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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 24, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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good morning. i'm monica novotny. j.d. heyworth is challenging john mccain. first, breaking news. hamas assassination authorities closing in on the killers. toyota's president getting the grilling of his life on foreign soil today. and 24 hours from the health care show down at the white house. the power packed hour, house majority whip, former white house communications director andy dunn and the daughter of boxing legend month hall em ali. we begin with that breaking news. dubai police identifying 15 new suspects involved in the murder of a hamas official at that dubai luxury hotel. some of the alleged assassins were caught on surveillance camera last month. the new suspects bring the total independent number of people blooefd to be in this plot to 26. they carry passports from britain, australia, and france.
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israel denies any involvement. we begin with toyota's chief executive, the grandson of the company's founder, the japanese leader of the world's biggest car seller is about to get the grill of his life on foreign soil about the toyota massive recalls. this follows very emotional testimony yesterday. phil lebeau joins you us from capitol hill. toyota releasing his opening statements yesterday. sounds like he's start with apologizing. >> we'll hear a lot of apologies from akio toyoda. we'll hear from him and other toyota executives that they are recommitted to making sure quality and safety are number one with this company. he's playing out a plan for how the company will try and avoid massive recalls in the future, that involves establishing a quality control committee that will have representatives from all over the world, including north america.
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there were a number of questions yesterday from congressional leaders saying how come japan didn't notify toyota executives in the i'd sooner that there might be this problem regarding unintended acceleration. so we'll hear a number of heated questions where they ask why toyota didn't move quicker. but i think there will be two people there answering questions, akio toe yyoda and m anabi. mr. toyoda will be setting the standard of we apologize and we'll do better in the future. >> phil lebeau, thank you. we are 24 hours away from pt president obama's bipartisan health care summit. as democrats and republicans get ready for the meeting, it seems the only thing they can agree on for sure is that, well, there will probably be no real break through. minority chairman eric cantor
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was on the daily rundown just moments ago. >> speaker pelosi doesn't have the votes in the house. it's indicative of the fact that the american people don't like this health care bill. >> and the democrats could try and go it alone or a 51 vote majority. that's something republicans vehemently oppose. >> they should stop crying about reconciliation as if it's never been done before. it's done almost every congress. and they're the ones that used it more than anyone else. >> sir, we're pleased you're joining us this morning. do you agree with your republican counterpart, that speaker pelosi doesn't have the votes? because i've heard you say, in fact, you think there might be more votes. >> thank you very much for having me. first of all, let me say that mr. cantor seemed to be treating the president's proposals as a bill. these are the president's proposals, laid out before us, asking all of us to come to the
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table on tomorrow and if we like what we see, then accept it. if we don't like it, offer modifications. and then we'll start determining whether or not we've got the votes. we don't have the votes for a proposal. i think we will have the votes for a good bill and we're not there yet. so mr. cantor really ought to get serious about having the discussion about what it is that they will do to improve upon the president's marker. >> so you say these are just proposals, we know they've broken it down into four specific areas. do you think you can get it done, then, if these are just the proposals? >> yes, i think we can get a good bill and i would hope that my republican friends will offer their suggestions, help us make the modifications they think are necessa necessary, with add to it if they want to. these are good, solid proposals
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coming from the president, asking us, as members of congress, to offer our suggestions. and then we'll see whether or not the votes are there. and so i'm not doing any whipping now on proposals. i'm waiting on legislation to start my whipping process. >> assuming then, sir, that there is legislation, you've also been vocal about reconciliation, as we heard senator reid in that sound bite at the top of this segmentment. you supported him on that. but republicans say that defies the will of the voters who opposed your plan. >> well, you know, it's been interesting. it's been 28 years now that we've spent years in reconciliation for health care bills. i would remind my republican friends that we did welfare reform under bill clinton with reconciliation. we did bush's tax cuts under george w. bush with reconciliati reconciliation. we have used reconciliation
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almost 30 times to get things done of this nature. this is ordinary activity in the house. there's nothing extraordinary about using a bunch of reconciliation. i've always said that welfare reform is good for welfare is good for health care reform. >> all right. well, we hope we see something extraordinary tomorrow. congressman, i appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you so much for having me. >> stick with msmnbc. we'll have coverage of that tomorrow morning. any moment now, we are expecting new video of former vice president dick cheney. doctors are calling it a mild heart attack, it would be his fifth. his office just releasing a statement saying the vice president is feeling good and will resume his normal schedule shortly, this after undergoing a stress test and heart catheterzation.
