that it's really there. and we'll outlaw monuments to me. this is for projects with their name on them. >> it's hard for me to believe that congressmen and senators that continue their addiction to earmarks in their support for almost every new spending program have read the same institution i have. >> some of the antiearmark. we really need to ask the republicans about the politico here mark list. a new report says the top earmarkers are both republicans. bill young of florida and thad
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i want to say to each of you simply and directly i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in. >> some people have speculated that elin somehow hurt or attacked me on thanksgiving night. it angers me that people would fabricate a story like that. elin never hurt me that night or any other night. there has never been an episode of domestic violence in our marriage. >> i think we can learn a lot from that situation. not from tiger but from his
9:13 pm
wife. so she said i've had enough. she said no more. i think we should take a page out of her playbook and take a nine iron and smash a window out of the big government in this country. >> that would have been a weird enough statement coming from anyone. coming from someone as ostentasiosly from tim pawlenty. that was positively -- ugh. i do understand stand though that to fit in with the cool kids on the right these days, like he's trying furiously to do, all your best jokes should mention the threat of force. for example, people at the cpac will have a chance to take a
9:14 pm
whack at a nancy pelosi pinata. we're trying to find out whether they really would deny a conservative woman, the opportunity to hit harry reid when they would make that opportunity to a man. not shockingly, they did not call us back. it has been a palpable undercurrent in conservative politics this year including now at cpac. an attack on a building yesterday became the fodder for jokes today. here's how grover norquist was introduced. >> let me say, i'm happy to see grover today. he was getting tetty in the past couple of weeks and i'm happy it was not him flying that plane into the building. >> i don't know. maybe wait until the building is not smoking anymore. maybe wait until after the funeral.
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an ill-timed considered joke is not the end of the world. it is not humorous misfires. it's the deep consistent tea how much we are seeing about violence against the government on the right now. here is how patty murray was name checked at a tea party event over the weekend. >> how many of you have watched the movie lonesome dove? what happened to jake when he ran to the wrong crowd? what happened to jake when he ran with the wrong crowd? he got hung. well, that's what i want to do with patty murray. >> you can sort of hear the shock in the audience and response to that, right? after initially denying that she said that at all, the tea party organizer later knew that they had the rope on hand to do the hanging of senator murray any way.
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if this is reminding you of something, it may be the incident in july. that immediately brought the immediate see of people bringing guns to protests over the summer. and what is defined as normal among protestors is being tried on for size by candidates running for office. >> i believe we have one last opportunity and i believe 2010 is it. >> yes. >> all right. we can do it with our vote. and we can get new faces in. whether it's my face or not, i pray to god i see new faces, because if we don't see new faces, i'm cleaning my guns and getting ready for the big show. >> if i don't see new faces and after the 2010 election, i'm cleaning my guns and getting ready for the big show. what do you think the big show is in this case?
9:17 pm
that man, the speaker from that clip, the cleaning the guns for the big show is a republican candidate for senate in the state of indiana. we are a free country and that means fringe folks doing fringe things. even making threats from the fringe all over all the time. that's not new and that's not the point. the point is on the occasion of the cpac conference in washington is the mainstreaming of this stuff. the weak and not encouragement from political figures. the dog whistles. >> if we don't see new faces, i'm cleaning my guns and getting ready for the big show. >> the vote is happening right now. i need your vote right now. please stand with me. thank you for standing. >> the republican party would be really smart to start trying to absorb as much as the tea party movement as possible because this is the future of our country. the tea party movement is the future of politics. >> why did you bring a gun to a
9:18 pm
meet wg the president of the united states given the violent history of this country? >> clearly i'm not advocating violence. >> would you disregard the americans not to come armed to public meetings? >> my answer is yes. >> congressman cooper, he says a moderate. by today's terminology, a moderate is somebody that says please don't come armed to get public meetings. your opportunity. you can say what you want. do you think people could come armed to discuss health care or not? >> i would think that they should exercise their rights under the second amendment. >> i would be out there with the -- >> one of the co-sponsors of cpac is the john birch society.
