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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  February 26, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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ellen! copenhagen? cool, right? vacation. but still seeing patients. oh. [ whispering ] workaholic. i heard that. she said it. i... [ female announcer ] the new office. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. when i really liked to be outside, i did not like suffering from nasal allergy symptoms like congestion. but nasonex relief may i say... bee-utiful! prescription nasonex is proven to help relieve indoor and outdoor nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. (announcer) side effects were generally mild and included headache. viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. and save up to $15 off your refills. go to for details, terms and conditions. good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington. it is 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, where winter is once
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again slamming the northeast. over 700,000 homes and businesses have no power. mass transit has been shut down in several states, even times square, as you can see, has a lot of snow. thousands of flights have been canceled at airports across the country. and roads are a mess all over the place. one of our new york producers noted today, today was the commute from hell. also, ahead, the impact of president oobama's made for tv health care summit. are we any closer to legislation that congress can agree on? >> this government can't afford it. businesses can't afford it. >> the cost issue is legitimate and whether we can afford it or not, we'll be discussing that. >> our special guest this mohou pennsylvania governor ed rendell and tim kaine. we're expecting a new report on the death of the trainer at seaworld. and jack hanna will weigh in on
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the whale that was involved. the latest incident is the third death linked to this whale. >> amazing. americans are soaring in the homestretch of the winter olympics in vancouver. we're going to begin with one of the most remarkable winter storms the northeast has seen in years. the snow has been wet and heavy. that's not unusual. but the winds have been brutal, topping 60 miles per hour. yes, 60 miles an hour in the midst of a snowstorm. the rare combination prompted the closure of roads and highways across the new york area. and for commuters trying to venture out, the driving conditions have been extremely treacherous. >> plows haven't been able to get a break. they have been continuously plowing and the snow is coming down so fast that they can't keep up with it. >> in new york city, a man was killed yesterday in central park by a snow covered tree branch that snapped and fell. and there are three deaths in
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the new york area blamed on the storm. travel across the nation is being snarled by the problems in the northeast. we'll bring you the airport delays coming up. and consider yourself lucky if you have power this morning. because right now officials say at least the million people facing the storm have lost power. right now we go to the weather channel's mike seidel in binghamton, new york, in the heart of it. mike? >> good morning, david. up here we were lucky because the snow fell with temperatures between 20 and 25, most of it. it is a dry powdery snow. it is just not gloppy and wet, doesn't stick to trees and power lines. so virtually no power outages here across the southern tier. with this band coming through now, we're pushing 17 inches. this is interstate 81. and earlier it was snow covered. it is snow packed, but now with the help, we're getting wet roadways and any road salted and scraped will be improving through the morning and the afternoon. winds not bad down in the valley
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areas. mountaintops getting gusts of 20 to 30 miles an hour. we don't have the power outage issues but we have the cleanup issues and it piled up around the trees, just plow through the snow. schools are closed here. but they have taken a long stride in the frontier. county offices just opened at 10:00 a.m. eastern. a lot of life goes on as normal here. what we're waiting for now is the snow to back off. we're looking for another 4 to 6 inches. in new york, they had the heavy wet snow, we had the fatality in central park. and this morning officials are urging people to stay out of the park. let's get the latest on thatt e angle, nbc news correspondent rehema ellis has that. >> reporter: good morning, mike t was probably one of the first times anyone can remember they were advised not to come to central park. this is a place where people have fun and frolic at all times of the year. but this time, as a result of
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that heavy wet snow that we had, it was dangerous. as you point out, a man was killed from a falling tree branch that was toppled by that heavy wet snow. this morning, they're doing a good job of cleaning up the roads. here in the park, it is looking a lot better. it is getting better on the streets, on the -- in the city. it was so bad today, that new york city mayor mike bloomberg canceled school for 1 million new york city school kids, that's the fourth time in six years that has ever been done. it is an indication of how rough it is out there. the streets really have been treacherous, even i coming in this morning had a little spin around as my car was trying to get me here. but i had a good driver, we made it okay. they're advising people, if you don't have to come out in this, it is a good day to take a snow day, enjoy the day if you get some place walking. you just have to be very, very careful about it. dave, back to you in washington. >> rehema, thank you very much. a record-setting day in new york's central park. thanks for the report. the snow and high winds across the northeast are causing
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havoc for air travelers. and that, of course, is causing a ripple effect across the country. monica novotny has the details from new york. monica? >> two words, david, travel nightmare. all three airports in new york city are open right now, but we're expecting another day of massive cancellations. laguardia, jfk, newark, they're being hit the hardest. airlines are canceling a large number of flights there. that's impacting travel around the nation. we're now hearing more than 1,000 flights expected to be canceled today here in the tristate area. and this is likely going to be a couple of days to move that backlog of passengers out once the airlines resume their normal schedules. if you're traveling, you got to call your airline before heading to the airport. good news, though, those airlines, most of them are waving fees to make any of your ticket changes because of the storm. also in philadelphia, let's take you to the airport there, one runway is open now, inbound flights are facing delays averaging more than three hours. they're still getting flights in.
