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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 1, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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this is bleak news in the coastal area of chile, where much of that area has just been devastating. this is an apartment complex where they have already pulled out 25 survivors, eight bodies. the complex collapsed. they believe a lot of people are inside there. apparently the rescuers heard some tapping sounds from inside the rubble, so they are now digging in to see who they can find. they are listening closely in periods of quiet, helicopters flying over. they can hear more. they are digging hard, hopefully hoping to find some more good news. where i'm reporting from, the capital in santiago, there's been some damage. it's not been massive by any stretch. there are some problems, a few homes down, buildings, roads, things like that.
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but the real problem is back along to the south of the capital and along the coe on the west side. the town of conception, mostly along the coastal area where the damage can be described as catastrophic. much of that central coastal area was devastated. the situation was getting desperate in some places as you find block after block flattened by the earthquake or tsunami that followed. that extends for hundreds of miles. police had to use tear gas and water conons to disperse crowds of people looting from food stores. they were desperate for food and water. they were pushed back by police. military was called in to bring water. curfew was imposed and several dozen were arrested. it's a tough situation. again, particularly along the coastlines, tamron. >> mark, thank you very much for the latest out of santiago and
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across chile, where the devastation is unspeakable. can you help out victims of the quake in chile by going to to provide any assistance there. also developing now, a widening search for a 13-year-old boy who went missing while cross-country skiing in oregon over the weekend. nathan cain apparently became separated from his ski group on saturday. he's not been seen since. searchers are focusing on the andies prairie area. nathan's mother, cheryl, joins me now on the phone. thank you so much for joining us under these circumstances. >> you're welcome. >> tell me a little bit about this group and what authorities or what even the group, the people say happened, how nathan was able to get separated. >> i don't know exactly except he wanted to go up to the top of
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the hill and explore and see what was up there. they said they would meet him on the other side of the hill. >> i understand he's pretty familiar with the outdoors. what kind of equipment does he have? did they explain what kind of agreement he had on him? for example, water, food in the backpack? >> yeah. he had two sandwiches. he had cranberry raisin. he had trail mix and two bottles of water. >> and what are authorities telling you is the focal point? where are they searching for him? >> they are searching primarily in a four square mile radius. he was within one mile of the snow park when he was separated. >> and cheryl, where -- are you home waiting for word? where are you? >> no, i'm in the snow park. i've been here -- i came on sunday morning about 7:00 a.m., and i left about 6:00 p.m. this morning i've been here since
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1:30 a.m. our time. >> i know you're looking at -- we've got the picture of nathan up. we're all hoping, certainly, he's found here quickly. tell us a little about your son. he's adorable on that photograph and we certainly want him safe with you? >> yeah, he's a very wonderful kid. he loves soccer. he's played five years in soccer. he plays the clarinet. he loves nintendo ds. "the simpsons" is his favorite show. he was baptized recently and he's a very special boy. >> i know he is. we hope they find him soon. we greatly appreciate you joining us under these circumstances where the attention is focused on bringing
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home your child safely. thank you very much, cheryl. wish you the best. new 911 procedures after a man died in a snowstorm last month. ambulances had been dispatched to curtis mitchell's home. the snow was so bad they couldn't get closer than a quarter mile away. they told mitchell he had to walk to the ambulance but he could not because he was suffering from severe abdominal pain. he died two days later. >> somebody should be held responsible. the two paramedics or the city. somebody have to be held responsible. >> in response, pittsburgh says emergency responders must now go to the door of a 911 caller no matter what. and disturbing video out of cleveland, ohio, a police officer recovering from a run-in with an out of control car. look at that video. it is unbelievable. the video was taken from officer john lambert's dashboard camera. he had stopped to help a driver in need when another motorist