9:19 pm
it was considered so dangerous in the '60s, that conservetives kicked them out and demanding denounceuation of the society as the price of admission for any leader who wanted to be taken seriously in the conservative movement. now that he is dead, the society is back. actually sponsoring cpac this year. who in the conservative movement will say what is serious? joining us now is chris hayes. editor of "the nation." thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> do you see anything wrong with issues like this here? >> there are lines that have been drawn. one of the things that happened was the interview with deborah medina with glenn beck. >> she's sort of a tea party candidate for in the republican primary for governor of texas? >> exactly. and she had an interview with glenn beck and said i'm concerned about you running with 9/11 troopers and she said there's a lot of questions
9:20 pm
opened and beck denounced her and they are banning truthers and birthers from their comment section. the problem isn't the fringe views. it's the inflection of violence. there's two phenomena here. there are views really cooky here. you want to kind of patrol that just for the sake of the mainstream movement. the more dangerous thing is really the loaded violent rhetoric and i don't see anyone standing up to that. >> the reason i was so shocked by tim pawlenty's comments, he's cultivated this reputation as sort of the friendly mainstream moderate, though conservative politician. that's sort of the -- that's the political capital he takes into his attempt at the presidency and to have him get up there and say, let's take a nine iron and put it through the window of big government as his laugh line. he's not good at telling jokes. b, you're tim pawlenty. it gets redder and redder from there. i wonder if that's the price of
9:21 pm
admission with regard to conservative activists. >> they understand where the energy is. one thing that primary candidates do is chase the energy and it's in the angriest part of the republican base and con sifrtive movement. are the people that come and lick envelopes and give you money and show up at the caucuses in iowa. that's who they understand they are playing, too, for their political future. >> michael steele in particular has really aggressively tried to figure out some comfortable merger between the tea party and republican party. until this week, the rnc had a website that was, where you could send tea bags to your favorite democrats. when you do that, are you accountable for the, you know, ip want to hang patty murray rhetoric? are you responsible for the more extreme rhetoric that happens at the tea parties?
9:22 pm
>> that's a really good question. i guess i get really worried because i remember back during the bush years when reporters on the right would go and find some crowd of 200,000 people that were protesting a war and say, you guys are malice. >> but there's a difference. there's the republican party and there was the democratic party saying, it's us and code pink. >> that's right. >> was the democratic party saying, it's us and answer. >> to the degree that you invite them in, that's the degree to which you were held accountable. >> that's right. >> that's the issue that the republican party was facing this week. with the republican right now saying, everybody talking about an incredible mainstream and coming in how close they are, nobody is coming to the difficult question there, which is that they are then responsible for what happens to the people they align themselves with. >> that's right. no one else is putting up -- the whole thing is a hustle.
9:23 pm
tim pawlenty's not going to shrink government. none of these people are going to do what the tea partyiers want. the entire thing is a joke. they are manipulating and using them on the other end. >> in terms of small government and -- >> they never deliver. it's a total hustle. they're going to go back to their lobbying jobs when everybody leaves town. >> can i -- one totally different note about cpac, with our bobby jindal -- >> not on the ballot. >> i know. >> i had to beg, plead, and cajole, and haley barbou, newt gingrich, sarah palin, tim pawlenty, no bobby jindal. i am very upset on behalf of jindal. >> that was a rough state of the union address. >> he's supposed to be their guy. >> he should start introducing himself, i'm bobby jindal and used to be the future of the
9:24 pm
republican party. >> chris hayes. good to see you here. >> thank you. today is the day, rename the filibuster problem contest. the competition has been fierce and today a golfer ceases the attention of the world. the apology heard around the world with my guest max kell kellerman, that's up next. first, one more thing. about the john birch society, these are the folks that said that president eisenhower was a conscious agent of the soviet union while he was president of the united states. they also said putting flouride in drinking water was a secret plot. and i got a chance to speak with the john birch society president at cpac. the john birch society caught our exchange on tape. >> i'm remembering the show you this.