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amtrak is up and running, talking about the rail routes. they're also facing some cancellation and rail service in new jersey, long island, suspended or delayed. truly a nightmare today. if you can take a snow day, today is the day to do it, david. >> monica, thanks for the update. six weeks or bust. the president has given the republicans a deadline to get on board or get out of the way with health care reform. thursday's marathon reform summit failed to bring much more consensus. listen to this heated exchange between president obama and senator john mccain. >> the other among others was that the administration would oppose drug reimportation from canada. a proposal that you supported in the united states senate. >> john -- >> at christmas -- >> can i just finish please? >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning anymore. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> yeah.
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>> wow, joining us is democratic national committee chairman and former virginia governor tim kaine. first of all, what did you think of that exchange? >> well, there were a lot of candid exchanges, david. i think it was a remarkable thing to have these leaders of the nation around the table for six hours plus, talking about this deep and substantive issue. there was candor. there were points of disagreement. there were points where the president said, look, you got good ideas and maybe we can include them in, but you don't see that kind of lengthy discussion about anything anymore and i think that that's to the credit of everybody involved. >> the president at the end said, look, that the democrats are going to move forward, he's giving a republican six weeks and if the republicans don't want to join, that's fine. it is an issue that voters will then take up in the november elections. are you comfortable having this be a dominating issue in the november elections? >> absolutely, david. look, there is -- it is not an accident that the democrats have 59 senators and a big majority
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in the house and the white house. and a majority of governors. the american people put democratic majorities in so we would govern confidently and optimistically. it has been a long dream of our party to try to fix the health care system so we could provide security for the insured, coverage for the uninshirted and deal with costs. that what we're going to do. we already included in the bill, senate the bill, a number of the republican ideas and more ideas put on the table yesterday that could be part of a final compromise. but we will not play mother may i with the other side. our job is to govern confidently and solve problems that americans want us to solve. we're going to listen and move ahead and act. >> governor kaine, want to change gears. nbc news confirmed that new york governor david paterson will not -- will not run for re-election. he had announced he was running a couple of days ago. but there has been a lot of questions and controversy surrounding his aides and his staff and apparently he has now suggesteded he will not be
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running. what is the reaction to what is going on in no? >> well, it has been a lot of back and forth over the last few months. i know governor paterson served in the national governor's association. he came into office under difficult circumstances, dealing with a huge fiscal set of issues in new york and has gone after those with intense focus. but i respect his decision. that means that the party will have to pull together and find another nominee. i respect his decision. >> and back to health care, six weeks can feel like a long time, especially here in washington. what do you make of the time frame as far as giving the republicans six weeks to try to decide whether they want to come on board when it seems so clear to everybody watching yesterday there is going to be a sharp partisan political divide over health care and that's just how it is going to be? >> again there were at least a couple of items, as you know, yesterday when republicans made key points where the president said, look, there is some merit there. the idea of broadening the current senate bill which does
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allow some sale of insurance across state lines to expand that option more, i think he responded warmly towards that idea. second, the negotiation of trying to limit frivolous lawsuits, he responded warmly to that. i think the six-week time period, you know, gives us the ability to explore if there are more adjustments that can be made, but we have been at this for a year. it has been aired very, very publicly. the senate, especially senator bauc baucus' committee kept his committee open. it is time now to act. let the american people decide. i know for my constituents, having been a governor of virginia, parents being able to keep kids on their policy until they're age 27, seniors being able to have that doughnut hole, the medicare part d prescription closed, a path to affordable coverage to americans helping small businesses with tax credits. i think these are really solid reforms that the nation needs. >> and as far as -- one more question about governor paterson, as far as this now