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lost control and slammed into both of them. we're very happy to say that despite the gruesomeness of that, lambert suffered broken bones, pelvis and back but he survived that incredible crash. breaking news out of ft. worth, texas, an army psychiatrist charged in the worst mass shooting on a u.s. military installation will be moved to the bell county jail near ft. hood. he faces 13 counts of premeditated murder and 13 counts of attempted premeditated murder from the november shootings. gunfire left him paralyzed from the chest down. he'll be transferred from a san antonio hospital and housed in the jail's medical unit. in a couple hours president obama meets with defense secretary robert gates to talk about what could be a major reversal of the bush administration's nuclear weapons policy. america's nuclear arsenal could be slashed by thousands. the president, of course, won
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the nobel peace prize in part because of his commitment to a nuclear-free world. jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. a lot of people pointing out, why would the u.s. reduce its arsenal when places like iran and north korea are working to increase their ability to have nuclear arms? >> reporter: well, quite frankly, the revision of the u.s. nuclear weapons policy is not by any stretch of the imagination lead to a nuclear-free world in terms of weaponry. in fact, the president is willing to give both sides of this argument, the nuke argument, a little bit of what they want. for example, while they are talking about slashing the u.s. nuclear arsenal from about 9600 weapons, reducing that by a couple of thousand perhaps, u.s. military officials say they really don't have a problem with that for a couple of reasons. one, that the president has agreed to modernize the current nuclear arsenal. that is to improve the
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reliability and effectiveness of the weapons they already have. so that would permit the reduction of some weapons or the reduction of the arsenal. the president is also not going to -- not going to eliminate the possibility that the u.s. would reserve the right to first use of nuclear weapons if, for example, the united states were attacked by chemical or biological weapons. as far as north korea or iran, the u.s. would not need a nuclear weapon to deal with their nuclear arsenals. in fact, by the end of the year, they are going to have a brand-new 30,000 bond bunker buster bond that can penetrate deep into the earth with about 2 1/2 tons of regular, conventional explosives that would take care of anything buried. so in the end, according to senior pentagon officials, there's not much push back from the military on the revision that the president wants in this
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nuclear policy. as i said, he's willing to give both sides a little something, tamron. >> thank you very much. frightening news about childhood obesity. signs for potential future heart disease. a separate study, they found risk factors for obesity are more common among african-american and hispanic families. those risks include income, family customs, eating and sleeping habits, even smoking during pregnancy. doctor, thanks for joining us. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> you're at home. have you a child. we know kids love to snack and all these other kinds of things. how do you make sure you don't fall into this disturbing category and certainly don't have a child that suffers from issues when they become older. >> yes, i mean, i think these studies show that beginning
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early on in childhood and even in, you know, two years old and on, that we should be talking about healthy eating, fruits and vegetables and activity and try to decrease saidedentary behavi like tv watching. >> evening sleeping being factor. >> kids short on sleep are more likely to be obese. i think part of it is educating parents and giving them the parenting skills needed to help increase their children's sleep time as well as their other healthy lifestyle habits. >> what is the appropriate amount of sleep? >> depends on the age, but for preschoolers, probably about 11 hours in a 24-hour period. >> back to the family customs, do you think enough is being done, really, to educate families that, hey, maybe the way you once ate before is just not appropriate. you see a lot of ads, for example, saying soda is no good. but you don't see a lot of ads
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saying maybe some of those goods that are traditional fare aren't good for you kids or you, for that matter. >> right. the advertising is so small compared to other advertising budgets compared to coke. but efforts are made in the neighborhood, neighborhood store projects, where they are trying to get healthy produce into inner cities. those are the efforts being made. >> those affect income, you have food deserts, neighborhoods that have very poor grocery stores with very little of anything other than chips and soda as an option for people in those areas. >> exactly. >> doctor, thank you very much. we'll talk more about this. it effects so many families. >> thanks. >> nancy ploer pelosi is encouraging house members to have courage and pass the health care bill. democrats facing tough re-election battles as a result of their health care vote.