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cheney received well wishes from vice president biden and his former boss, george w. bush. charlie sheen is in rehab following a fight with his wife. her lawyer confirming earlier she is in a fight for substance abuse. cbs is suspending the filming of the show "two and a half men." mark care begkerrigan could released from jail today afteran altercation with his father. mark could be released if he posts $10,000 bail, wears a tracking device and stays confined to the family home. right now in colorado, the suspect in a middle school shooting is moments away from appearing in court. that shooting took place in court yesterday in deercreek
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middle school in colorado. two students were shot before a teacher tackled the gunlman as he reloaded. one victim was treated and released. the other is in critical condition. the suspect has an arrest record in colorado that dates back to 1996. winter storms are headed for the northeast, some powerful enough that they're calling them a snow hurricane. joining me now is the weather channel's mike seidel in albany, new york. i don't like the sound of that, mike. >> well, this is the first storm and you've got rain in new york city. but here in the upstate area, in albany, some of the hillsides have had nearly two feet of snow. this one is going to wind down. it's the next one that will have the real impact. tomorrow, the storm cranks up. wind and rain for boston. we've got delays at laguardia and philadelphia today. if you're flying in and out of the northeast tomorrow, boy, i'll tell you, the flight times will be fraught with delays and likely cancellations.
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then the snowfall tomorrow. 8 to 12 in philadelphia. trenton, 10 to 15. right now we're going to new york city, 5 to 8. temperatures will be around freezing and the streets will be white in most areas. a slushy storm but a real mess going into thursday and friday. of course, we'll keep you posted from our live location on the weather channel. >> sounds lovely. all right, mike, thank you. one rhode island school just fired its entire teaching staff. i kid you not. over 80 educators just got the boot. we'll tell you why and if they're hiring. plus, a 17-year-old girl is arrested for trying to pull off a shocking crime not once, but twice. we'll have the details in our morning rush. he's a man who could be john mccain's worst political nightmare and he's joining us live in ten minutes right here on mnz msnbc news. [ male announcer ] right now mrs. jones is freeing herself from restrictive calling circles and switching her entire family to sprint. that way her daughter isn't, like, limited to, like, lame calling plans. her son can talk all day long.
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fully clothed and fully exposed at the same time, the full full body scanners are settle to be installed in airports next week. let's start the morning rush. they will be set up at boston logan and chicago's o'hare airports next week. they will set up in the airports by the department of homeland security. a connecticut mother accused of aban beyonding her daughter for days while she went on vacation. michelle casareus said nothing after being charged of risk of injury to a minor. she's accused of leaving her 11-year-old daughter unsupervised and going off to florida. school officials contacted police after a parent reported the girl's mother went on a trip to meet her boyfriend.
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katelynn inge yam and her 21-year-old boyfriend allegedly robbed at least two banks in the dartmuth area. ingam was not armed at the time, but passed the note to the teller with specific instructions. police arrested the pair without incident on monday. and the accused miami cat killer was arrested on monday morning, arrested for the alleged mutilation and killing of cats last summer. but there's a major problem with the prosecution's case. authorities say they couldn't find any human dna evidence on those cats. they're still awaiting testing from the suspect's clothing and other items. democrats and republicans are showing little willingness to compromise as they head into tomorrow's health care summit. more than three out of four, 76% say it is extremely or very important to reform the way health insurance works. let's get the doctor's diagnosis, former surgeon general dr. david thatcher.