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open governor as race, essentially in new york, what is the role of health care in terms of how a gubernatorial candidate should talk about it and how do you think the democratic candidate in new york should address something like this? >> all governors wrestle with this. medicaid and expenditures whether in the medicaid budget or other line-items trying to provide health care coverage for the uninsured is a huge part of what every governor does. health care expenses are usually a close second to public education expenses. i think this proposed reform bill has huge upside for all states with additional medicaid coverage. again, you know in a state like virginia with 7.5 million people, the notion that every parent in the state will be able to keep their kids on their policy until they're 27, seniors will have the prescription drug part d doughnut hole closed, it will be good for the citizens. >> tim kaine, the former governor of virginia, always a
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pleasure.s for coming on today. we have breaking news at this hour. the united states is condemning a brutal attack in kabul, afghanistan. at least 17 people were killed and dozens of others wounded after suicide bombers let a four-hour assault targeting hotels often used by foreigners. a car bomb leveled one of those hotels. a series of explosions and gun battles with afghan police followed. the taliban is claiming responsibility. and we have some sad news coming out of vancouver. police there are investigating the apparent suicide death of "growing pains" actor andrew koenig. the actor's body was found yesterday in a park in downtown vancouver. his father confirmed a farther's worst fears. >> phoned us saying they found
10:14 am
andrew's body. maggie went to get judy. she hurt her leg and back is in pretty bad shape and can't walk too far and i went to the site. my son took his own life. >> the cause of death has not been released. walter koenig says his son suffered for years with depression. seaworld is coming under fire for its plans to keep that killer killer whale in the show. we're expecting more information from the theme park shortly. plus, itunes reaches a huge milestone, and we're guessing that one lucky customer is glad things happened that way. that's coming up on our morning rush. also, team usa brings home yet another medal. and this one was for freestyle aerials. amazing. you're watching msnbc news. ♪ oh [ male announcer ] say hello to the can-doers.
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a winter blast is battering the northeast. let's get to the morning rush and take a live look at newark liberty international airport. over 500 flights have been cancelled this morning. forecasters expect gusts of snow to continue through today. wind advisories, flood warnings and power outages have been reported up and down the east coast. a lot of people are losing their voice, like me. a car smashed into a house yesterday in georgia and the driver blames a faulty accelerator. the car was a 2009 toyota troll carolla, one of the models that was recalled. she said she was driving out of her driveway when she hit the accelerator and then the brake. she said the car sped up and crashed into the house across the street. nobody was injured in the
10:19 am
accident. itunes now has a winner. willie purchased his latest itunes song at the right time. the company announced thursday that he downloaded the 10 billionth song from the music star website. the georgia man won a $10,000 gift card for his lucky purchase of johnny cash's "guess things happen that way." the most powerful tax writing lawmaker in capitol hill is facing new fire this morning. a house ethics committee will announce today that congressman charlie rangel, democrat from new york, violated house rules when he accepted trips to the caribbean from companies that did business with congress. it is news reverberating through the halls of congress. luke russert joins us live with more. luke? >> reporter: good morning, david. what a day for charlie rangel yesterday. around 6:00, his press office sent out a release, touting his performance at the health care summit. around 6:30, word leaked out that the ethics committee was
10:20 am
going to admonish him for essentially saying that two of his staffers knew ahead of time that a trip he took to st. marten in the caribbean in 2007 and 2008 were funded and underwritten by corporations. the ethics committee is saying that rangel himself did not know this bought bu this, but he should have pressed and should have known. they're not outwardly saying he directly knew about it but they're implying if your staffers who are so close to you knew, maybe you should have been in control of the situation, david. republicans are calling for him to step down for from the ways and means committee chairmanship. not really something that nancy pelosi wants to deal with when she's trying to push her jobs agenda and health care. charlie wrarangel, the jury is still out on other ethics issues, the rent controlled apartment that he had for a good time at a good rate and raising money for a research center that
10:21 am
bears his name, still a lot of ethics charges to go with charlie rangel. >> does it usually work when a member of congress says don't blame me, it was my staff's fault? >> we like to think that you're only as good as your lowest staffer, right? you want to be -- that's what a lot of people like to say in the corporate world. it was really a defense that a lot of reporters found odd last night saying how -- it was basically am i my brother's keeper defense? i don't know what my staffers know. we'll see how it plays out this week, david. >> nbc's luke russert on capitol hill. thanks as always. >> take care. seaworld is dealing with a nightmare now after one of its big stars killed a trainer. we have got home video and also jungle jack hanna will weigh in on the controversy. if you're already in trouble with the police why not go just one step further? it is one of our top shoe tubes. last night women's figure skating has it all. poise, grace, emotion.