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"huffington post" ryan grim up next with me. an arrest in the case of a missing san diego girl. but chelsea king is still missing. coming up, talk to her parents about the search for their daughter. well, here they are. ♪ so many, many reasons ♪ it's so m'm! m'm! good! ♪
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i'm tamron hall live in the control room at msnbc. we've got two developing stories to report for you. the first is regarding elisabeth smart. a federal judge is saying the man charged with kidnapping her in 2002 is competent to stand trial. this news coming in. the judge saying 56-year-old brian mitchell does not suffer from a mental disease or defect that harms his ability to understand the proceedings against him. elisabeth smart was 14 years old in 2002 when she was kidnapped from her family's home.
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also, another developing story, yankee star alex rodriguez has been contacted by federal investigators regarding a canadian doctor accused of selling an unapproved drug. rodriguez apparently quoted on monday saying he was aware of the investigation and cooperating. this coming in from the ap. arod not the only player in part being contacted by this session. reyez met with officials last week regarding the doctor accused of selling an unapproved drug. president obama unveiling $900 million proposal to help states close down or reform their worst performing schools. it is part of a move to put a dent in our nation's dropout rate. >> this is a problem we cannot afford to accept and we cannot afford to ignore. the stakes are too high for our children, for our economy and for our country.
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>> only about 70% of entering high school freshman graduate. it is a lower rate for minority students. it is a crucial week for health care. in the next couple of days, president obama is expected to announce how he would like to move the health care bill passed the finish line. "huffington post" senior correspondent ryan grim with us to discuss what's happening. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> they say if they use reconciliation it is political kamikaze mission. >> if they don't use reconciliation it might be a political kamikaze mission. democrats are going to be punished by voters if they fail and by some voters if they succeed. they are caught between both. it seems like what the party decided they are going with their base, go with their party
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and try to get something accomplished. they have all voted for it already. so the idea that it's a good idea to vote for something, every single democrat has voted for it. and then have it not go into law and then try to face the voters, that's a mess. so they are saying, look, we've already voted for it, we might as well put it into effect and see if people like it. >> how does speaker pelosi deal with some members of the party. for example, congressman dennis c c cardoza, how does she gets them to use courage? those are her words. >> pelosi is one of the most effective speakers in the history of the house of representatives. she's going to have to use every tool at her disposal if she's going to coral 217 votes to get this through. it is possible. if anybody can do it, pelosi will be the one. >> i'll go back to the congressman who talks about anti-abortion language and the cost bugging him.
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>> right. it's definitely not going to be easy. a lot of house democrats are worried that they are going to be hoodwinked by the senate in the sense, okay, you pass the senate version first and we'll go back and fix it using reconciliation. the house passes the senate version. then oh, geez the republicans stood in the way. we're not going to get this through. they tried. that will make it that much harder to pelosi. she's going to have to appeal to their own existential angst. if this doesn't, it's going to be a total disaster. >> some possible looming disasters for the democrats when they come up in 2010. the big news today, one of the things, that arkansas senator blanche lincoln will face a primary challenge. ryan, you and i both know there were progressive groups who went after senator lincoln for what they saw of her standing in the way of health care reform.