9:25 pm
>> it turns out those guys don't drink the water any way. i asked. for the record, we actually called the d.c. hotel that is hosting the cpac event this year and we asked them about the fluoride in the water and the hotel confirmed for us that they don't do anything to filter out
9:26 pm
the communist flouride they put in the water, but said they soften the water in-house. so, there's the next communist plot. water softening. think about it. ♪ so sensory, ♪ so satisfying, ♪ the discovery never seems to stop. ♪ ♪ it's the magic friskies makes happen. ♪ ♪ every day. ♪ in so many ways. ♪ friskies. feed the senses. ♪
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i am deeply sorry for my irresponsible and selfish behavior i engaged in. i was unfaithful. i cheated. what i did is not acceptable and i am the only person to blame. >> that is the world's greatest
9:30 pm
golfer, tiger woods who confesses, since after thanksgiving, the personal stuff and the details about his marriage that we really have no business knowing. the rachel maddow show has bypassed the story almost entirely, but no one else did and as much as i've tried, i've found that being this willfully ignorant about something so many are talk about is an overrated place to be. mr. woods' statement was made to an invitational crowd. it was shown on every cable newschannel and all four broadcasts broke into it. reports that trading on the new york stock exchange fell to about a million shares as the speech began. it's lowest level of the day. then surged to 6 million when it ended. in other words, everyone was watching this. the news here is that in 13.5 minutes, mr. woods apologized to
9:31 pm
his wife, his friends, his family, his fans. he announced he would return to in-patient rehab for sex addiction and asked his family be left alone. he did not announce a date for his return to golf. i hope this next part of the statement made britt hume feel really creepy. >> i have a lot of work to do and i intend to dedicate myself to doing it. part of following this path for me is buddhism, which my mother taught me at a young age. i actively practiced my faith from childhood until i drifted away from it in recent years. buddhism teaches that a craving for things outside ourselves causes an unhappy and pointless
9:32 pm
search for security. it teaches me to stop following every impulse and to learn restraint. obviously, i lost track of what i was taught. >> joining us now, one of the only people on earth whose opinion on this subject i'm curious about, it's my old pal, max kellerman. thank you very much for being here. >> a pleasure to be here, rachel. >> all right. you know me enough to know that i don't think we should know any of this about this person. i don't think any of this is our business. but we do all know and given how much everyone cares about this, what is the most important thing that happened today? >> well, first of all, you're right about it. this is honestly why this is my favorite show on tv, this and yo
9:33 pm
gabba gabba, my daughter's favorite show. it's really a -- when everybody is talking about sarah palin talking with ashley judd and you're talking about gays and the ghanda bill, there's a young fenom who was not white in a predominately white sport but he was an incredible golfer but the kind of media attention that he drew was out of proportion -- it was disproportional even to his enormous talent and i think that's because a lot of people in the media, in charge of making editorial decisions like golf, they golfed themselves. they follow golf and personal preference certainly influences what gets covered and that goes for the same for people who dole out corporate sponsorships. so this name was everywhere and became one of the most recognizable people on earth and then when ease scandalized there's even more media attention.
9:34 pm
and so it becomes this self-fulfilling media prophesy. it's the story. >> but i feel like the sort of -- it's not exactly ethics. it's not the taste -- whether or not it's tasteful for us to know about all of this, whether or not we should all feel uncomfortable about knowing this stuff about him, is whether he made any claims to be anything other than what he's been proven to be. did we just inview him with this great character or did he make the case for himself. i'm happy to go after him if he seems like a hypocrite. >> you could argue that he owes an apology to his corporate sponsorships because now suddenly the image is not right and they suffer as a result. they suffer as a result. but, no, i'm not really interested in what he does in his private life. he doesn't really owe an apology to his fans, who he did apologize to. although i guess if you think about your private life, the
9:35 pm
most embarrassing part of your private life were revealed publicly and they disappointed people you care about, you don't necessarily owe them an apology, but might make you feel good to apologize. i think that's what he did. there's enormous cynisim and heading into this and in recent years, often, it's baseball players in a prepared statement, clearly which a pr firm wrote, they don't want to open up to questions right away. they've already misled or continue. that really wasn't the case here. tiger was -- seemed to me, i know he's played mixed reviews but he seemed to me to be genuine about what he was saying. you heard him reference buddahism.
9:36 pm
i thought that was significant for a couple of reasons. if you're just trying to say what you think people want to you say, you have to cow tow to jesus. he didn't do that. he offered something about himself that lent emotional authenticity to the proceedings and i was impressed. >> max kellerman introducing to this show for the first time ever, it's hard to believe, the phrase cowtowing to jesus. and for that, i owe you very much, sir. coming up, keith is going to do something amazing. he's going to tick down the most cringe-worthy events on television. you have to see this. post-obama patriotism. from the state government of south carolina. one official there wants to ban american currency. we will be using a oiji board
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first and hopefully only ever rachel maddow challenge. we also have some filibuster performing arts. hard to explain. we'll let that be a surprise. first, we have a few stories in today's news. president obama spoke in denver. first senator michael bennett. nothing too unusual there. the president usually supports congressional incumbents in his party. there was one tweak to this surrounding these events. want to see what is missing here? notice anything missing there? the presidential seal is not on the podium. nbc's chief white house correspondent and chuck todd reports that the missing seal is not so much missing as it has been removed on purpose -- why? i have no idea.