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he is now the director of the center for sxlengt on health disparities for the national center of primary care. good to have you, sir. >> thank you, monica. good to be with you. >> president obama's plan costs about $950 billion. we're throw up some numbers here. 3 million people would be covered. the white house says it would cut the deficit by $100 billion. are we getting the most bang for our buck with this plan? >> well, i think we are because i think we're in deep trouble now in terms of the cost of health care. and i think the cost of doing nothing is much greater than the cost of this plan. number one, i think we're dealing with a serious issue of almost 50 million people uninsured, people going bankrupt because they suffer a severe illness, people losing their insurance because they change jobs. there are critically moral issues in relation to this country and what we stand for. i think it's critical that we reform the health care system. i think it's critical that we do it now.
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the longer we wait, the more expensive health care becomes in this country and the longer we wait, the more people suffer. >> included in the president' plan, individuals must find insurance. there's the pre-existing condition that we've heard so much about. the government can block rate hikes. is there anything that you've seen, we're just covering some of the topics there, but is there anything you've seen there that you think is missing, that needs to be included that you'd like to see? >> well, i think there's something that's not talked about but it's in there and it needs to be talked about more and that is supporting prevention and wellness. i think the way we'll get costs under control must include providing incentives for prevention and wellness. not on it sit cost-effective, it's the most human approach to health and health care. we have not been supportive of prevention and wellness. it's been shown that the businesses that have invested in workplace wellness have saved money in the cost of health care. so i think we need to talk more
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about prevention and wellness. i think we need to talk more about using the best technology to better manage our health system, to improve communication, so we can stop wasting money in the health care system. >> finally, sir, republicans have been pushing for tort reform and allowing people to buy insurance across state lines if necessary. do you think that's a good idea? would that help reduce costs? >> i think it would help reduce costs in time. i know there are a lot of issues involved with that, political issues and otherwise. but i think certainly we waste a lot of money in health care because of the legal challenges to health care and the fact that people are so desensitive in their practices. so ultimately, i think they're going to have to deal with that issue. >> dr. david thatcher, we appreciate you joining us today. thank you. >> great to be here. the wall straet fat cats can thank americans for bailing them out while they pocket another
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massive cash with the other hand. $20 billion bonuses were given to employees last year. total compensation for the biggest three firms, up 3 %. let's take a look at the market boards right now. dow jones up 27.5 point. the s&p up just over 2 and the nasdaq up almost 12 points. this has to be a first. an entire faculty and staff for a rhode island high school, they've all been fired. 100 educators and administrators watched last night. we're talking about central falls high school. it's the only public school in the small city of the same name. the school is ranked in the lowest 5% of districts in the state for a number of years. the superintendent does have a new hiring plan, including a professional development measure to meet federal standards. the superintendent was told that he only had a few options and the best one, they felt, was the
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we've got a look at airport delays for you right now. boston looks good. new york laguardia, 45 minutes. d.c. looking good, as well. philadelphia, 30 minutes. this is as good as it's going to get. if you've got somewhere to go for this weekend, you need to get out now. it is only going to get worse as this storm hammers down in the northeast in the coming days. a florida officer suspended from the force for two days after he was busted trash talking on the job by his own boss. the police chief in naples says he was reviewing his department's cash cams when he