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>> her primary opponent actually first floated the possibility that he might primary her on msnbc when olbermann asked if he would run. he said, hey, maybe. he wouldn't answer. that kind of got lincoln's attention. shortly affiliated that, she said she would support health care. she did become the 60th vote to get it through. >> people don't forget she wavered, could have helped move the ball forward. some perceive her as being someone who was indecisive. >> her hemming and hawing contributed to the idea out in the nation this is a messy, ugly process that requires all sorts of back room deal making. her little bit of this, little bit of that, i'm not sure where i am. fine, i'll vote for this, but i might not vote when it comes back. i'll vote for a filibuster, might not when it comes to the floor. that's the kind of thin that was driving people crazy. it looks like her opponents, i
2:21 pm
probably am going to jump into this race. she's vulnerable. the idea in arkansas, where a quarter or half of the people are uninsured. the idea of being against in insuring people is a good political move doesn't make a lot of sense. so being for health care in a democratic primary is probably going to serve him well. >> be interesting to see. thanks for joining us on monday. we appreciate it. two suspects believed to be involved in the assassination of a top hamas leader were in the united states after the hit went down. the latest on this case. and thousands of federal workers furloughed without pay today. the obama administration says they could point the finger of blame to senator jim bunning. we'll tell you why next. if you've had a heart attack
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the united states. dubai police have launched an international manhunt for the 26 suspects. "the wall street journal" reports two of them entered this country, one on february 14th, the other january 21st. the body of this man was found in a dubai hotel room january 209. stephanie gosk joins us live from the london bureau with the latest. stephanie, according to that "wall street journal" report, there was no clear indication when these two suspects left the united states. it's likely since they were using fake passports they continued to use fake information to leave the states. >> well, there's no way really to know. certainly they could have slipped out with new forged papers or they could still be in the u.s. it's unclear why they were there in the first place from this report. it's interesting. these are two of the 26 suspects the dubai police have named. they have pictures of them. they are asking the international community and
2:26 pm
interpol as well specifically to track down these suspects and bring them back to dubai for a trial. the police say they are 99% certain he's behind the attack. they are not confirming or denying the reports. they are very pleased he's been killed. he was wanted for gun trafficking into the gaza strip and also for killing israeli soldiers. tamron. >> i guess the fascination with this story continues in that, stephanie, you and i were talking about the popularity now even though they have not taken claim for it. let's show a picture of the suspects. what i'm talking about, for example, their horn rimmed glasses are selling off the shelves because people have james bond fever related to this assassination, stephanie. >> it's the spy agency for israel. it's very rare the world gets an in-depth look at one of their
2:27 pm
operations. clearly it's having an effect on the israeli population. they are going out and buying these glasses that some of these suspects are wearing. there are mossad t-shirts. there's a spike in online applications to become part of mossad. they are responding to it. >> even though they have not claimed responsibility, some people are convinced they had something to do wit. thank you very much, stephanie. did the earthquake in chilly have any connection cot quake in haiti? was it one of the precursors for the other? and is there some kind of indication of more trouble ahead? what can we learn from this? we're going to talk some questions and answers from an earthquake expert. we'll talk with one about this. a hospital fired some of its staffers for not coming to work during the massive snowstorms
2:28 pm
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ark. welcome back. the two stories we're following right now, the supreme court is reviewing the case of jeffrey skilling, the enron ceo who was convicted. several justices according to reports appear receptive to arguments by skilling's lawyers that he did not have a fair trial in houston, enron's hometown following the emergency energy company's 2001 collapse. also more details of some rescues happening in chile. in fact, people were being pulled from a 15-story building today as the world offered aid to the victims. the number of people confirmed dead, 723, 19 others are missing. again, as they continue to go through the debris is likely
2:32 pm
more people will be found did not survive the quake. massive magnitude 8.8 earthquake in chile following the 7.0 quake seven weeks ago might have left you wondering if there's a pattern or is this a predictor of trouble ahead. joining us on the phone is earthquake expert tules, professor emerits at browning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, tamron. it's good to talk to you. >> obviously you see something like this seven weeks later, the magnitude of both of these, in chile, one of the worst we've seen. people do wonder, is there a connection. i'll let you answer the very simple question. >> i think the short answer is no. the boundary between north america and the caribbean plate is where the earthquake in haiti occurred. the boundary between the south american and the earthquake in
2:33 pm