9:41 pm
you can count down to it as being denounced as a communist plot in three, two -- something to expect from the experience of modern american airline security. the transportation security administration is announcing it will start swabbing travelers' hands to search for traces of explosives. you may have seen these swabs that they use to test already. screeners use them to check bags and shoes. the policy has revised a thumb's up for the american civil liberties union, provided the policy is not implemented in a discriminatory fashion, the aclu says it's the right security mesh thaur is not an invasion of privacy. we contacted security expert bruce schneider to get his take. he's very critical of tsa measures that he calls security theater. he told us about the testing and quote --
9:42 pm
so you can file that under faint praise, damming whiff. the tsa already has about 7,000 explosive trace detection machines. many will provide for about 400 more. if you hear someone who voted against the stimulus bill taking credit for the 400 new machines. if you live in south carolina, you may want to think about trading in your wallet for something more sturdier. michael pits introduced a bill that would ban american currency in the state of south carolina. no paper currency. no nickels, dimes or quarters. michael pitts, if he has his way, you'll only be able to buy things with gold or silver. he explained his reasoning saying, quote, something that i can hold tangible in my hand, put more value in, especially under the current rate of inflation. in the case of total economic
9:43 pm
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the obama administration is rebranding the iraq war on pentagon orders the u.s. mission will no longer be called operation iraqi freedom. the u.s. forces will be part of operation new dawn. the new name takes effect september 1st by which time troop levels are to have fallen to around 50,000. operation new dawn is supposed to make you think of a shining new day in iraq. it's not supposed to make you think of the marine offensive that nearly leveled the city of falluja in 2004. that was also called new dawn.
9:46 pm
that's awkward. new dawn is the name of something that bill it is self as the world's most unusual magazine. the current issue promising to reveal quote, who really runs the world and the plan for world government. new dawn, also the name of a christian rock band from oregon. also, there's the new dawn singers, the glee club that plays at gospel concerts. they seem to be very good. it's also the name of an industrial company that makes peanut machines like this. war is very hard, planning for war is very hard. googling your name for your war is not that hard actually. hi, e! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go to the -- the farm. [ cow moos ] [ laughter ]
9:47 pm
no, seriously, where are you guys going? ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! ni hao! [ female announcer ] the new classroom. see it. live it. share it. on the human network.
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our interns are exhausted. julia, rachel, you guys have done great work. thank you. it's starting to pay off. so far, 16 senators and the president of the senate, also known as the vice president, have responded to our calls or otherwise gone on the record about whether they support the idea of performing the filibuster. the republicans are using it in a way that's never been used before. they are using it to require 60 votes on everything. a result so far, nine senators and joe biden say that they are for the idea of changing the filibuster rules. and democratic senator maria cantwell of washington is
9:49 pm
joining the other six senators on the other side who say they do not support changing the rules. that leaves 84 senators who have yet to get back to us with a definitive position. senators, senate staffers, this is not a trick or a trap. we want to know where to put you on our chart. in the hope of inspiring you to respond to the calls from our very nice hard working interns, we're topping the considerable talents today of jerry adler. every week, jerry adler turns a story from the news into a verse for "newsweek." without further ado jerry adler reading his latest opus with a special assist from our own kent jones. >> the urgent business of the people now must shuffle limp and creeple, three steps forward, three steps back, iran, afghanistan, iraq, that crazy north korean cook with missiles and a suitcase nuke. 30 million uninsured, giant
9:50 pm
loans go insecured, unemployment unabated, bankers unabashed, unstated, unwanting to be regulated. greenhouse gases in the air, bad news for the polar bear. ♪ no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. olympia snowe. >> sort of can't believe we did that. that was so awesome. ladies and gentlemen, that was the news verse of jerry adler, and a big thanks to "the rachel maddow show" official bongo boy kent jones. wow.