10:24 am
came across an officer ranting against people he was supposed to be helping. >> you stupid -- [ bleep ] over there. somebody is going to go to [ bleep ] jail. >> the 20-year police veteran took shots at fellow officers, calling one a weasel, another a pansy, and a lot of those ex blah actives mixed in. espn suspended tony kornheiser, cohost of a radio show, often discusses how celebrities dress. but he went too far last week in how hannah storm was dressed. >> hannah storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. she has on a red go-go boots and catholic school red skirt, way too short for somebody in her
10:25 am
40s or maybe early 50s by now. .and she's got on her typically very, very tight shirt. so she looks like she has sausage casings wrapped around her upper body. >> espn's vice president calling kornheiser's comments unacceptable and hurtful. he told radio listeners no one should take anything he says about them personally because, quote, i am a troll. a restaurant owner got a big surprise when she came to work this week when she found a man stuck in the chimney. she says she didn't realize he was there until she spotted -- how creepy is this -- dangling feet. the man was freed and then he was taken to the hospital. it's not known if he'll face charges there. former presidential candidate john mccain facing one of the top primaries to watch this fall, being challenged by tea party favorite conservative
10:26 am
and former arizona congressman j.d. heyworth. good morning to you in phoenix, sir. thank you for waking up with us. >> hi, monica. good morning. >> sir, you're running a very grassroots campaign and you are up against a political powerhouse. let's drop some names here. senator mccain has the support of poem like mitt romney and sarah palin. how do your endorsements stack up and did you take a hit by not winning palin's support? >> oh, no. first of all, we understand the washington political establishment. by and large, we'll line up behind a member of the political establishment. >> but you wouldn't call senator brown a member of the establishment, would you? >> certainly, i welcome him. look, we can go through a litany of who endorsed john, but i think it's more important to talk about who has endorsed me. slaif pyle, the most popular elected officer holder in arizona. the phoenix law enforcement association, cops on the beat and on the street supporting my candidacy and backing it up with
10:27 am
a financial commit and just today, we can announce that those who defend the second amendment, the gun owners of america, lining up with me. so we can talk about a who's who in the political establishment or even some of the newcomers to the senate. but here in arizona, it will be arizona voters who will decide who will go to the senate, monica, and that's why i'm confident of our success in the august 24th primary. >> let me ask you about something senator mccain has said. he says he was misled on t.a.r.p. by then treasury secretary hank paulson and ben bernanke. t.a.r.p. was supposed to be used to counter the mortgage crisis, not to bail out the big banks. do you believe mccain was misled? >> no, i don't, monica. the night before on nbc nightly news, you may remember john yang had a record that feerchbd john mccain saying because of his experience, he was best equipped
10:28 am
to rhett republic arizona. now, in western inventory knack ewe lar, this ain't john's first rodeo. when he suspended his campaign to go back to washington to sit face-to-face with those decisionmakers, now a couple years later, he's telling us he was misled? i have to tell you, this is isn't revision of history. that sounds more like john kerry in 2004 than the john mccain i used to work with. >> and the mccain camp is attacking your spending record. they have a radio ad saying you talk like a conservative, but you spend like a liberal. they're citing your vote for the bridge to nowhere. you supported the 2003 medicare prescription drug benefit. what do you think of those ads? what do you think of those allegations? >> well, first of all, with all due respect, i understand the frantic nature of part of this campaign. it's part of the reversal.