chile occurred. they are on different plate boundaries. waves from earthquakes can be felt all around the world. as you get farther away, they die off. the distance between haiti and chile is such that there's really no connection between the two. it's just a coincidence the one in haiti was not such a large earthquake by many standards. there are many magnitude seven earthquakes around the world all year. the one in chill earthquake was an enormous earthquake. we've only had five or six that size in this century. it ranked high in terms of the size of an earthquake. the one in haiti ranked high in everyone's attention because it was close to the u.s. >> and their poor infrastructures. >> exactly. >> let me ask you, this 1960
2:34 pm
haiti saw a major earthquake, 1600, i believe the number of lives lost in that quake in 1960 in chile. what is it about the country, where it is located, that plate there that proves to have such severe ecks. >> located the boundary between the nask achlt. it dives down between south america in a process called production. where they rub against each other, there's a very large area of rubbing. as a consequence, you can get quite large earthquakes. >> is this a warning for us, you know, six months ahead, eight months ahead or are these things separate entities in themselves? >> they are pretty much separate entities. it's possible for one earthquake to trigger another. after a big earthquake you're somewhat concerned the stress on the adjacent part of the fault
2:35 pm
might be increased enough that another earthquake might occur soon. in general, that sort of domino affect doesn't happen very often. >> thank you very much for your expertise answering the questions that so many people have honestly been e-mailing and asking. others, it's that watercooler talk. you wonder. thank goodness we have experts like you to answer. thank you. secretary of state clinton plans to visit chile tomorrow. today she arrived in uruguay. tomorrow secretary clinton is expected to meet the president and president elect. she will bring emergency communications gear on her plane to help with the relief effort. school back in session at deer creek middle school in littleton, colorado, for the first time since a gunman opened fire last week. last tuesday two teenagers were hurt when a man with a hunting
2:36 pm
rifle shot at students as they were heading home for the day. 32-year-old man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. he's being held on a $1 million cash bail in the shootings. 2,000 federal workers are forced to take a today without pay because of an impasse in the senate. jim bunning holding up a bill that extends unemployment benefits, also a measure to bankroll construction and highway safety projects. let's go to kelly o'donnell. so kelly, where do things stand right now here with mr. bunning? is he sticking to his guns with this one? >> so far the senate has just come back to work on this monday. bunning was on the floor talking about his views. so was the majority leader harry reid with some latitude how he might procedurally get around this. vice president biden among those who have been critical of bunning, a republican of
2:37 pm
kentucky. he's not seeking re-election. his basic beef, he says the extension of unemployment benefits, the highway money and other things that are in this package should be paid for not adding to the deficit. well, harry reid countered saying where was bunning when, for example, wars in afghanistan were put forward without being paid for. this is an example of how one senator can slow things down. it's politics, a bit of procedure and a lot of attention on this. it's likely it will be worked out, a permanent fix will be voted through. that can happen in a matter of days. bunning has gotten a lot of people's attention and brought some curiosity to this issue as well as a lot of fire from critics, even from some republicans who have been frustrated by this as well. tamron. >> kelly, that you very much. greatly appreciate. see what happens next here. moving far away from that, something that might get you
2:38 pm
talking. does kate gosselin have a new gig. don't say kate who. you know what kate we're talking about. according to pop culture columnist with me now, kate gosselin? >> i can confirm she does have a new gig. she will be on "dancing with the stars" when it begins in just a few weeks. lots of rumors swirling about early this morning that maybe she was one of the contestants. they are not going to announce the contestants officially until the bachelor episode airs tonight. i spoke with someone exceedingly close to kate and they confirmed to me, yes, she will be on the show. >> no paula abdul but kate gosselin. >> she's a huge draw. remember how many millions of people tuned into "jon & kate plus eight." it had to do with the stress in her personal life. between the two, she kind of won between jon and kate. a lot have talked about will she
2:39 pm
have time to be away from her kids. i'm told "dancing with the stars" will accommodate her as best she can, so she stay in pennsylvania. they pay them quite handsomely. she will be guaranteed $100,000 plus for appearing. the longer you're on the show, the more money you stand to make. she's got to make money for her kids. i just updated my column with this person defending kate's decision. i think it's the right one. >> the question is, will they have the kids on the front row. >> that would be more cuteness than i think we could handle. it's a good call for the show to do that. >> speaking of good calls. "saturday night live" decided to take on the "we are the world" part two remake. >> let's get to it, show everyone what we're talking about, in case you missed it saturday. ♪
2:40 pm
>> i think that says it all, though well intentioned. it just gets funnier and funnier. >> j. lo as rihanna was classic. >> they highlight the people who don't sing that are present, looking at vince vaughn, the person dressed up as vince vaughn. i think what happened was maybe quincy jones who produced this couldn't say no to anyone who wanted to come. people from every corner of the entertainment industry. kudos to snl for remembering to do this two weeks after it initially aired. then looking ahead toward tomorrow, more details about this in my scoop column. "vanity fair" just did a very interesting interview with michael douglas. he has new film, "the remake of wall street" coming out next month. he gets into detail about what it's like to be a second generation act or and also a third generation actor.