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10:26 am
makes a bold get away in a police car. a suspect jumped out of the back seat, into the front and took off. another officer's dash cam recorded the whole thing. one of the cops apparently forgot to use the child safety locks. after a chase, the suspect was rearrested. here's street justice. a stolen car thief gets tackled trying to make his getaway. the fight seen on security tapes starts on the street before spilling into a orange county drugstore. a man is accused of stealing a car and crashing it the other guy's van so they jump him. at one point the shirt is stripped off so he steals another one, runs out the door, steals a bicycle and takes off. and police are still looking for him today. a post season basketball game at a south carolina high school on wednesday night ended in a basket brawl. the atmosphere was apparently
10:27 am
very intense. the visiting team was undefeated. when the home team won, tempers flared and after the final buzzer came chaos. fans came out of the stands, coaches tried to get players off the court and officers worked to establish some peace. but that was tough. students from both schools could be facing criminal charges. and those are your shu-tubes today. we're waiting for an update from seaworld on the 12,000 pound killer whale that drowned a trainer on wednesday. seaworld orlando says for now it intends to keep tilikum and says he may even perform again. despite the fact that he's now been involved in three human deaths over the past 19 years. meantime, new tourist video shows the moments just before the huge animal grabbed trainer dawn brancheau's ponytail, pulled her under the water and thrashed so violently that one of her shoes came flying off. >> he grabbed her by the head and very hard, thrust, she went down and i screamed and she
10:28 am
screamed and then i started yelling to the other trainer because he wasn't looking. i said he just took her down. he took her down. >> nbc's thanh truong is live in orlando. what will officials talk about today? >> reporter: david, the press conference is at 1:00 today. the question is will tilikum perform again? the answer is probably yes. keep in mind, the orca show or the shamu show is one of the biggest if not the main attraction here at seaworld. you can imagine from the business aspect, they have to determine if this is go to be viable. and they also have to determine if the trainer dawn brancheau was at fault here and if it was the case this is a wild animal if she somehow put herself in danger out of her own fault, then they'll have to re-evaluate what to do with tilikum. but the animal is worth more than $2 million and because of
10:29 am
the ban on capturing whales, this is going to be a very delicate situation what they do with tilikum moving forward. >> nbc's thanh truong in orlando, should be interesting at 1:00. thanks for the report. coming up at about 15 minutes, we'll ask jack hanna if he thinks animal activists are right that these whales should be sent free. it has been snowing in the northeast for nearly 24 hours already. it is still coming down. when will it finally stop? south carolina governor mark sanford's divorce is expected to be finalized today. you can actually watch the sanford's divorce proceeding live on television. also, flipping out in vancouver. how cool is this sport? you're watching msnbc news. really, brian? what? c'mon, buddy, you know that dunking is for oreo cookies only.
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welcome back to msnbc news. i'm david shuster. we're keeping our eyes on a huge storm pull ing tpummeling the northeast right now. now details of the winter storm. how long is this thing going to last? >> it is going to be with us until tomorrow morning. that's when the warning starts to lift. plenty of time left on this thing from coast to coast, we have storms to talk about. let's start with the low pressure system, it is snuggled into the east coast. it will bring you snow for the next five to six hours at least. and you're looking at some of the snowfall totals, almost 30 inches in upper -- just north of new york. central park, the 12th biggest snowstorm on record thus far with 16.9 inches. canceled flight, of course. more than 500 at newark. you can see the other airports having problems too. delays a huge issue as they are taking off at all. and looking at snow forecasts here, for one to three inches in the gray, white, another three
10:34 am
to six with this storm. this is an incredible storm bringing us warnings all the way through tomorrow morning. high wind warnings all the way down to d.c. we'll be tracking the storms from coast to coast for you, david. but especially here in the northeast. >> nbc meteorologist ginger zee, thanks for the update. now the situation in new york's central valley. glen zimmerman is there with the latest. glen? >> reporter: good morning, david. we talked about the depth of the snow, but there is nothing like being able to show it. we got two plus feet, reports potentially as much as 36 inches. we are here in a town called central valley, by woodbury commons. the whole county is in a state of emergency, which means only necessary personnel are on the roads. about 15 miles north of here, on 84, interstate 84, actually the section is shut down. there are hundreds of motorists stranded along the roadways this is what they're dealing with. snow is still falling down.