10:29 am
and blaming everybody else for his bailout vote. including in that bailout, $150 billion earmarks. and let's not forget john's ill fated amnesty plan. according to the heritage foundation, $2.6 trillion on retirement benefits alone for illegals granted citizenship. so it's an interesting paradox. john doesn't want a medicare prescription drug benefit for lawful seniors but wants to expand those rights for illegals suddenly made citizens? look, it just doesn't watch. and the more people take a look at the real john mccain record, the more we'll see john try to revise his record and explain and walk away from the votes he made in the u.s. senate. >> j.d. hayworth, appreciate your time, sir. we'll be watching this race. >> hey, monica, thanks. remember the website, >> you got your plug. >>. women in the military haib
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let's move to the pentagon. defense secretary roberts gates is bringing quality to naval controls, barring women from serving on submarines. jim mcleshevs can i joins us with who are on what this means. how long before this takes effect? are they putting in some sort of special policies to prevent anything inappropriate from happening on these submarines? >> well, you know, it's that good order and discipline that should take effect when women ultimately serve on submarines. but it's intended to open up new career paths for women in the navy. it's going to a take a couple of years, however, before women are adequately trained to board a submarine and deploy with 80 to
10:34 am
100 men. the biggest problem, of course, is the accommodations because you have this crew that is tightly packed. they live, east, sheep, shower together practically for months at a time, 24/7. so that's always been a problem in terms of putting women on submarines. but here going to retrofit sa marines. it will be a go slow approach. the first women to serve will be the officers, so they should have a private cabin, at least to share with each other. monica. >> all right, jim, thank you. the stage is set. the cast has been selected. democrats and republicans ready for their televised summit. the big question is will anything come out of them? nora o'donnell is in washington this morning. what do we think, six hours tomorrow? >> i know. it's a good question. we're now on the eve of this presidential summit. the white house is pledging to work together with republicans. but at the same time, they are out there hammering the senate
10:35 am
gp for more putting forward an alternative plan. seeking to revive his health care plan -- >> i want everybody to pay attention next thursday when we have this health care summit. >> president obama is calling together a group of 25 republicans and democrats to blair house across the street from the white house for a day-long televised health care negotiating session. >> you know, you may not want to watch all six or eight hours of it. you have things to do. but pay attention to what this debate is about because there's been so much talk about, you know, def panels and adding to the deficit and this is and that and the other. >> many republicans dismiss the summit, calling it theater. >> house republicans will continue to oppose any effort to use this so-called summit as a media preamble to forcing through obama care 2.0. >> it's a shift in strategy by the white house with the
10:36 am
president taking a hands-on approach, bringing to the table his own health care proposal, a $950 billion plan based on the senate bill passed late last year with some key changes. it drops the controversial cornhusker kickback, millions in extra medicaid funding secured by nebraska senator ben nelson. it delays taxes on expensive cadillac health insurance plans and it gives the federal government authority to limit excessive insurance premium hikes. >> there you go. >> important reform for this california mother. >> do i go without insurance? does my daughter go without insurance? what are we supposed to do? >> at thursday's meeting, the white house sees the president's plan as the opening bid for bipartisan talks. >> it incorporates democratic and republican ideas and it's a starting point for those discussions. >> and days ahead of the summit,
10:37 am
the white house upped the ante, claiming republicans have not come up with a plan of their own. but republicans have declared the white house proposal dead on arrival, and called on the white house to start over. >> we've now had an opportunity to look at the president's summary of where he would like to go on health care and i would say putting a new name on a whole lot more spending is clearly not reform. >> it's time to scrap this bill, to get back to common sense ideas that will help improve the cost of health care in america and widen access. >> realistically, they should stop crying about reconciliation as if it's never been done before. it's done almost every congress. >> pretty tough words. so the question is what happens if a bipartisan break through can't be reached? well, the democrats could, of course, still use a special senate procedure to push the bill through. in fact, 23 democratic senators have now signed off on the idea of reconciliation and getting
10:38 am
health care done with a simple majority. still, as one republican pointed out to me yesterday, monica, they've got 23 democrats on board. that still leaves another 36. less than the majority of the democratic party to sign off on leaving reconciliation. >> it's going to be fascinating to watch tomorrow. nora, thanks for that. health care activists will march towards the nation this afternoon to march ahead of the bipartisan summit. we did some tape of marchers, but we don't have that right now. a small group of those marchers have trekked some 135 miles from philadelphia to washington, d.c. demanding that lawmakers do something and pass the president's proposal. andy stern will be joining that march this afternoon. and he joins us now, as well. so andy, i know that you say go big when it comes to health care reform. you say scaling back is not an option. but didn't they already try that? didn't they try to go big? and it hasn't worked so far. >> i think what we have to think
10:39 am
about is what the com woman from california asked, what are we going to do here? i will welcome the marchers today. 37 years old, had breast cancer, couldn't find an insurance policy she could afford, had a $5,000 deductible. fought with the insurance company every day until she died. people in america are hurting and fllgs unless this bill really solves that problem, it covers everyone, it allows melanie and the woman in california to get coverage, then what's the purpose? >> and as far as how the president plans to pay for this plan, we have a cutout that i want to throw up. he talks about a tax on high cost insurance plans, which is a scaled down version of the senate's plan. is that acceptable to your union? >> yes, it is. i think the president has made a lot of adjustments. he's made sure that these adjustments apply to everyone. in his plan, it says you have to start paying the tax of $27,500 for a family.