2:41 pm
he's referring to his son cameron sentenced for drug trafficking charges in april. he was very frank about it. a lot of actors don't want to address what it's really like. in terms of fathering his son cameron, he said my priorities were similar to my father's, career first. so this interview really does get to the difficulties of having this sort of career as well as raising a family. he's trying to do it right the second time around. >> we'll talk much more about the very interesting interview from michael douglas. thank you for being on the scoop and for the latest entertainment news logon to car buyers weigh in on their thoughts and views regarding toyota after this massive recall. the results of a new survey and what people think. it's very interesting information coming out of that. authorities widen the search for a missing san diego girl despite the arrest in the case, she is still missing. chelsea king's parents spoke with me earlier. hear their plea for their
2:42 pm
daughter's safe return. about whe and what are their goals. and then we plan. it's a very good feeling as an advisor to work with people and help get them to their goals. once people perceive that they can control their destiny then they accomplish unbelievable things. [ male announcer ] we're america's largest financial planning company. meet us today at but we're also in the showing-kids- new-worlds business. and the startup-capital- for-barbers business. and the this-won't- hurt-a-bit business. because we don't just work here. we live here. these are our families. and our neighbors. and by changing lives we're in more than the energy business we're in the human energy business. chevron.
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welcome back. the arrest in the disappearance of a 17-year-old girl. right now there's still no sign of chelsea king. chelsea disappeared thursday while jogging in a mark near her home. sunday police arrested a registered sex offender, john albert gardener who may be involved in attacks on two other young women, including one attack on the same jogging path where chelsea disappeared. police say evidence found in the search for chelsea led them to the suspect. earlier i spoke with her parents. >> our main and only focus is to find chelsea and bring her home. she is the bright light in our lives. things without having her with us now, ever so much darker. we need our light back. we need our daughter back. that's all we care about right now is getting her home. >> absolutely. brent, let me ask you, where is the focus?
2:46 pm
where is the search right now? did chelsea take the same kind of route when she would jog on a regular basis? >> so she's a very avid jogger. she would jog all through our community of poway or rancho bernardo almost every day. she has jogged on these trails before, but she doesn't know the trail intimately. >> chelsea's parents are now asking for all volunteers to continue looking for their missing daughter. a new apology today from the president of toyota. this time to china. at a news conference in beijing, akio toyoda said his company's preoccupation with profits was one of the reason for the worldwide safety recall. more than 8 million vehicles. cnbc's phil lebeau live in chicago. there's a new survey out and it paints a picture of what they
2:47 pm
think. >> it's not a pretty picture. people have not changed their opinion favorably for toyota, despite the public apologies, despite the hearings in washington. there's going to be another one tomorrow. despite the pr blitz where the company is saying, we're going to get it right. take a look at kelly blue book. we asked people to go onto, has your opinion because of akio toyoda's apologies, has it changed at all? look at the bottom number there. it's worsened for 47% of the people who responded. this is not a scientific survey. you've got to take it away with a grain of salt. the bottom line is this. a lot of people are looking at what toyota has gone through, is going through. they still have a lot of questions out there. that's why there's so much scepticism and so much doubt. i hear it all the time, i'm sure you do, too, people saying, is this it for toyota. has everything come out? do we know they have a complete fix on everything? despite the company saying yes and trying to make it very clear with all these public apologies,
2:48 pm
there are a lot of people out there still skeptical? >> that's understandable i'm sure. i'm sure that's the reason akio toyoda is going around apologizing from here as well as the one in china this morning. thank you very much, phil, greatly appreciate it. let me know your thoughts, what do you think of that survey from toyota. what is your confidence level in the vehicle now that we've learned so much about how it handled the recall in the years before and quite honestly after the news was made. and the president, furious over russia's worst olympic performance in a certainliry. and he's taking action. hospital workers given the pink slip after failing to come to work during the snowstorm that pummeled washington, d.c. fair punishment or crossing the line? .