10:35 am
we see plows coming by every few minutes, but from what motorists are saying on this section, it is okay. but the further north you go, it starts getting very treacherous as the elevations start to climb. that's the story live in orange county. i'm glenn zimmerman. breaking political news in new york that we have been telling you been on msnbc. new york governor david paterson said he'll drop his re-election bid. it is a controversy surrounding paterson and david johnson there is claims that johnson assaulted his girlfriend. and that paterson himself may have tried to pressure booker to keep quiet. joining us from washington is ann cornblum.
10:36 am
what is the latest? >> we have been able to confirm that he's going to make this resignation -- not resignation, announcement he's not going to be running again, which is somewhat expected it is big news, something the white house has really wanted. this was a very weak candidate for them. looking at all the democrats nationwide, he was perhaps the weakest. and since this news that was reported in the new york times that you just shared, yes, there is speculation he would not run for re-election. now it is going to happen. big sigh for democrats. >> there is evidence there was a phone call that the governor himself had with this woman and i guess questions about who initiated the phone call. some indications that over this phone call before one of her hearings, he was trying to talk her out of it. >> she appeared and then didn't show up in court. then according to "the new york times" story, which was the final nail in this coffin, any phone call, regardless of what was said in it, probably would have been inappropriate, but the fact he might have pressured her not to do this is beyond the
10:37 am
pale and unthinkable for somebody who even before any of this happened was in a great deal of political trouble. >> our washington post reporter ann cornblum, thank you for helping us. we appreciate it. here with us for more reaction to this and also to talk about health care, pennsylvania governor and former dnc chairman ed rendell. first of all, your reaction to this news that at least the governor of new york david paterson signalled to democrats he will not run for re-election because of this controversy. >> i think it is the right decision for david. david was not in a strong political position even before this controversy. so i think it is the right decision for him. it is good for the party. i think andrew cuomo will be an excellent candidate and will be a terrific governor. i got to know andrew during his time as hud secretary and he's a good leader, good delegator, has all the things necessary to lead new york well. dave paterson is a terribly decent man who cares about the right things and made some very difficult decisions for new york. i think it will benefit the state, david, down the road.
10:38 am
it is sad to see a decent man step aside, but it is the right decision for him and the right decision for new york. >> this is not the first time, of course that state police are keeping -- have tried to protect that governor by pressuring a critic. i want ewonder if you can talk that and the dynamics, you have a group of people around you, around other governors, that desperately want to protect you and keep these critics at bay and sometimes the line can get crossed. >> there is no question. and i add to that, whether you're governor or mayor as i was of the city of philadelphia, the world inherently revolves around you. you make all the decisions, everyone comes to you, what's the deal, boss, what do we do here, what do we do there? you begin to, no matter how hard you try to rein it in, you begin to think you're something special, it is all about you, and what's good for you is good for the people. and you really got to fight hard
10:39 am
to beat that feeling back from taking over you and making you arrogant or making you think there are special rules that apply to you. so that's number one. number two, your state police, they think they're acting in your benefit. and i've got a great detail, but even every once in a while with my detail, i have to say, hey, remember, i'm a person first, i'm governor second, and if that individual wants to ask me a tough question, he's got every right to ask me a tough question. don't worry about it. i can handle it. it is a difficult line. but people don't understand when the world revolves around you, so much, and everyone comes to you, and you're surrounded by a lot of yes people, it is very hard to stay grounded. that's why i think you see so many mayors and governors get into trouble, cross the line on occasion. it is very, very difficult. and i don't know enough about the incident to know whether governor paterson did anything
10:40 am
or not, but it is -- it is a tough road to walk. it is a tough line to go down. >> want to ask you about the health care summit yesterday. how do you think it went and how do you see this going now? >> well, it is interesting. i think the president's summation at the end is probably correct. i don't think we're going to get republican support, hardly any votes, if any, at all for the health care package. and it is a shame. i mean, the president said, you know, we'll be willing to incorporate some of your ideas but you have to incorporate some of our ideas, things that you don't necessarily like, but that maybe we compromise on. i don't think there was that spirit at the beginning and i don't think there was that spirit at the end. i was very impressed with what speaker pelosi said at the press conference outside. she said, we'll try to take some good republican ideas and incorporate them, even if it means that we're not going to get any additional votes. i'll give you one idea, david, i liked very much, because without the public option, we need