10:40 am
if we can't cut the cost of health care, the tax is not going to be the problem because there are very few employers who can be competitive paying $27,000 a year for health care. >> you were among the most frequent white house visitors in 2009, anally. logs show that you visited the white house more than 28 times meeting with president and top officials. that's a lot of face time. what were those meetings about? what were you focused on? >> they were focused on people that lost their home because their health care bills were excessive. it's about the teachers and firefighters who are going to lose their jobs if we don't do anything about state fiscal relief. it's about how do we rebuild the middle class and make work pay again? and i am pleased that this administration wants to hear from everyday ordinary americans about what they think should be done in the future. >> are you concerned about the critics out there who say the president is in too close with the unions, like yourself? >> no. i think what the president is into is what do most americans
10:41 am
care about, which is how do they get a job? how do they have affordable health care? how do they retire with dignity? how do they have the american dream? i think this president gets up every day and at least that is in the forefront of his mind. >> andy, i'm wondering, there's been a lot of talk about this being bipartisan tomorrow. what have you heard from the republicans that you like? if there's one plan, one idea that they've got in terms of health care reform, what do you like from the gop? >> as i understand it, the president's proposal took an incredible amount of ideas about waste, fraud and abuse, which i think is very important to have a system that is efficient and we don't be paying people for services that aren't being provided. so i think the republicans focused on waste, fraud and abuse as well as the democrats. a lot of good ideas are there and i think there's been some movement made about the whole issue of malpractice insurance. >> andy stern, thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> now to the winter olympics in vancouver the and an emotional night in women's figure skating. take a look.
10:42 am
taking to the ice just days after her mother's sudden fatal heart attack. her eyes are filled with tears at the end of her routine. she finished in third place and won the hearts of the audience. meanwhile, the favorite, kim yu nah is in first place. the final skate is thursday. on tuesday, the team usa won its first ever in the nordic combined thanks to the usa men's team who won a silver. >> he literally jumped over the cone right here and goes to the inner. he should have been on the outer lane. >> that's speed indicator sven kramer who goes from sure gold to being disqualified after his coach mistakenly tells him to switch lanes.