2:49 pm
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2:51 pm
okay. there's a lot going on.
2:52 pm
things we thought you should know. joseph p. kennedy has ended speculation and says he will not run for congress. the 29-year-old kennedy is an assistant district attorney in massachusetts. he's been eyed as a potential contender for the seat held by democratic congressman bill delahunt. while crying over their beer in the u.s.-canada hockey game, since president obama lost his bet, he is sending 24 bottles of -- come on, somebody tell me. >> yaengling. >> i never heard of the beer until i read the story yesterday but you can send me a case. he's got to send a case to prime minister steven harper. yaengling for everyone. white house press secretary robert gibbs also had a bet going on. as soon as he lost, he has to wear team canada hockey sweater for the first 15 minutes of the press briefing sometime in the next two weeks. my senior producer megan o'connor keeping an eye on the
2:53 pm
situation says gibbs does not have on the hockey jersey. russia president medvedev is furious. he's demanding athletic officials resign after the disappointing performance in games. russia came home with three gold medals from vancouver compared to eight in previous years. maybe we should send him a case of yaengling. those are things we thought you should know. crossing the line? you tell me. fired for not making it to work in a massive snowstorm. washington hospital center has launched an investigation and fired 11 nurses along with other staffers who found back-to-back record breaking snowstorms were insurmountable barriers between home and work. they quote a spokesperson saying we always review the buyer situation with the final decision based on all facts and circumstances. the post quotes a nurse who spent her entire career at the hospital. here is what she told the post, quote, i see it as so unfair and
2:54 pm
uncaring. you call in one day in the biggest snowstorm in history and you're out. the hospital's president sent a letter to staffers friday stating some associates did not show the same commitment as most of their co-workers to the community, patients and fellow associates. well, the nurses union has filed a class action grievance with the hospital. the hospital provided transportation for employees during the snowstorm. that according to the post. the union counters it wasn't available at all times. the union was scheduled to begin negotiations with the hospital on new contracts today. so crossing the line? you tell me. you can actually vote by going to place your vote there or twitter me your thoughts, i'm sure i'll have a lot of tweets about this beer i've never had before. i'm going to have it after this. that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. joining you tomorrow, 11:00 and
2:55 pm
2:00 p.m. eastern. david shuster picking up things for us. david, what do you have? we'll have to get you one of those beers. we've been looking a lot and talking to scientists about the data that came out of the earthquake in chile. seismologists looking at it and they believe there's a greater chance we're in the midst of a cycle that could mean a big earthquake off the pacific coast of the united states. we'll talk about that. we will also start our series this week about lawmakers leaving capitol hill so long. we'll talk to senator byron dorgan about why he's retiring and what he sees going on in washington. all of that starts after this. boss: come a long way, that's for sure. and so have you since you started working here way back when. gecko: ah, i still have nightmares. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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2:59 pm
elizabeth smart was 14 years old in 2002 when she was kidnapped from her home. this is a major ruling in the case. in just a few minutes, we'll be joined by ed smart, the father of elizabeth, for his reaction to this ruling today and the breaking news. some other stories we're following today. a showdown is heating up between republican senator jim bunning and the obama white house. administration officials are accusing the kentucky senator of holding jobs and money hodge. dozens of lawmakers announced they will not run for re-election. each day this week we will talk to one party members about why they are leaving and what they think of congress on their way out. it's a special series so long capitol hill. later chile's earthquake was 500 times more powerful than the one that devastated haiti last month. seismologists are studying what region might be next. is america ready for a big one as the data might suggest. and the police officer who stopped to help somebody and got t


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