10:41 am
something to control costs. and letting insurance companies come in to -- to come across state lines and sell insurance is a good way to increase competition and hold prices down. but you got to have some standards that those insurance companies want to meet. i'll give you the perfect example. an idaho company wants to come in and sell in pennsylvania. in idaho, they don't have conference for autism. in pennsylvania, by statute, we do. if the idaho company is willing to come in and accept those basic standards, and we can agree the states can agree to a national standard, if they're willing to do that, then i think we would welcome that competition because competition would, in fact, lower prices. so that's a good idea, where the republicans have an idea, the democrats had a modifier, we should put that in the bill, whether we get republican votes or not. i think the nation has seen now
10:42 am
that the republican party isn't interested in getting any of their stuff in the bill, the president reached out the olive branch at the beginning on things as basic as tort reform and there wasn't much spirit of, okay, if you do tort reform, if you do selling across state lines, we'll accept this, we'll accept that. so i think this is going to have to be done -- i say done by reconciliation, i think it is important for the people to understand the bill itself isn't going to be done by reconciliation. remember -- >> just the fixes. >> the bill passed the senate by 60 votes. the bill exists. it is just tiny little fixes itself. >> governor ed rendell of pennsylvania, good of you to join us today on a very busy news day and a day where i know your state is dealing with another weather headache. thanks for coming on today. >> thanks, david. a programming note, senator john mccain who sparred with president obama at that health care summit, he'll be david gregory's exclusive guest on this sunday on "meet the press." for now, killer wahale show
10:43 am
at seaworld have been suspended. but the killer whale is not going anywhere and that's generating controversy. we'll talk with animal expert jack hanna in three minutes. whoa, my cut's still there. mine too. my cut's all better. [ female announcer ] 'cause sara's mom discovered neosporin® with patented technology that heals cuts two days faster than store brands. neosporin®. heals faster than store brands.
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10:47 am
though cameras will be in court. we'll have to wait for the tape later. sanford's wife jenny is expected to take the witness stand. she filed for divorce in december after her husband publicly admitted cheating on her with a woman from argentina. there are new questions today about what seaworld should do with killer wale tilikum. we're expecting an update on the shamu show today. the trainer who was killed by the killer whale working moments before the attack. following this tragedy, seaworld ordered trainers to keep their distance from tilikum. joining us now live is jack hanna. thanks for being with us. apparently tilikum was so aggressive of an orca that in fact it was kept away from other whales expert during breeding and dawn was the only trainer that could be near this animal. give than they knew this was aggressive, maybe they shouldn't
10:48 am
have had shows with this animal in first place, right? >> let me say if i could, dawn was a friend and part of a family. so i have to say i'm still getting over obviously what happened. these things happen in the type of work that we do. when you say aggressive, the animal's behaviors, somebody said this animal was attacking, i don't know if you've ever seen a killer whale attack, it is called a killer whale, if i can take you with me when i go filming throughout south america, you see a killer whale attack, let me tell you something, it is like an explosion going off. there would have been nothing. they hit a 500 pound sea lion on the shore, get out of the water, it happens like a bullet. i would be careful using the word attack. what happened was according to what i hear and what you might hear at 1:00, during the press conference is, the -- we always call this -- i say we, seaworld called it a dry area, i filmed at seaworld, it is an area of water that deep where she kneels and talks about the whale. her hair flipped -- i guess flipped over, got in the whale's face and i wasn't there, and the
10:49 am