10:43 am
chris jansen is in vancouver for more. chris, you were in the ice rink for women's figure skating. we saw the tears on tape. it was just incredible. >> and there were a lot of tears in the eyes of the 11,000 people inside the stadium. joni rochette, courage. her father was in the audience. she skated nearly flawlessly. she came in with a score that put her in third place, a personal best. and you just have to imagine what was going through her mind at the end of it. she broke down in tears. she skated over to her coach and she threw her arms around him. i have seldom been at a sporting event where there was that much emotional and obviously, everyone behind her waving flags, cheering her on. as for the leader, who is the south korean, kim yu-na who skated as a bond girl, also a
10:44 am
personal best. she is a superstar in her home country. she made $8 million in endorsements this year. she continues to be the prohibited favorite and better than expected, the two young americans who find themselves in fifth and sixth place and actually within striking distance of a medal. murah nagasu skated half of her performance with a bloody nose, but still managed to look graceful. it's possible an american could end up on the podium if one of those top three should falter. >> thank you so much. the ice hockey bronze medal games begins at 2:30 eastern time. chris jansing and willie geist host the nbc olympics update show. catch all the action right here on msnbc. one of the country's top journalism schools is planning
10:45 am
an interesting discussion next month. it has asked illinois governor rod blagojevich to come debate, of all things, ethics in politics. blagojevich accepted, of course. the former governor will be interviewed by a northwestern faculty panel, which includes a law professor and two political science professors. students will be allowed to ask questions afterward. that should be interesting. senator scott brown is getting lots of praise from his new colleagues and lots of love from the white house, too. hits don't lie and apparently neither do white house visitor lists. it's something we heard in the halls. to stay in tune with life after 50,
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attack than those without the headaches. the heart attack risk was nearly three times greater for those who have migraines with aura when the patient sees flashing lights or other visual disturbances just before the headache hits. the senate is scheduled to vote today on a new jobs bill. that bill, moving forward, thanks in part to massachusetts senator scott brown who joined four other republicans in pushing that bill ahead this week. in fact, top aids telling msnbc that brown is noup now among president obama's favorite republicans. hey, why not? nbc's luke ressert with heard in the halls, speaking of scott brown, you're hearing more details about a flurry of campaign donations that may have helped him? >> yeah. it's interesting. scott brown, who has become a favorite of democrats, the majority leader saying yes, sir yesterday a lot of people thought he would be the monkey wrench. he's garnering praises from high profile democrats. it's interesting, the last 19 days of his campaign, 70% of the donations that were for $200
10:50 am
plus or more came from out of state. we're seeing scott brown is morphing himself as a massachusetts republican. he's not trying to be the face of the tea party, which were the folks that helped him get elect postponed it's interesting. >> and we're seeing this in our hot file, written statements from scott brown saying we need to put partisanship aside to put people back to work. i would i supported this measure because it does contain some tax relief that will help massachusetts businesses put people back to work. >> and that's what it's all about with scott brown, monica. he's all about massachusetts. one of the staple holds of his campaign was saying, we don't need this national health care system because we have it here in massachusetts pep really is trying to brand himself as massachusetts first, party second. >> now i have -- we want to segue -- i couldn't even come up with a natural segue for this. but apparently the president and
10:51 am
the vice president had an interesting visit from a certain high profile columbian singer. >> usually we look at these and maybe someone like hengry kissinger. but on monday, they met with shakira about early developmental childhood education issues. she had an early morning meeting with the president and the vice president. that's an early one to come up on the log. i'm sure both of those men were more enthusiastic to meet with her rather than a henry kissinger. i know i would be. and the senate has passed the jobs bill. so there you go. >> that's a big win for democrats to really shift the narrative to jobs away from health care, showing that they're trying to get the american people back to work. you'll hear a lot of that today through press conferences. >> great to see you, luke. thank you. >> see you later. the white house is
10:52 am
challenging republicans to find consensus on one health reform plan to present at tomorrow's summit. is there consensus inside the president's own party? anita dunn joins us now. anita, as a member of the president's inner circle, this was an administration with an ambitious agenda starting out in incredibly circumstances. what lessons have been learned and will be implemented going forward now? >> well, i think the summit that you're going to see tomorrow is a very good example of what the president came to washington to do and what he will continue to do, which is to reach out to the republicans to say we'd like to see your ideas, too. we're willing to listen, we're willing to drop some of the things you really find objectionab objectionable. but at the end of the day, we want you to join us in looking for solution peps you've got to come to the table. and he set up the table, he brought the tv cameras in the way he pledged to when he was running. it's up to republicans now. i think the jobs bill is a very good example of how things can get done in washington if people really want to put asooiz side