9:51 pm
as you may also know we have been trying to come up with a new name for the filibuster problem. since saying the republicans are abusing a role that used to be used infrequently to now require a 60 vote supermajority for everything in the united states senator, it is a little sleepy and tiring and boring. we have enjoyed reading through the thousands of suggestions you have made at our website for renaming the filibuster problem. but now it is friday. and it is time to unveil the finalists, and tell you who we picked as our winner. so here our are our honorable mentions that you guys made the finals and i want to congratulate you on that. first one is invoking the gridlock rule. as in the nominee would have passed with the majority vote, but since republicans have invoked the gridlock rule, the nomination failed. also, pass interference, as in the bill earned a majority of yes votes but failed because of pass interference. that's a good one. catch 41 as in catch 22 but for 41 votes. republicans could not muster a
9:52 pm
majority to stop the nomination but they did so anyway because of catch 41. this is a good one, la, la, la, la, la, la. it failed because of la, la, la, la, la. i think that would be hard to translate to print there is also minority override. that's pretty good one. the bill had a majority and would have passed if not for the senate's minority override now. similarly minority rule, this was very popular, the bill had a majority and it would have passed except for the senate's minority rule now. just one more finalist before the winner, the word snag clottle, which like the word canoodle, we would be making up, simply for the purpose of describing this problem. it would be like the nominee would have passed with the majority vote except for the snag clottle in the senate. i like that one. all the finalists were very good. there were lots of good ones besides. our winner is, i think our best
9:53 pm
hope of picking something that is actually memorable, that actually sticks and gets people talking about this problem. can we get a drum -- with he can do that? can you give me a drum roll? the winner is the tarantino. the tarantino, because it kills bills. so here's how it works in a sentence, right, like extending unemployment earned a majority of yes votes but failed to pass anyway because of the tarantino. republicans could not muster a majority to stop the nomination, but they were able to stop that nomination anyway because the tarantino. the real question is whether climate change legislation could pass now, even if there weren't a tarantino. it is the tarantino. the hash tag on twitter is hash tag the tarantino. as if i even need to say this, this is meant as an homage, not
9:54 pm
a criticism of any kind of director quentin tarantino. that's why it is the tarantino, hash tag the tarantino. and i will tell you, the filibuster problem was very, very, very nearly christened the uma thurman instead. but we think the tarantino is really it. the winner of our mug and sweatshirt for having submitted the tarantino is alan a. waldman. congratulations, alan. a mug and a sweatshirt and the thanks of a grateful nation are on their way to you. we'll be right back. [ robin ] my name is robin.
9:55 pm
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inviting people to join my facebook group. what's it called? the dunking oreo cakesters in milk is awesome group. it's for people who think dunking oreo cakesters is awesome. well, i'm gonna start a facebook group called the dunking is for oreo cookies only and is even awesomer... group! [ beeping ] uh...okay, uh... how do i join facebook? or you just automatically in it? how does that work? [ male announcer ] dunk or don't dunk. choose your side. apparently, in parts of north america between the months of november and march, frozen white precipitation sometimes falls from the sky and coats the earth. i know. meteorologists call this period winter. and washington, d.c. seems
9:58 pm
genuinely surprised when it happens to them every year. snow, here? impossible! last week, when our nation's capitol got slammed with up 40 inches of the white stuff, the default response was, ah, close everything down, armageddon! fortunately, other cities have better planning. they wisely reached out to, among other places, boston. eight days ago, a team of about 40 boston area drivers including these guys here from wl french es ca separating cooperation drove their dump trucks, their front end loaders and sidewalk bobcats to d.c., they've been plowing nonstop ever since. housing projects, schools, sidewalk, you name it. contractors were hired from all of over but the biggest number came from boston and those bay staters became rock stars here in d.c. "boston globe" reporting today how grateful the washingtonians have been from the people up
9:59 pm
north, even inviting the drivers inside for something to eat. one quoted -- what would be really awesome is if washington had its own snow removing rock stars. they could ask scott brown and john kerry and others to put plows on their cars and take their chances. i know that senator brown has a pick up truck. that does it for us tonight. now, because i'm on before him for the first time ever, ladies and gentlemen, here is keith olbermann. i've never been able to do this before. good evening, keith. >> what the hell's going on? thank you, rachel. do we still have an open? which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? t minus 32 and counting. breaking news.