whale did what's natural, it doesn't have a -- if hair got in your face, you take your hand and move the hair, the whale grabbed the hair and took her in the water. that's not an attack. that's a behavior, i'm sure, from a standpoint of me knowing a little bit about the animal world, not about killer whales. that's how i explain what happened, the best i can. >> that's a great explanation. and could that perhaps explain then -- there were some indications maybe she fell there was something accidentally she did that contributed to this. if it was her hair that fell into the whale's mouth, is that -- that could explain the contradiction there? >> exactly. i like the way you put that. because, you know, you're listening, some interviews i've done, it is tackin iattacking, all kinds of stuff. knowing aggressiveness in animals and watching whales i've watched, that's not what i call an attack. i've seen them. it is the most incredible thing
10:50 am
you've ever seen. that's not here. i'm sure you're saying why would they still have tillie there. this is me talking. i'll share something, i got a letter from the family, an e-mail, and if i could -- i can't read it here to you, but the family states that, thank you, jack, for saying tillie shouldn't be put down or released back out in the wild. neither one of those things would be acceptable. this isn't a pit bulldog that is taught how to kill. i take my hat off to seaworld for bringing this animal from canada when there was a death there, and bringing it to their park where this animal could breed in a situation as you correctly said, when -- in the wild, the male likes to be by themselves. tillie was with females and did breed with females. i have to take my hat off to seaworld for doing this. and out of 2 million plus interactions over 46 years this is the first time something like this has happened. it is a tragedy. and in our line of work, steve irwin, a friend, would have told you to carry on with his life.
10:51 am
i filmed a mambo, a very aggressive snake, i try to bring the animal world to people. if something happens to me, which i hope it doesn't, i hope my work is carried on to teach people about the animal world. 180 million people last year enjoyed the seaworld and zoos throughout this country. 180 million people. that says something about the work that we do. >> jack hanna, jack, thanks so much for joining us and our sympathies and condolences to you and everybody who knew dawn. and thanks for being with us today. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. team usa brings home another medal for this awesome aerial performance. you're watching msnbc news. ♪ oh [ male announcer ] say hello to the can-doers. ♪ the budget masters. the knockout artists who are finding more ways to spread their dollar further. to bolder color in less time. say hello to newer ideas and lowered prices, enabling more people...
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now to the winter game in vancouver and a night of tremendous, tremendous figure skating. >> at her age, to lead her country, train in toronto, brian
10:55 am
orser. >> the new olympic champion in women's figure skating is kim yu-na of south korea. after months of playing it cool, she broke down in tears after a gold medal winning performance. her score shattered her own world record by a whopping 16 points. days after the death of her mother, canadian joannie rochette won the bronze medal. japan's mao asada took home the silver. on thursday, johnny spillane took thursday in the men's nordic combine large hill event. spillane will be the flagbearer in the closing ceremony and got engaged on the slopes. >> to take the lead, oh! >> and jeret "speedy" peterson
10:56 am
silver in the aerials competition. the canadian women later apologized after being scene drinking alcohol, smoking cigars on the ice during their celebration. right to chris jansing of vancouver for more on yesterday's competition. chris? >> good morning to you. let's talk about that figure skating, david. it was really remarkable. and kim has really cemented her place as one of the greatest female figure skaters of all time with a perle form ans that not only shattered records, but really broke hearts in that auditorium, almost 12,000 people on their feet, cheering for her and gasping when they saw her score. she is the most popular athlete in south korea which has never won a figure skating medal. never won a winter medal except for in speedskating. so the first olympic champion there and she is just 19 years old. so imagine the pressure on her,
10:57 am
she is just constantly under the spotlight there, got $8 million in endorsements last year and you finally saw all of it come together at the end when she broke down into tears and later said, i'm not really sure why i was crying, i've seen other girls cry after their performances, but you have to believe it was a release of all that pressure and those expectations over the last couple of years and should she decide to continue skating, she will be 23 at the next olympics. scott hamilton said it will be very difficult for all the other women to rise to that level of skating she would have finished in the top ten of men, david, that's how high her scores were. >> nbc's chris jansing live in vancouver. thanks for the latest. there is more olympic action coming up later today on msnbc. u.s. speedskater chad hedrick leads americans in the semifinals pursuit. the women's pursuit quarterfinals will also get under way. coverage begins at 3:30 eastern time right here on msnbc.
10:58 am
that does it for me. i'm david shuster. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. tamron hall picks up our coverage on the winter blast. to stay on top of my game after 50,
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