10:53 am
their own personal political differences to do this. and the president has made it clear, that's where he's coming from tomorrow. >> you know, speaking of the jobs bill, because it just passed moments ago, i want to get your thought on this notion that -- actually, you know wa? i think we've got a live camera set up there and we're going to -- oh, no, we're just waiting. i apologize, anita. we were told we'll be hearing from members of the senate on this jobs bill in a moment. but before we get to them, let me ask you, one of those lessons, this jobs bill, has it been passed because it was broken down into something smaller as opposed to trying to do one large piece of reform, as we've seen with health care reform? >> well, it's very difficult to compare the two because the reality is the components of a jobs bill are much easier to break apart. the large insurance reforms that are critical for health reform, making insurance companies take everybody, and not letting them deny people with pre-existing conditions, not letting them cap, really are hard to do
10:54 am
piecemeal. you know, obviously, the insurance companies don't want to just get stuck with only the people with horrible health care problems. they need to spread the risk around. we understand that. so i don't think it's analogous. but i think what the jobs bill in the senate does show is that if you have people who are willing to stand up to their own political parties, which in this case five republican senators did, you can get some progress and you can find consensus. i think that that is something the american people are looking for. they didn't send they see these people here to watch politics as usual for two years. they send them here to look for solutions to the very real problems we're facing. when we have 0% unemployment, it's nice that five republican senators are willing to say, yes, we'll work with you to do something about it. >> anita dunn, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. let's go live to the hill where we're hearing from senator reid, jack reid. >> back to work and to, in fact, make our efforts much more
10:55 am
productive and much more responsive to the needs of the american people. thank you very much. >> we have a meeting with our house counterparts and those going to the blair house tomorrow, so i'm not going to take many questions, but i'll take a couple. >> what is next on your jobs agenda and when do you hope to bring up those votes? >> we hope that we can move to the faa bill, not for an extension, but to complete that. that is something i met with represents of the travel business, both service transportation and air transportation. we're desperately in need of this. it will create thousands and thousands of jobs. and it will make our air travel and our service transportation travel safer. it's something that we need to do. it's long, long overdue. and then when we finish that, we have a small business jobs package that we're working on. senator bachus has spend some
10:56 am
time on that. >> that's senator reed talking about the jobs bill just passed in the senate on the left-hand side of your screen. on the right-hand side of your screen, also in washington, those toyota hearings today. we're expecting to hear from akio toyoda today pipt will be some riveting testimony we expect. we believe he's already put out his opening statement. we will begin with hearing some apologies from the toyota group. and then we'll see what they have to say in response to the questions, certain to be a tough grilling on capitol hill today. we'll be falling that for you in the coming hours. meanwhile, now, there is exciting news today in stem cell research. one company wleefs it's close to a break through in using a patient's own stem cells to stop the progression of some of the worst neurodegenerative diseases like als, ms, huntington's and parkinson's disease. joining me now is rashida ali.
10:57 am
we all remember this moment, your dad lighting the cauldron at the 1996 olympic games in canada. i think we had a still photo there. your father also part of the hope forty telethon. a great moment. >> it is a great moment. >> your father, obviously, has battled parkinson's for more than 25 years. this is a personal issue for you. >> it definitely is. >> how great do you feel about this news? >> i'm so excited. i've been waiting several years for this. stem cell therapy is the future in medicine. that's the cure that we're looking for, especially those whose families have been touched by this. the good thing is that we're getting really, really, really close. my company that i'm partners with, brainstorm cell therapeutics ali is probably one of the most emerging companies in -- it's close insofar as the phase it's gone through because it's giving a lot of attention in that it's probably one of the first companies that's going to
10:58 am
get stem cell therapy approval and they're partnered with a well known hospital out of israel. their focus is treating patients through stem cell therapy. so the partnership is quite amazing and quite a milestone for us. >> ra sh ida, our apologies. we don't have more time to talk about this. >> that's okay. >> but we would love for you to come back because this is very exciting. >> thank you. >> we would love to have you back. in the meantime, i'm monica novotny filling in for david shuster. tamara hall picks up our coverage next. combination of seven tantalizing flavors your cat craves. friskies signature blend. feed the senses. [ wind howling ] [ male announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] [ male announcer ] fills you with energy...
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